Dark Windows (2023) Movie Script

[phone line ringing]
-[woman breathing shakily]
-[phone line continues ringing]
[loud banging on door]
[woman moans in fear]
[operator on phone]
911, what's your emergency?
-[banging on door continues]
There's someone
trying to kill me.
He's breaking down the door.
[operator] Miss, I've alerted
the Summerset sheriff's office.
Help is on the way.
[operator] Do you have anywhere
you can hide?
Oh, my God. I think he's inside.
[operator] Okay. I need you
to find a place to hide.
Do you have something...
[breathing shakily]
[cries out]
[ominous music playing]
I said no.
[woman] Tilly...
I don't want to do this.
You'll regret it if you don't.
I just--
I don't know what to say.
[woman] You don't have
to say anything.
No one expects you to, just...
Be polite.
Don't smile too much.
Oh, God, Mom!
Look, your friends
are already there.
It wasn't my fault.
I know.
So do Scott and Heather.
-Do they?
-They'll appreciate you coming.
Okay. Yeah.
[Tilly] Hello, Mr. Carlson.
Hi, Scott.
We're so sorry for your loss.
Tilly, Louise. Please come in.
[door closes]
[hushed conversations]
Come on.
[melancholy music playing]
Heather, we're so sorry
for your loss.
Thank you, Louise.
I miss her.
So much.
[Heather sobbing]
[woman] I don't know
about this...
Stop the car.
Stop it!
-I am so sorry.
-[Heather] It's okay.
-It's okay!
Just go join your friends.
[Tilly] Andrew.
How are you doing?
I can't talk now.
Don't mind him, he just lost
his girlfriend.
I'm so sorry for your loss,
Uncle Bob.
I'm not an uncle anymore.
So, do you have any plans
for the summer?
Um, no.
Another road trip, perhaps?
Improve those
driving skills of yours?
That's something you could do.
Learn how to operate a vehicle
like a normal,
responsible person.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry, ah.
Now, that must be
your favorite word.
Did you say that to Ali when
her life was fading away?
"Sorry... I lost control
of the car, Ali.
Sorry I dove into the tree, Ali.
Sorry I didn't make you
wear a seatbelt, Ali!"
Why are you here, Tilly?
Don't you think you've
caused enough pain already?
[woman] Hi, Bob.
Is there a problem?
You know what,
I'm sure Heather and Scott
could use some help cleaning up.
Or was there something else
you wanted to say to us?
Tilly shouldn't be here.
[woman] We were all
in that car together.
Me, Tilly, Peter, and Ali.
It should have been you.
Go fuck yourself, Bob!
[ominous music playing]
I'm sorry.
[Tilly] Yeah.
This is so fucked up.
I know.
He shouldn't have said that.
-He's not wrong.
-Don't say that, Tilly.
Don't even think it, okay?
We can't just
sit here and cry
and feel sorry for ourselves
all day.
We have to do something.
Monica, we...
I have an idea.
Peter, shut up.
It's not the right time.
-You saying there will be
a right time?
-Just don't.
-Come on, it's a joke.
-Not today.
[Peter] It was kind of funny.
My grandparents' farmhouse.
We go for the weekend and...
eat and drink
and swim in the lake.
It'll be a lot of fun.
It's something to do,
it's something other than this.
Yeah! I'm game.
-[Monica] Please?
-I don't know.
Don't leave me
alone with this asshole.
It's ridiculous.
I can't be alone with him.
Yeah, sounds nice.
[somber music playing]
[TV playing indistinctly]
[Bob] It should have been you.
[voice echoing]
I don't know about this...
[music playing faintly
through headphones]
[Ali] Stop it!
[Peter] You good?
You good?
Yeah, fine.
Wanna hear a joke?
Not really.
That's okay. I was gonna make
a dead baby joke,
but I decided it was best
to abort.
-Eyes on the road, Peter!
-Jesus, Tilly.
I'm just trying
to lighten the mood.
Not everything's a fucking joke.
[Peter] Yeah, I know that.
You can't fix this.
Yeah, well,
at least I'm trying.
You guys wanna
put on some tunes?
-Yeah, sure, whatever.
-[Monica groans]
Thank you.
