Darkside Blues (1994) Movie Script

Kill me!
Kill me quickly!
If you tell me where the survivors
fled to, I'll think about it.
Not a chance!
I'm so pleased you said that.
Ten brave terrorists destroyed
the central control room...
...at Persona Century
While it was a dummy control room,
it was still quite an achievement.
A dummy?
You underestimated Persona
Century's information network.
Even if you kill me,
more of my friends will come!
You may have bought the world,
but your time is coming to an end!
That would be fascinating.
Just once, I'd like to see
surprise on the face...
...of Lando Hozuki my father.
But I wonder when that event will happen?
And now you must pay us
back for your courage.
There's a chance we'll see waves
coming from the fourth dimension?
Yes, it's just an estimate, but...
In 20 minutes. It will only last
for 10 to the negative 20 seconds.
In real terms, it's damn close
to zero, but we can't ignore it.
Tell Mr. Guren.
It must be painful... To turn
to gold while you're still alive.
You're doing terrible
things as usual, Tamaki.
What's your business here, Guren?
Shouldn't the oh-so-proper heir to
Persona Century still be in bed?
When I'm plunged into darkness,
I don't need as much sleep.
So you came to watch your sister play...
...and have your first
drink of the day.
Don't interfere.
I'm only concerned with how
the business is running.
I came down here to see
the sight with my own eyes.
What happened here?
It'll happen in 120 seconds.
The transmutation machine has stopped.
Where did Katari go?!
These are the haunts
of that huge lunatic sow.
I've been looking for you, pretty boy.
Come here, boy.
We'll teach you real nice.
Although, with your brain, you'll
never understand what's going on.
What's this?
There was never any hole here before!
It's been eighteen years since that time.
What is this sound?
What's that sound?
It sounds like a horse-drawn carriage.
From underground?
Don't be stupid!
What is that?
The hole disappeared.
Just who are you?
Thank you.
He's from around here.
Uh... What's your name?
What is the name of this place?
It's Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.
The Dark Side of Tokyo.
Then that will be my name.
Is there a good place to stay around here?
If you go south for two blocks,
there are several.
They're pretty cheap
if you plan to live here.
Thank you.
As long as the world is
under the influence of...
...a correct social order,
it will never fall to devastation.
However, when the social order
requires a lack of logic...
...and mindless
minions to survive...
...the devastation appears
as a world of its own.
This is boring! Can't we
liven things up a little, Mai?
If that's the case, how about
some music, Messiah people?
Quit it.
We don't have the time to
listen to drunken wailing.
Give me one, Mr. Delirium.
Thank you. The Messiah
Leader understands the world.
Okay, what do you want?
How about something dark?
No, something desolate.
Dark and cold.
Something to freeze your soul.
Fine, I've got just the thing.
It's Persona.
What's that? People from the
Japanese branch headquarters?
Never seen that before.
He looks like some VIP from the main office.
I am here to deliver a message from
the main office of Persona Century.
A few days ago, several terrorists
broke into the main office...
...trying to kill the president.
Every terrorist was killed,
with one exception.
It seems a lone survivor
returned to the surface...
...and is hiding somewhere
in this district.
Therefore, we ask for your help,
with the following provisions.
First: Those who give us information
leading to the arrest of...
...the terrorist will
receive a reward of 5000...
...and a management position at
Persona Century's Japan office.
Any person to bring in the body
of the terrorist, dead or alive...
...will get 100,000
and a position as...
...Division Manager at
Persona Century's main office.
With that position, you can
control one of America's states!
So that means those terrorists
hit 'em where it hurts!
We ask your cooperation.
Let her alone.
You're just wasting your breath.
You ass!
Let go of me, Jingo!
What business could you
have with me, little insect?
Pardon me.
Did that disturb you?
So, what exactly did
you mean by "insect?"
A slip of the tongue.
I beg your forgiveness.
What did you mean?
Ninety percent of the Earth's
dry land belongs to my company.
And you all are parasites
living off that land.
So we're insects?
But those living in this town are...
...the final ten percent that
you guys couldn't buy off. So...
I'll teach you how to
be polite in this town.
So, this is what you call honor.
I'm gonna make every human being...
...colored with the darkness.
At the end of the winter sea...
...where everyone feels so lonely.
There was no other way back.
It's only the way to the darkness.
You don't have to suffer.
Just leave with the world of Darkside.
Hey, I know that song!
It's the Anti-Persona Ballad
from about thirty years ago.
It was a revolutionary anthem.
You, you, you...
