Darlin' (2019) Movie Script

I know.
What's troubling you now,
Charles, we can't
have you sit there
when there's nothing
wrong with you.
Of course
something's wrong with me,
I'm homeless.
Then go to the mission.
I'm not a church
going man.
Well then, you're in
the wrong place here, too.
Oh shit.
We gotcha.
No, no, no, stay still.
Holy shit.
Hey there.
Hey, little one.
What have you found?
Sorry but
you have to go now.
I won't hurt you.
I'm a nurse.
Who are you?
I got her.
How's our mystery patient?
Doctor, since when do
we sedate a teenage girl?
She was a danger
to herself.
Alright, tough guy,
after an ambulance hit her,
she immediately bounced back,
tried to rip my hand off
like an animal.
She was beginning
to trust me.
She had you
on your knees.
When are you
gonna get used
to CHO running things?
When they start making
directives to serve patients,
and not the church.
So what's gonna
happen to her now?
Well, she doesn't have
a broken bone in her
so she's not
gonna stay here.
Probably place her in care
until they find her
a family or whatever.
She'll be at St. Philomena's
by this weekend.
Great... Philomena's.
Oh, so now you got a thing
for Philomena's, too?
Well they turned me
and Robert down
as adoptive parents
before they even met us...
seemed like
a homophobic move.
Maybe they were thinking
about the children.
Sorry I'm late out babe,
you didn't need
to come in.
Yeah, I did.
You never could resist
a stray.
Lucky for you.
- Luck...
- Don't ruin it.
Come on fam,
let's go home.
Tell me everything.
Well, molar scans suggests
she's sixteen...
possibly seventeen
years old.
- She looks younger, don't you think?
- Yes.
Everything is foreign to her.
Television, cellphone.
Lucky girl.
I apologize,
I must take this.
Of course, Bishop.
Good afternoon,
Your Eminence.
Would you mind holding
a moment, Your Eminence?
It's the boss...
one of them.
Oh, excuse me.
Yes, sir.
So what do we know
of her history?
Virtually nothing.
She won't talk.
We don't know
if it's short term,
or if she's just
out of practice or...
Could be aphonia.
That's er,
that's the desire to speak
but believe that you can't.
We don't know how long
she's been isolated.
A true innocent.
Completely feral.
it's incredible.
I'm not really sure she's
always been feral, Bishop.
As I say...
No evidence of a family?
No, not yet.
It's extraordinary.
Why won't she turn around?
There you are.
This is sister Jennifer.
- Hello.
- Pleasure, Sister.
She splits her service
between The Sisters of Mercy
homeless mission downtown.
Our girl's care home,
Where she was
in care herself.
It was that experience
that brought her to God.
I see.
So you see, Doctor.
She will have
a mother of sorts.
As well as a father.
Not feral, you say?
On a low carb diet?
I'm gonna miss you too,
Thank you Lord God
for sending this
innocent child to me...
that she may be a
testament to your kindness.
Strengthen Sister Jennifer,
that she may bring forth
language from her lips.
That this newborn soul,
when obedient to you,
may speak of all Philomena's
has done for us.
So that they won't
cut off our funding
and close us down.
Sweet Jesus,
have pity on
the poor sinners
and save them from hell.
Have mercy on the suffering
souls in purgatory, Amen.
That, is why I said
you were already working
at Philomela's.
This is my mission for you.
Come back to your old home
and show her the way.
A feral child,
converted by God's love,
they can not close
us down after that.
Why would the Cardinal
let that happen?
It's been
a very difficult year.
We can barely keep
the pews filled,
let alone
the collection plates.
But this miraculous child,
like Moses in the basket,
has been sent to us.
Don't you feel it?
I'll make your lie
a truth.
I'll split my time
between the mission
and Philomena's.
In fairness,
you would've done it anyway.
Because I'm not asking...
God is.
Yes, your Excellency.
Welcome to Saint Philomena's
Group Home For Girls.
She's a little shook up.
Don't know if she's
ever been in a car.
She wanted to
touch everything.
Cars can be exciting.
this is our new girl.
Well, help her in,
Sister Jennifer.
She'll starve out here
if we let her.
She'll grow here,
I promise.
"Hysterical aphonia:
"Treatments include
a suffocation of the patient
"to evoke a vocal
cry of alarm,
"use of electricity,
"holding tight the tongue,
the water cure
"or cocaine applied
to the laryngeal mucosa,
otherwise known as
the throat muscles."
we can't try any of
those anymore.
