Dark Power (2013) Movie Script

I spent the night, John.
You should come back tonight.
Yeah, we'll see.
How do we tackle the drug problem, sir?
Well, as you know,
The drug problem has risen in our city
In the last few years.
It coincides with our growing crime rate
And rising unemployment.
As a matter of fact, in the last year,
Unemployment rose 15.3 per cent
To a total of 24.3 per cent.
Many of the people who are working
Can't make enough to stay
above the poverty line.
Now this situation cannot continue.
Sir, do you have a game plan, Mr. Mayor?
I was hoping you'd
have some ideas about that, Bob.
How's Vice Mayor Archer doing?
Well, I regret to say that, um,
She's not doing too well.
But she's a fighter like
the rest of us in this city.
In the meantime, we're
working on several issues
Here at once,
You know, to get the
city back on its feet.
We have to save our
industry to save our jobs.
Building a hope for tomorrow in my view,
You know, is a beginning to
lower the crime rate today.
And what exactly are you going to do
to get us to that future, Mr. Mayor?
Well, for starters, the big three,
investing in fuel cell development,
As well as more efficient
biodiesel technology.
Green is the future.
And we will be in the forefront
Of the green technology movement.
Yeah, we've all heard
the grand plan before.
When does actual work begin?
The state and the city
Have received a combined
1.3 billion dollars
In incentive grants from the federal
government to get the ball rolling.
So we hope to be making
some announcements
About job creation very soon.
Can you tell us what else
is on the agenda, sir?
Well, we're looking at
new and innovative ways
To provide affordable public
housing in the inner city.
The only problem is Chief Durant
sometimes brings the wrong element in.
And with it there are past rap
sheets, drugs, illegal weapons.
So, Mr. Mayor, what
is the city going to do
About the crime rate?
Bob, good question.
People turn to drugs to get away
from a life that offers them no hope.
Can we really blame them for
a government I'm included...
That has failed them? Well...
It seems like the drug problem
Is a great place to start.
We beef up Ur task force,
Start offering jobs and education
And training in law enforcement.
I believe progress will be made.
Mr. Mayor!
Thank you all very much.
That's it for this afternoon.
Our mayor needs to get back
to work saving our city.
The primaries are coming up and I want
you to get the word out about voting.
Vote, vote, vote for me.
Okay? Thank you for
coming today.
How'd I do?
Perfect as usual, sir.
A little more conviction but
otherwise, a perfect sale.
That bad, huh?
You did fine, sir. Really.
You're a lousy liar.
But I'll buy you lunch anyway.
You're late.
Sorry, sir. There were two
accidents on the way over
And I tried to... Stop.
Stand at attention.
You get a pass this time.
Don't let it happen again.
No, sir. Yes, sir.
Maybe I... for... wh...
The mayor is in his office
working late tonight.
Keep your eye on him,
but don't bother the guy.
Yes, sir. Mmm?
So this is the war room.
It's where you spend most of your time.
Over here, it's where
you watch everything from.
Now, aside from punks
wanting to spray-paint a wall
Or one of the bums wanting
to use the bathroom,
It's pretty quiet around
here most of the time.
Over here...
Here? I'm sorry, Captain.
Now this is for emergencies only.
Do you know how to handle a weapon?
Yes, sir.
I've been an owner since I was ten.
S... sir.
Since you were ten.
Great. Follow me.
The code is one-zero
That sets the alarm
with a one minute delay.
Now, once I'm gone, the only
people left in this building
Are you and the mayor.
Anyone tries to get in,
This baby's going to
let you know about it.
Now, take a walk around the building,
Know the layout,
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll be back first thing in the morning.
Try not to burn the place down.
Breaker nine,
breaker nine, we got...
Ooh, damn it.
Oh, shit.
No, damn it.
One, zero, one, zero.
Come on, come on.
One, zero, one, zero.
Come on, butterfingers.
Yes, yes.
No, no, no.
What am I doing?
Hold it right there!
Oh. I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor, sir.
You might want to lower that thing
Before someone gets hurt.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
It's not even loaded.
Then what good is it?
Who are you?
I'm the new night watchman.
What was with the alarm?
I... I don't know, sir.
Must be the damn storm, huh?
Well, I might as well call it a night.
It's going to be hours
before they can restore power.
What is it?
How come you never ask
for any of the other girls?
Mm. Creature of habit. I guess.
And I like you.
Oh, really.
Don't make me say it twice.
Mr. Tough Guy.
I never said I was tough.
Well, you look pretty tough to me.
Well, I'll take your word for it.
I got to go.
Why don't you stay?
But only until you fall asleep.
Son of a bitch.
City Hall Security.
Finally, old enough to drink.
No, really?
You guys remembered? Aw, you're sweet.
You guys are sweet.
I don't care what pictures
you took last night.
No Facebook postings, okay?
This just in.
Mayor Stanwood has been shot
In an apparent assassination
attempt at City Hall.
Preliminary reports indicate
that the wounds were fatal.
We will bring you further details
As they continue to come in.
Hi. Agent Driver.
Hey. Chief wants to see you.
Any idea what it's about?
Nah. He didn't say. Just said "now. "
This type of hit does
not happen in our city.
This never happened on my watch.
What do you think?
Political? Mob-related?
I know the mayor was shot, sir.
