Dark Rising: Bring Your Battle Axe (2007) Movie Script

[music throughout] MAN (chanting):
Danska, Vitara... Leokad... Kucin...Katara... [rustling] Dansk-Vitara... [thunderclap] [rustling] katara-viska... Viska-Ro... [loud cry] [loud cry] [] MAN (reading):
Menda, rotran... -Daddy?
-Summer... You gave me
quite a scare. Sorry daddy. Why aren't you in bed? I couldn't sleep. Listen to me, Summer. Daddy's got a lot
of work to do. Maybe I can help. What language is it? Nothing you've ever heard. Maria? That's mommy right? It's time to go to bed. Please can I stay up
just a little later... Pleeeeassse... Well you could... But if you do... ...then you'll have the
tickle monster to deal with. [laughter] In to bed!
[laughing] Come on,
under the covers. Raaaargh!
[squealing, giggling] There was a
young lady who-- Dad, no singing. But I have such a
beautiful voice. Tell me a story. Summer... A short one. -Promise?
-I promise. Okay, a short one. Now close your eyes. And tell me what kind of
story you want to hear. A monster story! A monster story? But there's no such
thing as monsters. Yes there are! Have you ever seen one? No. See... How about a story
about a Princess... and her father
the King who loves her
very much. Daddy, your female characters come
off a little superficial. Not this one. Because this story the princess was the most
beautiful in all the world. Really?
What did she look like? Well, she had long,
beautiful brown hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes. And her smile was just about the most precious
anyone had ever seen... One day, when she
was all grown up, her prince did come and made her the happiest
princess in the whole land. Why does the Princess need
a Prince to make her happy? Do you want to hear
the story or not? [chuckling] Come on,
lie down. [] MAN (reading):
Menda... Menda-Ro... Menda Rotran Carno Matron. Menda Rotran
Carno Matron. Menda Rotran Carno Matron. Menda Rotran
Carno Matron. [loud boom] Summer? Menda Rotran Carno Matron... Vytal Krank Overt Mantron. Vytal Krank...
Overt Mantron. [loud boom] [] [rumbling] Oh, damn. [loud crash] [rumbling] [clock chimes] [rumbling] Daddy? Summer! [scream] [animal roaring] [clock ticking] [clock chimes] [chimes slow down] [machines beeping] [indistinct voices] Her body might not
take the strain. It's still in
its testing phase. [girl whimpering] What if she dies? [indistinct voices continue] [rapid beeping] WOMAN (annoyed):
Earth to sleeping beauty! You coming or what? MAN:
You know... It's not so much that
women are evil... it's not. It's just that men... ...as in, me... men. Well, we've gotten soft. We are a society of men
raised by women and we're a bunch
of pussies. Pardon my language. I mean look at me. I'm sitting here and I'm staring at the ring
I gave my high school sweetheart and I'm damn near tears. It's really pathetic. And I bet you're wondering
what I'm doing with it. Well, my high school
sweetheart decided we were
finished... so she packaged
up the ring and she sent it to
me in the mail. No explanationay! Just a sparkling ring in
a clean white envelope. Now you tell me... Is that fucked up or what? Yeah, that's fucked up. I want you to have it. Before I give
this to you, I want you to
remember something. Every time you
look at this ring I want
you to remember something... One day you're going to
meet someone special. And you guys are going to
have a lot of good times and a lot of
good memories... And then one day you're
going to think... you're going to be wrong, but
you're going to think it... I wonder if there is someone
else out there for me, I wonder if I
deserve better? And I want you to
remember that you don't. You don't deserve better. Okay? You got that? I'm sorry,
I'm rambling. I'm sure somebody
out there said a helluva lot better
than I just said it. Probably like Shakespeare. Or Kevin Smith. Oooh, Nickelback... But it hurts, man. You know, it really hurts. Take the ring. And remember what
I told you, okay? Give me my ring back. [] [] I told you so didn't I? What? I tried to warn you. I tried to warn you, but
nobody listens to Ricky. Can we just drop it? What a whore.
Oh dude, it's still fresh. What a bitch? Better. You're going to
feel really silly, when we get back
together though. Are you serious? That's sad.
That's very sad. Shut up.
Please. I thought you said there
were going to be models. There's models.
