Darna Mana Hai (2003) Movie Script

"You have just as much life... "
"as the courage you possess"
"Finish the killer... "
"fear is forbidden"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Two multiplied by three is...
I forgot"
"Listen to my heart..."
"Listen to my heart..."
"Are dead"
"Listen to my heart..."
"fear is forbidden"
"Just understand, my friend"
"fear is forbidden"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Are dead"
"Live to die. Die to live."
"Through the eyes."
"You haven't done your homework
even today?"
"Never ever. Ever never. Fear."
"Listen to my heart..."
"fear is forbidden"
"He is just scaring us."
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Are dead"
"Listen to my heart..."
"You will remember me"
"Two multiplied by three is..."
"Two multiplied by three is...
I forgot"
Vikas, you said that girl
would not like me.
And what did you think?
She'd like you?
Thinking about the exams?
- Romi...
I know what you
must've written in the exams.
Why? Were you looking at his copy there?
Oh no, the lady's an examiner.
She read the whole paper!
Not his copy, I was watching him.
Once he got the question paper,
he spent more time in the bathroom!
Actually, the questions were
all there in the classroom...
but the answers were in the bathroom.
Excuse me.
So you cheated?
- Yes, I cheated...
but I forgot to tell you.
Please don't tell the principal!
Don't look at me like that, Vikas.
(Stutters) I get scared, you know!
No jokes, beware.
He's carrying a knife!
Vicky can only cut apples.
I can even slit throats
when the need arises.
Vikas, why do you listen to them?
God! He's not going
to utter another word!
Oh yes, not even Suman listens
to Shruti as much as Vikas does.
Why're you dragging me into this?
- We're bored of Vikas already.
(Tyre punctured)
Oh no!
- What happened?
(Handbrake pulled)
- What happened?
Why did you stop the car?
- I'll take a look.
(Car door closes)
The flat tyre.
Get down everybody...
we've got to change tyre.
It's very cold out here.
I won't be able to do
anything in this chill, Romi.
Ask Vikas to do
whatever needs to be done.
Vikas, my lord... will you take
the trouble of getting down?
It's very cold, isn't it?
- But I love the chill.
So much of stuff in here!
How long will it take?
- I'll fix it in an hour.
An hour... ?
What do you mean by an hour?
So much of time to change a tyre?
- Shut up, or you'll get a beating.
It's getting colder here, right?
- Cold?
I've got a jacket. You want it?
- Yes.
I'm hungry. Give me a sandwich.
Give me a sandwich.
- Forget it.
Give me a sandwich.
- The fatso wants a sandwich.
I've been asking for a sandwich.
- Forget it. You found the jack?
That's what I'm looking for.
- No one cares for me!
Fatso, I'll give you a thrashing!
Shut up!
Take a proper look.
- It's not here.
Look here and there.
- It's not there.
Look ahead.
- Where? In the bonnet?
Yes, take a look in the bonnet.
- Vikas, see if there's a jack there.
Don't pull a long face. Look for it.
There must be a
sandwich with the jack.
Screw the sandwich!
The restaurant is closed, fatso. Sit here.
You look for the jack.
- I'm looking.
This is where I kept it.
Whose idea was it to
take this shortcut?
Mine. Why?
He said we'd be there
two hours in advance.
But I don't think we'll be able
to get out of here before dawn.
No tension, kids. Some car or the other
is bound to come our way.
They'll help us out.
- Oh yes...
they must be as sensible
as we are to take this route.
Quiet now.
You forgot to carry the jack?
- Yes.
I insisted we take a flight.
Where was the need
to drive down to Goa?
I didn't even want to come.
And now I'm stuck with you.
That's enough.
You'll get beaten up now.
He talks so much.
- My parents are returning tomorrow.
If I'm not back by then...
- Whose idea was it to go to Goa?
- What?
No, mine.
- (Laughs)
Really sorry, guys.
Our goose is cooked.
Not cooked.
- Cooked I say.
Come with me.
- Where to?
You see that light there?
- Where?
Over there.
- Oh yes.
Someone's got to be there.
Let's go and take a look.
Yes, let's take a look.
- Who could live in this jungle?
Whoever it is,
he must surely have a telephone.
There's no trace of human beings,
and you look for a phone booth!
I think we'd rather stay here.
- Come on.
Don't be crazy.
- Come on, Vikas. Let's go.
No. No.
Come on.
Let the crackpot stay here, lady!
Let him rot here.
Let's go, Vikas.
- I don't want to go with you.
Come on, Vikas.
- I'm not going anywhere. I'm okay here.
- We are your friends, Vikas.
I know.
- What a line! Shut the lid.
We must send him away to a loonybin.
Why're you spoiling your mood?
- Forget it.
Could there be tigers here?
- Of course.
But we'll request them not to eat you up,
their meal is in the car.
- Hey guys... (shushing)
What happened?
- What?
Not a rat in this dense forest,
forget about lions and tigers!
Come on fatso.
- Let's move on.
You guys go ahead,
I'll go back to the car and join you.
What happened?
- I'll go and get my jacket.
You are wearing your jacket.
- Not this one, there's another.
