Darkness Reigns (2017) Movie Script

Farid Morocco
So here I am, big night.
It's the red carpet
premier for my documentary.
Today alone I've gotten calls
from JJ,
Steven, Harvey,
not to mention every big agent
in town.
A month ago they treated me like
dog shit
on the bottom of their
expensive Italian loafers.
Now, they wanna know what I'm
doing next,
who I'm in talks with.
They're all trying to sell me
on what they can do for me.
I made my deal.
I did the hard work.
I mean, how else do they think I
got here?
So, fuck 'em.
This isn't exactly how I
pictured things happening,
but you take the hand that
life deals you, right?
You fake it till you make it.
Die while you try.
I mean, look at me,
I'm still filming.
Movie's over, man.
Move on.
Move on, you piece of shit.
- Here you go sir.
Good size crowd.
Hello and welcome.
Welcome everyone to the
premier of the movie
that has not only taken
Hollywood by storm,
but the entire world,
Darkness Reigns.
I'm excited too.
Now, we are so lucky
to have the filmmaker here with
us tonight
to introduce the film.
So, please join me in
welcoming, Daniel Whitaker.
Hello everyone, thank you
for coming to see the movie.
Been an odd journey really.
As I'm sure you're aware,
a lot of crazy things happened
that I was able to capture.
P-, people were hurt,
uh, killed,
but I survived to tell
the story of what happened
on that movie set nearly
a year ago.
You're gonna see
most of the crazy
and the unexplainable
things that happened.
Most but not all.
Some things are just a
little too gruesome to show,
and well, some of the
family wouldn't cooperate,
but, uh, I completely
understand it,
and think you will once you see
the film.
Some things just don't need to
be seen,
but I shot a lot and I
c-captured a lot of
crazy things.
Uh, before we show the film,
I'm supposed to tell you a
little bit
about how this all came about.
- I'm rolling, Aaron.
Cool, cool, just spray the room.
You know, get some B
roll, whatever looks good.
- I know, I got it.
And what's this?
Oh, this is part of our cast of
our movie.
- S-, s-, say the
name of the movie when you can.
Oh yeah, right.
This is part of the
cast of Defanatus Soul.
- And who's she?
- Oh, this is
Rebecca Logan.
You might have seen her in,
uh, uh,
Dark Midnight or, um--
The Wiccan Altar.
We just closed the deal
on Casper Van Dien.
This is huge people,
we got our name.
This is the director of
Defanatus Soul, Jacob Bale.
Hey, uh, do you mind if we shoot
with you
for a little bit?
Yeah, that's fine.
Alright, I'm just gonna ask you
some questions off camera,
if you just wanna play to me.
Go for it.
- You got your
focus and everything?
So, you got your cast,
how's that feel?
Yeah, we just locked in
Casper Van Dien
from, uh, Starship Troopers,
Sleepy Hollow, yada, yada, yada.
I mean, he's,
he's an awesome get.
When you do these
kinds of films,
the distributors demand
a name actor
and we just got a great one.
- That's great.
Did you have any name
actors turn you down?
Hell yeah.
Slater wanted too much money.
All the Baldwins were busy.
Couldn't even get Liotta
to read the thing. [laughs]
But, no, we're, we're
thrilled with Van Dien.
He's always been
our first choice.
- Cool, cool.
Tell me a little bit about
Rebecca Logan.
Oh, Rebecca Logan, yeah,
she's great.
She's got a great string of
horror films under her belt,
so she's built in a fan base.
And plus she's not afraid
to show her boobs. [laughs]
I'm kidding, don't,
don't use that. [laughs]
- Uh, I also hear you
have a really cool location.
Yeah, it's the bomb.
We scored on this thing.
I mean, we have to travel
the actors,
which on our budget is tough,
but it's totally worth it.
We got this old abandoned
hotel in Missouri.
I mean, check it out.
It's a million dollar look
for absolutely nothing.
And here's the cherry.
They say it's haunted.
- No shit.
- You wanna elaborate
on that a little bit?
Well, I mean, what's a
better place to shoot
a horror movie than an actual
haunted location, right?
I mean, think of the PR.
It gives us something
really cool to talk about.
- Do you think
it's really haunted?
I don't know.
I mean, for the sake of the
movie, yes.
This office is haunted, my
hotel room will be haunted.
If it sells tickets,
it's haunted.
Jacob, watch what you say.
This is for the behind the
scenes stuff on the DVD.
It lives forever.
What, what did I say?
Let me talk about the location.
You've got director stuff to do.
I know, I know, I'm
casting hot female ghosts
online in a few minutes anyway.
They gotta show their tits.
Okay, okay, go play in
your sandbox.
This is a tough job you know,
but somebody's gotta do it.
- Hey, thanks,
Jake, we'll catch up later.
Yeah, so this is an
old hotel in Missouri
we were lucky enough to get.
It's got a ton of
production value.
- It looks great.
Um, do you think it's
really haunted?
Let me show you something.
Alright, this is something I
filmed while we were scouting.
- What do you
think, Jacob, was I right?
Yeah, this is creepy.
- Yeah,
it's creepy.
- It's gonna be perfect.
- Whoa, Jacob,
did you catch that?
It's probably the wind.
- What wind?
There's no wind in here.
There's no wind in here,
this guy's nuts.
That was a genuine
paranormal phenomenon
we captured there.
While scouting for the
new movie, Defanatus Soul,
coming to theaters near you.
Awesome, right?
- That was rad.
Hey, I'll get you, uh,
get you the QuickTime,
so you can, uh, use that.
- Thanks man.
Can you get a close up
of that picture?
- Wow, no way.