They're inside. Well, let's go in. I'm tired, man. I'm taking a break. You're taking a break? What is it that you do that you need to
take a break from? See that's
the thing... Working with
models, it's harder than it looks. I mean... They bitch, they complain,
they eat like pigs. You wouldn't think
it looking at them, but they're machinges, man... they eat everything before
I even get a chance to-- And don't do that. Do what? Judge. Don't judge me. Are you done? Yeah, I'm done. Can we go in now? Let's go. [] Yeah, real hard
work Ricky. Don't judge. Hi, Ricky. You shoot porn, man... Keep it down, man. There's no pornography
going around here... do you see anything here that
even resembles pornography, because I don't. This is a commercial shoot
for a chat line service; a legitimate business with
legitimate requirements. And one of those requirements
just so happens to be a very pretty lady,
dressed provocatively pretending to talk
on the phone. Why? Why Ricky? I knew you'd ask. To entice the viewer watching
at home to pick up the phone and call the number that will appear at the
bottom of their screen. And sure it caters
to the male, 18 to 35 year old
demographic but that's neither
here nor there. There is nothing
pornographic about it... All right? Sorry dude. Hey Christy...
can you... lube those tits up a little
bit for me please? Sure Ricky. Thanks, you're the best. Besides, the money's
not nearly as good. Whatever you say, dude. Don't judge. Christy...you ready
to make some magic? Ricky, what's my motivation? Motivation? I don't know. Like, why am I doing
what I'm doing? Yeah, I'm aware of what
motivation means, thanks. The phone isn't
even plugged in. Aren't people going to notice? You're right, dude. This is hard work. Fuck you. Annnnnnd ACTION! [cell phone rings] (mouthing)
Sorry. Sorry. Hello?
Hello? Hello? Hey Marlene. Is she coming? Good to hear from you too. I'm doing fine
thanks for asking. I'm sorry Marlene. How are you? Well,yesterday in
Yoga, there was-- Is she coming? Well, it just so
happen you're in luck. I was able to convince
your lovely ex-fiance to join us on your
little camping trip. [mouthing words] Are you sure? I'm pretty sure. I'm staring at her right now. Does she look pretty? You know she does. How did you manage
to get her to come? Well, let's just say
that I have my ways. Thank you so much. Marlene...
I owe you. I owe you. No. No, you really don't. No, I really appreciate... Hello? Hello? [giggling] [] I don't understand how you
could be so mean to Jason. Renee? Jesus, you scared me. When you called you said something
about weird dreams that you were having. Nightmares. The same ones over
and over again. For how long? Well... Ever since I've
been coming here. Please, describe
your dream. Well... I'm strapped to a table
and there are these weird... Things. I can't really explain it. But they're watching me. And they're doing
these tests on me. What kind of tests? Sounds like an
S&M dream to me. That's hot. It felt so real. Is there anything else you can
remember about your dream? Any details about
your surroundings? Anything at all... No. I'm sorry... What do you
suppose it means? Why is it
happening to me? Renee, when you first
came into this store, I could see there was
something special about you. You're in touch
with an energy, a spirituality
if you will.. I don't know how
to say this... But there are some
people, like you, who are windows to the
infinite possibilities. And there are others... ...who are more like doors. Thick and wooden doors. Do you think I'm tapped
into another world? Maybe. Or it could be nothing
more than a dream. But it seemed so real. I did say that the dark arts
shouldn't be taken lightly. Maybe you're just not ready
for this level of magiks. Maybe we should scale back-- No, I know I'm ready
for the next step... Trust me I'm ready. I'm sure I'm ready. Listen... Remember that place you
were telling me about. Well, we'd like
to try a seance. That girl that went
missing years ago... Her name was Summer. Well, we'd like to
try and contact her. Any suggestions? Renee... I'm ready. Big book. Top shelf. But Renee... You gotta be careful. Contacting the
other side-- Thanks. You've always been
a great teacher... God Renee, why are
we even doing here? Everything's so
goddamn old. We're in a used
bookstore Jasmine. What do you expect? I don't
get it. Can't you get
something new? If you want the goods you've got to get
the real-deal. I'm too short. I got it. Just reach up here. Stop it. Aren't you guys
taking this new age lesbian witch
thing a bit too far? I'm bi. Since when? Since two weeks ago. What can I say? I'm a witch. More like a sexy
bitch if you ask me. 'Cause that's the
way you like me. Hey, wait... It has an inscription. "To my dearest, Vincent. Yours forever, Maria." How sweet. Yeah. Ain't love grand. They're probably
divorced by now. Nice, Jasmine. Nice. Sixteen-fifty please. Renee, listen... Your friends think
you're playing a game, these aren't toys... If you're not careful, you're all in for a whole
different world of hurt. If this book is as
dangerous as you say it is, then why the hell are
you selling it to us? I need the money. Oh, and my life to you is
worth sixteen dollars? Whatever, old man. Actually I said you
were all in danger. That works out to
five dollars a piece. [giggling] Oh... the map. I almost forgot. I'm going to need a map
to get to this place. There you go. So this place... It has a lot of energy to it. Powerful energy. You'll feel it.
