Dark Signal (2016) Movie Script

The supernatural.
It's our word for shit
we don't understand.
I was like you once...
a skeptic...
but now my eyes are open.
But like so many answers...
it just leads to more questions.
Are the good rewarded
in the next life?
Are the wicked punished?
Is there anything after this?
Fucked if I know.
Guess I'm about to find out.
Body of a third girl
has been found
in Snowdonia national park...
the police are still no closer
to discovering the identity...
six A.M. when hikers
came across the remains
of 23 year old grace may...
detectives are working
around the clock
in the Snowdonia area...
Here in this part of Snowdonia,
police have discovered
another body of a young woman.
So far there's no official
comment from the police,
but it's thought that
this could be another victim
of the wedlock killer.
Known for his savage
and brutal attacks,
each victim has
their wedding finger cut off
with bolt cutters.
This mysterious killer
has claimed five lives
in as many months.
With me today is officer Freeman
from the north wales police.
Officer Freeman,
could this be the work
of the wedlock killer?
I'm afraid I'm not able
to confirm or deny
that it is the wedlock killer
at this time.
I'm not at Liberty to comment
on the specific circumstances
of the victim's death, until
we've had a chance to complete-
Oh, my god...
Jesus. It's you.
He'll be back any second.
You can't...
Please don't hurt me!
Hi, this is Duncan Slater,
calling for Laurie wolf
about the presenter job
at cruise radio.
We got your demo tape.
We didn't realize you were
actually gonna send it on tape.
Nice touch, very retro.
There's some good stuff
on there...
Listen, if it was up to me
you'd be heading up
our new breakfast show,
but it hasn't worked out
this time. Maybe if...
Message deleted.
Hi there,
Maggie from prestige here.
I really like your showreel,
it's so funny.
Sorry though, a bit edgy
for our listeners.
Have you tried cruise?
They'll love you over...
Message deleted.
Hiya, its Ben. Obviously...
So, the final show.
End of an era and all that.
Please try
and be on time tonight.
Some of us
would actually like...
Message deleted.
What a perfect setting
for a spine-tingling
ghost story.
Marek! Turn down the TV.
Actually this is
a ghost story...
but one with a difference...
one you must pay
strict attention to.
Every Halloween,
Eleanor the ghost
rises from her grave
to meet her friends.
Marek, it's too loud, sweetie.
Together, they will go about
their ghostly business...
Medicine time.
Here you go.
But this year,
something was different.
This year...
It's Saturday, miss Komisarczyk.
Just one more day.
That's all I need.
You've already used up
all the bank's good will.
Just another 24 hours.
What difference does a day make?
Okay... the TV for starters.
You silly ghost,
you've missed it by a day-
- Hiya.
- Hi.
It's not the best time
right now.
Oh. Everything all right?
Yeah, just...
Never mind.
Well, you look lovely.
I suppose you are going out
with him again, are you?
What can I say?
He's a real person,
not just a face on a screen.
I'm real.
I've only got
your word for that.
It was you who said it would
be a bad idea to meet up.
I'm full of bad ideas.
it's the last show tonight.
Remember you'll need
an old analogue radio.
Okay, I will try,
but I'm not promising anything.
You'll miss
my technical expertise.
Is that bitch still presenting?
That bitch is the best
in the north wales area.
Not exactly a claim to fame.
I just wouldn't know
what to say to her
if I ever met her.
Well, I wouldn't
hold your breath there.
Anyway, look, just promise me
you'll text me-
Who's that?
No one.
Looked like a handsome no one
to me.
Just an online friend.
You should to be careful who
you make friends with online.
Bunch of bloody freaks
out there.
Well, I guess
that's goodbye then.
Where's your TV?
He watches too much anyway.
Not everyone has something
to fall back on.
I built that PR company up
from nothing.
It's not my fault I'm a success.
I'm just...
in a corner.
Tonight's gonna change all that.
I need to tell you something.
I'm not sure I can do that.
I get it.
Maybe your situation's
not that bad.
No, no, it's not that.
I just...
I don't know if I'm capable.
When the shit hits the fan...
you'd be amazed of what
human beings are capable of.
Incredible stuff.
Not me.
We'll see.
You think I'm incredible?
I think you're okay.
Well, um...
