Dark House (2014) Movie Script

[music playing]
[music playing]
- Uh, Nick Di Santo.
I'm here to see my mom.
- Visiting.
Take the stairs to the second
floor, and someone
will meet you there.
- Second?
Can't we go out on
the grounds?
I mean, she wants to be private,
can't it be out in
the sunshine or under
a tree somewhere?
- Telling you, she
never goes out.
In all the years I've been here,
I've never even seen
here in the visitors' room.
- Look, she's my mom.
I haven't talked to
her in years.
- Yeah, she did get made up
todayjust to see you.
Look, you get her to go out,
I'll be happy to take you.
Ms. Di Santo?
Your boy's here.
- What have you got her on?
been medicated today.
Bang on the door when
you're done.
- Hey.
You can look at me.
not sure I can.
Yes you can.
- Mm.
- Look at me.
- (HALTINGLY) Oh my.
You look like him.
- Why would you say that?
You said you didn't
remember him.
You said it was like trying
to remember a dream.
You said you didn't
know who he was.
Do you know who my father is?
What else do you know, Mom?
- Mom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No, no, no...
- I won't.
- Don't, don't.
- I won't.
look, I'm not...
I'm not gonna touch you, OK?
I won't.
- Then don't.
- Do you... do you want me
to get the orderly?
You want your medication
or something?
- I'm supposed to tell you
about your father.
And today is the day that
I promised I would.
- Wait, you prom... you
promised who?
- (WHISPERING) The things
in the wall.
They listen all the time, and
then they tell me what to do.
And Nicky, today is the day
that they told me I had to
tell you about him.
I'm not...
I'm not...
I won't.
I'm warning you.
Oh, Nicky.
- He's coming for you.
- Please...
(SHOUTING) Open the
fucking door!
- Your father...
I only remember a nightmare!
- So what did she want to say?
- She wanted to let me know
that she's still crazy.
- So no birthday present, huh?
Let's go find one.
- Let's go drink one.
[engine roars]
[tires squeal]
- Go, go, go.
Yeah, come on.
That's the guy, right
over there.
- Can I buy you guys a beer?
- Why?
- Is that Nick Di Santo?
What if it is?
You know him?
- What if I do?
- Can he do it?
You know what?
I don't care.
That is not what I said and
that is not what you said.
- Hey, uh, hit me again.
You know what?
I'm through.
No, I'm done.
I'm hanging up.
You got a number for a cab?
- Anything I can do?
Bet I got you beat.
For worst day ever.
- There's no way you could
beat this one.
What, did your dog
die or something?
CROWD: Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
- Yeah, 23's kind of a big one.
You don't know?
Um, it takes 23 seconds for
blood to circulate throughout
the human body.
In every person are 23
pairs of chromosomes.
And every 23rd wave that comes
to shore is twice as long and
twice as strong as the one
that came before it.
So 23 is kind of like this,
um, magic number.
I like 23.
you do it, just one time?
I just...
I want to know if you
can really do it.
- Hey, what'd I say?
- Do what?
- What are you doing?
RYAN (OFFSCREEN): Are you trying
to scare away the first
girl that doesn't think
you're Frankenstein?
- Well, if she's the one,
she won't run.
- Do not do this.
If you were sober, you
wouldn't do this.
- Hey, uh, Ronny says
he'll do it.
Just go up there.
Go put your hand on him.
Touch him.
- What?
- No, look, it doesn't
work that way.
I have to touch them.
That's rule one.
You can touch me all you want,
but it's not gonna work.
And rule two?
It has to be something bad,
something really bad, or I do
not see you.
There's no way to change it.
There's no information on
why or when or how...
I just see it.
- Could somebodyjust
tell me what
everybody's talking about?
- Sometimes he can touch somebody
and he can see how
they're going to die.
- Seriously?
- Hold up your hand.
- Nick, please.
Please, just sit down.
- Aaaahhhh!
- Whoa!
- Whoa, man!
- What just happened?
- Come on, man, look at me.
- Are you kidding me?
Just get out of here!
- No, no, no.
What was that?
Did you see... did you
see something?
You just couldn't
leave it alone.
- No!
I want to know!
Did you see something?
Dude, come on.
Did you fucking...
[all shouting]
- No, I want to know.
What happened?
- Shut the fuck up, Nicky.
- Ryo!
Shut up, Nicky.
I don't want to get my
ass kicked tonight.
- Ryo, look, man.
- What?
- I'm holding the lady's hand.
- And what?
- And everything's OK.
[rumbling and shaking]
[rumbling and shaking]
[rumbling and shaking]
[rumbling and shaking]
[banging on metal]
You didn't tell him?
