Dark Sister (2018) Movie Script

I love you.
Is that for me?
Very funny.
Now, take those things
off and kiss me.
She tells me she loves me,
and she wants me to kiss her.
She closes her eyes, and
I hand her this present.
And it's that awful doll again.
And then everything
turns to red.
I grab...
Show it to me.
Where are you?
Um, I don't know.
A park?
Try to be more specific.
Archetypal imagery is
the language of dreams.
It is how they
communicate with us.
So this is the sun.
I think so.
So it was sunny.
It wasn't raining.
What does it matter
if it's raining?
Everything matters in analysis.
It didn't just feel like
I was watching her die.
It felt like I...
I killed her.
I understand, but I need you
to hang in there a bit longer.
You are very near
a break-through.
I'm really grateful
for all you've done.
It's just, I... I don't know how
much more of this I can take.
I hope that you don't think
of me just as your therapist.
And however you may feel,
you are making progress.
Trust me.
Maybe we can get a drink
later, if you're not too busy.
The more you talk the
longer this takes.
This place is a fucking dump.
Honey, do you know who this is?
This is Trent Melville,
Australia's own David Bailey.
OK, take five.
Why don't you come
back to the magazine?
You'll have the proper
budgets, proper talent...
no offense to her over there.
You fired me, remember?
I made a mistake.
What are you really
doing here, Brian?
Congratulations on
the engagement, man.
I really wish the
best for both of you.
So what?
She gonna come back
to the magazine?
Kelly be around more?
Could have another crack at her?
That was years ago.
Things change.
The offer stands.
If you want the job, it's yours.
Say hi to Kelly for me.
We're gonna have to probably
do three coats for this.
Ring around the rosie,
pocketful of posies.
You've got such pretty hair.
Full of posies.
We all fall down.
I've got a surprise for you!
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
Mum would have an
absolute fit if she
knew I've dragged this
halfway across town.
But that's the only way
I knew you'd see it!
Oh, before I forget,
this one is for you.
Kell, I have one of these.
You know my evil plan
is to wear you down.
Oh, come on, Cass.
Look, if... if you're
feeling anxious,
why don't you just pop
on over to the wedding
rehearsal tomorrow?
A few girls from school
are gonna be there.
They're all dying to see you.
It's not the whole
Trent thing, is it?
We dated in high school.
What is it?
I fucked up, Cass.
I met up with an old
friend, and we got drunk.
Each time I come here,
you say less and less.
And there's more of
these awful paintings.
Yeah, I say less and less, and
there's a good reason for it.
You come here, and you
talk, and... and then you
ask me how I am.
And all you want
to say is "fine."
But I am not fine!
This is who I am now.
And... and if you... if
you can't handle it,
then maybe you shouldn't
be coming around anymore.
They're all so aggressive.
Do you have anything
a little less extreme.
Listen, either you
want one or you don't.
Do you take American Express?
I know it's late.
I have trouble sleeping.
You came to my studio.
You saw my work, found
pictures of people
who look like my paintings.
What are you playing at?
Playing this game is sick.
Sandra Price.
I don't know what you want.
Esperance, WA, stabbing.
Patrick Franklin, Salisbury,
Adelaide, strangulation.
Elizabeth Rollins, immolation.
I was at a restaurant when I
saw your painting, by chance.
You're saying my
hallucinations are real.
That sort of talk puts
you in a padded cell.
All I know is you paint pictures
of dead people you don't know.
Who live in places
you've never been.
Part of you notices
more than what you see.
Despite what your
shrink tells you,
these victims were
killed by people
with no history of violence,
no prior convictions.
Most of them didn't
even have parking fines.
Who killed her?
Jim Rose, her boyfriend.
The dates and locations
show a pattern.
These homicides resemble
serial killings.
If you follow the
pattern, you'll
see that whoever is doing
this, he's coming back.
I now pronounce
you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Kell left some shoes here.
Co... come in.
Your style has
certainly developed.
They're amazing.
They're dreams.
Each one of these is a dream?
You should see
someone about that.
I am.
You should fire them.
Trent, I hope you
have a great wedding.
That floor's not
gonna get any cleaner.
I just want it to look its
best for that young couple.
Nice kids.
Never too late for
confession, I suppose.
I'll take this one.
You carry on.
In your own time.
How long has it been since
your last confession?
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and
cockle shells and pretty
maids all in a row.
I don't know what happened!
We were just talking!
They sacrificed a
demon to an old god.
father's never dreaded.
They sacrificed a
demon to an old god.
Oh, God, save me.
Father, don't.
Who is she, Lisa?
That man christened my nephew
and married my brother.
What the hell is
going on, Cassie?
Do I look like I know
what's going on here?
That young priest, when
he saw you, he said "her."
You wanna tell me
what that means?
What are you saying?
You came to me, remember?
Oh, go to hell!
What now?
Am I under arrest?
Kell, open up.
It's Cassie.
This is familiar.