Yes, get it for me
- Yes come on.
Forget it. Let's move on.
- I'll be back soon.
I wonder how many jackets
that weakling's going to wear.
What a place!
Who could be living here?
They must even have the internet here.
Quite a well developed area.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's see.
There's a lamp burning.
Someone must surely be living there.
We'll surely find some creature there.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Wow.
It's a haunted house.
This is like a funky looking house.
- What a place we've found.
Can't see a telephone around though.
- Please... it's a fantastic place.
Now that we're here,
let's wait for the chap who lit the lamp.
What say, Shruti?
Just look at this place.
- Amazing.
You're looking for the
guy who lit the lamp?
Did you hear the noise?
One moment. Romi, Minaz...
You guys are the limit!
- Scared you! - (Laughs)
They were scared.
- Look at his face. It's flushed!
Forget it. - Look at your face.
Want me to fool you again?
Have you people lit a lantern here?
Who could that lamp belong to?
- Whoever, he'll be here
You think he's going to
brew some steaming tea for us?
It's so cold out here.
Can't you do something about it?
Sure, I'll switch on the heater for you!
Hey guys. Let's have a bonfire.
- Cool idea. Let's do it.
We were coming to scare you.
A dog barked and Minaz
climbed up a tree.
(Laughs) - Shut up, fatso.
- Stupid. Idiot. Dumb.
May I say something now...?
Give me a break, guys
One minute! Why don't we
play a game of Hindi film songs?
All right.
- Because we're idle...
it doesn't mean we must
play a silly song game.
She's right. It's so boring.
- I have an idea.
- How about playing Cricket?
No cricket. Football.
- Dark room.
Ice hockey.
- Doctor. Doctor.
Water polo.
Now for the original idea.
- All right.
Shruti, remember the story you
told me a couple of days ago?
A story?
- About the old man.
About the old man?
- About what happened...
when Rohit and you
were going to Goa.
It's that old man you met.
That old man in Goa! Goa!
Oh yes, Rohit and I
went to Goa. I remember
Your car broke down
and you met the old man.
We had a jack,
but we didn't have a spare tyre.
See, kids? Jack, Rohit and Shruti...
the love triangle!
There happened to
be a garage nearby...
and this old man was
the owner of the garage.
Correct. The old man
who owned the garage.
He was the one who told us the story.
About Karan and Anjali.
Is it a love story?
- No, it isn't.
It's a very scary story.
Don't be scared, Neha. Romi...
- It is a scary story!
Listen to it first. They met
in the college, fell in love...
got married and left for a honeymoon.
Anjali, why don't you
go to sleep for a while?
You haven't slept either
- (Chuckles) Me... ?
Will it take another 2 hours?
- Yes, about 3 or 3 and a half hours.
3 and a half hours!
We wasted an hour at the eatery.
The food tasted so strange too.
- But I'm glad we've eaten.
There's no eatery or inn
on this isolated road.
You are right.
Don't worry, honey.
The roads are pretty empty.
I'll make it up to you.
How about some music?
I had kept the cassettes out.
I am so sorry.
Want me to sing?
- Yes.
Want me to scare you?
- What?
Want me to scare you?
Switch on the headlights.
- Why? You're scared?
Karan, switch on the headlights.
- Are you scared?
Scared of the darkness?
- This is not funny.
Okay. Okay.
- Karan, come on.
Okay. Here we go.
(Chuckles) You were scared.
(Clicks tongue)
Come on. You got scared.
- (Clicks tongue)
Come on. Admit it.
You were scared of the darkness.
- What's there to be scared of?
It's just that we could
have met with an accident
It's so dark and you...
- Don't change the topic. Chicken.
There's nothing to be scared of, I say.
What could there be on a road?
A ghost.
Ghost! (Laughs)
What happened?
What happened to the car?
(Engine sputtering)
- Strange.
I speak about a ghost
and the car grinds to a halt.
(Engine sputtering)
- Enough, Karan.
(Engine sputtering)
It had to stall in a jungle!
- What could have happened?
We didn't ram into a ghost when we
switched off the headlight, did we?
Don't you ever get scared?
(Shivers) It's cold out here.
(Can opens)
Is it the ignition?
Karan... what's the problem?
Say something.
If this is one of your stupid jokes
I am not going to forgive you.
Very cold.
Karan. Come on.
Skip these jokes, Karan.
Stop joking, Karan.
Karan, I am very tired of this.
- Anjali.
If this is a joke, Karan...
- (Gasps)
Karan. Karan.
What are you doing, Anjali?
What? What?
What are you doing in this forest?
I heard you screaming.
- Me?
I heard your scream
and came running.
What's the matter, Anjali?
What are you doing in the forest?
I didn't scream.
You were the one who screamed.
You weren't near the car.
That's right, Anjali.
I went to fetch some water.
I came here when I heard your voice.
This torch was lying there, Karan.
And you... you weren't there.
And here, I saw your
hand in there Karan.
I'm right here. I am here.
Karan, let's go from here.
Karan, let's...
- Tell me what happened?
Let's go from here, Karan.
- Tell me what happened?
Let's go from here.
Hold this.