Celebration of the vermilion feast.
I stare out at death...
...with hatred in my hands.
Grieve for the peace...
...by the bottom of your shoes.
Here comes the time
colored with the darkness.
From this town, from this town.
This town called Darkside.
Are you a citizen of this town?
Ever since yesterday night.
I imagine we'll have to meet again someday.
Mai, are you all right?
Darkside! You're incredible!
Who are you?
I'd like to talk--
Thank you.
Wait! I'd really like
to talk to you.
You ain't got a prayer, Kenzo.
Shut up!
You're kidding!
I'm completely against it.
There's no need for us to
call Enji back from Africa.
We call Enji and suffer
a short-term risk.
We don't call him and
suffer a long-term risk.
Which would you choose?
The man with the carriage...
With an opponent like that...
He was so pretty, I thought
he was an illusion.
Just who was he, Father?
No matter. I just don't
like the way Enji works.
Father, it's okay if I go below, right?
There are a lot of terrorists below.
Have you forgotten that they
even attacked our main office?
You forget. I'm the one
who foiled their plans.
And I seem to remember somebody
going down secretly himself.
Who could you be talking about?
You're such troublesome children.
By the way, what is going on with Sayo?
She seems to disappear every
now and again without warning.
In some ways she's even
more trouble than Tamaki.
The Mirror of Arvis.
He came out from here, right?
I never expected him to grow up
after we sealed him away.
You're pretty lazy.
- Is that bad?
- Not really, but...
Nobody would believe that
the leader of the Messiah...
...would just sit
staring at the moon.
So, a delinquent never Looks at the moon?
Keep a lid on it. Even babies
shut up at the name of Messiah--
Want a kiss?
Mai! Did you just say something
aggressive in casual conversation?
Go ahead. See?
Here I come!
Wow! You sure know how
to make an entrance.
Is he the terrorist they're looking for?
The guy who attacked
the Persona main office?
Give the guy a cigar.
Whoops... Good evening.
Kiddo, do you have business with this guy?
Is he your boyfriend?
Really? That's good.
Then I'll take him.
Be my guest.
Please! You can have this!
Save me!
Save me, please!
What's wrong, Mai?
Then I'll bid you good
night, you clever girl.
Sorry, Mister. Looks like
I'm not so clever after all.
I guess you're right.
An "enhanced" human.
Makes me sick.
I pass on monsters.
I'll leave it to my leader.
Listen, you!
I see. The leader of the
Messiah isn't just a figurehead.
I underestimated you.
You catch on quick.
Damn! Until next time.
That was creepy.
Nicely done. Turns out you
didn't need me after all.
Quit patting yourself on the
back and carry this guy.
We've got to get him to a doctor.
Me? Why? It's dangerous to
get involved with terrorists.
Leave him be.
I took his money.
If you won't help, I'll do
it alone. But, in exchange...
...you'll never see me again.
Okay, I'll do it! I'll do it!
I'm sorry, Selia, but I had to
bring him to somebody I trust.
I imagine so. He has burns from
a high-power laser in five spots.
Bullet wounds in four spots.
Stab wounds... Shock-rod wounds...
Is this that terrorist?
If he eats nutritious foods,
he can be on his feet in 3 days.
You've gotten better,
Ms. Former Nurse.
Yeah, you never should have
been forced to resign--
Keep your big mouth shut!
It's all right.
I'm just happy people remember me that way.
But this is all I can do.
Take him home.
I've finally accepted it.
I know. Thank you, Selia. Kenzo?
Yas'm. I's just a horse
to carry yer baggage.
Thanks for your help.
Give me back my clothes.
You can't. If you tried to get
up now, your wounds would reopen.
I've had wounds like these for
the last three or four years.
And where do you plan to go?
The whole town is crawling
with Persona killers.
Outside Shinjuku, their private
guards are everywhere.
The only place in Tokyo that
they don't own is right here.
No choice. I can't
give you any more trouble.
If so, I wish you never hired
us in the first place.
When you buy the Messiah's
loyalty with money...
...it means you've
bought your life back.
I'm sorry.
Maybe that was a little corny.
Not just a little.
Have any friends?
Yeah, but I can't reach them
since I lost my one communicator.
It uses a special carrier wave.
I can't make one.
Leave that to us. This guy
may look like a Sumo wrestler...
...but he majored in
electrical engineering.
But I don't have any money.
Just pay us later.
Hey! I'm not taking on any
pain-in-the-ass jobs.
It's not a matter of money!
One more bill.
Listen, you...