["Pulling Away"
by Raphael Lake
and Royal Baggs playing]
I know you're
Pulling away
Don't have nothing to say
I am faded out memory
I am a ghost
In the empty streets
I'm no concern
No concern to you
This broken heart
Turning midnight blue
I just don't know
I just don't see
However alone
I am left to bleed
It was the last word
It was the last line
I guess I'll leave it alone
Pull away
I know you're pulling away
I know you're pulling away
There ain't nothing
To say...
[Peter] Whoa!
I thought we were going
to a cabin.
[Monica] Come on!
[Peter] This is insane.
[birds chirping]
[Peter] Whoa.
[Monica] Guys, you can just
drop your shit.
[Peter] How long since
anybody lived here?
Um, my dad comes up here
to write sometimes.
But nobody's lived here
since my grandparents died.
-[Peter] Well...
-Let me show you the house.
This is the living room.
This is a really good closet
for hide and seek...
If we decide to play.
-No, we're not gonna
look at that.
-[Peter laughs]
-Actually I hate that picture.
My dad looks so evil.
-[Peter gasps] Hey!
-[Tilly] Aww.
[Peter] Hey, look just the same.
[emotional music playing]
I don't feel the same.
[Monica] This is...
This is my favorite room.
I used to just eat Jell-O here,
pretend I was a queen.
-[Peter] Ready?
[emotional music continues]
[Peter] Oh...
Aw, man.
-[light switch clicking]
-I don't think there's
any electricity.
[Monica] Hang on. [squeals]
Try it again.
[light switch clicks]
Yeah, we're good.
Found the fuse box.
[Peter] I'm surprised anything
in this house works.
Everything's so... old.
And we have internet.
I'm gonna check out
the rest of the house.
We've got to get her
to snap out of it.
I'm so sick of this.
[Peter] Sure.
Holy shit!
This place even comes
with its own creepy basement.
[door slams shut]
I don't like it in there.
It really freaks me out.
-[Peter] You know what we need?
-A drink.
[Tilly] Hey, can I use
the drawers in here?
[Monica] Yeah, of course.
[Tilly] Thanks.
[bag unzips]
[pills rattle]
[footsteps approaching]
-[phone keyboard clacking]
-[Monica chuckles]
Ha, she always does that
when she's messaging a boy.
It's not like that, okay?
Anyone we know?
It's just Andrew.
Wait, like Ali's Andrew?
He's our friend,
and he's hurting.
And I think he should be here.
[Tilly] What?
-You can't be serious.
-Well, I am.
-[Tilly] What are you doing?
-Inviting him.
Don't, he hates me!
No, he doesn't.
Besides, the more the merrier.
Maybe now isn't
the best time to ask,
but if Andrew does come...
[Monica] It's not a big deal,
[Tilly] You know
that's not true.
-[text message sends]
Oh, too late. Just did it.
What the fuck, Monica?
God, relax.
He might not even
show up anyway.
[Peter] Did we bring any beer?
I can't see any.
Fuck! We forgot. That's totally
gonna ruin the weekend.
-Like it was going
so great already.
-[door slams]
I'm not trying to be an asshole,
I just think that it's time
to move on.
[Peter] Well, you're kind of
being one.
[dramatic music playing]
[Peter] Hey.
[Peter exhales]
-She can be a bit...
-She just doesn't get it.
So did you happen
to bring any beer?
Vodka maybe?
Didn't you bring any?
I only have what's in my flask.
I'm gonna make a run
to the liquor store.
Want anything?
[Tilly] You think that's smart?
[engine turns over]
[door creaks open]
[uneasy music playing]
[door creaks]
[pop music playing]
[pop music continues faintly
through headphones]
[Bob] It should have been you.
[Ali] Stop it!
My internet's out.
Do you have any service?
-Nope. No bars.
-Oh, goddamn it.
Does it really matter?
Why? Are you gonna text Andrew
some more?
Tilly, can you let it go?
It's like...
you are really overreacting.
He hates me.
His girlfriend just died
and he blames me.
And somehow you think
it's a good idea
to ask him to come hang out?
What the hell is your
malfunction, Monica?
Just leave me alone, okay?
Is that cool?
Ali's dead! Don't you care?
You're so goddamn selfish,
-You don't care, do you?
Yeah, of course I do.
But I have cried enough
and I'm done doing that now.
You're not grieving properly.
Let me grieve in my own way.
After what we did,
after everything that happened,
we can't just--
Yes, we can!
Ali is dead. I know that.
I will never forget
what happened.