- Let's go, Karan.
Tell me what is the matter, Anjali?
What did you see?
Why are you so scared?
- Let's go, Karan.
Please tell me now, Anjali.
Let's go!
Let's go.
Sure, one moment.
Karan, come on.
The car won't start yet. One minute.
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
(Car engine starts)
What's gotten into you, Anjali?
Anjali, come to me...
I'm here with you.
You mean, Karan was dead?
No wonder you couldn't see
his face even in the mirror.
And who was driving the car?
- Obviously, it was Karan's spirit.
This is terribly scary story.
- Oh yes.
When we stopped at a petrol pump
after we had left the garage...
we got to know that the garage
was lying closed for three years.
How about the old man?
He had died two years ago.
My God! That's a very scary story.
I don't want to listen to it.
- (Laughs)
Listen to the third twist...
- No thank you. I'm leaving.
I don't want to listen
to this spooky story.
Don't be scared, Neha.
At least hear it out.
At least listen to me.
- Sit down, I'll tell you a story.
Not a horror tale, a love story.
I'm going to the car.
- Sit down.
A story of flowers, the Spring...
- Come to the car with me Romi.
All right, let's go.
No, I'm not coming! That sour-face
in the car will drive me nuts. - (Laughs)
Go on your own. All alone.
- Bye, Neha.
What was the third twist
in your story, Shruti?
The third twist is that Rohit
and I never went to Goa at all.
I'm very sleepy, I'm leaving.
- No... sit down!
Don't go please.
Neha mustn't have got to
the car yet. I'm going to her.
Listen to my story.
- I'll go and fetch a blanket...
and I'll sleep here then.
- Listen to my story...
and I'll go with you
and get the blanket.
- Promise. - Good.
This story is very scary too.
You must have just made it up.
- No, it's a true story.
Oh yes... is it that story?
Go ahead and tell them.
I know.
This is the story of Anil.
- Anil Kapoor?
Smartass! Anil Manchandani,
son of Kishore Manchandani.
Does that make a difference?
- Go and tell us.
Anil was driving from Nashik.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
(Call bell dings)
(Indistinct sound from Television)
(Call bell dings)
- I am sorry.
(Clears throat)
I want a room.
One night?
- One night. - Yes.
Fill up the register.
(Keys jangle)
All of it?
- That part.
Isn't there a waiter or a bellboy?
No, there isn't much of business.
I like to do all the work on my own.
Give that to me.
- No, it's okay.
What do you do?
- I'm a fashion photographer.
- Welcome. Welcome.
(Bag wheels rattling)
(Lock opens)
(Switch clicks)
Welcome, sir.
Not even in the room?
It's for those who don't
read the sign in the corridor.
There must be a room here
where I can smoke?
It's a no-smoking hotel, sir.
Good night.
(Door slams)
No-smoking hotel.
(Door knocks)
What did I say to
you before I left, sir?
About what?
- About the cigarettes.
Is it forbidden to even carry one?
What are you doing? Now look...
you said smoking is not allowed.
So I'm not smoking.
But that is my packet,
please give it back to me.
Didn't I tell you, sir...?
About the board...?
When you check-out tomorrow morning,
I'll give the packet to you.
Really. Good night, sir.
Good night.
(Door slams)
(Keys jangle)
(Indistinct sound from Television)
- (Laughs)
(Indistinct sound from Television)
- (Laughs)
Nice show.
I used to watch it as a kid.
Childhood is the best time.
They listen to the stories
their parents tell them.
But when they grow up...
- You're right.
Now, I want my cigarettes.
I know smoking is prohibited.
I'll go out on the street and smoke.
As if smoking outside
won't give you lung cancer.
Lung cancer.
Throat cancer.
Mouth cancer. High blood pressure.
Low blood pressure.
What is that...?
Asthma! You know?
Smoking kills millions
of people every year.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
My father died of smoking too.
I am extremely sorry to hear that.
What you say is right...
but it takes time to kick
a habit you have cultivated.
Not at all.
Bad habits are not
difficult to give up, sir.
Such habits aren't
given up with time...
you give it up because of the stick.
- I don't want to argue with you.
So go back to your room.
- You are a strange man.
I admit, smoking causes
a lot of diseases, but...
You'll have to admit it, sir.
- All right.
But I'm myself
responsible for my death, not you.
I'll take your advice.
I'll even try to give up smoking...
but please give my
packet back to me.
You're a weakling!
If you can't give it up now...
you can't ever give it up.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
I can give up this hotel surely.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
(Lock rattles)
Why have you shut the door?
You can't go out, sir.
- What?
Unless you give up smoking,
you can't go out, sir.
Sir, I think I can rid you of
this habit within six months.
It's only a question
of six months, sir.
So I will stay here
with you for six months?
Yes, sir.
Listen, you crazy...
Sir, if I kill you, it'll be for
your own well-being. Really, sir.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
You pull out a gun over
a cigarette?
More people die of smoking
than of the bullet, sir.
Please let me go. I promise,
I'll give up smoking from this day.
You're lying... ?
You're telling lies to me?
(Gun cocking)
- Please.
I know you're lying!
