Dark Odyssey (1961) Movie Script

(ship horn blowing)
(bell clanging)
(men arguing)
What's going on?
It's all right,
I said,
"What's going on?"
This guy can't
take a joke.
He said I was a peasant
from the hills.
Get back to work,
all of you!
We got to get
this ship unloaded.
Go ahead, Demo,
get back to your job.
Come on.
Leave me alone!
You know I don't allow fighting
on my ship, Martakis.
If you want to let off steam,
wait 'til we get into port.
You'll have a
few drinks, some dancing.
I'll give you
my share.
The deck officer
needs some help.
Give him a hand.
(cranes clanking)
Do you want
some coffee?
I just had some.
a cigarette.
No, thanks.
I'm sorry I spoke to you
the way I did.
Forget about it.
Demo made me angry.
And I'm anxious about
getting to New York.
Do you have
relatives there?
No-- there's someone
I have to see.
A man I met
in my village.
Does he have a daughter
you can marry?
When you get angry,
you don't let go.
Don't take Demo
if you took all the guys
I wanted to sock in my time,
stood them shoulder
to shoulder, and put slingshots
in their hands, we could retake
Constantinople tomorrow.
That's funny.
Well, whatever it is,
be a man-- forget it.
Don't do
anything foolish.
I won't.
Hey, Demo.
Have you seen
Where's the
He's on deck.
Let's go.
Hey, what's this
all about?
You'll find out.
Wait a second.
You stay
on watch tonight.
I stood watch
on our last port.
Captain's orders.
All right.
Where you going?
I'm going
to make a call.
Call 'em tomorrow.
(no voices)
Pano Coupas?
Pano Coupas?
He's gone.
Ain't nobody
here now.
You better come back
Monday, mister.
Where'd he go?
He don't tell me
where he's goin'.
He just goes.
Sometimes he goes across the
street for a cup of coffee.
Across the street?
Yeah, on that coffee place
over there-- George's.
I see him go
in there all the time.
(general conversations)
You're giving away
the profits, eh?
No, we're having a party.
(cash register dings)
Well, have a nice
weekend, Nike.
Thank you.
You too.
Excuse me, do you
know Mr. Pano Coupas?
Pano Coupas.
Yes, I know him.
As a matter of fact, he was
here a short time ago.
Why don't you
try his office?
It's right over there.
I was there and somebody
told me to ask here.
I just arrived from
Greece and I must see him.
From Greece? You've come
to the right place.
Wasn't he
expecting you?
Didn't he tell you where
to meet him?
He didn't know I was coming
and I haven't much time.
Do you know
where he lives?
Somewhere in
Washington Heights.
That's uptown.
Why don't you look up his
address in the phone book?
Here, I'll do it
for you.
You work on
the boats?
Yes, I do.
Will you be
here long?
My ship is
leaving Sunday.
Well then,
you should call him
and tell him you're here
looking for him.
I'll call him for you
and then you can talk to him.
No, no!
It's no trouble.
It's already
(phone ringing through)
I guess he mustn't
have gotten home yet.
here's his address.
Thank you.
You take the
subway at the corner.
Take the A train and get off at
the 175th street stop.
Thank you
very much.
I hope you enjoy
your visit.
I guess
I didn't realize
how confusing New York subways
would be to a stranger.
I live up in that neighborhood
and I'm on my way home.
If you want to come along with
me, I can show you the way.
My name is
Nike Vassos.
You're very kind,
Miss Vassos.
I don't understand
about A trains
and all those other
things you told me.
I'm sorry
about that.
I was so busy getting these
things together.
We're baptizing my
cousin's baby on Sunday.
My mother wanted me
to bring some food home.
Come on.
George, what's eatin' your
jackass of a young friend?
What's wrong?
He jumped ship.
On your word,
I kept him onboard.
what's he up to?
I'm not sure.
George, you've sailed with
me for over 11 years.
You know
you can tell me.
I think he's gone to settle
a grudge with some guy.
I always get stuck with the
crazy ones on my ship.
Why didn't you
tell me this before?
I wasn't sure what
he was going to do.
I thought if
we kept him onboard
while we sailed,
he'd forget about it.
He's a nice kid.
I didn't think
it was that serious.
Well, it is now.
I'm going to have to call
the port authorities.
Well, don't do that.
If they pick him up,
it will go very hard for him.
What do you mean,
"Don't do that"?
Let me try
to find him first.
You couldn't possibly
find this loon of a boy.
Forget about it.
When those villagers
get an idea into their head,
you can't change it.