I guarantee it. Perfect. Thanks. No... Thank you. [indistinct voices] VOICE: She has reacted well
to our initial tests. The isotopes are
integrating with her DNA. Shall I continue? VOICE: Do it. [] [] I've got a good feeling
about this, buddy... [tuning radio] Just pick a station! Just need a moment
alone with her. Get things back on track. Are you sure you're
reading her right? I mean, I think she
made it pretty clear. We've been through
hell and back together. You mean high school? We can get through this too. If you say so. [] Yeehoo! [] [] Does he even suspect? Not even a little. You are sooooo evil. Oh yeah. Oh Jason... Oh yeah! Oh, you're so good! Yeah! Don't stop! Right there! Oh! Jason! [] Please don't let
there be bears. Please don't let
there be bears. What do you think
you're doing? I was going to go
talk to Jasmine. No you weren't. -I wasn't?
-No. What you're going to do
is give her some time and let things
happen naturally. Naturally. Yeah... That sounds good,
all right. Yeah. When the
time is right. Okay,
thanks Marlene. I appreciate it. Hey. Naturally. [indistinct noises] [water dripping throughout] [chains clanging] [mechanical noises] [heavy door shuts] VOICE:
The test begins now. [siren starts] [animal growling] [woman screaming] [] [] Hey!
Lover Boy! A little help! Sorry. Sorry. If you stare any harder you're going to burn a
hole right through her. Is it that obvious? She doesn't deserve you. You know
that, right? Does anyone
deserve anything? BOTH: Yes! You treated this
girl like gold. No pussy can
be that good. No offense. High school
sweethearts, Rick. My parents were high
school sweethearts and they made
it work. Why should it be any
different with us? I know we can
make this work. I love her. And that's all
that matters. And what if she
doesn't love you? Pass me that
spike, Rick? Are you guys
almost done? When are we
going to party? Pass me a beer. Thanks. Cheers. [] [] [] Do you think they
are watching? Of course. Help me out. Dude. [] I know. No. You don't know. You put a telephone
in her hand and a 900 number
across her ass... We make billions. 'Ricky get off me,
I can't breathe...' ...and she said 'are you sure that's
not a telephone in your pants?' And I was like... no way, baby. That's all Ricky! That's all Ricky
right there! [laughter] I don't believe
that... You don't
believe it? That's crazy. It's the truth. I swear to God
it's the truth. Damn that's funny. Good times. Good times. So, I'm not the only one,
who else has got a story? I do. You got one
boy-scout? Yeah, I've got an
embarrassing story. Let's hear it. I'll try my best. Jasmine, you might
remember this one. It's when
Jasmine was staying at her all girl
residency... Jason... No! Sounds juicy! And she wasn't allowed
to have guests... let alone a male guest
wandering the halls un-escorted... On this particular morning Jasmine had
gone to class already and she locked me in the
room, alone, obviously. And do you ever have
one of those mornings where you've got to go to
the bathroom really bad? Really bad. Well, this was one
of those mornings. And uh... I didn't want to
get her in trouble and try and get
out of the room and wander the halls,
she's going to get in trouble. So what do I do? I grab an empty
plastic water bottle. Oh snap!
