Dark Sense (2019) Movie Script

[pleasant piano music]
- [Woman] Simon,
your tea is ready!
[pleasant piano music]
And remember to wash your hands.
[pleasant piano music]
[ominous music]
[ghostly whispering]
[ghostly whispering]
[unsettling music]
- [Man] Simon!
[dramatic music]
[horn honking]
- Father!
- Gentlemen, please excuse us.
- No problem, Father.
- Good afternoon, Simon.
- Father, you have to go.
Someone's coming to hurt you.
- Come.
Did you see something
again, Simon?
- He's going to hurt you.
- Simon,
these visions of yours,
they don't always come true.
- You have to go now,
he's coming for you.
- Who's coming?
- [Hooded Man] Father!
You let this happen!
[ominous music]
You knew!
I told you I'd kill him!
- Simon, go!
Into the vestry and
lock the door!
Quickly now!
My son, you're in
God's house now.
[eerie music]
- [Hooded Man] Your punishment
for your killing him!
[Father groaning]
[ominous music]
[footsteps thumping]
Come on!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
- [Ghostly Voice] Simon!
[Hood Man groaning]
[ghostly whispering]
[ominous music]
[Hooded Man growling]
- [Construction Worker] Hey,
what the hell's happened here?!
[footsteps running]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic violin music]
[ominous music]
[somber music]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[pleasant piano music]
- [Woman] Simon, are we
going to the park or not?
- On my way.
- I never get tired
of this view.
So how are the studies going?
- Yeah, good.
Finishing the online course,
so I should be done
in a few weeks.
- So you're going to be
a computer programmer.
- Not likely.
But it's helped.
It's started to.
- Simon,
is that you?
- Alison, hi.
- Mrs. Eildon.
Simon, it's nice
to see you again.
It's been ages.
Not seen you since school.
Where have you been hiding?
- I've just been doing
a bit of studying.
Look after Mum a bit.
I've been doing a programming
course on databases.
- Sweet.
- Yeah, it's good.
[somber music]
- Well, it's nice
to see you again.
Maybe see you around?
Bye, Mrs. Eildon.
- Mom, don't say it.
- She seemed nice.
- Look, you know I can't
get involved with anyone.
- Son,
you can't be an island.
You've hidden yourself from
the world for too long.
When I'm gone, you'll be free.
- Better get you back
before you get cold.
[somber music]
- Came out again.
- Dr. Thompson said your
platelet count was up slightly.
So that's good.
- Dr. Thompson wouldn't
know a platelet
from a dinner service.
What's wrong?
[ominous music]
You're bleeding.
- What?
No, I'm fine.
It's nothing.
[ominous music]
[water trickling]
[eerie music]
[sinister music]
[water trickling]
[eerie music]
- [Mother] God,
Simon, what happened?
- I don't know.
It was like a vision
but it was real.
Like it was happening now.
He's back
and he's just killed again.
- So,
if I understand
this, Mr. Eildon,
you're reporting a murder.
- That's right.
- But you don't know
the name of the victim,
where they were murdered
or who the murderer is.
- No.
But I do know how and when.
- Yes.
It was around 10AM this morning
and the perpetrator
used his fists,
a blunt force weapon
and something that buttoned.
And how do you know this?
Came to you in a dream, did it?
Must be hard being
a full-time carer.
Well, thanks for
letting us know.
We'll make some inquires.
- He didn't believe you.
- I sounded like a right nutter.
- What now?
- I'll have to do
something myself.
- Can anyone help?
- Maybe.
If there's someone.
[somber music]
[somber tempo music]
[dramatic tempo music]
Wakey, wakey.
- You were up late again.
- You have coffee, fruit juice
and your favorite
medically approved--
- Simon!
[ominous music]
Oh no!
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- Mom!
No, please, please, Mom!
Mom, please.
[eerie music]
- Thy will is done.
Let us pray.
[sinister music]
[dramatic classical piano music]
[dramatic classical piano music]
[dramatic classical piano music]
[eerie music]
[somber music]
- The ambassador sends
his personal thanks
for the removal of our agent
with such minimal damage.
- Which we wouldn't
have had to do
if the ambassador had done
his job in the first place.
- And that new camera in
your bag's been sorted.
[phone ringing]
- Chatham.
- [Simon] Miss
Chatham, how are you?
- Who is this?
- [Simon] I'm sorry for
approaching you like this
but I need your help.
- Trace this call.