Hey, Gabe, you see this?
- What?
- This figure
in the hallway.
No way.
Jacob, come look at this.
It's a curtain or a shadow.
It's not.
Oh, okay, so it's a ghost?
N-, no, this proves
it's haunted.
Get out of here, it's a curtain.
Jacob, our resident skeptic.
Yeah, whatever, I got real
ghosts to cast.
I think it's cool.
- Alright, well,
I think we got everything
that we need for now, so--
Alright, Aaron, uh, I think
we got you guys set up.
You have your travel itinerary?
Yeah, yeah, I got it
this morning.
Great, um, yeah, well,
I'll tell you what,
I will see you on location.
I think this is gonna be
a fun shoot.
Especially if stuff like
that keeps happening.
Yeah, we'll see.
You good?
- We got it.
Okay, so I just heard a voice.
I mean,
I think, I just I
h- heard something.
I wasn't sleeping so I w-
I mean, I wasn't dreaming.
I mean, maybe I w- wasn't.
I- I was dozing off maybe.
Look, I heard something
loud and deep in my ear.
It said, it's time, it's time.
- Welcome
back to Talk the Talk...
It's time for what?
My heart is, my heart is racing.
I'm documenting this because
maybe by tomorrow I don't
believe it or,
or because maybe
I'll just forget.
I think we try and make
excuses for,
for these things, these p-
p- p- paranormal things,
because we, we just
don't wanna believe it.
I mean, I wouldn't have
believed it before...
Well, I'm a little more
open minded these days.
Or I'm just out of my
fucking mind.
The TV.
The TV.
- But I must ask,
do you see a handsome man
in my future?
I'm not a fortune
teller, Barbara, I'm a medium,
I communicate with the dead.
Oh, dead, alive, I'll take what
I can get.
I'm afraid, it's all been
predestined, my dear.
The future's already been
written for us, for all of us.
It was the TV.
It was the TV.
- I'm sorry,have we met?
Not officially,
but we're gonna be working
on the movie together.
You're behind the scenes, right?
- Oh, yeah uh,
right, right.
Sidney, advisor in
all things paranormal.
- Hey, it's nice to
meet you.
I'm Amanda.
I'm art department.
- Cool.
Anxious to get started?
- The camera, yeah.
I'm a, film junkie I guess.
Well, this is about as
behind the scenes as it gets.
Girls, why don't you go in
and wash out some glasses?
I'll be in in two seconds.
Hey, you know there's some
cute girls in the bar.
Why don't you go enjoy
your last night of freedom?
- Thanks, um, I'm good.
Hey, l- listen, Sidney.
Uh, I hate to ambush you
right now,
but since this is your
area of expertise,
something just happened to me in
my room.
I heard a voice.
No, Daniel listen,
I'm sorry but I- I'm
off the clock right now.
Tomorrow I'm all yours.
I promise.
- Yeah, right, sorry.
I'm, I'm, I'm sorry for
bothering you.
I guess I'm just a
little spooked, that's all.
Well, you may have heard the,
the location where we're
going tomorrow
is extremely active.
You're probably just projecting
a bit.
I'd recommend a nice stiff
nightcap to calm the nerves.
I'd invite you in but, um,
well, you understand.
- No, no, I understand.
- I know you do.
Big day tomorrow.
See you on the set.
- See you tomorrow.
Alright, we're almost there.
Are you rolling?
- One sec.
And I'm good.
Okay, we are about to arrive
on set for the first time.
Production starts today on
- Defanatus.
Defaniti, Defanist--
- Defanatus Soul.
Defanatus, Defanatus.
I have da-faintest idea
how to pronounce this--
movie name.
Okay, we are about to arrive
on set for the first time.
Production starts today on
Defanatus Soul.
Hey, guys.
Um, we're with the
documentary crew.
OK, perfect.
Um, you have your crew badge?
Uh, yes I do.
Alright, just make sure
you keep it with you
until everyone gets to know you.
Okay, will do.
- Hi.
That's Daniel by the way.
Sarah to set, over.
- Yeah, Sarah, over.
Yeah, I've got the doc crew
here, over.
I've got the doc--
Okay, that was weird.
Yeah, maybe some frequencies
flying around or something.
Base camp, it's Sarah.
- Yeah.
I already said send 'em up.
Alright guys, you can go on up
and someone up there will
tell you where to park.
Alright, thank you.
That was weird.
- Ooh.
I think I'll probably be fine
if I just pull up right here.
Well, there's Gabe.
Hey, guys.
Go ahead and leave
your car here.
We have some PAs that
can unload your gear.
Okay, perfect.
Casper's here.
Over there talking to,
uh, Jacob.
So, maybe you can get a couple
of shots.
Yeah, that'd be,
that'd be wonderful.
Casper's in kind of a
pissy mood.
Problem with the flight.
Just don't get too up
in his grill, alright?
- Yeah, no problem.
Tell you what, I'm gonna
turn my mic pack on,
so if you wanna just
hang back here.
- Okay.
Okay, you good?
Excuse me.
Casper, this is Aaron.
He's producing the
behind the scenes stuff.
Hi, nice to meet you.
That's Daniel over
there behind the camera.
Alright just not too much
shooting during,
during the takes, okay?
And when you do,
stay back a ways.
Otherwise it fucks up
my eye line.
Yeah, we don't wanna step
on your toes or anything.
I just, uh, probably
gonna have to grab you
every once in awhile for an
interview if that's cool.
Just not too much.
Even if it looks like I'm
not busy, I'm always working,
getting in the zone, prepping.
Don't worry, I'll, I'll
give you what you need.
Of course you will.