- I...
I can't understand you.
What did you do?
- I did everything.
You were supposed to
tell him about me.
- I did everything you asked...
- (GIGGLING) Excuse me?
- What?
I was just saying I should
pick up girls
at a bar more often.
- Uh, news flash...
I picked you up.
- Oh, no, no.
I do not think so.
- No, I know so.
- Really?
- "I'm holding the
lady's hand"?
That was your pick-up line?
Do you really see things when
you touch some people?
Bad things?
- You're gonna hear some
stuff about me.
You're gonna hear that I moved
from foster home to foster
home since I was nine.
And you're gonna hear that it
was because my mom committed
herself when I was eight.
a long scar.
How'd you get it?
- When I was seven, I, um, I
thought if I, uh, hurt my
hands, they wouldn't hurt me.
[door bursts open]
- Nicky!
- What the fuck, man?
- Check out the "24 Hour News. "
Several area firefighters have
joined the right, and
more are expected.
Again, we have no confirmation
on what started the blaze, but
speculation aside, as this
dramatic footage shows, most
of the facilities residents
caught sleeping on the second
and third floors had little
chance of escape.
Though the number is still
rising, the body count is
already at 74, and the
firefighters expect to battle
the blaze through the night,
with fire departments from as
far west as Pomo and Wheaton
County expected to arrive on
the scene at any moment.
The building has a long and
colorful history and was one
of the oldest...
[music playing]
No, I...
yes, of course.
Yes, I understand.
You can count on me.
You've always been able
to count on me.
Come on in.
Just finishing up
a phone call.
I'm Judge Bing.
Have a seat.
Is it necessary to go
over the details of
your mother's death?
- Uh, no.
No, I know how my mother
died, Mr. Bing.
Respect Look, it's been
eight months.
I didn't even know
she had a will.
- And are you aware that there
is a lawsuit pending against
the institution?
- I have no interest
in suing anyone.
- Well, I thought you might be
particularly keen on that now.
Given recent unplanned
Life is full of surprises,
NICK (OFFSCREEN): This is the
reading of the will, right?
And there's no one else here?
- In accordance with your
mother's wishes, you alone are
to be here when I
give you this.
I'm sorry to say this
is all she left.
well, what is all this?
- Per her instructions, I have
no knowledge of the content.
So if there's any way I can help
once you've been through
it all, anything you need,
don't hesitate to call.
[exhales heavily]
- He has it.
And unless I miss my guess,
he's already found it.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): How'd it go?
- Stay there.
I'm coming to you.
That file's from her attorney.
It's, uh, papers and
old pictures.
- And?
- What?
Come on, just sit down.
I want to show you something.
- Are you rich?
- Here.
You see it?
EVE (OFFSCREEN): See what?
- The house.
Does that look familiar?
- Should it?
- Look, OK, guys, this house is
not some ordinary house.
This house and me go way back.
It's in all of my sketchbooks,
in every story I wrote as a
kid, and in just about every
class where they ever let me
draw something.
Look, I've been drawing
this house since I
could pick up a crayon.
Look at this.
Same house.
You see this circular
window at the top?
- Yeah.
look at this.
Same house.
Age 12.
I mean, come on.
Look at all of these.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): So you liked
to draw the same house when
you were a kid.
- Come on.
Come here, come here.
I need... get up.
Come here.
Come on, get up.
- I just want to sit down.
- Get up, come on.
I gotta show you
something, Eve.
You're gonna freak
out about this.
Ryo, come here, look at this.
This house has been in
my head all my life.
you used to draw it.
Why are you acting all psycho?
- Look, Ryo, I'm still
drawing it.
Look, this house, maybe the
reason I started to think
about architecture in
the first place.
RYAN (OFFSCREEN): So you have
a tiny boner for old houses
with little round windows.
What the hell difference
does that make?
- Ryo, up until about an hour
ago, I didn't know this house
existed in the real world.
- So what?
You think this has something
to do with your dad?
even if it does
exist, what about it?
- I own it.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): The directions
in the will had the
house in town on this road.
There's no sign a town
was ever here.
- This baby is sailing, man.
You did a lot of work on it.
- How are we supposed
to find a house
without a street address?
[groans quietly]
- Hey, babe, how you feeling?
- [sigh]
Can we please just find a place
that has a bathroom?
- I can't find a town or
even a bowling alley
called River's End.
[dog yips]
Oh my god, that
dog has three legs.
- So?
- So don't order any meat.
- That's quite a set ofwheels.
- Thank you.
It was my granddad's.
- Bathroom?
- Down the hall, past the
cigarette machine.
- Hey.
River's End, this...
this is it.
Ryo, look.