But this boy's young... give me
a little time to find him.
you're crazy.
Okay, I won't report him to the
port authorities until tomorrow.
But who's he
looking for?
How are you
gonna find him?
I don't know.
I know one way
of trying to find out.
Let's see what is
in his drawer.
Look at that.
It's Yianni, see.
And the girl must be his sister.
She looks just like him.
And that one
in the American clothes?
It could be
the guy.
That's him.
You sure?
If I can find him,
I think I can find the kid.
(no sound
from buzzer)
(no sound
from buzzer)
(no sound
from buzzer)
He isn't home.
Well, I wondered what
you'd do if he weren't.
I will wait.
But you don't even
know when he'll be here!
Why don't you come and
have dinner with us
while you're waiting?
We only live
over there.
I may miss him.
I thank you
but I may miss him.
You can keep trying
his number from our house.
You'd be more comfortable
than standing out here.
You might
starve to death.
That's too much
trouble for you.
Oh, no!
We always have
plenty of food.
And it would make my mother
and father very happy
to meet someone who's
just come from Greece.
I think it must be terrible
to be in a strange city...
Guess my mother
must be in the kitchen.
We have company.
How do you do?
This is
Yianni Martakis.
He's just come
from Greece.
He's here to visit Mr. Coupas
who lives down the street.
Oh, you
just arrived?
Yes, I did.
Did you know Mr. Coupas
lives so near us?
Mr. Coupas?
You know him,
He's on the
church council and his office
is just across the street from
Uncle George's store.
Oh, yes,
Mr. Coupas.
Well, when Yianni
went to his apartment
he found he wasn't there
so I invited him
to have dinner
with us while he waits.
Good. Very nice.
Sit down,
I'll go make
some coffee.
Thank you.
Here are the things
from the store.
Uncle George says the lamb
is ready for the oven.
Will three pounds of
chopped meat be enough?
What do you mean,
You know
what I mean.
Who is this man?
I told you.
Yianni Martakis.
It isn't right for a young girl
to pick up strange men
and bring them
into her father's house.
Should I have taken him to
somebody else's house?
Stop laughing at me.
It isn't right
to do such things.
Mama, he's a relative
of a neighbor.
A neighbor we
don't even know.
And he's a sailor just
arrived from Greece
with no one
to turn to for help.
You're the one who's always
talking about Greek hospitality.
Well, now that
he's here,
why don't you act like a
young lady around the house?
Get him
some cognac.
I'm sorry I had to
leave you alone.
I had to help mama
in the kitchen.
Oh, I've enjoyed it.
You have
a beautiful house.
Just another
The city's
full of them.
It's a palace.
It's just like
everybody else has.
You're seeing it
at its best.
We've been
fixing it up.
All my mother's
are coming from Pittsburg
for the baptism.
In my village,
not even the richest man
would have a home
like this.
(door opens)
Hello, Nike
sweetie pie!
Your father
is home.
Hello, Papa.
This is
Yianni Martakis.
Welcome, welcome.
Yianni Martakis?
You are a Greek.
Yes, sir.
I just arrived.
You are
very welcome.
Come, daughter,
fill up the glasses
so we can drink to
the old country.
No, no.
I'll do it.
Go get
your mother.
How do you like
America, young man?
Well, I've only been
here a short time.
All he's seen
is the A train, papa.
Great country.
Wonderful people,
just like Greeks.
Are you going to stay
here in America?
It's a big place.
There is lots of room.
I don't think that
will be possible.
A drink to your health,
Mr. Martakis.
And may all your wishes
come true in America.
Hey, hello,
How are you?
Fine Tom, fine.
You look good.
Let me have
an ouzo.
When'd you get in?
Today... have any of
the other fellas been in?
You have
a new girl.
Hold the ice.
I see this place
is getting high-class.
You see this man?
I'm trying to find him.
Do you know him?
Do you ever see him?
No. What do you
want him for?
A friend of mine
wants to find him.
It's a long story, Tom.
I'll tell you about it
some other time.
I'm going to look
in some of the other places.
Well, when you find him,
come back here.
The place will be
a lot more lively then.
Here, have
another drink.
Can you keep this behind the
bar for me 'til I get back?
Give me
one more.
No, not for me.
I don't like it.
I think
it's terrible.
She's too American,
my little Nike sweetie pie.
Only a real Greek can
drink and enjoy wine.
To me, it tastes like
(papa laughs)
Excuse me.
What is a "sweetie pie"?
Oh, it means...
it means that my Nike,
she is so sweet
that you want
to gobble her up.