Hopefully once I start investigating,
I'll be able to give you more details.
What do you think? What's going on?
DC's sending someone
in with you on this.
I work with Pearson.
What happened to him?
Not this time, John.
Here you go.
Oh, hold the elevator.
Thanks. Mm-hm.
Must be pretty important.
I'm just checking messages.
Reception in here is horrible.
Walls are too thick.
New here?
Um, temporarily.
I'm on special assignment from D.C. Mm.
Only special assignment
worth anything in this town
Has to do with the death of the mayor.
I can't really discuss...
Discuss the case, yeah. I get it.
I'm Jude Brown, by the way.
Mila Driver. Nice to meet you.
You, too.
I'll see you around.
Harvey's at the end of the hall.
Oh, thanks.
Agent Driver. Have a seat.
Good morning, gentlemen.
This is Special
Agent, John Archer.
You and Agent Archer
will be working together.
Any particular
reason you paired me
With someone from DC and not Pearson?
Agent Driver is one of
DC's finest analysts.
I'm sure she'll be an asset to the team.
You're driving.
He grows on you.
I don't plan on being here long
enough for that to happen, sir.
So what made you want to
get involved with the Bureau?
Sure don't get many attractive
women in this line of work.
I'm an M.D. with a specialization
in criminal psychiatry.
I have a master's degree
in forensic science.
I was top of my class
in med school but, uh,
Private practice never
really appealed to me. Screen.
So I, uh, was approached by the Agency,
Took the offer and
headed for the Academy.
Weren't you, uh, top
of the class there, too?
You got my file, you tell me.
So what about your weapon?
You ever fire it in the line of duty?
I qualified as an expert marksman.
I'll take that as a no.
Neil Roberts, 21 years old.
Jesus Christ.
Probably his first real job, huh?
Tell me. Has anybody else been in here?
No, I secured the area
before I called the PD.
Do me a favor. Let's
try and keep it that way.
We don't want anybody else to
contaminate the crime scene.
Where you going?
What have you got?
The shooter's position.
I think you might be right.
Yeah. It's where he rested the rifle.
This guy was a pro.
No shell casings. Took
his brass with him.
Two shots rapid succession in the dark.
It's not your average street
thug, I'll tell you that much.
I'm going to check the security cameras.
Why don't you go up to the
mayor's office, see what you find?
Everything is fine for the first hour.
Then, this.
My guess is the storm
took the system out.
That's pretty convenient,
don't you think?
Not a single camera rolling,
two vics were killed?
No. Power goes out. Camera goes out.
What about the traffic
cameras? Anybody check those?
Not yet. Okay, well get on that.
If you find something, contact me ASAP.
You find anything?
Who's this?
Ah, that's James Durant.
Mayor's Chief of Staff,
his right hand man,
His go to pretty much for everything.
Any reason why he'd want his boss dead?
None that I could imagine.
It's not going to hurt to ask
him a few questions though.
I say we go through procedure.
I'll start by running a background check
On any military in the area.
All right.
I'll do a search for anybody
With a background in security, too.
This system was breached far too easily.
Morning, Grace.
Mom? How are you feeling?
I always feel better when I see my boy.
Now, how do you really feel?
Well, there are good days and bad days.
This just isn't one of the good days.
I'm sure tomorrow is going to be better.
You need to find out who killed Stan.
And you need to find out why.
I'm way ahead of you, trust me.
So why don't you tell me about
that new partner of yours?
What's she like?
I don't even know how you know this.
I have my sources.
I'm sure you do.
There's, there's nothing to
say. Really. That's too bad.
There's not. Okay, Mom.
All right, I got to go.
Try and get some sleep, all right?
Be careful on this one.
I'm always careful, Mom.
I love you.
I love you.
Try and get some sleep.
Let's see what we got.
Come on, baby. Daddy needs an A.
Hey, man. Yeah.
Uh, not much. Just
downloading some stuff
From outside City Hall
for my time lapse project.
Uhhh, yeah, okay. One
beer, but that's it.
Okay, maybe two.
Yeah. Okay, I'm going
to leave in a minute.
I'll see you soon.
Okay. Bye.
Son of a...
Come on. Show me your
face, show me your face.
Yeah, it's Archer.
What the hell are you still doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
Come on.
You work too hard.
Let's go get a beer. Take the edge off.
I'm going to stick around here.
Run through this one more time.
Just see if there's something I missed.
Beer? Security tapes?
Beer wins this one, boss.
Well, you enjoy yourself.
Hey, Tommy.
Can I grab two beers
And a shot of Jamey, please?
Finally gave it up, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, I just needed a break.
So, uh,
What's your new partner doing?
Oh, Christ.
Well, the jury's still out,
but she's not my partner.
Looks like you lost your beer, though.
How you doing?
Uh, no thanks.
You always this pleasant?
Hm? Oh. Yeah. Pleasant. Mm-hm.
Wow. We're going to
have a lot in common.
So what have you got there?
Uncover anything new?
Um, I'm running a background
analysis on Durant.
I'm checking to see if there are any
unusual patterns in his recent behavior.
We should bring him in
and ask him some questions.
Is that how you run things around here?
Just bring them in, rough
them up a little bit?
See what happens?
Well, that's how we start.
We bring them in, we sit them down,
Ask them some questions.
See if any red flags pop up.
