Dartmoor Killing (2015) Movie Script

Tired already?
Weird dream.
Nervous about
getting hitched?
What's that?
Our itinerary,
courtesy of
the lovely Tarzan.
-Your hunky instructor?
-Let me see.
-No, it's a surprise.
Thanks, Suze,
it's a wonderful present.
So where's the B&B?
Uh, about four hours' walk.
-You're kidding, right?
See, we head up here.
I imagined a short stroll
and a boozy pub lunch.
And down to the river here...
Followed by
a Devon cream tea.
Then we climb up here...
Ending in a cozy B&B
and a log fire.
Well, not quite.
I told you it would be
an adventure.
Okay, lead on.
I can see why you
wanted to come back.
It's beautiful.
So what, like, halfway?
"Are we nearly there yet?"
Okay, I admit it,
it's nice to be away,
right away.
We're gonna have
a great weekend.
-Just us?
-That's the general idea.
-Let's go.
Sharp Tor.
It's powerful.
Come on.
I bet the view's to die for.
Someone beat us to it.
Thirsty work, huh?
How did you...
Ah, it's always quicker
coming down.
First time?
It's powerful, isn't it?
It's magnificent.
You must go up.
You bet.
No way,
I saw him first.
Country air
gone to your head
Thought that was the whole
point of bringing me here.
I didn't expect you
to throw caution to the wind
quite so fast.
Kind of puts you
in your place.
A speck on the horizon.
You take the landscape,
I'll have the farm boy.
How come it's like this?
Why here?
No idea.
Did you come here,
on your team building course?
Uh, not this tor.
Please, Becky,
come away from the edge.
You were right,
this is just what I need.
I'm gonna take lots of
pictures this weekend
to remind you.
-Get around there.
-Of what?
That there's more to life
than Tony?
That we're a great team.
Now, one of us.
You still don't think
I should marry him, do you?
-I just want you to be sure.
I know he takes care of you.
You're stronger
than you think you are,
that's all.
-Get off me!
-What the fuck!
-I'm sorry to have
frightened you.
You were standing
too close to the edge
and it isn't safe.
Uh, we were fine.
No, up here
the winds can suddenly
gust without warning,
you'll be blown over.
That's why
I followed you up,
because the tors
can be beautiful,
but dangerous.
Okay, I'm Chris.
I work on Dartmoor,
outdoor pursuits.
How come it's here?
What, the tor?
Like this.
Well, it's weathering.
See, um, hundreds of
thousands of years ago,
the softer parts of the land,
they eroded away
leaving these rocky hills,
we call them "tors,"
probably from
the Celtic word for "tower."
Now I know why
I gave up geography.
Suze, it's interesting.
Go on.
Uh, it's granite slab.
It was forced apart
by the water turning to ice,
in the cracks.
It's still happening.
These rocks you see
strewn down the hillside,
they were broken off
by the ice.
It's called "clitter."
Leaving all those crevices.
Ah, that one is Lucky Tor.
And those buildings
in the valley?
There's Bracken Farm.
My home.
What is it?
-I just feel a bit faint.
Sit down. Sit down.
It's all right.
That's it.
long, slow, deep breaths.
take it easy for a minute,
I've got some water.
-How did you...
Take some of this.
-Feel better?
I'm fine.
Should I stay?
No, she'll be fine.
Okay, well, it was nice
to meet you both.
Hope you enjoy
the rest of your day.
And for the geography lesson.
You take care.
Was your instructor
as hot as him?
Pretty much.
Do you think
he was stalking us?
I hope so.
What's happened?
Ah, it's just, it's...
It's really embarrassing.
I lecture you about safety,
and I twist my ankle
in a rabbit hole.
-Is it broken?
-No, it's just a sprain.
I'm glad we heard you.
Well, me, too, otherwise
I'd be hobbling all the way
down to the road.
Oh, I'm such an idiot,
you know, I...
The first thing
I teach people
on the moors,
is watch where
they put their feet.
I looked back to see
if you were still up
on the tor and...
-So, it was our fault?
-What can we do?
A helping hand
down to the road,
so I can flag down a car?
Ah, but we could see
your farm from the tor.
I don't wanna delay you.
we'll get you home first.
Of course.
If you're sure.
Oh, dear.
Okay, here we go.
Are you ready?
Oh, okay.
Idyllic or what?
Welcome to Bracken Farm.
Here, help me over
with this.
-It's magical.
It'll take a lot of work.