Hello, mama.
Hello, papa.
I didn't know we
were having company.
This is
Yianni Martakis.
I'm sorry
I was late.
We had to work
You were with your
American boyfriend--
please don't.
Not before our
Excuse me.
I'll be
right back.
Why were
you so late?
They're furious
with you.
I had to
meet Jack.
We started talking and I didn't
realize how late it was.
Who's this Yianni?
I met him
at the store.
I think he's related to
some man down the street.
do you know him?
No. He's cute.
You kind of like
him, don't you?
Well, I just
met him!
You sure got him
here in a hurry.
Mom and Pop are pleased
with their Greek suitor.
Why don't you bring Jack
home so they can meet him?
Then they'll stop their
yelling and complaining.
Oh, no.
Well, it would be
better than this way.
Sneaking around, meeting in
cafeterias and movie lobbies.
Let them see
for themselves.
He's not a monster.
Jack is very touchy.
They wouldn't make him welcome
and he'd never come back.
But you got to face that
situation sometime.
I mean, if you're
really serious about him.
If you or I brought
home a man that wasn't Greek
they'd consider it a violation
of their territorial rights.
They'd take it
to the UN.
Oh, Helen.
I've heard them talk
about it for years.
"Marry a Greek boy.
Marry a Greek boy."
You're being
very silly.
Oh, no, I'm not.
"My little Nike
sweetie pie."
Girls, your supper
is getting cold.
Look, Nike.
I'm sorry.
I'm awfully upset.
There's something I want
to talk to you about later.
It's important.
Jack wants us to go
out with him tomorrow.
All right, later.
And I haven't been back
to the old country
since 1931.
Now your dinner
is all cold.
I've had all I want.
I'll just have some coffee.
Shall I help you
with the dishes?
No, thank you.
You stay here
with your guest.
Maybe Yianni would like to see
the view from the roof.
We are right next to
George Washington Bridge.
It's one of the wonders
of the world.
Papa talks as if we owned it,
he's so proud of it.
You're very kind,
Mr. Vassos.
But I must go over and
see if Mr. Coupas is back.
Why don't you call?
I would like to
surprise him.
Fine, fine.
But you'll come back here
if he isn't home.
(no sound
from buzzer)
(no sound
from buzzer)
(doorbell buzzes)
Are you from
the delicatessen?
Who are you?
You mustn't be
so upset.
You've got to remember he
doesn't know you're here.
How could he?
You wanted to surprise him,
so don't blame him
if he's out somewhere
having a big dinner.
Over this way,
We can see the
river from here.
New York's
a city on waters.
Isn't Greece surrounded
by water too?
Yes, but I come from the hills
where we only have streams.
My mother tells me the
sky is bluer there...
and at night
there are more stars.
But then she says,
"We don't see so many
stars in the sky here
because we have so
many of them on Earth".
Our stars are the lights and the
bridge and in the buildings.
Well, please don't feel
so bad about Mr. Coupas.
How did you know
what I was thinking?
Well, I didn't.
It's just that you
looked so bothered.
You're not thinking about
that silly argument
Mama and Helen
had at dinner?
Oh, that.
My mother used to say
that family quarrels
are just a test to show us how
much we really love each other.
Now I know
your family likes me.
Of course they
like you.
But still,
Mama and Helen
shouldn't have argued
that way in front of you.
I'm glad they did.
A family never argues
when a guest is present.
It made me feel like
one of them.
I'm so happy to hear
you say that, Yianni.
I must seem
very bold to you.
I suppose in your hometown
girls don't talk this way
to boys when
they're alone.
I've heard people
are different here.
You're different
too, Yianni.
I've met many people from Greece
and you're not like any of them.
I come from
the hills.
Life is very
hard there.
We don't have velvet
sofas or A trains.
I don't think
it's that.
In the mountains we have
to depend on ourselves.
Each one must go his
own way, be his own man.
I suppose so.
You're so quiet,
so thoughtful.
You never seem
to listen.
It's though you have
something on your mind.
Is that what it means
to be your own man?
How can you ask me that when
by myself I've come here?
I stand just two
blocks from Pano Coupas.
He will not question
if I'm a man.
My father will
know I'm a man.
Oh, I've said
the wrong thing.
I didn't mean
to make you angry.
You're very kind.
I often come up here
and dream.
Daydream, I guess
you'd call it.
About what I'd like to do
tomorrow or next week.
Or what I'll be like
ten years from now.
Don't you
ever wonder?
Looking too far ahead
is something I've
learned not to do.
