Dark Light (2021) Movie Script

(light tense music)
- [Man] Then nutty looking lady
that was looking for
her mother in Ireland.
- She is a real
damaged set of goods.
Her father is a Spanish Royal.
Mother left her in Spain.
Lots of incest files.
Uncle was let free
of high crimes.
She went through therapy
as a child, didn't work,
then drugs, then about
a hundred therapists.
Then for some reason,
out of the blue,
she begins an obsessed search
for her mother in Ireland.
She was found at a party
in a trance, that
summer solstice.
So we hired a young,
brilliant Spanish doctor,
speaks the language,
and the doctor in the
hospital in Ireland
has been using
state-of-the-art methods
analyzing the
decoding brainwaves.
This doctor is one of
the best in Europe.
Patient, Jeanie Del Rey.
She has many personalities
inside of her head.
- Madam, I remember seeing
this freaky looking woman
at the summer solstice
in Stonehenge.
- I suggest you
shut your big mouth.
Big sister hears all.
The British military,
the most powerful, most secret,
and most brilliant force
on nature's green earth.
Tail the American!
I want to know who
killed these people.
- Madam, with all due respect,
when did you actually care
about a few dead Irish?
- One of them was
a friend of mine.
We met at Rudlow
Manor on a project.
He was a grand member
of the Golden Dawn.
He is, was, a great scientist.
Find out who killed
our constituents.
(light music)
(electronic dance music)
(phone ringing)
- Agent Pietra?
This is Agent Hastings.
Welcome to Ireland.
Hope the ferry ride from
France was not too roughly.
I'm sure you will
be used to the cold
having stationed in New
York for a few years back.
They say that roughly against
most of the sun in Ireland,
which ain't much.
Radio says it's gonna
snow in Wexford today.
You see clear as a fog,
weather has to say its mind
of its own in the Republic.
I know the rental car is
not up to your standards.
For this case we
thought low-profile
might be the best solution.
On your way to Wexford,
make sure you stay on the left.
Plenty of Yanks slam stop
on the roads in the islands
for not staying on the left.
The Iris mostly, well,
they're amiable and 30 so-so.
I have your full report here.
I know you suffered PTSD
from the last case in LA,
when you had the occult
crime unit there.
We know the Persidio case well.
You did a hell of a job on that.
Sorry about the outcome.
Your apartment is on the quay.
Hell of a lot better
than your Rent-A-Car.
They say you're the best
Interpol agent for the job,
especially with your
occult background.
There have been two
murders in five weeks,
similar hocus pocus signs
on the crime scenes.
We've got some great Spanish
lady at the Wexford psyche unit
saying she did the crimes.
Impossible, she's been
locked up for two months
in the looney bin.
Report from Wexford boys
says there has been some,
well let's say,
extranatural intendency
with this nutter in the ward.
From what I hear,
she's a real monster.
There is a brilliant Spanish
doctor, Astrid Thomas.
She's been analyzing
the madwoman.
Said she has over
nine personalities
and that one of those nine
says she did the murders.
The doctor says
she is delusional.
There is a special
priest that has dealt
with criminally insane
over the 30 years.
His name is Father
Malichi Peterson.
Supposedly he can help us
with mysterious symptoms
outside the normal
science approved protocol.
We need to know who
did these murders.
I expect a full
report in one week.
(owl hooting)
(eerie music and whooshing)
- [Pietra] Yeah, well if
I'm going to go in there,
I need a drink and a
good night's sleep.
(lightly tense music)
(phone ringing)
- [Woman] Agent Pietra, you
were supposed to be here.
- Yeah, well look, Doc,
I'm a little jetlagged.
I'll be there tonight
or first thing
in the morning, all right?
Thank you, sorry.
(suspenseful music)
Hello, sir.
- [Security] Good afternoon,
sir, how can I help you?
- Yeah, I'm here to have a
visitation with a doctor.
- Okay, no problem.
I'll just give you a
quick sweep if I may.
(detector beeping)
What's that there, sir?
- Special Agent Charge
Interpol America.
- [Securitry] Oh, no
problem, that's fine, sir.
- Okay.
Here to see the doctor.
- They've all got guns.
All these Americans
have all got guns!
- It's okay.
- It's going crazy.
- Walk steady, Gill,
it's only a man.
It's okay now, you calm down,
let's get you back
in the ward then.
Good man.
- Agent Pietra?
A fellow American?
It's good to meet a fellow Yank.
- Fellow yank, huh?
What the hell are you doing in
this haunted Irish nuthouse?
- Oliver, if you could
please take the agent here
to see Dr. Astrid.
- [Oliver] Yes sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, pal.
- You're welcome.
- Oh yeah, to answer
your question.
My mother was Irish and my
father was American like you.
My father was a big ladies man.
So one day, my mother
came to my room.
She told me, you ain't
getting up on the dole.
You gotta get a job, you idiot.
So I figured that there was
only two places for hire,
I looked up.
There was a pizza
joint and a nuthouse.
Can you believe it?
Funny enough, my specialty
was studying mental cases,
since my family was
one. (chuckling)
Did I mention the pay was good?
My girl loves that I work here.
She's a bit of a goth
chick, but you know,
she likes hearing my
stories every night.
- That's a little bit too
much information, all right?
I thought the Irish
hated Oliver Cromwell.
- [Oliver] Fake names
protect us from the nuts.
- I'm here to study a
case, a murder case.
A couple of murders in town,
your little hick
town, all right?
And I need a big file
on this lady here.
I know you know her.
You know this lady, don't you?
- [Oliver] Yeah, I know her.
- Okay well, I need a
lot of information on her
because these
psychiatrists, you know,
they're all bleeding hearts.
It's "My mommy did it, my
daddy did", you know, all that.
I'll give you 50 bucks if
you give me a big file.
- Make it a hundred and
I'll get you a full file.
- What kind of patriot are you?
- My girl, she likes
nice things, you know?
- Yeah, been there, done that.
- Want to take your
jacket off, sir?
It's gonna be warm when
they lock your room.
- I think I'll be just fine.
I'm still cold.
(intense classical music)
- Gimme my ice pack.
Gimme my ice pack!
Gimme my ice pack!
- Now these three need
to go into their room
by six o'clock.
They get very violent
after that time.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I wanna go home!
- Michael Collins!
(woman chattering)
- Nice place.
- You're lucky,
it's concert day.
- That's a real nice concert.
- Not really, they play the
same thing every Friday.
(woman speaks in
foreign language)
- What's that mean?
- Oh, hello.
- Oh, I see.
(woman speaks in
foreign language)
- What the hell?
It's the same girl.
- No, they're twins.
- But they're too
young to be here,
what the hell did they do?
- Ah, they baked their mother.
- They baked their mother.
All right, I better get
to the doctor's office
before I get murdered.
Which way?
- Ah, right this way.
