Dark Horse (2011) Movie Script

[electric volts]
Hi, I'm kid sister and I'm
stackin' money drinkin' all night
got you feelin' right, better
get your right hand high
yo, girl, ain't out the gutter
but your girl about to snap
D... D... D... did I stutter? About
to bounce and break your bed
that boy you got a problem,
holler at Dr. Phil
I put a little hurtin' on you,
and I'll do it some heels
over and over I'm rocking
pull it to the club,
but the sun was popping
got a little land
around the block
and ain't no stopping now,
'cause I ain't
so buddy, buddy,
ain't gonna lie
I gotta, gotta it all night
say, aw, Sookie, Sookie now
gotta get that hand up
Hi, I'm kid sister
and I'm stackin' money
drinkin' all night,
got you feeling right
better get your
right hand high
I'm kid sister, and I'm stacking
money drinking all night
got you feelin' right, better
get your right hand high
I never dance.
Where you from? West Side!
everybody from the best side I'm
rippin' the midwest, right?
Just not my thing.
Gotta keep that hand up high
you know I keep
these nails nice
if you hear me, holler,
I gotta get that hand up
Hi, I'm kid sister, and I'm
stackin' money drinkin' all night,
got you feelin' right, better
get your right hand high
I'm kid sister, and I'm stackin'
money, drinkin' all night
got you feelin' right
better get your right hand ...
oh, sorry. Excuse me.
Um, excuse me?
Sorry. Excuse me.
Well, it was really
nice to meet you.
Oh. Yeah.
Um, do you think that
I could call you?
- I mean...
- Do you have a pen?
Oh, sorry.
Oh, hey. Actually, I could just
punch it directly into my cell.
Oh, great.
Go ahead.
I, I can give you
my work number.
That's cool.
home is fine, too. Or cell phone.
I mean, either way.
Um, well...
It's okay. Go ahead.
I'm ready.
Uh, nine...
You know what? I'll give
you my home number.
Home number. Okay.
One sec.
Six, five, one,
six. Seven...
right, cinco, uno, seis.
So much could happen
on a night like this
we can make the memory
of our first...
[Car alarm chirps]
Hi, Abe.
Did you have a nice time?
[Woman on TV] You said
you wanted me to look sexier.
Here you go.
Thanks, Justin.
Did you finish
the spreadsheets?
I'm on top of it, dad.
I need them done
by Monday morning.
I know. I said,
"I'm on top of it."
[Telephone rings]
- Need a hand?
- Thanks, Marie.
But, really, I can deal
with this on my own.
- How's it going, cuz?
- Fine.
Are you going to
see Tron Legacy?
The trailer looks pretty good.
Where are you going?
I have a meeting.
Reach out for more
and make it better
than it's been before
today is gonna be
the perfect day
to step into your life
and make anything change
you can be who you want
you can be ...
[car alarm chirps]
Excuse me.
Oh, hi.
Can I help you?
Yes, I'd like to make a return.
Was there something
wrong with the item?
Well, I bought it here last
week, and when I opened it,
I saw that it had
a scratch mark on it.
Ugh... you opened it.
Sorry. Once you've opened a sealed
item, it's no longer returnable.
But it had a scratch mark on it.
I'm sorry. You opened it.
Can I speak to the manager?
He's not here right now.
Well, then,
when will he be back?
Oh, gee, I don't know.
He's on break.
I want his name
and his telephone number.
Well, I'm sure if you wait
just a few minutes...
I have no time for this shit!
You'll be hearing
from my attorney.
[Dice rattling]
Oh! Do you
know what? Um...
I gotta go to the
bathroom, okay?
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm winning.
It's not a forfeit.
I'll be right back.
[Phone rings]
Hello. Is this Miranda?
Who is this?
It's Abe. How you doing?
From the wedding.
Oh, yeah.
How's it going?
That's great.
How's it going with you?
[Instant messaging
chimes heard over phone]
Okay. Can you
hold a sec?
listen, sorry,
but I have to go.
Oh, uh, no problem. Would you
like to get together on Saturday.
Okay, bye.
I'll come by at 3:00.
Now is the time
to stand up and say,
to go my own way
to do my thing
now is the time
to reach for the sky
now is the time, now is ...
[car alarm chirps]
Hi, I'm Abe.
- Is Miranda around?
- No.
Was she expecting you?
Um, yeah. Uh, you know...
I probably got
the times mixed up.
I'm so sorry.
Do you know when she'll be back?
Uh, no. Not really,
I'm afraid.
That's okay.
Uh, I'll just wait in the car
if that's okay. Thanks.
[Car alarm chirps]
Marie, what are you doing here?
Couldn't help myself.
I know how hard it is
for you to get things done,
and I didn't wanna see you get
in trouble with your dad.
Oh, Marie, really.
You didn't have to.
One thing, though.