Not unless,
you still have access
to cocaine, Sister?
My drugs were heroin
and meth-amphetamine...
and my past is behind me.
You see,
anyone can be changed
with God's mercy.
What has your search
lead you to?
Speech therapy,
I found some
information online.
but we must get
footage of her
as she is now,
Why would the press care
if we don't start
with a feral child?
It's not just that the devil
tries to trick the devout.
We too can trick the devil
into doing God's work.
It's your turn.
Chill out,
I'm just finishing this.
does anyone not have ADD?
New girl,
you play cards?
You're gonna get
into some major shit
if you don't learn
how to talk.
Since when did you care
what everyone else did,
Since someone younger
and prettier than her
came in.
Bug's getting more pissy,
the closer she gets
to aging out.
No family if gonna
take her now.
Don't make me slit both
your mouthy little necks
in the night.
Yeah right, you won't
last a day back in juvie.
Fuck you know about juvie?
Just sayin'.
Will y'all keep it down.
I don't want him
coming in here.
You wanna know how
to survive a snake attack
in the jungle?
- No.
- No.
I do.
You come across one of
those big man eating snakes
like a Anaconda,
you can't outrun them
because they're too big.
But, if you see one
before it strikes,
you got a chance,
so what you do...
is fall to the ground,
stay real still
like you're dead.
They eat dead things
but with carrion,
they start
with the feet first,
unhinge their jaw
and start swallowing you
from the feet up.
But when they get
just up under your knees
that's when you start
kicking like crazy
from inside of them
and then you'll just
bust his jaw
right off that way.
Hello, Sister Jennifer.
Darlin', you're
to come with me,
the Bishop would
like to see you.
Come on.
It's okay.
Get her in there, Jenny.
This needn't take too long.
She doesn't wanna go,
she's afraid.
It's okay
that she's afraid,
go in there
with her if need be.
She looks normal.
Perhaps we should
dirty her up a bit.
Careful Sister, careful.
Hold onto her.
Hold onto her!
That's enough.
That's enough, Sister.
Sister, we got it.
We've got it.
it's okay. It's okay,
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, my child.
it's okay, my child.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Sometimes doing the
right thing isn't easy.
It's okay, my child.
It's alright.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We did a good thing
tonight, Sister.
There can be no "after"
without a "before"...
just ask Jesus.
We have a special new
girl with us today.
She's going to join our
little family for awhile,
until she finds her own.
Who would like to explain
the rules of the home to her?
Speak separately,
we're not in choir.
No hitting.
No cursing.
No drugs or alcohol.
No outside food.
No secular music.
Do your prayers,
your chores,
your studies and your
confessions with grace.
A happy face
is a mirror to God.
Glory be to God
and to The Church.
Now, today we will be
studying evolution...
the evolution of sin.
So, for our new girl,
we will start at the beginning,
at original sin.
Open your bibles to Genesis
chapter 2 verse 4.
This is the account of the
heavens and the earth
when they were created
by the Lord God.
Girl, you heard the rules?
You will do your
studies with grace.
Sweet Jesus.
I wasn't going to hit her.
Sister Jennifer,
why don't you make yourself
Ah... Bug,
can you please continue
with the next two verses.
The Lord God had not
sent rain on the Earth
and there was no one
to work the ground...
but streams came up
from the Earth
and watered the whole
surface of the ground.
Now, the serpent
was more crafty
than any of the wild
animals Lord God had made.
He said to the woman
"Did God really say,
"you must not eat from
any tree in the garden".
That's a warning, Billy.
Sorry, Sister Jennifer.
"The woman said
to the serpent
"'We may eat fruit from
the trees in the garden,
- "'but God did say,
you must not eat fruit
"'from the tree that is in
the middle of the garden,
and you must not touch it
or you will die!'"
Carry on.
[together[ "You will not
certainly die,
"the serpent said.
"For God knows that
when you eat from it
your eyes will be opened..."
don't take me to him.
I'll reign it in,
I swear...
He'll know what to do,
that's all.
Then the Lord God
said to the woman,
"what is this you have done?"
"The woman said,
'The serpent deceived me
and I ate.'"
"And I will place enmity
between you and the woman,
"and between her
offspring and yours,
"and he will crush your head
"and you will strike
at his heel...
and to the woman he said... "
Thank you,
Sister Grace.
I'll continue.
It's the new girl's turn.
Read on.
"I will make your pain
in childbearing very severe
"and with painful labor
you will give birth
to children."
"I will make your pain
in childbearing
"very severe
"and with painful labor
you will give birth
to children."