You didn't. I did, dude, and that's
not the half of it. I mean, I had the
morning wood as well. So, there I am,
strategically placing the head of my penis into this water bottle, and I start pissing. And I think I'm in
the free and clear and I've got this thing beat but then, all of a sudden,
my hand starts burning because my piss is so hot. I'm sitting there going
[high-pitched shreik] ...like,
and the water bottle... my piss is so hot... that the, the... plastic of the water bottle...
is like, melting... So there I am...
[shreiking noise] And I don't want to drop it because I'll get piss
all over Jasmine's floor, right? [laughing, words unclear] Come on! What? That's gross. Dude... Don't ever tell
that story again. -Dude I--
-Ah-ah! No! Ever again. [chuckling] Ever. I thought it was funny. And on that note... Okay my little witches... let's get witching. It's about time. So, Jasmine... We'll talk later, right? Sure Jay. Later. -Cool.
-We'll talk. Cool. I have a good
feeling about this. [animal roaring in distance] [] [door opens, siren starts] [chain clanging] [] [] Vicnam Hochac... Vicnam Hochac... [stumbling over words] [chuckling] Are you even
pronouncing that right? I don't know. I think so. This sucks. Hold on. I'll find another one. [sigh] What's that? I don't know. It looks like a
translation of a passage, spelled out phonetically. What's it for? I don't know. -Only one way to find out.
-Hey! Give me that. Menda Rotran
Carno Matron! Vytal Krank
Overt Mantron! It's only going to work if
we're all saying it together. Come on... ALL:
Menda Rotran Carno Matron... Vytal Krank Overt Mantron! I think we
contacted a cricket. I think we read it wrong. For all we know
it's Polish for "this book is
a waste of time". Summer Vale... We are calling you... If you're out there... Show us yourself. Contact us by
making a noise. Ooooooooo... Reneeeeeee.... [girls laughing] Forget it. This witch stuff sucks. Well... what are we going
to do instead? Come on Renee. Aren't you even the
least bit curious? Yeah, Renee. It'll be fun. You know... the power of three
and all that crap. Sorry girls... call me old fashioned,
but I likes me the penis. What on earth for? And you call
yourself a witch. [giggling] Don't wait up. [laughing] Menda Rotran
Carno Matron... Matron Krank
Overt Mantron. [sigh] Forget it... [siren starts] [siren dies down] [man breathing heavily] [] VOICE ON INTERCOM:
The knife. Pick it up. [] VOICE: This is the
spawn of the Kellipoth. It will kill you if you
do not kill it first. [] [] [] [struggling, grunting] [] [struggling, grunting] [] [struggling, grunting] [struggling, grunting] [struggling, grunting] [struggling, grunting] [] [] You're being
quiet again. Oh... Sorry. Guess I've been thinking. It's just... You ever just know when
something is right. It's in your gut! Yeah, yeah.
Sure thing buddy. I'm talking about destiny. Jasmine and I were
meant for each other. I know that wherever
we are in the world, no matter what I'm doing... When I look up at the moon... I know that she's
looking up at that same moon with me. [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] At some point you have to
put your trust in Ricky, and realizing what I'm
saying is the truth. Whatever dude. I mean, it's like
the old saying goes, there's so many more
hot fish in the sea. I know Ricky, I know. Oh, hey Renee. So where's
Jasmine... ...and Marlene? They're having a moment. Are they coming? Probably as we speak. Any luck with the voodoo? No. Nothing. Not even a-- [loud boom] What the hell was that? Sounded like thunder. That's weird. I didn't even see
any rain clouds. [] [] [monster breathing heavily] We should go and see
if Jasmine's okay. Marlene's out there too. You're right. Jasmine must be scared. If there's going to
be a storm we should-- Hey!
They'll be fine... Let's just
go back and sit-- [scream] Jasmine? Jasmine! Jasmine? Jasmine! Jasmine? Jasmine! -Jasmine!
-Jason! Marlene! Jason, over here! Marlene! Over here! Oh my god... Oh god! Jasmine! Oh my god!
What happened? Jasmine was
bitten by something and I don't
know what. Jason please, we
need to help her. I love her. I know. So do I. Jasmine... Ricky!
Get over here! What happened? She was attacked. Stay back guys,
give her some air. Was it a bear? Are we trespassing... Bears are territorial, right? No. It wasn't a bear. Look at that bite.
Look at that bite. I'm pretty sure it
had to be a bear. It wasn't a goddamn bear! There, there Jasmine.
