Dark River (2017) Movie Script

And away.
- Getting a full one?
- Yeah. We've got to get a full one.
I hate 'em without handles.
I know.
- Do you want me to...
- No, it's all right, I got it. Okay.
- Your wages.
- Yeah, thanks.
Was it something we said?
Er, we um...
My dad died.
Oh, Alice.
When you're ready to come back...
Probably not coming back.
He... promised farm to me.
- That's good news, isn't it?
- Yeah, yeah, be good, yeah.
Be good to settle.
You know, see my brother and...
Well, there'll always be
a place for you here.
# My father left me an acre of land
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# My father left me an acre of land
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# I ploughed it with a ram's horn
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# And sowed it all over with one peppercorn
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing ivy
# I sent it home in a walnut shell
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# And thrashed it with a goose's quill
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing ivy #
Hey. Shh.
Who are you, eh?
Oh. You're one of Fly's, are you?
Oh, stop!
Come on!
It's not gonna be that cold. Come on!
Oh, my God, look at that. That's awesome.
I am not getting in that.
Who's going in first?
You are.
Come on, guys!
To be fair, I wouldn't mind going in.
Come on!
Hey, hey, hey! Shh.
Oh, God.
Oh, lassie.
Let me see.
I'll get gun, eh? Let's get you sorted.
Shh, Billie, Billie.
- Shh. Shh. Shh.
- She bred out of Fly, is she?
Eh? Er...
Erm...no, no, she's...
I paid good money for her - 500, like.
I've wasted her. She's... She's more of
an alarm system than a working dog.
Needs an owner that can do better for you,
don't you?
Where were you?
- I were contracted...
- Don't.
You don't need to chat shit.
I'm here now.
And what good is that?
Really? I mean, it's too late now, innit?
He's gone.
- I've been driving all night.
- Where's key for gun cabinet?
- I've got to get my head down.
- There's a yow needs culling.
- I'm not giving you my gun.
- Well, better get up there, hadn't you?
I haven't seen you for 15 years.
I'll wait with her.
Can you call knacker man?
It's all right.
Be over soon.
All right.
Stay there.
You all right, love?
Yeah. She's broke her leg. She's done for.
It's David. Spider.
Yeah, it's her left one.
20, is it?
You didn't know I were knacker man, did you?
- I got out of farming a while back now.
- You said 20, did you?
- Your Joe still hanging on, is he?
- Yeah.
He's proper fucked now, in't he?
No, he's all right, actually.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know where to find me.
Where you stopping?
Don't be daft. Stop in house.
Go on, hold my hand.
Go on, then. Take one step. One step.
No, no, you gotta hold my hand properly.
Erm...I've made you summat to eat.
Erm...I'm not hungry. It's fine.
Go on, then.
I expect you've been all over, then.
Yeah, well, er... there's a circuit,
you know.
- New Zealand, Norway.
- Yeah?
Anywhere there's sheep.
- Want one? No?
- No.
you've seen the world.
Well, you must have been some places.
To pick up spuds.
I used to get over to Ireland.
On wagons, like.
Yeah, it were great.
Ferry and that.
Most of the time, just been grafting here,
you know what it's like.
And looking after Dad.
I've applied for tenancy.
Interview's tomorrow.
I'll do hard graft. You can...
You can give up lorries.
Dad promised it to me.
Sorry? Am I fucking losing it?
You know he were asking for you, don't you?
Oh, yeah. He kept on asking,
"When's she coming?"
And I had to...
Well, I had to lie to him, didn't I?
I had to make shit up on your behalf.
Um...will you get out, please?
- Get out.
- Joe...
Please, can you just get out?
- You're early.
- Rowan Spender.
Lead the way.
What you doing?
This is land agent.
Water Corporation sent him.
Rowan Spender.
Fuck off. I don't care who you are.
You can fuck off out my house.
Oh, um... We can go in there.
You know, technically,
the farm should go to me.
You know that, don't you?
We don't seem to have received
your application.
Fuck off with your applications!
I swear to fucking God, I've grafted
on this land since I could walk.
We do expect our tenant
to maintain our properties better.
- Bib-bib-bib-bib-bib!
- Joe.
Is that right?
And what would you know about it, eh?
I mean, where do they find
little boys like you?
Dressed in little uniforms,
pottering about like a little pussy.
You come here, treat me like I'm some
rare breed out of a fucking textbook!
It's all fucking assets
and lifestyle to you lot, ain't it?
- Sorry about that.
- No. No, no, no.
You're all selfish fucking twats!
- So...
- I'm sorry.
The land's in poor condition.
Barn roof and the mortar need replacing
or you could be found
in breach of your contract.
And the rats are a problem.
