Darkness Visible (2019) Movie Script

Happy birthday.
Ah, thank you, thank you.
- To the band.
- To the band.
- To Ronnie's birthday.
- Ronnie.
- To Ronnie.
- To Ronnie.
Do you always celebrate
the night before?
I was born at 3 A.M.
if I wait till tomorrow,
by the time I wake up,
it'll have been over.
So keep drinking till 3:00 then?
Can't. Things to do.
I love you.
I love you.
What are you taking?
Just a sleeping pill.
Had a few rough nights lately.
Why didn't you tell me?
It doesn't matter.
What's going on?
We won't see each other
when I go on tour.
Babe, you're a rock chick.
This is what you do.
I can't follow you
around the world, can I?
And you're happy
just to keep going like this?
Forget it.
I'm screwing up your birthday.
No. I wanna know
what you're talking about.
You never stop.
When you're working on your art,
it takes you over.
Like some kind of beast.
What, so this is about me now?
I'm the same. Exactly the same.
But sometimes,
it just gets to me,
that we never have time
to be together.
Ronnie, your scar is bleeding.
Wow. You really
did a number on me.
- Has it ever done that before?
- No.
I'd better get a plaster.
Be back.
Happy birthday, darling.
Thank you, mum.
How was Lena's gig?
Great. I'm still feeling it.
I saw her video on YouTube
in the store.
Yeah? What did you think?
So when do I get
to see you guys?
We can do tonight if you like.
I made you a cake.
Ooh, then we're
definitely coming.
Something happened to me
last night.
This whole huge painting
just came to me out of nowhere.
It only hit me afterwards
that I started at 3 A.M.
Exactly my birthday, right?
Mm. Can I see it?
Yeah, sure.
Sorry. Do you have
an it section?
Yes, sure, follow me.
I'll be back, mum.
You sure she said tonight?
Lights are on.
Mum, it's me and Lena.
Okay, thanks.
Yeah, I hope so too.
Can't register as missing yet.
She has to be gone for 48 hours.
Hi, this is suleka.
Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you.
Is that Ronnie?
You're suleka's son, right?
Yes. Who is this?
I'm aj, your cousin.
Your uncle mohan's son.
I'm calling from kolkata.
Ronnie, your mother's
in hospital.
She was hit by a car.
What? In kolkata?
Well, we don't
understand either.
We didn't even know
she was in India
until the hospital phoned.
Is she gonna be okay?
Well, Ronnie,
she's been kept in a coma.
She has a blood clot
on her lung.
Uh, okay, okay, um...
Look, I'm gonna search
for flights right now, okay?
Tell me when you're getting in,
and I'll be there to get you.
Okay. Thank you.
Mum said she never wanted
to go back to India.
She said she never wanted
to see those people again.
Are you aj?
I recognized you from the photo
on your mum's phone.
This way.
First time here?
Is my mother conscious yet?
No, no, no, no!
They'll all come for you.
Unintelligent behavior.
I managed to transfer your mum
to their special ward.
Hi, mum.
It's me, Ronnie.
Yes, sir.
Shit. Are you the son
from england?
That's right. Ronnie.
Dr. Multlar.
Look, Ronnie, I've got some
really good news for you.
Early this morning,
we managed to break down
your mother's blood clot.
So that means...
That means we'll have
to keep her in this state
for another couple of days,
and then we have hope
that she'll recover.
Look, this is the time
when she needs to bathe her,
and we also need
to run some tests, so...
So there's latta, aj's wife,
and their kid juma.
Juma's really sweet, actually.
Really? How old is she?
I think 5 or 6.
And aj's dad lives here.
Mohan. Mum's older brother.
Is he the one who treated
your mum so badly?
Yeah. He's barely
said hello so far.
I think dinner's ready.
I'll call you later.
I'm so glad to hear
your mum's doing better.
Please send her my love.
It's a conch, you know?
We blow it to ward off
evil spirits.
Why your mother doesn't do puja?
She doesn't really keep up
with those traditions.
So when she's better,
you think you will be exploring
kolkata with her?
I expect she'll want to
get back to London in a hurry.
Depends if she's up to it.
- This is delicious.
- Thank you.
This is ilish macher bhapa.
Did you have it before?
No. I don't think I've ever
seen it on a restaurant menu.
We mostly cook it at home.
I don't think Ronnie's mother
will cook something
like this at home.
Why are you so sure of that?
'Cause you said
she isn't interested
in bengali traditions.
Well, whose fault is that?
Uncle mohan?
What do you mean?
What do you think I mean?
Making these digs at my mother,
like she should be sorry
for leaving India.
She didn't abandon you.
You abandoned her.