You realize this is a
private government line.
Illegal access is an
offense with a penalty.
- [Simon] In one hour's time,
there'll be an attempted coup
on a small island in the
Indian Ocean that will fail.
- How do you know this?
- [Simon] At lunch time,
the Parliamentary Under-Secretary
of State for Defense
will be caught on camera
indiscreetly criticizing
the Prime Minister and will
have lost his job by tea time.
- Who are you and
what do you want?
- [Simon] What I want
is for to arrange
full transaction immunity
for a Mr. Steve Brennus.
- Why?
Who's he?
- [Simon] You'll find his file.
- Full immunity from all
crimes just because you phoned?
- [Simon] Because of the
information I'm giving you.
But right now, a fellow agent
with a titanium gentle
piercing is about to say,
"You won't like it."
- We traced a call and
you won't like it.
[ominous music]
- Who the hell is Steve Brennus?
[somber music]
[phone ringing]
- Christine?
- [Simon] Mr. Steve Brennus,
hope this isn't a bad time.
- Define "bad."
- [Woman] Steve, I'm sorry.
- How the hell could
he lose all our money?
- I don't know, he just did.
- Chris, Chris, we'll go
bankrupt, we'll lose the house!
- Do you think that
I don't know that?
- What, so it's my fault?
- Well, he's your
brother, isn't he?
- You didn't need
to lend him it.
- Jesus Christ!
[girl whimpering]
Oh, Sally.
- Sally!
Sweetheart, Mommy's here.
Steve, call the ambulance!
Call them now!
- [Steve] Okay!
- [Christine] What
are you doing?!
Sweetheart, can you hear me?
- [Steve Voiceover] Hello, yeah,
can I get an ambulance please?
Yeah, my daughter's
hurt her head.
[phone ringing]
- [Simon] Sally
wasn't badly hurt.
She and your wife
just need some time
before they see you again.
- What?
Who is this?
- [Simon] 25 thousand.
- Listen, asshole,
I could hurt you in ways
you can't even dream of.
- [Simon] 25 thousand gets the
banks off your back for now
and saves the house.
In exchange for this four
day's work, the money is yours.
- Yeah, not interested.
- The house that Christine
and Sally call home.
My name is Simon.
Please meet me under
the rail bridge
at Queen Street at noon.
One other thing.
- What?
- Have a shower and a shave.
[dramatic beat music]
[motor rumbling]
- That's my bloody phone.
- [Coworker] I told you
you wouldn't like it.
[buzzer ringing]
- [Man On Speaker]
Would you be good enough
to come down to Operations,
please, Miss Chatham?
[somber music]
- Got you.
- Mr. Brennus.
- So much for the
element of surprise.
- Simon.
- So you said.
so what's all this about then?
- I want you to stop someone.
- What's your problem?
Gambling debts, sort
a dealer, what?
- No.
Nothing like that.
- In four days time,
I believe a serial killer
is going to murder me.
Absurd as it sounds, it's true.
- See you later.
- Look, you and your
family need my help.
- How do you know anything
about me and my family?
[somber music]
- During the firefight
in Afghanistan,
you couldn't have known
it would've happened.
Sally had just been born
and you realized you had a
new responsibility in life.
You had to go home alive
to your wife and daughter.
[faint war zone commotion]
For a split second,
you thought maybe it was time
to pack in being a soldier.
So you paused.
And then that
second's hesitation,
the grenades hit.
And that's when your mate,
Spitball, didn't make it home.
- Nobody knows about that.
Who the hell are you?
- I'm the person that's paying
you to stop a serial killer.
It's all there.
Payment in advance.
Do you believe in
psychics, Mr. Brennus?
- Oh, Christ, is
that why I'm here?
- Sorry, if you want a
trip to La La Land,
you're on your own.
- So nothing's ever happened
that you can't explain?
- Well of course there has
but that doesn't mean
I see it supernatural.
- Look, I need your help.
Whether you believe me
or not, you need 25K.
It's only four days.
I'm going to live
to regret this.
[ominous music]
- [Radio Announcer] You're
listing to Spirit Radio,
the nation's number one
medium by mediums for mediums.
Coming up later today we
have an exclusive interview
with Marcus Bryant, the
controversial Leeds priest
who speaks with the dead.
First, though, let's
go over to the weather
and see what the gods have
got in store for us this time.
[sinister music]
- So who's this guy
that's after you?
