Dark Vale (2018) Movie Script

[fire crackling]
[light, eerie piano music]
Not far from here, there's
a place called the Vale.
About 100 years ago, a
young lady called Lucy
was getting ready
for her wedding,
so full of joy and excitement
that her lover Phillip
had proposed to her.
She invited all her family
and guests to the wedding.
The day came and Lucy
waited at the church
and waited, nobody came.
Finally, in fury Lucy went
into the woods and took an ax
and made her way to Phillip's
home in the dead of the night.
Lucy could hear Phillip
upstairs with someone else.
She slowly pushed
the bedroom door open
to find her lover on the
bed and laughing about Lucy.
She stood there shocked, as
a tear rolled down her cheek.
She lifted the ax and
violently butchered
both of them on the bed.
The screams could be heard
throughout the woods that night.
Later, Lucy came out of the
house as though in a trance
with the bloody ax
and her wedding dress
now covered in blood.
She slowly made her way
to the bridge with a rope.
Heartbroken from what she
had done, she put the noose
around her neck and hung
herself from the bridge.
To this day, in
the dead of night,
people still see the
spirit of Lady Lucy.
She's crying black tears
in search of Phillip,
the man she loved.
[deep, solemn music]
[thunder rumbling]
[deep, solemn music]
[people chattering]
[children chattering]
Shall I go and
get some tokens?
[children chattering]
Did you want some more?
[Woman] Yes please.
That's five pounds please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[arcade music]
Ladies, gentlemen,
girls and boys
come one and all, ride the
ghost train, if you dare.
Do you wanna go on?
Yeah, can do.
[Ghost Man] Welcome.
Be careful.
Have fun.
[screaming and laughing]
I don't wanna go in.
[engine rumbling]
["De Camptown Races"]
[children chattering]
[Child] I'm gonna
get this one all.
[Child] Oh, oh yeah!
Love it, don't ya.
They'll be good as soon
as they pass the pole.
[children laughing]
Fairground again?
I can't just
forget about it, Tom.
He's my brother.
How do you feel about
us getting our own place like,
in a, in a couple of months.
You wanna move in together?
Do I stutter?
Yes, I do.
Yeah, absolutely I think
as soon as your mum gets
everything sorted we
should definitely do that.
Tom, can we just not talk
about my family problems?
I just want to forget about
it this weekend, okay?
Things will be okay.
And how do you know that?
Well, because you've got me
and I'll not let anything
happen to hurt you.
Your dad's going
away for a long time
for what he did to your mum.
Babe, I'm really sorry.
I, I know that things are really
hard for you at the moment.
I can't even begin to imagine
what you must be going through.
But I love you.
Promise, I'm gonna spend
the rest of my life
trying to make you happy.
Hey, I've got a joke for you.
Go on.
How can you tell if a
blonde has her own vibrator?
Don't know.
She got the
chips on her tooth.
Oh my god.
Well, I didn't say it
was a good joke, did I?
But I'm a brunette.
Made you laugh, though,
didn't it, dumbass?
So yeah, in a few months,
we'll get our own place
together, then, yeah?
Yeah, I mean, we could
always rent somewhere, I just,
[sighing] we need to get
out of that town, Tom.
There is nothing there for us.
No, you're right, there isn't.
Do you know what?
In the morning, I want
you to make me breakfast.
I want, eggs, bacon,
two sausages, beans,
I want the lot.
We'll see.
You are making me a
breakfast in the morning.
[laughing] Is that so?
I'll make you anything you want.
[rain splattering]
[sighing] Oh, it's freezing.
- Well this is lovely.
- Yeah.
Where'd you find this?
Uh, got it for the whole
weekend, I know some people.
Have we?
Yeah, at least the
weather held out for us.
Brilliant, yeah.
[laughing] Followed
the wrong crowd.
I can't believe this
is ours for the weekend.
Dead flowers, it's okay.
No seriously I, I just
bought them two hours ago,
how could they have
died so quickly?
[Leah] Oh don't
worry about it.
- No, no, seriously...
- You can get me some more.
They shouldn't be dead now.
It's okay.
No, no, no, no, seriously I,
I just bought them
like two hours ago,
- they shouldn't...