You mean you've never,
ever dreamed about
something you want?
A long time
ago, yes.
I dreamed as boys do.
Being a soldier,
a doctor.
Many things.
Often I'd dream
just of growing up.
My father made me
want that.
When I was a little boy
I used to tend our sheep.
One day toward dusk,
I was leading them home
when a wolf jumped
out of the thicket
and grabbed one of
the sheep by the throat.
I started to yell
and scream.
My father heard me
and came running.
He struck the wolf, his strong
arms swinging a big stick.
The wolf ran off badly hurt,
leaving the lamb behind.
But it was dead.
I began to weep for I felt
I had failed in my duty.
My father put his
arm around my shoulder.
The same arm that
had held the stick.
"It's enough that
you shouted," he said.
"When you grow up, you will be
able to strike at a wolf."
That night,
we ate the lamb,
and I was happy,
for I felt that one day
I would have the courage
of my father.
Well, you must have
made other plans too.
Will you work on
ships all your life?
The sea
is not for me.
Then you'll have to
settle down someplace.
I will go back
to the mountains.
But you said you had
no family in Greece.
Why don't you
stay in America?
I don't think
that will be possible.
Maybe Pano Coupas
can help you.
He has a good business
and knows a lot of people.
If you wanted
to stay here,
maybe he could
help you get a job.
Help me--
You mean he wouldn't
want to help you?
Nike, where are you?
I'm up here, mama.
It's getting late.
I hope it's all right if I stay
here a little while longer.
The view is
very beautiful.
Then I will
be going.
That's all right.
You come and say
good-bye before you go.
Where is the
young man?
He's still
on the roof.
He's disappointed because
Mr. Coupas wasn't home.
Is he going
back to his ship?
I guess so.
I suppose he'll try to
see Coupas tomorrow.
I just hope he
remembers how to get there.
He doesn't understand
about subways.
Who does?
He could follow the
smell of olive oil.
I'm serious.
Poor boy.
Maybe we ought to
ask him to stay over.
Nike, I told you to be careful
before you do anything.
Why not, Mama?
He could sleep
in the little room.
There are my two daughters
in the house, that's why.
Oh, come, Maria.
It would be wrong to turn
the young man away.
I can't help myself--
do what you think is best.
Good, good.
We'll have
him stay.
I'll run upstairs
and tell him.
I'll be glad to have
another man in the house.
For 20 years now
I have been outnumbered.
(Helen laughs)
(doorbell buzzing)
(doorbell buzzes)
Where's Pano Coupas?
He's not here.
What do you want?
I want to see him.
When is he
coming home?
Who are you?
A friend of his.
I haven't seen him
in a long time
and I'll only be in New York
for a few days.
That's too bad.
He's down in Baltimore,
loading a ship.
I'm using his apartment
while he's gone.
When will
he be back?
He'll be here tomorrow
afternoon around 5:00.
He's coming
to pick me up.
Who will I tell him
was here?
What's your name?
(woman laughs)
I didn't know you
were going to leave.
You didn't say
He isn't home yet.
There was a man there
in his apartment
who said he would be
back tomorrow afternoon.
Papa said you could
stay with us tonight.
Then you won't have to go
all the way back to your ship.
Ship? That's very thoughtful of
your father but I've already--
Oh, come on.
(music playing
inside bar)
Hey, what do you
mean, "no tie"?
Have a good time.
Nice party.
Come on, come on,
everyone have a drink.
Everybody have
a good time.
That's what we're
here for, George.
I'm not here just
for the fun of it.
I'm here on
a mission...
a very
important mission.
Here, look at that.
You know
who that is?
No. Who is he?
I don't know.
Come on, come on.
Soon it will be time
to open the restaurant.
When you have two daughters,
you need a dozen bathrooms.
Those girls.
Sometimes they are
in there for hours.
Bubble baths, shampoos,
plucking their
What are they
going to do next?
At least you have
your daughters with you.
Sometimes I wish
they would leave.
You don't mean that.
Oh, you poor boy.
You are so serious
about everything.
You didn't even realize
I was joking,
and that is very sad.
You are a young boy and
your life is ahead of you.
Don't be so serious
about everything.
I have found little
to laugh about.
I was only six years old
when the war began.
When it ended six years
later, I had lived a lifetime.
I know you have lived through
too much for a boy your age.
Maria, if you don't get
those daughters of yours
out of the bathroom, I am
going to cut the door down.
Knock on the door.
They will come out.
What do you mean,
They are deaf
in there.
