Darling (2007) Movie Script

Stop there, daughter!
You can not set foot in our house
not you ask dowry.
Mother, what are you saying?
I can not get the dowry.
Daughter! You're breaking the habits
of our family.
If you want to stay in this house
must bring a dowry.
Mother, I am an Indian woman of the 21st century.
I'd rather commit suicide
before bringing dowry.
My dear, I'm with you.
Boy, there is something I hear you say.
I want to know how much I want.
And how much I need.
I'm super sexy.
Boy, there is something I hear you say.
I want to know how much I want.
And how much I need.
I'm super sexy.
I'm here. You're here.
The burning I feel too young.
Beloved, fill your heart
with the poison of my love.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Di cool. Di sexy.
Di hot. Di sexy.
Di cool. Di sexy.
Di, dance forever.
Dance a lifetime.
Now love is a test.
Love became the heart llamas
and leave no more than smoke behind them.
Love gave her some faith and some passion.
What is love and where is it?
Not far from me.
Come into my arms.
My desire is asking
Come and fill my arms.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Di cool.
Di hot.
Di dance all life.
You are super sexy.
You are super sexy.
Love is a pain that gives you comfort.
It is this obsession that grows every day more and more.
The moments of passion will disappear.
Enjoy the joy of life.
You are ignorant. You do not.
If you want to live in peace,
then die for me.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Happily commit suicide.
Hold me now.
Yes, yes, yes.
You told me you were already ready
And you're still playing the game!
Vamos! You have to take a bath!
No! Not now!
Aditya, ask at your office
by a cleaner. Please.
You know that the eldest son
Ms. Malhotra has been divorced?
His daughter ran off with her former lover.
How sad!
Now he is very depressed.
Do you know?
They provide 10 lakhs for the deal!
What a world! Some commit bad acts
and others have to pay for it!
They have a kid of 7 years!
Do not make excuses!
If you're not going to school how get
to be like Dad?
Goodbye! See, Akhil!
Simi has called in the morning.
Good morning, sir!
Good morning!
Yes! We will discuss in Juhu Club. Yes
Good morning, sir!
Please read this when you can.
Sorry, sir! Sorry Sir, sir!
I was cleaning and has been dropped, sir!
Look, I have no interest
in your love life.
What love life? I have only sex life.
Nothing whatever! I would like
a wife like yours.
So why do not you marry?
Hello, Geeta!
Sir, I have reviewed the documents.
Should I send ya?
No! Send a letter of introduction.
Wait! Here's dictate.
Sameer have to teach the project
customers at 2 o'clock.
Dude, life is just work.
Today is Monday!
I'm leaving. Goodbye.
Do not delay.
Dear Mr. Sood, is pleased to see
has accepted the changes
that we proposed.
I want you to have it done immediately!
How long will this last?
See us in secret.
Dad called this morning.
Has found four new guys.
How much time will I save you?
How long must we wait?
How long must we wait so?
Give me a little more time.
Let Akhil finished their exams.
I'll talk to Ashwini.
Is there a problem?
What problem?
We have to divorce!
Do you know?
For a month we do not talk.
I can not live without you, Aditya!
Do not worry about anything.
When this is over, we'll marry.
I promise.
Come here!
What are you doing?
I'm kissing your feet, do not you see?
What kind of filth is that?
Beware! No accents nothing
I do the nasty.
Are not you disgusted?
Every part of my body is mine.
Do not you feel dirty when you kiss your feet?
When you kiss your hands
I do not say anything.
Aditya! It has nothing to do!
Why is it different?
Are your leg or your hand
separated from your body?
What do you mean?
If both are a part of your body
then I can kiss either.
What is the difference you see between them?
You're crazy!
I'm not crazy! I am Aditya!
And I know when I do these things
I love it!
For nothing!
Do you love me?
Would you do something for me?
Get naked!
In heaven is hidden behind your clothes!
You're a fool!
I am Aditya!
A vodka and tonic, please!
What? Geeta started being intimate.
Looking into your eyes
confirms that your father is a great thief.
Eyes like those are not
available on the market.
Had to steal in a treasure chest.
The drink lady! Bring it!
Bebe. Your drink
Aditya! Wanted the keys to my house
of the Madh Island beach, right?
Here's the key.
It is a beautiful place.
Ashwini, your sister will love it!
Enjoy both!
Honey, what are you doing?
People are looking!
Close your eyes! Disappear!
But you said we would
with Simi Sunday.
That said, but has emerged
this work at once.
I'm sorry, Ashwini!
My workload will decrease.
I promise!
I'll take you on vacation.
We will go to Goa.
Just you and me. Jobless
mobile no nothing!
Just you and me. I swear to God.
You know, as we call it when
it is raining and while the sun shines?
We call it the wedding of the fox.
Even the fox is more fortunate than me.
Geeta we've talked about this.
Do not spoil our day together.
Oh, my sweet comb, you are so yum, yum
I hate that tone!
I'll change it!
Hello! Yes, Dad! Yes!
Yes, I'm in the office.
My boss calls me. I have to go.
I'll call you at night. Goodbye.
Geeta, stop! I know!
You know I have many tickles!
Stop! The car I'm driving!
You're crazy!
You know you're raving mad?
I mean what are you doing?
Geeta! People are looking!