- Oh, don't worry about it.
You can get me some more.
Yeah but how can they be dead?
I think I just saw
something go past the window.
Well it's just your
imagination babe,
there's nothing there.
Cheap bloody flowers.
[birds chirping]
Hey babe, it stopped
raining, sun's even out.
Make us a coffee, would ya?
What, did your
last slave die off?
Yes you are, do as
you're told, lady.
[birds chirping]
Thank you.
Here we go.
[light, eerie piano music]
[wind whipping]
You know what, that
was so stupid, Tom.
Look, I said I
was sorry, okay?
It was so stupid, you
said we were gonna have fun.
Punching guys in pubs
isn't fun, not at all.
He chugged a drink
over you because you said
you wouldn't dance with him.
So, it's a dress,
it will wash.
Look, some guys just don't
take no for an answer, okay.
How'd you think it
made me feel to see him
stood there with his
hands all over you?
We're still talking
about this guy.
Oh my god, you brought
me here to forget about
all the crap that's
happening in my life.
Just forget about it, grow up.
Look, I'm trying, all right.
I am trying so hard to show
my girlfriend a good time.
Well why don't you
just leave it then?
Look at your eye, for god sake.
Come here, let me clean you up.
[Tom] I am sorry.
I know you was only
sticking up for me and,
and them guys punched
you first but,
still fall out
with you a little.
I do love you, you know.
Please don't ever leave me.
My mom's in hospital.
We need to go.
[Tom] Your dad again.
I don't know.
I'm sorry Tom,
but we need to go.
[Tom] Yeah.
- Yeah of course, yeah.
- We need to go.
[light, somber music]
According to my GPS,
the quickest way back
is through this place
called the Vale.
I swear to fucking god if
he tries to come near you
or your mama, I'm
gonna fucking kill him.
Just stop Tom, I don't
want to talk about it, okay.
My mom's in a really bad way.
- Tom, look out!
- Oh!
[light, solemn piano music]
[breathing heavily]
Oh shit, breathe, Leah.
Leah, it's okay, it's all
right, it's gonna be all right.
Just, just try
and breathe, okay.
Just keep calm, jeez,
where's your pump?
You inhaler, where is it?
Oh Jesus, I'm sorry.
I know I packed it, where is it?
Jesus, where is it?
It's all right baby,
just breathe, okay,
just breathe, I'm
gonna get it too.
Where'd I put it,
where'd I put I?
I know I packed
it, come on, Jesus!
Here, here, it's all right,
here we go, here we go.
Steady and slow, it's all
right, it's all right, baby.
It's all right.
Keep it goin'.
It's all right.
I'm gonna try and get
the car started, okay?
[electronic beeping]
What's the matter?
Need to find something
to charge the car back up.
Tom, I need to get home!
I know, babe, but there's,
it's not responding
at all, I don't know
- what's wrong with it.
- I need,
I need to go to my mom.
I need to find something
to charge it up first,
then I'll get you back
straight away, I promise, okay.
It's gonna be all right.
Well what, what about,
what about over there?
Yeah, that's
probably the best bet.
All right, I'll go
and grab my stuff.
[thunder rumbling]
Come here.
[slow, haunting music]
It's so old.
Tom, I think we should
get out of this place.
Well, I need to find something
to power the car up first.
[slow, haunting music]
[slow, haunting music]
[glass shattering]
Under the table, go, go, go.
[slow, haunting music]
[floorboards creaking]
[Leah] Can you hear that?
[Leah] Is that the
floorboards creaking?
Yeah, there's someone in here.
[Leah] Oh!
It's all right, it's
all right, it's all right.
[floorboards creaking]
[frightening banging]
[Leah] Tom come
on, Tom come on.
[eerie music]
[Leah panting]
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[eerie music intensifying]
[Lee] Leah.
Lee, what are you doin' here?
You're dead.
You can't be here.
[tense, frightening music]
[footsteps clicking]
[tense, scary music]
[tense, scary music]
[music intensifying]
[breathing heavily]
[startling banging]
[Leah screaming]
Who the hell are you?
Wh-what are you doin' here?
Where is here?