- I don't know his name
or what he looks like
or where he lives.
- So, what, he's
threatened you then?
- Not exactly.
I think he's been
away for a few years.
Locked up, maybe.
Prison, an asylum.
Anyway, it doesn't really
matter because he's back.
- You said there's
other victims.
- Yeah.
I don't know
anything about them.
- Jesus Christ,
your a vague as
hell about this guy
but you seem to know
everything about me.
What's this psychic bullshit?
- I think it's better
if I show you.
- Nice.
Very artistic.
You'll win the tunnel
prize with this, mate.
- All right, look, you're
walking down a street,
say the High Street in town.
- Yeah, that wouldn't happen,
there's no pubs on
the High Street.
- Fine, you're on
Constitution Street then.
- Better.
- Close your eyes.
Please, just do it.
You can be outside
your favorite pub.
Now, do you notice everything?
A person here, a car
there, flower pots.
Gas canisters outside
an old church.
- No, of course not.
- No but you notice a small
child run across the road
that nearly gets knocked down
but you don't know this
old lady behind you
is getting her purse stolen.
That's what it's like for me.
I see the street but not
everything that's happening.
I get glimpse of the
future and the past,
and sometimes the present,
but it's all random,
jumbled detail
all unconnected events.
And I have to look for clues.
Dates and times and I have
to piece it all together.
- And you think he's gonna
kill all these other people.
- I know he is.
And he's also going to kill me.
- So, why don't you just
hide, stay in bed that day?
- I've seen my own death but
I have to try and prevent him
from hurting anyone else.
- I'll be honest, mate.
You've got nothing here.
No specific intel, no places,
you don't know the
killer's name.
It's a wild goose chase,
it's a waste of time.
- I know he's coming for me.
- Yeah, well, I'm gonna
need a little bit more
than you tingling "spider
sense" to go on.
You seem like a decent guy
but this is just crazy, mate.
- Fine, just be my bodyguard.
Stick around until he strikes.
- Okay.
But if I'm staying, you
better have some beers then.
- All right, great.
I'll go and get some.
[ominous music]
[Hooded Man grunting]
- Let the cleansing begin!
[sinister music]
- So, someone called
our secure line.
And they did it with your phone,
leaving no prints, of course.
- [Chatham] Sir, I have
no idea how this happened.
- Well, apparently,
we're about to find out.
What have you got?
- This was recorded
in the city center.
- Jesus.
- What's this nonsense?
- The share index crashed today.
They closed at 5-8-9-5.
- When was this recorded?
- [Woman] Yesterday,
sir, Monday.
- Good God.
Fuck me.
Find out who that
little bastard is.
[ominous music]
[Simon screaming]
- Simon!
[ghostly whispering]
Jesus Christ, Simon!
- The blasphemer will
talk to the dead no more.
So perish all false prophets
who claim to commune with
the world of the spirits.
- [Woman] Emergency
Police Service.
- I'll be fine.
I know why he's killing them.
He's targeting psychics.
- Simon!
[ominous music]
- "Steve Brennus forgets
to send cuddly toy
"to Sally for her birthday."
[ominous music]
No, I've tried ordering online
but it won't accept my card.
No, don't put me on hold.
Jesus Christ.
[suspenseful tempo music]
[demonic whispering]
It's okay, it's okay.
You're safe.
You okay?
All right?
- Yeah.
[ominous music]
- So what the hell was all that
carrying on in the bathroom?
- He was skinning him alive.
That's a new one.
- So he's targeting psychics.
- Probably thinks he's the
only one that hears voices.
"I am the chosen one,"
blah, blah, blah.
You know how it goes.
- So how can we draw him out?
- First thing's first, did
you bring what I asked?
- Use it and lose it.
- The coup on that island?
- Happened like he said
and failed like he said.
- And we all know the
Under-Secretary of State
fell on his sword
following his indiscretion.
- He's got three out of three.
[phone ringing]
- [Simon] Hello
again, Miss Chatham.
- Who is this?
- [Simon] I'm sure you'll work
that out soon but for now,
please, about that immunity.
- Why do you need this
immunity so badly?
What are you planning?
- [Simon] Think
what could happen
if someone who could
predict the stock market
shared that information with
interested dark parties.
I'm sure that's worth
immunity for just one man.
Your own freelance assassins
get carte blanche all the time.
- Oh, fuck you, you little shit.
- Ah, nice to speak
with you, Mr. Johns.
