Dark Encounter (2019) Movie Script

- That sure was nice.
- It was, yeah.
What am I wearing?
Barbecued steak?
Dan's steakhouse?
- Steakhouse...
- Maisie, the door's open!
- Does she have a friend round?
- No.
And then that waiter!
Boring holes into your behind
every time you went
to the restroom.
Who does that?
The Italian way, huh?
Next time we're going
to my restaurant downtown.
These Italian waiters,
they like looking at your wife
when you're having a meal.
That is not what happened!
No, the guy was
a dull young punk.
A dull young punk,
I should've rushed him.
And she left the water running.
We're home, sweetheart.
Someone's been in the house.
- Maisie?
- Maisie?
Hey. Genghis?
Come on, boy. Genghis!
What's that? Hey?
Yeah, what's that? Come! Come!
Come! Yeah!
Did you miss me?
Huh? Did you miss me?
Come here.
Appreciate it, huh?
Hey. Tough day.
What do you guys want to drink?
- What are we eating?
- Takeout.
Beer's fine, Liv.
- What takeout?
- Pizza.
Who's been sleeping
on the couch?
- I'll have a beer.
- Anything, Liv. A beer's good.
- Yeah, I'll have a beer, too.
- Oh, will you?
Let me help, Olivia.
No, it's fine, Arlene.
Me and Ray have got it.
Mom, can I have a beer, please?
I'll get you a beer
if you entertain.
- TV's cheating!
- TV's entertainment!
Not if it's that crap you watch.
Anything with prominent sounds
and bright colors
should be enough to engage
your simplistic mind, Billy.
You and your big mouth.
I was just wondering
why Ray's been couched.
It doesn't necessarily
mean that.
No, Uncle Morgan's right.
You're officially
sitting on Dad's bed.
'Over in Blue Hill County, we
see a lot of electrical storms
'moving southeast
later on this evening.'
'for the widespread power
outages across the board.'
'It is believed Maisie was taken
from her home around 4:00pm
'while her parents
were visiting the local town.
'A memorial service
was held this afternoon
'at Blue Hill County
Elementary School
'as today marks a year
since her disappearance.
'First, I would like us
to welcome someone
'who has a few words to say
'on the general safety and
surveillance of our community:
'Maisie's Uncle
'and our very own Blue Hill
County Police Deputy Sheriff,
- 'Kenneth Burroughs.'
- 'Firstly,
'I'd like to thank you all
for coming here today.
'As you are aware,
'it's a year to the day
that Maisie went missing.
'But we're not gathered
here today to remember that.
'We're gathered here today
'to remember how joyful she was
'and how happy
she always seemed.
'And I'm, uh...
'I'm sure you'll all agree
with me when I say how smart
'and how capable she was.
'Maisie really was very special.
'There was something
incredibly unique about her,
'and we all saw it.
'All of us.'
No TV.
Do you remember when Mom died
and Dad would always be off,
working or whatever,
and I had to look after you?
This is the same.
Just a little bit different.
I'm here for you.
it was always me
looking after you, dummy.
You got a drink problem!
I have a drink problem!
Says who?
So how long did it take you
to get all this done?
How long is it since I had
pizza? I don't eat pizza.
I hardly ate any of that.
So, Billy, I was expecting
to see, uh...
- Jeez, what was her name?
- Jenny.
Jenny. That's it.
Is she, uh...
I mean, uh...
What happened to her?
What happened to Jenny?
- It wasn't working out.
- Could you pass the ketchup?
- Noah.
- What?
- Don't.
- Don't what?
Pass the sauce to your uncle
like a normal human being.
Don't pass the sauce to my uncle
like a normal human being?
Just do it, please.
That's a real shame about Jenny.
She was a great girl.
- Yeah, Jenny's...
- She was a great girl!
Jenny's great. Uhm...
But we had our differences.
- When did it happen?
- Few months back.
I'm sorry to hear that, bud.
It was for the best.
Billy was gonna propose to her.
But he got scared, and
Billy doesn't face his fears.
He just runs.
Ain't that right, Billy?
Yeah, Ray, that's right.