I'll see you later, yeah?
don't forget the stuff
on that list.
Sorry. Come in.
How is our little prince
this evening?
Living room.
Cartoons again?
Hope he's off
before my soaps start.
Um... yeah, about that...
I always did prefer the radio.
Ooh! You going away
for a week?
No, it's just some stuff
I need to take.
I thought you were gonna
watch your friend
record a radio show.
Where's the jag?
It's in the garage.
Had to get the bus here.
Let's just get started, yeah?
We are really going to do this?
You make it sound so ominous.
Such a good girl, aren't you?
I just don't understand why you
can't ask him for the money,
or take him to court.
You've met loads of footballers.
You know what they're like.
I have never done
anything like this before.
Shit, you're gonna to sit
on your arse for 10 minutes.
You're turning it into
ocean's eleven.
But what happens when this guy
realizes that you're try-
Kate, Kate.
You know how much money
he earns a week.
40 grand's like monopoly money
to him.
Besides, it's not like
we're stealing.
He owes me this.
What am I looking for?
The middle of nowhere.
And yet you felt like
you needed a look-out?
Okay, I'm gonna be honest
with you.
There's this one old farmer
might show up, right?
The fields around the house
are owned by this farmer.
Right? He's a busy bastard.
He's harmless but he owns
the private road.
So if he shows up,
just get rid of him...
Think of something.
Earn your money.
T-tell him his sheep
have escaped,
or... there's a fox,
that's just stupid.
Think of something better.
Where's the torch?
What the fuck are they?
Survival glow sticks.
Army issue.
No batteries needed.
Just snap them and go.
- That's fucking genius.
- Yeah.
Except how do I turn them off...
in case I don't wanna be seen?
I don't remember putting
shit-old radio on the list.
That's just in case I get bored.
What's wrong with that one?
It's broken.
Stop worryin'.
Okay, okay, stop here.
- Where?
- Just here.
Just here. Stop.
Now what?
Now we wait.
Oh, come on, come on...
It's time to get
that Friday feeling
on jab
and howl at the moon
with Laurie wolf.
Welcome, cub pack.
It's me, Laurie wolf.
As regular listeners
of the show will know,
this is our last night on air.
It's all
been centralized, folks.
No longer do you have to be
bored by your local news,
community and issues,
you can find out what's
going on in the real world,
like London or Cardiff.
I have...
a list of songs
approved by the station...
but I'm sure you've
heard them all before.
After six years of playing shit
other people want me to play,
I'm going to spend
just one night playing music
I want to listen to,
because you know...
I am a DJ.
Stick with me if you dare.
Yeah, lovely.
Can we maybe...
tone the language down?
Please? Please?!
We're on delay!
Just cut it out, genius.
We are taping this, aren't we?
Haven't used tape for 20 years,
but... yeah.
Game time.
Can you hold those?
What they have a big dog,
or something?
Didn't you say Marek needs
an operation, or something?
So just sit there, do nothing,
listen to your
piece of shit radio,
and count to 20,000
in your head.
I'll be back
before you can blink,
and have a bag full of
something better
than fucking glow sticks.
Hi, it's Janet.
Hi. Put him on.
It's your mum.
Hi, sweetie.
Bed time now.
I want you to go to sleep,
and I want you to think
about nice things.
Because tomorrow,
when you wake up...
things are going to be
different for us.
We just need to be strong.
We'll get through this.
Just one more night, and...
we can start all over again.
Oh, don't worry.
He's in good hands.
I know.
Thanks, Janet.
Yep, we're on air,
actually, so...
Shall I call back later?
Nope, you've got
'til the end of the track.
You listening?
Yeah! Great show so far.
We've only been on 60 seconds.
But thanks.
Is this on the Cd you made me?
Yes. Yes, it is.
Did you like it?
Yeah. Got some good stuff
on it.
Bollocks. It's got
some great stuff on it.
Track two is amazeballs.
Anyway, what's up?
Why do you say that?
Because you called me.
Something's definitely up.
Um... here's an idea.
Why don't you come here?
I'm busy.
Whatever it is, just walk away.
Come on, we can have our own
little mini party here.
We're gonna have a psychic on.
Should be fun.
She's really good.
Oh, gotta go.
Song's ending.
Busy, busy.