- Holy shit.
Look at this!
This house, we're
looking for it.
- Are you all those folks that
came through this morning?
- That van had a state
logo on it, Knoxie.
- This place?
I own it.
- You own Wormwood?
- Wormwood?
That's the name of the house?
- Yeah, after the flood
washed it away.
You know, food for the worms?
- You've never heard of
the Blackwater flood?
20-something years ago?
- It was the end, all right.
There is no River's End.
Washed away, all of it.
Town doesn't exist anymore...
same as your house.
- Unless you like old
wives' tales.
- Well, yeah, I might
like them.
- Don't shovel that shit
to these kids, Lucky.
- There's one story that says
that house is still standing.
Story says the flood hit
that house hard, but it
didn't take it down.
- Couldn't take it down.
- Just washed it from
here all the way
down to here somewhere.
- If you believe stories
for idiots and morons.
some kind of deed?
'Cause you're about
23 years too late.
- What?
That house isn't the only way to
find out about your father
or anyone else.
- Hey.
That's weird.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, like
"Texas Chainsaw" weird.
- Aughhh!
Look out!
[brakes screeching]
- Hey.
- You all right?
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- You guys all right?
- You came out of nowhere, man.
You OK?
That was close.
Is everybody all right?
- Yeah.
I am so sorry.
We haven't seen any other
cars out here all day.
I'm Chris.
- I'm Sam.
- That's Lillith.
- Hello.
- That your van?
- Yeah, PLS.
Public Land and Survey?
We're out here mapping the
valley for the state.
- Yeah, what are you
doing out here?
- Well, we were looking for a
house, till we found out that
it got washed down a ridge.
- Wormwood?
House that washed into the
valley during the flood?
- Yeah.
You guys think you know
something about that?
- Yeah, if you believe
in urban myths.
is Wormwood, huh?
- Yeah, boss?
What she said.
We should just keep one
foot in reality here.
Any house, even if it survived
being ripped off its
foundation, would break into
kindling, crashing through
- Well, look, if there's any part
of it around here, like
a... a floorboard or a roof
shingle... anything...
I'd like to see it.
- Um, I'm telling you,
it's an urban myth.
- Get in your car.
Follow me.
- Hey, wait, wait, wait.
- Aagghh!
- Mmph!
- Nicky, Nicky.
- Is he OK?
- Yes, he's OK.
He's OK.
He just... he gets dizzy spells
when he thinks too fast.
Look at me.
How about you get back in the
car and sit down, OK?
- What do you mean?
- It's a long shot, but we mapped
something a few days
ago that I think you
need to see.
This is the old highway where
the flood took it out.
See this path through
the forest?
Something big definitely
came through here.
it's called a flood.
- No.
Look at the sway
of these trees.
It's way above the flood line.
- Come on, Chris, there's ravines
like this throughout
the county.
- Thanks, Sam.
But on this team, I'm the
- God, not that word again.
- He likes to say that 'cause
he thinks it sounds dirty.
- No, wait, so you're
a tree guy, right?
- Nicky, Nicky.
Baby, come back up
here with me, OK?
RYAN (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, come on,
Nick, why don't you, huh?
Baby, now.
- What?
- At least one house
came through here.
It's, uh, it's a long shot.
But we could all go for
a quick little hike.
- He said it was a long
shot, Nicky.
- A shot's still a shot, Evie.
Come on.
You gonna be OK here if I...
if I take a quick look?
- I'm not hiking, if that's
what you mean.
- It's only gonna be
a few minutes.
Ryo, can you stay
here with her?
All right?
CHRIS (OFFSCREEN): Come on, Sam,
I know you want to come.
- Yeah, I'm only going to see
your face when all you find is
poison ivy and a couple
of humping beavers.
- Lil?
- Ooh, thanks, but uh, I think
I'll stay with Eve.
- That's a great idea.
in the van if you guys
aren't back here
in 10 minutes.
And I'm taking Eve with me.
- Eve.
I love you.
- See how the slip plane
moves across?
This isn't just from
the water.
It is...
- So I just follow where
the trees are clear?
- Yeah, exactly.
Nicky, slow down!
Come on!
RYAN (OFFSCREEN): We're gonna
get lost out here.
(PANTING) You gonna be OK?
We gotta get back.
Little window.
Right, Nicky?
Little round window
at the top?
- What the hell are
we looking at?
This is wrong.
Come on, this is wrong.
It should have been
This can't be the same house.
- Oh, yeah?
Then what is it?
[hinges creak]
even from this house.
SAM (OFFSCREEN): You gonna tell
me this whole place just
crashed here, perfectly level?
- Well, maybe someone
leveled it.