- Thanks, Logan.
- Oliver.
- Oliver Cromwell, thanks.
- Hey Captain,
look at her teeth.
Look at her teeth.
- Your fucking teeth.
- Gimme something to smoke.
- You remind me of
my son. (screaming)
- I'm trying to give up,
will you stop asking?
- Well if you stop fucking
grabbing the smokes.
Do you wanna look like that?!
- Girls, settle down, please.
IF you want a smoke,
I'll get you one, right?
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Check him out.
- Already fucking looking.
- I love it.
- I saw him first!
I'll fucking kill you.
- Ah, looks like
it quit snowing.
Hey, what kind of
birdies are you?
I bet you're happy
it stopped snowing.
Freezing your asses up
here in Ireland, huh?
(chuckling) Lovebirds.
Or shall I say genus Agapornis
from the Psittaculidae
family from Africa.
And you're from Madagascar.
Must be great to have
all those cousins, huh?
- Impressive, very smart of you.
You know a lot about birds.
Take a seat, please, sir.
- I'm not so smart, I just
read a lot, thank you.
- Mhmm.
Look, the white
bird is the female.
Her name is Joan of Arc.
And the blue one
is her man Freud.
They love each other very much.
- Joan of Arc and Freud, huh?
You know, they say that
lovebirds, they mate for life.
That when one dies,
the other one dies.
- Very romantic, Agent Pietra.
However, every time I
leave on the weekend,
Joan of Arc is pecking
the hell out of Freud.
He was bloody yesterday morning.
- Well, a woman is to be
loved, not understood.
- Sounds familiar.
Mark Twain?
(chuckling) Oh no, my
teacher will murder me.
It's Ireland's
greatest, Oscar Wilde.
But you don't seem
the Wilde type.
He was a very free man
and your reputation is one
of extreme conservatism.
- Oscar Wilde died a Christian.
Not that anyone in
the so-called press
would ever write that.
But for a broken heart,
how could Jesus enter?
That's okay, I'll eat
some garlic later.
Kills vampires too.
- They did say you
were eccentric.
I'm sure you know that
I deal with many more
how should I say,
more challenging test
than your types everyday.
- So they said I
was eccentric, huh?
I guess that's a
double edged sword.
The only thing worse
than being talked about
is not being talked about.
- Wilde again?
I guess you're not only
brilliant, you are obsessive.
An easy observation.
I'm sure it helps you
with investigations.
Like a tiger, I'm
sure you don't let go.
Agent Pietra, I have
read your report
as ordered by Interpol.
And I'm not only supposed to
help you with murder cases.
They directed me to
attempt to help you
with your own demons.
- I don't had demons.
I just got frazzled by
a case a few years back.
A woman like you
who went to Oxford
should know it's PTSD.
- Demons was a figure
of speech, Agent Pietra.
And do I detect a bit of an
inferiority complex here?
'Cause mentioning Oxford
is a clear indication.
There's no need for envy.
You are the one who was
decorated by the President
when you were young in Iraq.
I know you chose that as a way
out of a troubled youth and
prison, very impressive.
- I'm not so impressed.
- I can see you're
still suffering a bit.
Those dark circles
under the eyes,
do you sleep much?
And your hands are shaking.
May I get you a
glass of water or...
- No, I'm okay, I'm fine.
You're a very observant woman.
- Does it make a
difference if I am a woman?
- Oh, here we go again with
this feminist bullshit.
Now look, what is this,
some kind of analyst thing?
Look, I came here to
help with a murder,
not to be analyzed
by some young-
- Chick?
There were called
bears at Oxford.
At least the gentleman
said it in another room.
I'm sure you have at least,
let me, two divorces.
- Three.
What are you, psychic?
- (laughing) You're the
street smart one here.
Self taught.
May I ask what a GED is?
- General Education Diploma.
Now look, we gotta end
this session, okay?
I know what you're doing,
you're trying to analyze,
you can't analyze a
guy like me, right?
- Pride is a sin.
Lest we forget, Agent Pietra.
- I'm the king of sin.
There's two types of
people in the world.
People that set out to do evil
and people that
set out to do good.
I belong to the latter.
I came here, I wanna figure
out this murder case,
I wanna know what happened
to this Mr. O'Leary.
And what's going on with
this crazy Spanish chick?
No disrespect.
Pretty and wacked, those are
two words I can come up with.
- Lost and abandoned are the
first two that came to mine.
- Figures, bleeding heart.
You think she killed them?
- Impossible.
She has been locked
up here with me
for weeks before the murders.
- You sure you
didn't let her out
on some hippy retreat weekend?
- Oh, your American humor
does not agree with me.
- American, huh?
I guess who has the
inferiority complex now?
- Touche, Agent Pietra.
Look, patient Del Rey
has been very troubled.
But she's not a murderer.
To give you the bottom lines,
I am nearly capable to merge
Jeanie's personalities into one.
I worked months on
it with a combination
of therapy medicine
and state of the art
scanning of brain activity,
I am nearly there.
Just because this is Ireland,
I have to even consider
this insane exorcism that
Father Malichi desires to do
so desperately.
I think it would hurt her
and cause her to split
to even more mask
to protect her original self.
But she's such a sweet person
if one gets to know her.
- Oh yeah, she's
a real sweet kid.
Look at this, she
stabbed her father's hand
with a screwdriver.
She threw two cats in a
fireplace, lucky they got out.
And cut her brother's hair off
when he was four years old.
Yeah, she's a real
winner, this one.
- Agent Pietra, I have studied
multiple personality
disorders my whole life.
- Well that's not very long.
- Long enough to
have two doctorates
at the capacity,
don't you think?
- I feel things.
And that woman is crazy.
She's a real monster,
a real bitch.
- I beg your pardon.
What the hell is
wrong with you, sir?
Don't ever call her
or any woman a bitch
in front of me again.
Do you understand that, sir?
- I stand corrected,
I'm sorry, I was wrong.
I'm really sorry.
Look, we didn't start
things off right.
You're a very
brilliant young doctor
and I'm an old salty dog who
knows how to figure things out.
Why don't we join forces, huh?
- Okay, your apology accepted.
Agent Pietra, it will be
wise for both our jobs
to move alone.
Jeanie has at least
eight personalities.
And she's not easy to be near.
And I am worried about
your own mental status.
Interpol will approve an
elephant to investigate
if they could close this case.
I think you should be
on some beach somewhere
sipping a pina colada.
I know you have
gone through a lot.
Your work is to be commended.
But this case is
for those who are
more... What?
More mentally capable?
I spent three years in Presidio.
You know what that is?
It was a Satanic case.
Three years of my life!
I saw children!
Children were murdered!
You understand this?
It'd shake anybody
to the foundation.
And there was American
Army officers involved.
It shook my foundation,
you understand that?
- You were almost killed.
It must have been
a trying experience
to say the least.