[phone beeping]
They'll come around.
- So,
what now?
- Finish securing the database.
Tomorrow I have to take a test.
- What test?
Simon, what test?
[coals rustling]
[eerie music]
[man screaming]
[sinister music]
[somber tempo music]
- You realize my foundation
has been testing claims
of paranormal and
parapsychological powers
for many years now and
no one has ever passed
our stringent procedures.
No one.
- I'm aware.
- Good.
Present today are
Jerald Gifford,
who handles all the technical
and logistical issues
here at the lab,
and Miss Scire, who
is out legal advisor.
Take a seat, Simon.
- So,
all the paperwork is in order.
Simon, Mr. Eildon, is away
that if he completes the task,
which in the unanimous
opinion of all of us present,
demonstrates undeniable
proof of PSI powers,
he will be awarded the prize.
As the numeric value of the
Greek letter PSI is 700,
the prize has been sent at the
sum of 700 thousand pounds.
- The satisfactory
completion of the task
will make the first
time in history
that such a feat has been
scientifically ratified.
- This is your
chance to back out.
We publish the names
of all of those
who try and fail the test
and the internet never forgets.
- I'm ready.
- Mr. Brennus,
the protocols require
that the subject
performs the task while alone.
Would you be so kind
as to go next door?
You can view it from there.
- Works with me.
[somber tempo music]
- Many people believe
metal bending or spoon
bending is possible,
even commonplace
but every scientific
assessment disproves the claim.
This is the foolproof
test we have for that.
A metal bar
inside a sealed glass tube.
The test subject must bend the
metal bar without touching it
using only the
power of the mind.
At present, the rode is
as straight as a die.
If at the end of 15 minutes,
the rod remains unchanged,
then the challenge will fail.
Are you ready, son?
- Yes.
- Let's begin.
[eerie music]
- Oh my God, can you see that?
- Are you recording this?
- [Gifford] I'm getting,
I'm getting it!
- [Scire] I'd never
have believed it
if I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes.
- We wouldn't see
history be made here.
This is the first time
ever that the metal bar
has been bent my
mental power alone.
What an incredible moment!
- How did you do it?
We have got to share this.
- Mr. Gifford, please, the
rules are perfectly clear
and the contract's
binding on both sides.
Miss Scire, would you please
remove the test equipment,
including the memory
card in the camera,
and secure it in my safe?
Simon, I have pend
many a good year
inviting people to try
and prove the existence
of paranormal phenomenon.
I never believed they would.
It's my deepest privilege
that you came here
to prove me wrong.
- You're welcome.
- He's a threat to
national security.
- There's no obvious crime
we can charge him with.
We have no authority
to detain him.
- He dialed into a
classified phone line.
That is an offense.
- Records will show
it was my phone.
- And we have him on
CCTV stealing that phone.
- True.
- Do we at least know who he is?
- Facial recognition hasn't
turned up anything yet.
Voice analysis says that
Simon is Scottish and local.
- And the only Steven Brennus
we know of is this guy.
Excess AS.
- [Johns] Hired
muscle, you think?
- Aye.
- Have we checked him out?
- Special branch
just had a gander.
There's no one at his house.
You got some bodies on the
ground looking for his car.
[phone ringing]
Sorry, who?
I'm sure that's very exciting
but it's not exactly our
highest priority right now.
Say that second name again.
- Brennus, Steve Brennus,
a bodyguard or something.
Who cares about him?
It's what this young Simon
guy did that's so amazing.
He can move things
with his mind.
- Can you describe this Simon?
- Since when do we
keep tabs on psychics?
- Our colonial cousins have
wasted millions of dollars
to try to track
potential psychics.
We prefer to simply monitor
a few reliable institutions
who unwittingly do
the vetting for us.
The odd informant
here and there.
Much more cost effective.
- Okay.
Have you got their details?
- [Steve] Right, what the
hell was that all about?
- Okay, so truth is I
can't do telekinesis.
Believe me, I have tried
to move things with my mind
but I'm just not strong enough.
It's like trying to lift a
weight with my little finger.
- Well the buffoons in there
were still wetting their
pants though, weren't they?
- Yeah, well, putting
thoughts in people's minds
is a tad easier.
Look, I just made them
believe the metal was bending.
Whether it's confusing people
or seeing into the future,
it works better if I have
a personal connection.
- [Steve] Like with the killer?
- And doing the test.
Look, if I die,
the world should know I existed.
