Darkness of Man (2024) Movie Script

If I had to tell myself how I got here,
just like every story, it started with a girl.
Anyone who's walked in darkness
knows there's no point
in making promises.
Thank you.
You've been here a while.
You want me to Irish this up a bit for you?
No, thank you. I don't drink.
Life is too full of uncertainty.
Only a fool makes promises and actually
believes he can keep them.
Esther, where have you been?
I've been looking for you.
Esther, if you're in trouble,
you need to tell me.
It's my job.
We can make you safe.
It's my son.
I don't want this life for him.
I am doing this for him.
Their meeting tomorrow, this location.
From where I understand,
he comes in with the fish
and they take it to this warehouse.
No matter what happens, just promise me.
Jaden will be safe.
If something happens to me,
you'll be watching over him.
Nothing will happen to you.
Promise me.
I promise.
You're the best, Russ.
Life has a plan for all of us,
even if we don't agree.
The lightning follows closely after.
The heavens weep like a weep.
The information Esther gave us was good.
Little did we know, Esther wasn't safe.
Officer Yates and I went
to investigate the scene.
We were walking into an ambush.
Gabung Sekarang di puasnyepin.net
Temukan kami di Google, ketik PUAS69
Sadly, another tragic event has rocked
the local community
as a search for Soo Min Kim.
Known to her friends as Esther Martin,
who was reported missing by her 13-year old son
has come to an end with the discovery
of Esther Martin's body
earlier this morning.
The problem with a promise is...
you can have every intention of keeping it.
But on your way, a truck runs through
red light and leaves you dead on the sidewalk.
I had to at least try to hold on.
Just hold on.
It hurts so I could die.
Don't even know why.
Oh, just hold on tonight.
I'll get him.
I'll get ready.
The voice in our box is Jayden Martin.
Ah, Jayden.
Little shit.
What do you mean?
I just talked to your grandpa,
and he said to pick you up from football practice.
Something came up.
Is that Claire?
Hey, buddy.
Hey, Claire.
Yeah, and the deal was...
you were supposed to go straight
to the shop after school.
Look, I'm on my way, okay?
Just send me a location and stay put.
If you do, I want to tell Mr. Kim
about the vape.
Did I get you in trouble?
Be gone.
Before I come back.
I don't do sleepovers.
Tell Jayden thanks for this.
So he messed up a little bit.
Don't forget to lock up after Gus' treatment.
Russell, am I only here
because I'm your cat's bet.
I mean...
If it weren't for Gus,
would you even have me over?
I know you've never let Jayden come by.
I don't like people in my space.
And don't forget,
Gus has a camera on his collar.
You won't tell on me.
Will you, Gus?
You like me more than that
grumpy Russell Hatch.
Don't you, Gus?
Extended-stay motels.
The type of place a person lives
if they fail on hard times or give up on life.
I'm somewhere in between.
L.A. is a city of lost people.
All in a hurry to go nowhere.
Everyone comes here to find themselves.
But if they came here just like me,
they're already lost.
Hey, kid!
In the car!
Oh, shit.
My driver's here.
What the fuck is this?
You're skipping school and
your grades are going down.
I was just with a friend.
You know what?
You need to make better friends, okay?
Why do you care?
You're just my driver, okay?
Don't worry.
I won't off myself like my mom.
It was not easy for you.
I get it.
But all she wanted for you,
was for you to have your own life.
So you're gonna tell me then?
Come on, don't start this.
No, no.
Go on.
Tell me.
I mean...
That's why you're here, right?
Witness protection, no?
Jayden, not today.
Not again.
Didn't think so.
If I'm just your driver, next time...
...sit in the back.
Great kid, Esther.
Great kid.
Mr. Kim?
He's in the back.
Sorry to disturb you.
Looks like you're working hard.
Go fuck yourself.
I work hard.
You're an alcoholic.
It's been crazy around here.
Yeah, motherfuckers rob anybody these days.
That's why I keep cameras in my place.
reminds me, by the way...
Yeah, clear.
Last time I saw this guy,
he didn't have a scar on his left eye.
But that was many years ago.
Scars are life-statue of our mistakes.
The neighbourhood is getting rough.
Just a minute.
Mr. Kim?
/ Hi, Russell.
I didn't know you were coming.
Is everything okay?
Yes, of course.
He's my son.
You can't show it.
Real pain in the ass.