You know, since we're
here working together,
I say we collaborate on our approach.
I think that's a good idea.
Welcome aboard.
Did you find anything
on the surveillance tapes?
No, that's all useless.
This whole thing reeks of a cover-up.
Don't buy the electrical
storm theory, huh?
Not for a second.
Bullets fired from a
gun killed this good man,
Girls and boys.
That's my theory, John.
And I'm sticking to it.
Now, the bullet entered
the front of his head here.
You can tell from the
relatively small entrance wound.
The larger hole is
closer to 13 centimeters.
That's basically a damn big exit wound.
We found, uh, these
Near the body, some several feet away.
Caliber of weapon?
Ah. You're in luck.
Fragments of
a. 30-06 bang-bang.
And that's not all.
From a different caliber.
Now how do you suppose those got there?
So we got two weapons.
Which introduces the
possibility of two shooters.
It's very plausible.
These are from a much smaller weapon.
Yeah. Probably a. 22.
A professional's weapon of choice.
Yeah. It makes sense in
a twisted sort of way.
The first shot killed him instantly,
The second shot was for insurance.
The third shot was just...
An entertainment.
The primaries are coming up and
the mayor's suddenly killed.
There's two candidates that
could possibly benefit from that.
I'd say that's a good place to start.
Oh, shit. I shouldn't have done that.
No, no.
Jessie, Jessie. It's Alex.
I have an emergency. A big one.
Yeah, I'm coming over.
No, no, today.
Please, Jessie. Please, please, please.
Okay. Thank you. Thank
you. I'll owe you.
No. I'll, I'll pay you. I can pay you.
I'm going to have to run a
complete diagnostic check, Alex.
How long is that going to take?
I'm pretty backed up but once I
figure out what's wrong with it,
Within a couple of
hours. Okay, so, today?
Maybe. It has to be today.
I'll do my best.
Okay, look. You don't understand.
I needed this, like, yesterday.
I have a project due
in a couple of days.
Come on, Jessie. I've
been coming to you forever.
I'll do what I can.
Get out so I can work.
So... tonight?
Get out.
Thank you.
With the
jobless and crime rates
At an all-time high,
This city needs someone
who can deliver results.
So, if you want results,
And you're tired of broken promises,
Then vote Lee Rudman.
You'll be glad you did.
I'm Lee Rudman. And I
approved this message
As all of you know,
During Mayor Stanwood's administration,
I became his most trusted assistant.
More than that, he
became a father to me.
The father I never had.
Now, he didn't want a lot
Of lavish expenses going
into his funeral. He...
Even in his death had the best interest
Of the people he served in
the forefront of his mind.
I think now is a good time...
To take a moment and
say your final goodbyes.
Well, we'll give this guy a day.
Tomorrow we pay him a visit.
I trust you, James.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Sometimes more than the
other people that I work with.
I'm sick, James.
And... I need to keep
my condition secret.
Well, what do you mean sick?
We can get you
treatments, specialists...
I've already gone through all of that.
There's nothing else that can be done.
I can delay the process
But there's nothing else I can do.
So, uh...
I don't want to alarm anyone.
That's why I want you and...
we, to keep this under wraps.
We could figure out a way for
you to get me my medication
Without anybody finding out.
Yes, sir.
I need to talk to you
about how I want you
To handle things after I'm gone.
It's open.
Your assistant said
you wanted to see me.
I came as soon as I could.
Have a seat.
How are you holding up?
Yeah, I know.
Sam was a good man.
Even though we were political opponents,
He still treated me with respect.
Every bad thing he ever said about
you had to do with your golf game.
That sounds like Stan.
How's your wife doing? I
know they were old friends.
Well, you can imagine.
They worked together on
quite a few city projects.
That's actually how I
got bitten by the bug.
Give her my best.
I will.
So what's on your mind?
A job.
A job? For me or you?
For me. Working for you.
I already have a bunch of interns.
With Stan gone, it's
only a matter of time
Before I'm handed my walking papers.
You and I both know the
vice mayor is not well enough
To continue her duties.
Those duties most certainly
will not be coming my way.
What exactly are you looking for?
Make me your campaign manager.
I already got one of those.
He's the best in the business.
I know, and I respect what he does
But he's won't get you
where you need to be.
You want to elaborate on that?
I have certain information
that he is unaware of.
What kind of information?
Certain information about
your opponent, Michael Conway.
Information that if leaked through the
proper channels at the proper times,
Could derail his entire
campaign while bolstering yours.
I can get you that
throne you're looking for.
If you're referring to the city funds
He used to bump his
own staff's payrates,
Then you're three steps behind.
You're getting your news from cave
paintings, it's coming to you so slow.
It's much bigger than kicking
a staff a few extra bucks.
How big?
Guarantee me a position on your staff
As campaign manager
And you get to know what. Until then...
You're just going to have
to lose sleep over it.
And what if I say no?
I'll just start combing the classifieds.
I think JC Penney's hiring.
Maybe I'll get a job there.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to do better
than some vague secret
In order for me to
think about hiring you.
Freeman's a smart guy.
He wouldn't miss something as big
As what you're talking about.
You're sure about that?
Sure enough to know I'm
not going to let him go
Without seeing a few more
bullet points on your resume.
How's your campaign financing?
I'm all good there.