You're going to smoke outside, aren't you?
I know it.
- Now look...
please let me go. I'm a family man.
I have a wife and kids.
You have kids? How many?
- 2
So think about your kids, sir.
(Gun cocking)
Sir, believe me, I have changed
70 per cent of the people for the better.
And the 30 per cent?
The rest of the 30 per cent?
Come with me, sir... come.
Come. Please come.
(Door opens)
(Switch clicks)
Please come, sir.
Keep walking, sir.
Mind your head.
There are some bodies
in the room upstairs too.
I did my best, but they wouldn't give up
their habit even in six months.
So what could I do? You tell me.
Believe me, one has to do so much to
make up people give up their habits.
I will undoubtedly make you
give up your habit in six months.
But I get the feeling that
perhaps you will help me in my work.
It'll be such a nice feeling,
isn't it?
The two of us will get together and
make people give up this dirty habit.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
(Call bell dings)
Can I have a room?
- Certainly.
Give me an air-conditioned room.
Sir, your...
Sir... smoking is prohibited here.
(Indistinct sound from Television)
(Indistinct sound from Television)
Smoking is injurious to health.
Issued by the government
in the interests of public health.
Romi, this is too far fetched.
Does such a thing every happen?
Does someone go to such extremes
to make people give up smoking?
I liked the character of the hotel owner.
Social service...
...cum psychopath.
But how will a man who comes to
stay at the hotel, change so soon?
Not soon, it took six months.
Does anyone change
so much in six months?
Depends on what he
has been put through.
Or else, just a night is
enough for a man to change.
I saw someone there.
- There's no one.
You're just plain scared.
Saw someone!
He's simply scaring us.
- I thought I saw someone there.
Come on, Suman.
I'll go and get a blanket.
- Want me to come to the car?
No, it's okay.
Does anyone need something?
No thanks.
- All right.
The fire's going out, Romi.
Put some wood in it.
You know Akash, with those glasses?
- That short chap?
He told the teacher the
magazine was in my bag.
I was so scared, I quickly
slipped the magazine in Amar's bag.
Smartass! So it was you!
And I got the blame!
When the teacher searched,
she found the magazine in Amar's bag.
- (Gasps)
- Romi.
Did you hear that voice?
Don't change the topic.
- It was Minaz's voice, Shruti!
You're hungry, sandwich.
You're hearing things.
All right, you go on.
- What happened then?
Stop it now. Please!
- Stop it.
Romi, sit down. The school
reminds me of something... sit.
All right, let's have
your story but I'll tell you...
several about him later.
This is the story of St Joseph School...
where Dayashankar Pandey
taught the children.
(School bell rings)
Let me see your homework.
You haven't done your
homework even today?
Come here.
Hurry up.
Show me your palm.
(School bell rings)
Let me see your homework.
Come here.
Extend your palm.
Come on.
Stand here.
Extend your palm.
Have you done this?
Here you are.
(School bell rings)
(School bell rings)
(School bell rings)
(School bell rings)
What is the matter, Mr. Pandey?
You seem to be lost in thought.
There's this girl Pramila
in the second standard.
What's wrong with her?
- She never used to do her homework.
But now she's been doing it.
- So what's there to be worried about?
Maybe her folks are helping her,
or perhaps she's taking tuitions.
Have you called me here
to say something to me?
We generally call the parents
when the child does not study well.
Pramila does her homework.
Pramila brings her homework
all completed.
I don't understand.
Earlier, Pramila never
used to do her homework.
But now she's doing it. So...
are you helping her?
- No.
She does it on her own?
- Yes.
Is there no one else at home
who helps her?
No, there's no one like that.
But if she is doing
her homework nicely...
where's the problem?
Well, I...
she... she writes "Aum"
on every page of her homework book.
Don't you find it strange?
What's strange about it?
I am sorry.
I am very sorry.
I have simply bothered you.
(School bell rings)
(Engine sputtering)
(Door bell rings)
There's somebody at the door.
One second.
Dayashankar Pandey.
One second.
Can I call you back?
Okay, bye.
What is it?
- Has Pramila done her homework?
To see whether Pramila has
done her homework, you...
I want to see how she does it.
I can understand that
you're Pramila's teacher...
and you're worried
about her studies, but...
to go to someone's
house at this hour... ?
No. No. Please.
If you're going to come
home to see her homework...
what meaning would the homework have?
Mustn't you see it in the classroom?
I only want to see how
she does her homework.
However she does it, take a look at it
in the classroom tomorrow.
And, if you don't mind...
will you leave now?
I am sorry.
(Gate creaks)
(Latch locked)
What the hell are you doing?
Nothing... just like that.
Just like that?
In the middle of the night...
what are you doing
in someone's house?
No... I was trying to
catch a glimpse of Pramila.
Pramila... ?
Oh my God!
How... How dare you?
I'm going to telephone the police!
No... please listen to me!
Don't call the police.
Listen to me!
- Listen to what... ?
I have a reason behind all this.
- A reason? What do you mean?
When I was studying in
the second standard...
I had a friend called Varun
He was very bright in his studies
And I was very weak.
He always did his homework...
and I never did.