What are you talking about?
Please excuse us.
My mum married for love
and apparently the man she loved
was the wrong caste.
So your dad here cut her dead.
Even when my father died,
and my mum was left
pregnant and alone,
your dad shut the door
in her face.
That's why she ran
to London to have me.
Ronnie, who told you that?
My mum. Who do you think?
What's this?
This was taken on
your parents' wedding day.
That's my dad there.
And this one is you...
In your parents' kolkata house.
- Did you tell him I'm sorry?
- Yeah.
But this is what he's like
when he's upset.
He shuts everyone out.
Hey, Ronnie,
you smoke ganja?
I can't understand why my mum
made up all these lies.
Maybe she lost it
after my father died.
Your dad was still alive
when your mum left India.
My dad said he would come around
asking all the time
if we had heard from her.
But I was just a kid, man.
I don't remember much.
Wait. You're saying that my mum
left my dad here?
I think after about
four or five years,
he just stopped looking.
I guess if he died,
it would have been later.
Meaning he might still be alive?
You need to talk
to your mum, man.
Mum? Mum? Hey!
It's me.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Where am I?
You're in a hospital, mum.
But you're gonna be fine.
You're in kolkata.
- Ronnie.
- Yeah?
You need to go.
We'll leave as soon as
you're better, mum, okay?
No. Go now.
She's coming.
Who is?
It's okay, mum, it's okay.
It's just a power cut.
No, Ronnie, you need to go!
You need to leave India. Go!
Mum, I'm not gonna leave
without you, okay?
- Go! Go! Go!
- Mum, mum, I'm...
Excuse me, my mum's
having some kind of fit.
Can you please come and help?
Excuse me, sir,
I'm busy now, please.
Nurse, I'm sorry to bother you,
but my mum is having
some kind of fit.
Excuse me,
that patient needs help.
I'll come in a minute.
Mum. Mum?
Help me!
One of the last things
my mother said
was that "she was coming."
And you think she meant
this woman in the purple sari?
Well, she didn't kill
your mother.
She couldn't have made it
to the ground level so fast.
Probably she was some
beggar woman passing by.
What about the symbol she drew
in my mother's blood?
Who knows?
Maybe she was just a crazy.
You know, you can't really
push someone from here.
You have to pick them up
and then throw them down.
Your mother was here because
she ran in front of a car.
My mother would never
kill herself.
I talk to her every day.
She never said anything.
I'm afraid they often don't.
I'm sorry.
What's this?
It'll protect you.
From what?
They say it takes 13 days
for your mother's soul
to leave this place.
And in that time,
her soul is attracted
towards her loved ones.
Who's that?
Excuse me, did you know
my mother, suleka?
You are her son?
I am very sorry.
It was me.
I did this.
I hit your mother with my car.
I called the hospital
to know how she was doing,
but they said she was...
Do you think she ran in front
of your car deliberately?
It was like she was
running away from someone.
Where did this happen?
Are we here?
Do you remember this woman?
Accident. Run over last week.
What the hell is this, huh?
Where from, sweetie?
Hey, hey, London!
- No, sorry.
- Drink, drink!
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, come, sweetie, come.
Good, thank you. Good morning.
Excuse me.
Have you seen this woman?
She was here last...
Excuse me.
Sorry. Have you...
Have you seen this woman?
Did you see her?
Hey, mister, where you from?
Where are you from, mister?
You england?
Alistair cook,
Steven Peterson,
and David Beckham.
Give me english money.
Uh, I don't have any.
Yes, english money
in pocket, deep.
Pocket, pocket.
Mister! Wait, mister!
Did you love your mother?
Did you see her?
Give me english money.
I saw her three night ago.
She was running away
from the spirit house.
The what?
Spirit house.
Um, my name is Ronnie.
This is my mother suleka.
She died last night.
No. I'm not here for this.
My mother came here
before she was run over.
She was here, wasn't she?
No. Now you go.
My mother was hit by a car
near here.
Someone was chasing...
You recognize her, don't you?
Why was she here?
Your mother...
No! I didn't do anything!
I didn't do anything!
Get off of me! Get off of me!
What the fuck?
A place like that
is bad news, man.
You shouldn't be going there.
Then why was my mother there?
You know this for certain, huh?
They recognized the photo,
I'm sure of it.
She's the last person in the
world to believe in that crap.
Ronnie, why can't you just
let the police handle this?
Then they'll think she was
crazy enough to kill herself.
Can I have one?
What's going on?
Durga puja starts in a few days.
Biggest festival in the city.
This place gets insane, man.
All these streets along here,
all gonna be transformed.
You really captured mahishasura.