I got more support than
you might even be aware of.
What if I could triple that support?
Does that pique your interest?
Triple it?
Yeah. I'm interested.
What I'm about to tell you
does not leave this room.
Sounds exciting.
It is.
Look, you're not trying
to get me into hot water?
If I was trying to
get you into hot water,
You'd know it by now.
All right, fair enough.
Fire away.
During my time with Mr. Wood,
Not all the funds coming into the city
Were, let's just say... clean.
This includes payouts,
Financing for various programs,
And of course, campaign funds
For the mayor's re-election campaign.
Gangsters pulling strings
from behind the curtains.
This isn't news.
Even John Q. Taxpayer isn't
stupid enough to believe
Everything he hears from the media.
Mobs have been involved in everything.
This isn't exactly mob.
It's more of a fraternity.
Fraternity? Is that what you call
the hoods that you grew up with?
No, them I call friends.
This is childhood, and yes,
Those are the people I grew up with.
They're the same people
Who are going to add some
very working-class appeal
To your very blue-blooded campaign.
And yes, some of them can also provide
A lower-level liaison
to this fraternity.
Even though Stan tried to keep
me clear for the most part,
He did provide me with some information.
What kind of information?
The kind of information that brings
you political favors and financing
In exchange for keeping your mouth shut.
If you're talking mob money,
you can stop right now.
I'll stop whenever you want me to stop.
But you and I both
know campaigns like this
Are won and lost in the trenches.
And it's dirty.
You need somebody who's willing
to be a little bit muddy,
So you don't have to.
Freeman's not that guy.
All right, look. I need
a night to think about it.
I have a meeting with
some high level people.
Come by my place tomorrow at 9 AM.
Bring your resume.
I'll be there.
Right on time. I like that.
I can't tell you how many times
People show up late for meetings.
It drives me nuts. I bet.
What's this? My resume.
You know I was joking, don't you?
Not all of us are stiffs.
Some of us do have a sense of humor.
Coffee? Please.
Cream? Sugar?
Black, please.
It's a hell of a place you have here.
I designed it myself. Every square inch.
I even planned out where every
piece of furniture should go.
You're an architect?
Anal retentive, I think, is the term.
But yeah, that's what
I went to school for.
I really loved it.
I used to reverse engineer old buildings
To see if I could improve
them, make them better.
Such as the pyramids, for example.
But I usually couldn't.
What made you change gears?
Architecture and politics are
not exactly in the same ball park.
I know it's... this
is going to sound corny
But I thought there was
a lot more that I could do
For this city in politics
than I could with my drawings.
There was a lot of impoverished
areas where I got my first gigs
That weren't getting the kind of funding
That I thought they should have.
So, as an architect,
No one's going to listen to me.
I can't do much with that.
But with a shirt and a tie
and a campaign billboard
Suddenly everybody's listening.
I got to say I didn't picture you
As a knight in shining armor type.
A lot of us in politics are
here for much less noble reasons.
Well, that office isn't mine yet
So don't be handing me the
trophy till the race is over.
Have you thought about my offer?
I did. I did.
And I couldn't stop thinking about
that secret fraternity you mentioned.
I can't believe Stan was
connected to these guys.
It doesn't sound like the everyday mob.
What else can you say about them?
I can tell you they're powerful enough
To keep anybody from
knowing too much about them.
The details I know I
picked up from Stan.
Um, the "Annuit coeptis"
doubles as their motto.
It means "God has favored us. "
Sounds arrogant already.
My kind of people.
Apparently they're all over the country.
They're in every walk of life.
Some are rich, some are
poor, they're everywhere
And aside from the
ritualistic practices,
Their objectives have
never been that clear.
But some of the more elite factions
Have helped advance society
in mathematics and science.
Even turning the tide on some wars.
But for which side, I couldn't tell you.
I suppose part of being
a secret fraternity
Is keeping it secret.
Did they ever ask you to join?
My contact with the fraternity
Has been primarily
through foot soldiers,
Guys I knew growing up.
The more elite members know
That I'm not interested
in serious membership.
And I'm happy to have my limited access.
I don't need the secret
clubhouse decoder ring.
Sounds like a cult to me.
I don't think I want
to go down that road.
I understand your trepidation.
Moving on though,
You said you had some
information on Conway
That could help us win this thing.
Freeman's out?
Early this morning, yeah.
Poor sap.
Look, I need a victory.
And I believe that you're
the one that can do it for me.
Whatever it takes as long as it's legal.
Of course.
You're my campaign manager.
When we win this thing,
if we win this thing,
You'll be my chief assistant.
You won't regret this.
Yeah. I'd better not.
So, what's the big story, kid?
Conway's cheating on his wife.
Who's the girl?
Her name is Crystal.
She works at a couple of
the nightclubs in the city.
Hm. And you know this how?
She told me.
And I had her take a couple
of her own photographs
To make sure Conway
can't deny any of it.
Oh! This is good!
I told you.
We got the payoff, we got the
scandal, we got 'em dead to rights.
This is over, this is ours.
Almost. The back
channels I told you about,
Well, they're a two-way street.
Conway and his cronies are just
starting to figure that out.
What are you talking about?
They know about Paula Belmont.
What? It hasn't gotten out and it won't
Because we're going to
stay five steps ahead of it.
Who else knows about this?