I think a lot of big stuff must
have washed through here.
And when the house did, I think
that's the tree that
finally stopped it.
- (QUIETLY) I just got this
really weird feeling, Ryan.
I drew this.
I dreamed this.
And now I'm standing in
front of it, like I'm
the reason it's here.
Like it's holding
on, just for me.
Stop right there.
Now turn around and walk away.
- Look, don't get
the wrong idea.
We're, uh, Public
Land and Survey.
I'm Sam.
- I know who you are, Sammael.
- Heh.
It... it's Sam.
- You with the state, too?
- No.
I'm with...
- Look, if we ended up somewhere
we shouldn't be, we
apologize, Mister...?
- My name's Seth.
That's all you need to know.
And let me tell you something
else, Sammael.
- It's Sam.
- I don't know what you think
you're doing here, or what
claim you think you have
to this house...
- We're just mapping
the valley.
- But if this is about eminent
domain or any of that state
- It's a geodesic survey.
We don't care about
this house.
- Make no mistake.
I've been swinging a hammer in
it since before you were born.
I've been working this
place forever.
And I'm here to stay.
- We don't want any trouble.
- Then you best be on your way.
- I th...
I think you're probably right.
- Wait.
The people that lived here.
Do you know anything
about them?
- No, Nicky.
- The man who used to live
here 20 years ago.
- What about him?
- I just want to know his name.
- No.
No you don't.
- Look, this house is in
my mother's will.
These people might
be my family.
I have the deed.
- I don't care what you have.
What you came looking
for isn't here.
- You do not know what
I came looking for.
- Just you.
Not your buddy.
And no one from the state.
You want to see this house
you think is yours?
Come on.
- What, do you think he's
a fucking realtor?
Look at him.
Your old man's not in there!
[hinges squeak]
[doors slam]
NICK (OFFSCREEN): I drew this
house when I was a kid.
God, it had all of this in it.
Every room, upstairs.
[faint rumbling]
[dust shifting]
- What is that?
What's in the walls?
- Rats?
- That's abhorrent.
NICK (OFFSCREEN): That's the
tree at the side of the house.
- They lynched people
from that tree.
You ever see a hanging
tree, boy?
- Who lives here?
- Look around.
Nobody lives here.
- Who used to live here?
[faint rumbling]
[dust shifting]
- What the hell is that?
What's that in the chimney?
you have to this house is
worthless, just like
the house.
- Look, I just want to know
if people from my
family lived here.
Time's up.
Let's go, buddy.
Let's get back to the car, OK?
Sam and Chris say
they have help '
SETH (OFFSCREEN): How do you
like your house, Nick?
You seen enough?
Are you not understanding
something, Nick?
When the flood came and wiped
out this town, people blamed...
(SHOUTING) this house!
Did you know that?
Survivors called it the Second
Flood of Noah because they
thought it came from God to wash
away this house and all
the horrors that came with it.
This place was ripped
from the earth and
slammed into that tree.
Instead of a pile of broken
sticks, it's all still here.
Chairs, tables, chandeliers...
they shouldn't be here, Nick.
- I thought you said
that was you.
You said you'd been swinging
a hammer in here for years.
- I have.
I've been trying to
tear it down.
- (SHOUTING) Nick, let's go!
SETH (OFFSCREEN): You tell you
friend to run as fast and as
far away as he can.
- (CALLING) Nicky?
- And you run with him,
and never come back.
- (SHOUTING) Nick!
There's some guys out here!
- You come back here, it'll be
the last thing you'll ever
remember doing.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[axe whistles through air]
- They're trying to cut us off!
- Who the hell are these guys?
- What the hell are these guys?
[axe whistles through air]
[panting frantically]
- Go, go, go.
Yeah, I think...
- Yeah.
- Whoa!
- What the fuck happened?
- What?
- What did he say to you?
- He didn't say anything!
- What did you say to him?
- Get the fuck off of him.
- Look, I do not know what's
going on, OK?
- Did he say something
to you or not?
[axe whistles through air]
- Uughh!
[tries to scream]
[strangled cry]
- Ooh!
There was a kick.
- How far along are you?
- Yeah, just far enough along to
wonder what the hell we're
doing out here.
- Can I?
- Sure.
Did you feel that?
- You know, they say that they
can feel things in there.
Joy, fear...
whatever the mother's feeling.
- God!
He's really worked up
about something.
- Well, maybe he just doesn't
like strangers?
[shouting frantically]
- What?
What are they saying?
- What?
Get in the car!
Get in the car!
- (SHOUTING) Get in the car!
- (SHOUTING) Get in the car!
- What the fuck is going on?
- (SHOUTING) Get in the van!