So who is he?
He's a rakshasa.
A demon king.
May I?
He wanted to bring
apocalypse on earth
until durgamma defeated him.
You ever had a paan?
What's a paan?
"What's a paan?"
I'll be right back.
So you never saw
this woman leave?
She just led you
to this young girl's body
and then vanished?
You say your cousin
was with you on the street.
Did he see this woman
in the purple sari?
No. He was buying... Something.
She's been dead
for about three days now, sir.
The killer tied her up,
then cut her throat.
Okay. Take her out,
but keep her covered.
There's a crowd out there.
How long have you been
in kolkata?
Three days.
What are you implying?
Right now, the only thing that
links these two bodies is you.
And the symbols, both painted
with the victims' blood.
Excuse me a second.
Yes, sir.
So the police called,
wanting to confirm
when you arrived in India.
They can't accuse me
of killing that girl.
I wasn't even here.
You don't understand
how it works here.
The police are under a lot
of pressure to make arrests,
especially with
a young girl like this.
Look, bhai,
don't take this the wrong way,
but you should
go back to england
before they come
after you, yeah?
If you need anything, call me.
- Hello?
- Hi, Ronnie.
This is asha,
the police photographer.
Can you meet me at Elgin house?
At the murder scene.
I knew they were the same.
Last night.
No. Do you know bengali numbers?
The one next to your mom's body
was a six.
That's a seven.
I think the killer
is numbering them.
But they're in the wrong order.
This girl was killed first.
Nothing on her cousin?
She said she was
murdered in 1987.
That's a long time ago.
If he's killed before,
police must have a file on him.
Let's ask banerji.
No, I don't think we should
involve him in this
until we know something more,
not when... you're still
under investigation.
Then why are you helping me?
Because I know
you didn't kill your mum.
I have another idea.
Thank you.
Zero, zero, one...
October 1987.
Another ritual killing
last night,
- student anadi dapur.
- That's her cousin.
She is the sixth victim
in as many days.
A series of killings the police
now say are definitely linked.
It's here.
It's a two.
They said this was
the sixth victim.
The numbers are counting down.
What are they counting down to?
The seventh night,
the seventh victim.
But this one survived
after a police officer
heard her cries for help.
He's saying he shot the attacker
in the shoulder.
He escaped through that window.
So he might still be alive.
It can't be the same killer.
They shot him.
And it was, what, 28 years ago.
That's when my mother
left India.
Daddy's dead! Daddy's dead!
What did you say?
Juma, it's okay.
Juma, it's all right.
I just walked in.
She just started screaming.
- Daddy's dead!
- You're dreaming.
No, see? He's right here.
Daddy's lying there.
Daddy's dead.
Is that a bengali number?
Yes, that's a three.
What is it?
You know the symbol...
Painted at the murders?
This is it.
How could juma know that?
Coming, juma.
We need to talk.
Our parents died
on the same day.
Did your mother tell you that?
Father had a stroke,
and my mother willed herself
to go with him.
And just like that,
we were orphans.
And, uh...
We started attending sances.
You mean my mother went too?
She didn't want to go at first.
I talked her into it.
We were still teenagers.
I was scared to go alone,
so I made her come with me...
To the spirit house.
The spirit house?
In khalside?
The medium in khalside
was a woman called rakhee.
- Very powerful.
- Wait.
- Why are you telling me this?
- Please listen.
Just listen to me.
The legend was, as a child,
rakhee worked the bars
in nimdala...
Until one day,
she was very badly burnt.
From that moment,
the spirits
started speaking to her
once they left the bodies
my mum has never believed
in any of this.
After a while,
I realized rakhee
was very bad news,
so I stopped going to see her.
But my mother didn't stop going.
She became addicted to it.
The sances.
She couldn't stop.
Rakhee had a great power
over her.
That's why I think suleka
went to khalside this week.
It doesn't make any sense.
Why would my mother
come all this way
to find some crazy medium?
Why now after so long?
I have no idea,
but I think it's a good idea
that you're going away
before anything happens to us.
Did you tell the police
about this rakhee?
Maybe they might wanna
speak to her.
No. Your mother is gone.
What did this rakhee look like?
She always wore a purple sari.
Why did mum lie to me
about everything?
I don't know.
My birth,
why she left India,
my dad.
I mean, fuck knows
what's actually true about him.
Look, Ronnie,
don't worry about
any of that now.
Just come back,
and we'll talk it all through.
I just wish I just knew
why she came back here.
Hold on.
There you go.
Sorry about that.
- Can I have the passport, sir?
- Yeah. Uh, London.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Are you okay, sir?
I'm fine.