Jaden is home.
Thank you.
Who else will watch that boy?
My family?
They never liked his father.
They can never forgive my assuming.
Oh, Esther to you, I suppose.
Your real friend, Mr. Hatch.
Not many like you left these days.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Why don't you take off?
Make sure you get this box of donations
over to the church before they lock up.
Bo can help me clean up my son's mess.
Okay, Mr. Kim.
Ellie, Ketan.
Night cold and dark.
The Santana winds are picking up,
spreading through the city like a plague.
I can hear the whistle
of the wind as I press
the bottle of whiskey
to my head and pull the trigger.
Another night where you can lose yourself
at any moment and if you're not careful
when you're lost, you don't know
how you'll be found.
You want another?
Yeah, just leave the bottle, please.
Rough night tonight?
The bottle, please.
All right.
You're a hard man to track down.
Yeah, and I plan to keep it that way.
You are one stubborn motherfucker,
you know that?
See that you're still here.
Hell, we both fucking know
you should be in Europe.
I think you should do me a little favor.
I'm nothing to favor business.
Come on, man.
It's also against protocol to fucking inform it.
But I didn't meet good people like that.
Don't talk about that shit like that.
Look, all right, my bad, all right?
We need you.
All right?
I wouldn't even be here asking you this if I didn't.
Fuck off.
Look, man, just hear me out, all right?
Remember that shit Flocker?
That fucked-up bath salt hybrid?
That we got rid of in 2015?
The zombie drugs?
The eat-your-face-off drug.
I mean, we thought we saw the last of it
until it popped up here last year.
Like I said, it's none of my business anymore.
I'm out of it.
Last time, things went badly.
But we still don't know
who's in charge of the Korean mob
or who put the hit out on Esther.
Don't you want justice?
For her?
Good night, Yitz.
Come on.
If you know something, tell me, Hatch.
Fuck off.
All right, all right.
I guess I'll just find Esther's killer,
all by myself, huh?
Fuck off, Yitz.
I don't have to.
You know you'll be back.
You can't stay away.
It's who you are.
It's in your nature.
It's who you are.
The walls are closing in.
They've been keeping tabs on me.
I knew it was only a matter of time before
they tried to pull me back in.
What the fuck?
Shit! Shit, shit, shit!
It's my car.
Hey, man.
We were just...
We were just leaving.
These brats!
What, suka?
Go where?
Run home?
Fucking women's.
Know who I am?
Know this symbol?
The Brigada Boys.
Para mis brigadi, huh, suka?
Gabung Sekarang di puasnyepin.net
Temukan kami di Google, ketik PUAS69
Spends time with that kid too.
He's fucking around.
But you have to get rid of Hatch.
And your father.
This place is crawling with Russians.
If we give any more ground, we might as well
call this part of town little Moscow.
My father's become a weak man.
He still thinks things are like before.
Before Miami.
That we can all get along.
Still doesn't want to believe Soo Min's fuck up
had anything to do with this mess.
You were supposed to be there for the kid.
Not me.
What the fuck?
One second!
Hey, man, what's up?
What's going on, man?
Listen, I hate to be that guy,
but I've got a fucking massive headache.
And your music is really too fucking loud.
I'm really sorry, man.
I didn't even know you were at home, brother.
My bad.
Who's there?
Yeah, is that the pizza?
Fuck, the guy looks like a cop.
Fuck, cop!
Why the fuck do you need it?
Could you turn it down?
Uh, yeah, yes.
Hey, can you guys, uh, cut that shit out?
Please turn it down.
So, uh...
I, uh, I don't know what
you're up to tomorrow,
but, um, I got some plush,
uh, dank plush, Barry.
I got, you know, we got some nice ladies.
I'm at a Bible study.
You want to come in?
...keep it quiet.
All right.
Well, hey, if you need anything for those headaches,
I could get you something.
I'm your guy.
I'm just saying.
All right, much love, man.
Have a good night.
You can come out now.
He's not a cop.
Rack them up, please.
Can you believe that they posted that?
I mean, she should put on some clothes.
I'll be right back.
You know, you can't smoke here.
School property and all.
Oh, sorry.
Who are you here for?
Jaden Kim.
I always thought his dad was, um...
Uh, his mother was, uh,...
But I'm not his father.
I'm his, uh, guardian.
His guardian?
I'm Vivian.
Russell Hatch.
It's nice to see you here.