Get in the van!
- (SHOUTING) Get in the car!
Get in the van!
- Fuck the car!
Get in the van!
Get in the van!
- Go, go, go, go.
- Go!
- Go!
Move this fucking thing!
[tires squealing]
- Oh, fuck!
- Who the fuck are they?
- How'd they get in
front of us?
- Aauughhh!
NICK (OFFSCREEN): Get him off!
- Get him off!
NICK (OFFSCREEN): Get him off!
- Get him off, get him off!
- I'm trying!
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
- Where's Sam?
[tires squealing]
- Where is everybody?
looks closed.
[doors slam]
- Lillith?
(CALLING) Hello?
- Anyone back there?
(CALLING) Hello?
- What are you looking at?
- I'll make sure Nick gets
back to the house.
You have my word.
I'll bring your followers
together to fight.
Yes, Lucky.
Don't worry.
We'll get the 23.
You will rise.
We will all rise.
- No, I just told you.
On a state highway off
an old flood road.
Look, we just passed
Worthington, OK?
It's the county seat.
And where are you?
I cannot stay connected long
enough to talk to anybody.
- Forget it.
I tried.
- None of the phones have
been working today.
- Nick, what happened in there?
What happened?
- What was said?
- Yeah, man.
- I told you, he tried
to scare me, OK?
He must have been hiding
- Yes, my first guess is drugs.
I mean, look at the guy.
Look at his gang of inbreds.
They don't even fucking
walk upright.
- Yeah, well, they know how
to throw a fucking axe.
- He's running something illegal
out of that house.
Bet on it.
- Or he's just some hillbilly
lunatic who thinks the state's
gonna take his house.
- Oh my god!
[tires squealing]
- Oh, shit!
- Stop!
- I'm standing on the brake!
- Sorry about that.
[all breathing heavily]
Are you OK?
[all breathing heavily]
- What the fuck did you do?
You drove us in a
fucking circle?
- What are you talking about?
That can't be the house.
- Then I hell is it?
- We left the house
30 miles back in
the opposite direction.
us in a circle and
you didn't know it?
We all saw the signs.
We were heading south.
The house was north.
I smell gasoline.
- What?
- I smell gasoline.
- Oh, Jesus.
- OK, OK.
on, come on.
Let me get you out of here.
- Anywhere.
Just away from this van.
- I have to sit down.
I have to sit down.
- Hey, wasn't that guy the guy
from the diner we almost hit
up there?
- Up where?
What the hell are you
talking about?
I don't even see the ridge
that we came from.
- No, look, he's got to be
getting help though, right?
- Well, shouldn't one of us at
least try to get back to the
road to let them know
where to find us?
- [gasp]
He kicked.
- But... but that's good,
though, right?
Nick, feel.
nobody in the surrounding
forest that I can see.
And, uh, the house is empty.
- What?
You went inside?
- I didn't think it could
be the same house.
- And?
- Same porch.
Same tree.
Same lion out front.
I swear, I did not drive us in
a circle, but unless that
house is following us, that
must be what I did.
I'm sorry.
- This is fucking great,
you guys.
- Evie, Evie, it's gonna
be OK, all right?
I'm gonna fix this.
- How?
(SHAKILY) It's gonna be cold and
dark soon, and I'm really
not feeling well.
to keep her warm, Nick.
We need shelter where she can
rest while we get help.
[bird screeching]
[wind whistling]
- Nick?
[leaves rustling]
- You sure the house is empty?
EVE (OFFSCREEN): If that's some
kind of drug lab, then
what are we doing?
- It's nothing like that.
I told you, it's empty.
Then why was Seth there
with those axemen?
- No one lives here, Evie, OK?
Trust me, no one.
- Is anybody else thinking
what I'm thinking?
Forest, ravine, car?
EVE (OFFSCREEN): So the car
could still be sitting there?
- Unless those maniacs
chopped it up.
- Well, should we try and see?
- Come on, we'd never
make it by dark.
And Evie can't make it
anywhere right now.
- Well, I would rather go into
the woods than stay inside
that place.
- Oh, in the same woods where
they murdered Sam?
Please, shut up!
We don't need to broadcast
EVE (OFFSCREEN): Nick, it's
like you're all ganging up
against me.
How am I the only one that
thinks this is a bad idea?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- There is no way that I'm
staying in there.
- Stop it.
Look at me, OK?
We find one room.
We wait until the
sun comes up.
That's it.
That's all we do, OK?
- What if those men come back?
- Hey.
Look at this.
You see that window?
That overlooks the
entire yard.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Come on, look at this window.
We can see the side
yard too, OK?