Close your eyes. Disappear.
You are my passion.
You are the desire of my heart.
I do not want to live without you, my darling.
I do not want to live without you, my darling.
You are my passion.
You are the desire of my heart.
I do not want to live without you, my beloved.
I do not want to live without you, my beloved.
From the moment you walked
part of my life
all that I sense is an intense love.
From the moment you walked
part of my life
all that I sense is an intense love.
The time will bring some changes but
the intensity of my love will not diminish.
The time will bring some changes but
the intensity of my love will not diminish.
I do not want to live without you, my beloved.
I do not want to live without you, my darling.
I'm pregnant.
I said I'm pregnant.
Geeta I should tell you this before
I'm sorry but but
all this will not be possible.
What's that will not be possible?
Our wedding.
What do you mean?
I can not leave Ashwini, Geeta!
Whatever our
always solve problems.
We also have a son!
How I can leave my child?
Geeta, please try to understand.
I did not want this to happen as well!
Do not touch me!
Do not touch me!
Please try to understand.
Bear all costs of abortion.
You do not have to worry about anything.
Abortion! Abortion!
How can you, Aditya?!
How can you even think about abortion?
I will not abort!
Geeta, calm down!
Woe! I'll kill you!
Relax, Geeta!
What is it?
How can you think of abortion?
Calm down, please!
Geeta! What about you?
How could you even think?
Calm down, please!
Please! Please! Geeta!
Do not you dare touch me!
Please try to understand, Geeta.
What is it?
Do not touch me!
I'll have this baby!
No! Do not touch me!
What about you?
Geeta! Geeta! Geeta!
What happens, Aditya?
Nothing. Nothing happens.
Only I have a headache.
Is everything OK?
Yes Yes
Well. Bring something of crocin.
Hello, Aditya.
Hi, Sameer.
So how was the weekend?
It was good.
"I'm just fine? What happened?
What Ashwini's sister in law did not like the place?
Liked it. Liked it.
Geeta has not come.
Without it, the office is so sad
I'm thinking that I will seek any excuse
and take a look at my bungalow.
You may have a chance.
You have nothing to do today?
Yes! But
without Geeta, the office is sooo sad
It is very sad.
Did you receive this fax?
What fax? Yes, yes.
Shukla Did you call?
Yes, try to call you.
But I could not locate him.
Sameer, do you know?
It is a major customer of this company!
Yes, yes, yes.
Take 3 days asking this report.
You're a friend, Sameer
I do not want to have these conversations
you constantly.
Please, take this fax and call him.
Okay, I'll call.
This office is very sad.
Oh, my sweet comb. You're my yum, yum
You're my sweet pastry
You're my pie party.
Come with me
and love you very much and love you very much.
Oh, my sweet comb. You're my yum, yum
You're my sweet pastry
You're my pie party.
Come with me
It is very nice.
Thank God. Do not know if you like.
Oh, my sweet comb. You're my yum, yum
Hello! Yes, yes.
I'll be there in 10 mintues.
Yes, yes. Okay, yes. Goodbye.
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
What happens?
I do not know. I heard a voice.
A voice? Who?
I just heard someone singing.
Do you sing?
What are you saying?
How is that possible?
Someone was singing here.
Do you sing?
You have dreamed.
Someone should be singing
in your dream, Aditya.
Come on. Go back to sleep. Come.
What happens?
Someone is singing in my room!
What does it happen to both father and son?
Hear two songs in the middle of the night!
But that song
Why are you so surprised, Aditya?
There should be a song playing
the speaker of a neighbor.
Father and son, both of you have awakened.
I'm sleeping without problems,
Is not it? Let
I lie down again.
No, Mom! Someone was singing for real.
Last night the person you hear singing
Was the voice of a man or a woman?
Of a woman.
I forgot to tell you. I was talking
the doorman of the building.
Who cares if recently
we moved here?
This is a community.
So the rules should apply to everyone.
What song was she singing?
I do not know.
Try to remember. Was it something?
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
"That song is not a horror movie?
It was my uncle's favorite movie.
What was the movie?
Bees Saal Baad.
The released in 1962.
My uncle got married that year.
In that movie a landowner
rapes a girl
Sorry, the killer.
And that girl is after him.
For revenge. That's right.
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
Somewhere there is a lamp burning
and somewhere a heart.
Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone.
Nobody knows where the sound comes.
Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone.
Nobody knows where the sound comes.
What happens?
I think it may have found Geeta
a guy prettier than me.
That's why you have not been
to the office the past two days.
Has anyone tried calling?
His phone rang early,
but is now disconnected.
What do you think?
He should not worry.
Yes, I said the same to the police.
Oh, yes.
Geeta's father has made a complaint.
The police came here to investigate.
They also asked about you.
I told them I had not come to the office.
Incoming messages,
make us uneasy
Without you, this office is incomplete
Tell me, Ashwini.
Adi, I pick up Akhil and go there.
See you at the mall
at 6 o'clock, right?
I'll be there. Well.
Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone.
Nobody knows where the sound comes.
Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone.
Where were you?
What happened? Akhil was with me,
I do not know where it has gone.
What did she wear?
A yellow jacket.
Sorry, did you see
a little kid here?
Have you seen a little kid here?
How did you get here?
The aunt brought me here.