But you are lucky you're alive.
I do respect your
gallantry, Agent Pietra.
I do respect you.
You have gone through a lot.
But sometimes we push
ourselves too much.
And just because
they approve you
doesn't mean in my opinion
that you are up to task.
Look, I have studied two
years just on body language.
And yours are reflections
of major conflict.
- Body language?
I grew up on the
streets of New York.
What do you know
about body language?
You're just a kid!
What can you tell
about my body language?
- Your feet are
pointed for the door.
You want out of here
as fast as you can.
- I told you I wanted
to have a smoke.
(door knocking)
- Dr. Thomas, Jeanie
just stabbed another.
- Sandra, are you all right?
- I'll be fine.
Jeanie needs sedating.
You have to sedate her!
- I think I may have
mentioned something
about more security!
And I told you, Doctor!
- Oliver, take care of Sandra.
- She shouldn't have gone.
- Am I too old for this?
Can I leave this
here, thank you.
(woman screaming)
- [Astrid] Michael, wait!
Let me step through.
Please, stop.
- [Jeanie] I have
to enter the forest!
Enter the trees, I can
be safe in the trees.
I must go to the forest, forest.
I must enter the trees.
Trees can save me!
- Hey, Jeanie.
- Let me get the fucking knife!
- I got this, okay?
We won't be needing any
of your American guns.
Do not show them,
do you hear me?
- Yeah, anyone could hear you.
- Jeanie.
It's me, Dr. Thomas.
It is all going to be
just fine, do you hear me?
No one died, no one is bad off,
it is all okay.
Am I speaking to Jeanie,
or is it Kimber-Ann Baru?
Or is it Blackhorse?
Oh, I like you music, Jeanie.
You have so much
great taste in music.
For this music has
so much character.
Thank you for playing it for us.
- Do you like this song,
Dr. Thomas? (growling)
This human, another human
you bring in my domain!
He's irritating me!
Send him away now!
Send him away!
Will you never learn?
I won't cast myself
near this one.
He's like my father!
(speaks in foreign language)
- What the hell?
That's not French,
is it Spanish?
What's she saying?
- It's Spanish, she's
speaking Spanish.
She's speaking of her father,
that he enjoyed the blood,
that he liked the blood.
He abused her.
Sunshine, come here.
Come with Dr. Thomas, okay?
I love you, I'm here.
We can go get some
ice cream on the quay
like we did last month.
- You told me she stayed
here all the time!
- It was only 25 minutes.
She was with me all the
time, with Logan and I.
- Where, where did you go?
- I mean Oliver Cromwell and I.
She went to the loo.
- What the hell is a loo?
- A nice word for toilet, sir.
I thought you read a lot.
- They don't teach French
in Rucker's Island.
- She was gone maybe
a minute, maybe 10,
you can't be serious.
- I'm gonna need
the fucking address
of that ice cream shop.
- Just to the right
down that alley.
Sir, I need to calm her down.
When I get her calm, try
talking the knife away from her
so I can give her the shot.
- Yeah, I'll get
the fucking knife.
- [Jeanie] She tried
to kiss Jeanie!
- Who tried to kiss Jeanie?
- That fucking slut you
let work on the guy!
She's thicker than any patient.
I begged you to
farm on that one.
(Jeanie speaks in
foreign language)
- That's not Spanish.
What the fuck is she saying?
That's French or
what, what is that?
How many languages
does she speak?!
- [Fr. Malichi] She
speaks nine languages
that I can recollect.
- Many Irish speaks French.
This is Europe, Agent
Pietra, you can't be serious.
Don't tell me you believe
it's another soul's voice.
What kind of detective are you?
- Latin?
When did they teach
Latin in London?
Or old Greek?
She's read an entire
speech in old Arameic.
You're daft, woman.
Your college didn't teach
you any common sense.
We've had this conversation.
She's a second level
college dropout.
She has no understanding
of Latin or Greek.
And for sure no Arameic.
- Blackhorse, stop her.
Please, Blackhorse.
Blackhorse, help Jeanie.
- Jeanie.
God bless the day you
were born, God loves you.
I've forgiven you for
what you've done to me.
Forgive yourself.
Rebuke this demon
in the name of-
- Boyle's mistress.
She's one of my favorite,
Jeanie, put the knife down.
(Astrid speaks in
foreign language)
Come, give me the knife.
And let's go play
with Joan of Arc.
(Jeanie gasping)
Remember how she sat
on your hand?
- Joan of Arc?
- [Astrid] Yes.
- Dr. Thomas, Joan
of Arc loves Freud.
And Freud loves her too.
- [Astrid] Yeah.
- And they love each other
forever, you told me that.
And Freud don't
want to abuse her.
I've seen that. (sobbing)
- Let her be, I got this.
- Got what, Doctor?
Sandra's face already
looks like a zipper.
I already have orders
from the warden.
Put the knife down.
Put the fucking knife down!
Put the knife down, Jeanie.
- [Jeanie] Ow, he's raping me!
- [Pietra] Get a shot!
- [Jeanie] No, Logan!
No, stop!
- Get her out of here!
- How does she
know my real name?
- I'm sorry Logan, I slipped.
- [Pietra] Good one, doctor.
- Ah, there we go, there's
some beautiful music.
From God on high.
Welcome to Ireland,
Agent Pietra.
- Yeah.
- Agent Pietra!
Nurse Sandra said
to give you these.
It's cold outside.
- Oh no, thank you darling
I'm used to the cold.
- Thank you, I'm not used to it.
I don't know how you get
used to something like this.
- Ah, now that's
music on most high.
Welcome to Ireland,
Agent Pietra.
Care for a smoke?
- A cig?
A priest who smokes?
- You have to around
here with them 'uns.
Oh aren't they a
sight for sore eyes?
Not one of them goes to church.
Oh, Jesus.
There's the matron.
She'll hide me if
she sees me smoking.
- Well I guess I won't
smoke so you're not tempted.
Just for a little while.
You know cigs are bad
for health, they say.
- Everybody says
they believe in God.
But I've yet to meet anyone
who's a great hurry to meet him.
It's good to see
you're a good Catholic,
finally someone to preach to.
None of them go to church.
- Well, it's gonna be a long
day, Father, a long day.
You see, I don't belong
to the Catholic church
anymore, I quit.
I became a Russian Orthodox.
You wanna know why?
I see more Satanists
in Rome that work there
than any strip club.
And the pope, he ain't no pope.
He believes in abortion,
he doesn't believe
in anything about
Vatican, the originals.
What kind of pope, why
even be a Catholic for him?
I'm not saying there's
not good people
in the Catholic church,
I know there is.
- You're darn right
there's good people.
- Yeah, I even go to a
Catholic church in an emergency
'cause I know
there's good people.
- Did your mother
drop you on your head
when you were an infant?