We'll... we'll put one man on
the back porch, one in the
front, and we'll see
anyone coming.
- Not after dark, we won't.
- Come on, Evie, OK?
We cannot drag you through
the woods tonight.
We have to keep you and the
baby warm and safe until...
- Don't make this just about me.
- I'm not.
This is best for everybody.
- Is it?
There's not a part of this,
Nick, that's you
wanting to be here?
It's not a part of it?
What is it, exactly?
What is it that you think that's
here that's going to
solve any puzzles for you?
[wood creaking]
[wood creaking]
- Evie.
Do you see those?
- Do I see what?
- Nnnnghhhh!
What's happening!
- Nnnnnghhhhh!
happening, Nicky?
What's happening, Nicky?
Get off me!
- Get back!
- Nnnggghhh!
- Nicky!
- Ah!
- Nicky!
Nicky, Nicky!
Nicky, wake up.
Nicky, please wake up.
Nicky, look at me.
Nicky, wake up.
Ryan, wake him up,
wake him up.
look at me.
Nicky, wake up.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): Baby, baby.
Wake up, Nicky.
Nicky, you gotta wake up.
Wake up, Nicky.
Baby, wake up.
RYAN (OFFSCREEN): So the good
news is he's still breathing
and he's got a regular pulse.
- Then why isn't he waking up?
- I don't know.
But look at his eyelids.
That's REM sleep.
He's dreaming.
Lillith says there's some stuff
that we should go back
and get in the van.
You watch him, OK?
Since you decided not to have
the baby tonight, maybe you
could find some more candles.
- (WHISPERING) How quiet
can you be?
- Mmm.
- Mm!
- No.
Get back to the house.
You'll know when to go in.
[metal clanging]
[creaking and low rumbling]
- Hey.
It's so good to see you
with your eyes open.
[exhales heavily]
- How long was I out?
EVE (OFFSCREEN): 30 minutes?
- Where's Ryo?
- Uh, he and Lillith
went to the van.
What happened out there?
You were touching the tree.
- That tree's a hanging
tree, Evie.
Just like Seth said.
One of the bodies is
from the Civil War.
How would I see someone
who's already died?
How would I see anyone?
I wasn't touching a person.
I was touching a tree.
- Do you remember touching
the baby?
You said you never wanted to
touch him 'cause you never
wanted to know.
What did you see?
Is it something bad?
Is that what gave
you the seizure?
- All I saw was our baby.
- Yeah?
- And he wants out.
Took you long enough.
right, Nicky.
Alive and kicking, huh?
This ain't [inaudible].
I can surf, but I can't
make a phone call.
- What happened?
Tell me.
Tell you what?
- Why you smell like that.
- Smell like what?
- Like sex.
- What are you, some kind of a
bloodhound all of a sudden?
- Lillith?
(SHARPLY) You've got to
be kidding me, Ryo!
- It was her, OK?
It wasn't me.
She was all over me.
- We're out here worried about
getting our fucking heads
chopped off by these
- What are you?
Pissed off orjealous?
- They could have snuck
up on you!
- Don't you ever grab me!
- I grabbed your fucking
- That's the only thing I have
ever asked you, in all of the
years that we've been friends.
What happened under that tree?
- I don't know.
you saw something.
What did you see?
What did you see?
[door bursts open]
- Hey, get in here.
Hurry up!
something big in this wall.
- I just think that tree lets
critters inside the framework.
I mean...
[low rumbling and scraping]
- What the hell is that?
- We need that flashlight.
- OK.
- Ready?
- Aahh!
- Hey, you're not
gonna kill it.
- I can't see anything.
- Come on, you're torturing it.
[banging on duct]
[banging on duct]
Nick, stop it.
This is cruel.
- I... what?
I just want to see what it is.
- Well, you don't know
what it is.
It could be... it could
be dangerous.
[banging on duct]
- Back up, back up, back up.
are you gonna do?
- What the...
the fuck?
did we do to it?
- We popped it like a zit.
There's nothing in
there but goop.
Holy, holy shit.
- Guys, shouldn't someone be
outside watching the house?
- Yeah.
She's right.
I'll take the back.
- I'll take the front.
- Nick, I don't want
to be here.
I'm serious.
I have a really bad feeling
about this.
We should stay where
it's warm.
EVE (OFFSCREEN): We shouldn't
stay here at all.
(SING-SONG) Nicky [inaudible].
Peekaboo, I see you.
(WHISPERING) I'm down here.
My little Nicky.
I remember when I used
to call you that.
- Mom?
What are you doing in there?
- We're all trapped in here.
Your father, Nicky.
He's trapped in here, too.
The door to the cellar...
you need to open it.
- Are you really my mother?