What aunt?
I do not know.
Who bought you ice cream?
What aunt, Akhil?
I do not know.
He wore a white dress.
Adit, why are you standing there? Come on.
As if someone was approaching me.
No one, but someone is touching me.
This night is long and still
is part of the road.
Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone.
Nobody knows where the sound comes.
Ashwini! Vigilante!
What happens?
Lord, what happens?
Where did that come from?
I do not know.
Who has been there?
I do not know.
What does not know?
Does society pays
for their irresponsibility?
Someone must have left here.
I agree, ma'am.
But I do not know who.
What he knows, then?
You should not lose sight
people coming and going.
Lord, many people pass through here.
How many of them I can look?
That's their job!
Adit, nothing happens.
Why are you shouting?
Someone must have forgotten
next to our door.
Well, bring her inside.
Can be useful.
Do not touch!
Adit, what problem?
Not ours.
So what if it is not ours?
Whoever the owner
if you want to retrieve it, come get her.
Vigilante. Yes, ma'am. If someone
comes for this, let us know.
Will return.
Come, come inside.
What happens? Okay?
Who are you?
Reddy, Bhasker Reddy.
Please forgive me. Because
to see so many movies of James Bond
I used to speak.
But who are you?
Anti-Crime Unit Inspector.
Promotion 83.
No, I'm fine.
Have you taken any medication?
And this is my assistant, Pande.
Malti Pande.
What has become of Geeta?
The employee who has disappeared.
She used to excuse,
she worked here.
I mean I mean
still works here.
What are you doing here?
This is a company, right?
So what made here?
The product.
I thought that all companies
produced something.
She would inform me.
Knew very little else.
The relationship was strictly professional.
With Geeta, who do it?
Sorry I forgot.
When did you last saw them, in Geeta?
On Saturday, it was his last day of work.
Did he say something like that would leave the city
or something else?
Like I said, our discussions
were purely professional.
Can we have tea?
A coffee we had better also.
Bring two cups of tea, fast.
But Mr. Bring two cups of tea
having three
I'll tell you when we want
three cups of tea!
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sorry.
I thought I had three people
and would need three cups of tea.
Do not be angry, sir.
Bring two cups of tea.
Shut up, Mukesh!
Yes, sir. Well.
Will it make the tea?
Where was Sunday?
I was working.
So he called home?
No signature
registry office.
I was working at home. With my laptop.
The notebook.
Do not know how it is used.
This is pure research,
if you have any information
that may be useful to us,
I hope we do not hide it.
I say no.
Hi, honey.
Who is it?
"I do not even recognize my voice?
Who are you?
You know, honey.
I've sent you a gift.
Have you seen?
What gift? Who are you?
See for yourself.
Somebody's somebody
a joke.
Lord, now is this for you.
Who sent it?
I do not know, sir.
Someone left the door.
A gift.
Does this, Malti?
One of my friends has a
the habit of pulling pranks.
Last week I sent a boat
empty red paint.
Is that friend a woman?
Yes, why?
Only women do things so twisted.
Name. What is the name of your friend?
By telephone conversation.
Surprisingly, did not recognize his voice.
The truth is that she did not want
knew I was in the office.
I have fear of their gifts.
Yes, it seems dangerous, do not you think, Malti?
Can you? Please leave it on the ground.
No, okay. Nothing happens.
But even yet it is dangerous.
I'm not okay. I have a fever.
Should take more care.
Do not be afraid, honey.
I will not kill you.
I just want to beat your score.
The game they played with me
I'll play the same for you.
I want you to know how you feel!
I see you suffer every moment.
I will make your life a hell.
What happened?
Nothing, nothing.
Adit, is everything ok?
Yes, all is well.
What happened? Did something happen?
Nothing, nothing.
Adit! Adit, has been something in the office?
Open the door, Adit!
Adit, tell me what you think.
Adit, you're beginning to worry.
Please tell me what happened.
Are you going to open the door, Adit?
Adit, opens the door.
What happened, Adit?
Ashwini, what ... I'm sorry.
I had some problems in the office.
It's very technical. I do not understand.
But not to worry.
In a few days everything will be solved.
Please do not ask me.
Trust me. Please.
Oh, I think is cool.
As you do not know neither you know me ...
I suspect that's the best
I can say.
Here I go.
Good night.
Good night.
What happens?
Adit, what happens?
What is there?
What happened?
Mom ...
Just ... I was just teasing you.
A joke. What a time to joke.
Now it will not sleep all night.
Come on, Akhil.
Sleeps with Mom today.
You're weird.
Honey, take it from here
this as my own home.
"Nobody knows where the sound comes."
"Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone. "
"Nobody knows where the sound comes."
"Someone's voice is heard,
but did not see anyone. "
"The face is incomplete.
And is within walking distance. "
"This is a terrifying night.
I do not know that we can bring. "
"I can hardly breathe and tremble with terror."
"As if someone was approaching me."
"Look ..."
Ashwini! Ashwini!
Hello, handsome!
- All this ...
- I understand.
Perhaps because of the problems in your office ...
you forgot our wedding anniversary.
Lo ... sorry, Ashwini. I ...
I completely forgot.
Happy Anniversary!
What do you think, Aditya?
Es .. Pretty!
- It's nice!