It's just after nine P.M.
On the 16th of September,
and I can already tell you that
tomorrow is going to suck...
So why not stay up all night
and forget
about tomorrow altogether?
God, I'm such a mess.
What's got you so excited?
Uh... she's here.
Careful. Don't wanna give her
the wrong idea.
Hi! Uh... ciao.
Can you help me with my stuff?
- Of course.
Thank you.
I have to say I'm a massive fan.
I've got all your books.
Yeah? I'll sign both of them
if you like.
Oh, watch your step up here.
This place can be
a bit of a death trap.
Building's a bit rickety.
Used to be a world war two
communications outpost.
I hope that doesn't put you off,
you being Italian and all.
Ah, no, don't worry.
My father was Partigiano.
- Partigiano?
Yes, Partigiano
against Mussolini.
Oh, thank god for that.
This way.
So, you actually talk
to the dead and stuff?
Amongst other talents.
So have you ever spoken
to anyone famous,
like, um...
Marilyn Monroe or Genghis
Kahn or someone like that?
No. The afterlife...
It's not like chat show.
Oh... well, that's a pity,
isn't it?
Watch your step right there.
So, this is where
the magic happens.
Have you fixed the antenna?
We don't want it crapping up
in the middle
of our triumphant last show.
Yep. Did it before you arrived.
Oh, you're on the ball.
I know.
Stay tuned, because later
we have "Carla the psychic".
She's going to be telling us
what our futures
have in store for us.
Spoiler alert:
I don't have one.
What are you doing
stuck out here
in the middle of the night, huh?
You must be freezing.
My boyfriend, he will be back
in a minute.
- You here for Sarah?
- Sarah?
My daughter,
'cause she's not here.
'Course all I get it
a post-it note on the fridge
saying she'll be away
for a week.
Gone to see Becky...
- I don't know here. Sorry.
Anyway, you shouldn't be out here on
your own in the middle of the night.
You don't watch the news, no?
He's gone for petrol.
He won't be long.
When'll he be back?
Sorry, have we done
something wrong?
Well, you're parked
on my property.
We were lost...
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you get in my truck
and we'll go look for him?
He can't have gone far.
He won't be long.
You must be busy.
I've got plenty of petrol
back at the farm.
You're not trying to get rid
of me, are you?
No, of course not.
I'll just stay here and...
Keep you company.
Until he gets back.
How's it going?
Ready to break out the joss
sticks and start chanting.
All right, one:
You know how I feel about fur.
Can we remove the stoat
from the work area please?
And two: Can you try and keep
an open mind,
for me, today, please?
Hey, I'm the rational one.
This was your idea.
Excuse me if I can't ignore
the last 200 years
of science and philosophy.
You know she's a giant
in her field, don't you?
Too bad her field
is filled with horse shit.
Try and have a bit of respect,
will you?
Respect is for doctors,
teachers and charity workers,
not for charlatans preying
on the emotionally unstable.
I'm not emotionally unstable.
That's a matter of opinion.
Let's just say I represent
the sensible, sane, rational
listeners, and you represent...
the rest of the freaks.
You can have them back
at the end of the show.
Cold night to be out.
I'm okay.
He's not coming back, you know.
There isn't a petrol station
or village...
for miles 'round here.
Looks like you're stuck with me.
He... said he would be
right back.
I think we both know
that's a lie.
I think it'll be best
if you came to mine.
Get in the car.
Really, I think I should
be here when he gets back.
Well, phone him.
No signal.
Not your lucky day, is it?
Come on.
I-I can't, I...
I'm sorry.
I-i didn't realize.
It's fine.
I can go to the farm
and get some petrol.
Really. It's not a problem.
Ah, this is him now.
I thought you couldn't
get a signal.
I guess it's in and out.
Hi darling. Have you found
the petrol station?
What are you talking about?
You have? Fantastic!
Are you on your way back?
Is someone there?
Uh-huh, yeah,
I have been befriended
by some kind man.
It's okay.
Shit. Get rid of him.
Yep. I will.
I haven't got the money yet.
Get fucking rid of him now.
He says thanks
for looking after me.
Guess I better be on my way.
Thank you so much.
You've come out of your way
for me.
Oh, not really.
I just live there.
Only house 'round here
for miles.