The teacher loved him...
and beat me up.
- (Groans)
I used to be very jealous of him.
We used to play together.
We were once flying a
kite together on the terrace.
Three. Four.
Seven. Eight...
To rob him of the kite...
What happened?
He fell off the terrace.
What has all this to do
with Pramila's homework?
He used to write "Aum" on every
page of his homework book too.
What are you trying to say?
Pramila never used
to do her homework...
...but now she has started doing it.
She does it very well.
She writes "Aum" on every page
like Varun used to.
Children write a lot of things.
- For something so trivial...
Mr. Pandey, I think you
need to see a psychiatrist.
I... I'm going mad.
Maybe I'll go mad.
I'll consult a doctor tomorrow.
Please forgive me.
I have simply bothered you.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
I am sorry.
Varun... ?
You are not insane.
But you will be now.
He wants to kill me... ?
(Horn blares)
Two ones are two.
Two twos are four.
Two threes are...
Two threes are... What?
Two threes are...
You are not insane.
Two threes are...
But you will be now.
Two threes are... I forgot.
You reap as you sow.
I'm glad I never had
to attend a Hindi class.
There's something I don't understand.
That girl...
why did she write "Aum" on every page?
- It's very simple, Suman.
The child Pandey had killed
came back to take revenge from him.
In the form of Pramila.
- Obviously.
Why did the ghost return
after all those years?
Want me to telephone
the ghost and ask?
Shruti, have you done your homework?
Romi! I'm so scared!
Cut the crap.
Let's go and look for those girls.
They haven't returned yet.
You go ahead. We'll wait here.
All right, you wait here.
I'll look for them and return.
Want me to come along?
- No thank you.
He's not worried about the girls.
He's actually going for a sandwich.
(Parking light rumbles)
Did you see Neha and Minaz?
You're the one I'm talking to, sir.
Why do you always
wear a long face... ?
It's very bad. You've
scared those poor chaps!
Sitting with a ghost in the car.
Must've scared the hell out of them.
But it was fun. All of them
rushed to the car and slept.
Yes, right.
Okay, let me tell you a story.
- No, let me tell one first.
You already said it. Listen...
- My story is better than yours.
Let me say it.
- Okay.
But let's wait for Amar to come.
- All right.
Begin, man.
He's going to come anyway.
All right, I'll begin.
This story is... wait, let me
put some action and drama into it.
This story is about Gayatri.
Gayatri was a housewife.
Her husband worked for a firm.
One fine day, Gayatri left for
the bazaar to buy vegetables.
- This one as well.
How much for the apples?
- 60 bucks a kilogram.
60 bucks? Give it for 55.
- No.
I'll take two kilograms of it.
- You can buy two or ten kilograms...
not a penny less than 60 bucks.
What do you want?
One kilogram.
- One at a time, please.
How much... Hold on...
20 bucks a kilogram!
20 bucks a kilogram!
Go for it!
Easy... don't rush, please.
One at a time. 20 bucks a kilogram!
Keep the money ready.
20 bucks. 20 bucks.
How much?
- 20 bucks. How much do you want?
Take it all.
These are good ones, aren't they?
- Very good. You will come back to me.
Look at this... this...
- It's all right.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Give it for 15.
- Want it for free?
What will I take home if
I give it to you for 15?
I'll buy three kilos.
All right madam, take it.
Take it madam, you will remember me.
20 bucks!
10 bucks a kilogram!
10 bucks... ?
- Grab it! Hurry up!
What did you just say?
You just said ten bucks a kilogram.
- So?
But you gave me for 15 bucks.
I'm a master of my own wishes.
They look good,
but why was the apple vendor so strange?
How much?
10 bucks for a kilogram.
It sold like hot cakes, sir.
How much?
- 10 bucks, sir
Are they good ones?
- No jokes, they are like ice-cream.
10 bucks a kilogram!
Take it all. Come on.
There is surely something wrong.
Shall I throw it
or shall I talk to Sanjay about it?
No, he will laugh on me.
(Door bell rings)
Scared you!
- Sanjay!
Hi, babes.
- Hi.
Sorry, I got late tonight too.
Work, work and work, you see.
Wow... What fresh apples!
No, don't eat them!
- Why? What happened?
I'm cooking, that's why.
If you eat them,
it will kill the appetite.
That's right. All right,
you cook while I go and freshen up.
And today is my favorite match.
(Cricket commentary)
- Come on, Sachin.
(Cricket commentary)
- What a shot!
Hundred runs in the first fifteen overs
will ensure 300 runs.
Come on. Come on.
Four, four, four.
(Laughs) (Whistles)
Oh no.
Ganguly is also out.
What the hell!
Our team is great.
They lose a winning game.
(Cricket commentary)
- Even 250 seems far now.
Sanjay! Where did you find them?
Relax, darling. What's wrong?
I told you not to eat those apples.
- But why?
I had bought it for someone else.
One apple hardly makes a difference.
There are so many more
in the fridge. Relax.
How was it?
- The apple.
What do you mean?
- I mean, how did it taste?
Very tasty.
What's the matter, darling?
Why are you so tense?
Nothing... maybe I'm a little tired.