This is the Vale.
The Vale!
All right, listen,
listen, can you help me?
I'm trying to find
my girlfriend...
- No!
- She's lost here somewhere.
It's haunted,
it's haunted, man.
What are you on about?
You've not seen the
things I've seen, have ya?
- It's haunted.
- Things?
How'd, come on, how do you
know it's not just some,
some crazy nutter comin'
around dressed up,
havin' a bit of fun?
Crazy people don't float
through walls, do they?
Where is Leah?
Listen, listen, you tell
me the entrance to the Vale,
and I'll tell you where your
girlfriend is, I'll tell ya.
Well how do I know
I can trust you?
You've got no choice, I've
been stuck here for years.
If you don't work with me,
if we don't work together,
you're gonna be stuck
here the same as me.
Do you wanna end
up looking like me?
No, didn't think so.
All right, the entrance
it's, it's down that way.
Oh yeah, great, thanks for that!
Look, how do you know, how
do you know she's even here?
How do you know you're
not seeing things, eh?
When was the last
time you had a drink?
When was the last
time you ate anything?
You could be going off your
end just as much as I am,
or you think I am, hey, here.
Things to remember, you need
to stay away from the mist.
- Okay.
- The mist.
I know it sounds cooky,
sounds crazy, but you've gotta
listen, you need to
stay away from the mist.
- All right, I'll stay away.
- When you go past the grave,
the sand that's in
the bag, you need to
throw that onto the grave.
- All right.
- Yeah, sounds crazy, I know.
You think I'm mad,
I know you do.
But you've gotta listen,
you must listen, please.
All right, if you know so
much, why is she even after me?
'Cause she thinks you're
Phillip like she does me.
She thinks you're
her ex-husband.
I know, I know, I
know, it sounds insane.
It really does sound insane.
And I, I'm, to be
honest with you,
I'm not sure I'm not
going out me mind meself.
I've been stuck here that long.
But, you know, that's it,
there's nothing else we can do.
So, good luck, I'm off.
One other thing,
hide in the cellar.
You must remember
that, all right.
[tense, mysterious music]
Come on baby, speak
to me, where are you?
[eerie music]
[startling bang]
[door clicking]
[tense, suspenseful music]
[tense, suspenseful music]
Leah, I'm not gonna
give up, Leah.
Leah, Leah baby.
Baby, what is it?
What's wrong?
[Leah] I think I'm...
Baby what is it, what's wrong?
I think I'm dying, Tom.
What, no, no, no, no, no,
you can't be, you can't be.
The lady with, with the
white face gave me a drink.
Who is she, Tom?
Baby, baby, you're
gonna be fine,
you're gonna be fine, okay.
They can't hurt you,
they're not even real.
Ghosts can't, they
can't hurt you.
[Leah gasping]
God help her, please.
[slow, somber music]
[slow, solemn music]
[Leah] We need
to get home, Tom.
I've been looking
for years, okay.
I'll find the ingredients I
need to make this red sand
that'll stop her from
following us home.
I'm trying my best.
Just, this place is
bigger than I thought.
I need you to
take me home, now.
Just keep your voice down.
You know what, you go out there,
you try and find us a way home.
While there's some crazy
ass ghost stalking you.
I think we died, Tom.
I think we died
in the car crash.
Look at ya, your hair's
not really changed.
You haven't really
changed one bit.
[Tom] We didn't die, Leah.
Well why can't we leave
this place then, eh?
Why can't we just get
in the car and go?
Because there's a
ghost that stalks us
every time I try
and leave the house.
How many times do I have to
go through this with you?
What does it want from us?
[Tom] How the
hell should I know?
Have you tried
the mobiles again?
This is Britain,
you can't get lost,
we can't, we can't get trapped
in the middle of nowhere.
I'm sorry, Leah.
[slow, solemn music]
Leah died in the house,
I buried her outside.
I'm losing my sanity.
It is growing Leah, it is.
We're not dead.
We are not dead.
[slow, solemn music]
[slow, solemn music]
I saw the Lady Lucy floating
through the mills again today.
She seems to be
carrying the dolls
from over at the
house to the mills.
Where she collected
them as a child,
but her parents were
killed in the fire.