It's going to be okay. Jason? Jason, what happened? Last thing I remembered
was Marlene and I-- Shhhhhh. Save your strength. Save your strength. We've got to
get out of here. We've got to get
her to a hospital. There's not a
hospital for miles. Ummmm... Guys? Are your cell phones working? Cause mine is dead. As in no signal? No... As in dead. No signal. No power. Mine too. Mine's not working either. Okay. What are we going to do? We need to think
of something quick. We need to think of something. Okay. We need a plan. Obviously, there's something
dangerous out there so we should
stay by the fire and hopefully it will
stay far enough away. Hopefully?
I'm sorry dude. I'm not sticking around
while some vengeful bear picks us all
off one by one. Bears don't work like that. Thanks forest ranger. How the hell do you know? It wasn't a goddamn bear! Okay, we'll just get in
our cars and go home. We'll take Jasmine with us. And we'll take
her to the hospital. Any objections? Renee?
No. Marlene? Marlene? [laboured breathing] [quiet growling] [scream] [quiet growling] [quiet growling] I won't let you hurt her. [gasping] [metal clanging] [loud battlecry] [] [] [loud battlecry] [] Who are you? [loud battlecry] [animal squealing] Jason. Jason, wake up. Jasmine. Yes, darling. It's me. Oh, Jasmine... What happened? You took a nasty
bump to the head. But it's okay... I'll take care of you. Everything's going
to be just fine. I thought we lost you. Never, I'll always
be there for you. Oh, Jason... Oh, Jasmine... Jason... who is this bitch and why aren't you
fantasizing about me? Jason, wake up man, wake up! Huh, what? What's going on? Holy shit Jay! We're screwed! -Calm down.
-CALM DOWN?! Let me catch you up to
speed, little buddy! We are dead! Your girlfriend
has been attacked, now she's bleeding
all over the place. Marlene's been
ripped in half. And to top it all off,
the car engines... They're all dead too. Damn it. What? How do you know that? Huh? How do you know that? How do you know the
car engines are dead? I tried them all, man.
I tried them all. We're not going anywhere. What do you mean
you tried them all? Ricky, you were going to
take us with you, right? Screw you, man!
Screw you! There's a monster
out there... Okay... okay...
Cool cool. Where's Renee? I don't know. Haven't seen her
since the attack. I think it got her too. How long have
I been out? Half hour? Are you sure Jasmine's okay? Hey, yeah. I've been watching
over both of you. She's bleeding. I patched her up,
but she's fighting. She fighting. Hey, hey, hey... I put Marlene's body
in the trunk though. Why? So it wouldn't
attract the animals. Good. Good thinking. Did you see her? -Huh?
-The girl. She had the swords. She was doing like
the Hiya stuff... It was incredible. You would have remembered
her if you had seen her. Hey! You're
hallucinating, man. You're hallucinating. Get a grip. Yeah, yeah you're
probably right. We should go look
for her though. Look for who? Renee. We should look for Renee. Yeah. Listen, hey... I'll stay here and
look after Jasmine. But you should go. Okay. And if that thing
comes back, you start yelling
and I'll start running. To come help right? Of course. To come help. [quietly]
Renee? Renee? Ren-- [] [quietly]
Dammit. [] FATHER: My dearest Summer,
why aren't you in bed? Daddy...? Where the hell
is she going? [] [] [] [] [door opening] [distant clock chiming] Sorry, I was look-- ...looking for a friend. You are real. And you're a man. Are you a prince? A prince...?
No, I'm Jason. Prince Jason? No... Just Jason. Oh. Well then,
Just Jason... I am Princess Summer Vale. Huntress of Demons... Warrior of Worlds. The Scourge... of the Sinful. And what may I ask are
you doing in my bedroom? Your bedroom? This is YOUR bedroom? Yes... At one point it was... I can't believe
I'm back. Back? From where? A world very different
from this one. One of magic and
mystery and... It's a long story. That's okay. I like stories. Good... ...Just Jason. Me too. You've been fighting
those things since you were
a little girl? I have been fighting them for as long as
I can remember. Are there others like
you where you come from? Like me? No. I am the
only Princess. And the monsters? The Kelippoth. Of the Sitra Achra. There are hundreds
where I come from. Jesus Christ, how
did you ever survive? By the grace of God. My father. Who art in heaven. Holy is his name. Thy...