Go to sleep, Sanjay. Good night.
(Switch clicks)
- Good night.
(Water dripping)
Not a penny less than 60 bucks.
- 20 bucks, madam.
10 bucks a kilo!
He sold me apples for 15 bucks,
near the police station.
He sold them later for 10 bucks.
My husband ate it and
he turned into an apple.
Inspector... !
- (Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
- (Gasps)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
The last one. I'll give it for free.
How about an apple?
No Shruti! Don't eat the apple,
you will become an apple.
Not I, the apple is going to vanish.
Oh. Okay.
You got scared, didn't you?
- My foot. Sick story.
I can tell you a better tale,
horrifying than yours.
Is it about a woman in white holding
a candle? Let me tell you another.
(Indistinct chatter)
I'll tell you one.
- Sure, but it should be spooky.
It was late in the night.
A desolate road...
no soul in sight as far as
the eyes could see.
(Music playing in car)
Headed where?
- City. Wherever you drop me.
Thank you.
Seat belt please.
It's okay, nothing will
happen to me. Let's go.
Sorry. Rules are rules.
Seat belt please.
What were you doing there?
- Where?
Outside the graveyard.
- Waiting for someone to give me a lift.
Yes, but what were you doing
there at this hour of the night?
I was there since morning.
- Since morning?
- In the graveyard?
Yes, I stay there during daytime.
Come on. Seriously.
I am quite serious.
I stay there during daytime.
Well, you don't look like a caretaker,
nor like a priest.
And you don't even
look like a lunatic.
- (Song playing in car)
Oh. What a song.
- Very nice.
Tremendous tune. I and my
wife used to dance to this tune.
Used to? Not anymore?
(Song playing in car)
- Why?
I mean why.
I'm...I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
When did it happen?
- Ten days back.
You loved her dearly?
- Whom?
Your wife, of course.
That's why at her grave, you...
C'mon, don't kill my wife.
She is alive.
She is quite hale and hearty.
But, just now you told me...
You just told me...
that she died ten days back...
- I died.
I died.
- What... ?
You don't get it?
I'm the one who is dead.
- You laugh over my death, eh?
I'm... I'm sorry. (Laughs)
I'm sorry.
Actually, it is the first time
that I'm meeting a ghost. (Laughs)
I have never met a ghost before.
First time.
By the way, Mr. Ghost, greetings.
I'm Amar.
- I'm John Rodrigues.
You mean, the late John Rodrigues?
- Late John Rodrigues! (Laughs)
Late John Rodrigues. (Laughs)
You don't believe me, don't you?
- Of course, I believe you.
You are the late John Rodrigues
and the graveyard is your home.
During daytime you relax
there and in the evening...
...you set out for a walk.
And you hitchhike a ride...
to go where anyway?
To the city.
- To the city? Why?
To meet friends.
- Other ghosts like yourself?
Mr. John, tell me, what do
you do with your friends?
Like you, we crack jokes, chat,
and if we have time...
we go and watch movies.
- Do you buy tickets?
Or do you watch for free?
Tell me something. You and all those
ghosts when you freak out openly...
why can't we see you?
- You can see them...
but you don't know that they are ghosts.
Like, you don't know that...
You are a ghost, right?
- Please, this word "ghost"...
it really bothers my ears.
You can say...
You can call me a spirit.
Oh. Of course. Of course. Sorry.
Mr. Spirit. (Chuckles)
So Mr. Spirit, let me see you vanish.
- Just disappear.
(Snaps finger)
Disappear. Show me.
Who told you that spirits vanish?
(Clicks tongue) Come on, John.
This much everyone knows.
- No, that's what they believe.
When we are alive,
we think much about it...
but we don't really
know what spirit means.
I'm going to Mumbra.
Where do you want me to drop you?
It's okay for me. Mumbra.
Pull over by the cemetery
near Kali Hills.
(Clicks tongue) Come on, John. Enough.
Of what?
- Jokes are okay within limits.
Then it starts to bug.
And you are bugging me.
Excuse me.
You excuse me. Enough.
All right, I understand now.
You are getting scared.
You are getting scared
that's why you are upset.
The root of anger is always fear.
Oh. What fear. What nonsense.
You are raving.
- Look you don't believe in spirits.
But in your heart, you know that
whatever I'm saying is the truth.
Look, my heart's ignorant.
But my mind is asking me...
why you are stretching this farce.
All right, I take you for a spirit.
Tell me something.
What happens after death?
- What happens after death?
Since you are a spirit,
you ought to know what happens.
Judgement Day? Heaven? Hell? What?
Could you tell me what happens?
A long wait...
for freedom, for salvation.
This is crazy.
Look, I don't understand a thing
but all the best for salvation.
Nice meeting you.
What... What is this?
- (Brakes squeal)
What is this?
Darn it.
- I am sorry.
What is this?
I am sorry.
- What is this?
Is this a joke?
- I am sorry. I am sorry. Take this.
What is this? What is this nonsense?
- Please.
What kind of a joke?
- It's not a joke...
I offered you a lift and
you've been raving bloody mad.
Try to understand me.
- Enough now. Get out of the car.