I mean, you know, for Jaden.
It's nice to see somebody show up for him.
It's my job.
All right.
I'm ready.
Let's go.
Hey, Jaden.
All right.
Bye, Russell Hatch.
Bye, Jaden.
Hate to do this,
but the kid may know something.
You know, I was, uh, thinking...
Your uncle.
He's got a scar on his face near his eye.
Dae Hyun?
Seems like your grandpa and he done,
uh, get along real well.
Just family shit.
I stay out of it.
He's my mom's brother anyway.
And where's the rest of your family?
I don't know.
Miami, back in Korea.
I don't give a shit.
I mean, none of them gave a single flying fuck
to go to my mom's funeral, so...
I don't really care.
Hey, Jaden.
You don't have to sit in the back next time.
Well, you told me to.
What's up, little bro?
Ah, Mr. Hatch.
Good, good, you are here.
I have another box of donations,
for you to take down to the church.
Would you mind?
No problem.
Thank you.
You've been such a help,
since my bags are in the best shape.
Thank you.
I'm gonna close up.
Good evening, my friend.
We are closed.
Please leave.
Shut the fuck up, Old man.
Give cash.
Oh, please.
We have no money.
You know exactly why we are here.
- I don't know why...
- Nazar sends his regards.
You need to start paying.
Come on.
Hey, pick those up.
Sorry, my bad.
Perhaps I did not make myself clear to you.
Hey, take it easy.
Calm down.
You want us to calm down and take it easy, huh?
No, no.
No, no, no.
Fuck you.
Fuck this shit.
Got to play stupid to be smart.
Back the fuck out, old man.
Wait for my chance.
...one a later.
Russel, Terry will be leaving soon.
Shut the fuck up.
I said back the fuck up!
Drop it.
I need you to do something for me.
I need you to prove you're not weak.
Like your druggy mother.
It's simple.
Just go around the corner, grab some stuff.
I'll be right here.
I don't know who lives there.
What if there's someone inside and I get caught?
You don't have anything to worry about.
Because you've got me.
Be strong.
You're my family, okay?
I'm going to teach you what that's all about.
Yes, yes, Officer.
Thank you very much.
The ambulance is only this way.
Thank you, Russell.
Where was Bo?
His car was broken into the other night.
He had to go to the shop to get the window fixed.
They knew Bo wasn't here.
They broke into his car.
It was a setup.
I'll stick around and give a statement.
Oh, no, Mr. Hatch.
It would just be more trouble for you.
Not necessary.
You sure?
This is clear town.
The police will take their sweet time.
No one cares what happens in this part of town.
You know that already.
Be careful.
Ah, fuck you old man.
Where there's smoke, there is fire.
We'll go down back.
We'll look for Victor.
Something is off.
This guy is speaking Russian,
and got here too quick.
He must be on somebody's payroll.
Need to keep this quiet.
Don't want to alert their friends.
Is this place?
Victor and Anton told us
to meet here if things go wrong.
Hey, guys.
I'm sorry, sir.
You can't come back here.
It has been...
Couple of painkillers and a steep drain,
and they'll be fine in the morning.
It's not what it's look like.
You just knocked out some cops
behind my father's store.
Let's go somewhere and talk about this.
What's up, my man?
Can I get two asado tacos, some nachos,
and two more quesadillas?
I want a burrito.
Put it loaded.
I guess I'm just a black sheep of the family.
But my father knows what I'm good at.
That's why I got a call.
You think you know my family?
You think you're a part of my family?
Just because my whore sister
let someone's penis stick it in her?
You really don't know shit about shit, do you?
We were never working with Lazar.
Lazar, he's in L.A.
You fucking kidding...
And he's expanding.
Restaurants, bars, cafes.
Even the cops you ran into.
Anyone who refuses to sell, disappears.
So the Russian mafia sends 2 kids to scare
your father out of business?
They've been on his neck for months.
Lazar was trying to convince him to cut a deal.
Leave with his life.
We've had that business for years.
Grew up in that store.
Doing my homework out back.
These guys don't show up guns blazing
to push over an old man selling
bubblegums and cigarettes.
It's more than just that store.
My family operates all the best parts of this city.
And for years nobody noticed.
Property value has been going up
an average of 7% each month since last year.
31% since April.
Because we turned this shit around.
Made this shit nice.
My family spent decades
building this place into what it is.