But I'm not gonna spend the rest
of my life feeling like shit
about it.
It's not right.
But it's not gonna change
what happened.
-[clerk] Sixty-five dollars.
You old enough?
I mean, I haven't got my ID
but, um...
Nice doing business with you.
You too.
[door opens]
[ominous music playing]
Thank you, Monica.
Where did, uh, Peter go?
Um... to the liquor store.
That's so good.
I need to get drunk.
I thought we agreed
that was a bad idea.
Staying sober is a worse one.
[music playing faintly on radio]
How long is this pasta
supposed to cook for?
Um, my dad throws it
against the wall,
and if it sticks, it's done.
No, it's true.
It's like a thing.
[both cheer]
-There we go.
-[bag crinkling]
[uneasy music playing]
It's hot.
That's so good.
-It works, doesn't it?
-I love you.
I'm happy we're here.
I really am. I am.
Hello. Oh...
Oh, oh...
-[Tilly] You didn't smoke that
while driving, did you?
-[Peter] Nope.
We got booze.
[creaking sound]
-[Tilly laughing]
-No way, it's so bad. The worst.
It's not bad,
it was ahead of its time.
"There can be only one."
Highlander is a good movie.
-I still haven't seen it.
-[Monica] Don't.
It's like genuinely awful.
And it's so old.
Well, I like it.
I like it a lot.
How did you even see that movie?
Ali showed it to me.
-Ali had terrible taste
in movies.
-[Monica and Peter] Terrible.
-[Monica] Awful, just awful.
-It's true.
[Peter] Yeah.
[animal cries]
-What the fuck was that?
-[Peter] Yeah, what the fuck?
Guys, it was just foxes.
-[Peter] How the fuck
do you know that?
-I know shit and...
They mate in the dead of night
when nobody's around,
because they get shy.
-You talk such shit.
-[Tilly] Oh, come on, you do.
[Monica] I swear to God.
Yeah, she was a bit...
It's true.
When we washed dishes, she
washed them, like, three times.
And she kept reprimanding you.
She kept being like... "Monica."
I know.
[suspenseful music playing]
[crying softly]
-Hi, guys.
-[Peter] Yo.
[all laughing]
I don't know about this.
Relax, don't be such a loser,
-Stop the car.
I didn't know
you were such a pussy, Ali.
You said you hadn't had
anything to drink,
you should drive.
-Aww. Poor little Ali.
-Shut up, it's not funny.
[Tilly] No, it's not.
-But this is.
-[Ali] Don't. Stop!
[Peter and Monica laughing]
Jesus, stop fucking
with my seatbelt.
It's not funny.
-[Monica laughing]
-Stop the car.
-[Peter] What?
Tilly, make him stop.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous musical sting]
I'm so sorry, Ali.
[Ali's voice, distorted]
I don't know about this.
[lid screwing on]
I didn't mean to...
-No, I know.
-I didn't mean to...
-[crying] I didn't mean to.
-Let's get you to bed.
[Tilly grunts]
I got it.
[Peter groans]
[Tilly] Here.
I'm so sorry. Sorry.
Close your eyes and go to sleep.
[Peter] It's just...
[Ali's voice, distorted]
I don't know about this.
What's up? Are you okay?
Mind if I sleep here?
Of course not.
I think I heard Ali's voice.
What do you mean?
She said...
"I don't know about this."
I know it's crazy.
[Monica] No, it's not. I...
There's no judgment here.
It's just me.
It's weird.
Are you sure
you really heard it?
I don't know.
I just don't want to be alone
right now.
[Monica] I get it.
-[Tilly] Oh, gosh.
-You okay?
I'm just thinking about...
If you'd went to sleep
in Peter's bed,
he would have had a field day.
Even if, he wouldn't have been
in any shape
to do anything about it.
I found him drunk off his ass
on the kitchen floor.
-Oh, God.
-I had to help him into bed.
At least I know what that noise
was earlier.
I kept hearing this thing,
it was, like,
moving all around, but it was
still sort of quiet.
Must have been Peter tip-toeing
off to his own private
He is sneaky, that boy.
But he's not sneaky enough.
Peter's an alcoholic, isn't he?
No, he's too young
to be an alcoholic.
I don't think it works that way.
His dad died from it.
I know.
We can't ignore it anymore,
not after the accident.
Not after everything
that happened with Ali.