Good night, papa.
Night, mama.
Good night.
You better go to sleep
right away, Yianni.
We're going on a picnic tomorrow
and you're coming with us.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Come on,
everything all right?
It may not look it,
but it's comfortable.
Sit down, sit down.
My boy, you know you are
welcome in my home.
I am happy
to have you here.
But you are
a sailor.
You never stay
long in one place.
And some sailors think a
little differently about women.
My daughters are
home girls, nice girls.
I wouldn't want--
You have nothing
to fear from me.
Your daughters are
like sisters to me.
Of course,
of course.
But I had to say something
for the girls' sake,
for the
mother's sake.
You understand.
Maria! Maria!
Come on, I want to
get in there.
Here, hang this up.
Sleep well,
my boy.
(man singing
in Greek)
It's time you were
going home, George.
Give me
another drink.
Hey waiter,
give us the check.
George, get out
your money.
Hey, you got a picture
of Pano here.
Picture of who?
Pano, Pano Coupas.
Don't you know him?
You got his picture.
Pano Coupas.
Now I go.
Put him over
in the corner there.
You'll get him back
to the ship later.
Thank you.
Don't come home late.
Let them stay
and help you.
The cousins
are coming tonight.
They've been indoors
all week.
Let them get
some fresh air.
I'm gonna
get my coat.
Maria, is there
any more coffee?
Give the boy
a cup too.
No, thanks.
I better
get my coat.
He's good looking,
isn't he?
It looks like your
dream's come true.
Nike's found herself
a nice Greek boy.
Yianni, we're ready.
I don't need my
gloves anyway, Mama.
It's not cold out.
All ready?
Bye, Mama.
Look after
the girls.
Take care of them.
I will.
You never make
enough coffee.
Come on, you with
your coffee.
Finish up in there,
I have to clean.
I didn't think we would
get away with it so easily.
I love plotting.
I feel like
a spy.
I hate this business.
If only mama and papa
would understand.
There's Jack's car.
Jack's car?
We're meeting Helen's
friend, Jack.
The one your
mother doesn't like?
She's never even met him--
she never wanted to.
But you're doing this behind
your mother's back.
He's only going to
take us for a drive.
What's wrong
with that?
Your mother thinks
we're going on a picnic.
Well, maybe we
will, Yianni.
Hello, Jack.
Hi, Jack.
This is a friend
of Nike's.
Yianni Martakis,
Jack Fields.
Where do you
want to go?
Anyplace suits
me fine.
I really don't want to
go on a picnic.
What do we do with
all this food?
Oh, we'll do something--
like eat it maybe!
What a
wonderful spot.
I like it here.
Don't take too deep a breath...
it's dangerous.
Yeah-- one part ozone,
99 parts garbage.
I don't think you understand
the joke, Yianni.
People are always saying that
the river's full of garbage.
I don't think
that's very funny.
You just don't understand
our way of kidding around.
Jack meant it as
a laugh for all of us.
I'm not laughing.
Look, fella, nobody meant
to hurt your feelings.
Oh, Yianni.
This whole scheme offends me.
You've deceived your mother
and met with this man
and you made me
a part of it.
Is this guy
for real?
You've no right
to talk that way.
We don't want to
offend or harm anyone.
Oh, stop it,
all of you.
Yianni, please
let me explain.
Explain that I'm wrong?
Please, Yianni.
Oh, brother.
Come on, everybody,
let's walk.
Who is this
fella, Jack?
He works in the
same office with Helen.
Has he known her
for a long time?
No. They've only been out
together a few times.
It's tough for her.
My mother doesn't like the idea
of her going out with Jack
so she has to
meet him in secret.
In a way it's
all so stupid.
Helen should respect your
mother's judgment.
You can't say that.
(Helen laughing)
I don't like
this Jack.
Leave her alone!
Say, what's the
matter with you, fella?
You should be ashamed
of yourself.
Why? For having
some simple fun?
I was gonna drag her off into
the bushes and make love to her.
This is not a game.
That's right, mack,
it's not a game,
and I'm getting tired
of your creepy ideas.
Come on, Helen.
Keep your hands
off her.
Say, what is this?
Look fella, I don't know
what's bothering you
but you're asking
for a punch in the mouth.
I don't think
you will.
Listen, creep,
I'll break your neck--
Yianni, please,
come with me.
Oh, no!
Jack, stop!
Boy, that
guy's nuts.
We better separate.
All right, it's no good
this way.
We can't leave Nike
with him.
How is she
gonna get back?
Don't worry about me,
I'll manage.