Look... my dad and my brother have
done their best but they've let it go.
I wanna sort it...
get it back to how it were
when my mum and Nanna ran it.
And what is the situation with your brother?
Erm... well, we can work it together.
- He's not done a very good job of...
- No, I know, I know, but I'll sort it.
Look, he's just...
he's not himself with my dad... dying.
If you make a start fixing the holding up.
Maintaining boundaries, deal with vermin...
I'd say you're in with a very good chance.
Thank you.
Away. Away.
Lie down. Lie down.
Lie down. Lie down, Billie.
Hey, Joe.
She's dead intelligent.
Reckon I could train her up.
No, it's too late now.
I should have come back.
But I just...
I couldn't face him.
Did he suffer?
Yeah, he did.
Away. Away.
Away. Lie down.
Lie down.
Come by.
Come by. Come by.
Come by.
What are you doing?
- I'm doing rats.
- No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, don't do that.
- Why?
No, no, there's owls in here.
Up there, there's fledglings.
- There.
- Oh, wow.
Oh, there...
- Shh.
- Been a while.
We should cut that field.
I don't cut for silage.
I leave it for hay.
They're all skin and bone.
Come here.
I wanna show you summat.
It's shepherd's needle.
You don't see it very often.
Not round here, anyway.
When it comes through its seed pods,
they look like a needle.
When you cut it for silage,
all you end up doing is...
...killing everything that's under it.
In one acre of hay meadow...
...you've got 400 million insects.
600 million mites.
Two million spiders.
Burnet moths.
Butterflies, bees.
Voles, shrews.
Yeah, yeah...
But, Joe...
silage is better for 'em.
Maybe we just... cut it just this year?
Only take contractor couple of hours.
We can't afford a contractor.
- Look, what if I sell a few lambs?
- No, no. You're not selling my lambs.
- We gotta do summat!
- It's too early! I sell 'em fat!
- Yeah, but it'll grow back.
- I said no! I said no!
I can clip flock, cut bale and wrap silage.
415 all in.
- What are you hoping for?
- 50 a head.
Think you'll get that?
I can do it for 400. Deal?
Yeah. Thanks, Jim.
You'll be right.
- Hup!
Alice! Alice!
- I'd heard you were back.
- Matty! Long time no see.
Aye. And if there's owt
you want, let us know.
Bell. Keld Farm.
- Ta. That's kind of you, Matty.
- I mean it.
- All right, I've gotta go.
- Bell. Keld Farm.
I'm looking for um... 50 per head.
Right, where we gonna be there?
Want 45... 40.
40 B. 40 B. 40 B. 40 B.
40.50. 40.50. 40.50 B.
At 40.50 B. 40.50 B. 40.50.
41.50, 41.50, 41.50, 41.50, 41.50, 41.50.
42, B 42, B 42.
At 42, B 42.50, 42.50, 42.50, 42.50, 42.50.
Last chance. At 42.50
Eight at 42.50
Bad luck, love.
Your Joe won't be too pleased.
Look, tell you what, I'll do job for 300.
Your dad would have wanted me
to look out for you.
It hurt him when you didn't come back.
Thought they'd have gi' you
some time off for funeral.
A lot came. He were well-liked.
Well, Jim, you don't know shite, all right?
- Where you going?
- I'll find someone else.
I'm doing you a favour here!
You won't get anyone else
do it for that money, you know?
You know what? Your mother were
an hard-nosed bitch an' all!
He should have taught both of you
some respect, the soft bastard!
Go on.
- Matty.
- Yeah?
- Shall we crack on?
- Yeah, look, Matty, I'm...
- I'm sorry it's not much. I...
- Don't worry about it.
I don't fucking believe it.
You've sold my fucking lambs, haven't you?
- I only sold eight. Now we can afford...
- It don't matter. No, no, no.
I told you not to and you've fucking done it!
You've been away on shift.
Things have to be done.
I don't care! You've gone behind my back.
I told you not to fucking do it
and you've gone and done it, haven't you?
Selling my lambs to pay your wages now?
Is that how it's going?
- I thought you knew.
- You ain't got enough going on in...
I thought you...
Pack it in! Pack it in!
Don't lay a finger on my sheep
without my say-so.
You're lucky to have her.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine.
- Take your money.
- I don't want it. You can fuck off.
Don't want your charity.
What the fuck are you playing at?
What, are you showing me up
in front of neighbours now?
That the game?
- What you doing with that?
- I thought I'd spray 'em.
I don't spray 'em. I dip 'em.
- Dip's not good for you.
- Well, I dip 'em!
Go on, dip's where it always is.
Get up there.
I've struggled with you being back here.
No, no, I find it hard.
Do you wish I hadn't come?