She's exempt, Sister.
"And your desire
will be for your husband
and he will rule over you."
No girl is exempt.
We haven't had this much
excitement in a long time.
Is it her arrival,
or your return?
This is just like
hide and seek.
Goodnight, girls.
Your Excellency.
you can't sleep here.
What are you stupid?
you can't be in here.
You can't be in here!
Don't worry, Shirley,
I'll go get him.
I'm heading
that way anyway.
Thank you, Doctor.
excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hey, lady.
You can't be here.
The fuck...
I know where she is.
I'll take you to her.
It's just a car.
Okay, alright,
we'll be there soon!
We'll be there soon!
No! Fuck!
We need outside help
to find her.
She's out there, alone.
It's my fault,
I should of...
She may wander,
but she is not lost.
Come pray with me.
Dear Father.
Watch over our lost child.
Bring her home
safely to us.
That we may
show her your way.
- Amen.
Hey new girl.
Hey, new girl
are you in here?
I hear them gums
Rewriting history
Every year
you're acting like
You ain't come from me
Boy, that DNA don't lie
When you were only
fiddlin' around
Again is swings
like the end of a broom
And my contribution
was sound
It was ready when
it drew me
Quiet softer than
Saint Thomas
You could recognize
your daddy
Since you carry his name
But don't dare sass
your momma
Alright, little fellah
Momma's gonna show ya
Where you came from
Here's a little
rock and roll call
Just a few mothers
of invention
You forgot to mention
when you were
Running off at the mouth
LaVern Baker,
Ruth Brown
Janice Martin,
Sister Rose
Edda Mark,
Amy Smith
Cora Bail Jackson,
Billie Holiday
Carla May,
Big Momma
Georgia Bader,
Miss Charlie Murphy...
Got anywhere else to go?
Me neither.
You know,
If you behave,
there are worse places
to be than in here.
I've been in them.
Of course, my problem
is I can't behave.
I take after my mom.
Where's your mom at?
Now you look like the
only apostle with any balls,
Mary Magdalen.
Hey! Stop!
Well, this was nice.
I got to get back,
they have hamburger today.
You coming?
Come on.
I'll have to let go of your hand
once we get back,
they don't like us
touching, okay?
I see you.
Charles used to
lend me his coat, too.
Crazy tyrannosaurus rex
can be a real charmer
when he wants to be.
I'm not mad at you,
we weren't exclusive.
I'm hiding
from the radio waves.
Who are you hiding from?
Bunch of blue flies.
Say no more, darlin'.
No use flirting with me,
I'll eat anything
except pussy.
Come with me, Darlin'.
Listen up!
Listen up, everybody!
We have a new friend.
You know the drillio.
I was just a fashion model
back in the day,
now I'm running things.
More for me.
Just like that.
Praise God!
I'm very sorry about what
happened the other day.
it won't happen again.
Okay, you'll get
what you want, John.
- Give me what I paid for.
- Okay.
Hi, ladies.
You don't need to
fucking announce us.
We got this, alright,
Let me get a nice
thin condom out.
It fucking smells
like shit down here, huh.
Come on, come here.
Shut up!
Come here!
- Get the fuck off me!
No! No! No! No!
Help me, please!
She may be
even crazier than me.
Her name is
Jennifer Lawrence.
You want to hold her?
I swear when I was young
The summers where full
of fresh and long
Watching the movies
with Andie in Pink
Dreaming of dances,
bad memories don't blink
I always said that you
were a different class
Blue eyes
and a messed up past
For every single promise
I reneged
Every stupid word
I wish I hand't said...
Ew, it's so bloody.
First love
is the dream
First love is a fairytale
Held tight between
you and me
Do you remember
the first time?
Do you? Do you?
Remember the first time
Do you? Do you?
Cherish the past
You told me to keep
what we had safe
Make it last,
even though I knew
You'd be a million
miles away
And as life happened to me
I know it happened to you
I don't have
your number now
But I still see you
in everything I do
First love
is the best love
First love is the dream
First love is the fairytale
Held tight
between you and me
Do you remember
the first time?
Do you? Do you?
Remember the first time?
Do you remember
the first time?
Do you? Do you?
Remember the first time?
Do you? Do you?
Do you remember
the first time?
Do you? Do you?
Remember the first time?
"She must...
bring to the... priest."
- Priest.
- "Priest,
"a year old lamb...
"as... a...
Sacrifice for sin.
Do you understand
what you just read?
Can you say amen?
I didn't know
if I could make you speak.