Thy... Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done? You know the words? Yes. You will teach
the words to me? You will help me remember
the words of my father? Yes. You are a prince. Just Jason... At your service. Summer, I need your
help with something. I don't understand. Are you not a man? Well, yeah... Then why would
you need my help? Um... okay... you mean like a man-man. How do I say this? I'm still very much
into the ladies, but also in touch with
my sensitive side... you know like hair
products... things like this. Okay...
I need your help. Getting back to it, I'm
looking for someone. Her name is Renee and she-- [loud commotion] Oh my God!
What's wrong? Make it stop!
How? Summer, please. Tell me how
to help you. Whatever's doing this
to me is outside. Follow the river... Okay... Okay. I'm going to go find
whatever's doing this to you and I'm going to make it stop. Please Jason. Help me. I will. I promise. I'll be right back. [loud cry] [woman crying] Renee? Are you okay? I did this.
It's all my fault. It's all my fault. What are you talking about? I was stupid. I'm so sorry. Marlene... Oh my God, Marlene! She's dead... That thing
ripped her apart! Renee... calm down. It's alright. It's alright... It's alright?
Marlene's okay? No... Marlene is still dead.
But... Oh my God... Renee, you have to tell me
what the hell is going on. The girls and I... We were just fooling around. We wanted to do some magic. We wanted to talk to
a little dead girl. And instead we brought
that monster here. We brought him here, Jason! Do you hear me? We brought him here! Little dead girl? Summer Vale. She died twenty years ago. Are you sure? Oh Jason, what are
we going to do? Is this the book? Yeah, and I thought
that if I read from it I could send the monster
back to wherever it came from. The Kellipoth. The what? Come on.
We have to go. Go where? Let's go. You can't read from
this book anymore, okay. You're hurting her. Hurting who? What are
you talking about? Summer. Summer Vale.
She's not dead. She's... in the bed. We... And then she... Let me show you. There is a girl Renee,
you have to believe me. She's right... She was right here. Jason... RICK:
I always consider myself
to be a manly guy. I work out regular. Enjoy the odd porn. Work hard. Play hard. Figured that when
push came to shove, I'd stand up. Stay strong.
[sigh] Be a hero. [twig snaps, loon calls] Jay? Renee? Anybody? Ricky, keep it together man. [sigh]
Some hero you turned out to be. [groan] Jasmine! Hey... Hey... We were worried
sick about you. Jason? No. It's Ricky. Here...
Try to sit up. Drink some water. Thanks Ricky. Yeah.
You okay? Ricky... Yeah? I'm hot. Oh my god,
Summer! Please... Don't hurt me. Please God... She must pay for what
she's done to me. Princess...
Please... She didn't know
what she was doing. And evidently neither do I. I'm sorry... I didn't know... I thought you were dead. We were given a book and told
we could contact a little girl who died years ago. Who gave you the book? Yeah... Who gave you
the book, Renee? Tell her who gave
you the book! A man who runs a bookstore.
He gave it to me. He told me everything!
I swear. Oh god, please.
I'm so sorry. You okay? [] [] It was my father's book. This was my father's study... Are you sure? There's an inscription... From my mother. He was translating
a passage when... Princess...
what happened? I can not remember. I can not remember anything... I am Princess Summer Vale. Huntress of... Warrior of... Warrior of Worlds. Scourge of the Sinful. Thank you. You're welcome. We're gonna figure this
whole thing out Princess. Summer! I think I know
what's going on. My dreams and everything. How dare you speak to me
like a common peasant! Disrespectful. I apologize for her stupidity. Your Highness. I believe I have
dreamt of you before. Yeah... Me too. What kind of dreams? Yeah, Renee... what kind of dreams? Well, they weren't
dreams at all. They were your
lost memories. I was hand picked to
make contact with you. There is some
connection between us. Tell me what you know. They ran tests on you. And they were
torturing you. I can not remember... I can not remember that. I mean... What do you
remember, Princess? I remember I was
being chased. Then there was a
bright flash and... The next thing I remember was saving your life
from the Kellipoth. Have I thanked
you for that yet? I don't think so. Thank you. And before that? Before that...