I have another reason as well.
It'll also persuade
certain people
that we should be
taken seriously.
- You gonna tell me who?
- Nope.
- Fine.
Don't wanna know anyway.
[foreboding music]
All right, who the hell's this?
- Mr. Simon Eildon, Mr. Steven
Brennus, you're under arrest.
- On what charge?
- Endangering nation security.
- And nicking my phone.
[ominous music]
- I'm guessing you
didn't foresee this.
- Not an exact
science, remember.
- And who do love
when you're at home?
- The people who
run the country.
Not the politicians.
The people who are
really in charge.
- And what about these?
- Can't you make them
magically disappear?
- We'll allow it.
- No matter what
they do with you,
I'm gonna make sure the
hold you end up in
will be as uncomfortable
as possible.
- Quite a history you have here.
- The immunity?
- Oh, for God sake,
give it to him
so we can get started.
[somber music]
- Have you seen
who's signed this?
I could kill anyone in
this room right now
and you couldn't press charges.
- Highly amusing.
just for the record,
former corporal
Brennus of the SAS,
what precisely is your
involvement in this?
- I'm the lad's driver
and I like this job.
- Very good.
Mr. Simon Eildon.
According to this file, you
claim to have a telepathic link.
- It's not telepathy.
I can't read minds.
It's more of a limited
- A link with a
supposed serial killer
whose alleged crimes
are unsubstantiated.
Please, explain.
- I believe that my
fear of him prevents me
from making a useful connection.
We've met once.
- Ah, yes, according to you,
this was the man
responsible for the murder
that you witnessed when
you were eight years old.
Victim's name was a Catholic
priest, Father Cavanagh.
[ghostly whispering]
- [Hooded Man] Father!
I was born of sin.
A man of the cloth.
my real father,
conceived in Hell
by the good man.
Here is your punishment
for your grave sin!
[dramatic music]
- Listen, boy, pay attention!
You're just one step
away from a private cell
with very few
opportunities for parole.
[ominous music]
- You're the guy, right?
The one on the chat forum?
- Did you bring it?
- Who are you anyway?
What do you want
with this stuff?
- Science is a
competitive business.
Private academic institutions.
They need to know what
their rivals are up to.
When it comes to a potentially
explosive discovery like this,
well, it has value.
- So did you bring
what I asked for?
[eerie music]
Oh, baby.
[clearing throat]
Oh yeah.
This is all I could get.
This guy, Simon.
Personal details.
- His address.
- Of course.
- We can have you rot in prison.
- Detention isn't the answer.
You obviously want to understand
and improve your abilities.
A top of the rang scientific
establishment is what you need.
- I have what I need.
- But think of the
resources we could provide.
Experts in neural science,
subatomic physics.
- Not interested.
- What do you want, money?
- I've got money.
- We can give you more.
- I have enough to
getting on with.
- Then what do you want?
- I want to get out of here.
- I don't think that's
gonna happen very soon.
In fact--
- [Steve] Jesus, Simon!
- [Chatham] Jesus Christ!
- Simon!
[dramatic music]
- [Chatham] Jesus.
- I'll get help.
- No you won't.
He doesn't need any help.
Just give him a few seconds.
[dramatic music]
- He's dying, for Christ sake!
- [Steve] Just give
him a few seconds!
You might actually learn
something about who this lad is.
- [Chatham] He's got no pulse.
- Just
[dramatic music]
- [Johns] Mr. Stokes!
[somber music]
- No hidden pockets,
no cutting edges, no
devices, nothing.
- There must be something.
It's a trick.
- That one seemed different.
- It was.
Very unusual.
- He didn't torture
or hurt them?
- No.
It's like he wanted something
so he just killed to get it.
He's killing more often
and more frequently.
We need to stop him.
- Which means getting
out of here.
- [Woman On Screen] So
what did we just witness?
- Somewhere.
- Is there any chance of
getting your attention?
A small matter of
nation security.
- What's the time?
- What?
- The time.
- 4:17, why?
- Because if it's 4:17,
then 15 minutes ago
the USS Carolina, a
Virginia class submarine
currently docked at
the Faslane Naval Base,
less than 80 miles from here
developed a fault in the wiring
associated with a
nuclear reactor.
- Now look here!
- Be quiet!
- The problem is valve 11-27-30.
For some reason it's opened
when it should be closed.
- [Radio Man] Wait for status.
- Simon?
[ominous music]
- Did you open that valve?