Can I come in?
She's not here.
Did you want a drink?
Where is she?
I don't know.
Maybe I can help.
You'll just think I'm crazy.
Go on, shoot.
Those dreams, the
paintings you saw,
someone has been killing people,
and I see while it happens.
I know what it sounds like.
Fucking nuts.
That's what it sounds like.
What happened to you?
You used to be
relatively normal.
Now you sit around all day
in your apartment, painting
and smoking.
That's fine, but now
what you're telling
me is that what you're
painting is real.
It's pathetic.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I came here.
One, two, three, four, five.
Once I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, then I let her go again.
Yeah, I sent the
approved ones yesterday.
They want Barbarella.
Yeah, they're at my studio.
We need your help.
We seem to have lost
our inhibitions.
What's going on?
What's a wedding
without a buck's night?
I can't believe you bought
that bullshit on the phone.
Wedding's off, Brian.
Ladies, ladies.
I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
Well, how would you know?
It's none of your business.
You're right.
I'll get the boys to leave.
No, you can all stay,
have a good night.
Man, look, why don't you stay?
We're all here.
We're all mates.
Come on.
What do you say?
Did you get this idea
before you fucked her?
How long have you known?
When Kelly was a child
and her parents split up,
her dad bought her something.
You tell me what it was.
Tell me what it was, and I'll
never speak to her again.
I can see you've been
doing some redecorating.
I've had that breakthrough
you were talking about.
It's not what you
were expecting.
That's excellent news.
Yeah, they're real.
I think we've
covered this, Cassie.
No, today I met someone, and
then I saw him in my vision.
Each one of these
is a real person.
We can catch
whoever's doing this.
Cassie, what do all the
victims have in common?
Think back.
I don't know.
Look, it all seems so random.
Agreed, but there is a link.
Very simple.
They were all in love.
I don't think it
needs to be romantic.
It's any kind of love.
You're right.
What is it?
What do you see?
What is it?
What can you see?
Cassie, tell me where she is.
Billy, no!
No, no, no!
I didn't know you were
watching us all this time.
Your friends are
fun to play with.
The game is easy.
All you have to do is catch me.
And if you don't, you'll lose.
And then your friend is out.
See you soon.
Now do you believe me?
I always did.
I can't have you
running around...
You never told me
your parents split up.
Didn't I?
I'm leaving.
I'm sorry.
Please don't leave me.
It'll never happen again.
I made a mistake.
I did.
I don't love you, Kell.
It's my fault for
letting it go this long.
You don't mean that.
You're just hurt.
You don't mean that.
Cry baby bunting,
daddy's gone a-hunting.
Hold me.
I can't.
You let him go!
You came too late.
You'll have to do
better next time.
Wait, wait, wait!
Lisa, no!
Oh God!
Stay away from me!
Wait, wait!
Please, help us.
Fuck me.
Trent and I were
talking over there.
And then I blacked out.
When I came to, he was...
and Cassie...
Did he hit you?
He wouldn't do that.
I think I hurt him.
You're bleeding.
It's not mine.
No, you shouldn't
have to stay here.
I'll let you get your things.
Come to my apartment.
You can stay as
long as you want.
The other night was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I haven't got anything to
eat, but plenty to drink.
So if you can find yourself
a clean glass, go on,
have a drink.
Have a drink with me.
At least have a drink with me.
I mean, to... to what do
I owe this little visit?
Do I have a sister?
You know, you still haven't
even said hello, by the way.
Why don't we start with that?
Now, answer the question.
It doesn't matter.
How about a hug?
Come on, Cassie.
Why don't you just
have a drink with me.
Just tell me everything now.
I wanna know about my
sister, my real mother...
Would someone please
tell me what's going on?
Me and your girlfriend,
we're having a private chat.
Who the fuck's this guy?
He's my father.
You told me he was dead.
Well, that's lovely, isn't it?
You might as well have
been, you goddamn drunk.
Why don't you do the
right thing for once
and just tell me
the fucking truth?
Who told you about her?
No one.
I've met her.
That's fucking ridiculous.
Because I watched her burn up!
I hate to be the
bearer of bad news,
but she's very much alive.
She's been killing
people for years
and sending me the highlights.
So don't you dare tell
me it's impossible.
Kelly and Brian
sitting in a tree.
Identities psychic abilities
are certainly increasing.
When I returned today,
he had used the gardener
to break Hector's arm.
However, a mere manipulation
of those in love
was never the intended goal.
It's clear now
that only Apollo is
capable of psychic
manipulation, his twin Hector
being a mere witness
to the events.
We must embrace the possibility
that Cassandra and Diana also
exhibit these
unintended anomalies.
It's too early to tell.
Why the embryos continue to
split during the procedure
is troubling, but I can
no longer hold out hope
that it's a chance occurrence.
Perhaps the two
sets are comprised
of a psychically active A
twin and a passive B twin.