I... Why can't I remember? Princess... Let me try to
help you remember. Thank you. Now give me your hands. And close your eyes... [clatter] Jason! Sorry. Carry on. Summer... Listen to the
sound of my voice. You are in
a safe place. It is only us... And we are one... [indistinct voices] [battlecry] Yours forever, Maria. A noise. Daddy! Summer! [scream] Daddy... Help! Noooooooo! Daddy... Summer... I'm so sorry. It will work. We can send us back. What? I know... We can't send you back. You don't even know
what happened to you! I know enough. Renee, what is
she talking about? We go back
to the campsite and arm ourselves with
whatever we can find. We read from the book,
open the portal, and send the demon back. It's going to work. Then what? Then we make our final stand. [loud scream] Summer! Renee... Stop it! I'm not doing anything! My back. There's something's
in my back. It hurts. What's inside of me? There's something's
under your skin. It's glowing. Cut it out. You have to cut it out of me! -Do it!
-Okay. Oh, Ricky... Thanks for taking
care of me. You're such a big,
strong man. No problem Jazzy. Anything for a friend.
You know that. Look at
these things... I'll bet you could hold a
woman down if you wanted to. Yeah, I probably could. And she couldn't get up
even if she wanted to. Umm... Jazzy... I-- Ricky... Make love to me. This is crazy. Do it! This is really going
to hurt, though. Get it out of me! Okay. Hold her down. [groaning, stifled cries] Did you get it yet? Not quite. Wow. It's in
there really good... AUUUUUUGH! Give me that. Got it. You okay? Wow. It's a tracking device. Wait! Who's tracking you? I think we both know. Never-mind.
Dammit. That was intense. I don't know about you two, but I could use a
breath of fresh air. Jason... Yeah? It's behind me, isn't it? Run! I shouldn't. Come on,
stop! We shouldn't do this. You're my best
friend's girl. Please stop. Ricky... I want you to pin
me down... And I want you
to fuck me. Let's roll. Renee, wait! Wait! What? Where's Summer? How the hell should I know? We've got to go
back for her. Jason... That thing is after us! Summer can take
care of herself. She saved my life. I have to go back. I'm a man, Renee. Since when? It's a new thing. I'm...
Trying it out. You brought this
demon here. We owe this to her. Okay. Fine.
Let's go. Okay, let's go. [growling] Jason... Are you sure you know
what you're doing? No.
Not really. [battlecry] Thank you. Oh shit. -Nooooo!
-Jason! My axe! [grunting] We must go. That won't keep
it down for long. Stop. You think we lost it? No. It will heal itself. It will keep coming. Are you bitten? No...
Not even a scratch. Good. Or else as much as it
would pain me to do so, I would have to kill you. Kill me? Why? Summer... What happens if
you're bitten? It's how the
Kellipoth reproduces. Once you are bitten,
you become its spawn. Part of the Kingdom of Shells. BOTH: Jasmine. Yeah, oh baby! I want your seed. What? Did you just say
you want my seed? I'm not really ready for kids,
and under the circumstances, your my best friend's
girl, there's a monster... You're all bloody... I figured it was just
about a couple people blowing off some steam... not planned
parenthood... Silence. Woah... Everybody stop. What's the problem, Jason? The problem... Princess... Is that we are heading
back to the campsite to kill a dear
friend of mine. Someone I care
for a great deal. You still care for this
Jasmine, more than her? Yes. I still... It must be done. It must be done. I still love her. Is this true? Damn it Jay. How blind do you
have to be? Jasmine doesn't love you. Maybe she did once, but
she doesn't anymore. God, sometimes guys
can be so blind. But we're soulmates, Renee. Dammit, Jay! She doesn't love you! Okay... Jasmine and Marlene have been screwing behind
your back for months now. I'm sorry what? They are lesbians. And they have been laughing
at you this entire time. We should have
told you earlier. Sorry. Who else knows about this? Just me... I swear. Pass me the axe. I do not understand. You will explain
it to me? Women... [moaning] Ricky!
Get away from her! Woah. Jay, Dude.
I'm so sorry. It just happened.