We should get some sleep.
Do you mind
turning off the light?
I love you, Tilly.
Love you too.
[eerie music playing]
[ominous musical sting]
[Tilly moans]
[melancholy music playing]
[water running]
[footsteps approaching]
I didn't mean to startle you.
That's fine.
You sleep okay?
Not really.
No. Thanks for the bucket.
I hit it...
most of the time.
Tilly, uh, last night...
Did I...?
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
No, it's not okay.
If I ever do that again, just...
punch me in the face.
Just go for it, don't hold back.
All right, deal.
You maybe, uh...
wanna cut back some?
Do you hear me?
I got it under control.
I don't think you do.
I said it's fine.
It didn't seem fine yesterday.
Look, just leave it. Don't go
doing me any favors, okay?
Seems to me
I already did you
a pretty huge fucking favor.
[Ali] I don't know about this.
You said you hadn't had
anything to drink.
You should drive.
God, stop the car.
Stop it!
It should have been you.
Tilly, make him stop.
Jesus, stop fucking with my
seatbelt, it's not funny.
[Tilly] Peter!
Eyes on the road. Peter!
[gentle music playing]
[phone camera clicking]
-What's up?
-[Monica] What's up?
Do you guys wanna go for a walk?
Walk where?
Uh, just around, 'cause...
I wanna get service.
Sure, I'll come.
Can you please come?
We haven't even talked all day.
No. I'll get the last few hours
of sunlight.
Okay, suit yourself.
Ready, soldier?
Let's go.
[Monica] Bye, I love you.
[Tilly] Bye.
[Monica] Wish us luck.
[Tilly] Good luck.
[Peter] Holy shit.
Do you get anything?
It's getting cold.
Maybe we should turn back.
No, not yet.
Does it ever warm up
around here?
What do you mean?
Last night, I was freezing
my ass off.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have
opened up all the windows.
I didn't.
Tilly said all the windows
in the house were open.
Well, I didn't do it.
Are you sure?
You were pretty drunk.
Whatever Tilly said,
she was exaggerating.
I was fine.
[Monica] Okay.
How did your dad die?
You know that already.
No, I don't. Not really.
Liver transplant went wrong.
his system broke down.
And how's your mom?
What's she doing these days?
My soon-to-be stepdad, mostly.
She spends all her time
with him.
Hanging with him
and his kids.
That's rough.
When Mom does come home,
she just... looks at me.
Looks at you how?
Like I'm just like my dad.
Like I'm toxic waste.
You're nothing like your dad.
[phone vibrates]
Snap, I got two bars.
Ah, yes.
[Peter] Anything good?
Uh, my mom says hi.
You should see
what she said to me.
-[Monica] Do we head back?
-[Peter] Yeah.
[Peter sighs]
[Ali's voice, distorted]
I don't know about this.
Guys, is that you?
[Ali's voice, distorted]
I don't know about this.
Tilly, make him stop.
[Ali's voice]
Tilly, make him stop.
Are you here?
[eerie music playing]
[loud tapping]
-[Tilly screams]
-[Peter] What the hell!
-There's someone here.
-[Tilly] There's someone here.
[Monica] Inside?
Inside... I don't know.
-We've got to go.
-Okay, calm down.
What happened?
I'm trying to tell you,
there's somebody here.
Are you sure that
you saw somebody?
No, but I heard them.
We've got to go.
What do you think?
Fuck if I know.
Okay, I'm gonna try
calling the police.
I still don't have reception.
-Okay, let's just leave.
-[Peter] Wait a second.
We have to go,
there's somebody here.
[Monica] Let's just check, okay?
Come on.
[eerie music playing]
Everything looks fine...
[Monica] Ali's shrine.
You didn't put it up, did you?
No, I thought you did.
Well, I didn't do it.
-The open windows. Oh, fuck.
I think Tilly's right.
We've got to get out of here.
Do you have the keys to the car?
-Let's go!
-[Tilly] Come on.
[Peter] Okay, let's...
-[Peter] What the hell?
-[Monica] I got it.
-Start it.
-I'm trying.
-It won't start?
-[Peter] Uh, no!
-How far to walk to the village?
-You're kidding.
To Summerset? It's miles away,
it'll take hours.
Okay. What exactly did you hear?
I was cooking in the kitchen
and then I heard this voice.
Ali's voice.
It wasn't her though.