Helen, you better meet me
at the corner near the house
so we can
go home together.
All right, 4:00.
You sure you're going to be
all right with him?
We could
leave him here.
She'll be all right.
See you later.
Bye... thanks, Jack.
I'm sorry this happened.
Think nothing of it.
I needed the exercise.
Are you all right?
I hope you're
happy now.
You don't understand
these things.
I cannot
explain them to you.
Your sister is
a foolish girl.
My sister's not
at all foolish.
She's very capable when it comes
to looking after herself.
I'm the one that's
foolish, very foolish.
I'm sorry I've
made you unhappy.
I did what I thought
was right.
Not too serious,
I guess.
We could have had such
fun, all of us together.
Jack's a very
funny guy sometimes.
Well, we'll have
a good time anyway.
Let's see some of
the sights.
Whatever you
like, Nike.
I think I would like it
if you smiled once in a while.
Very well.
I will smile
once in a while.
(no voices)
This was
an aquarium.
It used to be filled
with fishes.
I loved coming here
when I was a little girl.
They swam 'round
and around their tanks,
made ugly faces
at the people.
Nike, don't twist
your face like that.
I'm a fish.
No, you're not.
Well, I'm not
a fish-fish.
I'm a girl fish.
You're a boy fish.
You're so silly.
No I'm not, it's just you don't
know anything about fishes.
Sure I do.
I just came
across the ocean.
It's getting late.
We better
be going.
Let's not
go home yet.
Give us a ride, mister?
Give us a ride,
Nike, what are
you doing?
We're gonna
get a ride.
Please give us
a ride, mister.
This ain't no
passenger boat, miss.
It's a work ship.
Nike, don't bother
the man.
Your boat's
so beautiful, captain.
She ain't no bother.
Young lady, you know,
you just can't come up
and ask for a ride.
How can I give
you a ride?
I bet it would
be easy for you.
Oh, you do,
do you?
You have
some girl there.
I'm not
his girl.
We're just friends.
Oh, he's got
bad eyesight, huh?
No, we just
met yesterday.
Nike, I don't think
you should bother the man.
He has his
work to do.
Wait a minute.
Young lady, you really
wanna go for a ride?
Well I'm going
up the river a ways.
If you want to come along
I guess it can't hurt.
You can even
bring your friend.
Come on, Yianni!
He's a nice man,
isn't he?
And you're
a very bold girl.
In my village, they would call
you a wicked woman.
What would you call me?
I don't know.
You do so many things that girls
are not supposed to do.
Who decided what girls
are supposed to do?
I don't know
who decided.
The way you act,
I think you did.
Am I so different from
the girls you've known?
I have not known
many girls.
Don't tell me the only girl
you ever took to a carnival
was your sister.
My sister?
I had
a sister.
As I think about her, she
was like you in some ways.
Full of life, very kind,
a good person.
Life was not as kind to her
as it has been to you.
But she always carried
herself with a proudness
that I will
never forget.
What happened
to her?
She took
her own life.
She had a great
After that, she didn't
want to go on living.
She could have and--
Where is
your ship?
When are
you leaving?
Tomorrow night we're
going to South Africa.
This ride is longer
than I thought it would be.
It's getting late.
It's only
a quarter to five.
Coupas will be leaving
by 5:00-- I must be there.
Captain, when can
we get off?
Right now.
I can let you off
by the bridge, okay?
I must run ahead.
it's important.
where ya goin'?
Yianni, wait!
Wait for me!
(no sound
from buzzer)
(no sound
from buzzer)
Come on, Coupas!
Hurry up,
let's go!
what's the matter?
I just missed
what is it?
What do you want
from Mr. Coupas?
I can't tell you.
Come, I'll take
you home.
All right, if that's
what you want.
Let's meet Helen.
Okay, but for a couple
minutes, that's all.
All right.
Here they come now.
Where have you been?
We've been
waiting for you.
I'm sorry, Jack,
about what happened before.
Well, that's
all right.
What happened?
It's been
a long day.
We'll talk
about it later.
Good-bye, Jack.
He's coming up with us,
we've decided.
I've decided.
I'm glad.
I'll charm the family
with my magic smile.
He's calmed down.
(door opens)
I'll take
your coat.
Now, just
be natural.
Hello, mother.
This is
Jack Fields.
You remember,
I told you about him.
We both work in the
same office together.
How do you do?
How are you?
Sit down, please.
We had a wonderful
day today.
Wasn't it fun?
It's getting
chilly out.
Maybe the boys
would like some brandy.