Casper's a pro, right?
How many movies?
I don't know, 110.
Man's a superstar.
Alright, well, uh, we'll
get out of your hair.
Uh, I just wanted to say hello
so that you didn't wonder
who the prick is with the camera
who's pointing it in your face.
Alright, Casper,
sorry to interrupt.
Thanks very much.
No worries, it's okay.
Alright, I think--
we're good for out here.
Um, how do we get inside?
Follow me, uh--
- You're gonna love
this place, it's super creepy.
This is dope.
Make sure to get good
shots of all this stuff.
Behind the scenes crew.
Aaron, this is Dan.
- Hey man.
Good deal guys.
Uh, word of advice, stay
out of Casper's ass.
He's a little bit moody today.
We messed up his flight.
Yeah, sure thing.
We talked to him outside so--
Hold on a sec.
Go for Mike.
Yeah, okay, I'll be right there.
Hey, guys, listen, I've gotta
run, okay?
Make yourselves at home.
The door you came in is
the one that you go out.
Everything else is boarded up.
Stay out of the elevators,
nothing works.
Makeup, right up there
on the right.
Some bitching stuff
going on today.
Check it out, okay?
- Sweet, thanks man.
If you guys can't get
ahold of me,
go ahead and get ahold
of my Second.
His name's Mike too, okay?
He'll care of anything you need.
Appreciate it, buddy.
- Thank you.
Hey, guys.
Oh, hey.
- Come on in.
Oh, shit, sorry.
Oh, it's fine.
Join the party.
You sure?
Trust me.
This one's not modest.
Seriously, why would I care?
The whole world's gonna see
me like this for the movie.
Oh, the whole world.
That's optimistic.
I'm Aaron, behind the
scenes producer.
We're just shooting some
footage for the DVD featurettes,
that sort of thing.
Come on, don't be shy.
- Hey, I'm, uh,
I'm Daniel.
I'll be in your face
for next couple weeks.
And my tits and my crotch.
- [laughs] Okay.
Uh, what was your name again?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Uh, Vanessa.
- Great, Vanessa
do you mind describing
for the viewers what's
going on here?
Uh, yeah, this is one of
our creepy apparitions.
I'm doing a full body makeup
on her with an airbrush.
Then we'll goop up her hair,
put in some contact lenses,
and instant ghost, on a budget.
- Oh, sweet,
what's this?
Uh, those are silicon appliances
for the main creature,
the Demon.
It'll take about four
hours to apply that makeup.
- Wicked.
You know, it shoots tomorrow
if you wanna be here,
uh, I don't know, about 3:00
a.m. we start the application.
Ooh, 3:00 a.m., "dead time."
- Alright,
yeah, we will definitely
be here for that.
That sounds dope.
Alright, uh, we'll leave
you to it.
- Shit!
- Hey, Dan,
let's move along buddy.
- Yeah, I'm just
looking around.
Never know what's gonna be
around the corner, right?
Let me know if you
need anything.
- If you wanna just
have a seat right here.
- I'm just gonna
mic you.
- Okay, you set?
- Uh, just one second.
I'm good.
- Alright well--
Where do you
want me looking?
- If you wanna just
look at me that's fine.
Okay, we're gonna start.
Just introduce yourself, say
your name and who you are.
My name is Sidney Barnes.
I'm the technical advisor
on the movie.
- And, um,
how does one become
a technical advisor on a
paranormal film?
Well, I'm a medium and
a spiritual counselor.
I've been involved
in a few exorcisms,
and I hold a PhD
in ancient theology.
I was hired by the production
to advise in paranormal aspects.
You know, keeping it real, man.
- I, uh, I hear a
rumor you used to be a Jesuit.
I've heard the same rumor.
- The title,
Defanatus Soul,
can you tell me a little
about that?
Defanatus is the Latin
word for desecrated,
profane, unholy.
- I guess we all
have a little bit of that.
Some more than others, ha ha ha.
- I gotcha, and uh,
this location?
What about it?
- I hear it's haunted.
There's a lot of energy here.
I picked it up right away.
- Can you elaborate?
Not right now.
There's a great deal
going on here.
Perhaps the best way
to explain it
is to say that it's rather
like pages in a book.
It takes a minute to sort
through the chapters and then...
Alright, just give me a second.
There are many spirits here.
Some are trapped, some are
just passing through, a- ...
And ...
- And?
Come on, man,
don't leave me hanging.
That sounded like it was
gonna be good.
There's a dark energy here.
Something unspeakably
It's shrouded, hiding,
observing from the shadows,
He's waiting.
- Okay, Vanessa,
step out please.
We need to roll on this.
All yours.
Camera set.
Everybody settle, settle.
- Roll camera.
- Speed.
Scene 102, take three, mark.
- And, action!
- I can't make it Maxwell.
- Shh, keep it down.
They're attracted to the noise.
Here, let me take a
look at that.
Uh, just leave me here.
No, are you crazy?
I'm no good to you like this,
I'm just slowing you down.
We're so close to getting
out of this hotel.
And you'll find a way
out faster without me.
- No.
- I'll be fine here.
- No.
- Maxwell, you know it's true.
You'll have better luck
by yourself.
I'll be back, I promise.
Some vacation, huh?
We came here together,
we're gonna leave together.
I'm holding you to that.
I love you, Maxwell.
- And cut, we got it.
[bell ringing]
- Jacob, we good?
Yeah, we're good.
Let's turn it around.
- Okay, everyone.
- Great take.
- That was the one.
- We are turning
it around.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Uh, it felt good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that was great.
- Thanks.
Do you mind if we grab
you for a quick interview?
Uh, that's fine.