Look at me.
- I can't.
I'm not beautiful anymore.
- Why?
What do you mean?
- (HISSING) I mean, tell your
friend to stop swinging that
goddamn bat!
[knob rattles]
[door squeaks]
you're looking at a door
that's never gonna open again.
Not with those roots
jamming it shut.
Wanna give this a try?
Yeah, no telling what's
down there.
- I know.
It's the only room
I've never drawn.
Never could.
- On three.
One, two, three.
[both grunt with effort]
- What are you guys doing?
[both grunt with effort]
- The things in the walls
are down there.
[both grunt with effort]
- What?
I just want to see
what's down here.
- Close it, now.
[metal scraping]
- (SHOUTING) Guys!
- (SHOUTING) Now, goddamn it!
- Jesus Christ, calm down!
Axemen everywhere!
They're all over the place.
[wind whistling]
[leaves rustling]
[wind whistling]
- (WHISPERING) It's crazy.
They're all over out
there, just looking
like they're asleep.
They're all over the backyard,
like statues.
- Where the fuck do we go?
- Where do you think?
- We only have the cellar.
Go, go, go, go!
EVE (OFFSCREEN): [screaming]
- It's the door.
The door triggers them.
- What the fuck do we do?
- For starters, we stay away
from that fucking door.
Come on.
- Where the hell are
we gonna go?
- Where the hell are we going?
- I guess we're going
back to the car.
- You mean, if you hope
it's still there.
- Do not let go of my hand.
- Run!
- They're gaining!
[axe whistling through air]
- Nicky!
- Evie, go!
- Nicky!
- Go now!
- Come on!
- Nicky!
- Hey!
Over here, asshole!
Right here!
EVE (OFFSCREEN): Oh my god!
Get in, get in!
[doors slam]
- Did you see Evie or Lillith?
Oh, god, they had one of them
right on their tail.
I tried to stop him, but he
wouldn't even look at me.
I don't what happened to them.
- Oh, it's Sam.
left him there like that.
What is that?
NICK (OFFSCREEN): Oh, what's
wrong with his hands?
What in the holy fuck is that?
What is that?
That's not skin, Ryo.
That's not skin.
What's that shiny stuff?
Hold on.
[squishing and squelching]
- (WHISPERING) What the
hell is that, Ryo?
- That's not Sam.
- It...
it's Sam's clothes.
That's the same tree where
Seth killed him.
- Then what the hell's
wrong with him?
That's what Seth called
him, remember?
- Yeah.
And Sam, he kept correcting
him, like...
like Seth knew his real name.
- Or he knew what he was.
- We gotta find the girls.
- No, but...
- What are you doing?
- I'm doing a search for
the word Sammael.
- Come on, we gotta
find the girls.
- Sammael.
S- A-M-M-A-E-L. It's a
name from the Bible.
It's a combination of the Hebrew
word "sam," for poison,
and "ael," A-E-L, for angel.
It's a poison angel.
"Sammael is one of the original
angels of hell.
He is the devil of death,
Satan's assassin.
Sammael can come in many forms,
but traditionally a
red-headed young man"
gotta find the girls.
Come on.
We gotta split up.
We can find... we can
cover more ground.
- Lillith.
There's a glossary of demons.
The name Lillith is on here.
"Lillith is the daughter
of the night.
She is the queen of hell.
Driven by insatiable hunger,
Lillith stalks the Earth,
seducing men, often raping
them in their sleep and
drinking their
blood. " -Come on.
Ryo, this has got to... this
has got to be bullshit.
- "By night she is the original
unholy terror, stealing...
stealing newborns and even the
unborn from pregnant mothers
and feasting on them. "
- You OK back there?
- Mm-hm.
- Who has the keys?
Ryan or Nick?
Whew, that was a big one.
- Are you OK?
Wow, he's, uh... he's really
moving in there.
- Maybe he's just
funny about me.
- Yeah.
You get close, he starts
doing cartwheels.
No, no, no, no, I didn't...
I didn't mean that
in a bad way.
- No.
You're right.
I think I upset him.
- Oh, come on.
- I don't know what
it is about me.
I just...
I think I freak kids out.
Even in the womb, apparently.
- They can feel stress,
He feels everything I feel.
That's all it is.
he's just freaking
out 'cause I am.
Lillith, turn around.
Hey, I mean it.
Give me your hand.
Come on, do it.
He's not kicking.
It's not you.
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
- [gasp]
[gagging and gurgling]
- [screaming]
[panting with fear]
- You all right?
She's a demon called Lillith.
She was sent to murder
your child.
You can't wait for Nick.
By now he's found
the house again.
- What are you talking about?