It just happened. Ricky! Now I'm going to
have to kill you. But I said I was sorry. Ricky, did Jasmine
bite you? No... Why? [roar] What the hell? She's a lesbian. Could have fooled me. [roar] She fooled me too. And now she has to die. What the hell
is going on? [roar] Can you guys give me a
second alone with her? Jason, are you sure
you want to do this? Please. Who the hell are
you supposed to be? [roaring] [roaring] Well... here we are. [roaring] Before I kill you though... I want you to be
honest with me. Just once. [roaring] Did you ever love me? All those times that
we held each other until the sun rose... What the hell did that
mean to you, Jasmine? [roaring] Come on Jasmine, I know
you're in there somewhere. Just tell me... What happened with us? Where did we go wrong? Jason... Poor Jason... We were high school
sweethearts... We were kids... And every time
I looked at you, I saw how small my life was. I gave you everything I had. Yeah... But then I turned
twenty-three... What do you see now, Jasmine? A man. That's right, baby. But not just a man. A man with an axe. You can turn back now. [roaring] [battlecry] You think he's okay? [screaming] Hey, Jay..
Are you okay? [shouting]
I'm...oh...kay... He's okay. [] So let me get
this straight... Renee's going to try
and reopen the portal to the dimension that
the demon came from. Jay and Summer are going
to force the demon back into the portal... And what exactly is
it that Ricky's doing? We have gone over this. You know what
you're doing, Ricky. Let me say it out
loud so it sticks. I'm the bait? You got it. Balls to that. You're a man. Be a man. What the hell is that
supposed to mean? You're so tough...
Why don't you do it? Because I need
to make sure that the Demon goes
back into the portal. None of you can go
head to head with it. Fine. What about her? I can read some
stupid magic trick! Why don't you do it? Because the second I turn my
back you screw my girlfriend. She was a demon! You didn't know
that at the time. Please...
It was so obvious. And yet you
still screwed her. She was an
incredible witch. Crazy powers. Ricky, you can do this. I don't know if I can... We got to move on this. And if you're not
going to go... Then I will. I'll go. Wait. Wait. I'll do it. I'll go. For once in my life
I'll be the hero. Wish me luck. Good luck. Good luck. Go with God. She has to say
'go with God'. Shit. Do you think he'll make it? He has to. Oh boy. Are we gonna do this or what? Hello? Mister demon? Ricky here. The guy from the camp... Yeah, I think we can
work something out... Just don't sneak
up on me, okay? I just want to-- [nonsensical cry] [sigh] Oh shit... [loud scream] Sounds like your
friend has failed. You know what that means. Yup. My turn. Good luck. Thanks. If I don't come back... You will. Run fast. Like the wind. But if I don't, I just
wanted to say... thank you. For what? For just Jason. Good-bye my princess. You know... He's really sweet-- He's coming!
He's coming! Start reading. Menda Rotran Carno Matron... [suspenseful music throughout] Are you ready? Atta-- [screaming] Oh shit. [pained cries] ...Carno Matron... Renee... Read faster! Menda Rotran Carno Matron... Vytal Krank Overt Matron. Guys, I think it's working. [pained cry] Hey! Over here! Come and get me! Renee! [cracking bones]
No! Damn you! [groaning] [cracking bones] [battlecry] I'll kill you! [] [thumping, groaning] [groaning] [silence] SUMMER: That was the
last time I saw him... ...Jason, my prince... my savior. What he did for me... His sacrifice meant that
I could have a new life. A life in this world. A world without monsters. A world full of hope... A world full of infinite
possibilities... That was almost year ago. Since then, I have found nothing more
about my lost memories... Nothing more about those
who tortured and trained me to be an ultimate
killing machine. What I have realized is that this world
is not so different than the one
I grew up in. It is a world with
different demons... Different monsters... And different battles... MAN: Summer,
could you be a doll and arch your back
a bit for me? Play to the camera? You know... playful. Sure Andrew.
Whatever you say. Playful. Thanks doll. You look great. Thank you. SUMMER: But one day
my prince will come. And we will live
happily ever-- [loud rumble and crackling] [suspenseful music] Summer... Jason... I need
your help. Wow, you look
really good. Thanks...
So do you. What happened?
How did you-- I can't stop it. It's adapted... Jason, what
are you saying? Summer... it's coming... And it's not alone. [growling] [loud thunder] [] I love you. I love you. [] [] Summer Vale:
Codename Princess... We're here to help. Darling...
Hand me my axe. []