- "Only nice?
Es .. beautiful. Beautiful!
You know what? Today I sent Akhil
Simi's house.
- A house in Simi?
- Yes
Tonight I will forget all
problems in your office.
I ... you ... Aditya.
I love you.
What happens now?
- Nothing!
- Why do you look scared?
Me? No!
You remember, honey?
When we spent time together.
All the things you used to say.
- Do you remember, Aditya?
- Yes
What part of your body like me more?
That would tell me!
"It is also said to her?
- Your eyes! Do you know why?
- No!
Because I see my face on them.
- Your wife is so romantic ...
- I love you!
Do you have taught him that?
What happens?
Did not want to see the sky?
Close your eyes.
I ...
What is happening to you, Aditya?
Sorry, Ashwini. Today ...
Today I am not good at all.
- Do not you feel well?
- Sorry.
Not that. You're crazy!
What about you, Aditya?
- Sameer!
- Stand there!
If I meet God,
I only ask one thing.
With all the girls in the world ...
- Sameer
- Yes?
- I want to talk to you very seriously.
- Tell me.
- Do you believe in ghosts?
- Yes
It's serious, Sameer!
Do you believe in them?
I said yes!
I ... the last time I was in Bangkok ...
I invited a lady to my room.
It proved to be a ghost!
- Sameer!
- There are other kinds of ghosts too!
Once I saw one in town
My grandfather, in a tree.
- Really?
- Yes!
What do you think?
What are we alone in the world?
There are many ghosts around us!
At night, the dog starts barking suddenly.
The door closes by itself.
Why is that?
It is the work of ghosts!
A ghost is behind me.
- The sister of Ashwini!
- What?
After 6 months, all women
become ghosts!
What do you mean, Sameer?
Yes! After marriage you
see all the girls in the world.
You can only see your wife.
Sameer, I'm serious!
I am not here to joke!
I'm not kidding!
If the dog is barking at the front door ...
... And your wife is calling the backdoor ...
Then what door you open?
What should you do with what we talked about?
You open the door.
At least the dog will come home
and stop barking.
I'm leaving!
- No, no!
- I try to be serious!
Sorry. Sit.
You take everything too seriously. Sit.
Since when I ask to talk
of things seriously?
Now, tell me. What's your problem?
- As I was saying ...
- Yes
A ghost haunts me.
Only I can hear his voice.
And only I can see it.
A woman ghost?
Very good! Do not worry.
I have a friend who knows a "Baba."
This "Baba" helps you take care
of ghosts and spirits.
- Really?
- Yes!
Try to get you a date ...
with that "Baba" tomorrow.
What happens?
Do not tell me she is there.
No, no!
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Try leaving the meeting with Chaddha soon ...
and then I'll call you.
- Okay. - Yes!
- Do not worry. Everything will be fine.
- Take care.
- Yes!
- I'm leaving.
Going to die.
Sameer Why?
It is even worse than you.
So ... Are you going to kill him?
- Hello!
- Sir! Sameer has had an accident!
- What?
- It is serious, sir!
Hello? Sir, hear me? Hello?
"It's going to die."
The police are here,
so I was asking.
- Yes?
- Sameer Nagani. An accident.
A second.
Go straight and left!
- Doctor!
- Yes?
I am a friend of Sameer. He just ...
Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!
How nice of you to come!
Your friend is very lucky!
Luck? What do you mean?
Know that there has been a serious accident, right?
Could have been killed.
Has only suffered a broken leg.
Otherwise it is fine.
Do not worry.
You mean he's not dead?
Is he still alive?
Yes, that I said.
I mean ... Is not dead?
Look ... I am a doctor and tell him
that his friend is alive.
Doctor, I'm talking about Sameer Nagani.
It is a little overweight. He wears glasses.
Look ... I am also talking about him.
I mean ... How can
he is not dead?
You are a little weird!
I'm telling you is alive!
And asking me not to
if not dead.
As if he wanted to die!
Relax, man! It is well!
I lied.
Why? Is it that only you can lie?
This time I have forgiven.
But next time ... Who knows?
Hello, Sister! Hello, Aditya!
- Hello!
- Thanks! Thanks!
- I'll leave this here!
How has this happened, Sameer?
How do you ask me the reason the accident, sister?
Everything happened because of your husband.
What do you mean?
If I had not called
would not have had the accident.
- Sit!
- I'm sorry, Sameer!
Vamos! Relax. I was joking.
How do you feel?
I have only broken his leg.
The rest is well, sister.
At least you can rest from work.
Recent weeks have been very stressful.
What stress?
Too much stress in the office.
Is not it true, Aditya?
No work, just stress.
Ashwini I have told him of your problems.
- Problems?
- At work!
Yes! Problem! Yes! Problem!
I thought I would lose my job.
But now is everything ok?
- Now everything is fine.
- Yes! Yes!
All is well.
Only hurts a bit.
Forget it. Tell me, how about the beach house?
Will the beach house?
What beach house?
Sameer ... What beach house?
The beach house in Madh Island!
Do not you remember?
- See what you say now.
- The beach house in Madh Island, right?
What's wrong?
He ... I had a cramp.
I ... I was going to take you there.
Sameer has a nice house there.
I wanted ...
I wanted to be a surprise for you.