It was...
It was somehow digital,
a recording, from the crash.
How could anyone have heard us
that night?
How could anybody
have recorded us?
I'm not sure.
Somebody knows.
[Peter] Knows what?
Don't be an idiot, Peter.
Somebody knows
what actually happened.
No way.
Even if he did know,
he wouldn't do anything
about it.
I don't believe it.
[Monica] Andrew is total
goody two shoes.
Even when Ali was alive,
he wouldn't hang out with me
because he knew that I li...
that I liked him.
So he kept his distance.
Please. It's not him, I swear.
[twigs snapping]
[Monica] It's just a prank,
-It's some local kids...
-Local kids...
We're in the middle
of the fucking wilderness.
Peter, calm down.
You're not helping anything.
Fuck, fuck!
Okay! It's a prank, guys.
Even if they did know
what we did,
they wouldn't hurt us. Right?
-We don't know that.
-[Peter] Please!
Okay. We can't stay here.
You just said someone
is in the house.
I'm not gonna go in there.
Maybe they are.
But either we run,
or we go back inside
and close all the
windows and doors.
What does it matter if we're in
the car or in the house?
I don't know, all right?
I just don't want to die
in a fucking car
the way Ali did!
Let's go.
Okay, we stick together
no matter what.
Maybe we're just panicking
needlessly, maybe...
Is that from the car?
[Monica] Peter, take this.
[Monica] Oh, God.
[knocking on window]
[loud thudding]
We should have ran.
Fuck that. We stay together,
always. Okay?
I can't hear him anymore.
-[loud crash]
-[all scream]
He's by the window.
Maybe we can make a run
for the front door.
[Monica] Fuck!
-Is it locked?
[Peter] You have the key?
I left it under the rock.
[loud thud]
We've called the cops.
[man] No, you haven't.
The motherfucker
is toying with us.
-[door banging]
-What the hell
does he want?
Let's go, let's go! Come on!
[Ali's voice, on recording]
I don't know about this.
[Monica] I didn't know you were
such a pussy, Ali.
-[Ali] Stop the car.
-What is that?
[Monica] Don't worry,
he's a good driver.
Aww, poor little baby.
-[Ali] It's not funny.
-[Monica] It's not funny?
You wanna know what is funny?
[Ali] Jesus, stop fucking with
my... I said it's not funny.
-[Peter laughing]
-[Ali] Tilly, make him stop.
[Monica and Peter laughing
on recording]
[Ali] Assholes.
[Tilly] Peter.
Eyes on the road. Peter!
[Peter] Oh, shit!
[loud crash on recording]
[Peter sobbing]
[Peter, on recording]
Ali? Ali?
She has no pulse!
Oh, fuck! No, no, no, no...
Oh, man!
[Tilly] Give me the car keys.
Give me the car keys now.
[phone line beeping]
We deserve it.
We deserve it.
No, we fucking don't.
It was a mistake,
we didn't mean to do it.
It was just a prank.
Listen to me, guys.
We're gonna get out of here.
We're gonna make it
through this.
All of us, together.
Say you understand.
Say you understand!
I understand.
We don't deserve this.
You don't deserve this.
Say it.
Say it to me.
I don't deserve this.
We are gonna make it
out of here.
Just fine.
You said that before.
After the accident,
before the police.
I said it 'cause I meant it.
To what?
There's no sound.
[wind blowing]
[Peter] What is it?
[Monica screams]
Come on, come on. Come here.
Where did he go?
I don't know.
Looks like we missed our chance.
Hit the lights.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
[crying] No.
-[Peter] Oh, fuck.
-[Monica, crying] No.
[all screaming]
-Pull her out! Pull her out!
-Let go!
-We gotta go...
We have to get her.
-He's got her.
Jesus, no fucking way.
It's too late.
It's too fucking late
to help her!
[Tilly whimpering]
Oh, no. No, don't do that now.
Please don't do that now.
We're both dead.
And you know it.
Fuck it. I have to go.
-I'm gonna make a run for it.
You can't go out there!
[Peter] Here.
Take this.
If he comes near you,
just hit him in the head.
I'll call the cops once I get
far enough away from the house.
I got a signal
out there earlier.
No. No, no, no, wait. No!
We can take Andrew's car.
We can go together.
Yeah, like that's gonna work.
He removed the fucking battery
from my car, Tilly.