You got some time before the
next setup.
Sure, um, let me just go
make a quick phone call
and then I'm yours.
Cool, we're gonna find a place
to set up,
and then I'll come grab you.
Kill him.
- Whoa, what'd,
what did you just say?
I didn't say anything.
- No, no, no,
that's messed up, man.
I-, you said, "kill him."
I'm pretty sure I didn't tell
you to kill Casper Van Dien.
- Okay, so I'm
hearing things?
Dude, what's up with you?
You feeling okay?
- Whatever, I-
I- I know that was you.
Alright, well, let's just focus
on getting this interview,
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Shit, Sidney, you scare-
You scared the crap out of me.
The energy in here's getting
much stronger, Daniel.
You should check your
footage very carefully.
There's no telling what
you might have captured
while you were shooting.
- Yeah, you know,
I- I could have swore
I heard something in my ear.
I have no doubt.
He's probably messing with all
you people,
but they don't believe it
or they don't even know it.
If I were you, I'd,
I'd stay on my toes.
Look, I'm, I'm gonna grab
some grub.
I think my blood sugar's
beginning to drop.
Can I get you anything?
- No, I'm good,
thank you.
Well, alright then.
Yeah, it was probably him.
- What do you mean?
He's probably the one who
whispered "kill him"
in your ear.
I mean, think about it,
he's probably got like
a million ex-wives he's
gotta pay alimony to.
I mean, it makes
sense, right?
You know, he's gotta milk the
spooky stuff
for a fat paycheck.
Alright, I'm gonna go grab
Casper, you get ready.
- Alright, cool.
- Alright, I'm set.
- Okay, Casper Van Dien.
Thanks for doing this, brother.
Hey no problem.
There or there?
- Right at me is fine.
Cool, um, what lens
are you using?
- Uh, we're on a 75.
Then I'll look right there.
- Okay, I guess
you've done this before.
A few times.
- Alright, here we go.
So, tell me how you got
involved with this film.
I got involved with
Defanatus Soul,
because I fell in love
with the script.
I think it speaks
very eloquently
to our innate fear of death
and it shines a light on the
paranormal in a fresh, new way.
Are ghosts trapped souls,
or are they a manifestation
of quantum physics?
Beings trapped in a
parallel universe.
Is this real life here?
Or are we all dead right now?
- What do you think?
Oh, man.
To each his own, you know?
I believe in keeping
an open mind
as long as you have both eyes
open too.
- I gotcha.
And, uh, tell me how it is
working with Rebecca Logan.
Becca is a sweetheart
and a tremendous talent,
top notch.
I think we'll be seeing a
lot of her in the future.
- I think so too.
Alright, one more question
for now,
'cause I know you gotta get back
to work
and, um, we'll grab you
for some more stuff later,
but, uh, have you encountered
any ghosts yourself?
What, here?
- Anywhere.
I, I lived in a house
once back in the late '80s
that I think was haunted.
Things would move around.
The TV would go on and off all
by itself.
So, yeah, I, I believe in it.
- And here?
Uh, this place is
definitely spooky,
but what better place
to film a ghost movie
than in a haunted hotel, right?
I mean, this is the
perfect backdrop
for the story we're
trying to tell,
and I think the location
gives it a layer of truth.
I think the audience
will feel an authenticity
that we couldn't have
achieved if we had, you know,
built a set on a soundstage.
- Okay, great,
I think that'll do it.
Thank you Mr. Van Dien.
I'll take that
mic pack from you.
Yeah, this place
is really creepy.
You know, I've had the
hair on the back of my neck
stand up a few times.
Yeah, well, Daniel's been
hearing voices.
- It was one,
one voice.
What did it say?
- Nothing,
just like a, nothing.
- Anyway,
you got a long night?
Uh, no, I think, uh, only
got one more quick scene
and then I can squeeze
in a swim.
Cool, and a few cocktails?
22 years sober.
Uh, thanks my main man.
Alright, thank you.
Thank you, Casper.
You wanna do a little interview?
Yeah, come on.
- Alright, alright,
alri-- Do a little
director of the BTS.
- So Daniel, what brings
you to this film set today?
Is it the crappy script, the
terrible catered lunches,
or the hot naked chicks?
Ooh, a lot of reasons, um.
Well, I always thought I'd be
an award-winning filmmaker.
You know, my name up there
with Kubrick, Spielberg,
You know, my mom thought so too.
- Oh, I love your mom,
she's a sweet lady.
She is a sweet lady.
No, but instead I
get to document
this piece of sh-, piece of art.
How lucky am I?
Okay, everyone, we are back,
we are back!
- And how about
this spooky location?
Have you seen any spooky ghosts?
Well, you know what?
I was not a believer before,
but I have been converted.
I have been delivered.
Can I get an amen?
- Amen.
You know, one thing has been
proven today,
beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Ghosts are real,
real horse shit.
Oh my god.
- Casper just
flew off the balcony.
- What?
- Grab the camera.
Holy shit, holy shit.
- Daniel come on,
get down here.
Casper! Everyone back up, okay,
back up!
Someone get on the
walkie right now.
Notify base camp.
We need an ambulance now.
Come on man.
What is that?
I don't know.
All the walkies are mal--
[ominous ringing]
Casper, come on, buddy.
Come on buddy, stay with me.
We're gonna get you some help.
Someone get the fuck on
your phone and dial 911.
- Mine's dead.
- Mine too.
I know it was charged.
- Mine's dead.
- What, no!
No, no, no, Casper, Casper!
- What the fuck?
- Daniel.
Come one man, not now.
- What, what ...
You are not welcome here!
You must leave here at once!