She seems to be repeating what
she did in her physical life.
The red sand seems
to work once again,
as it keeps her at bay.
I placed sand all
around this house again
as it started to blow away
with the strong winds.
I need to keep doing this to
stop her from getting to me.
I don't know what she is, but
this spirit isn't a happy one.
In my 20 years of searching,
I've never seen
anything like this.
But still, time is
running out for me.
[slow, solemn music]
[water rushing]
Who were they then, eh?
Oh go on, tell me,
'cause I can't stand
seeing you hanging around
with pricks like that.
They were friends Tom,
that's all, just friends.
Why would you just start
fighting with them like that?
Hello, didn't you
hear what he said to me?
Fucking cow.
You are.
How dare you say that to me.
I would never do
that to you, never.
Do you know what?
I can't do this anymore.
I need some time apart.
I can't, I can't do this.
[slow orchestral music]
Look, I don't want
to lose you, okay.
I don't want to
live without you.
You need to trust me, I
would never, never hurt you.
You know that, don't you?
[water rushing]
[mysterious music]
Come on Tom, get up.
Get up!
[mysterious music]
[tense, haunting music]
[suspenseful music]
[bells tolling slowly]
[startling banging]
[woman laughing]
[bells tolling ominously]
[solemn strings music]
[Tom breathing heavily]
[solemn strings music]
[breathing heavily]
[muffled yelling]
[deep, ominous musical tones]
[somber strings music]
[deep, ominous musical tones]
[gun firing]
[bats squeaking]
Three long years I've been
trapped in this house.
My food supply started
to run very low.
I wouldn't have lasted this long
if the cellar hadn't
been full of food.
She knows I'm here,
whatever she is.
Strange noises
haunt me at night.
I like being in the cellar,
because I can't hear
the noises she makes.
I need to find the
entrance to the Vale.
That is the only way out.
But I only have four
hours to find it.
I figured it out, that
the only time she rests
is from 1:00 p.m. 'til
5:00 p.m., daytime.
After that, she
comes looking for me.
I'm writing these
diaries in the cellar.
It's 12:30, she comes
out looking for me,
trying to figure out
a way into the house.
The spell I use does work.
Around the house, the
circle of red sand
to keep her from getting to me.
The front door
opened the other day,
and she stood there looking
at me with soulless eyes.
I held a cross up to her, but
it just exploded in my hand.
She wants me for something,
but I don't know what.
Where are you going, Tom?
Just leave me alone all
right, you're not real.
Charming, your
girlfriend isn't real.
What, do you not remember?
You died!
I couldn't save you,
I had to bury you.
- Want me to show you?
- No.
Do you want some proof, hey?
- Tom!
- Come on, let,
let's have a look.
- Let go!
- Let's have a look.
- Right here, right here!
- You're hurting me.
Tom, that really hurt.
[deep, ominous musical tones]
I'm here, aren't I?
Isn't that real enough?
[slow, haunting music]
[haunting choral music]
I try every day
to leave the Vale.
Days pass, years pass,
music is changing,
life is going on without me.
Lady Lucy hunts
for me, every day.
I still don't know what
the spirit wants from me.
I don't want to find out.
I found out that Lady Lucy kills
everything she goes past.
Trees, flowers will
die in her presence.
The smell of her perfume lets
me know when she's close.
I read every one
of Carl's diaries
about what happened to
Lucy on her wedding night.
She does seem to
be scared of fire.
[deep, ominous musical tones]
Come on you bitch, what
are you waiting for?
It's right there,
waiting for you.
Go for the nice dolly.
Bitch, come on.
Where are you?
Come on.
Come on.
[wind whipping]
[laughing] How do
you like it, eh?
You're the one
that's trapped now.
So what do you want from me, eh?
I'm right here.
What do you want?
Why did you have to take
her, what did she ever do?
What have I ever done?
[bells slowly tolling]
Hello mate, you all right?
Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
Listen, who told you that
this bridge was haunted?
And the area around
it, who said that,
where did you get
your information from?
So you've not got any sold
proof or anything like that?
You've got no solid proof?
'Cause this is what I need,
this is why I've been,
I've been setting triggers
off and objects and stuff.