I don't know
what I'm doing.
God must have
a purpose for you.
Can you call me Sister?
why was I punished?
"Every man
hath a sword upon his thigh,
because of fear
in the night.
God hath no mercy
upon the evil.
The Devil will
get inside of you,
if you let him.
Is God still there?
And he loves you
and he wants to save you.
God will save me?
Yes he will,
if you find faith,
if you confess,
if you cleanse yourself,
he will come.
You are special.
You are a special girl,
aren't you?
Yes, Bishop.
The Devil inside me...
how will God get it out?
If you work very hard
on your Catechism class,
after confession,
if the Devil is in there,
God will get him out.
Thank you, Bishop.
And you will tell
everyone when he's gone,
won't you?
I need you
to do this for me.
"Jesus, your blood has
given us access to God."
"Blessed be your most
precious blood."
Jesus Fucking Christ,
so you can talk,
but will you shut
the fuck up already?
I am going to be saved.
We all got saved
during communion.
We all got holy here,
still no one wants us.
What makes you think
you're so special?
You have a visitor.
So you're speaking now.
How are you doing here?
A woman came looking
for you... tall.
She hurt you?
Did she hurt you?
Who's that woman?
Where's your family?
Peg sister.
And Dog sister.
You have sisters?
Dog sister not talk
and Lady not talk,
but Peg...
Where are they?
Dog sister ran away.
She smelled Peg
going to heaven
when her inside come out.
What do you mean
her insides come out?
The baby, come out.
It kill her.
I'm sorry.
- And lady...
- Burned?
I need you to tell me
where she is.
I don't know.
She go invisible.
Like God does.
She won't make me dead.
She wants the Devil
inside me.
You do not have the Devil
inside of you.
You have to go now.
We have work to do,
I'll be here...
when you get out.
when I get it out.
Where were we?
"The church guards
Christ's own words
and teaches her children
the language of faith".
Right. Okay.
Are you sure you
don't need a break?
You're getting all of this?
The language of faith,
This is the best part.
Singing around this
thing called me
I'll be the calling,
make you swing out of beat
I'll make you swing
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ah groovy yeah
Yes I will
Because your baby bell
So show us you can
You know how
I get this stuff?
I let the grocery
delivery guy feel my tits.
And I hardly
even have any tits.
it's a good deal because
he's too afraid to do
anything else with a kid.
do that...
have you ever done that
with anyone before?
Anyone ever feel your boob?
I'm afraid.
Of my inside,
come out and kill me.
Why do you think
I smoke so much weed?
I've been good.
yes you've been good.
The Bishop just wants to see
how you've been, I think.
How have you been doing?
I did something bad?
I don't know.
Did you?
This is a very
important test...
to keep away the Devil.
Yes, Your Excellency.
Well then, let's start
the test, shall we?
What did the world look like
before original sin?
Our first parents
were holy and just...
and so God wouldn't
let them suffer or die.
He gave them
"Divine Intimacy".
They were safe with God,
weren't they?
That's good,
and do you know why
he gave them Divine Intimacy?
- Um...
- It's okay, it's okay,
because they were innocent.
That's why.
They were innocent,
like you.
Innocent, and naked,
weren't they?
Come then...
show me what
that would look like.
If God were to see you
without any clothes on,
without any shame,
that would make him very
happy, wouldn't it?
What's that?
It's the Devil.
You're scared, too?
Why do you think
that's the Devil?
It killed Peggy,
you said you'd take it out.
Cover yourself.
Cover yourself, I don't
ever want to see you
in here again.
I got a friend now,
I got a friend!
And she gave me her suit.
You worrying
about something?
It's God's will.
- Jeez,
you sound like the twins.
If everything that happens
to us lot is "God's will",
then he's an asshole.
Seriously, what's up?
Oh fuck.
God will save me.
Not from that he won't.
How did you know?
How did you not know?
God will forgive me
and I will be saved.
you're the expert.
- Coat hanger.
- Knitting needle.
Overdose of laxatives.
knows that.
You, you've got
to speak more quieter.
Or we can help
push you down stairs.
Our mom told us.
She tried everything.
But God showed her.
Here we are.
Ignore Dumb and Dumber
over there.
You'll be fine.
You'll be saved,
so will your baby.
No baby.
You'll still have
your baby.
No, no, no...
Oh, fucking hell.
I will certainly die,
I will certainly die!
Please, please be quiet.
They'll hear you.
You're not going to die.
Your immersion in the waters
symbolizes your choice
to let your
carnal nature die.