Stay here if you want.
Until they build the communicator.
However, you are not
allowed to enter my room.
Thank you.
Selia, you...
Renew yourself!
Renew yourself!
Number eleven, Crystal Street...
That way?
I'm on the first floor, but there's
light coming from the skylight.
It's beautiful. As if a crystal
were melting in the moonlight.
Ah, how poetic.
How strange. When a person
comes in from the front hall...
...they go directly
to your room?
You had business with me,
so you came to my room.
Those who wish to go
to other rooms, go there.
Hmm? That's convenient.
What is your business?
It doesn't seem like renewal.
You mean Dream Treatment?
So, what is this Dream Treatment?
Did you treat Katari?
You rescued him that night.
He just left here, right?
First time I've ever seen him with
such a vivacious look on his face.
That boy was dreaming
a very bad dream up until now.
It's not our brains
which suppress our souls...
...but dark phantoms.
Can you renew me?
What do you see?
I only see the darkness.
There are no dreams of darkness.
You don't feel sorrow or hatred...
You're lying! You're lying!
I... I...
This isn't sorrow?
It isn't hatred?
It's a sorrow over sorrow.
A hatred of your hatred intensifying.
For you, renewal is unnecessary.
Come again.
Yes, in these first-world nations,
there are a lot of pretty girls.
Yo, Babe, let's party tonight.
Enji got away?
I'm very sorry.
He disappeared from a shuttle
flying 5000 m above Tokyo.
Did he jump out?
Yes, without a flying unit or a parachute.
We have the Japan office
looking for him at the moment.
Let him be. Enji is Enji.
When he's tired of
his games, he'll come back.
The end.
And with that, the young man
pretending to be...
...a white knight
is gone for good.
It's 'cuz you don't want to go
on a date that this happened.
Now you'll come with us.
We're all at that age
where we want some company.
Wait a second.
That's impossible! Every bone
in his body should be broken!
Yes, these first-world nations
are nothing like Africa.
There are a lot of pretty girls,
and a lot of stupid men.
Dammit! Kill him!
You okay?
Thank you.
No problem. Men just rescue
pretty women naturally.
I'll take you home.
Don't look so worried. Despite
appearances, I'm a gentleman.
See, I had a pretty strict childhood.
You're pretty agreeable.
I could get a crush on you.
Is this it, Sister?
Yo, Sister?
Hey, Granny. The lady
with me went "poof."
She went to the room to
which she intended to go.
You had no intended room,
so you are stuck in the lobby.
It's only natural.
That was supposed to mean something?
This is the Mirage Hotel,
and this is its nature.
Sorry, but I'm going
to take a look-see.
Well, in this whole wide world...
Is he the guy, Guren?
Mr. Vice President, we have
an estimate concerning the...
...maturing of the
aforementioned man.
Put it on my A/V panel.
Yes, sir.
Alchemist Pigero's special
potion, Re-health.
It will cure any wound.
Thank you, Master Pigero.
Please wait, Selia.
Take this, too. It's free.
But, sir! It's too--
It's okay. I'm hoping you
won't need it, but...
Thank you.
Laser cannons? Damn. I wish
that kid lived in a time of peace.
He's a strange guy.
Any normal person would've gone
insane or withered away by now.
I'm going all-out!
He is a life form who was sealed
in a different dimension...
...when he was a baby of just
three years, eighteen years ago.
His maturation rate was
incredibly rapid... Incalculable.
Really, Guren? Is he someone
even you are afraid of?
I'm going to call it quits today.
I just got a message from heaven.
This is my calling card.
So, you've got red blood?
I'm relieved.
Everything was born of the darkness.
Renewal comes from the darkness as well.
You win.
I'm so impressed, you're giving me chills.
Let's do this again sometime.
If you want treatment.
That's out of the question.
My weak point is that
I'm too thick-skulled.
Sorry, Sister. I lost interest
in playing games with ladies.
Sorry to bother you.
It was nothing.
If his target was someone other than you...
...then Crystal Street might
have been reduced to rubble.
We were lucky to suffer so little.
Why don't I do something for your cat?
Don't bother.
It's had its fill of happiness,
fun, pain, and sadness.
But now that it's seen you...
...it seems to want
to live a little longer.
You'll make things
a little more interesting...
...in this meaningless
world of light.
That woman's face was darker
than my darkness.
What's this?
Re-health. I'd like you to put
your violent toys away, though.
Oh. Sorry.
That's your prized possession?
Not exactly. Strangely,
it always seems to be with me.