I've been here for days now,
and I'm just not
gettin' anything.
And I need that proof,
obviously for the book.
'Cause I don't, I don't
wanna pass off information
that, that I've got no,
you know, I can't back up.
So you've not got
anything over here?
All right, all right.
Well, no, I'm not
going now obviously,
'cause it's gonna
piss it down tonight.
So, it's not gonna happen.
All right pal, see
you later, ta-da.
[slow, solemn orchestral music]
[tense, scary musical tones]
Holy spirit descend
on this earth.
[woman laughing]
[dramatic, scary music]
[ominous musical tones]
[water rushing]
[radio static buzzing]
Hello, is anyone
there, can you hear me?
[Man Over Radio]
Hello, is anybody there?
Hello, hello, yes, my name...
- Yeah, we can hear you, yeah.
- my name's Tom Crow.
- Please, please help me.
- Hello?
I'm, I'm trapped in this
place called the Vale.
I don't know exactly
where it is but...
[radio static]
[Man Over Radio] Hello, hello?
- Is anybody there?
- What's the date?
Could you tell me the date?
[Man Over Radio] Yeah,
we can hear you, yeah.
- Hello.
- That's not the date.
[woman laughing]
[slow, solemn strings music]
[thunder clapping]
My name is Anna Sterling.
This will be my last diary entry
before I try and leave
the Vale for good.
Strange but the Vale
is getting quiet now.
I'm not sure if I'm
the last person here.
The spirit of Lady
Lucy's stalking me.
Oh god, I'm so scared of
even leaving my house.
Sometimes, I look
through the window
and I can see her floating across
the lake, carrying a doll.
She doesn't seem to have
any eyes, just black holes.
And does she know I'm here?
Maybe she's looking for me.
It's only a matter of time
until she comes to my home.
I pray most of the
time, just to stay sane.
I will use the lantern
at the Vale sign
to guide me through the
darkness of the Vale.
And I must stay
away from the mist.
Caroline went in there
and I never saw her again.
I've got to pack my
things and leave.
Who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come. [crying]
Thy will be done on
earth as in heaven
Give us this day
our daily bread.
Forgive our trespasses,
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
deliver us from evil.
Amen. [crying]
[deep, ominous musical tones]
[tense, somber music]
[doll clunking]
[tense, somber music]
[water rushing]
Come on Lucy, come and get me.
Come on!
Come on!
[tense, suspenseful music]
[glass breaking]
[tense, suspenseful music]
[tense, haunting music]
[ominous, eerie music]
[haunting music]
I know I'm safe in this circle
but time is running out for me.
I've got a drop of water
left in this bottle,
and then I'll go to
the river for more.
I see things, horrible things.
Two days ago I saw
what looked like a dog
but with a human body.
It walked backwards
into the darkness.
I keep hoping I'm just
having a nightmare
and I'll wake up,
with Leah by my side.
I also saw something that
I can't quite explain,
a person with holes for
eyes, just like Lady Lucy.
It tried to touch
me, it was wrapped up
in cotton wool of some sort
or, cobwebs wrapped around it.
The sand didn't work, it walked
straight into the circle.
It was the size of a child.
I grabbed my water bottle
and launched it into it,
it went straight
through the thing.
Then it turned around and
flew towards the bottle.
Is there more than
one ghost in the Vale?
What do you want from me?
[slow, haunting music]
I don't care, all right.
I don't care.
Just leave me alone.
For god sake, leave me alone.
Just leave me alone,
just leave me alone.
Please just leave me alone.
[slow, haunting music]
Get off me.
Get off.
Get off me.
[slow, haunting music]
What's the matter, Tom?
[Tom] You're alive.
What's the matter, Tom?
What do you need?
You don't love
me anymore, do you?
Of course I do.
Why don't you love
me anymore, Tom?
I do.
of course I do.
You don't.
You don't love me anymore, why?
Don't say that, of course
I do, I'll never stop.
I'll never stop.
Leah, I love you, I always will.
[slow, haunting music]
I love you.
[slow, haunting music]
[thunder rumbling]
[slow, haunting music]
[slow, somber orchestral music]