These people are not here to
harm you
or disturb you in any way.
You must leave them alone,
in the name of the Father and
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
This is ridiculous.
Is this a fucking joke?
Is this a prank?
Depart then, impious one.
Depart, accursed one.
Depart will all your deceits,
for God has ordained that man
should receive his holy temple.
Why do you still linger here?
Give honor to God,
the Father Almighty,
before whom every knee must bow.
Almighty God,
father of Our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ,
he that hath regenerated thee
by water and the Holy Spirit,
and granted thee
remission of all thy sins,
anoint thee unto life
everlasting, amen.
What the hell?
What the hell just happened?
Was it poison?
Was everyone poisoned at lunch?
- We all ate the
same thing.
It's him.
He doesn't want us here.
He never did.
- Who?
- The dark energy.
I told you it was strong.
- Oh, come on,
you're saying this was done
by a ghost?
Are you out of your
freaking mind?
Oh, it's not a ghost.
It's something much, much more,
and it's still here.
Give me a break.
I'm getting out of here.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
And if you think there
are, you're an asshole.
God, this is not how
today was supposed to go!
Screw you, screw you!
You can't do this to me,
not on my set!
This is my set!
This is my movie!
- Jacob, don't.
- Don't what?
Don't anger him?
Please, I'm the one
who's angry, I'm pissed!
[ominous growling]
You're a pathetic joke.
- Stay, stay away
from him.
- We have to help him.
- You can't, you can't
help him.
Well Daniel,
how's this for original?
Have you ever seen a man
die quite this horribly?
Ri-bono shel olom, y'hi rotzon
mil'fonecho... she-yih-yeh -
The smell.
- I smell it too,
it's terrible.
It's him, he's right
here, standing with us,
admiring his handiwork.
What do you want with us?
We're not here to harm you!
You've taken enough souls.
It's enough now, let us go.
Oh, my god, look.
- Come on ...
- Rebecca,
Rebecca, darling, come over here
to us.
What happened?
There's a dark entity
in this hotel,
and it, it attacked everyone,
Oh, my god!
- Just come over here
to us.
Come on, sweetie.
Why, why aren't you dead?
- I don't know.
We don't know.
- Come on, Rebecca,
just get out of the mess.
We'll get you all cleaned up.
Oh, my god, they're dead!
[flies buzzing]
Everyone is dead!
- Come on, just walk
this way.
- Oh, God, the smell,
it's back.
I smell it too.
What's going on?
Where, where did these flies
come from?
It's him, it's all him.
- What can we do?
Don't you guys get it?
Oh, no.
- Rebecca?
- It's not Rebecca.
God, Father of Our Lord,
Jesus Christ,
I appeal to your Holy Name,
humbly begging your kindness
that you graciously grant
me help against this
and every unclean spirit
now tormenting
this group of mortals through
Christ Our Lord, amen.
You're powerless
old man.
- Let's get out of here.
- I got it, man.
- Sidney,
it's not working.
Why isn't it working?
- God, Father of
Our Lord, Jesus Christ,
I appeal to your Holy Name,
humbly begging your kindness--
[ominous garbling]
- That you graciously
grant me
help against this and every
unclean spirit
now tormenting this
group of mortals
through Christ Our Lord, amen!
- Aaron, let go.
Let's get out of here now.
- Aaron I got it.
You've lost your way,
and without faith your words
are empty.
You're as hollow as those
horrid daytime talk shows
you've gotten so comfortable on.
Daniel, stay back.
Oh, so you do
have some sense left.
You recognize the dominant
power when it's in your face.
Extracting the life from your
sad carcass.
- She's dead.
[Sidney breathing heavy]
You killed her.
- Ah,
I didn't kill her.
She was already gone.
He was just using her,
talking through her.
Talking through, th-
That's insane.
This isn't happening.
Oh, it's happening all right,
but I've never seen anything
like this,
nothing this determined.
- I need to swap
- Why are you
still filming?
This is sick.
- Look, this is
the only proof we have
of any of this happening,
Nobody's gonna believe us,
but I got it.
I got everything.
He's right, he's right.
We should film everything,
in case ...
In case we die, just say it.
I cannot find a way out.
All the windows are either
boarded up, shatterproof.
All the doors are frozen.
Why is he doing this?
Why, why would he kill all
those people and not us?
Think of a demon as...fire.
It burns, it destroys,
but it uses fuel.
When a fire gets out of control,
it consumes everything
in its path,
except then finally it just
runs out of fuel
and it dies out.
This thing used up so
much energy
manifesting the way that it did,
that if it had taken us all
at once,
it would have just burned out.
So, it's saving us for
later, we're dessert.
Saving us for something.
Believe me, it has a plan.
None of this has happened
by accident.
This one's smart.
I'm not gonna be fuel.
I'm getting us out of here.
What is so fucking funny?
Seriously old man, hello?
There's nothing funny here.
- Aaron.
I'm not laughing at you,
Ha ha, I'm just amused
by the fact
that you seem to think you have
any control over this at all.
- Look, guys, this
is not helping the situation.
Hey, Daniel, why don't
you stay out of this.
- Aaron, you need
to calm down, alright?
Dumping on Sidney's not
gonna help anything.
Hey, guys, stop it, okay?
We need to stay together
as a team.
It's not going to matter.
Why are you so negative?
Have you seen what the thing's
capable of?
No, no, no, I mean have
you really seen it?
Darling, I've studied
these phenomena all my life
and I have never, never, seen
anything like this, ever.
Well, that doesn't mean that
we can't stop it somehow.
Son, we're dealing with a
power of the universe here.
Something that human beings
aren't able to comprehend.