- Please.
Just get out.
Just get out of my car please.
- Listen to me.
Not a word.
- Listen to me.
You are a ghost, aren't you?
So fly off.
Get out. Get out.
Not a word. Get off
Or do you want me to push you out?
Why? Why?
- Get out. - Don't... Don't push me.
They shot me. You know?
The bullet went right through my heart.
What is this nonsense?
I'll get you down.
Don't get annoyed.
Bloody ghost, eh?
Want me to hit you?
Don't hit me.
- Get off! Now!
(Laughs) Fooled you.
Sucker, man.
Sucker... ?
- You are on M TV. Here's the camera.
Look... the camera.
Please. Please.
My crew is following me.
But where is Cyrus?
- Cyrus was. People know him.
That's a bloody joke.
- Great. Great.
This gig really scared
people out of their wits.
But you never got scared one bit.
How? How? How?
Because I knew you weren't a ghost.
Really? How come?
- Because... I'm a ghost.
Hey come on, don't start it again.
I am...
a ghost.
And John...
ghosts can vanish.
Hello. Come on. Come on.
(Thunder crashing)
If I were a ghost,
I wouldn't be so patient.
What would you do?
- I would kill him...
make a ghost out of him
and take him away with me.
All right, do that when you die.
After my death, I'll return...
and kill you, make you a ghost
and take you away.
Got it?
Tell me, why did the ghost
get off and beat up the VJ?
Okay, assume that you
are a ghost... just assume.
And a man comes to you and
tells you that he is a ghost.
Won't you get mad?
Likewise, the ghost was insulted,
he faced an identity crisis.
He was emotionally hurt.
Try to understand, man.
All right. It's going to rain.
Where are these guys?
I'll go and check.
We'll go with you.
- Please don't bother. I'll go myself.
(Indistinct chatter)
I don't want to get beaten up.
Anyway, when are you guys marrying?
After you.
I can stop your wedding, you know.
What's so funny?
- (Laughs)
Nothing, I just remembered a story.
Let me hear.
Who are you?
- You... ?
I stay here.
Our car broke down, so...
- I saw it.
You can stay here. No problem.
Let's hear.
- What?
You were going to tell a story.
- Actually, we were leaving.
Our friends are
waiting for us, and...
No. It's okay. Relax. Relax.
Let's hear the story.
- Yes, but...
Oh come on, narrate it.
All right.
This story is about Purab.
No one cares for him.
The poor chap was disgusted with life.
- Hi.
Okay move.
- Stop playing school games.
What's wrong?
- Why did you ditch me?
I didn't.
- Of course, you did.
Excuse me, Abhilasha.
Your handkerchief.
- Purab.
Purab. Okay. Let's go.
- (Door knocks)
What is he upto in the bathroom?
Are you sleeping? Purab!
- (Door knocks)
Such an idiot! Don't you
know that I'm getting late?
(Door slams)
I don't understand
what this boy want.
At this rate, he's not going
to achieve anything in life.
Enough now!
Don't you want to die? Just jump off.
Purab, you're a loser.
You are a big loser! Even if you run
a race alone, you are going to lose.
You'd better go home and sleep. Go.
Go on, laugh. You can't help
laughing, can You? So laugh.
It hardly matters to
anyone whether I live or die.
But let me tell you this much.
If You are for real, if there is God...
then He is the one who created me.
So, if people think I'm funny...
then they think You are funny too.
Why? Why did You make me...
so ordinary, so insignificant?
You should've given me
at least something.
Something that's not common.
Something, at least.
Abhilasha. Stop.
No. I mean move.
I'm Purab. We met yesterday. We've been
classmates since last 3 years...
Okay. Bye.
Great going, sir.
Yesterday, you gave her
her handkerchief.
And today, "Stop", eh?
- No...
Very fast you are.
No, listen...
- You are too fast.
Actually, Dev...
- What Dev, eh?
Ass! I'll thrash the hell out of you!
- I know.
Of all, you picked my
girlfriend to play "Stop" with?
- Try playing with me? Come on.
- Play. C'mon.
Play with me. Say "Stop".
- Stop!
Dev? What happened, Dev?
I said "Stop"
because you asked me to.
What happened, Dev? Dev, move.
Yes! So what were
you saying? Stop, eh?
Come on. Say S-T-O-P.
Stop. Come on.
Say it. Say it. Say it.
- Dev, stop.
Dev, why are you pulling my leg?
You only asked me to say stop.
Dev, move. Dev.
- Dev, stop.
Move. Stop.
Move. Stop.
Something at least.
Something that's uncommon.
Move. Stop.
You will touch Abhilasha, eh?
You will hit me, eh?
You will hit me, eh?
You will hit me, eh?
Bloody statue! You will hit me?
How dare you touch Abhilasha
in front of the whole college?
You hit me? Me?
Well? Do you know who I am now?
Hi, Abhilasha.
What do you want?
- You.
Ever since I've seen you,
I crave for only one thing. You.
I really love you a lot, Abhilasha.
I never had the
confidence to tell you before.
You're mad. Go to hell.
One moment. Listen to me, Abhilasha.