You are a strange cat.
- I got a priest
who smokes, drinks.
You probably don't
even believe in demons.
- I didn't say I don't
believe in demons.
I asked do you believe in 'em.
- Father, let me tell you this.
For 10 years, in LA,
I worked for the
Occult Crime Unit.
I've seen everything there is.
I've seen pentagrams
drawn on the ground,
I've seen sacrifices.
Every dog, every cat,
every kind of animal
you've seen sacrificed.
I've seen priests
and evangelists,
where they kill
with Satanic symbols
drawn all over their body.
I see the woman,
little bitty lady,
she had the power of an ox.
She threw this guy in a ditch,
guys chanting with these
weird forms, right?
I've seen everything
there is in LA.
I've seen every murderer
with every Satanic smile
and the murderous face.
- You avoid the question
like the plague.
- I was getting there.
I was getting there.
I got hired as a
private investigator
to follow this young woman.
She was about 20.
She went to this big
mansion one night.
Her father said they
were getting there
into witchcraft, right?
(eerie music)
So I go in there.
And they start off.
They're doing all these weird
dances and this and that,
and they started
doing all these drugs.
Then they started
doing all these orgies.
Then they started
cutting their wrist
and drinking from
their own life force.
And then my position
was compromised.
I had to run down the hill,
I had no weapon, no
contact, no nobody.
And these four men
dragged me into the grove
and they laid me on a slab.
And they carved a
pentagram on my back.
- Jesus, Joseph and Mary!
- And they...
When they cut me here,
see, I got a scar here,
they cut my throat.
- [Fr. Malichi] Well you
don't have to continue this.
- No, no, I gotta tell somebody.
It's not what they did to me.
They took this little girl.
This woman put this
little girl on a slab
and this woman, she
came by the slab and
she put another slab down.
It was very small and they...
They took this little girl.
They took this dagger,
came to her body!
- [Fr. Malichi] Continue,
continue, God is with you.
I'm here as well.
- Finally...
This helicopter came.
I saw that little boy, I saw
his hair was blonde from behind
but I couldn't see his face.
He was running backwards to me.
It was very strange, like
a dream but it was real.
And the witches, they ran
and said "5-0, 5-0!
No witnesses, no witnesses!"
And then they ran.
They ran to the forest.
They're gonna die, these people,
father, they're gonna die!
- Vengeance is mine,
sayeth the Lord.
- Father, do you think
the little girl's okay?
You think she's in heaven?
- She's smiling, she's
with the creator.
And she is smiling.
She's smiling.
- You think so, huh?
I'm sorry, Father.
I feel like I've been
through a carwash.
- Only a New Yorker
can compliment you
with the back of his hands.
- Don't forget
your music, please.
- Thank you very much, Agent.
- What are you doing,
leaving that for the drunks?
- No.
I need to clean up a bit
for the next few days.
Jeanie's exorcism starts.
But I know the devil
is cleverer than me
and I have to put on
the full armor of God.
And I would suggest
you do the same, Agent.
You're only an observer.
But he's gonna try to drag
you into his dark web.
- Who's gonna drag
me into their web?
- Those demons that
you're on the fence about.
And maybe even
the devil himself.
- Good night, Father.
(pensive music)
Hey, kid.
Hey, what are you
doing out here, kid?
Where's your mother?
- I don't have a mother.
- Well where's your father at?
- He's up the hill.
- Well you should get
home to your father.
You shouldn't be out here alone.
- I always do what
my father says.
He says be home at seven.
- All right, you get home.
The hippocampus, what a name.
(tense music)
- Isn't it delightful when a
woman wears nothing underneath?
Do you like that, Sonny?
- Who told you my name?
Who told you my first name?
I wanna know who told
you my first name.
- Knowledge is
power, Agent Pietra.
I know many things.
I know your father enjoyed
all kinds of films.
He tried to kill you
when you were a child.
It must have hurt.
Heroin was his lover.
And your mom, she
enjoy her whiskey.
Do you remember the
smell of her breath?
Irish and Italian,
such a bad, bad temper.
You can't control
yourself, Sonny.
You can't control
your urges either.
Isn't it Oscar Wilde who said
"I can resist anything
but temptation."
Flesh of my flesh.
Bone of my bone.
Lust of my lust.
(snake hissing)
Stay with me, Sonny.
Stay in hell.
We can live here
together forever.
It's not that bad in
hell as they say it is.
Come on, Sonny.
Stay with me.
(Piera choking)
(snake hissing)
(Piera gasping)
(pills clacking)
(driving music)
- You're late, Logan.
I should have met my
friends at the river.
- You shouldn't have a cigarette
in your mouth, Dolores.
- [Dolores] Why the hell not?
- That's why.
- You know you're the only
one ever to tell me this.
- I'm the only one
to put up with you.
- Can't argue with
you there, you Yank.
Come on, give us
another wee kiss.
(lightly tense music)
(phone ringing)
- Yeah?
- [Fr. Malichi] Agent Pietra.
I'm sorry to bother you
but there's a problem.
- Fr. Malichi.
What's the problem?
- [Fr. Malichi] The medical
board just demanded that we
do the exorcism tomorrow or
we won't be able to do it.
- Tomorrow it is.
How you doing, Agent Pietra.
I'm looking for Kennedy,
Captain Kennedy.
- Take a left down
the country road.
That will lead
you to the castle.
- [Pietra] All right.
- Shit, they made a bloody mess.
- [Pietra] Yeah, all
right, let's go see.
Take care.
(car revving)
(bird squawking)
(lightly suspenseful music)
- Who killed my daddy?
Who killed him?
- I'll call you later.
Don't worry.
I'll call you later.
- No, who killed my daddy?
- Agent Pietra.
Hello, boys.
- Agent Pietra, a job's the
chase as you say New York.
Science boys found nothing.
Detectives found nothing,
police found nothing.
I found nothing.
No leads, no nothing.
Just this body and all
these strange carvings.
- Strange carvings all
over his body, huh?
What do you say you
give me the crime scene
for a little bit on my own, huh?
- It's yours.
We'll leave Ernie along with you
and he can tell us
if you need anything.
Donuts, maybe a
big jug of coffee?
- Agent Pietra,
it's not America.
There's no Spunking
Donuts on every corner.
And no fat lady
serving black tar.
If you need something
from the baker
I'm sure Ernie will get
something there for you.
- Yeah, no worries, no problem.
Anything the Yank,
oh sorry, anything
Agent Pietra needs,
it's no bother, really.
- Agent Pietra, it looks
like you wanna lay off
the pastries anyway.
- Go fuck yourself.
- Look, the Chief, he
doesn't mean any harm.
He's just having a bit of crack.
- What's crack?
- I mean crack, not
like crack cocaine
like you have in
America, no, no, no.
Crack here in Ireland
just means having a laugh.
- You said nothing.