So you really think we're just gonna roll over
and sell it to a bunch of Russian fucks?
Fuck no.
Fuck no.
That's right.
I need to know everything about their businesses.
Who they are, where they are.
And I can make our little problem disappear.
But first, you should check out his
nightclubs and warehouses.
If you could have rolled on him,
you would have.
Lazar can't be touched.
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry about it.
Can I have my gun back?
You just gonna let him go?
You should fucking kill him.
He's not entirely useless.
He'll bring us closer to Lazar.
Then we'll kill him.
If he takes out a few Russians along theway?
Even better.
The way I see it, all of us are
in this sinking ship together.
And we're all going to reach shore much
faster if we help each other paddle.
I made a promise to keep the kid safe.
These idiots are going to get him killed
if I don't step in.
Be it a pebble or a stone, in water,
they sink the same.
Fucking kid, Jaden.
My reflection is a whisper of who I was.
A distant memory.
An echo in the wind.
And yet, I can't escape my nature.
Any time you shake a tree, you never know
what will fall loose.
Hello, old friend.
We meet again.
Fuck you, you stupid son of a bitch.
I thought this was a horror act.
Fuck you.
Oh, fuckface.
One second!
Oh, hey, Russ, what's going on, man?
Yeah, come on in, come on in, come on in.
Everything all right, man?
Yeah, you good?
Oh, shit.
Oh, okay.
What's up, man?
Do you need that out?
Do you want to put that away, man? Or...
Okay, okay, that's fine.
You've been here all day?
Yes, I think so.
Oh, you think?
No, I mean, like, I don't...
I went to get some food.
That fucking taco truck, man.
They've got the good... the tacos.
I can get you some.
They're good.
Good salsa.
You didn't hear anything strange?
I mean, what do you mean, strange?
Like, sex?
Sexy kind of strange, or...?
Like my whole place getting...
That kind of strange?
Oh, shit.
Right, right, right.
Oh, shit.
I mean, yeah, I heard a few things crashing around,
but I figured it was just you.
Give me a drink.
I need a drink.
Wine cooler?
I got some Taki Soju, or...?
There you go, man.
Help yourself.
You know...
You know what I was thinking about the other night?
When you were offering something for my head?
Oh, right.
Yeah, the headaches, the music.
Hey, can you turn that fucking down?
Yeah, I got you.
I got you.
Um, I have pretty much everything.
Um, whatever I don't have,
I can place an order for.
I need more of that.
Yeah, I mean, I didn't peg you
for a gravel kind of guy, but...
Yeah, you know, gravel.
Bliss, Purple Funk, uh...
Machine Gun Smelly, uh, Flakka?
Flakka, can you get it?
I mean, yeah, probably.
It's super cheap and pretty easy to come
by these days.
What if I said I wanted a lot?
Where would I get it?
Um, okay.
Look, Russ, I like you a lot.
Uh, that's really not my thing.
You see, when you meet up with these guys,
it tends to...
open up a whole can of worms.
You know what I mean?
I like you, Chris.
Let's be honest.
I don't like you enough
not to tell my friend at the,
...DEA that you're selling rocks.
do me a big favor.
That's what I thought.
Are you sure this is the place?
Look, honestly, Russ, I don't know.
I was told to come here, so here we are.
I wasn't really gonna argue semantics
with mid-level drug dealers.
Well, I thought you knew these guys.
No, I mean, look. We talk online,
but I don't even really do
my own pickups in person.
I got a drone for that.
What kind of amateur do you think I am?
Hey, buddy.
Get in the car.
Whoa, whoa, watch out!
Oh, fuck.
That was fucking awesome.
Just drive.
Oh, shit.
I lost my plug.
Let's go.
Damn, this place got fucked up.
Yeah, now it's going to be unfucked.
You did this?
Think it's funny, Chris?
Out, please.
Yes, sir.
My bad.
I'll go.
You want to act like a little kid?
Throw a tantrum?
Come on, Sit!
I'm sorry.
Okay, I didn't know it was your place.
They didn't tell me whose place it was.
And, you know, I've never been here, so...
It doesn't matter if it's my place or not.
You're damn lucky it was.
Do you know where you would be
if I wasn't here to protect you?
You would be dead like
your father and your mother.
It was a mistake.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
Who sent you?
I know, really.
So you want to be like them?
It's cool, right?
Your mom and I went through hell
to get out of there.