When you believe you are
marked in Him with a seal,
the promised Holy Spirit,
who is a deposit
guaranteeing our inheritance
until the redemption of those
who are God's possession
to the praise of his glory.
Sister Jennifer,
why aren't you filming this?
You are baptized.
In the name of the Father
and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
What did you make her do?
The sin of judgment.
You can't
make her do that.
You can't!
- I haven't touched her,
Sister Grace will tell you.
She's eight months along.
None the less,
it makes me very sad,
to see how much
resentment you have
in your heart for me.
You offered me forgiveness.
The sin of contempt.
I was a child!
You were supposed
to take care of me.
You were a junkie
and I did.
You leave any girl alone
long enough...
and someone will take her
or she'll whore herself out.
It should be God...
a man of God,
who draws her first blood
and leads her
into obedience.
You can understand that now,
can't you?
Now that you're an adult?
Aren't you glad
it was me?
It could've been
so much worse.
I was kind, wasn't I?
I was kind.
You begged me.
"If you don't tell anyone,
If you forgive me, I'll have
the strength to resist",
but you haven't.
That's why they want to close
down Philomena's, isn't it?
I am a good man,
You can't do this.
I am a direct descendent
of the apostles.
A direct descendent
of the apostles!
You'll be excommunicated,
before anybody hears
a word of it.
The church is my family.
I didn't touch her
and I wouldn't.
Her innocence,
is long gone.
You didn't tell anyone then
because you knew
it was your fault,
that has not changed.
You will return
to the mission.
What do you think
of this one?
This works?
Excuse me?
- I don't have confessions.
- Who was he?
I knew him for five moons.
The rocks catched him.
He climbed them
and they catched him.
I saved him.
He was mine.
He made white blood.
I never seen it
before inside me.
That when she made...
When she made him
red blood,
and I cried.
But he was dead.
And I was still hungry.
But it feels like...
a sin.
To eat when
they smell of love.
It felt like like a sin
with Peggy, too.
Was I bad...
to eat?
Do you think
they're in heaven?
Why did you come here?
I didn't come here...
she wanted hospital
to make baby.
I want it out.
They took me to you...
to God.
Yup, you look like
a ginger poodle.
Arf, arf, arf.
Come on,
say it with me.
Arf, arf, arf.
Arf, arf, arf.
I only wore it once,
Thank you.
You got this, Skinny.
I always knew there was
a conspiracy with the church.
Shit Mona,
everyone knows that.
Is this kid really yours?
Well I got my own little
Darlin' right here,
that they're gonna
have to listen to.
Who the fuck
gave Mona a gun?
I'm not gonna
shoot anybody.
Isn't it hot though?
You know they took
Charity's little girl, too.
They say they are gonna
help raise your kid...
no, they just took her.
You cried like an animal.
Made these little howls.
I remember, Charity.
Don't you remember?
I'll go help you
raise hell, honey.
That's the spirit, Effie.
Time for a reckoning.
Aren't you tired of hiding?
I got it.
I owe her already.
I'm going.
I'm tired of hiding!
I got nowhere else to be.
I'm tired, I'm tired
of the cops and the guards,
and the aliens,
and the radiation
and my own body,
and the C.I.A.,
not to mention that!
Mona, I think
you got us already.
- Right, let's do this.
- Let's go.
Welcome one and all
to the First Holy Communion
of our young ones today.
A particular welcome
to my boss,
His Eminence The Cardinal
of Cincinnati.
I'm sure you'll be impressed
with what you see today.
And welcome to the ladies
and gentlemen of the press.
And welcome to the children.
Don't our young girls
look pretty today?
And don't the boys look like
fine young gentlemen?
And these modern times,
the work of the Devil
can be seen
in the proclivity for
perversion among us
and the Devil is wily,
he can tempt those
who are weak.
But the church and you,
it's righteous followers,
we will not have it.
We will not lose faith.
See 'ya after your snack.
You've now heard
of the wild child
that came to us
just months ago,
vicious and mute.
She could hardly
have been called a girl
when we first found her.
But now she speaks
the holy scriptures,
and having confessed
to her sins,
she is ready to join
the other children
in being rewarded
the body of Christ
for the first time.
The blood of our savior
will finally bring her into
forgiveness and purity.
You are here to witness
the power of that church.
The power of God's mercy
for his followers.
In the name
of the Father,
the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
Take this all of you
and eat of it.
For this is my body
which will be
given up for you.
Body of Christ.
- Amen.
- Body of Christ.
- Amen.