Give up on the girl.
But, how did you know?
Please, Abe.
I wasn't born yesterday.
Forget about here.
She's too good for you.
You haven't got a shot.
[Door slamming]
It's me, Abe.
What are you doing here?
We were supposed to, uh...
Oh, right. I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I got some reading done.
But, hey, uh,
I brought you some flowers.
Well, come inside, if you want.
Mom? Dad?
[Woman] Hi.
I have a visitor.
Abe Wertheimer.
So, can I get you something
to drink? Juice? Soda?
Uh, I will have
a diet coke if you have.
So sorry. I forgot
you were coming by. Really.
Oh, really. Don't worry about it. I
had some stuff to do in the area.
Really? What?
Uh, just some things
I had to check out, you know.
No. What?
Nothing interesting,
really. Work stuff.
Oh, okay.
Well, make yourself at home.
Um, sit down.
I'll be right back.
No problemo.
So what do you do for a living?
Got a company.
Work in real estate.
Property management,
commercial developments.
You mean, like all
those strip malls?
Where there used to be parks
and mom-and-pop stores.
How'd you get into
that line of work?
My dad.
- You work for your dad?
- Yeah, but
he wouldn't have hired me
if I weren't up to the job.
He interviewed a lot
of people, so...
It's not like
it's nepotism or anything.
[Male on TV] That's inevitably causing
a buildup of the greenhouse gases.
Effectively, you can
say carbon dioxide
is about a third higher
in the atmosphere
than it was in pre-industrial
times, and it's just growing...
I really like the way you
named your dog "dog."
It's so ironic.
No, thanks.
I used to smoke.
It helps me relax.
Exactly. That's
why I smoked.
Then I started thinking
about cancer.
A friend of mine from high
school got testicular cancer.
Lost both his testicles.
Can never be a father now.
I mean, I guess he could adopt,
but it's not the same.
Not that I'm
Sometimes, you know,
I feel like
I was born in the wrong time.
Like, if I was born
a hundred years ago,
I'd probably already be
married with five kids?
You could have a really
low sperm count.
I don't think so.
Why are you so sure?
I had myself tested,
just in case.
Two points.
[Can rattling]
You a giants fan?
Follow the super bowl?
- No.
- Yeah, but,
in general, are you more into
front runners or dark horses?
I kind of see myself
as a front runner mentality,
but then, I like to play on
my dark horse qualities.
Just strategically,
if you know what I mean.
When's your birthday?
January 30th.
We met on September 30th.
Well, a lot of people will tell you
there's no meaning to dates and numbers,
but I'll tell you something,
they're wrong.
And it has nothing
to do with astrology,
which is, like, total bullshit.
"What's your sign? I'm
a gemini." No, no, no.
It has to do with the dates
and numbers themselves.
Because they mean something.
What's the meaning?
Takes time to figure out,
but it's there.
And it matters.
Kind of like in the kabbalah,
only not the Madonna kind.
Trust me, dates and numbers
have to be right.
Miranda, I have
something I wanna say.
- What?
- I know this might
take you by surprise, I mean, like,
totally wild and crazy, I know.
I'm just a dark horse
at heart, but I always
just tell myself,
"Abe, go for it!"
Miranda, I wanna marry you.
Will you accept?
Don't say anything.
Just think about it.
I know. It's totally
crazy. I know.
I just wanted to put it out
there, let you know how I feel.
But let's just push
that aside for now.
You wanna go to the movies?
Go to the mall or something?
Pick up some tacos?
Hi, there.
Did you have a nice day?
[Male on TV]
Raisins give me gas.
[Female on TV] They do?
Yes, mom.
But they never gave you gas
when you were a little boy.
Yeah, well, they give me gas
now, so, please, no raisins.
Okay, then, I'll
just leave them on
the side and give you
some prunes instead.
Prunes? I don't
want any prunes.
You finish the spreadsheets?
Well, then, where are they?
The computer's jammed.
As soon as I fix it,
I'll email them to you.
- "Jammed?"
- Yeah, jammed.
There's a technical
glitch in the software.
I told you, I need this stuff
done, today, the latest.
Yeah, well, it's not
like it's my fault!
Well, then, who's fault is it?
I can't take anymore
of this crap!
You always blame
me for everything!
Well, fuck you! I quit!
And you can pack up
and move out
of the house
while you're at it!
And you can program the TiVo yourself!
[Door slamming]
[Car alarm chirps]
George Clooney.
Nicole Kidman.
Brad Pitt.
[Car alarm chirps]
Abe? Honey? Is everything...
[male on TV]
What the hell are you doing?
[Woman on TV] I want a divorce.
[Knock on door]
What do you want?
Talk to me.
Dad's such an asshole.
I know, honey.
I hate him.
I know.
I mean, like, I'm
always so nice to him.
Like showing him how to work
the TiVo, and other stuff.