He's probably fucked up
Andrew's car already.
Don't leave me.
Please don't leave me.
No, Peter, no!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Peter] Fuck.
[Tilly crying]
[scream on recording]
[Peter panting]
There's no signal.
There's no fucking signal.
[Peter screams in distance]
[footsteps approaching]
[window crashes]
[man] Tilly...
[exhales shakily]
[crash on window]
[girl's voice on recording]
Can I play with Tilly?
Can Tilly come and play?
[knocking on door]
[girl's voice on recording]
Three, two, one, here I come.
I'm going to find you...
[loud crash]
[girl on recording]
Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies
Fuck you!
A tissue, we all fall down
[singing continues indistinctly]
[door bangs loudly]
Come on, you asshole.
[door handle rattling]
[cell phone dings]
[pounding on door]
[pounding on door]
[Tilly whimpering]
[line ringing]
[line continues ringing]
[operator on phone]
911, what's your emergency?
-[pounding on door]
There's someone
trying to kill me.
He's breaking down the door.
[operator] Okay, I just need you
to stay calm.
-Do you have an address?
-Yes. I'm...
I'm at a house near...
It's, um...
It's the McLaney's family home.
Off, um, off the I-34.
[operator] Miss, I've alerted
the Summerset sheriff's office.
Help is on the way.
Do you have anywhere
you can hide?
Oh, my God, I think he's inside.
[operator] Okay. I need you
to find a place to hide.
-Do you have something...
-[phone beeping]
[ominous music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[cries out]
[ominous music intensifies]
[whimpers, panting]
[Tilly yelling, whimpering]
[groaning in pain]
[man] You deserve this.
Fuck you.
[man grunting]
You don't have to do this.
I know it's you, Bob.
Scott and Heather
wouldn't want this.
[man] You're wrong.
[Tilly whimpers]
[Monica crying out]
[Monica screaming]
[Peter whimpering]
What the fuck?
[screams, crying]
[Monica crying]
Why are you doing this?
Because you killed my daughter.
Because of what you did to her.
She asked you to stop.
You didn't.
How the fuck do you know that?
I know you were
driving drunk and
that she took the blame.
And I know you kept undoing
her seat belt
until it killed her.
And you didn't stand up for her.
And you were supposed
to protect her!
[Monica crying]
Ali called me.
Asked me to pick her up.
I didn't answer.
But she never hung up the phone.
I heard everything you did.
[ominous music playing]
And you keep drinking.
[Peter] I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[Monica] Fuck.
-Fuck. Fuck.
-Please forgive me.
I'll do anything, anything.
I forgive you.
[Monica and Tilly screaming]
No! No!
[Tilly] Oh, my God.
[Monica, screaming] Stop it!
[girls screaming, sobbing]
-[Scott] You were having
so much fun, weren't you?
-I'm sorry.
-Killing her...
[Monica sobbing]
I'm so sorry!
First thing Ali broke
was her arms.
[screaming] No!
Don't. Please don't.
[Monica screaming]
[Scott] And then...
her head hit the windshield...
[Monica screaming]
...and breaking her neck.
-[muffled screams]
-Tell me...
when her life was fading away...
did you still think
you were funny?
It was me!
It was me.
What was you?
Monica undid the belt
the first two times.
But the third time...
the time Ali died...
It was me.
It was me.
[Monica sobbing]
I'm glad you told me.
-[neck cracks]
-[screaming] No!
Please stop...
You took the only thing
that mattered in my life.
[somber music playing]
What are you gonna do to me?
You're gonna live with it.
[sirens approaching]
Don't move.
Stop moving.
Put your hands on your head.
[somber music continues]
[music darkens]
["The Big Wind"
by Luke Elliot playing]
If the big wind blows
All that we own
Could be stolen away
But you can't expect
To keep
What was given to you
For free anyway
And the trees
Started swinging in the night
And the pressure gauge
Wavered from black to red
But God's off
Someplace else instead
Now the garbage cans
Fly along
What's left of
North Dublin Avenue
And the dogs, they cry
As the water, it reaches
The ceiling under you
The neighbors were lucky
To leave town
The kids are praying
Under the bed
But God's off
Someplace else instead
Soon there will be
Blackness everywhere
And the whole damn thing
The whole damn thing
Isn't fair
The roof has blown
Right off the shed
But there's always eternity
At least
That's what they said