He said he found nothing.
What is this?
And what is this?
You know what that is?
- No, they don't tell
me fucking shite.
They don't seem to
like Interpol agents
being around here either.
Maybe that's why the crack.
They got British
agents here too.
It's a spit in the face,
that's fucking shite.
- Yeah, I'll give him
a crack, all right.
You know what this is?
- That's a mushroom, I presume.
- Magic mushroom.
- Why do they call that magic?
- Satanists use it in
ritualistic sacrifice
and the witches use it
in the ritual sex magic.
- That sounds like a good idea.
- Oh it's not so funny.
- Look, Agent Pietra.
This, this island, it's
thousands of years old, okay?
And all of us here, we
all came from pagans
before Patrick
came on the scene.
So a few mushrooms,
a few chopped up cats
doesn't scare us Irish.
- A few chopped up cats, huh?
How about a few
chopped up grannies?
A few chopped up women,
a few chopped up men?
How about some kids?
- Whoah, whoah,
whoah, whoah, wait.
Take your meds.
Have a swig of this.
(tense music)
Now that's my fault.
I'm sorry.
I should have been more
sensitive to your past, maybe.
- No, it's my fault.
I should have taken my meds
before I left, I'm sorry.
I really am sorry.
How do you know
about my history?
- You're in Ireland, sir.
We love to gossip here.
What the hell else
are we gonna do?
So everybody here knows about
what happened to you in LA.
- I hate LA.
I'm a New Yorker, I
only worked there.
They measured this?
- [Ernie] It's 13 by 13.
- And inside, they have 666
written in blood
on the wall, yeah?
And a man that's
got two pentagrams
carved on each
side of the breast?
- For a cheeky old guy,
you're pretty smart.
- Answer the question.
Were there two pentagrams
carved on each
side of the chest?
- [Ernie] No.
- What do you mean no?
- I mean, they were there, yeah
but there was also
the regular cross
across the stomach.
That's what I mean to say,
it was just kind of unusual.
- The blood was drained
from the body, right?
- Yes sir.
- You have an eternity
tattoo on your neck.
- Oh yeah, you know
young stuff, pagan stuff.
But I wasn't into any
of this crazy stuff,
I mean come on, sir.
- Were there any
more needles found?
- [Ernie] Yeah, yeah,
I mean there's lots
of paraphernalia and,
- Lidocaine.
- Dead on, sir.
- They use that
to numb the victim
and then they take this and
they tie it around their neck.
They squeeze.
And then they
carve up the victim
in a ritualistic fashion.
- [Ernie] What ritual, sir?
- Well just your everyday type
of satanic ritual, you know.
I thought you knew about
your old religion here,
your old country here.
I guess they wipe all the
history clean here too huh
like they do everywhere else.
And the man, he's
carved from the left ear
to the right ear,
right down to the neck?
- [Ernie] I guess
you were there.
- That's real funny.
- You think this is
actually witchcraft?
I mean, I know that's what
you've been brought here
to find out, but
Agent Pietra, Satanic
panic went away in the 90s.
- Oh yeah?
Well it's back.
- Is that it?
We done?
Where are you going?
- I'm late for an exorcism.
- That guy's crackers.
(pensive music)
(dog barking in distance)
- First it's snowing,
then it's raining,
then it's just cold as fuck.
Hey, you're late for work!
I guess it's that time.
(lightly tense music)
(woman screaming)
- Arianna, please take
these jackets for us.
It's gonna be hot
there, you see?
- Thank you, Arianna.
- Make sure you
don't go in that room
for an hour at least.
- I won't be going in
there, that's for sure.
- What is that music?
Is this a concert
or an exorcism?
- Well, you know, the only thing
that the doctor and
the priest agree on
is the music, Mozart.
- I mean, classical
music during an exorcism?
This is crazy.
- Fucking nuts, ain't it?
(glass shattering)
- Hold her down, hold her down1
Hold her harder!
- You cannot
contain an old soul!
(Jeanie speaks in
foreign language)
- [Logan] You didn't tie
down her fucking feet?
- Don't curse, it'll
weaken our position.
Pull it up!
- Nurse?
(Jeanie speaks in
foreign language)
- Take him to the doctors.
- You don't have room for it.
You motherfucker!
You have no courage.
You are a traitor!
A traitor to your
father, to your mother,
to your entire city!
I built the city, motherfucker!
In six days, I build it better!
And I created
every soul in here!
- I command you to
stop harming Jeanie.
In the name of Jesus
Christ our lord!
(Jeanie speaks in
foreign language)
- What did she say,
Malichi, what did she say?
- You know what, you
took your murders here.
She's speaking of war slogans
and war cries and so on.
- Patient eschews remaining
sense of excitement,
certainly to move to bold
personality for safety net.
(Fr. Malichi speaks
in foreign language)
- Agent Pietra!
Agent Pietra!
- She said Sonny, she
knows my birth name.
How the hell does she
know my first name?
- Come on, Agent Pietra.
She could have heard that
on any number of occasions
from one of us, or...
- Bullshit, that's bullshit!
How the hell did she
know this, Father?
- Get a hold of yourself, Sonny.
You know the rules
of the exorcism.
- Can I call you Sonny?
- She let the cat out
of the bag, why not?
- Can you just take
this as a simple,
well not so simple
but a case of DID?
Dissociative Identity Disorder.
I'm sure, you in the years
of work in your field
are familiar with
this mental illness.
- I know what DID is.
Yes, I've seen that and
I've seen schizophrenia.
And I've seen a whole
lot more things.
But I've never seen a
woman who's not educated
speak all these languages.
And you think it's just
a brain phenomenon?
- Do you know how-
- You, Doctor!
You're always thinking
about yourself!
- That ain't no DID.
That is some monster mad shit.
- Logan, calm yourself!
Do your job!
(Fr. Malichi praying
in foreign language)
- This is absolutely unnecessary
and only hurting her.
You defy logic, all of you.
Come on, exorcims
in this day and age?
You must just be
crazy, all of you.
- This is legal, doctor.
We have a writ from the court.
And I suggest you abide by it
and let us continue.
(Fr. Malichi praying
in foreign language)
- Frontal cortex has shrunk.
We have proof, we have
the brain activity.
- How does a shrunken brain
explain the strength of an ox?
(Fr. Malichi praying
in foreign language)
- [Logan] What is this?
- Zendiatha
Taught of enchantments
and the cutting of ropes!
Hathathel taught men how
to make swords and knives
and shields and breastplates.
How to make mirrors
and the worshiping
of ornaments and bracelets.
Armed bracelets and ornaments
and cutting of ropes and effigy.
Amathera, the beauty
of April making.
Verkayal, the
observers of the stars.
Concavel, science of
the constellations.
Effegial, knowledge
of the clouds.
Arachiel, the
signs of the earth.
Zvashiel, signs of the sun.