Out of the family business.
What your mother did was the right thing to do.
She knew the risk.
And she did it for you, bro.
So tell me, then.
What did she do?
Because, quite frankly no one
wants to talk to me about it.
So all I can believe is
that she killed herself
because there was nothing
worth staying here for.
I wasn't enough.
And then you show up.
And then my whole life goes to shit.
You want to know what happened?
You want to know why I'm here?
I met your mother at the worst
possible time for her.
Which was the best possible time
for me to do my job.
And I love your mother.
We got close.
And she told me how your father was killed.
How she thought it was an inside job.
Your extended family business,
it's complicated.
And it wasn't family.
She didn't come to me for help.
Not at first.
She came to me when their eyes turned to you.
With your father gone, someone else
would need to take over the business.
But no one agreed on who.
Your mother wanted out.
But not just her.
She wanted to save you, too.
So she came to me, ratted them out.
You're the best for us.
She did the worst possible thing
she could do, to save you.
But it got complicated.
So it's your fault.
It's your fault she's dead.
Not the one who killed her.
I was trying to save her.
No one killed her.
She killed herself.
She abandoned me,
and she turned on her family.
She was no hero.
She was selfish.
She didn't kill herself.
She called me before it happened.
She saved you.
What you saw today...
was just a test.
You barely have a family.
I'm here for you, kid.
You're not my family.
Hey, Jaden.
This is for Anton.
Run, kid.
Get far away from here.
You don't want to see this.
They got the drop on me.
How they find me?
Everything gets fuzzy for a moment.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Oh, shit!
Holy shit!
What happened?
I don't know.
I just got here.
Get him up.
Let me call an ambulance.
No, you probably wouldn't want the cops involved.
Wake up.
They did their best to patch me up.
But all of it...
is wasting time.
I need to get to Jaden.
I'm sorry, Esther.
I thought we said, no sleepovers.
Thank you for staying with me.
Russ, what happened?
I know it's hard for you to open up, but...
you can talk to me.
I... I care about you.
I know.
Your phone...
It was ringing and ringing.
I answered.
I hope you don't mind.
Mr. Kim...
He said Jaden didn't come home last night.
Oh, jeez.
Not so fast, Mr. Hatch.
Two broken ribs, mild concussion,
multiple contusions.
And now your friend here says
that you were mugged?
So were you mugged, Mr. Hatch?
Yes, yes, it's about right.
Well, with injuries like yours,
we have to file a report.
So if you'll just take a minute
to talk to an Officer Yates?
I don't have time for this.
I'm telling you, Jaden left
a few seconds before me.
And the Russian from the shop
must have followed me to get even.
Why would they take Jaden?
What does he have to do with all of this?
Wait, wait, wait.
So there were two Russian brigade boys at the shop?
We only found the one.
What do you mean, one?
We only found one body.
Oh, fuck.
What are you not telling me, Hatch?
Yates, you're going to tell me everything
about the Russians.
Because last time you told me that
the Agency will handle everything,
that's when Esther died.
That was not my fault.
Wait, who's Esther?
Jaden's mother.
Hatch, wait!
The thing about life is we can't escape our fate,
no matter what path we may walk.
I have spent my life trying
to walk in the path of light,
only to be swallowed by the darkness.
I have seen the darkness of man.
I must now become it.
It's time, Hatch.
It's time to keep the promise you made to Esther.
It's time to show you're not just an alcoholic.
One last march, old man.
You plotted their route.
You're fucking short.
Yeah, look at your face.
Good job with that quiche.
You make Lazar happy.
Now, go make me more money.
How, I ask?
Natasha, coffee with me.
Watch it.
It's China.
Stop the car!
Who the fuck are you, huh?
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you?
What the fuck do you want?
Russell Hatch.
You are a dead man, Russell Hatch.
Where's the kid?
What kid?
The kid you took from my place.
Remember now?
My men will be here in minutes.
And they will skin you alive.
Let's make it quick, then.
I remember you.
You're Mr. Kim's man, huh?
You took out Anton.
Koreans tried to make a deal.
Cut us out.
Quick stalling.
You think Lazar gives a shit about that old man?
We wanted Mr. Kim dead...
...he'll be bleeding in the ground.
No, Kim, he's...
He's good for business.
Knows his place.
Not like Dae Hyun, that slant cunt.
One last chance.
Where's the kid?