- I wanted to be a surprise for you.
- Aditya!
- But Aditya, had not even mentioned.
- Did not you done?
Ashwini ... had a lot of workload.
- I mean ... I forgot. I ...
- Forgot?
I've already said. I wanted to be a surprise ... for you.
Any surprise?
Sister, the truth is that my fault.
Aditya forbade him to tell you.
The truth is that Aditya wanted
take you there and give you a surprise.
- Sorry! I've annoyed surprise.
- No problem!
- I made a serious mistake to spare his life.
- No!
- Now I will kill you!
- No!
What? What happens, Aditya?
What happens?
- I ...
- What?
- Sameer, is not this blood?
- Yes! Why?
I thought it was something else!
Nothing will happen if it opens.
- Who?
- Open that?
- Esto!
- Aditya, who ...
Anyway, it's getting late.
Should go.
Akhil is home alone and I have
to make some calls.
Goodbye, Sameer!
- Goodbye! Are you okay?
- Yes, yes. I'm fine. I'm fine.
- We'll talk later!
- Beware, Sameer!
Nurse! Nurse!
What happened there, Aditya?
What do you hide?
Ashwini ... sorry, Ashwini.
Feel it? What do you feel?
Ashwini ... you ...
Do you believe in ghosts?
What do you mean?
I mean ghosts, spirits,
whatever you call them.
If I told you ... a ghost ...
... Haunts me ...
Would you believe me?
Even I know well what happens
but ... There is a ghost, Ashwini!
"The ghost of who?
I do not know!
It seems ... she wants revenge.
"Revenge for what, Aditya?
I do not know, Ashwini!
I've never seen before.
Please. Please do not ask me anything more.
I'm really scared!
Try to understand, Ashwini!
Understand, please!
I'm terrified!
- Hi, Simi?
- Ashwini? Hello! How are you?
Simi ... before you visit a psychiatrist, right?
So ... Sharukh Khan is your husband.
Yes I myself am the Lady of Sharukh Khan.
Yes, of course.
When did you marry him?
Shortly after our first meeting.
Two weeks ...
... And we got married.
What was your first meeting?
His film "Darr" was premiered at the Cinema Plaza.
Yes, I remember.
That was our first time.
He had come to the premiere.
Did you go see the movie?
Yes, of course, of course.
I also went to see the premiere.
He sat on a seat right next to me.
He stared at me with her big eyes.
"He was watching?
Why? Are not I cute?
Not at all.
You are very beautiful.
- Really?
- Yes, yes.
What happened after that?
Then the lights went out
and began the film.
Then, suddenly took my hand.
What happened next?
I can not tell you what happened next.
I am ashamed.
Is censored.
The pills I gave you last week ...
In the same medicine
takes double doses.
And take them during the day too.
You can go.
Secretary, put Mrs.
on the waiting list.
Can we see someone ...
although not before us.
- Who sees Salman Khan?
- What? - Sorry.
What do you do? I spend
on hearing these stories.
I have fear that one day I
sitting in that chair ...
and here, Kader Khan.
That's different. Let it be.
Tell me, what do you see?
- Not me, my husband.
- What?
He says he can see ghosts.
- Good morning, sir!
- Good morning.
Sir, my name is Gayatri ...
and begin work today.
- Lord, I can go?
- Yes, please.
Lord, Mr. Bose has called.
- There is a meeting at 4:30.
- Yes
Lord, Mr. Bose said
for the presentation.
Oh, God.
Do not worry, sir.
Dctemelo now ...
- And write it in a moment.
- Yes, okay.
Dear Mr. Bose, in relation to our
08.17.2007 conversation ...
... The revenue generated initially ...
be used in the following activities.
What activities?
What is it, sir?
Nothing, I'm fine.
Lord shall be used in the following activities ...
A. The creation of ...
the ...
You okay, sir?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
The creation of ...
the creation of ...
... A new service ...
- Yes, do you have?
- Yes, sir.
B. Updating ...
updating ...
B. ..
B. Updating our database.
Please correct it.
Our current customer database.
The current database ...
Why do not we do this later?
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
Come what between us ... Why?
I ... I have a presentation.
I have a very important presentation to my boss.
- Are you okay?
- Yo! Yes! I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
I'm practicing.
Tea ... hello.
- Coffee or tea.
- Tea for me.
Also coffee.
1, 2, 3. 3 cups of coffee.
- How many cups of coffee?
- 3.
Is there any progress on the case?
Is slow. Very slowly.
People like you do not cooperate with us.
But should have some information ...
to cooperate with you.
- What happens?
- What?
What is surprising?
No, I thought of something.
"I can see your mobile?
- Yes, of course.
- Thanks.
Good headset, right?
What company do you use?
- BPL.
- GLP, good company.
- I can touch it?
- No! - No.
No, it's a good company.
Not so, Malti?
"BPL is not a good company?
I think.
If I touch, do not slap
but shoot him.
You said you only had
a professional ...
- ... With Geeta, is not it?
- Yes
So, Mr. Aditya, why
called 15 times in one day?
15 calls.
S memory.
The truth is that she was busy.
I had to call many times a day.
I had to find out about many customers.
Woe! Lie easily.
Even with all, 15 calls in one day ...
If I do the same to me, I die.
- Was it important?