- The same valve has
a universal fitting
on other US Nuclear Navy subs.
Not to mention the
entire UK Trident fleet
currently on an exercise
just off the coast of Norway.
- That's classified.
- But true.
- A faulty valve in a
dry dock submarine
is obviously a problem
but it can be remedied.
The same faulty valve in
a sub at sea, however,
that's a disaster.
It would be a terrible
thing if someone were
to open the valve
at the wrong time.
- What is it that you want?
- Guarantee Steven's immunity
that you're not just going
to rip it up when we leave.
Promise not try to detain us
and just let us go.
- That's it?
- Once we're out of your
hair, the subs will be safe,
including the Carolina.
- Do me a favor.
- What's that?
- If I'm ever tempted to play
poker with you, shoot me.
You're the chanciest, ballsy
bloke that I ever met.
Oh, they're good.
- [Simon] What do you mean?
- Well, you wouldn't know
they searched the place.
Look, how are you doing?
- Yeah, fine.
I'm just a bit tired.
- Yeah.
I'll go and order some pizza.
Do you want a cup of tea?
- Yeah.
[somber music]
[dramatic music]
- He's at rest now.
- I should've stopped it.
- You can't fix
everything, Simon.
And sometimes bad thing happen.
I don't think the world
is ready for you yet.
It may never be.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Simon?
Professor Richet, here.
I'm afraid I have some
bad news for you.
As you know, we were
going to announce
your success in the morning.
I'm afraid we're going
to have to postpone.
Our colleague, Mr.
Gifford, has gone missing.
We fear something may
have happened to him.
[dramatic music]
- What's up?
- It's over.
[demonic whispering]
- Let us silence the blasphemer.
[ominous music]
- Simon, you can't just
fire me like that.
- I can and I am.
- Like hell you are.
- Look, if it's about the money,
I'll pay you the full amount.
- All right, Simon,
what's this craziness
that's in your head now?
- I started all of this
but I didn't think
through the consequence,
I didn't foresee
what could happen.
- So what?
Welcome to what it's
like for the rest of us.
- You don't understand.
Someone else has died.
One of the scientists.
The killer murdered
him because of me
because of what I
did, I'm responsible.
- You're the one responsible
for being an asshole.
You didn't kill him.
- You need to look after
Christine and Sally.
- And what are you
gonna do, huh?
Muscle up to a
killer on your own?
- I don't know what I'm
gonna do, all right?
- Because I would show my
hairy ass and jog a short wind
if I thought you
could even fight
your way out of a
paper fucking bag.
- Oh, spare me the
tough guy act.
- Oh fuck off, that's
why you hired me!
You're a weakling.
- I have powers!
- Yeah, and what have
you done with them?
You know, you could
rule the world
but you're just a
fucking whinger!
- [Simon] At least I'm
not a washed-up has been!
- No, you're "never was."
You've been hiding behind
your mom's skirts for years!
- And you're a child batterer!
- Think I'll go
make some more tea.
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
- Daddy!
- Steve, hi.
- Hey.
- I thought you'd be a bit
more pleased to see us.
- Sorry.
- She wants to know why
you're wearing a
plaster on your head.
- Oh.
- Did someone hurt you, Daddy?
- Yeah, they did.
- Was that because
you were naughty?
- She thinks that you hit
her because she was naughty.
- You shouldn't sneak about
and listen to other
people talking.
- You did nothing
wrong, sweetheart.
You weren't naughty.
It was Daddy who was naughty
for losing his temper and
hitting the door, wasn't it?
I'm so sorry I hurt you,
sweetheart, I'm so very sorry.
- It's okay, it
doesn't hurt anymore.
- Listen, darling, why don't
you go off and play just now?
Mommy and Daddy need to talk
about some grownup stuff.
- See you soon.
[dramatic music]
Is she really okay?
- Yeah.
- I miss you.
- [Christine] I miss you too.
- Are we okay?
- That depends.
What's going on, Steve, are
you mixed up in something bad?
- No.
- Well, today Mom's
local highland policeman
drove 35 miles of winding
back road to come here
and ask whether you'd
ever been involved in any
major criminal
activities or terrorism.
- What did she say?
- Mom made him a cup of tea
and they both talked
about the problems
they had with potato bugs.
I don't think it was any
bother to you, to be honest,
but there is something else.
Two minutes ago I get
a text from the bank.
Steve, why have we suddenly
acquired 700 thousand pounds?