Algeria, Valna, Mozambique.
And then to the Persona Main Office?
You're a reckless man
to attack the main office.
You're right.
How many died?
Eight. One was captured.
And the survivor was sent to Tamaki?
"Miss Strangler."
She's a true sadist.
You're pretty well-informed.
The Hozukis.
A family of monsters.
This is good. It's really good.
And I'm not just saying that.
I'm always on the run,
so my food is always rations.
And sometimes you eat weeds and rats.
That's right.
Dog-meat tastes pretty bad.
You got that right.
How do you know?
You couldn't be a member of
the Anti-Persona? An AP Man?
I'm glad for that.
I've had too many friends die.
Sorry. That's something
normal people...
...don't want to
talk about, right?
Is it something to do with your family?
My parents are living happily in Vancouver.
They decided that I died when I was fifteen.
You became a terrorist
even though your parents...
...or family weren't killed?
You're a strange person.
You're probably right.
But I can't allow this.
People shouldn't
be controlling other people!
Even if you've got some overriding reason.
We can only have peace
under benevolent rulership.
The governing principle
of humanity since it evolved.
An ideal that humanity's been striving for.
And Persona Century may be the
savior that we've been waiting for.
Peace under a dictatorship
makes us simply minions!
Don't give the name of
peace to people who...
...gain control through
oppression and murder!
A misguided nuclear strike was
Launched against Iceland.
Carnivorous plant fertilizer and
herbicides were given to the Congo.
An outbreak of the New AIDS virus
decimated Shanghai.
Who do you think was behind all that?
Where people make history,
there must be opposition!
As long as we're here...
As long as our will lasts...
Those people who "talk" of peace
will have to deal with disgrace!
Sorry. I got carried away.
It's a quiet world. Everything
is filled with that glaring light.
I could die from boredom.
Are the guys who rescued me your friends?
A long time ago.
They're still on fire.
I couldn't stand the heat, so I ran away.
People have a right to live in peace.
Even if the peace is rotten to the core?
Can't say anything to that.
People start battles of their own will.
Get out of here!
They're Persona battle robots.
This way! I've got an
escape route to the roof!
Where did you get that rifle?
Who cares?! Hurry!
The gunfire stopped. Let's go.
That's strange. Nobody's here.
What's that smell?
Upstairs! Search upstairs!
What's wrong?
What was going on here?
Some sort of artificial appetite enhancer?
It's nothing more than a hallucinogenic.
The Guard can't even handle
an assignment like this?
It's fine with me, Ben.
This only increases the size of our reward.
This place is incredible.
"Kabuki-Cho" It's Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.
The most dangerous town on Earth.
It's Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.
The most dangerous town on Earth.
At the same time, it's the place
on Earth with the most freedom.
Nobody tries to control anybody else.
Nobody tries to force
their own will on others.
But how did they know where we were?
I don't know. Maybe they
followed Mai. Maybe...
They could have observed us with
the ultra-high vision camera...
...installed on their orbital
main office 36,000 km above us.
They're a tough enemy.
But you want to fight them anyway?
Wait here.
I'm going to contact Mai.
Hey, hey, hey!
I'm in a bad mood today!
I won't be satisfied with just a sprain!
What's wrong with you?
You're the suicide
hot-line poster child today.
My old self may have died long ago.
Up she goes.
It's the phone! Mama!
I've got my hands full.
Get it yourself!
Hello, Junko's Jailhouse.
Oh, Selia. You figured
me out pretty good.
Huh? What did you say?
I got it. Stay where you are!
Mai! Where are you going?
To the old hideout.
You can't be going to see
that Kabuki-cho jerk--
idiot! When you're finished with
your warm-up exercises, come along.
Call Chris, too!
Yeah, sure.
Hold it!
Tatsuya? Tatsuya!
It started on its own.
Just when that girl left my sight.
You're an outsider?
If you've got something, share it with us.
We're just poor beggars.
What? You're a friend
of Katari's?
I guess I was wrong.
Don't take it hard.
As an apology, you can call
me anytime you're in trouble.
I'll help you out.
I'm surprised. I never met
such a small big-man.
Do you live alone? Uhh, mister...
I'm Tatsuya.
They're all required reading for AP Men.
I haven't even read them all myself yet.
Thank you.
You've read these?
What do you think of them?
Someday we'll have to end this.
What did they say, Mai?
Are you that worried?
It looks like Tatsuya is with Katari.
- That's good.
- Not so good.
The informant told me that some
man asked for the same information.