Until tomorrow morning, just
Conway's team. Tomorrow morning?
We're going to issue a statement
About this love affair
before Conway can.
That way we can spin it
the way we want to spin it.
Are you crazy? Are you nuts?
This is the only way.
We break it,
We issue an explanation,
We give a big dramatic speech
In the wake of Conway's disgrace,
The public will forgive us
Without even issuing an apology.
I didn't mean to hurt her.
We had a heated exchange. It got...
Out of hand. It's... I know. I get it.
It was an accident.
But you don't have to sell it to me.
I'm not the one who's buying.
Has she gone to the media yet?
Not yet. I can make sure she doesn't
Till we have this under control.
I should never have touched her.
I don't know what the
hell I was thinking.
God. It's done.
You can't change anything about it now.
What we can do is make the public see it
The way we want them to see it.
My wife doesn't even know about it.
You don't want your dirty laundry
Aired in front of the whole city?
Go sell used cars.
All right.
Get to work.
till you hear what we've got
In store for you tonight.
We lead off with candidate
to mayor, Michael Conway,
And a story straight out
of film noir dime novels.
Looks like your secret
is out, Mr. Conway.
A dancer at a local nightclub
Who goes by the stage name Crystal,
Has come forth with
some shocking news, gang.
Are you ready for this?
Let's hear it.
Michael Conway, the very
married Michael Conway,
Has been caught in the type of scandal
That opponents can only dream of
So close to voting day.
Apparently this Crystal and Conway
Have been sleeping
around for months now.
Can you believe it?
You don't say.
It's going to be a late one.
What do you feel like?
Chinese or Italian?
Buyer's choice.
Who says I'm buying?
Your campaign manager.
You have that speech ready?
Just finished.
Let's hear it.
"Friends and neighbors. "
"Over the course of the next few months"
"We're going to be spending a lot of
time getting to know one another. "
"And I'm going to do
my best to figure out"
"What it is exactly you want and need. "
"And you're going to do your
best to figure out who I am"
"And what I stand for. "
"That process will
be a whole lot easier"
"If we're honest with each other"
"So let me take this opportunity
to be honest with you. "
"During the coming campaign,
my opponent, Mike Conway,"
"Is going to try to tell you all
about what a horrible person I am,"
"How many mistakes I've made. "
"He's going to describe all
of my faults in vivid detail"
"In an attempt to make you hate me
more than you already hate him. "
"Well, I'm here to tell you the truth"
"And the truth is... I do have faults. "
"And I have made mistakes. "
"And I'm glad. "
"Because without mistakes,"
"Mankind never invents the
wheel or the airplane. "
"I'm not perfect.
"And I don't want to be.
"All I want is for you to
trust me when I tell you
"I have what it takes
to be your next leader.
"I want you to trust me when I tell you
"That Michael Conway is lying.
"And I want you to
trust me when I tell you
"That a vote for Lee Rudman
Is a vote for the future of this city. "
So you think that'll work, huh?
I think it'll convince the people
that you're worthy of forgiveness.
You mean forgiveness
for the issue of Paula.
Forgiveness for anything.
This is about character.
This is about being
real, being fallible,
Being forgivable under any circumstance.
No one forgives anyone
else unless they want to.
We're going to make them want to.
All right. So what's next?
Strategy. Every
conquering hero needs one.
So we discredit Conway first.
We won't have to.
Not after this affair breaks.
He's going to destroy
himself from the inside out.
What we need to do is
stick to the issues,
Stick to the platform.
Conway is as good as gone.
They're all going to be as good as gone.
You'll be the last man standing.
All right. What are the first issues?
Health care.
You mentioned some of
the impoverished people
In the neighborhoods you worked.
I grew up with some of those people
And I can tell you firsthand
What's most important to them is
Affordable health care
for the poor and elderly.
Wait a minute. The city has a
pretty good health care system
Right now in place.
It's not good enough
and the voters know that.
I'm telling you, we hit a home run
Leading off with this issue.
All right. What's next?
Empowering citizens to pull themselves
Out of their own dire circumstances.
We create new schools, new
after-school programs, new teachers.
We reel in the working class vote
In a city that is very working-class.
All right, well,
With budgets, education
always gets the raw deal.
Right? Everyone knows this.
So you now attempt to change that.
And the voters will believe you
Because they want to believe.
This is all about who you are
Leading up to voting day.
The day after, you can
be whoever you want.
If we're not able to
carry through all promises
We made leading up to the election,
It won't be the first time.
It won't be the last.
All right. What about security?
This city needs to be cleaned up.
I built a whole campaign on this.
I've made a lot of promises.
I'm sure my old friends
won't appreciate hearing that
But I'm with you.
So how do we turn this
whole thing around?
We assign special task forces
to very specific areas of crime.
We create our own DEA, our own ATF.
We'll send the bad guys running.
What kind of numbers
are we talking about?
Ballpark? 1500 new men,
Uh, translates to about
16 mill a year in salaries.
That doesn't include
transportation, weapons.
So realistically, this
isn't very possible, is it?
Realistically? No.
But campaigns aren't
won on realistically.
They're won on hypothetically.
What if we could create the greatest
police force this city has ever seen?
What if we could cut crime in half?
These are the questions we
want our voters to be asking
As they step into the booth.
Not how we'll pay for it.
What if I get elected?