I don't know this kid.
I sent men to fuck with you.
Not that kid.
What is your grudge, Russell Hatch?
Five dead in Miami.
Three of them were my friends.
Now you're gonna die anyway.
I respect.
I let you down.
Now for Lazar.
Have to blend in to get the big man.
Get him on the move.
Jaden, I'm coming to save you.
I won.
Nice win.
Someone deserved a break.
Thank you, Natasha.
Car is here.
Go collect my money.
Sveta, you look good.
Who the fuck...
Don't move.
Keep on driving.
So it must have been you that killed Alexey.
Smart to wait until we're on the move.
Who are you working with?
I work for myself.
A true vigilante.
And I assume you're here to kill me.
You can.
You can be a hero for a short time.
But you will never sleep soundly in this city again.
You're right.
When it starts, it will never end.
But here you are.
You made it personal.
This is unfortunate.
I don't even know your name.
Tell me where the kid is,
and I will let you live.
If you told me where the kid was,
you could have lived tonight.
You're asking the wrong man.
Why do you think we took him?
What good could it do?
They're using you.
You know that?
They're selling drugs.
You've been working
for the leader of the Korean mob.
And you... and you're a fucking stupid, boy.
We still don't know who's in charge
of the Korean Mob
I will drop this to Pastor Jim.
I greatly appreciate all your help
with the donation deliveries lately.
You're a real friend, Mr. Hatch.
Not many like you left these days.
When a child is born, life decides
how many days he will live.
And how many times he will sleep.
It won't be long now.
This could be the last sleep.
Esther, I'll see you soon now.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're okay.
You were banged up pretty good this time.
I was able to patch you up, though.
Stitched up your shoulder.
Popped your nose back into place.
And I got you on some Ketamine.
I guess being a vet does have some perks.
Oh, yeah, don't touch that.
It's still healing.
I need you to be honest with me.
I need you to tell me what is going on here.
It's better I don't.
Better for who?
Any woman...
who gets close to me.
I work with wounded animals for a living.
I learn a lot by looking in their eyes.
Mind your eyes, Russ.
Inside that...
hardened heart...
is a scared, sad...
teddy bear...
afraid to let me in.
But at some point...
you're gonna need to make a choice.
Face your fear.
Open your heart.
Let that...
scared, sad...
teddy bear out.
Let me cuddle him...
before it's too late.
I'm trying, Claire.
I'm really trying.
Well, damn!
Sleepyhead's finally awake!
You look fucked up, my brother.
I'd take it easy unless you, you know,
want to head back to the ER, but...
I'm glad you're up.
I haven't slept much this week.
Oh, no.
How long was I out?
Uh, a few days.
Oh, no, shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you think you're doing?
I need to get out...
to the market.
I'm surprised that Mr. Kim...
didn't shop by himself to kill me.
You can barely walk.
Yeah, I'm okay.
The longer it takes to find Jayden,
the most likely he would be dead.
And then...
I would have no reason to leave.
I mean, don't you think it'll raise
some red flags, maybe,
you showing up looking like this?
Anything happen when I was out?
Well, they did find some dead Russians.
Apparently, someone took out a kingpin,
blew his fucking brains out,
all over some guy's front lawn, right?
Funny thing is, it happened the same night
that you came in looking all banged up.
Imagine that.
Imagine that.
Shit, that's spicy.
Wait a few years, yeah?
Here, have some of this instead.
Russell Hatch!
Come in, come in.
If you want a girl...
...you could have just asked.
Seriously, Russell, I should be thanking you.
I wanted my old man to make a move,
but he didn't have the balls.
But you, shit, you just went for it.
Anything to protect Soo Min's kid, huh?
Promise me.
Because of you, we don't have any competition.
Things are back to how they should be.
Jaden, get out.
You don't want to see any more family die.
He's not going anywhere.
He wants to be here.
Isn't that right?
Jaden, I made a promise to your mother
to protect you for the rest of my life.
He's just an old, washed up,
drunk, pathetic bastard.
I'll tell you what.
I'll prove he doesn't need you.
That you're nothing to him.
Don't do this.
Go on.
Show him what real family loyalty looks like.
Go on!
That's rich.
Coming from a person who killed Jaden's father.
Fuck you.
What the fuck do you know?
Don't listen to his bullshit.
Go on!
Shoot him!
I want what's best for you.
Don't listen to his bullshit!