You better listen. If Dev
finds out, he's going to kill you.
Now let me go or I'll shout.
- Stop.
Tell Dev.
Don't forget to tell the principal too.
No... not like this.
This is no fun.
If you too...
How did I reach here?
- I brought you here.
What... ?
- From the library. I carried you.
It just beats me...
- Stop!
Now tell me how you reached here?
I brought you here.
Actually everytime I say "Stop"...
- But...
Actually, I can make anything stop.
How will I explain it to you?
One moment.
Come outside and take a look.
What's that?
- Whenever I wish...
I can stop anyone I want to.
And I can make them
move anytime I want to.
Now look at this. Move!
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine what
this means, Abhilasha?
There's so much I can do for you.
Till recently, time came to a
standstill, when I looked at you.
And now, I can bring
time to a standstill for you.
And only I can move it.
Purab, please.
I'm feeling scared.
I'm leaving.
Can't you see that I love you?
I can have you any time I wish to.
I want your love, Abhilasha.
I want you to be happy.
The world belongs to me and
I want to share it with you.
Abhilasha. I love you.
Do you love me?
Yes. Yes, of course.
- Yes.
I love you a lot, Abhilasha.
I really love you.
- I love you too.
Thank you.
Is this any time to come home?
This is a house...
it isn't a hotel you
visit to eat and sleep.
You're the one I'm talking to.
- Stop.
Move. Stop.
(Yawns) Move.
Now look...
- Stop.
(Door slams)
I can do anything!
I'll have the world in my fist! No...
Sorry. Sorry.
I'll have it on my fingers.
I can steal, rob...
I can even kill! (Laughs)
And no one can stop me. No one.
Even if they stop me,
they can't catch me.
Even if they catch me,
they can't punish me.
If someone even tries to stop me...
I'll just say "stop"
I'm not your enemy! But I have to
scold you for the way you behave.
What's this? Straighten up!
You're the one I'm talking to!
What insolence is this?
Purab! Purab!
What are you yelling for?
- Look at this new drama he's playing.
What's happened to him?
My son... Purab.
- Purab!
Enough of these stories.
Suman, let's go.
Yes, let's go.
- How can you go away like this?
This is wrong.
You guys have told your stories.
Now let me tell you one.
Please. Please.
I have a condition...
fear is forbidden.
As they say, those that
are afraid, are dead meat.
Silly. Anyway.
This is a story of seven friends.
Who drove out of town together.
Suddenly, the tyre of their car
was punctured.
What could they do?
It was dark and secluded outside.
They got out of the car and
saw a light somewhere far away.
Following the light, they got...
But how were they
going to spend the night?
They started telling the
others one story after another.
Listening to the stories,
all the friends...
started going out, one at a time.
What they did not know was
that there was someone...
waiting for them outside.
He was no ordinary man.
He was a genius.
And every genius has his tragedy.
The tragedy with this genius...
was that he wanted to rid
people of the fear in their hearts.
Because it is fear that
is destroying the world.
But people are still
afraid of new things.
Like the way your
friends were afraid.
When you arrived here,
how many were you in all?
Six? Seven... ?
And yet, you were scared. I saw it.
When you got out of the car,
you were scared of the seclusion.
Then you were scared
of the darkness.
You didn't want to go here and there.
You were scared of fear...
and I hate fear.
I cannot stand fear.
Unless you face fear,
fear kills you.
But your friends are never
going to be scared again.
I have wiped out their fear.
There's just one way of doing it.
Finish the one who feels scared.
All your friends are dead.
You're still not afraid, are you?
Because you think this
is perhaps a story too.
But what if this were not a story?
You'd be scared, wouldn't you?
He must die! I told you,
fear is forbidden.
He broke the rules. So he has to go.
He has to go now.
But I like you.
You don't get scared...
you're a nice girl.
Easy, easy.
Are you scared now?
Fear is not allowed! It's forbidden!
I don't kill. Fear kills you!
It's okay now...
you'll not be scared. You won't.
I told you, I don't kill.
You've killed them all!
(Indistinct chatter)
(Groans) Inspector...
listen to me!
Inspector, he's the man
who killed my friends!
Why won't you listen to me?
I died too.
When both of us are dead,
what have we to fear?
"You have just as much life... "
"as the courage you possess"
"Finish the killer... "
"fear is forbidden"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Two multiplied by three is...
I forgot."
"What's the story?"
"Listen to my heart..."
"Listen to my heart..."
"Listen... "
"Is dead..."
"Heed your heart... "
"fear is forbidden"
"Just understand, my friend"
"fear is forbidden"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Are dead"
"Live to die. Die to live."
Through the eyes."
You haven't done your homework
even today?
"Never ever. Ever never. Fear."
"Listen to my heart..."
"fear is forbidden"
"Just understand, my friend"
"What nonsense? What are you talking?"
He is just scaring us.
"Those that are afraid...
are dead-men"
"Are dead"
"Listen to my heart..."
"You will remember me"
"Two ones are two"
"Listen to the third twist..."
"Two twos are four"
"Two threes are..."
"I'll tell you a love story."
"Two multiplied by three is...
I forgot"