Well, I hope it all
works out okay.
Nick has something to say.
My boyfriend says that
there's a fence down, uh...
three miles from here.
Sheep everywhere.
Just a few miles over that hill.
That's Bryn William's land.
- Kate.
He said it's quite bad.
Um, a car ran over a few
and killed them.
I suppose I can go
and have a look.
I'm here anyway.
He'd do the same for me.
Thanks for your help.
Okay, mind explaining
what the fuck is going on?
What are you talking about?
Whose house is it
that you're in?
Sweetheart, I told you.
Stop lying to me!
I'm not.
Stop overreacting.
I'm nearly done.
I'll see you soon, okay?
Can I pop these on your ears?
- No, thanks.
- Okay.
You're listening to jab radio,
sound of Snowdonia.
I'm very excited to introduce
the... exotic Carla,
who's travelled over five miles
from Bangor
to join us tonight.
She's going to predict
our futures.
I'm guessing you are not
a believer.
No! Fascinated.
I really think...
you're the most exciting guest
we've got on tonight.
Lots of people have a problem
with what I do.
I'm often accused
of exploiting the vulnerable.
But it's not about money,
but consciousness.
The ability to tune
into your environment.
So, tune into here.
Us, now.
For you, Ben...
I see much responsibility.
And Laurie, for you it's...
it's harder to see.
It's misty.
I can sense a dark presence.
A voice crying in the darkness.
In the darkness.
I'm not sure where...
but the voice
is reaching out to us.
Something terrible has happened.
So... just to re-cap...
something terrible is happening
somewhere in the world
right now.
Can't be sure where.
Sorry we can't be more specific.
Is anyone there?
Oh, fuck.
Hi, you've got
the voicemail of Nick Keller.
I can't take your call
right now,
but if you leave me a message
I'll call you back.
You're fucking kidding me!
Come on.
Hi, you've got
the voicemail of Nick Keller.
I can't take your call
right now, but if you leave-
come on.
It's the midnight hour show.
Jab radio.
That was for those of you
still with us at this hour.
We're half way
through the night.
So keep drinking
that extra strength coffee
and follow us until dawn.
It's our final ever show,
so it's your last chance
to hear some decent music
on these airwaves.
Speaking of which,
now it's time for
a blast from the past.
I'm very excited to introduce
the exotic Carla...
She is always like this?
Oh no. Normally we have to be
a little more... safe.
I guess she thinks she's got
nothing to lose.
What are you doing?
There is a light delay
on the show.
Gives me the opportunity
to fade out quick if...
madam in there swears...
or a quest explodes.
Crying in the darkness.
Wait a moment.
Go back.
A voice crying in the darkness.
- There?
- Again.
A voice crying in the darkness.
Interference or something.
Ancora. Again.
A voice crying in the darkness.
What does that sound like
to you?
Tell you what.
Let me clean that up a bit.
So, what's her problem?
Oh, she's not that bad really.
I didn't like to say on air
when I was reading her but,
I saw...
a lot of pain in her past.
Oh, the singer
on this track now.
- Yeah?
- That's her.
She's got a great voice.
- Mm-hm.
- What happened?
Some crazy ex.
Years ago now.
She gave up her career for him,
was having his kid,
he was less than thrilled
by the news.
He wanted her
to get an abortion?
No, no, he, um...
stuck an ice pick in her neck
and threw her down
a flight of stairs.
She was lucky.
Well, no, not really, but, um...
she survived.
She lost her baby?
Took her a whole year
to relearn how to speak...
but she'll never sing again.
But she's okay.
He's doing a life stretch
in Dartmoor.
What is that?
Hi, you've got the voicemail
of Nick Keller.
I can't take your call
right now,
but if you leave me a mess-
Nick, stop messing around
and get in the car.
Let's get out of here.
What the fuck?
Laurie, we need you in here now.
Right, listen.
This is gonna sound crazy.
- Thrill me.
- Right.
You know that piece
you just did with Carla?
- Yeah.
- Right.
There was something weird. Okay?
Carla spotted it.
So I run it
through the computer,
put it into sound factory,
filtered out the distortion.
So I'm filtering,
and filtering, and filtering...
Yeah, I get the idea.
Anyway, blah, blah, blah,
technical shit,
and we get... this.