Go on, shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Buddy, don't.
Little shit.
No, no, no, no.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I should have listened.
It's all my fault.
I don't...
Just... go home.
I just want to go home with you.
I know, I know.
I can't.
I can't.
Go to Claire.
No, I'm not going to leave you alone.
I'm sorry.
Go to Claire.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Go, Jaden.
I did it.
He's safe.
A promise made is a promise kept.
I can sleep.
Keep him safe.
I hope you love your new home, Gus.
Some people don't deserve second chances.
I know I never did.
But for some reason, life gave me one anyway.
It's a lot to live up to.
One step at a time, Hatch.
It's a new day.
Thank you.
So, um, where are you two heading?
As soon as I know, I will let you know.
Call me when you get solved.
I always wanted an excuse to get out of this city.
You know, if you're not in jail
for all the shit you did.
Russell Hatch died and
Mark Hale has a new slate.
Don't forget about me, Mr. Hale.
Call me.
I never thought I'd need a gun here.
Let's hope that's still true.
I'm surprised to see you on your feet.
I spoke with your girlfriend.
How you wound up in the hospital.
It's funny the Russian boy didn't make it.
Strange for someone so young and healthy
to die from such a small wound.
We've been friends for what?
Going on two years now?
It might be better to end things here,
go separate ways.
What about Jayden?
Of course I will take care of my family.
Like you took care of Soo Min?
Like you took care of my son, Taehyun.
What my daughter did, she did to herself.
She deserves to die.
So you knew where Jayden was this whole time?
Kids, you know how they are.
They get mad, they run off.
To something stupid.
That's why they need right guidance
to make right decisions.
After my son Taehyun's failures,
Jayden has a new guidance.
He won't be needing you anymore.
But he does care about you.
So I think it would be better for everyone.
If we just end things here, peacefully.
Okay, you're right.
Have a good day, Mr. Kim.
You too, Mr. Hatch.
And by the way, those boxes for the church.
What was inside?
I think you already know, Russell.
Flight card.
Have a good day.
We are being watched.
They know who I am.
I made a deal with the Feds.
Time to get out of here.
Start something new.
Last loose end, tied up neatly with little Bo.
The old man will be in prison soon.
The dragon, the package is on his way.
The Feds just need to follow it.
I can't believe he's been under your nose
the whole time.
Ain't none of us sorry.
Hold me, I'm running the whole operation.
Thanks for buying me time.
Thanks for this.
Just one question.
Why didn't you do it?
Why didn't you kill him too?
What would you even think of me if I did?
So where you gonna go?
It's better if you don't know.
Goodbye old friend.
Twenty hundred pump and some cigarettes.
Yes sir, not a problem.
Here you go.
Cool car.
Yeah, y'all going on a road trip or something?
Something like that, yeah.
Oh man, sounds nice.
Sounds real nice.
Let me get you your change.
Hey, if I'm back in town, let me get your number.
You know what?
Keep the change.
I can keep this?
Cool guy, man.
I really appreciate that.
See you.
See you, man.
Well, next time you're in town,
we can take a ride.
Of course.
- Yeah.
- You do ride.
Do think they are going to come looking for us?
Don't worry about that.
It's my problem.
Let's go.
I'll never be done walking in the darkness,
but at least I know there's a light
at the end of the tunnel
and I'm not alone.
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One Rocky Road for the kid.
You sure I can't get you anything?
Thank you.
Oh, hey guys.
Sorry I'm late.
I was giving a cat fluids a few blocks away.
a va?
a va.
Hey, Jayden.
Oh, so nice to see you.
Russ, you, uh, getting anything?
Didn't feel like it.
Only Hatch would invite us all for ice cream
and not get one himself.
So him.
Oh, you called me grumpy?
Oh, no.
We would never do that.
Not at all.
Hey, I was eating that.
I don't love Rocky Road.
Dude, you said you didn't want any.
I lied.
It's pretty good, right?
You don't actually want this, do you?
We'll just share it.
All I want is fame.
I could run the game.
Y'all know my name.
It really ain't a thing.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
This rap shit is crazy.
Y'all can't even faze me.
Diamonds drip from the ceiling.
Diamonds drip from my urine.
Roll me off my wrist.
Smoke blood, I'm lit.
Got a rollie on my wrist.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Racks on hundreds.
Rollie on my wrist.
I don't give a shit.