You're a dick!
Not today!
Please, Noah!
Just sit down
and finish your dinner.
I've already finished.
Well, there it is.
Excuse me.
Martha and I
actually planned on having kids.
I just wanted one or two,
but she, like,
wanted twenty or thirty.
You know how she was.
And then, when...
when Martha passed...
I just felt like
my life was over.
I felt crippled,
like life wasn't
worth living anymore.
And then, in time,
I managed to pick myself up.
My life was never over...
It was just hard to see.
Grief is blinding.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- She needs you right now.
I do not want to talk about it,
I think you need some time.
It's been a year.
But only six hours
since you made peace with it.
Made peace?
You know that ain't
what I'm saying, Ray.
I ain't never
making peace with it.
You know what I mean, Ray!
Oh, come on!
You know I didn't mean it
to sound like that.
I searched for days.
I didn't sleep.
I didn't eat.
I didn't stop.
I couldn't...
I know...
I know you know all this, but...
The truth is...
The truth is...
I let you down.
You, Ray, Noah...
I let this family down.
And that...
that guilt, that...
well, this feeling
of helplessness...
I feel responsibility, I feel...
I just...
I just wanted you to know...
how sorry I am, Olivia.
This family is everything to me.
Stop apologizing.
I'm gonna check on Noah.
- What's up?
- Oh, hey.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, just, uh...
Gregory Mathison's boys
are messing around out back,
lighting flares.
Just gonna go have
a polite word with them.
You sure you're all right?
Yeah, I'm fine, Arlene.
I won't be five minutes.
What's the trouble?
Oh, just some kids
messing around out back.
He wants to go have
a polite word with them.
They're playing with those
goddamn flares again.
They'll spook the dog.
It could be dangerous.
Well, Reese Jordan's on duty.
I'll give him a call.
- Yeah.
- God!
Maybe it's best.
Just leave it to the Sheriff.
I'm just gonna drive down
the track, cut them off,
have a civilized conversation
with them.
Failing that, I'll drive
straight to their home
and have a civilized
with Gregory Mathison instead.
The last time you had a
civilized conversation with him
you ended up spending the night
in a cell, remember?
Gee, thanks for that
convenient reminder, Billy.
Anytime, Ray.
- Well, you're not going alone.
- Oh, God!
- I'm coming, too.
- No, no, you're staying.
- Dad, come on.
- No.
- Take him with you.
- Olivia.
Just take him, Ray.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Let me guess -
you're coming, too?
I'm gonna feel left out
Me too.
A goddamn circus this is.
You should talk to him.
It doesn't matter what's going
on between you and Olivia, Ray.
You need to talk to your son.
Yeah, shit like that, Ray.
- He'll end up hating you.
- My God, stop!
Is he your son?
No, he's mine.
Sit back and shut up.
I hate saying, "Told you so."
Take advice from
my younger brother...
All right...
What life experience
do you have?
- Let it go, guys, let it go.
- Huh?
What life experience
do you have?
I know what it's like
to not like your dad.
You know what it's like
to raise a family?
No, I don't.
You couldn't raise
a loaf of bread.
We're getting out? I didn't
bring appropriate footwear.
There's a couple of flashlights
under your seat.
I fail to see
how that's gonna help, Ray.
Stay here with Noah.
No problem, Ray.
I can do that for you, Ray.
Thanks for asking
ever so kindly, Ray.
Ray! Ray!
Will you slow down?
What's with the weapon?
- Ain't gonna use it, Ken.
- Besides the point.
Look, if we run into these kids
out here messing around,
you just let me do the talking,
So what do we do if the Mathison
boys run out in front of us?
We chase after them.
- What if they don't run?
- Catch 'em.
- And then what?
- We beat 'em up.
Ain't that a little barbaric?
The Mathison Boys once asked me
to go play baseball with them
in the reservoir when it
dried up a couple of years ago.
They ended up tying me to a
fence post with a skipping rope
using me for Spud Gun
target practice.
Well, then beat them up.
I think we scared them off.
They're gone.
Look, I'll have a word
with Gregory Mathison myself
in the next couple of days.