- 700?
[ominous tempo music]
Babes, I need to go,
can I call you later?
I love you.
What the?
- Shit.
Sorry, Steve.
I have to do this on my own.
[doorbell ringing]
[doorbell ringing]
Who is it?
- [Man] Pizza delivery.
- Could you just
leave it outside?
- [Man] Sorry, I
still need the cash.
- All right, just a minute.
- [Man] You still there?
[sinister music]
- Mr. Brennus?
- What's going on?
- Simon's been taken.
[ominous music]
We think he was grabbed by the
killer you were going after.
Did you see anything?
- No.
No, I was out cold
before anything happened.
Simon knocked me out.
- So that's what all
that noise was about.
We bugged the place.
- Of course you did.
- We managed to get
a particle plate.
Checking now.
- Simon's phone?
- [Stokes] Tracking it.
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
- All these glimpses
of the future
but he couldn't see what
shit was coming down on him.
- He knew exactly
what was coming,
it's just that some
people didn't listen.
- Joseph Cavanagh.
My uncle.
- He was the priest that
married Christine in me.
- Did you go to the funeral?
- Yeah, of course.
- Do you remember a young
boy stood at the back?
Very quiet, crying a lot.
- Yeah.
- I didn't know who he was.
He shook my hand.
- Yeah, mine too.
Jesus, Simon.
- That's how he's
connected to you and me.
Why he's approached us.
- This is new.
"Father and son."
The son of a priest!
- Jesus Christ.
- The son of a fucking...
The killer's your cousin!
The killer's your
fucking cousin!
What's his name?
You must know it!
- No.
My uncle must've kept
his existence a secret.
There's nothing known in the
family about any of this.
About any kind of a scandal.
- No luck on the mobile.
Still searching for
the van's plates.
- The van?
- Yeah, I caught just a
glimpse of it as it drove off.
- We think CCTV picked him
up heading toward the city
but we're still checking.
[suspenseful music]
- Where the hell are you going?
- Your man said the van was
heading into town, right?
Let me know when you
have a position.
- You're not part
of this operation.
- Wrong.
The boy hired me to protect him
and he grabbed him from
right underneath my nose.
[van puttering]
Come on!
[engine stalling]
Jesus Christ!
- Who dares wins.
[suspenseful music]
[motor buzzing]
- There are three vans
that match that partial.
One belongs to a rental agency.
- It wasn't a rental.
Too old.
- Two options then.
Did you see anything
else at all?
- Caught a flash of a sign
on the side of the van.
Faded lettering..
An image of something.
[ominous music]
[van door thudding]
[foreboding music]
- Trying the address one
if the vans is registered.
No answer so far.
- That paint work, it
was some kind of garage.
- One of the vans used to
belong to a kinda body shop
or metal works.
- According to this it went
out of business years ago.
The whole area's derelict.
- All right, tell the
blokes to get down there.
Sir, we know where
he's taking Simon.
- That's of little
consequence right now.
- [Chatham] Sir?
- There will be
no close pursuit.
- [Chatham] But, sir,
Simon's been taken.
- The problem with the USS
Carolina has been resolved
and the rest of our
subs are unaffected.
We know we cannot tolerate
a similar incident.
Orders are that Simon
Eildon is to be eliminated.
- No!
- It seems that this
fortuitous kidnapper
will save us the trouble.
- You've gotta be kidding.
- And then we will
perform our public duty
of arresting a
terrible serial killer
as he stands over the
body of his latest victim.
Such a great tragedy that
the forces of law and order
where not able to
get there on time.
But we did get our
man in the end.
And those things do play
rather well with the press.
[suspenseful music]
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
- Amen.
Behold the man.
[motor buzzing]
[Simon groaning]
[ominous music]
[muffled screaming]
[Simon moaning]
[Simon moaning]
- You don't remember me, do you?
The church.
When you killed your father.
- Interfering boy.
The witness.
Both of us cast adrift
by the same tragedy
brought together
again by providence.
Such divine symmetry.
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
- Mr. Brennus?
Can you hear me?
- What do you got for me?
- I'm sending you
the directions now.
- Got it.
[motor buzzing]
- Hurry.
- Heavenly father looks
after all His children,
cares for them and
protects them.
But my father
rejected his own sacred
duty to do the same.
So tortured by the
gilt of his sins
and the lust of
this corrupt flesh
that he couldn't even
bear to hold me.
I was punished just
for being born.