I know.
I'm moving out.
Where you gonna go?
Away. As far away
as possible.
Do you need any money?
I have savings. I don't
need anyone's help.
I mean, like, mom, I'm...
Remember, I'm always
here for you.
Yes, honey?
Actually, you know, you never did
pay up for my backgammon winnings.
Oh, well, I'll write you
a check in the morning.
$845, as of October 4th.
You're always so good
with dates and numbers.
Hey, you wanna play
a quick round, just for fun?
First, the check.
Can I pay you in installments?
Otherwise, if your
father finds out...
he won't.
Don't leave us.
Where are you gonna go?
I haven't decided yet.
Maybe France.
The dollar's not so
strong these days.
I can go to Mexico.
But you hate the heat.
They have air conditioning
there, in some places.
Then go to Mexico.
If that's what you need to
get out of your system.
What's the point?
Wherever I go...
Maybe, you should
go back into therapy.
Psychiatrists are idiots!
The whole profession is a joke!
I know my problems better than
anyone, and there's no solution.
- Dr. Sonnenschein...
- Dr. Sonnenschein
is the biggest fucking
idiot of them all!
He helped your father and me.
He helped us with our marriage.
You remember. We almost got a divorce.
You should've gotten divorced.
May... maybe some medication.
Fuck that! I don't do drugs!
I don't need drugs!
People should just face their
problems head on, face the truth.
And what is the truth?
We're all horrible people.
Humanity's a fucking cesspool.
People look in the
mirror every fucking day
and lie to themselves,
saying they're good
or caring, or loving.
But deep down,
not so deep down,
they only care
about themselves.
People treat you like shit...
Every fucking day.
And then they act like
other people are shit.
So, they get a pet that's
all cute and cuddly.
But even an animal knows
the hard, primal truth.
It is all about what you want.
And if there's any
kindness or generosity,
it only comes after
being well fed,
or having good sex,
or knowing that you
weren't wiped out
like all the other
suckers on wall street.
I care about you.
Here. I've got
the spreadsheets.
Thanks, Marie.
Oh! Hey, Abe.
How's it going?
What are you doing here?
My job.
Uh, derrr.
Now listen here, Abe.
What are you gonna do? Fire me?
I can't fire you.
You quit.
Ha... you wish.
- Abey.
- What?
Son, maybe you should go back
to school, finish your degree.
You didn't finish yours.
Things are not the same.
Oh, so, what? Like, I'm
retarded or something?
Like, I need the
degree, but you don't.
Your brother got a degree.
Talk to him. He's a doctor.
Maybe he can help you.
Richard and I don't talk.
You love your older brother.
You should make up with him.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
But he's your brother. What did he
do to you that was so horrible?
You don't know what it was
like growing up with him.
You can never understand.
I'm gonna tell him
to give you a call.
Enough is enough.
This is between me and him, dad.
Stay out of it!
Can you believe my father?
I mean, like, I didn't
even do anything.
And yet, somehow it's all...
always all my fault.
Well, family and business
is always a tricky combination.
Everything would be fine if he
wasn't such a fucking asshole!
You see the way he talks to me.
I know. It's hard.
And I got a lot going on. I do
not have time for this shit.
I'm, like, in the middle
of a relationship.
Well, that's great.
Who is she?
I met her a week ago
at a wedding.
I'm in love.
I asked her to marry me.
Wow. I mean,
isn't that a little...?
She's thinking it over.
Do your parents know?
No. If I told them,
they'd totally fuck it up.
I mean, like, this
is my life, not theirs.
So, um...
How often have
you been seeing her?
Just saw her this weekend.
Does she live nearby?
Yeah, about three hours away,
but, really, it's not a problem.
So you only see her
on weekends, then.
That's the plan... for now.
Well... I really hope
it all works out.
She said no.
Do you think that I should
keep going after her?
Oh, kiddo...
I should just
blow out my brains.
Don't talk that way.
You know, if it wasn't for my
dad, I could've been a singer?
That's what I really
wanted to be.
He said I had no future.
Now I'm even too old
for American idol.
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't do those things
I knew would upset you
turn back time
for the glory ...
Hey. It's Richard.
How's it going
back home on the range?
Okay. How's California?
So, mom tell you to call?
She said you were going
through a rough patch.
I just thought
I'd call and see if...
Mrs. Burill.
Well, if you need anything.
Like what?
I could lend you some money.
I don't need any money.
Listen, I know how tough
things can be with dad.
Things are just fine with dad.
You know, I don't know,
maybe if you just,
just finish your college degree.
If I'd wanted a college degree, I'd
have gotten one and been like you.
Listen, I was just trying to help.
I know we're not close anymore.
We were never close...
the most I ever saw you was,
like, twice a year when
you were in med school.
And you were always late
showing up when we did meet.