Stariel, the moon.
Hakiabel, signs, the signs.
Tamia, astronomy.
You should know
that one, Doctor.
He's been with you with all
your signs and mistakes.
Taught the children of men
and the wicked smiting
of spirits and demons.
And this mighty
astronomy in the womb,
that it might pass away.
- Malichi, I've heard
those chants before
in LA undercover.
What is she saying?
- Fascinating, she's
naming the fallen angels
and their tasks.
- My mother read me
the bible as a kid.
I never heard of
any of those names.
- That's because the
church took them out
to the council of Nicea.
- Gabriel taught
the weapons of war!
- I command you to
let her go in the name
of Jesus of Nazareth!
(speaks in foreign language)
- Agent Pietra,
according to DSN,
she fits perfect
criteria with DID.
- How the hell does DID cause
such horrendous behavior?
How does she obtain such
intricate knowledge like this,
intricate spiritual knowledge?
- Come on, Sonny.
Usually it's severe childhood
trauma, physical abuse,
sexual abuse cause this.
When the brain splits,
sometimes it can
cause induced genius
or sometimes even
savant syndrome.
- Savant syndrome,
it's a rare condition
which someone has significant
mental disabilities
but he demonstrates
certain abilities
far in the excess
of the average.
I know all about this.
Memory, art, mathematics.
- Can't you see that
she's a bit like you.
She's troubled but very
witty, shall we say?
In your case, a way
to survive prison
'cause you do over desire
and thirst for knowledge.
In Jeanie's case, language
and many talents appear.
And extreme neglect
and molestation
causes hypersexuality.
- Motherfucker!
- That ain't sexy.
( Fr. Malichi chanting
in foreign language)
- I can tell you Agent Pietra
what happens in Jeanie's brain.
That is where this mystery lies.
The MRIs both functional and
structural MRIs observed.
Most of female DID patients
have reduced the hippocampus
region of the brain
and the amygdala
region of the brain.
31.6 reduction in the
middle region of the brain
and 19.2 percent reduction
in the hippocampus
region of the brain.
The hippocampus
region of the brain
is associated with
long term memory.
- I know the studies
you're quoting, Doctor.
There are only a sample
taken from 15 patients
who are already on
meds from day one.
And even I know
as a lowly priest
that certain drugs reduce
th size in the amygdala
and the hippocampus
in the brain.
There goes your study.
- Two stars in the chest!
Agent Pietra.
There is a gift for
you at the castle.
Look in the water.
- It's as if she was
at the murder scene,
but she's been here all day.
Did you take her out
for more ice cream?
- No, you're
bordering on paranoia.
- Doctor, request all French
be translated to English.
All languages
translate in English.
That's an official order.
- Understood.
(Jeanie speaks in
foreign language)
- She says, translation,
"Priest, the house can stand
divided against his turf.
Get these two ugly
motherfuckers in line."
- I kill you all, motherfucker!
- Leave for now, I
command you leave Jeanie
in the name of
Jesus of Nazareth!
- Jeanie, calm down, please.
I'm here for you.
Oliver's here for you but
I need you to calm down.
- Now I don't know if she was
connected to these murders
but someone around
her or her family is.
I'm just a little girl
Looking for a big bad wolf
- Father, I need you
to get some information
about the murders from her.
I need you to ask
her some questions.
- The priest has the power
of the earth! (growling)
(Jeanie snarling)
- [Fr. Malichi]
Come away from us!
Come away from
this precious child
in the name of the Lord.
- What the hell do
you think that was?
Is that science?
- Many studies.
Many studies in
Eastern religion,
many yogis in India has shown
this obvious mental state.
- You're crazier than she is.
- Don't you feel the
presence of evil?
Come out of here in the
name of Jesus Christ,
our Savior and Lord.
- The amygdala
region of the brain
is associated with emotions.
That explains why DID
patients forget what they say,
at one personality
and have amnesia.
- Stop him!
Stop him, stop him!
Stop him, he's stopping a war!
- She was looking at
you, Agent Pietra.
There's something
she doesn't like,
something inside you.
- The only thing she's afraid of
is my nine millimeter.
And if it was just physical,
I'd shoot it at her head!
- The spirit contact has
something against you!
- Doctor, help me, help me!
They're hurting me!
Eight, eternity!
Doctor, Doctor!
- In the name of our Lord Jesus,
I curse this devil to go.
- Get him away!
Get him away!
He's a killer!
He's a killer, he's a
murderer, he's killing me.
- Here Agent Pietra,
take the cross.
Hold it above her, do it now!
- I can't do this.
I wanna get out of here!
You know what
happened to me before?
I can't take this!
- Come on, Agent Pietra.
- I've sinned more than
a pack of bikers, man.
I'm the wrong guy for this!
- We have to get
rid of this devil.
You have to do this,
Pietra, please.
It couldn't hurt.
You have to do this.
- Her cortex is her issues.
This poor woman needs rest.
You know, she's not
responsible for what she does
anymore than a blind
person for not seeing.
- Please, good sir, help her!
Say something, say anything
that you can remember
from Catholic school!
Say it, say it now!
- But I'm the lifer!
- This is ridiculous.
I'm ending this now.
- Now, do it, while
we have a chance!
Continue, Sonny!
- You can do it, Sonny.
- This insanity ends now.
- Who am I fighting,
you or the devil?
- I'm going to stop this now.
- Say it, say it now!
(tense music)
- Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
- Thy kingdom come,
- [Everyone] Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the
kingdom, the power
and the glory!
Forever and ever.
- Amen.
- Amen.
She's sleeping.
- [Nurse] Let me know if you
need anything else, doctor.
- [Astrid] We're
fine, thank you.
- Have a wee swig of this,
this'll set you right.
You did good, man, you did good.
You drunk it all, you git!
- It's not everyday
you do an exorcism.
- Luckily,
there's more.
Get your own.
- (chuckling) All right.
- She'll be all right.
They're gone, they're all gone.
- [Astrid] Who's gone?
You must be joking, Fr. Malichi.
You know exactly
what happened there.
It was integration.
- [Fr. Malichi] Integration?
What in the hell is integration?
- The coordination process of
dissociative identity
disorder sufferers.
It was simply the breakdown
of fusing processes
you need to become alters
in damnation, in Jeanie.
- Doctor, I think
you need this drink
more than the rest of us.
After what you witnessed
in there tonight,
you're gonna call it
some sort of fusion?
I'm sorry, Agent Pietra.
I hate scoffers.
Good night, Doctor.
And you, you saved that girl
tonight through bravery.
I think you may have found
something in yourself as well.
Good man, you.
- Thank you.
- [Fr. Malichi] Keep
up the good fight.
- Good night, sir.
- Some cause happiness
wherever they go
and others, whenever they go.
- I think I started a mad trend.
Now you're quoting Oscar Wilde.