[motor buzzing]
- [Steve] Fuck!
- It must be nearby.
Some place called Skin
Flats Metal Works.
Oh and it looks like our killer
was also trained in the army.
Dishonorably discharged
for unstable behavior.
- Fucking great.
[foreboding music]
- My father cared more about
the strangers in his flock
than his own flesh and blood.
- Is that why you killed him?
Because of a
neglected childhood?
- No.
I killed him because he placed
his faith above his duty.
And at confessional I told
him time and time again
I was going to kill someone.
I even gave him the dead!
[ominous beat music]
But does he tell the police?
Have me arrested?
No, he knew what was
going to happen
but he did nothing to change it!
The sacred trust of
the confessional
triumphed over the
value of a human life.
- Simon!
- For I am there
with the rod and the staff!
I humble thee!
[suspenseful music]
- Simon!
- [Killer] They said
you had special gifts.
- Yes.
- Lies!
They speak only to me!
To me!
I am the soul messenger!
All others are false prophets!
It is only through
me that they speak!
I used to be alone.
But then the voices came.
The voices of truth.
The pure ones.
The winged dwellers
of light and majesty.
- You're talking about angels.
[ghostly whispering]
- You can hear them too,
funneling their power.
[demonic whispering]
[sinister music]
The scourging is complete.
Through my will and authority
I do that which is preordained.
- [Steve] Chatham,
he's not here!
Chatham, are you there?
Jesus Christ!
- Now,
must come the cleansing
where you sins are many
and they must be washed away.
[menacing music]
It is finished.
[suspenseful music]
[motor buzzing]
[tires screeching]
- Jesus Christ!
Come on!
[motor buzzing]
[suspenseful music]
[generator puttering]
[Simon moaning]
Fuck sake.
Constitution Street?
[motor buzzing]
[dramatic music]
[motor buzzing]
[tire screeching]
- Sir.
Owner of the metal
works is ex-military.
Discharged before the
first tour of duty.
Should we intervene?
- No.
Let's just see how it plays out.
[ominous music]
- Simon!
[epic suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[ominous tempo music]
[generator puttering]
[Simon moaning]
[foreboding music]
[epic suspenseful music]
[eerie music]
[epic suspenseful music]
- All this time
I thought you were a devil,
a monster.
But you're just a
sad, broken man.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- Abomination!
- Simon!
Simon, let him go!
[Simon screaming]
[somber piano music]
- Simon!
[somber music]
- Oh, Jesus.
You okay?
Sorry about what I said,
you know, about you being weak.
- Yeah.
that business about
you being a has been,
I may have been premature
in that regard.
- Premature in that regard
is right, your lordship.
[police sirens alarming]
Hey, hey, stay with me, man.
[sirens alarming]
- Tell them to take
down Simon Eildon!
- You can't.
- Sir, we can't.
There's a live stream
being broadcast to the web.
[police sirens alarming]
- [News Reporter]
Sources at the heart
of the Scottish
government are reporting
that the young man involved
in what's now become known
as the Edinburgh Incident
may well have survived his
encounter with a serial killer.
The online video clip
that was published
by an as yet unknown source
continues to be the number
one trending clip worldwide
with specialists and
amateur enthusiasts
still pouring over it to
decide whether this was
a genuine psychic event
or just a terrific hoax.
In other news, the first
minister has announced
an inquiry into an incident
at the Faslane Nav--
- You've been asked to attend
various talks in the US,
specifically Harvard,
Also, a personal request
for a meeting at Number 10.
Professor Richet has set up
multi-disciplinary congress
of scientists in Grenoble
but you have to promise not to
take over any of their minds.
My former bosses have
extended a cordiale invitation
for you to consider
serving your country
and the Japanese corporation
have raised their offer
to the research foundation.
But I think they'll
go higher yet.
- Bloody chancer.
- Sally excited about
being a big sister?
- I haven't told her yet.
- Do you know what
you're having?
- No, and if you know,
keep it to yourself, okay?
- Yeah, I won't tell
you what they are.
- Good.
- Anyway, pull over.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what you doing?
- I'm meeting someone.
- Who?
- Who?
- I'll meet you
back at the office.
- Hey!
You be okay?
- I'm sure I'll be fine.
[pleasant piano music]
- [Steve] Good on you, son.
[pleasant violin music]
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic violin music]
[epic suspenseful music]
[dramatic beat music]
[dramatic beat music]