Abe, I really have
no recollection of being late.
I know. That's 'cause you don't
remember anything you did to me.
What I did to you?
What are you talking about?
Like the time we planned on going
on a cross-country road trip,
and you canceled on me at the last minute
'cause you got invite to go to fire island.
Abe, that was, like, 10 years ago, and I
paid you back for all of the camping gear.
And, all right,
I am sorry if you think that
I ruined your summer
vacation 10 years ago!
You always ruin things for me, and you
always act like it was my fault somehow.
But you, like, you're so superior,
like, you're not really sorry,
'cause it's not possible
for you to be wrong.
No! 'Cause you're
so fucking moral!
If I could turn back time ...
[Miranda] Hi, it's me.
I'm so sorry
about this weekend.
Really, I've been feeling
horrible ever since you left.
Can you, can you
come over tonight?
I can do that.
I've had my sights
on you a while
your denim matches
your blue eyes
I feel my heartbeat skip
when you walk my ...
you know, not that I'm an
expert on these things,
but, maybe you should
start taking a little
less medication?
Please tell me something,
and I need you
to be honest.
Are you for real?
And you're not being ironic?
Like, performance art,
or something?
Well, I suppose
it's true that most people
would describe me as having
an ironic sense of humor,
but I'm definitely
not into performance art
or anything like that... no way.
And you were serious
about what you said last time?
Absolutely. A thousand percent.
Even though you hardly...
I know all I need to know.
Do you think you might want...?
I want to want you.
That's enough for me.
I had a long Skype with Mahmoud,
my ex.
And I told him
all about you.
How different you are
from what I'm used to.
All the downside, everything.
And he agrees.
I should stop trying
to slit my wrists,
give up on a literary career,
give up on hope, ambition,
success, independence,
I should just get married
and have children.
Oh, my God.
That wasn't horrible.
Things could've
been so much worse.
I know.
I mean, like, so much worse.
So, how was the traffic?
Oh, not so bad.
I mean, I'm pretty good
at timing things out.
Still, I mean, we'd
have gotten here sooner,
except we missed the exit.
Coming off of 95?
It would've been better to
take the parkway, I think.
I told him to take the parkway.
95 was the fastest.
Anyway, there's
construction going on.
No, on the parkway.
Have to take a detour.
Pain in the ass.
Well, actually,
the construction's over.
I think the parkway
is much better.
That's what I said.
They're supposed to be
building a new thru-way.
Off the turnpike.
- Might simplify things.
- Oh, yeah.
Gonna be rush hour soon.
Terrible. Hmm?
Don't wanna get stuck in that.
Yeah, so, uh, let's see, uh,
here's the walk-in
closet/hamper room.
My mom's a licensed
interior decorator.
So, she gets really good deals on
designer furniture and fixtures.
Richard's room.
[Mock gagging] Barf-ola.
Uh, this is my parents' room.
And, see this door frame?
My dad used to mark here
me and my brother's
heights when we
were growing up.
Oh, neat.
You can't see them now.
They were wallpapered over
during the first redecoration.
That's too bad.
I know. Classic
Wertheimer move.
They forgot about it.
Then, it was too late.
My dad...
- What?
- Nothing.
Anyway, Richard's shorter than
me, and he's super insecure
about it, so what do I care?
Now, this here...
My room.
What do you think?
I'm kind of into James
Bond, double-oh-seven.
This hat, over here,
it's a copy of the one originally
worn by oddjob in goldfinger.
Don't worry, I am not a trekkie,
or anything
super nerdy like that.
Is this Richard?
He looks nice.
Um... eye check?
Don't worry. You'll
meet him eventually.
He's a total asshole, just like my dad.
You'll see.
I was thinking, maybe one
day, we could live here.
What do you mean?
No, no, no. Not in this
bedroom, of course,
or at least only
for a little while.
It's too small in here.
No, no. Don't worry.
We'd move into my parents' bedroom,
after the move to Florida.
You could redecorate it!
You mean, you don't wanna
get your own place?
What for?
We could keep this home in our
family for, like, generations.
Our kids could give it to their
kids and then to their kids.
Only instead of
assholes, everyone
would be totally
cool and respectful.
We have central heating
and air conditioning.
Outdoor swimming pool.
What more could you ask for?
There's something
I have to tell you.
Before we have children.
Go on.
And before we get married.
Oh, I should've told you before.
Before what?
I'm sorry.
Tell me.
I feel so stupid,
so guilty.
Whatever it is, it's okay.
I have a condition.
What do you mean?
I have hepatitis.
Hepatitis B.
Uh, what does that mean?
I mean, exactly?
There's a chance,
a small chance,
I could infect you,
or could have already.
Although, don't worry.
The doctor says it should have
no impact on any pregnancy.
Is it, is it...
Is it fatal?
But, still, I thought
you should know.
This is a hard thing
to talk about.