When. When you get elected.
When I get elected.
Put 500 new uniformed cops on the street
We throw some new toys at them,
It's enough to make people think
You weren't just blowing
smoke up their asses.
So you believe that will
be enough to satisfy them?
It'll have to.
Let's get the ball
rolling with this first.
First let's get elected.
Did you order that Chinese yet?
What's the number?
I need you to run
with this story tomorrow.
I needed you to run with it yesterday.
Yes! Yes. I'm calling it a favor
And I know it means I'm on the hook
For a bigger favor down the road.
This speech goes on at 10 A.M. sharp
So I need you to run
with the story tonight
So people can see it with their
morning newspaper and coffee.
Okay. Good.
What are they running?
More women have come out about Conway.
Guy's a regular Tiger Woods.
The more I find out about him,
The less I want to know though.
You're doing a hell of a job, James.
You're a good man.
I don't know if I'd go that far.
I'm going to call it a night.
I have a big day tomorrow.
Good night.
A toast to our fallen mayor, Stan Wood.
A good man.
Are you ready for this?
I know you've never done it before,
But feel free to pull your
gun if the need arises.
Yeah. Very funny.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
Take it easy. Have a seat. Please. Now!
Have a seat. Thank you.
Look, I just need to have
a quick word with you.
These guys haven't been nice to me.
Give us a minute.
I appreciate that.
Look, uh...
I hope you understand,
it's just protocol.
I got to... I got to
ask you some questions.
Anyway, because of your indepth
relationship with the mayor,
Unfortunately, that just
makes you a prime suspect.
Do you know what that man meant to me?
He pulled me out of this neighborhood.
Gave me an opportunity to
do something with my life.
He mentored me. That man
was like a father to me.
Nobody stood to gain more than me
From him being in office.
What you're saying
doesn't make any sense.
That may very well be the case.
You got to understand.
This is due diligence here.
Would you happen, to be able to
Alibi where you were that night?
I was, uh,
I was at Sahara's. I
think you know the place.
I do. Yeah. Yeah, you know.
How's our friend Crystal
doing, by the way?
She's still good.
Last time I spoke to
her. She's all good.
See, Mr. Archer, I know more
about you than you know about me.
Which worries me. I tell you it does.
It tells me you've been
doing your homework.
I just don't know why
an innocent man would.
Anyway, look.
If you think of anything,
That can help us out, if
you want to tell me anything,
I'd appreciate it if
you could give me a call.
All right? Good talking to you.
Please sit down. We'll find our way out.
For someone who just
lost a father figure,
He didn't seem very distraught.
Yeah, same thought crossed my mind.
We got to keep our eye on this clown.
Come on, Mila. Pick up.
Come on.
Hey, it's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
And watch yourself.
Come on, Mila. Answer the phone.
Answer the phone. Answer the phone.
Hey, it's Archer. Are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
A couple of guys attacked
me when I got back.
I'll be right there.
Stay put. I'll be right there.
I guess this was a warning.
Yeah. They paid me a visit as well.
This is part of the job
if you're not aware of it.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
We'll talk tomorrow, all right?
Keep the ice on it.
Make sure the swelling goes down.
Can you stay?
I'm... I'd just rather
not be alone tonight.
Yeah. Yeah.
Sleep well.
Hey. How's it looking?
Just about done.
Okay. Let's take it for a test drive.
Yes, sweet.
Thank you so much, Jessie.
It looks like I'm going
to make my deadline.
It's pretty cool, right?
Go back a few seconds.
Scroll back just a little.
Is that what I think it is?
You are about to be famous.
I'm about to be dead.
Yeah. We're on our way.
We got another body.
Beautiful. Let's go.
Another corpse.
Courtesy of our marksman.
Guess we could scratch
Rudman off the suspect list.
Neighbors found him.
I can't say for sure
without a ballistics report
But I'd lay odds that it's the
same weapon that killed our mayor.
Right. Well, we'll get the. 30-06
Over to ballistics and
see if we get a match.
Yeah. Hm.
What are the slugs from the
mayor's chest? You pull them?
Twenty-two. All right.
I'll stick it in the
computer. See if we get a hit.
Thank you.
No. I don't want to get
killed by some sniper. Okay?
Did you see the news?
Someone took out Lee Rudman.
Dude wasn't even elected yet.
He was just running.
So you're withholding evidence.
Oh, come on.
Even if you weren't,
You have something that
they might be able to use
To ID the killer.
Yeah. Yeah. Maybe you're right.
I just don't want to end up dead.
You're such a wimp. Come on.
We'll go together.
My cousin's boyfriend
is some kind of agent.
It's all very hush-hush
But everybody in the
family knows about it.
Hey, I got something for you.
An Andy Holzman
purchased a Remington 700.
That rifle is fully
capable of firing that slug.
And, as luck would have it, he's
also ex Marine military sniper.
All right. You got an address?
I'm working on it.
Okay, well, work faster.
Look, it's going to take some time.
Look, I really need you
to prioritize this for me.
Hm. Of course.
I think I might have something here.
Howdy, stranger.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you get some sleep?
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
I keep thinking about
that second shooter.
Yeah. Well, you want to
think about him over a drink?
I sure do.
Tommy. Get her something.
I'll have whatever he's having.
What floor?
Yeah. Really.