Voice crying in the darkness...
Oh, god.
Jesus... it's you.
He'll be back any minute.
Please... don't hurt me.
Please... don't hurt me.
You're just picking up a radio
play from another channel,
or kids playing with an old Cb.
No, I eliminated all that.
This stuff was broadcast...
if you can call it that...
from here.
How is that possible?
It's not.
So, what do you want me
to do about it?
We think we can make contact.
Make contact?
With the beyond.
We've got this idea. Right?
It's called EVP.
Electronic voice phenomena.
You create, like, a static hole,
and the voice
of an entity fills that hole-
I've lost you haven't I?
- Yeah.
You lost me at having your hole
filled with entities.
It's possible,
but not for much longer.
In three hours time,
the station turns over
to digital,
and EVP only works
with analogue static.
It's our only chance.
This is how you want me
to go out?
With you two wailing and moaning
like a pair of specters
over the air waves.
I'd rather play a steps album.
It's never been done live.
Plus it would really piss off
the channel heads.
Okay, you've got ten minutes after
the news break at two A.M.,
but the first time someone
starts rattling the table,
I'm pulling the plug.
Are you going to tell me
what the fuck is going on?
Kate, is that you?
Baby, what's wrong?
You're scaring me.
Here. He's here now.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Please, Kate.
I need you.
Nick, are you okay?
Oh, my god.
Jesus, it's you.
He'll be back any second.
Please don't hurt me.
Get away!
It's the midnight hour show
with Laurie wolf on jab.
Welcome back, cub pack.
Hope you enjoyed
the last ever local news
broadcast from this station.
Well, from a last time here
to a first time...
well... anywhere...
Visiting psychic Carla Zazza
has managed to convince me
that we have
a ghost in the machine
here at jab radio,
and she's the one to bust it...
That's not really what I do.
So tell us, what exactly is it
that you do?
I can contact spirits
of the departed.
Sometimes they
have messages or...
words of comfort
for those left behind.
For a fee, I'm guessing...
A ghost...
A ghost is like an echo.
What you're hearing or seeing...
is being bounced back at you
from the past.
Very often a ghost
is caused by...
a violent and unnatural death.
Spirits nearly always
have some...
unfinished business.
Something that keep
their energy from moving on.
And time, time is meaningless
in the spirit realm.
Sometimes a spirit can even
give us some information
about the future.
So tell us what you have
in store for us tonight.
We believe... that an entity
has made contact
with the radio station.
It's pretty common
that freakish entities
to make contact with us
here every night.
Only we call it...
A "phone in".
So what now?
Hold hands and sing?
Maybe if you shut up and listen
instead of talking over
everything I say
we can start.
If that's the way
you wanna play it...
Baby, are you here?
Great radio, genius.
Can the spirit who tried
to contact us... hear me?
Can the spirit who tried
to contact us... hear me?
Does the spirit who tried
to contact us...
have a message?
Come to us.
Tell us.
Come to us.
Can the spirit who tried
to contact us...
hear me?
Does the spirit who tried
to contact us...
have a message?
Can the spirit who tried
to contact us...
hear me?
It's here.
It's here.
It's here.
What have you done?!
Do you have a message?
A message?
I'm getting something.
Where am I?
Are you lost?
Who are you?
Are you lost?
Come to us.
What's your name?
Your name?
Is this your name?
Sarah... we want to help you.
What has happened to you?
What's happened to you?
Can-can we help?
Come to us.
Come to us.
Um, we'd like to apologize to
all our listeners everywhere
for that slight technical hitch.
Just send me the laundry bill
for your underwear.
You sound like you are
in great pain, Sarah.
Can-can we help?
Can we help you, Sarah?
What are you doing?
I am a good man.
I always do
what I think is right.
I don't know what's happening.
But hear this...
If you talk...
if you so much as whisper...
I'll answer the voice
in my heart.
The one that tell me
to cut your tongue out.
You have taken everything
from me.
I wanted...
to ask you...
did you do it?
Why did you kill her?
I don't know
what you think I've done!
You see?
See what you made me do?
Please... I'm sorry...
I'm so sorry.
Was it... at least quick?
When you killed her?
When you killed my daughter?
I won't be quick.
I'll make you suffer.
Where are you from?