I'm in treatment now.
The doctors
are optimistic, but still...
I haven't told anyone.
No one?
Except Mahmoud... of course.
Of course.
Is this gonna affect things?
Make you change your mind?
Oh, God, no.
I, um, I love you.
That's all that matters.
Thank you, Abe.
I knew you'd be
good about this.
[Male on computer] Hepatitis B is caused
by a virus that attacks the liver.
Though most commonly spread through
injection drug use or unprotected sex,
it can even be transmitted through
contact with such bodily fluids
as sweat and tears,
or shared toothbrushes.
The virus leads to chronic irritation
and inflammation of the liver,
causing cirrhosis, which is often merely
setting the stage for liver cancer.
These complications result in
the deaths of 5,000
Americans each year.
Well, I guess that
takes care of that.
What do you mean?
Come now, Abe.
First she wants
you for your money,
now she's gonna infect you with
a terminal condition,
if she hasn't already.
Really? Come on.
But it's not terminal.
Hardly anyone ever dies of it.
Well, if you want
to take that chance.
I love her.
Do you?
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't do those
things I knew would ...
[phone ringing]
[Woman] Doctor's office.
Hi, this is Abe. Can I
speak to Richard, please?
I'm sorry. Abe who?
His brother.
Ah, please hold. I'll
see if I can find him.
I'm sorry, he's with a patient now.
Can I take a message?
Yeah, just have
him call me back.
Sure. Could I please
have your number.
He's got it.
But just so I can
have a record,
in case he's misplaced
or lost it somehow.
If he's lost it, he doesn't
need to call me back.
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't do those things
I knew would upset ...
[Miranda] I've been trying to reach you
all day. Is everything okay?
Yeah, no. I'm sorry. It's just
been so crazy at work and all.
Well, listen, I wanted to tell you.
I spoke with Mahmoud.
He's back from Dubai,
and he said
he would love to get
together this weekend.
I'm so happy! Would you
like to come with us?
Um... okay?
Oh, good, I was so afraid
you'd be all uptight,
or upset, or possessive-neurotic,
or something.
This is gonna be so much fun.
You're gonna love Mahmoud.
Some Russian immigrants just bought
the house across the street.
A young couple.
Mmm, it's good to own something.
Owning can change the way
you look at the world,
the way you experience it.
It can make you more
complete as a person,
people who don't own...
they have to rent.
Listen, your mom and I,
we've been talking.
And we've decided that
if you're gonna
want to buy a house,
we'll help you out.
Isn't that wonderful, Abey?
But we haven't decided
yet what we wanna do.
Well, where do you plan to live?
I told you. We haven't decided.
We don't think the same way
you and mom do.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Jackie...
Maybe I don't want
a marriage like yours.
Abey. Did something happen?
Like what?
Well, I mean,
uh, is everything...
No. Say it.
You think she's changed her mind about me?
That maybe she's come to her senses?
I didn't, I didn't say that.
No, you didn't have to.
Anyway, maybe I've
come to my senses.
What is this, science fiction?
I'm like, I don't know
what I'm looking at here.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi. Abe.
I'm so happy you made it.
I was getting worried.
Yeah. Me, too.
Abe, this is Mahmoud.
Um, uh, it's, uh,
nice to meet you.
I love that shirt, that color.
- Where did you find that?
- Uh...
Loehmann's, hmm?
hi, can I get you
something to drink?
Um, diet coke, please.
Sure. I'll be right back.
So, where are you
guys going to live?
Well, we haven't really
gone into detail on that yet.
- Oh...
- We have to see.
Well, you should do it now,
because it's a total buyer's
market out there. Yes.
Possibly, we'll move
into my place.
But don't you live
with your parents.
- Yeah, but they're planning to move to Florida.
- Really?
They're in the planning...
they're in the planning stages.
Still, nothing wrong with
living with your parents.
It's how most of
the world lives.
It's just us westerners who are all
fucked up and weird about it, right?
You're such a post-Marxist
clich sometimes.
What do you want, you know?
At home on the range.
He's so cute.
Where did you find this guy?
Oh, my God.
Could you excuse me for a sec?
[Breathing heavily]
This feels so good.
Say, do you work out?
Oh, you should.
I like watery sports, myself.
Oh, don't worry.
Not golden showers,
eh? Hmm?
It was...
It was you
who gave her the hepatitis,
wasn't it?
Way to go, kiddo.
Oh, ho, ho...
It's okay.
You did good.
You did good.
I, uh...
Got it after I sold the estate.
Your father helped me out.
You want something to drink?
Um... diet coke?
Or, or whatever you're having,
then, would be fine.
All this time,
I'd imagined you living in
some depressing place with,
I don't know,
stuffed animals
and pictures of cats.
Not quite.
I never met your husband.
What was he like?
Does that mean you weren't
sad when he left you?