Hey, I don't understand.
- Lillith, Christophe,
and Sammael.
Three demons of hell.
Their purpose was to destroy
the baby and make sure Nick
found his way into the
cellar of that house.
- Destroy the baby?
- Lillith's the eater
of the young.
The one you call Chris, he
creates illusions, like
roadsides you see but aren't
there, or towns that look
empty when they're not.
Now I don't know where you
should go, but if you want
your child to live, you leave
Nick behind and you make it
far away from here.
- No, wait!
I'm not leaving Nick behind.
Why would Nick go back
to the house?
He wouldn't leave me.
- The beast is forbidden to
enter the human world.
Only his human son can invite
him, and only during
the boy's 23rd year.
Why do you think he can
touch someone and see
their terrible deaths?
Because Nick is the son
of terrible deaths.
(SHOUTING) And he can never be
allowed to invite his father
out of that cellar.
- You're wrong.
You don't know Nick.
- You won't know him when he
finds out who he is, or who
his father his, or that he was
conceived so that he could
invite hell on Earth.
her way to the car.
Sun'll be up in an hour,
and even Ryan
will find the highway.
But you...
come on, you gotta stop
running, Nick.
'Cause you're always gonna
end up right back here.
You don't have to be
afraid of him.
- What the hell are you?
- Come on, Nick.
That's kind of a big question.
- The same as Sam?
- We come from the same place.
We had a job to do, Nick, and
that was to see that you found
your way to that cellar, just
like your mother did on the
day you were conceived.
- Is it really here in there?
Or is that just a dream?
- With what your house is sitting
on, you're gonna have
a few lost souls in the walls.
- And the things with the
axes, who are they?
uh, opposition.
- So they're the angels,
and you're...
- God's gargoyles, is
what we call them.
Created to scare away
evil spirits.
Seth brought them to frighten
you, to keep you away.
- Am I an evil spirit?
- You're an abandoned child
who for 23 years has been
brutalized by the ignorant swine
of this world who are
afraid of anyone different.
And there's a very special man
trapped under that house who
understands what your
life has been.
Talk to him.
That's all he wants.
That's all you want, isn't it?
[doors burst open]
- They can't hurt you.
They would have killed you a
long time ago if they could.
We'll take care of them.
- This fight has been a long
time coming, Nick.
- Go.
Talk to your father.
Do it!
[battle cry]
[metal clashing]
- Aaaah!
- Nnngh!
- Aaaugghh!
- Hey.
[metal clashing]
- Aaaaghhhhhh!
- It's me, Evie.
Don't scream.
Don't make any noise, OK?
You been wandering
around all night?
- We have to go to the house.
We have to find Nick.
- Nick's not at the
house, Evie.
- He's there, Ryo.
And he needs us.
- Why would Nick be
at the house?
- Oh my god!
- We have to go back, Eve.
Let's go back.
to go in there.
not gonna be here.
They cut out their hearts.
Come on, let's go!
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on!
Who are we kidding, Eve?
Do we even want to see Nick
if he's in there?
- Ryan, he might be hurt.
[guttural scream]
It's just us.
Nicky, it's me and Evie.
Look at us, Nicky.
What did they do to you?
- What did they do
to you, Nicky?
hurt, man.
We gotta get...
- Don't touch me!
- Nicky, you are bleeding.
- You stay away from me.
Let me breathe, OK?
[metal clanging]
- What did they do to you?
- I asked if it was my
father, and he...
he said yes.
Don't, Nicky...
- And I said yes.
And it came in.
And Seth and all of those
things out there
tried to stop him.
They tried to stop me!
- Holy God.
- (WHISPERING) Our baby.
I saw our baby.
- What did you see?
that we had 20.
- What did you see?
Tell me.
- I'm trapped within until
I get three more.
- Oh my god, Evie.
Oh my god.
- What?
- Walk away.
Evie, don't run.
- Get away from...
[liquid dripping]
NICK (OFFSCREEN): Two to go.
- [screaming]
[voice on hospital pa]
- There she is.
You're full of painkillers,
Don't try and move.
You went into labor
and had your baby.
You don't remember?
Well, he's in good shape.
Let's go see your mama.
[baby fussing]
- There's Mama.
- How did I get here?
- You don't remember the man
that brought you in?
She's awake now.
[baby crying]
[baby crying]
Yeah, you saw the picture?
You like it?
Yeah, that's part
of the change.
Yeah, we're doing good.
A lot safer now.
No, no, no, no.
No, they're being guarded
at all times.
They're never getting
out of there.
They're never gonna
find the house.
I destroyed the will
and the deed.
above the door, make a window.
Draw that window round.
Good boy.
[music playing]