The Nant pass.
Below the white hills.
Where's that?
There's nothing there.
Just the odd farm.
Listen, Sarah...
Are you from a farm?
A farm in that area?
Who... did this to you?
My finger...
He took... my finger.
Why... would he do this?
Wedlock killer.
Ask her if she knows
who killed her.
Focus on me.
Focus on my voice.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye.
She's here...
That girl is here.
It's a trick...
She's fooling with you.
- Please.
Please just listen to me!
I don't know what's happening!
You have to believe me.
Please! Please...
I can't do this.
You lucky bastard.
I can't do this.
Gonna call the police.
Tell 'em I found the killer.
They can sort you out.
Sarah, focus on me...
on my voice.
He's dead!
He... he's dead!
Oh, my!
Are you okay?
Tell them... who killed me.
Do you know?
Know? Know what?
I don't know anything!
I didn't think it would be you.
Look at me.
Do you know me?
How? How could it be you?
Come on, come on.
Hello? Kate?
I can't hear you this end.
Are you okay?
Look... it's Marek.
He-he's, uh...
He's had a...
Well, I don't know...
He's not himself.
I'm bringing him to you.
I'll be at the radio station
in about 15 minutes, okay?
Ring me if you get the chance.
Don't touch him. Please.
Leave my so alone.
I want you to see...
I want you to see
what I'll do to him.
You're sick!
Well, you better kill me now,
because if I get out of this
I'm going to fucking kill you.
You stay here.
I will bring you your son...
and you will watch him die.
You leave me here...
and I'm going to fucking
hunt for you,
you fucking freak!
- You stay here.
No! No!
No! No!
No, no, no!
No! No, please!
Please, please!
Please. Help me, please.
She's gone.
We've lost her.
It's not over yet here.
One person knows.
Who knows?
At my house.
Tied up.
Someone is tied up
at your house?
She's in danger.
Who is this person?
Who knows?
Wait! We are not finished!
Power's on, but I got nothing.
She's gone.
Who did this to you?
Don't know. I don't know.
He was wearin' a mask.
He was in a mask.
Whose house is this?
And don't say
a fucking footballer.
Who lives here?
I did... I did.
It's my... family home.
Then why the fuck
are we trying to rob it?
There's no jag.
There's no-no company.
There's no money.
Dad has all the money.
Dad has all the money.
He's giving it to her.
To Sarah?
My sister... she's my sister.
Why didn't you say so?
I didn't want you to know
I was...
stealing from my family.
Just... just...
want you to like me.
I want you... to like me.
Take the money...
Take the money.
I need to get you to a hospital.
Take the money...
Take Marek...
and go somewhere new.
Just take...
It's okay, Cariad.
We're nearly there.
Fucking genius!
Whoa. That was... amazing.
It's a shame we got cut off.
You two... are sick.
You nearly had me.
We did it.
We actually made contact.
This is over.
This stupid fucking experiment
of yours ends now.
What we did was incredible!
Then maybe you can write
another book about it,
that's if you have
enough crayons.
I'm gonna crack on.
What is wrong?
This whole thing!
Do you have any idea
what it's like
to have someone
taken away from you?
A life?
Of course.
You can't...
Otherwise why would you
spend your time
trying to convince people that
there is anything beyond this,
other than
an infinite test signal?
For precisely that reason.
So what would my child
say to me, then?
My unborn child?
Would he have a message?
Because he never learned
to talk.
So how exactly does this work?
I'm really sorry for your loss.
I don't need your sympathy!
I need reality.
Existence just is
a sliver of light
between two chasms of darkness.
I don't believe that.
We have just proved it.
No, all you have proved
was how good you are
at manipulating people.
And the wedlock killer?
That's just
in poor fucking taste.
Real people are dealing
with that, right now.
He's not Jack the ripper
or killer of the week
on Columbo.
He's out there now
doing god knows what.
And you're trading
on his infamy.
We'll have to agree to disagree.
I'm going to have a cigarette.
- You can smoke in here.
- I need a break from her shit.
Yeah, you and Aleister Crowley
in there
have pretty much killed
my final show!
Maybe that's what we should be trying
to contact from beyond the grave:
My career!
Are you there, career?
Come on!
Antenna's gone tits up again!
It's nearly the end.