We hadn't fucked since '98.
Did he cheat on you?
It's not cheating
when you despise each other.
So, then, why didn't
you divorce sooner?
The kids.
I didn't know you had kids.
Twins. Almost your age.
- What are their names?
- What's it to you? They're dead.
I'm sorry.
For what?
I never... I...
How did they die?
One jumped. The other O. D.'D.
Sometimes, I've thought
about ending it all.
Don't think about it.
Do it or shut up about it.
You are
so different here from the way
you are at the office.
I'm not on payroll here.
You're, like... a cougar.
Because I like
fucking younger men?
No, I didn't mean...
- I mean...
- What do you mean?
I'm sorry, Miranda.
I didn't mean to imply...
Imply what?
Look, Marie,
I'm not as inexperienced
as you might think I am.
I've been
with cougars before,
a lot of them.
I'm not a kid.
I know.
Next thing you know, you'll be
50, and your life will be over,
and you'll still
be living at home.
You know it costs a lot of money
to move out. I'm not rich!
You're a cheapskate
and a freeloader. Face it.
They're my parents!
They need me!
No. Grow up.
No one needs you.
[Phone ringing]
[Miranda] Abe, how are you?
I tried reaching you at work,
but the secretary there,
she said she didn't
know where you were,
and your cell phone was off,
so I figured I'd
call you at home.
I hope that's okay.
I'm running a little, uh, late.
Listen, I am so sorry
about last night.
It was my fault.
uh, it's okay.
It's nobody's fault.
I feel so stupid about
the whole thing.
I should've known better.
We spent practically the whole
night together in the E.R.
It was a nightmare.
I had to hold his hand the whole
time he was being stitched up.
He was so freaked out. They
think his jaw might be broken.
But, really, he feels bad
about the whole thing.
He's litigious, but
he's also empathetic.
Anyway, I miss you, and I hope
you can come over tonight.
I bought you a new toothbrush,
so you won't have
to borrow mine again.
Abe? Abe?
So if you remember what happened
way back on the Roseland project,
the zoning issues,
the bank headaches,
the sellers who said they could
get approvals when they
couldn't, yadda, yadda, yadda,
so, what I'm thinking
on Eastlake,
now, here's what
I think we ought to do.
If we can possibly
get the seller.
We fund the sellers, and then
we stay in the back room.
We fund them as they
go for the approvals.
I'm sorry.
Stomach issues.
Okay, well, we can
decide whether or not
it's worthwhile to go forward.
And then, once you've submitted
the wetlands delineation,
we'll probably do a phase
one environmental.
We can also look for
some adjacent properties,
of course, you know,
if you want.
And then, as the deal
starts to fall together.
[Abe] Right, right.
We could enter into contracts and
options on the adjacent property,
- so we can get contingent uses.
- Very smart.
So, does that make sense?
Sure, yeah.
I get it.
I have to make some calls.
Marie, make copies, and,
Justin, we'll talk about this.
Uh, this season,
Jackie. Jesus.
So, you you still
bet on the giants?
They're not exactly the
dark horse team these days.
Well, you say you
like the dark horse,
and then you throw a fit when
they don't come through.
What can I say?
I like a winner.
- All right, I'll talk to you next week, okay?
- Yep.
Abe, come with me
inside my office.
I have some things I
wanna go over with you.
Okay, if it's short,
'cause I got, like, a lot of
stuff I gotta take care of.
Abe, we have to talk.
We are talking.
- Sit down.
- What for?
Your cousin, Justin...
I know. Total loser.
I'm giving him your job.
Be honest.
Did you ever even want this job?
But my job is my job.
Justin isn't creative like you.
He doesn't think out of the box.
He does what he's told.
He's happy. You...
I'm your son.
I know, and this
is eating me up.
Pff, no, it's not.
Really, we can't go on
the way things have been going,
or it's gonna be
the end of me in the business.
What? You think that I was
faking having a stomach problem?
You know Dr. Baskin thinks
- I might have an ulcer?
- No.
A bleeding ulcer!
Or do you actually
just think that I'm lazy?
I think you're in the wrong
line of work, and it's my fault.
I allowed things to go so far.
Damn right! It's your fault!
I've given you my best years.
If it wasn't for me, this whole business,
it would've gone under years ago.
I was supposed
to be the dark horse.
Does mom know?
We've discussed it
for a long time.
All this time...
You stab me in the back.
I'm not young anymore.
How am I gonna survive, on my
fucking bar Mitzvah savings?
I'm giving you tough love.
Fuck you.
[Car horns blaring
and tires screeching]
Don't listen to your father.
I can't believe you didn't
discuss this all with me!
- How would it have changed things?
- You don't understand.
It changes everything now. This whole time I
thought I knew you, that I could count on you.
Trust you.
All this time.
My life, my whole life,
it's been lies!