What floor?
Andrew Holzman?
Agent Archer. This is Agent Driver.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
You guys are here about
the assassinations.
Just like to ask you a couple of
questions if you've got a minute.
All right.
I guess it was just something
I was born to do.
I was a pretty big game hunter
before I joined the Corps.
Pretty good shot.
So I guess sniping was just in my blood.
And now?
Well, I've had my fill of killing.
I didn't kill your mayor
and I didn't kill Rudman.
Well, here's our
predicament, Mr. Holzman.
The mayor was killed about 15 feet away.
On the other hand, Rudman
was shot from 800 meters.
A really impressive shot
by anybody's standards.
We know you have the
skill and the training
To make a shot and oddly enough
you just purchased a weapon
That potentially could
have fired the same slug.
So help me out here.
800 meters is nothing.
Especially for a trained sniper.
Listen, what we'd like to do is
take the weapon down to the lab,
Let Ballistics run their tests on it.
Just to eliminate you from
the possible suspect list.
You okay with that?
I'll tell you what.
You take it.
Run all your tests.
But be good to my little girl.
We'll make sure to sing
her a bedtime story.
Come on in.
How can I help?
Just a quick question.
Something we've been bouncing back
and forth between the two of us.
So far we got the mayor and another
candidate that's been killed.
What we can't seem to figure out,
Maybe you'll help us with this.
Why do you think nobody
has come after you?
You still think I have something
to do with Stan's death?
I already told you I was at Sahara's.
I have a dozen witnesses
who can vouch for me.
You guys need to re-prioritize.
You should be more
interested in protecting me
Than trying to pin this crap on me.
We're not trying to pin anything on you.
If you'll excuse me, I have a debate.
Yeah, there's George.
I'll be right there.
What is it?
Mom's taken a turn for the worst.
Do you want me to come with you?
No. No.
I need you to stay and
keep an eye on things.
You sure you'll be okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.
Hey. What happened?
No. Don't listen to her.
I'm going to be fine.
How do you feel?
Did you find Stan's killer yet?
Mom, let's not...
Just don't concern yourself
with that right now, please.
I guess they figure
with me on the way out
They might as well be rid of him, too.
That's not true. Don't
think like that. John.
John. You need this now.
I never knew when would be
A right time to give it to you.
I'm so sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry about, Mom.
What is it?
Okay. Answers, Mom. I
don't need any answers
Right now, okay? I don't...
Mom. Mom.
Grace! Grace!
My dear son.
I wish I had the power
to be with you today
But that was not to be.
I hope that one day you will
understand what I'm about to tell you
And that you'll find it in
your heart to forgive me.
Your father did not abandon us.
I told you this because at the time
We felt it would be best for all of us.
He was a rising political
light when we met.
But he was already married and
having an affair, much less a child,
Would've ruined his career.
So we kept it a secret all these years.
There's a photo in the box
Of you on the day you were born
And the man holding you
is your father. Stan Wood.
I'm so sorry you had to
learn about this this way.
I hope you can forgive me
And that you will always
remember that I loved you. Mom.
Oh, Nick. Just the
guy I was looking for.
Do you have my test results?
Yeah. Two of the bullets
came out of the. 22.
And the.30-06 shell
Was fired from the same type of weapon
But not your suspect's gun.
How do you know?
The gun's clean.
You'll find gun powder residue
in the barrel if recently fired.
Even if the gun had just been cleaned?
Yeah. There will be minute traces,
Even if it looks clean to the naked eye.
That gun hasn't been fired in years.
All right. Thanks.
Hey. You're late.
Come on. Fish are waiting.
Not this time, Lucky.
Hey, uh, I, uh...
I have something that may
help you find your shooter.
What is it?
Meet me at Louie's like in an hour.
We, uh... can't...
Can't talk here, okay?
Don't tell anybody.
I think there's a mole on the inside.
So, uh...
We may have stumbled onto something
much bigger here than we thought.
What is it?
A journalism intern named Alex Ferrer
Was working on a time
lapse photography project.
And he, uh, he gave us this flash drive.
Now, there's not much on it
But maybe we can enhance
it and find something.
Yeah, yeah, I'll have
IT take a look at it.
Thanks. Now that's the
only evidence we have
That might lead us to the assassin.
Be careful.
Thanks a lot, Jude. Anytime.
Appreciate it.
Hey, John. Yeah, it's Driver.
Listen, I've got to talk to
you about something, um...
I'm outside of Louie's.
Mila. Mila!
Damn it.
Jude, it's Archer.
Listen, I need you to run
a trace on Mila's phone.
I don't know. Just do it.
Get back to me as soon as you can.
You want
to see your partner alive,
Get in the car.
Eyes to the front.
Don't turn around. Don't look at me.
If he so much as twitches, shoot him.
You see, John,
You need to understand
that we have the ability
To quickly and efficiently snuff
out your life at any moment.
Since the mayor's untimely passing,
I can tell you everywhere you've been.
Every meal you've eaten. Every person...
You've contacted.
I could tell you things about your
mother that you don't even know.
I want to offer you a job.
See, a man like you could
either be a great asset
To this organization or a big problem.
I'd like you to be an asset.
So... I'll quadruple your salary.
Or I could kill you. It's your choice.
You'll receive a communication from us.