The brightest minds in
particle physics and cosmology
and quantum mechanics don't
even begin to understand it.
Sorry, I'm just being real.
- Yeah, well keep it
to yourself
because it's not helping us.
Wait, guys.
You hear that?
Come on, let's go, let's go.
- Why are we
running toward the noise?
- 'Cause it
might be help that's why.
- I don't know
anything about that.
I don't like it.
Well, then just stay back!
You know, Van-, Vanessa's right.
I don't have a good feeling
about this.
Oh, you don't have a
good feeling.
Well, with all due respect,
if you had any
psychic ability whatsoever,
we would not be in this mess.
- Now what does
that mean?
It means you woulda
seen it coming.
Oh, just leave him alone.
No one could have expected
that what happened today was
gonna happen.
Well, he should have,
I mean, if any of this crap
was even real
in the first place.
- It doesn't
work like that, Aaron.
I-, I-, I get impressions,
I-, I sense things,
and I sensed this presence,
I talked about it.
Yeah, well, why didn't
you warn us?
Oh right, oh hey, guys,
I recommend that you shut
down the production right now
and get out of the building
because I've got a bad feeling.
Okay, single file now.
Oh, come on, get real man.
- Wait, that, where...
Where's that coming from,
do you hear it?
It's coming from over here.
[ominous ringing
and static crackling]
Maybe there's,
someone's trapped.
Oh, shit.
Hello, hello, who's in there?
We're stuck, we need help.
- Aaron, is that you?
Yes, yes, it's me, who is this?
- Open the door,
please, I can't get to it.
Careful, Aaron.
Mom, what are you doing here?
- Aaron.
Aaron, look at me man,
look at me.
That's not your mom, alright?
Your mom died a long time ago.
You know that, you know that.
Mom, Mom, he's right.
You can't be here.
I'm right here, Aaron.
I came to visit you, but
I've been alone in here.
I had a bite to eat while
I was waiting.
I hope that's okay.
Yeah, yeah, of course it's okay.
I missed you, Aaron.
Take me home.
I missed you too, Mom, so much.
Aaron, let's go, it's
just one of his tricks.
Shut up, Sidney!
Just leave me alone.
- Aaron, this
is not your mother.
I think you know that.
We need to go,
right now, please.
Stay with me Aaron.
Leave your friends.
I need you, I need you.
Mom, I can't, you're not,
you're not real.
Ugh, something's not right, Son.
I don't feel well.
What's wrong, just tell me
what's wrong.
- Aaron, Aaron.
- I'll get help I promise.
Where does it hurt?
Oh, oh, my god. [crying]
- Holy shit,
Aaron, Aaron, come on man.
- Don't give in, Aaron.
It's feeding on your emotions,
your fears.
- Ah, Jesus,
oh my god...
- Aaron.
- Stay with me, Aaron.
- Aaron.
- Stay with Mommy.
I missed you so much.
- Aaron, come on man.
Come on man.
- Ugh, ugh.
- Aaron!
- That's it.
That's a good boy.
- Aaron, Daniel,
right now, get out.
- Come on.
- Aaron, where's Aaron?
- Get away from
her, she's not real.
- Aaron, you hear
me open the door, Aaron.
Open the door, come on!
Daniel, stand back.
I'm gonna kick the son of a
bitch in.
Ah, oh!
- Oh God.
Jesus, stand back.
Don't look at him.
Oh, my god.
- Get off me.
- Oh God,
oh, okay, okay.
God damn!
- Daniel,
are you okay?
I'm fine...I'm fine.
We need to,
we need to stay focused.
We need to keep moving.
Give me the camera.
Oh God.
Is this thing just going to kill
us all?
I mean, is this where
we all just wrap it up?
It could be,
but I've still got a little
piss and vinegar left in me.
Let's keep looking
for a way out.
- Shit!
What is it, what's wrong?
- Take the camera.
- What?
- Take the camera
and point it into that mirror.
Wh-, what is it, Daniel?
I saw something,
I swear I saw something.
Look, we're all more
susceptible right now.
That's what paranormal energy
does, it breaks you down.
It, it was me but it,
wasn't, it wasn't me.
I swear, I saw something.
It's okay, Daniel, it's okay.
These things play tricks
on us all the time.
They relish it.
They thrive on causing
misery and confusion.
That's where they get their
power, their energy.
I swear, I, I saw it.
After everything we've seen
today, Daniel,
no one's doubting you.
- Ugh, there,
let's go.
- At least he'll, you
know, be preserved in here.
Daniel, son?
Come on let's go.
- Yeah.
- Guys, stairs.
[light switch clicking]
Lights aren't working.
- Hold on,
I have infrared
on the camera, night vision.
Slow and steady, we'll be fine.
- So, in case anyone
finds this recording, this,
this recording that has
outlived us,
we are the last survivors.
We, we witnessed
the murder, or...
or demise of the entire crew
at the hands of someone,
so-, some,
some being, some,
some--thing unexplainable.
- It's another
- Aaron is now dead,
and we placed his body
in the cooler.
Unless we find a way
out, we're probably next.
- Ugh.
- There are no
working elevators.
All the windows and doors are
boarded up or frozen shut.
The footage on the memory
card should tell you
everything that you
need to know.
I've recorded everything
that I could.
I mean, it,
it's almost as if this
thing is trying to show off.
I have never seen anything
this intense.
- No one has.
I think it's a ballroom.
- Let's go.
Of course, no windows.
We, we must be underground.
- Come on, over there.
I've studied footage from
hundreds of haunted locations.
For the most part they just
let the cameras roll for days
and if they're lucky,
they might see a, a
marble move half an inch,
but you,
what you've recorded is,
is nothing short of phenomenal.