Abe, honey, no one ever lied.
You just didn't see the truth.
What fucking truth are you talking about?
That I'm a failure?
Sweetie, we'd written you off
as a failure years ago.
Everyone knows.
Richard's the success,
and you're the failure.
Life just turned out that way.
What could we do?
Why didn't you screw Richard up?
Why did he have to be the one to get all the praise?
All the prizes? All the...
I worked for what
I got in life, Abe.
Nothing was handed
to me on a silver platter.
It's true.
I treated you equally.
Except Richard was the favorite.
Is it my fault
if I studied in school?
You cruised through school.
Homework was easy for you.
You never had to study!
I was smart. So shoot me.
It's true. He was gifted. But I
still loved you both the same.
Your problem was
that you were lazy.
You had opportunities,
and you blew them.
It's true. You always
had an attitude problem.
I can remember even from
when I nursed you as a baby.
Some babies cried. It's true. Even
Richard cried from time to time.
But you were a screamer.
I can't help it
if I was a screamer!
And I can't help it
if I was easy!
So this is why you put
me out on the street?
What am I gonna do now?
Oh, please.
Don't be such a drama queen.
You know mom and dad will never
kick you out of your bedroom.
No, never.
Although we are thinking of selling
the house and moving to Florida.
Fuck both of you!
The wedding's off!
Miranda and I are gonna elope.
Whatever makes you
happy, sweetheart,
but are you sure she's
going through with it?
Are you sure that you're
going through with it?
Seemed to me when you called there might've
been a little bit of a health issue?
[Tires screeching
and car horn honking]
What the...?
What are you doing?
Abe, don't!
- Hey!
- Lock the door! Oh!
Get out of my car!
What the hell are you doing?!
Can you believe it?
I mean, Justin?
Justin's a good kid.
He's a fucking moron!
Maybe. But he does what
he's told. People like him.
What are you saying? You're on
my dad's side or something?
I like Justin.
He's easy on the eyes.
Are you fucking him?
Are you jealous?
Ugh, eww! How could you?
You're out of shape. Maybe if you
worked out, things would be different.
But Justin is, like,
practically in high school!
He's already been to college...
And he graduated.
Hi, Marie. Hi, Abe.
How's it going?
Let's show Abe
life passing him by.
This is the morning
that you begin
to take control when your
world's in a crazy spin
reach out for more
and make it better
than it's been before
today is gonna be
the perfect day
to step into your life
and make anything change
you can be who you want
you can be
who you want to be ...
oh, hi. Can
I help you?
Yes. I'm looking for my fianc.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We don't carry any fiancs here.
But I know she's here.
Maybe you'd like to try
one of our other outlets?
Look, I just told
you she's here!
Do I have to talk to
the store manager?
Sorry, he's out for lunch. But he'll be back
in a few minutes, if you'd like to wait.
No. I would not like to wait.
I paid for a fianc,
and I want her now!
Maybe you'd like to
flip through our catalog.
We could special
order for you, if you'd like.
But I'm afraid, once a purchase has been
opened, it can't be returned... store policy.
But I have a receipt.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid
I can't make out the date.
There's a little smudge.
You know what?
Just give me a store credit.
I'm sorry,
but this was a final sale.
I need a store credit.
I need a store credit.
- Sorry.
- I need a fucking store credit!
Is there a problem here?
My jaw is permanently damaged.
There are things I may never
again do with my mouth.
It's okay. I know.
You didn't mean it.
You have no sense of irony.
You don't even
really know what it means.
I know you don't mean to be
a total asshole
like your father.
I know that you are courageous
and loyal in sticking by Miranda
despite her deadly
and contagious disease,
even though you know
she was never really
serious about you.
And she would've been far better
off with your brother, Richard,
with whom she has
so much more in common.
He's very good-looking,
isn't he? Hmm?
Abe, I know
that life has been
unfair to you
because it has given you
every possible advantage.
So your feelings of inadequacy
are endless and unrelenting.
Your toy-collecting,
a reflexive textbook pathology
of Western consumerist
But still, I am afraid
I cannot give you any credit.
No credit.
No exchange.
No refund.
But I have a receipt.
Poor thing.
You really don't get it, do you?
Get what?
Everyone has a receipt.
And it never adds up.
It's called...
Mom, dad, he's awake.
Shh, shh, shh...
- Oh...
- Abe?
You're okay.
You had a little accident,
but you're gonna be just fine.
What... what accident?
You totaled your hummer
leaving the office.
Don't worry.
The insurance is covering it.
You had a very low deductible.
Your father's been so upset.
He's hardly slept a wink.
When did this happen?
Oh, almost two months ago.
You were leaving the office
parking lot, and I think...
apparently, you
didn't look both ways.
Abe, listen.
I don't want you to worry.
I won't give Justin your job.
You can work for me
as long as you like.