We should head back.
No point going any further, Ray.
You all right?
- You look spooked.
- It's nothing.
What the...
Ah, crap!
Uncle Morgan?
- What was that light?
- You OK?
Where's your uncle?
Kenneth, come on.
No! No, no, no...
Kenneth! Kenneth, Kenneth!
What's going on?
It's me! It's me!
It's nothing! It's nothing!
- Look at me!
- Billy!
We gotta go! We gotta go!
Come on!
- What's happening?
- Move along.
- What's wrong with him?
- Move!
What's wrong with him?
Ray! Come on! Let's go!
- You seen Morgan?
- What?
- Morgan, your brother!
- He's not with you?
Dad? What's wrong
with Uncle Kenneth?
What am I doing?
- Open the door!
- Oh, my God.
What's wrong?
Oh, my God!
What's happened?
Honey, is he hurt?
- Are you hurt?
- I don't know.
Honey! Billy!
What's wrong with you?
Oh, my God, he looks terrible,
Billy. What's happened?
- I don't know.
- Where is Morgan?
Honey, speak to me!
- Is Morgan here?
- Isn't he with you?
No, he's, uh...
- Dad!
- Ray!
- Ray!
- Dad!
Ray, what's...
what's going on?
- Ray! Ray! Where is Morgan?
- What's happening?
- I'll go look for him, OK?
- No, we shouldn't go outside.
What are you so afraid of,
- Morgan's missing, Ray.
- Missing?
No, no, he's not missing,
He's probably lost
in the woods somewhere.
- I'm calling the Sheriff.
- He's making his way back now.
- I'm calling the Sheriff.
- Olivia, that's not gonna help!
Olivia, stop!
That's not gonna help!
Can I have the Sheriff, please?
Sheriff? The police are sitting
in our front room right now!
They're not exactly much use,
are they?
- He needs a doctor, Ray.
- OK, look, let's...
Let's just take a level
perspective and calm down, OK?
Take a step back, OK?
That's what too much TV and
not enough fruit does to you.
OK, let's...
You know, your imagination
works over sometimes,
and you start thinking
about things, and...
Olivia, I'll find Morgan.
I'll be right back.
I don't...
I don't know what I saw.
Goddamn, Morgan.
Come on, buddy.
Something's happening...
Something unnatural.
Something evil.
- Is everyone OK?
- What the hell was that?
Hey, boy.
What did you see?
What is it, boy?
Ray! Don't!
Stay back, son.
Is that you, buddy?
Is anyone there?
I swear to God...
We're not messing around
in here.
Did you hear that?
We got guns.
They're in the basement.
- Kenneth!
- Where's Ray?
The light!
- Olivia!
- Ray!
What was that?
The attic hatch.
- Keys!
- Ray!
Come on!
All right, Ray,
where's the ammo?
No, no ammo! Go!
Hey! Hey!
Help us!
Hey! No, no, no...
Hey! Hey!
Hey, help us!
Oh, come on! Come on!
They took Maisie, didn't they?
They turned around
and went the other way.
You were running at them
with an axe.
The stars are moving...
Billy, do you want
to put that thing down?
We received a phone call
not an hour ago.
The call came from your place.
Denise said that she believed
the woman she spoke to
was you asking for me.
Then the call got cut off
by the storm.
Mind telling me
what that was about?
I'm also hoping it'll explain
why the three of you
are out in both the middle
of the night and nowhere
looking like hell...
with an axe.
Some people terrorized us.
They invaded our home and, uh...
Ray, his brother Morgan,
my sister Arlene
and Kenneth.
- They're missing.
- Kenneth?
As in Deputy Sheriff Burroughs?
And our dog.
They were taken.
How many perps?
What are we dealing with here?
We don't know.
- We never saw them.
- A group.
A small group.
Maybe three.
Uh, three or four.
Jump in.
OK, folks.
Stay here.
We'll go check it out.
Power's still out.
Which means they're still here.
Well, whoever was here
ain't anymore.
It doesn't look like
they were robbed neither.
We should check the fuse box,
get the power back up.
The storm, most likely.