Don't you want THX quality
sound for the end of the show?
Not particularly.
Five minutes.
You've got three.
I'm gonna go in first, okay?
You wait here.
Okay, okay.
We'll go together.
Oh, my god! Marek!
It's the midnight hour show
with Laurie wolf on jab.
Just 20 minutes until sunrise.
That's nearly it
for our last night, folks.
But it's been one hell
of a ride, hasn't it?
We brought you laughs...
and voices
from beyond the grave.
Lets see if they can do that
on the London networks
without stopping the un-dead
to advertise life insurance
every five minutes.
Nearly time
to sign off forever...
but still room
for a few more tunes.
Yes folks, if you've made
it through the night then...
sleep tight.
If you're an early riser
then you're waking up
to what experts
are already calling
Saturday the 17th of September.
Sometimes a spirit can even
give us some information
about the future.
It's called a delay.
Oh, my god.
Ben, thank god!
We use it to check content.
Make sure there is no swearing
or anything like that.
Of course, to the audience...
it sounds live,
but in reality...
it was last night.
Great really, I mean...
Pop out for a pint.
Be in two places at once.
What have you done to Marek?
Where is my son?
Well, first thing's first.
You should listen
to the end of the show.
It's really good.
I think...
this is my favorite bit.
Well... so long...
Auf Wiedersehen...
Ciao, Bella.
It's goodbye from me,
Laurie wolf...
and my partners in crime,
Ben the technician...
and psychic, Carla Zazza.
Saying goodbye
for the final time.
See you crazy kids
on the other side...
that, all things considered,
was a load of old shit.
I wanted to go out on top.
Right... priorities.
Fucking crisps.
Earth to Ben!
If anyone's listening,
I'm at the jab radio station.
Call the police
and send them here!
Why have you gotta
go poking about?
Oh, Jesus fuck, Ben!
You shouldn't have seen them.
Oh, my god! It's you!
It's been me for years, Laurie.
Right at your side.
You know, first,
I wanted to kill you.
Nearly did...
but when you recovered...
I couldn't resist.
This wasn't you...
It was-
- your idiot boyfriend?
No, he just took the fall.
I mean...
all this time...
I was there...
with you.
And you never once suspected.
That as more exciting
than killing you.
But now...
Oh, go on, you fucking prick!
I get to do that too.
Oh, my god.
I'm sad you had to look
in that cupboard.
Who knows how long we could
have kept this dance going?
Fuck... you.
Maybe if you had.
Jesus Christ, you killed her!
Oh, I killed everyone.
Including Carla the psychic.
I mean... she was shit.
She should've seen
that coming, really.
But the voices...
the voices from beyond
that grave that could...
predict the future...
That, I couldn't explain.
One person knows.
We are not finished!
She's gone.
And I had to know.
I had to know who it would be
at Sarah's house.
I never thought it would be you.
And Sarah?
Please don't hurt me.
Oh, we met on the Internet.
Met them all on the Internet.
Amazing, really.
I mean... you can be anybody.
Anybody you want.
I mean, that's how we met,
isn't it?
What have you done to my son?
Where is he?
If you've hurt him...
Of course I haven't hurt him.
Don't be silly.
Promised you, didn't I?
I'd kill him in front of you.
Behind the door...
He's behind the door!
Oh, my god.
Oh, you're okay.
You're okay.
Everything will be okay.
We-we have to get you
out of here.
What is this?
Oh, no.
No, no!
No! No, no!
He's coming...
I need to get something
from the car
to cut this,
but I will be back.
I promise I'll come back.
Look at me.
I promise I'll come back.
You just have to be quiet
for mommy, okay?
You just have to be very quiet.
Mommy loves you.
Let's not forget the finger.
Aah! Fuck!
Get away!
Get away, you fucker!
No! No!
Now you fucking burn.
I wanna smell your insides cook.
I told you I was going to
fucking kill you.
The supernatural.
It's our word for shit
we don't understand.
Mommy came back.
I promised you I'm gonna
come back for you.
I was like you once...
a skeptic...
but now my eyes are open.
But like so many answers...
it just leads to more questions.
Are the good rewarded
in the next life?
Are the wicked punished?
Is there anything after this?
Fucked if I know.
Guess I'm about to find out.