When we get out of here,
can you imagine what
this is gonna be worth?
- Yeah, well,
if, if we get out of here.
Daniel, when we met last night,
you said you'd heard a voice.
- What?
Yeah, you, you told me
that you'd heard a voice
in your hotel room.
We never talked about it.
- Right, yeah,
yeah, it said, "It's time",
But it-, I mean, it was,
it was probably nothing.
It was just, I mean,
it was probably the TV.
It, it, look it was nothing.
- Huh.
- Guys, come on.
This is crazy.
- Guys, what is that?
I hear, I hear music
or something.
- Shh, shh.
It's coming from upstairs.
- Slowly.
- Seriously?
There's a landing here
and a door.
Okay, let's check it out.
What do we do?
Well, we see what it is.
Maybe it's nothing,
just a recording.
Take a seat anywhere.
We need help.
We were with the film
crew filming the movie
and people got hurt.
We need to call the police.
We already did.
Emergency crew is on their way.
Some of your friends are here
recovering with a good
stiff drink.
You should join them.
How do we get out of here?
Well, the way you came,
I suppose, the elevator?
It's not working.
So stay, join your friends.
- Oh, my god.
Casper...you're okay.
Stop filming me.
- We thought you died.
I mean it.
I don't need this showing
up in the tabloids.
- This is amazing.
I mean, you survived
a horrible accident.
- Daniel,
let's get out of here.
- It's okay.
How's this for a money shot?
- It's phenomenal.
- Stop filming.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- You're not listening.
- Daniel, let's go now.
- This is not
real, none of this is real.
We need to go.
- Okay, okay,
okay, let's go, let's go.
Down here.
Sidney, what do we do if
those things come after us?
Sidney, please.
Sidney, just wait.
There is nowhere left to run.
Then why don't you just
go back to the bar?
Order a Cosmo,
tip the piano player.
Maybe he'll play your
favorite tune for you.
Don't be an asshole.
- Look, it's not safe
just standing in open.
Oh my god, the walls.
- Oh my god,
that smell.
Guys, go, go, go!
- Run!
- Oh God.
- Jesus Christ.
Daniel, there's an exit.
- There should be
a door on the next landing.
- Okay, yes.
It's locked.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Everyone stop.
- Hold on, hold on.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I switched
over to night vision.
Am I good, Daniel?
Am I good here?
- You're okay.
There's nothing in front of you.
Just take it slow.
- We need to keep going.
He's just playing with us.
- Okay.
-- Down and--
-- in the front.
- I see you, I see you.
- Okay.
- You're okay.
- Keep going.
- Okay, okay.
Kill her.
- What was that?
- What?
- What?
- That voice.
- I didn't hear
any voice.
What did, what did it say?
- Nothing,
just keep going.
Jesus Christ!
- What?
- Oh!
- What happened?
- Vanessa!
- What happened?
- Vanessa.
- What happened?
Oh God, something pushed me.
- Hold on.
- Oh, oh, God.
- Oh, Jesus, your leg.
- I think it's broken.
- Oh, my god.
- Just, sweetheart, listen--
Guys this door is open.
We gotta get out
of this stairwell.
- Like four or five flights.
- We shot on the fifth floor.
- Put your weight on me.
- I'm gonna get you up,
- I'm gonna help you, okay?
- Give me your hand.
- Up.
There we go.
- Okay, you're okay.
- Okay.
You're okay.
- Put your weight
on your other leg.
- I got you.
- Come on.
- I got you.
Hold on, hold on.
- Vanessa,
you're okay, you're okay.
- Hold on.
-I don't wanna die.
- Ah, okay.
- Okay.
- Let's go through
those doors.
Oh, come on guys.
This is just, this is
just slowing us down.
Why don't you just go
and see if there's a way
out through those doors.
She's right.
I'll be quick, it might
just be a dead end.
You stay here with her.
Why don't you put her
in that wheelchair?
- Oh, shit.
Easy, easy, easy.
Oh, oh, ooh.
What is this?
St. Benedict of Nursia
for protection.
Tell you the truth, it's never
really done me much good.
Maybe you'll have better luck
with it.
Hey, Sidney, Sidney.
Be careful.
You see anything, Sidney?
- Sidney?
Oh god, Daniel, this is
unbearable, I might pass out.
I know it hurts like hell.
Hang in there, okay?
Hang in there.
Oh, shit.
- Shit.
Oh, please. [crying]
- It's okay.
Get me out of here.
- It's okay, it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
- It's okay, it's okay.
It's really not okay.
- It's okay.
- Sid, is that you?
- Oh Danny Boy the
pipes the pipes are calling
- Let me get
the camera.
If I am dead, as dead I well
may be
You'll come and find
The place where I am lying
And kneel and say an ave there
for me
It's you, Daniel.
You're the one he wants.
W- where did he go?
- He was standing
right here.
He was literally standing
right here.
We have, we have to find him.
- Okay, okay.
Oh my god, Sidney?
- Sidney?
You know, that thing was right.
It said I'd lost my faith,
that I was as empty as those
vapid talk shows I appear on.
I sold out.
I got too comfortable
and I lost my faith.
And that's why I
couldn't expel it.
Now, look at me,
just lying there.
- You're losing it,
What are you talking about?
Come, take a look for yourself.
- Oh, my god,
Vanessa, go.
Get out!
No, no, no, no.
- Shit.
No, no. [crying]
- Oh fuck.
Oh, oh.
- It won't open.
- Move, move, move!
Fucking come on!
You just got here, Daniel.
Why do you leave so soon?