Five shots were fired
in the hall.
It just all seems a little vague
for my liking.
Well, they don't need
the attention.
Specially not today.
Something definitely
happened here tonight.
We just need to get
to the bottom of it,
but before any of that's
even remotely possible,
I need to get me
a damn strong coffee.
It certainly is bizarre.
It's incredibly hard to imagine
that four adults...
and a dog!
Four adults and a dog
simply vanished
in the course of an hour.
The fact is, neither one of you
actually saw the perps.
I'm telling you what happened.
And I believe you, Olivia.
I really do. Every word.
But my job is to make sense
of this situation,
and this is a hard one to grasp.
Please understand that.
We insist you come back
to the station with us.
You can get some rest there
and some food.
I'm staying.
- Me too.
- We're not going anywhere.
OK. Well, uh... We'll be back
in an hour with some officials
who'll be able to actually
do something about this.
In the meantime,
I suggest you get some rest.
I'll be parked outside on watch
after I take the Sheriff
to the station, OK?
If anything happens, anything
at all, you go straight to him.
Olivia, I'm concerned.
If any of this gets out,
any of it,
it may have a hugely negative
effect on Maisie's case.
What case?
Look, I don't think this is what
people can know about right now,
not for you
or your family's sake.
Not the lights in the sky,
the disappearances,
Ray, your sister, nothing.
I'm going to keep it quiet,
and I highly recommend
you do the same.
We'll figure this out.
Now get some rest.
Now, is it just me
or is it one of those mornings?
I've never had
a morning like this.
I don't wanna ask, Doyle.
Power failure, crop vandalism,
lights in the sky,
phone's been ringing
off the hook.
Madness of the crowds.
Well, as a matter of fact, I'd
like to make a report myself.
Contain everyone.
Get them all inside.
What the hell's going on?
In the sky. Uh...
And then there was
this uh... other light.
It was, uh... It was different.
It was bright.
Within that light, I uh...
I... I saw...
Who did you see?
Maisie Anderson.
Hey, boy.
Oh, my God, Genghis! Hey!
How have you been?
Good boy! Good boy! Mm!
Are the others here, huh?
Did you find the others?
They're still here.
'Ray, ready?
- 'Hey!'
- 'Hey!'
'What do you have planned
for this evening?'
'I don't know.'
'You have
the house to yourself.'
'I might watch TV.'
'Let me take a look
at that picture.
'Is that supposed to be me?'
- 'Yeah.'
- 'Oh.
'I look kinda ugly.
'Is that how you portray
your old man?
'Make me look like a bear?'
'We're leaving now, Maisie.
Love you.'
'Are my keys downstairs?'
- 'Yep!'
- 'All right.
'Love you, too, sweetheart!
'Won't be long,
just a couple of hours!
- 'She does not care.'
- 'She's not listening.'
'No. She's like,
"Leave! Get out!"'
'Is she writing?'
'Yeah. And she's
really involved.'
- 'Did you read it?'
- 'No.'
No, Maisie!
Maisie! Maisie, stop!
Don't answer the door!
Don't answer the door, Maisie!
- 'How are you?'
- 'Good.'
Hey, Genghis,
howya' doing, fella?
- Hey!
- Want a lemonade?
Uh, no thanks.
I'm still on duty.
Just came by
to see how you all are.
Mom and Dad have gone into town.
They'll be a couple of hours.
Oh, that's fine.
You can wait here for them
if you like.
They won't be long.
Noah's staying at Parker's!
Is Parker a friend?
Yeah, from school!
- How's Aunt Arlene?
- Uh...
She's good.
She says hi.
You never said you were here.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Let go of me!
Where is she?
No, no, no, no...
'In my mind...
'they must have known
of her existence
'and visited her.
'Then she disappeared.
'I guess they must have,
uhm... waited.
'waited for us to, uh,
figure it out for ourselves
'before they intervened.'
'To help us.
'To show us.'
'But honestly, we, uh...
'We don't know.
'I'm guessing
we'll never truly know.'
'And now
I can put Maisie to rest.
'Thanks to these... visitors.
'These angels.'