- Yes - Wretch
Even with all, 15 calls in one day ...
There must be something more ...
- Will have to forgive me ...
- What happens?
As I said, I have an important presentation.
No, no, but our research ...
Listen, listen.
Mr. Reddy, the meeting is very important to us.
No, please.
- Tea.
- It's tea.
- Take the area, come on.
- But I only brought three TES.
But our research is not yet complete.
- Okay, we'll meet again.
- Please.
- I'll call.
- No, no. That's not fair.
- No, I'll call you.
- Hey, listen.
What's wrong?
- Yes, Ashwini.
- Where are you?
I had a client meeting
and I came to meet him.
What is that noise?
"Noise? My client is a very religious man.
Always put tapes with a song in his office.
- What puts this volume?
- Yes
- You'll be late.
- No, I'm leaving.
How much will you take?
It cost me half an hour.
I've been to the temple before you.
- At the temple ...
- What temple? - Why not?
Is it that I can not go to temple?
- What temple?
- It's just that ...
- What temple? Can you answer me?
- I'm dead.
Even after the murder,
've come to the temple.
- Hello?
- Ashwini talk to you later.
So why can I not go to temple?
What do you think?
What about going to the temple only the Lord will forgive you?
After all what happened?
It has wronged me.
The Lord will take me into consideration first.
You know what? I've even talked to him.
"With the Lord? "With the Lord?
Just wait and see.
He will make you suffer until death.
Whether you came to get my revenge or not ...
it will take care of you.
That he has promised.
So you see ghosts.
- Yes
- I know!
Look, Mr. Soman.
The brain, mind, mind, mind
is really fascinating.
Although, when somehow
plays tricks on you ...
- ... You no longer feel the same.
- Yes
- This ghost may be an illusion of his mind.
- An illusion.
Yes, it is pure science.
Mr. Soman, in medical terms,
is what we call a hallucination.
In English we call "Sebastian Mystery."
Now tell me. Right now
Can you see that ghost?
The doctor is here. Do not be afraid.
- Yes
- Yes? Where?
- What happens? What are you laughing?
- What happens?
What happens?
Tell me what he laughs.
Ask what's wrong.
What are you laughing?
Adit. Why are you laughing?
Why laugh without necessity?
I was just ... I was just joking with my wife.
- What?
- Yes - Are you crazy or what?
Lady, you're making me lose
unnecessarily time!
Adit, what do you think?
- I've said before.
- Sorry, doctor.
Also making fun of you!
It is very irresponsible.
I should have known better
before marrying him.
Is making fun of you and me.
I am a doctor, this is not a joke!
I'm talking about and he is laughing!
This is not right!
I warn you.
I understand, doctor.
Should hear more about her husband
before bringing it here.
Look, look, he's laughing.
I know that someday go crazy.
and you also start to laugh as well.
And that's not fair.
- Doctor, sorry.
- Do not touch me.
Is a clear case of psychopath.
Why do not you tell me before
it was a joke?
He was about to tell,
but I forgot.
- Forgot?
- Yes
How could you forget something?
I never imagined would come to this!
Did you consulted me before
going to the psychiatrist?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
My name is Anjan Menon.
Is Mr Aditya at home?
Adit, someone came to you.
Who is it? Who are you?
My daughter Geeta worked in his office.
- Tea or coffee?
- No, thanks.
Tell me ... How I can help?
Lord, Geeta has not passed
at home for days.
I know that has nothing to do with it ...
but I even talked with his landlady.
I talked to their friends.
I filed a police report but ...
nobody knows where my daughter.
Out to wherever, we always reported.
- Do not cry.
- We called her every night.
Please do not cry, Dad.
If something happened ...
How could I tell my wife, sir?
She always said it was a lonely girl.
Do not send her to a city like Mumbai.
- But I did not listen.
- Woe!
What I can do?
Tell that killed me!
Please ... do not cry in front of me.
How I can not mourn, son?
She's my girl.
What will I tell your mother, Lord?
Where should I go?
I know no other way, Lord.
Please, Lord. You know
a lot of people with influence.
Please help us through your contacts.
Lord, please.
- My father, my sister ...
- I have no other choice.
Sir, where I can go?
I have separated them all.
- I can not go home, sir.
- I have separated them all.
How can I look at their faces?
How I can get revenge?
How I can get revenge?
Sir, I do not understand, sir,
Lord, please help me.
I should have killed your wife!
I should have killed your son!
- Do not know where my child.
- Answer me!
- My innocent child!
- Should I kill your wife?
Mumbai is a huge city.
Should I kill your son?
Where should I go to find it?
Sir I do not know what I can do.
- I will ...
- What should I do, sir?
I will ... do what I can.
- Goodbye, sir.
- Bye.
Who was he?
Him .. he ... There's a girl
I worked in my office.
He is his father.
"Girl, what girl?
I asked what girl!
It takes a week missing.
A girl in your office has
Missing a week ...
And do you not tell me anything?
Many things happen in the office.
Do I have to tell you everything?
Okay. If there is something important,
Then what was he doing here?
Have not you heard?
I wanted to help him find his daughter.
"Help? Help you how?
How can you help?
What do you know?
Your son, Akhil.
Answer me, Adit.
I'm wondering.
- Is playing out, right?
- Yes
- It has happened.