The assassin that you fought?
Who's there?
A friend of yours?
I came to bring you
something you left behind.
Excuse me. I examined you
without your permission.
Examine? Are you a doctor?
I killed him.
The reward is mine!
Who the hell are you?
That's impossible!
A 500,000 degree heat ray doesn't get you?
Are you an assassin from Persona Century?
You forgot something.
Who are you?
When a concept isn't completed,
it is passed on.
But that inheritor must receive a renewal.
Wait a second! Is that the
result of your examination?
What is this "renewal?"
You ass! What did
you run away for?
Do you know how worried Selia was?
Sorry. I didn't want to
inconvenience her any further.
But you can "inconvenience" me
as much as you want?
Thanks for your consideration.
No! That's not what I...
The assassin! Did you...?
No, some doctor in black.
Darkside? Where is he? Inside?
He left.
Didn't you see him on your way in?
These two are the people
I talked about on the phone.
Anti-Persona Century soldiers.
Please take care of them
until the heat is off.
Mai! I'm not involved
with the AP Men!
They don't believe that. Give up,
and impose on the sisters!
We can't do much, but we'll do all we can.
Thank you very much.
But for how long? How long are the
Persona Guard going to be in town?
I'll leave you alone.
If I don't know, I won't
be able to tell anyone.
I must avoid endangering the children.
She's pretty impressive.
Orphans aren't the only ones she saves.
She's saved more than a hundred fugitives...
...from the police
and the Guard.
You can trust her.
What's this?
God! You forgot already?
A communicator.
But something this small
will never reach the Himalayas--
I mean, never reach Headquarters.
I made it, so it should be all right.
But the only problem is it'll also
reach something 36,000 km above us.
The Persona Century
radio interception sensor.
They'll be able to hear everything.
But can you block the sensor for one minute?
Impossible! It's like finding
a single quill on a porcupine.
We'll never know which antenna to block!
We'll be so sorry if we
get the wrong one... Right?
God, this is such a pain!
Okay, you two. Spend a restful
night in your honeymoon suite.
Don't say that! I can't, Mai!
Hold it a second!
Don't impose too much. They don't
have the space for single rooms.
That's not what I meant.
I know I brought this on you...
...but you guys are going to be
targets of Persona Century, too!
You're probably right.
So you should stay with us...
Selia, ask them...
You should work on telling
good people from bad.
We're just juvenile delinquents.
We fit right into this town.
So, where do a group of Messiah
delinquents go to show their stuff?
Fools and delinquents go to high
places, like the fool on the hill.
Good idea.
It's a strange world where...
...delinquents do
the work of terrorists.
So, why do you own that rifle?
It's a violent town.
Is that the only reason?
My father was a member of the AP Men.
He was too enthusiastic,
and he caught their attention.
One day, he was targeted from
36,000 km above. Just our house.
With a quantum cannon.
Everything was turned to ashes.
My mother... My sister...
Stay back!
It's strange that this was left unharmed.
Is it a memento of your father?
It's coming.
Here we go!
They did it?
Three... Two... One...
Got it!
That was great!
Off by one millimeter.
Not bad for 36,000 km.
An anti-sensor missile made of tin,
and a launcher made of cardboard.
You've got a talent.
Glad you noticed.
Don't know why the Persona
recruiters aren't scouting me out.
I know why.
They don't put cardboard and tin
in their brand-name products.
You said it.
Mr. Kabuki-cho.
How'd you get here?
You attacked Persona Century with
a missile. That was excessive.
Leave quickly. The enemy is coming.
Don't worry about us.
We're not asking for your help.
Then show me your skills.
You jerk!
So, you're an enhanced human, too?
Bet you're impressed.
My leader is famous for the speed
with which she avoids attacks.
I've got something of a reputation myself.
Chris the Knife.
Too bad.
Your reputation ends tonight.
It's too close!
There it was. Chris's Death Knife.
I can't get enough of it.
Police attack helicopters!
This is bad. They're nothing
more than Persona dogs now.
Give you a lift?
You've got to be kidding.
Who'd get on board...?
This seat is taken.
Get in back! In back!
But how are we getting down?
It can't be...
Stop this thing!
We're here.
This is Golden Street!
What's going on?
So, why did you come to this town anyway?
Come again.
You're inviting me?
I'll come to see you.
For sure.
We interrupt our regular broadcast...
...with an unscheduled announcement
from Persona Century.
To all the world's citizens,
I apologize for this interruption...
...in your regularly
scheduled broadcast.