If I could combine the active
qualities in both the A twins,
then the result may be
a third singular B...
Your mother made some
significant breakthroughs
in her experiment to
discover the secrets of love.
But you said I was
the experiment.
You were a failed
experiment, a mistake.
You see, she wanted to create
a being who could control love,
like a god.
But instead she got you and
Diana, not one complete entity
but two parasitic twins
linked via a psychic bridge.
One half capable of inhabiting
someone through love,
the other doomed to watch.
So how do we stop her?
I have no idea.
Your brother appears
to have run away.
I need you to help me stop
him before he gets too far.
And we don't want
that now, do we?
I want you to think
about how much...
I know how he hurts you.
How's your arm?
You are [INAUDIBLE] You
know I don't love you.
You're just like...
It worked.
Don't you hate him?
What the hell is that?
It amplifies emotions.
So when the psychic
bridge is open,
Cassie can attempt to send
a little something back
down the line.
So this could work?
There are risks.
This injection is
almost to the limit
the human body can handle.
There's a high probability
your heart will give out.
Outside of that, what
if it doesn't work?
We send something
bigger down the pipe.
This dosage is over
the human limit.
If it doesn't make
your heart explode,
it'll almost certainly
damage your limbic system.
Limbic system?
Cassie would lose
all her emotion.
We wait until she makes contact.
While the bridge is
open, we inject you.
You'll be able to send a
sort of emotional shockwave.
You to conjure all the hate you
have for what Diana has done.
Hate is the easiest
emotion to conjure.
Wanna play hide and seek?
Think about all those
deaths you couldn't stop.
This maniac has killed innocent
people and made you watch.
Feel the rage pouring through
your veins like black oil.
Do it.
Keep going!
Kill her!
Oh, Jesus.
Cassie, Cassie?
Come on, Cassie!
When you've been a naughty
girl, this machine tells me.
Will you behave?
You've been such a naughty girl.
I don't know if I
can believe you.
I'll behave.
Welcome home, Diana.
Do you know the trouble that
you caused me when you ran away?
You set me back years.
The things I had
to do to find you.
Before you ran away, I
had a surprise for you.
Do you want to know what it was?
A real, living Lisa.
You're going to be a mummy.
Like you?
Sort of.
But your baby is going to
be able to change the world
with a blink of an eye.
But if you're bad...
I'll be good.
I'll be good.
I'll be good.
Good girl.
Here, go through here.
Apollo, come.
What's he doing here?
Everything's going
to be all right.
You're fine.
You have to go get help.
She's gonna take
our baby from us.
He hasn't done that
in a long time.
You always were a bad influence.
Let her go.
You are right, mother.
Baby and I are gonna
change the world.
But it'll be nothing
like your world.
It'll be fun.
Look at you.
All grown up.
But you know, even
as an adult, you
can't always get what you want.
I always get what I want.
My girls, do you know,
this is the first time
I've had a chance to talk to
you both at the same time?
Cassie, I need you
to forgive Diana.
She doesn't really
know what she's doing.
I suppose it's my fault, really.
You must so many questions.
But I don't think that...
I don't think that your
sister's going to give me
a chance to answer any of them!
Diana, listen to me.
Your sister is jealous of you.
She wants only to hurt you.
She wants to hurt your baby.
Do you understand?
You've been bad, mother.
I can feel you now, sis.
I'm coming for you.
She wasn't trying to help me.
She was trying to find Diana.
Our mother.
You're not my father.
You're like me.
People found out about her.
There was a fire.
I got you out.
I thought...
She's mated
my brother with Diana.
My loyalty to you and your
cause could not be greater.
You do love me,
don't you, Clyde?
Did you feel that?
The child is coming.
She's getting closer.
I can feel her.
She was right.
My God.
I've heard that tape
a thousand times.
I never believed it would work.
I feel like that.
It was glorious.
Imagine pure love, free
from corruption, confusion,
doubt could be generated
by a single sentient being.
You felt it too, right?
Don't you understand?
We can't stop her now.
We need to help her.
This child must be
protected at all costs.
Of course.
I'll do it.
Something weird just happened.
Where's Cassie?
She's fine.
I'm gonna get Cassie.
We're gonna leave.
You can leave, Trent.
There's nothing
keeping you here.
But Cassie won't be joining you.
You tried to kill her.
Yes, and I'm sorry about that.
If you think I'm gonna
leave her here with you,
you're fucking dreaming, mate.
Well, then I'm sorry
about this too.
It'll be quick.
She's coming for you.
Once you take that I'm
never gonna see you again.
I only just found you.
My God, look at me.
I started my sketchbook
when you were 11.
That was the most beautiful
thing that I'd ever seen.
That girl's got nothing on you.
One, two, three, four, five,
once I caught a fish alive.
I don't wanna play
with you anymore.
Mother told me what you were
gonna do to me and baby.
Once you're gone, me and...
Baby will be happy.
Are you scared?
Are you scared, sis?
I love you.