If you have a laptop,
take it out of your bags
and put it on the tray
in front of you.
All of your keys and wallets
should be in the tray
in front of you.
Are you okay, sir?
Sorry, excuse me.
My passport was in my bag, too,
including my phone.
Okay. Why don't you
come into our office,
and we can take a description
of the man and then...
But my flight's closing.
You're not getting
onto that flight, sir.
I'm sorry to ask you.
My uncle doesn't want me
at the house.
You wait there. I'll be coming.
Thank you, asha.
No problem.
Your clothes are probably dry.
One second.
What happened?
You passed out.
I'm afraid you got sick
on your clothes,
so I rinsed them.
How are you feeling now?
Thank you.
I'll let you get dressed. Sorry.
This little girl
sold me a bottle of water.
It's like she had me marked out.
It's a hard country
for people like you.
Anything can take you down.
But a man stole my bag,
passport, everything.
I was puking up,
and he was there waiting.
I sound completely paranoid,
Not completely.
Did you give detective banerji
the newsreels?
I did.
But he has a dozen
open murder cases.
He's not about to take up a case
from 30 years ago.
But if it's coming from you...
if it's coming from me.
Were you and detective banerji
ever in a relationship?
I saw a photo.
I'm afraid we still are.
He's my father.
I don't usually tell people.
I was a screw-up
when he got me the job.
And where is your mum?
My mum's not alive.
Ronnie, are you still
looking for answers?
What do you mean?
I found the original
police file.
The police did have
a suspect back then.
Arun das.
Arun das.
Arun das.
Ronnie, maybe
we should leave this.
He was a priest?
In training.
After they shot him,
arun das was never seen again.
How old was he
when they shot him?
He was, uh... 28 then.
The worst thing
is that all the victims
were people he should have
cared about.
I don't understand.
Like relatives, loved ones.
The last victim who ended up
brain damaged was...
Arun's mother.
- Does it say where he lived?
- In one of the slums.
- Which slum?
- Um...
The rumor is he used
to spend nights there
with a medium called, um...
This is where
your mum was knocked over?
Why do you think she came here?
I don't know.
But it has to do with rakhee.
- You know where you're going?
- Yeah, it's this way.
- She sold me the water.
- What?
At the airport.
Ah, Ronnie, what happened?
Some... someone...
This is the place.
She's saying your mother
came in with this knife.
Who was my mother looking for?
Where is rakhee now?
Is she alive?
Arun das.
Arun das.
This is where the cop said
he shot him. Bullet hole.
This really could be arun das.
Arun das.
Arun das.
My father caught
the Elgin house killer.
They're at the station.
How did you know this was there?
I don't know.
What does it say?
"Send seven souls to hell
in seven nights"
in place of my soul,
"so I can return forever,
A rakshasa is a demon king.
Yes. This demon.
Kali yuga's coming.
My mother knew
all about this stuff.
It took ahold of her.
What does it mean?
There's a prophecy in the vedas.
Kali yuga.
A time when demons
walk the earth again.
Families kill each other.
If that's the ritual, he failed.
Arun didn't kill seven.
Twenty-eight years ago.
So who's your father arrested?
Family of the dead girl.
Come in.
Sit down.
But he's just a boy.
You're not allowed in here!
I signed him in.
Did this kid
really kill my mother?
He just killed the girl,
shugan nagush.
He has an alibi
for your mother's death.
It checks out.
But he painted the same symbol
over the girl's bed.
Even if he painted it,
it's irrelevant.
He was in a study group
when your mother died.
Twenty people saw him.
Then who drew it?
After your mother's death,
you ran down to her body, right?
This is bullshit.
Papa, please.
You need to look at this file.
There was a series of murders
just like this in 1987.
The same symbol was used.
You are investigating my case
with the suspect?
Read this file.
All of this is connected
to the present-day murders.
Have you gone completely crazy?
You need to listen to us
or five more people may die.
Shugan nagush's family
needs a car home.
Go. Call for one.
Your mother's valuables.
You can collect the clothes
from the front desk.
What does this mean?
Aren't you investigating it
We recovered the cctv footage
from the hospital.
Nobody went in
or out of the ward.
I wanna watch that footage.
The only person who could have
killed your mother is you.
Now, I don't think
I can prove that,
but if you like,
I can give it a damn good try.
Asha, it's me, Ronnie.
I need to talk to you.
I need your help with something.
I wanna talk to the family
of the girl that was murdered.
The case has been closed,
He's not the real killer.
My father suspended me
from duty.
It's over.
But that's not
what you believe, is it?
I don't know
what I believe in anymore.
That kid didn't do this.
Your dad knows it.
He just needed
to make an arrest.