Yesterday, the main office was
attacked by criminal terrorists.
Casualties number twenty-five.
As a result, business was halted
at the main office for two hours...
...and Persona Century land was
blacked out for twenty seconds.
And there was a three hour
food transport delay...
...in the Southern Hemisphere.
No comment on the destruction
of your radio interception sensor?
Citizens, we have decided on our... No comment on
the destruction of your radio interception sensor?
...retaliation to this attack. You can't admit
that it was taken out by a tin missile.
A satellite in synchronous orbit?
What are they trying to do?
A space tochka quantum cannon.
("Tochka"-Russian for "ignition point.")
What did you say?
The Himalayas?
The Himalayas? One of the few
places Persona hasn't bought yet.
I've heard that it's where AP is based.
Twenty minutes ago, our company
bought from the U.N. a...
...special section of the
Himalayan Mountain Range...
...where we suspect
the terrorists are based.
We would like everyone to observe
our methods of developing the land.
Please enjoy this grand pageant,
brought to you by Persona Century.
Percentage of error?
0.008 percent.
Within acceptable limits.
We believe the climate change will
occur as the computer predicted.
I see.
Damn it!
Come this way.
Tomorrow my comrades will come!
I'll hold out until then!
Persona Century!
He cries before he gets angry.
Crying for the dead.
What's wrong, Selia? Did you have
an argument with Mr. Terrorist?
It's strange to see you buying flowers.
Not really. Even I buy flowers.
You're dressed up.
You going to see that man?
Not at all! Not at all!
Why don't we go and have
a drink at Junko's bar?
Don't joke! There are probably
assassins everywhere.
Let's go back. I'll walk you.
I... Uhh...
Tomorrow afternoon?
He's going to meet his comrades
at the southern junkyard.
I see.
So, he contacted them.
Mai, I...
Sorry, nothing.
It's all right. Don't cry.
Look at them. Let's get our revenge
for the deaths of Ben and Tarbo.
Mai, get out of there!
Mai, are you all right?
What kind of a lookout are you?
I'm sorry! But I never thought--
Hey! She's getting away!
Get out of my way, Jingo!
I can't let her get away alive.
Sorry about this...
How rude! No one should run into
Tamaki of the Hozuki family.
This town is filled
with filthy upstart rats.
It will need to be cleansed sometime soon.
Hurry home.
My sister...
She called us filthy rats.
She really nailed us.
Even the leader of the Messiah
is awed by her presence?
Who was "awed"? I was just
angered by an outsider...
...talking about
cleaning us out!
Anyway, please come and help him,
if you have time.
When I come, I'll perform a renewal.
I hoped we could make...
...more of a game of this
before coming to a head.
But I've got instructions from heaven.
I've pretty well fallen for you, you know.
But we've got to prune
a poisonous weed before it grows.
So it seems.
Let's go.
This darkness was crafted by Persona.
Now, something new is trying
to be born of this darkness.
Here they come. Right on time.
Would you give that to me?
No! It always happens! The gun
is the only thing that survives.
Because it's full of emotions.
It carries the resentment of those
people who wanted a peaceful world.
So, why don't you let me have it?
Take care.
You okay with this, Selia?
It's okay, right?
Wait, Tatsuya!
It's a trap!
Stop it!
If you involve yourself further...
...we'll punish you as
if you were terrorists.
You assholes!
Why is the Persona Guard here?
This is Shinjuku! A free area!
Yes, a free area. You can
come and go as you please.
As can the Guard.
Do not worry. Our goal here was
only to exterminate a terrorist.
We had no intention of attacking
those unconnected with the matter.
Not that helicopter, either.
Even though they just saw
their comrade gunned down...
...they'll leave without being
able to do a thing about it.
That's a humiliation worse than death.
You bitch!
Finish him off.
However, do not hit the woman...
If possible.
What's this?
Guren... You?!
I'm gonna make every human being...
...colored with the darkness.
At the end of the winter sea...
...where everyone feels so lonely.
There was no other way back.
It's only the way to the darkness.
You understand my feelings?
I do. Darling.
I had to forget. The only
thing I could do was forget!
I was in love with you.
I forced myself to believe it!
But now I've had enough!
You again? But he's dead
and rotted to the molecule.
You're doing useless magic.
No, there are others still living.
People who fight with
hatred in their hearts.
People who fight with
mourning in their hands.
Take me with you! I'll carry
on Tatsuya's determination!
We'll welcome you, comrade!
Farewell, Selia!
Two people, colored in the
darkness, now come to birth.