Jack's in the accounting
department in Helen's office.
I'll get
the cognac.
We keep a record
of all the money
that comes in and
goes out of the office.
A funny thing
happened last week.
Did Helen tell
you about it?
Well, this fella
in the office, Jim Kelly,
put down the date
as the figure
for the accounts
and was $15,000 short
in his accounts.
(Jack and Helen laugh)
Well, a toast, to the
accounting department
and the Greek
Merchant Marine.
Excuse me.
I have to go
in the kitchen.
I'll play some American jazz
records for you, Yianni.
What's the matter,
I'm afraid of
this boy.
Afraid of him?
He's hiding
No, not Jack.
The other one.
What do you
mean, Mama?
Oh, boy.
I'll remember the baptism of
this little one for a long time.
blisters almost.
The groceries, the olive oil,
the olives,
some sardines.
Hey, your relatives
eat even more than mine.
Hey, Maria.
This Jack
is a big boy.
I forgot,
George will be late.
I want-- I want
to talk to you.
(doorbell jingles)
Hello. How are you?
Uncle Peter.
Hello, Nike.
How are you?
(overlapping greetings)
Hello, hello...
(overlapping conversations)
Are you looking
for this?
It was
my father's.
Take it and go.
He gave it to me
before he died.
Guns have
no place in our home.
Hey, this is the boy who
just arrived from Greece.
My cousin, Jim.
What did you
say to him?
I told him
to leave.
Yianni, wait.
I have to go.
I must talk
to you.
No, I have
to go.
Yianni, I know what
you're going to do.
I know you're going
to kill Pano Coupas.
He deserves to die.
That's insane,
I don't know why you want
to do this, but you can't.
I don't think you can
understand these things.
You better go
back inside.
I can't let you
do this.
Why are you
so stub--
He must pay for
the death of my sister.
Coupas was born in
a village next to ours.
He left when he was a boy
and came to America.
When he was rich and fat
he came back to find a wife.
So my sister asked my father's
permission to court her.
My father didn't want to at
first, but we are very poor,
and he thought
if Coupas married her
she would have a good
life, so he agreed.
I don't
She couldn't face
the disgrace.
He dishonored her.
He never intended to marry her,
just to satisfy his lust.
My sister couldn't look
into her mirror again.
She knew where my
father's gun was kept.
She knew
how to use it.
One night after we had
gone to sleep,
my sister took the gun
and went to the kitchen.
I saw many horrible things
during the war,
but nothing like what we
found after we heard the shot.
How would
you know?
Well, Yianni...
You can't go out
and kill this man.
You don't
You can't
judge him.
I do not
judge him.
Any man would
do the same.
Listen to me, Yianni.
I know what you feel,
but you mustn't do this thing.
Why are you so
concerned with Coupas?
I'm not.
I'm worried
about you.
Now it's you
who doesn't understand.
It happened
to you too.
So many things have
happened all at once.
What's happened to us
is what's important.
I wish...
You'd be throwing
your life away.
I cannot live unless
I do this thing.
I cannot stand
by my father's grave.
You do not know
what honor means!
Leave me alone!
You don't have to
do this.
How can you kiss me and
go out and shoot this Coupas?
Are you some kind
of a monster?
You're afraid to
give up this idea.
You can see things
only one way.
You belong to your
village and to your gun.
You're not
your own man.
(slap, Nike gasps)
You fool-- what do
you think you're doing?
How did you
find me?
You didn't stay
on your watch.
What are you
doing here?
Jimmy had to
take your place.
You better
go away.
Leave me alone.
You know, on a ship you're
supposed to do your job.
It wasn't my turn.
You told our captain
to put me on.
I had to
do something.
You're muddling in something
that doesn't concern you.
You're going in there to kill a
man and it doesn't concern me?
Nobody will stop me.
You can get away with
that in your mountains
but here they got
laws and police.
In my village,
I will be safe.
My people understand
what has to be done.
You'll never
get back there.
Life is not just one big
thing, like your vendetta.
It's a lot of
little things.
Like having a home and
a wife to share it with you.
Love... kids to
carry on your name.
It's a lot of thing you
never even tasted, Yianni.
My father would
have done it this way.
So would mine.
But our fathers never traveled
20 miles from their villages.
Sometimes you gotta
change the rules.
Let's go back
to the ship.
I'm all mixed up.
You can
think there.
Coupas will be here if you
still wanna come back.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
There are some people
I want to say good-bye to.
They were very
nice to me.
You wanna bother?
there's a girl.
All right.