We have so much to talk about?
We've got nothing to talk about,
Let us go.
W-, who are you talking to?
The voice, you're not
hearing it?
Ah, no, I don't hear anything.
A deal's a deal, Daniel.
It's time.
Why did those people have to
die, man?
You never said anything
about that.
Oh, please.
That was just a little fun.
They all had families,
lives, careers.
Man, Aaron had a family
and you snuffed them out
like bugs.
W- what's wrong, Daniel?
This is insane, who are you
talking to?
Tell her, Daniel, or shall I?
So be it.
- Okay, okay!
I'll tell her.
Tell me what?
- This whole
thing is my fault. [crying]
I think it's because of me.
Oh, how is this your fault?
- I, uh ...
- What, Daniel, what?
- I made a deal.
What do you mean a, a deal?
I wanted, I wanted a
meaningful career.
I wanted the work
and the success
that I saw others
getting and so I,
I summoned something ...
I didn't think it would
actually work,
but I figured why not just give
it a try?
I mean,
nothing else was working.
And I just needed a break, but
I, I didn't think it would,
I didn't think this
would happen.
I, I didn't think people were
gonna die.
- You sold your
soul to the devil for,
for what, Daniel, fame?
I just wanted to be a
great filmmaker.
All that footage you shot.
You captured all those things
that actually happened.
Yeah, lucky me.
I get to be known as the guy
that captured the paranormal
and proves to everybody
that it fucking exists!
Quite clever, am I right?
No, this isn't what we
agreed on!
That's not your decision.
When you summoned me,
we never discussed what
you'd become famous for.
And now, I've gifted you
with something extraordinary.
Look, you got
what you wanted, man.
My soul is yours.
Let Vanessa go.
- Yes.
I told you back then I would someday
need you to give me
something in return.
What do you want?
Take a life.
No, I--
Then I will extinguish you and your
friend and move on to the next
needy soul.
- This is crazy, man.
This is business, Daniel.
I can't, I can't
fucking kill someone.
I can't kill someone, man.
You've already killed.
You are directly
responsible for the deaths
of all those poor souls earlier.
What's one more?
- She doesn't deserve this.
- Daniel, please.
I'd recommend a clean
slice across the throat.
Severing the jugular bisecting
the airway
would be the most rapid.
Oh, God, please!
Oh, please let me out, please.
I'm gonna put an end to
your fucking game right now.
Daniel, you disappoint.
Let her go, let her go!
Oh, oh, oh God.
There, there.
Over there.
No, we cannot stop now, Daniel.
We have come too far.
I am gonna fight.
I still have fight in me,
do you?
You see anything?
- I don't,
I don't know.
I mean, there's gotta
be a door back there.
Oh God, Daniel.
Enough with damn camera.
- Just leave it.
Okay, okay.
What's over there?
I don't know.
My patience is waning, Daniel.
- Is, is he here?
- He's here alright.
I shall count to three,
and then both of you drop
dead like all the others,
or you can live
the rest of your life
in the light of
glorious darkness.
Give me another choice.
You made your choice.
You summoned me of your
own free will.
You, you,
have to believe, Daniel.
Please don't give up, please.
- Okay.
- One.
Oh, God and Father of
Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
- Two.
- I appeal to thy Holy Name.
I'm humbly begging your
kindness, please.
No, oh, oh, oh, no.
I don't wanna die,
I don't wanna die.
Please, please, oh please, argh!
Vanessa, stop fighting, please.
Oh, please.
Oh, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.
I must ask, was it really
worth all that fuss?
I hate you.
I fucking hate you.
That is what I call
keeping it real.
Ha ha ha ha ha,
you shouldn't be.
Most heinous atrocities
are always committed
by the most banal of men,
dictators, zealots, politicians.
The extraordinary thing is,
no one ever sees me coming.
Oh, come on, Daniel, cheer up.
Look, you got it all on camera.
Although, I might edit
this last part
a little bit if I were you,
but after that, you are
going to be the first person
to show an increasingly
secular, cynical world
absolute, irrefutable proof
of the existence of a
higher power.
Some have said this is the first
time ever
that real indisputable evidence
has ever been recorded
of something,
beyond the veil,
Um, a whole new religious order
has awoken
for some who
believe this to be
proof of life after death.
And then, there's some that
think I faked the whole thing.
I guess that's for each
and every one of you
to decide for yourselves.
This happened,
to me,
to them,
all of us.
Look, I can't explain it, and
I'm not even
gonna begin to try and
understand it.
What you're about to see is ...
Let's roll the film.
- Thank you, Daniel.
Oh, come on, man, get the
camera out of my face.
That's enough.
Farid Morocco
Yeah I hear unholy voices
I don't care
I don't listen anyway
When I hear that
devil calling
I look again
and find another way
Another way
I'm not a man
that can walk away
When I hear the voices
inside me say
I'm not a man who ever
walks away from you
There's never time to go back
and try
When the past is gone
and you ask why
There's never time there's
never time
Feels like I'm dying
Feels like I'm
selling my soul
And I walk among the living
Heart and soul been
ripped away from me
You can be a lowly playmate
Evil mother whispers agony
I'm not a man
that can walk away
When I hear the voices inside
me say
I'm not a man who ever
walks away from you
There's never time to go back
and try
When the past is gone and you
ask why
There's never time there's
never time
Feels like I'm dying
Feels like I'm
selling my soul
I'm not a man that
can walk away
When I hear the voices inside
me say
I'm not a man who ever
walks away from you
There's never time to go back
and try
When the past is gone and you
ask why
There's never time there's
never time
Feels like I'm dying
Feels like I'm selling my soul
ha ha