Where's Miranda?
I just texted her.
She's on her way.
She wants to know if
anyone wants bagels.
[Jack] Tell her
to bring some nova.
And some cream cheese.
I need to speak with her now.
She's coming.
- Low-fat? Regular?
- Low-fat.
Onion or garlic?
- Miranda...
- She'll be here.
How are you feeling?
How about you?
Uh... your treatment?
It worked.
I'm all better.
It's weird.
It's like I was dead
for two months.
We thought you weren't
gonna make it.
We were sure it was over.
The doctors...
but I made it.
How do you feel?
I don't know.
I have no feeling.
I mean, my legs.
My feet...
It's like I'm...
And it's funny,
'cause you know what?
I feel like dancing now.
It's weird.
'Cause I had, like,
a lot of dreams.
And you know how people say that
they wish their dreams
could come true?
Well, I don't.
I prefer reality.
I prefer what's here
and what's now.
I prefer being with you.
What's the matter?
Why are you crying?
I know we hardly
know each other.
And I know we have
nothing in common.
And I know I was never really
attracted to you.
And I know how
I wasn't gonna let
any of that get in the way.
But I never knew...
I never knew I would care.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
What were you saying
that you cared about?
Care? What?
You were saying that
you never knew you cared.
Well, what were
you referring to?
Nothing. I'm just talking.
Being silly.
Feel better.
- Miranda?
- Yes?
My mother said that
she thinks you're...
Is it true?
You know your mom.
I know.
That's why I'm asking.
Because if it's true.
If you're carrying my baby,
it's gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
I'm not.
[Medical monitors beeping]
So much could happen
on a night like this
we could make the memory
of our first kiss
we could fall in love
under the milky way
together, toge ...
you know,
the doctor said it's like
one in a billion people
that basically lose their
legs in a car accident,
come out of
a two-month coma,
and then develop hepatitis B.
Marie, could you do me a favor?
Sure, hon. What do you want?
Can you go to Toys R US
and return something for me?
Sure. No problem.
If you have to,
speak to the store manager.
I've got the receipt.
And, Marie?
Come closer.
You don't have to say anything.
I know.
I've been told before.
I'm a really good kisser.
[Medical monitor beeping]
And then you wake up
look at the sky
and you thank love
you can turn to your side
and there'll you find love
telling you,
oh, that you're my love
telling you,
oh, that you're my love
oh, you're my love
you're my love
oh, you're my love
you're my love
You know, technically, he
actually died on February 6th.
"Technically" what?
The date's wrong.
It's okay. Leave it.
Your mother doesn't
need to hear.
It's not important. It doesn't matter.
No one cares.
...to finish
the spreadsheets.
[Justin] Uh, sure thing,
Uncle Jackie.
Show me what you got.
Here we go.
It's a list of all
the units on the property.
Has the nail salon paid up?
Uh, no. We're still waiting
for a final payment.
Call Phil again and
tell him to follow up.
Draw up eviction papers.
What about the bagel place?
The attorneys get back to you?
Yes. Uh, they requested that we move the
court date to the end of next month.
And the drycleaners,
are they're gonna
pass the environmental,
or they still working
on the cleanup?
The work is done. They're just
waiting for the inspectors.
Ask Phil what he can
do to speed things up.
I don't want Eastlake
to fall apart.
Oh, of course.
Of course, Uncle Jackie.
Put it behind you
and leave it there
the sun is shining,
so get out and breathe the air
this is the morning
that you begin
to take control when your
world's in a crazy spin
reach out for more
and make it better
than it's been before
today is gonna
be the perfect day
to step into your life
and make anything change
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
today is all about
the here and now
so step into your life,
you can turn it around
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
your dreams are waiting
out there somewhere
follow your feelings
and let 'em take you there
this is the dawning
of a brand new you
don't be afraid to let who
you really are come through
reach out for more
'cause that's what you've
been here waiting for
today is gonna
be the perfect day
to step into your life
and make anything change
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
today is all about
the here and now
so step into your life,
you can turn it around
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
Today is gonna be
the perfect day
to step into your life
and make anything change
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
you can be who you want
you can be who you wanna be
yeah, yeah, yeah
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
here I am, all of me
take my hand
and you will see
I can be
everything you need
everything you need
here I am waiting to see
if you really wanna love me
here I am, I miss you so
there's still time,
I'm losing hope
I don't wanna wonder,
I just wanna know
I think you love me,
but I think you need to show
I think he needs to show
here I am, all of me
take my hand
and you will see
I can be
everything you need
everything you need
here I am, all of me
take my hand
and you will see
I can be
everything you need
everything you need
everything I need
everything I need
everything I need
everything I need
here I am, all of me
take my hand
and you will see
I can be
everything you need
everything you need
here I am, all of me
take my hand
and you will see
I can be
everything you need
everything you need