(doorbell jingles)
I would like to
speak to Nike.
This is
George Andros.
We're shipmates.
How do you do?
I want to
say good-bye.
I've decided to go
back to my ship.
Please stay.
I'm glad you've
come back.
You are
a seaman?
This is my
first trip.
He's been trying
to see Pano Coupas.
Oh, Coupas.
He'll be in
church tomorrow.
He, with his
I met him
on the street.
Had a little talk
with him.
Thank you.
I think you had more
to do with it than I did.
Come in.
Papa, this is George Andros,
a shipmate of Yianni's.
Welcome, welcome, sir.
Nice to know you.
This is Jimmy Pappas,
my father's friend.
This is
George Andros.
Mr. Dimitris.
Mr. Alexander.
Come on, Helen!
Put on a record
so we can dance.
All right.
It's all right,
Come on, boy. Come on.
(no voices)
You like Jack?
Invite him
to the baptism.
Come on, Maria.
Get into
the dance.
All right, dear,
come on.
We'll make a real
palikari out of you.
What's that?
Palikari is a man
like a Evzone.
Come here,
I'll show you.
This is an
Evzone sword.
When I was a corporal
in the Greek army,
they sent me with a new
lieutenant to lead some Evzones
who were fighting
in the mountains.
They are the best
fighters in the world,
but most of them
couldn't read or write.
This lieutenant, he came
from military academy
and he fancied
himself a Napoleon.
So he told the
Evzones one day,
"We have the
enemy in those hills,
and we have to
outflank him."
But the Evzones just
looked at one another
and wondered
what was said.
So I said, "Captain,
let me say what you want,
"so they
can understand.
"Boys," I said, "when a wolf
comes down to eat your lambs,
"what do you do?
"You crowd them
against a cliff
"and you put your
flag behind you.
"Then you whistle to one
dog to go to the right,
"and you shoo the
other dog to the left.
"And you stand
in the middle.
"If he tries to get away,
he can't climb the cliff.
"If he goes to
the right, woof!
"If he goes to
the left, woof!
"And the other dog will
have him by the throat.
If he comes for the flag,
then he must face your gun."
This sword, the Evzones
gave me after the battle
because I told them
what the lieutenant meant.
That other one the
lieutenant gave me.
He says to me, "Niko,
I am going to quit fighting
and go back to learn
more strategy."
And I said,
"Are you going back
to military academy,
He says, "No! I am going
to take up sheep herding."
When I got this,
I was your age.
Come on in, come on.
Come on in...
Come on.
Go on.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on...
Oh, here he comes.
Bravo, Yianni.
Bravo, bravo,
excellent, excellent.
Where are
you going?
I have to go
back to the ship.
I'm in trouble there.
I'll see
you tomorrow.
Yianni's gone.
Yianni went back
to the ship.
Look at George.
He's so tired.
He drank
too much.
Sailors work
very hard.
We should let him
sleep on the sofa.
This is becoming
an old sailor's home.
He could come
to the baptism.
Is Yianni coming?
I don't know.
He said he'd
see me tomorrow.
I don't like this.
(choir singing
in foreign language)
(priest praying
in foreign language)
(choir singing
in foreign language)
(priest praying
in foreign language)
(choir singing
in foreign language)
(priest praying
in foreign language)
(choir singing
in foreign language)
(priest praying
and choir singing)
Pano Coupas?
Oh, George.
He's dead.
Where did he go?
Back to the ship,
I'm going to
call the police.
No, don't do that.
They'll pick him up before
the ship reaches Portugal.
It's better
this way...
before he shoots
someone else.
It's done.
It's done,
over, finished.
Why did you
come here?
Did you come
to stare at me?
I don't know why.
My ship is
leaving in an hour.
You will be
rid of me.
I wish I never
met you.
You hate me now.
I don't know.
You killed Coupas.
You killed--
It had to be this way.
I had to do it.
No, you didn't.
You didn't.
I tried to do what
you wanted, I tried.
I have to
carry my name.
I'm part of
my family.
If my father
were alive--
(police sirens
It's Andros.
Put away that gun, Yianni.
You were my friend.
I'm still your friend.
That's why I'm telling
you to put away that gun.
Please, Yianni.
It'll be easier
this way.
Get out of
there, lady.
Do what he says.
They'll get you
Don't come
any closer.
You stop this!
Leave me alone!
Nike gasps)
How is he?
Any chance?
How does it look?
I-- I only wanted
to stop him.
I didn't mean
to hurt you, Yianni.
(ship horn blows)