Darkwave: Edge of the Storm (2016) Movie Script

(Radio broadcast sounds) - This is the ministry
weekly emergency broadcast number 1,042.
All citizens are to observe and abide by ministry
transmissions in accordance with code alpha 1.
Off-line faster than light FTL- drives...
...report stranded starships
must not be re-activated...
...through the use of radio active
materials or other dirty fuels.
Citizens are reminded that the harboring
of crystal shards or failure...
...to disclose
sightings is an offense.
The lack of working FTL drives continues to
slow the distribution of food and supplies...
...to the outer colonies.
Citizens are reminded to remain patient...
...and to cooperate with the Armada troops
who will be distributing all available rations.
All sightings or suspicions of organic activity
are to be reported immediately.
Failure to report or the harboring of an organic
is an offense under marshal law code alpha 1- 5...
...punishable by summary execution.
(Turns off radio)
Well, still no news about us,
thank God.
Doesn't mean they're not looking.
I know.
I know.
I don't know
why your playing with that thing.
They're not tracking us.
At least on the com system.
You don't know that.
Anyway, that's not what I'm doing.
Damn it!
Honey, don't beat yourself up.
We'll find him.
That's easier said than done.
Look, mommy, a shooting star.
I see it, sweetheart.
Make a wish.
Time for a break.
Here? Are you sure?
We gotta stop sometime.
At least, to look for supplies...
Just for a few minutes.
I need to stretch my legs.
What is this place?
Our communications outpost maybe.
What happened?
I'm sure gonna find out.
If I can get into the bunker
we could strike gold...
...enough supplies to keep a crew
it's crew underground for months.
I'll go have a look.
There might be something we can use.
We can't afford to hang around,
we gotta keep going.
I won't be long.
Ten minutes max.
It's not even loaded.
Are we there yet?
Not yet sweetie,
we still got a long way to go.
Where are we going?
As far as we possibly can.
Can we go to the stars?
Not anymore sweetheart.
I need to wee.
Off you go.
There must be a way down.
Mommy, I'm finished.
Don't come any closer!
Go, go back to the truck honey!
Mommy will be there in a minute, okay?
How the hell?
I mean how did it get there?
We should just leave it.
It's too dangerous.
Yeah, too dangerous
for the ministry to control.
We need to take it with us.
We have enough to worry about
without smuggling a crystal...
...a working one.
Anyway, we couldn't take it
if we wanted to.
Well, we can't.
David don't even think about it.
Fine, it's okay.
Let's just get
what we can and move on.
Thank you, I just want to be safe.
I know.
David, we've been here too long already.
We need to go.
Five minutes. You know, we're
low on stocks. Get back to the truck.
Get it ready.
We go as soon as I'm done.
Five minutes, it's fine.
Do you read me?
I am responding to
an encrypted locator beacon...
...in the procion sector.
Can you read us?
This is Captain Anderson...
...of the supply ship horizon A-5-6.
We got your signal.
I say again,
this is captain Anderson of...
Dad, it's me Sarah.
My God.
Is it really you?
Sarah, you look so much
like your mother.
God bless her soul.
Where are you?
New Earth.
You got the signal.
I tried to make it something
you would recognize.
The song you used to sing to me.
Of course.
You changed so much Sarah.
You haven't changed at all.
Wait I have a,
I mean...
...you have a grandson.
What? No.
Ben, come here say hello to Granddad.
Hehe. No, I'm driving.
Ben, come on!
- It's Okay, sweetheart.
- I want you to see him.
Sarah, it's alright.
I miss you.
Where are you?
Same place, same system, sweetheart.
How is that possible?
I mean, after all this time?
The galaxy is a big place even
when we had the crystals.
We reckon that were drifting
at about 30,000 miles per second.
The closest planet is still
over 60 years away.
We're going nowhere.
Oh, dad...
I'm just grateful that
we're on a supply ship.
There's lots of people
far worse off than we are out there.
you tied the knot with Peter?
You mean that science geek
from next door?
Dad, he's a good man.
Yeah, I know.
To be honest,
with all the that's happened...
...you picked the right one.
That's odd,
what the hell was that?
Dad, you're breaking up.
I'm sorry sweetheart,
there's a stellar flare...
...building up here
playing havoc with our coms.
No, don't go.
Mommy, who's that?
- Say hi to granddad.
- Hi, granddad.
Hi there, sport.
He has your eyes.
Your smile...
He's special...
...you know, like
Like you were.
Yes, but stronger.
That's why we're running.
The Ministry...
Do they know?
We're not taking any chances.
We stole this truck and
haven't stop moving since...
Now listen to me Sarah.
While I was out listening for you.
I picked up other stuff.
Things are changing.
The Ministry is losing its grip.
It's just rumors, but it's hope.
The best thing for you to do is
to keep safe and keep Ben safe.
He can be more important than ever.
I know.
I know. We will.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
No, wait!
I gotta go.
Don't leave me.
Say hello to David for me.
I love you!
Take care princess, I love you...
Sarah, Sarah can you hear me?
Where are you?
Sarah, it's not safe!
What happened?
Just go, just go.
They're coming!
There coming for us!
Look, mommy;
my wish came true.
I found a star.
(Jet Cockpit) - Contact, target sighted
in range 2 o-clock low.
Threat warning is zero.
Closing in for a visual.
Scanner confirmed.
AT markings do match
the stolen troop carrier.
Roger that, I think we've got 'em.
Base one, base one.
This is the Phoenix.
Confirmed target acquired,
we found the boy.
Location 3-2-7 north, 2-2-6 west.
He's safe, they're all safe.
The crystal is in tack.
There's no sign of Ministry activity,
but the communications outpost has been completely...
Star, run a bio scan.
On it.
He's a strong one.
Jason, we've got 2 Armada inbound.
...6 minutes
Copy Star. Thanks.
Set weapons mode Alpha.
Mac, send the ship in for pickup.
We can hold them off till you get here.
Let's get to work.