I thought you liked the Father.
- I think he hurt her
more than help her.
I'll have to spend all day
with her in therapy tomorrow.
She was doing so well,
she's been integrating all week.
- I think...
I'm gonna have to disagree
with you on that one.
- Uh huh?
- Can I see what's
under your right sleeve?
- Come on, Agent Pietra.
PTSD is not an excuse
for sexual harassment.
- Nothing of the sort.
I saw a tattoo underneath
your right sleeve.
I'd like to see
it again, please.
- [Astrid] Mhmm.
- The eternity symbol.
I've seen that
before in my work.
- Come on, Sonny, you
have been traumatized
with the priest.
Have you locked your
rotating door tonight?
You need a good night of sleep
and a couple of valium.
- But I don't leave
any stone unturned.
- Might have to lock you
up here for a few days
and get some tests on you.
I mean, that is
like the two degrees
that I received in the college.
Eternal friends,
friends for life.
Do you think the whole world
is Satanic, Agent Pietra?
- [Sonny] I don't
know, I don't know.
- Are you off to get drunk
with the hypocrite priest?
- No.
I'm going to the castle lake.
- Come on, the place one of
Jeanie's outbursts mentioned?
Come on, Agent Pietra.
She was in a state of psychosis.
She also said that
you were a murderer.
Come on man, get
yourself together.
The whole town is up
in arms over this.
Children afraid to
walk the streets.
- There were no
kids that were hurt
in any of these murders.
Good night, Doctor.
(phone ringing)
(Hastings groaning)
- Agent Hastings.
I have some complicated
but very relevant information
for you about Agent Pietra.
He is in on it.
- In on what, Ma'am?
- He murdered them all.
We believe he is
responsible for both murders
and a lot more besides that.
- Listen, are we
on a clear line?
No, you imbecile.
Am I six years old?
We've been on to Agent
Pietra for weeks now.
We did not inform you as it
was a need to know basis.
- That sly son of a bitch.
He must have lost it
tracking down all
those devil worshipers.
- We set him up a few months ago
due to the murder of
three high priests
from the Bohemian Grove Lodge.
A witness spotted Agent
Pietra at the grove.
He was wearing a jogging suit
and a long black wig.
He followed him and
tracked his footsteps.
So the footprints matched.
Then we had a special
agent in Dublin,
gave him a massage.
Got a hair follicle
and it matched.
Agent Pietra is
killing the witches.
Hastings, you know if he
exposes certain things
about certain people,
you know it won't be
good for any of us.
(lightly suspenseful music)
- You bastard.
You never entered on the ferry.
You only picked up the car,
came in from France to Dublin.
And he's as slick
as a seal's ass.
Yes, good evening, Dr. Thomas.
Yes, it's Agent Hastings here.
Do you have a few moments?
(lightly somber music)
(water sloshing)
(Sonny grunting)
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm so sorry.
You will be avenged.
You will be.
I promise you,
you'll be avenged.
You'll be
(stick whacking) Ugh!
(punches bashing)
- You ignorant son of a bitch!
You got her killed!
We had to sacrifice someone!
You killed our high priest!
This is you!
Tonight you're doing
the walk of death.
- I'll kill all of
you, you witches.
I've killed hundreds!
I'll kill you all!
- You killed our
greatest ritual master
and our high priest!
Tonight, you will
die a horrible death.
- And there's more than me.
You can kill me.
But many will follow me.
We're all sick of
your child murders!
You pagans will be wiped
off the face of the earth!
- We're on our way
to see your friend
Looney Bin Logan O'Bern.
Just remember this
once the life is ebbing
out of you in this lake.
You're responsible for
young lover's death.
Like Romeo and Juliet!
Like poetry, you motherfucker!
Tonight is Romeo and
Juliet, you Christian puke!
You're responsible for
young lover's death.
She's one of ours.
We all love Dr. Thomas.
We've all made
love to Dr. Thomas.
You're the only one that
doesn't get that, dollface.
Like Shakespeare.
(punch bashing)
(gun firing)
You motherfucker!
Put him in the lake!
- I will call my father!
(tense music)
- What the hell?
- Go now, I'm recording you.
If you don't leave
now, I'll press send
and the whole city will get
this video.
- Let go.
He doesn't know who we are.
We'll get the Chief in there,
he's one of my people.
- Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Get out of here
before they come back!
- Always worried about
others, Agent Pietra.
Time you worry about yourself.
Look towards the
most high, Pietra.
Look towards the heavens.
- Come with me!
We can take them all down, come!
- My father has not approved.
The mystery will be revealed.
Go now, Agent Pietra.
They know you
killed the witches.
Go now and save the Adam man.
- Who's the Adam man?
- Logan.
Run now!
(suspenseful music)
- [Sonny] Notify the elders.
Yes, Agent Pietra.
I need you to get
me Logan's address.
No, I need it now,
it's an emergency,
and don't tell anyone, please.
- The jugs look cool.
Looks like crystal,
but the wine is cheap.
It gets the job done though.
Come on, let's dance.
- Logan!
(punch bashing)
- [Logan] I'll kill you!
(thug speaks in
foreign language)
- I'll kill you!
(thug speaks in
foreign language)
- You keep moving and
I will slit her throat!
- Who are you?
Take me, just let her go.
I'll give whatever you want.
- [Boss Thug] You know the
evil ones loves the innocent.
The more innocent they are,
the more he enjoys their
souls on the other side.
(thug speaks in
foreign language)
(punch bashing)
- Son of a bitch!
(man speaks in foreign language)
(punch bashing)
(thug screaming)
(thug choking)
- You're gonna die.
You're gonna die
like your brother.
Suffer a witch not to live!
- No, Logan!
It's a corrupt town, they'll
do you up for murder.
You take her.
Come on, wake up, come on.
You go to the pizza
joint, you go right now.
I'll clean this mess up
and then you can come back.
I'll meet you in front
of the pizza joint.
I'll clean this mess up
then you can come back.
You're gonna die,
just like all the innocent
blood you spilled.
Like my brother in
California, remember that?
- [Boss Thug] You killed
before, Agent Pietra.
You're one of us now!
You'll kill again!
(knife whooshing)
(body thudding)
- At least I got a new
car out of the deal,
these wack job witches.
Listen, don't say
anything to anybody.
And remember an old Republican
book I read long ago.
Loose lips sink
ships, you got it?
- Got it.
And about that Wexford killer.
Are you him?
Because we need to know.
- Yeah, we deserve to know.
Just tell us.
- Look.
Whatever they say about
me, remember this.
Anybody I took out worked
for the devil himself.
They killed babies!
They killed children!
Every week, every high
holiday, all year long!
It's real!
It's real, you get it?
And I can't live if I know that.
I don't want to live
in a world like that.
Somebody has to stand up.
We all should stand up.