Why are you still doing this?
Maybe my father was right.
You should just go back home
for your own good.
I can't.
If I just leave this,
how do I know it won't
follow me back to england?
The victims were all close
to the killer 28 years ago
maybe my mum is somehow
connected to this girl's family?
Write it down. You have a pen?
It's golback road.
45a karun apartments.
The girl's father's name
is Roger degosh.
What is it?
I'm very sorry to disturb you.
May I talk to you
about your daughter sekonia?
Why? Who are you?
My mother was killed.
I think the same person
may be responsible.
I'm sorry.
Okay, come in.
Come in 10 minutes.
Can I offer you
a cup of tea, uh...
Mr. Degosh, may I show you
a picture of my mother?
She told me you were dead.
We keep on being told
that the power cuts will stop,
but they really have been
getting worse.
Why did mum leave India?
What did she tell you?
The story I know now
is completely untrue.
I didn't even know I was
born here until five days ago,
when uncle mohan told me.
What really happened?
As soon as you were born,
you got very sick.
The doctors were certain
that you wouldn't last the week.
What was wrong with me?
It was your heart.
After four days,
the doctors told us
that they were going to try
a last ditch operation,
but... we must prepare
for the worst.
But I got better.
I survived.
The scar on my chest
is from the operation.
Your mother
used to go to sances.
Did mohan tell you that?
Without telling me, she took you
from your hospital bed
before they could operate.
Where did she take me?
I found her back at our flat
just before dawn,
packing a suitcase,
and you were lying in a basket
by her bed.
You had a fresh scar
all the way down your chest.
But you seemed...
You seemed better.
She took me to rakhee,
didn't she?
You know about her.
Your mother told me
that rakhee had cured you
and that we had to leave India
right this moment.
Go far away.
I couldn't accept it.
I told her I didn't believe
in witchcraft.
I refused to leave.
But when I woke up
the next morning,
you were both gone.
What did rakhee do to me?
I don't know.
Tell me what my mum said.
Tell me!
All she said was that rakhee
had brought you back to us
from the other side.
Arun's victims
were all close to him.
This time they're all
close to me.
My mum, my half-sister.
Aj's kid had that dream
that he'd be killed.
Seven souls in seven nights,
That's what the scroll said.
It's gonna be okay.
Your half-sister
was killed six days ago.
This week ends in...
Four hours.
It's gonna be okay, okay?
It's gonna be...
What the fuck was that?
I'm sorry.
What happened?
I don't know.
Asha, it's me.
Thank you.
Excuse me, do you recognize
any of these buildings?
I want you to find
this building.
This one here.
Please wait for me, okay?
I will triple
what's on your meter, yeah?
You killed them all.
I don't speak bengali.
I can only understand...
Where did you hide it?
What foreign girl?
No! No!
Oh, Jesus, you're here.
Aj, it's me, Ronnie!
Thank god, yeah.
Where have you been?
I got people looking for you
all over kolkata.
Come, come, come, come.
I was really starting
to freak out
when you didn't come home
before sundown.
Hey, you want a drink or what?
- Where is she?
- Who?
- Lena.
- Who's Lena?
My girlfriend Lena from the uk.
She's here.
No, man, there's no one here.
Is she coming in tonight?
No. Maybe.
Let me get you a cup of tea.
I just made some.
You look beat, bro.
Give me Lena's flight details,
and I'll go get her myself.
You remember how chaotic
the airport is.
Thank god, man.
Where have you been?
What's the matter, bro?
It's very easy to get lost
at the airport.
What are you doing, man?
- Aj, aj...
- What?
Where's Lena?
Aj, aj!
Daddy's dead!
He's lying in the kitchen!
Is that a bengali number?
Yes, it's a three.
- You're dreaming.
- Lena!
Lena? Lena?
Lena. Oh, my god. Stay with me.
Okay, Lena,
get your arm around me.
You can do this. Come on.
One, two, three, go.
Come on, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Help! Help! Please help me!
Just hold onto my hand, okay?
Just hold onto my hand.
Yeah, good. You're doing great.
What's he injecting into me?
She is losing pressure.
He's just doing his job, okay?
You're gonna be fine, babe.
I need to talk to you.
Remember me...
Me talking to you in bed
after the gig?
Yeah. You said that you
weren't sure about touring
and that, um...
And that you wanted us
to spend more time together.
- Need to tell you something.
- What is it?
I'm pregnant.
Lena! Lena! Lena!
Lena! Oh, my god.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. No!
Kali yuga's coming.
A time when demons
walk the earth again.
Families kill each other.
I'm not gonna let you win.
No! No!
No! Stop it!
No, please!