- What happens?
What happens? What happens?
What happens?
Answer me, Adit.
- Akhil! Akhil!
- What happens?
Sir, what happens?
Akhil! Akhil!
Where did you go?
- I went to look for Akhil.
- To search for Akhil?
I thought his life was in danger.
If you want to make an excuse
Think of something better!
Do not think I'm an idiot, Aditya!
What are you saying, Ashwini?
You know very well what I mean!
Why has this man been here?
Answer me that!
For a while I ask you!
Go. Go to your room!
Talk to me, Aditya!
I'm talking about!
Look, Ashwini! I know nothing about that girl!
Just working in my office!
If she only worked in your office ...
Then why were so nervous
before his father?
Nervous? No!
Were not you nervous? Do not lie!
I was watching from there!
Ashwini, you do not want to fight!
Leave me alone for a while, please.
Do not try to avoid me, Aditya!
You can not escape all this way forever!
Open the door!
- Yes? - You are Ms. Ashwini Sonam.
Is 26.
- Am I right?
- Who are you?
I Reddy! Bhaskar Reddy!
And she is my assistant, Malti Pandey.
- Can we go?
- But who are you?
Oh! Sorry! I forgot!
I am Anti-Crime inspector.
Promotion of 83! She is a sub-inspector.
What promotion?
Sorry! Sorry! It is not right
ask a lady's age.
- Also I told her age. Sorry.
- What you want from me?
- In anything! Of her husband.
- My husband?
Not only your husband!
You also!
I mean ... working girl
in the office of her husband.
Geeta Menon! I want to ask
something about it.
- What?
- Can we talk about this inside? Please.
- Did you know Geeta Menon?
- No.
But she had a good relationship with her husband.
What? What do you mean?
A professional relationship!
That's what I mean!
Oh! Sorry! Sorry!
Have you ever ...?
- Sorry again! Have you ever talked to her?
- No!
Strange! She used to call
her husband 15 times a day.
Yes! We discovered in the company
directly, is not it?
The next question is a bit personal.
Please do not bother.
Do you suspect at any time
her husband was having an affair?
"An adventure? What do you mean?
No! I mean ... if he paid
less interest than usual.
No! Everything is fine between us.
Oh! Great! Great! Great!
See ... Ms. Sonam ...
Geeta Menon ...
... The missing girl ...
when he disappeared ...
I was pregnant!
- I mean ...
- What?
Yes! His doctor told us.
We thought that maybe someone
would have sent away. "
You know ... to address the issue.
Hey, what are you trying to tell me?
Nothing! I'm just wondering!
Her husband is innocent ... at the moment.
Now the next question.
Can you tell me ... last month ...
the last Sunday ...
where her husband?
- On Sunday.
- No, no!
- Last month.
- Last month. The last Sunday.
I do not remember.
Try to remember.
Please try to remember.
Your response can help a lot to her husband.
Is he at home?
- Yes!
- Well!
- We were about to leave.
- Okay.
- But suddenly received a call
urgent work. - Okay.
- Y. .. left.
- Okay.
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
- Because we had a fight after that.
- Oh!
Remember when he returned?
Mr Soman!
- Tell me, how are you?
- Okay.
What are you doing here?
I was talking to his wife. So ...
- I have told everything to your wife.
- What?
- What?
- Nothing.
So last month ... last Sunday.
Your wife has told them many things.
What you told?
Hey, do not interfere, please.
Please, please.
Thanks! Now tell me ...
And now going to tell you ...
what they have not yet counted.
Listen ... What do they stand?
Why do not we sit down and discuss it?
- It's the first time in my house are y. ..
- I prefer to stand!
Any problem?
- No!
- Well!
Tell me. Tell me when Mr. Sonam returned home.
Do you ... coffee?
Lady ... Coffee?
No! No! Do not feel like anything!
Ashwini makes very good coffee.
No! We do not want anything!
- It's the first time they're in my house.
- No!
Could you ...?
Tell me. Tell me.
Mr. Sonam ... When he returned?
Try to remember!
Remember him?
- 5 minutes later.
- What?
He's lying!
A moment ago said that Mr. Sonam ...
to carry out urgent work.
- Yeah, I said. It was.
And we had a fight. - Yes!
But I called him.
And I told him that if he did not return,
I would walk home.
He returned and stayed with me the rest of the day.
At home.
Miss Soman! Not doing
right lying to us.
What evidence do you have that lying?
Your wife is awesome, baby!
If no more questions,
go away, please.
- Yes!
- Please.
Well! Malti! Well!
That ghost ... Geeta's ghost, right?
Not so, Aditya?
Why do you stay silent?
Tell me, Aditya!
Tell me, Aditya!
Why now you say nothing?
I want to know the truth!
Why are you crying?
Ashwini, that's right!
I had an affair with Geeta.
In the office ... she was part of my team.
We saw each other every Sunday.
That Sunday we went to meet her.
I took her to the house of Sameer in Madh Island.
There ... she said ...
"I'm pregnant."
She wanted to leave you!
Y. .. so we had a fight.
I tried to explain, Ashwini!
I tried, Ashwini!
But she would not let me!
I was mad with rage!
He started beating me!
- "Abortion! How, Aditya?!
- Geeta!
- And to save ... I pushed.