Now get rid of that job,
get out of the hospital,
get that pizza job and
don't ever go back.
I'm sorry.
Look, I gotta check on Malichi,
make sure he's all right
then I'm on the ferry.
You guys be safe.
You'll be all right,
take care of yourself.
(suspenseful music)
Father Malichi.
- The police were
here for hours.
Interpol as well, one
British and one American.
- American?
They're calling in the cavalry.
They want me dead.
- But I'm surprised you
trusted me enough to come here.
I'll give you sanctuary, but
you need to leave the island.
On a ferry, but not
from Wexford, from Cork.
There's the tickets.
It's in my name so
you'll need my passports.
And here's a little
bit of money.
- Why are you doing this for me?
- It's against my
better judgment.
But when I saw how those
demons reacted to you
in that exorcism, I knew.
I knew who you were.
- [Sonny] You knew
I was what, Father?
- I knew you were the anointed.
- (laughing) Anointed?
I'm not anointed, I'm cursed!
You know how many
people I've killed?
You know how many
witches I've killed?
- Agent Pietra, you were chosen.
We're in the end times.
First thing, earth
is consumed by water,
and then by fire.
But you can't do it from here.
You must take the
battle to Babylon.
- Where's Babylon?
- America.
Feds were here earlier.
They mean to kill you,
they won't let you live.
You know what they did
to our blessed Lord
when they got
their hands on him?
That's what they mean for you.
I think somehow
they're all involved.
- Father, angels are real.
I saw one, a little
boy named Gabriel!
I've never seen this
picture of Jesus before.
Father, I don't feel well.
I don't feel well.
- Agent Pietra?
- My wrists are on fire!
- Stigmata.
(Sonny groaning)
(suspenseful music)
- Arrest Pietra.
What are you waiting for?
- Stay back!
Stay back, don't
touch the anointed.
Don't touch my
prophet, stay back!
Stay back!
You swine!
You're all swine, you'll burn
in bloody hell for this!
- Shoot him.
Kill the bastard!
- But sir.
- Shoot him!
(guns firing)
- The bleeding stopped.
- Oh my God!
- You are God's soldier.
His hammer.
- I'm no soldier!
I'm a murderer!
- For the greater good.
- Act of contrition, Father.
Last rites, now for
yourself, say it!
- Oh my God.
I'm heartily sorry for
having offended thee.
I repent of all my sins
because I fear
the loss of heaven
and dread the pains of hell.
- You bastards!
You fucking bastards!
You killed a priest!
- Put him in the car!
(gun bashing)
(pensive music)
- [Man] Ma'am.
- Thank you.
You know what to do if
anything goes wrong.
- Of course ma'am,
shoot to kill.
- [Astrid] Jeanie?
You feel better, don't you?
- Doctor, at the
moment I feel good.
I wanna thank you, Doctor.
It is such a wonderful
feeling to feel.
- Merged together as one?
Is that how you feel, honey?
- No.
No, Doctor.
I feel as if an anchor
was taken from my neck.
I feel light.
I don't feel merged,
I feel light.
- [Astrid] Tomorrow
you will see,
I will show you the braces scans
and you will know and
understand the science, okay?
- What is this tattoo, Doctor?
It doesn't suit such an
elegant lady, I don't like it.
- Okay, we're going
to take a rest then.
Tomorrow I will
take you to places
(speech drowned out by music)
(Sonny groaning)
Oh, come on, you
put your coat here.
Do you feel better?
- [Jeanie] I feel better.
- Yeah, tomorrow, I will try
to get us some ice cream.
'Cause tomorrow you will be part
of a really
beautiful ritual too.
Please, Myler,
bring me the tiara.
- What ritual, Doctor?
- Hmm, you're such
a blessed woman.
You have been chosen
from high places, honey.
You are chosen.
Blessed be.
You are chosen to be
the mother of darkness.
Tomorrow in the
grove, you shall be...
You shall be...
You just rest tonight, okay?
Go back inside.
- Agent Pietra?
Agent Pietra!
- Jeanie.
- Hey!
Hey, Agent Pietra, what
are you doing here?
Wait, he's here!
- He's just coming now.
He's just visiting us.
- He's the one who helped me,
he prayed for me!
- Jeanie, you need to rest.
We'll see you bright and early.
And for Agent Pietra, as long
as he submits to science.
He's got to just
listen to the science.
- This had nothing
to do with science!
Agent Pietra, Agent Pietra!
- Remember your braces scans?
He got one this
morning like you did
and you got all better.
- Yeah I remember,
it didn't hurt.
- Go take a rest, Jeanie.
- I don't want an ice cream!
No, I want Logan!
Where is Logan?
- Logan got another job.
- Logan!
He's the only one
who didn't kiss me!
No, no!
Agent Pietra!
Agent Pietra!
- No!
- [Jeanie] What are
you doing to me?
(suspenseful music)
- Why, God?
Why is life so dark?
- Agent Pietra,
please listen to me.
You have only one chance.
It will be your only chance.
Father has instructed
me to unlock your door
like I did Peter's
in the old times.
But you have one chance.
You will run out and you
will go to the forest.
- No, but we have to
go to the next cell.
We have to save Jeanie!
We have to get her out of here!
You have to help me!
- That is not
Father's instructions.
The mystery will be revealed
but you will run through
the door and go right
and leave now.
Do not stop and do
not get Jeanie out,
it is not the plan!
- I gotta save Jeanie!
- Sonny, don't stop!
It's not part of the plan!
- Jeanie!
Jeanie, Jeanie!
(intense music)
- Sonny!
- Run!
They're gonna hurt you!
Run, run!
- Sonny, no!
- Just run!
They're gonna kill
you, run, run!
- Ma'am, Pietra's doing a run.
- Come help me save
Jeanie, Gabriel.
- Run to the forest now
and don't look back.
- What, sir?
- Sonny, don't look back!
(guns firing)
(light somber music)
- Run, Jeanie!
(dramatic music)
- Clean up that slobber.
- I'd have shot
his ass last night.
- Hey, you're American.
You sure you wanna
drive here, man?
- [Man] I'm cool, man, I'm cool.
- [Woman] How long
to Dublin airport?
- About an hour, ma'am.
(tense music)
- Vengeance is mine,
sayeth the Lord.
- Watch out for the truck!
- Stay left!
(truck honking)
(everyone screaming)
(vehicles crashing)
(tense music)
- It's been a year now.
It feels like a haunting wind.
- A haunting wind.
Yes, Dolores, it feels
like a haunting wind.
I don't care what anyone
else said about him.
Hey kid, you gotta
respect this place.
- Sorry, I was just playing.
He was a good man.
A bit of a temper but
he had a good heart.
(light music)
- Kid, you don't
have an Irish accent.
- I'm not a kid, an I'm not
from around these parts.
- Did you know Agent Pietra?
- He worked for my father.
(electronic dance music)