I've got succession rights and...
I'm gonna claim for tenancy.
Can we talk about this, please?
Keep an eye on her.
Do you like my tattoo?
It's all right, yeah.
Do you like me?
What do you want?
Is someone living in there?
No, it's just for feed and that.
It's your sister, isn't it?
Simon Shawcross.
Acquisitions, North Moors Water.
Can I have a word?
These farms aren't making any money
any more, are they, eh?
We sell quite a few of them on
to property developers now.
There's 100 grand in it for the tenant.
We interviewed your sister. Point is...
...we need the farm back.
So if we er... award the tenancy to you,
technically, she'd be trespassing.
So, you evict her, we buy you out.
Money in your pocket. How's that sound?
I'll er... I'll leave you my number.
Give us a ring.
Get it sorted, yeah?
Hey, listen.
If I am awarded this tenancy,
you'll ha' to go.
- What?
- All right?
I don't understand.
If I'm awarded it, you can stay on,
you can work with me.
Won't work.
No, don't, it's all I got!
Oh, sh...
I'll fucking kill you!
Oh, shit!
Get here!
Oh, fuck!
You can't just bring that down here!
Get it fucking off my land right now!
I ain't fucking about! Get out my way!
Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
- Fuck...
- Steady now.
All right, okay.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on.
Fuck's sa-aake!
Get Nailer, will you?
He's a good ratter, this one.
So, what's up?
Joe lost it last night.
- He tried to set fire to my Land Rover.
- Oh, God.
- He were dead drunk.
- That's just no excuse.
He were arrested.
Matty, it were me that called 'em.
Well, he shouldn't have done it.
So you did right thing.
- I don't...
- He's an idiot. You did the right thing.
Go on.
Ssh. Come on, you.
Where are you?
- Yeah.
- 'Did you go with that lad?'
'You told him? You bastard!'
See what you've done to me?
Go on.
Alice? Alice?
I've gotta go down that police station
every fucking week because of you now.
- You came at me, Joe.
- You tell 'em you come at me with shears?
- Did ya?
- You came at me.
No, you didn't tell 'em that bit, did you?
Get off!
Calm down.
Watch your fucking mouth!
You all right?
- Is that for me, is it?
- It's not for me.
Not here.
Is Mr Bell home?
I need to speak with both of you.
After much consideration,
it has been decided that the tenancy
will be awarded to Joe Bell.
You're mad.
He can't... He can't even look after
himself, never mind a farm.
The decision's been made higher up.
Mr Bell, if you could just sign here
for me, please.
Joe... Joe?
It's nothing personal.
I've... tried so hard. Joe...
Don't take it from me. I've tried...
Stop! Just stop!
All right. How's it ever gonna work?
You're scared...
every time you set foot in the fucking door.
Hey! Hey!
That's it, draw them in, draw them in.
Bring them round. Bring them round.
Oi. What you doing?
Taking 'em to auction.
- Bring 'em round.
- Hey, shh.
Come on, out you get. Hey, come on.
- Hey!
- Hey!
What the fuck are you doing?
Come on.
- Come on.
- Get in there, get in there!
No. You can't.
- You can't do this.
- Fuck's sake!
No, he promised me. No, he promised me.
Just stop it. Stop it! Just stop!
It's finished!
Get in there. Shh, shh. Get in there.
I said, fucking no!
It's okay. It's okay.
You told me not to tell anyone.
Did you think it was something
I ought to be ashamed of?
No, I...
I was trying to protect you.
Why'd you never say owt to him?
I were a child.
Told me to keep quiet.
I were a child.
I saw you go to him.
I just...
I couldn't stand waiting.
Not knowing when he were gonna...
...he were gonna...
Why didn't you stop him?
Why didn't you stop him?
No, no, no!
- What you doing?
- No, no, no.
You evicting me, are you? Are you?
They've bought me out.
That's why they give me tenancy
cos I agreed to a fucking buy-out.
I'm sorry.
- No!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
The dog's in with the sheep!
Alice. Alice.
Fucking dog!
Alice, come here!
Alice, won't say owt, will you?
Fucking dog.
No! Diesel!
- Diesel!
- Diesel!
- Get off!
- Hey, what are you doing?
Oh, no.
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no.
Help him! Help him!
Can I come and see you again?
Can I?
# My father left me an acre of land
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# My father left me an acre of land
# Sing holly, go whistle and ivy
# I ploughed it with a ram's horn
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# And sowed it all over with one peppercorn
# Sing holly, go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing ivy
# I sent it home in a walnut shell
# Sing ivy, sing ivy
# And thrashed it with a goose's quill
# Sing holly, go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing holly
# Go whistle and ivy
# Sing ivy