If you don't respond in kind,
Your life will quickly and
abruptly come to an end.
Oh, and John,
Any number that you think
that you're going to dial,
To enlist help in this crusade
against this organization,
Whether it be the Bureau, the PD,
The phone that's going to ring
Will be mine.
We're everywhere, John.
This is Agent Brown.
It's Archer. I need
to get ahold of Mila.
Tell me you got a location on her.
I've been trying to reach you.
I've got a fix on her.
Warehouse by the river.
Send it to my phone as
soon as possible. Yeah.
What is this place? Where am I?
You've already been warned.
What do you want from me?
You've made our people uneasy.
What? What people? What
are you talking about?
You didn't heed the warning
And now you'll have to pay the price.
Get off of me! Grrr.
Get off of me! Agh!
What is that stuff?
No. No!
This ends here.
Can I help you?
We're hoping you can, actually.
You seen this kid?
No. I can't say that I have.
We get a lot of dorks in
here that look like that
But I've never seen that one.
Thank you for your time.
Alex, it's Jessie.
A couple of suits came
in looking for you.
They looked like agents,
but I'm not sure what agency.
I think you should stay out
of sight for a couple of days.
Here you go.
Mm. Thanks for your mom's clothes.
Of course.
How are you feeling?
I'm... I'm pretty groggy but, um...
I'm okay.
They did quite a
number on you, you know?
You saved my life. I owe you one.
All right. Nothing you
wouldn't have done for me.
Let me show you something.
I found this last night.
It's the guy that attacked me.
He had a tattoo that was
a very distinctive tattoo.
I did a little research
and this is what I find.
A secret society.
This Annuit coeptis or however
you pronounce that in Latin.
I've never been a big believer
in this Illuminati stuff but...
If this is real,
This could be far bigger
than we ever imagined.
Wait a minute.
Jude gave me this, um...
This flash drive.
Told me some kid named Alex
Was doing time lapse
photography on a roof
The night the mayor was murdered.
He got a partial look
at a possible suspect.
Jesus Christ.
What...? What's going on?
Jude said that it's on this flash drive?
I don't know if this drive is corrupt
But there's nothing here. This is empty.
We need to find the original.
Yeah, we do.
All right. Let's, um,
Let's do it first thing in the morning.
All of you know
That I didn't run for this office.
But I was asked by the
Council and both parties
To serve as mayor until such a time
As a proper election can be held.
I would like to thank the
Council for their faith in me.
And I promise
To serve this city and its
well-being as tirelessly
As my mentor and friend
Mayor Stan Wood.
Thank you.
Yeah. Thanks.
Walk back to the bed.
What? Just do it.
Walk back towards the
bed now. What is it?
My rifle's under the bed.
Give me some shells. Right in the bag.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Let me get a look at you.
He's down.
He's down.
Let's go.
You son of a bitch.
I'm sorry. I had no choice.
Why did you give me the drive?
That drive was wiped clean when
I pulled it from my computer.
Who's behind this?
The society.
And the one who ripped it.
Make a phone call. Secure that weapon.
Hand me that cell.
I got two texts here.
Alex Ferrer. 616 Hobart
Boulevard, Loft number 16.
I got a second text.
We gotta get to that kid. Yeah.
If Alex was the only one with
the drive, he could be next.
We need agents we can trust.
I'll call DC.
You sure about that?
I'd bet my life on it.
All right.
It's the top floor.
Alex Ferrer?
Federal Agents. Please open the door.
What's this about?
Just need to ask you a few questions.
Open the door please.
Oh, God.
Listen. You gave a flash drive
To a colleague of ours that
has sensitive material on it
And it's put your life in danger.
The file's been corrupted and
we need to get the original.
Wait, wait, wait. Corrupted?
That's impossible. I double checked it.
We can't access the file on the drive.
You have another source of
the footage here somewhere?
Well, yeah. The
original's on my computer.
Good. Bring it up. Now.
There he is.
Yeah. That's him.
Pack up your computer Take it with
you. Let's get you out of here.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You better get him out of here.
Stay back. Okay.
You all right? Yeah.
We got to get him out of here
and safe as soon as possible.
Where are we going?
We'll drop you off at
the local news affiliate.
Why don't you grab
the car and pull it up
To the loading dock?
When you get there, there's
an anchor, David Newman.
Hand him the file he'll
know what to do with it.
All right. You're going to be fine.
I never thought my big
break would come like this.
What time we're getting
the package from the truck?
We've got to run that story at ten.
Excuse me, I need to see David Newman.
I have something here that
he's going to air right away.
I'm Newman. John Archer sent me.
I have something you need to see.
Archer? Yeah.
All right. Let's see what you got, kid.
Come on.
You did good.
These will do nicely.
What the hell was that?
Go find out!
James Durant, Jude Brown,
And Thomas Edwards were all members
Of a secret organization
With ties to illegal arms dealers
Drug suppliers,
And terrorist organizations
in foreign countries.
U.S. and international
law enforcement agencies
Will continue to diligently
pursue leads as they unfold.
Driver? Yes. Who are you?
I'm Sonia Da Silva,
Head of the Brazilian Secret Service.
Here's the file we
received from Washington.
Several kidnapping
attempts have been made
On the president of Brazilian
International Airlines.
The Brazilian Government has requested
Some help from the U.S. government.
The case is yours.