- Body of Christ.
- Amen.
Body of Christ.
And now,
please welcome our Eve,
whom I've made my own
personal Christian mission.
When I first found her,
she looked like this.
But now...
She's nervous,
bless her little heart.
Body of Christ.
Open your mouth, child.
Body of Christ.
She doesn't want to!
Sister Jennifer is
having one of her episodes.
You can't force her.
This man abuses
the children in his care!
Sister Grace!
Sister Grace, please
remove Sister Jennifer.
I am sorry.
Body of Christ.
It should be God,
a man of God
who draws their first blood
as they bring them
into obedience.
You can understand that,
now that you're an adult,
can't you?
I am sorry...
in front of the children...
it's disgusting!
Get her out!
Body of Christ.
Shit, the baby's coming!
I'm calling
an ambulance now.
We've come for
Little Darlin'.
Get them out!
What are you gonna do,
Oh, Hell no!
Oh my God...
Let's go!
Let's go!
Take her,
take her.
Take her far away.
Never trust a demon
told a father to his son
A woman is a devil
unless she is a nun
Controls her body
with her herbs
The church call this
a witch's curse
Her power makes them
feel disturbed
They tie her up
and watch her burn
Good girls stay at home
Don't go out to work
or vote
Womanhood is on the brink
Motherhood going extinct
Midwives are to blame
Flushing babes
down the drain
Plus they hurt
our profit gain
Stop these women,
they're insane
They try to shut us up
and shut us down
They try to start a fire,
burn us to the ground
Don't try to control
what belongs to me
Get your hands,
get your hands off my body
Control control
Get your hands off
of my body
Control control
Taking it back tonight
Control control
No more control,
just let it go
Control, get your hand
off my body
Joined forces
against foreign races
They feared foreign
Want white folks
to keep procreatin'
Whatchu scared of?
Something lil' spicy?
Genetically inferior, huh?
Bite me!
Tube tying,
folks just like me
So baby now we got
bad blood, fight me
First off,
I don't like needles
Neither do my people,
never seen as equal
Sterilize my women,
not a question of permission
But a lesson in the art of
stealin' anything they need to
Women in the slave trade,
all of 'em were "fair game"
"Born to be a temptress"
Said that nature
was the main blame
Never had an option before
they got the test done
Testin' their eugenics on my
women, we the test run
But where they get
thought from?
Hitler only beginner,
guess who taught him?
California been a sinner,
Google it
It's been proven U.S.
movin' like a hypocrite
Uh, they talkin' 'bout
"dirty genes"
Acting like the blood
on their hands is clean
The science was baseless,
the premise was racist
Get your hands,
get your hands off my body
Control control
Get your hands up off
my body
Control control
Taking it back tonight,
that's right
Control control
No more control,
no no, just let it go
Get your hands,
get your hands off my body
Yeah, I got the body
of a goddess
Even though your religion
didn't want this
Yeah, I'm the witch,
I'm the shaman
They wanna hate me 'cause
my body isn't common
Woah, you wanna
place my gender?
And then you want to shame me,
wanna blame my temper?
Society will tell you
that I'm playin' dress up
But I'm natural, I can make
you feel the pressure, uh
And don't try to
overpower my spirit
My mind, my soul,
and my flower
Open up your mind,
maybe you will understand
Trans doesn't focus on
the parts up in my pants
So don't control
my body with science
'Cause me and my girls
will form an alliance
Pussy don't purr when you
messin' with the lions
Coming for you quick
and we 'bout to start a riot
Differences in our experience,
are you listening?
Don't stay quiet when
they erase our images
You blow yourself a kiss.
Are you a "feminist"
Hold me, hold me,
but don't try to control me
Control hey hey
Oh get your hands
off my body
takin' it back tonight
No more control,
no no, just let it go
No more control,
no no, yeah
get your hands off my body
Tonight, we're takin'
it back tonight
Control, no control,
just let it go
Get your hands,
get your hands off my body
Control, get your hands
off my body
We're takin' it
back tonight
No control,
just let it go
Get your hands,
Get your hands off my body
Differences in
our experiences,
Are you listening
Don't stay quiet when
they erase our images
You blow yourself a kiss.
Are you a "feminist?"
Hold me, hold me, hold me,
but don't try to control me
Control hey hey
Oh get your hands off
my body
Takin' it back tonight
No more control,
no no, just let it go
No more control,
no no, yeah
get your hands off my body
Tonight, we're takin'
it back tonight
No control,
just let it go
Get your hands,
Get your hands off my body