- What?
His head hit the wall!
And he died, Ashwini!
I killed her! I killed her!
I killed her, Ashwini!
It was an accident!
It was an accident, Ashwini!
Do not deliberately kill her!
Believe me, please!
I should ... I should go to the police.
But ... I was terrified, Ashwini!
I was so scared!
If I go to jail, what will happen
with our lives, Ashwini?
Akhil What think?
What about you?
I ... I buried her in the grass
next to the bungalow, Ashwini.
Now ... now ... now ... like a ghost ...
is stalking me.
He wants revenge for his death.
Please help me, Ashwini!
For the love of God!
I do not know what to do!
After everything that has happened ...
Do you still dare to lie?
I'm not lying, Ashwini.
I will not lie.
You think I'm stupid?
I understand it very well!
Please do not misunderstand me.
- Where have you sent?
- Do you ship?
To deal with your pregnancy!
Ashwini, you are misunderstanding me.
- Am I misinterpreting?
- Yes!
So what's the truth, Aditya?
Is your ghost story?
Ashwini, I am not inventing anything!
Tell Akhil! He did not believe it!
I'm not making this up!
Akhil I swear!
Do not you dare to swear on our son!
Ashwini! I'm not lying!
I'm telling the truth!
She is a ghost!
And at this time is in our house!
Enough! I can not stand it anymore!
I've had enough! I leave you!
Ashwini! I need you! Ashwini!
Do not leave me alone!
Ashwini, I need you!
Ashwini! Ashwini!
Oh, God! No! No!
Ashwini! Akhil! Akhil!
Are you okay? Akhil!
Call an ambulance!
Look, I do not create you false expectations ...
but ... the chances of survival are very slim.
You may never regain consciousness.
So, if you wish, you can call
all your relatives and close friends.
Have faith!
I'm sorry, Ashwini!
S .. I was very selfish.
I do not deserve your trust.
I lied!
Because ... trying to save you all this pain.
If possible ... sorry.
Sorry, Ashwini!
Forgive me.
Too bad, honey.
How do you feel ...
when a family member dying?
I admit it was my mistake.
All this has happened because of me.
If you want to kill me
kill me.
If you want to go to the police
and confess my crime ...
I'm ready.
If you want to jump off the roof
and kill me ... okay.
But what is to blame for the poor Ashwini?
Tell me!
What was my fault? What I did
to deserve to die?
Do not deliberately kill you!
You know it was an accident, Geeta!
Look, Geeta.
I agree. What happened
you did not go well.
But ... What I can do now? Tell me.
What had to happen ... happened.
And I can not change anything!
"What had to happen, happened?
It's easy for you to say all that!
What do you think?
What would you die?
No, Geeta. No.
Do you know what I've been through?
From what you have been through!
From what you have been through!
Have you ever knew about what was going on I?
I made a mistake, Geeta.
I was wrong.
That's why I'm saying that I deserve ...
any punishment imposed on me.
Sometimes I felt ... he was entitled
to all the happiness in the world.
Ashwini at home and you out of it.
I was living a dream!
I wanted to keep things
as before.
But that was not possible.
That is not possible for a married man.
When I realized that,
our relationship had gone too far.
It was too late
to tell the truth.
That means ... there was never any love between us.
- And my death ...
- No, Geeta.
- My death was unnecessary!
- No, Geeta.
The truth is that I am a married man.
How could I have left my wife and my child?
I ... I made a mistake.
I made a serious error.
If I had known before getting married ...
Would you have married me?
If I were not married,
today might be still together.
But when I met you ...
I could not control myself.
Do you know why? Because I felt that you were like me.
I do not know why, feel like you belong.
Because today I told the truth for the first time.
No! For even after everything that happened ...
may still love you.
I never wanted to leave you, Geeta.
I wanted to you and Ashwini ...
for both were by my side.
But that is not possible.
You're a real bastard.
But still I love you.
Not in this lifetime.
Maybe in another life.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Prior did not believe in ghosts.
Will you wait for the next life?
No! Ashwini! Ashwini! Ashwini!
No! Oh, God! Ashwini!
It has awakened, doctor!
It has awakened!
I love you!
Forgive me ... for all that has happened.
I really love you. I love you very much.
Please forgive me.
Think we're going to start a new life.
Ashwini! Ashwini!
What are you doing?
There are people watching.
Close your eyes.
Be gone, baby.
"I need you, baby!"
"I love you, baby!"
"I need you, baby!"
"I love you, baby!"
"Love is disheartening. I know that."
"You receive punishment in love."
"Love is disheartening. I know that."
"You receive punishment in love."
"I could die in your passion."
"How I can explain it?"
"My heart got me into consideration."
"I do not know the passion."
"What is this pain?
Tell me, my darling. "
"My heart got me into consideration."
"I do not know the passion."
"What is this pain?
Tell me, my darling. "
"I need you, baby!"
"I love you, baby!"
"I need you, baby!"
"I love you, baby!"
"Your eyes wake up in the warm
arms of dreams. "
"The darkness will disappear shelter
of warm memories. "
"I remember."
"There will be a lot of passion."
"Will my pain."
"Loneliness will haunt you."
"My heart got me into consideration."
"I do not know the passion."
"What is this pain?
Tell me, loved me. "