Too much for me,
but I can't bring myself
to sell it.
The family pile and all.
I think what we need
is a nice pot of tea.
What about you?
I'm parched.
The wind does that to you...
Dries you out.
You okay?
What do you think?
It's wonderful.
There's a tin
of biscuits over there,
if you don't mind.
Is it still a working farm?
No, no, not for years,
not since I was quite young.
Too much of a struggle.
Hmm, tiring,
all that fresh air.
So you're what, a guide?
Yeah, yeah,
a guide instructor.
My father turned the farm into
an outdoor pursuit center.
He ran school trips.
We've got hiking,
tor climbing,
horse riding, kayaking,
that kind of thing.
It was a long time ago now,
but it was a job I understood.
And why'd you stop?
When my mother died,
my father became ill
and everything fell apart.
-I'm sorry.
-Thank you.
So, where are you staying?
-Uh, Poundsgate.
Is that far?
It's a fair way, seeing
what you've done already.
Don't worry, we'll manage.
I've held you up, haven't I?
Look, why don't you
stay here the night?
There's a nice spare bedroom,
if you don't mind sharing.
Or the least I can do
is get you a taxi
from Ashburton.
I'm really sorry,
I can't drive you
with my ankle.
I'll make the call.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Seems mean,
him paying for a taxi.
It's just one night.
Okay, but I saw him first.
We'd like to stay,
if that's really okay.
Of course.
No signal.
-Not even a bar.
Are you really okay?
There's something sad here,
I can feel it.
Just tonight, Suze, right?
We'll leave first thing
in the morning, promise.
It's your weekend.
What is it?
It's Chris.
He's picked flowers.
He is sweet, don't you think?
I think he's lonely.
Did you see the photograph
in the kitchen?
It was a young Chris
and maybe a sister
with their mum.
Where's he off to?
He's walking a lot better.
It was just a sprain.
Suze, when we got here,
I had this weird feeling.
You know how sometimes
something takes you back
to your childhood?
-Like deja vu.
I felt it up on the tor, too.
Yeah, you said you'd never
been to Dartmoor before.
I know, but it's
creeping me out a bit.
I think you're just tired.
We've been up since 5:00.
He's coming back.
And without the flowers.
What's that about?
We should take a look.
No, it doesn't matter.
Don't be silly, let's explore.
The room's lovely, thanks.
We're gonna go
for a wander around,
if that's okay?
Please, make yourself at home.
Come here.
Dinner's gonna be
a little over an hour.
-Hope you're not veggies.
AGA roast, delicious.
-You're a cunning one.
-I wanted to see you again.
Me, too.
I'll see you later.
Have you ever ridden
under the stars?
Are you coming?
Mystery solved.
The photograph.
You were right.
- My mother and sister.
I'm sorry,
we shouldn't have, uh...
It's okay.
I saw the photograph.
They were very beautiful.
Breast cancer
killed my mother at 43
and it broke my father.
We didn't mean to pry.
It's fine.
Can we do anything
to help with supper?
There's carrots to peel,
runner beans to dice,
I'll make the gravy.
It's delicious.
Yes, thank you.
So, you were born here?
Yeah, yeah, upstairs.
I don't think
I could leave now.
It's so quiet on the moors,
it's beautiful.
Don't be fooled, she can be
a dangerous mistress.
I can imagine.
Can you?
Suze came to Devon a month ago
on some kind of course.
A team building works jolly.
Did you enjoy yourself?
That's why we came back.
A girls' weekend.
It's my gift to Becks,
she's, uh, getting married.
-Lucky man.
-Thank you.
Are you wondering
about my sister?
Do you ride, Becky?
No, I mean,
not since I was a child.
Ah, you would've liked Jenny.
She used to love
to ride on the moor,
on that horse,
my mother's horse.
She fell.
That killed the mood,
didn't it?
Who would like a nightcap?
I have some malt
here somewhere.
-Maybe a small one.
Thanks, but I'm whacked.
-I'm gonna say good night.
-Good night.
I'll be up in a minute.
I'm so sorry.
Hello, Tarzan.
Help me!
Becky, I'll catch you.
I can't see!
I'll catch you, Becky.
That's it.
A little further,
you can do it.
Fuck me!
I'll catch you.
You can do it, Becky.
-That was Becky.
-Wait, wait.
Don't follow me yet.
Tell her you've been outside,
-What is going on?
Who is she?
Why is she here?
It's all right,
he's my father.
He won't hurt you.
Hey, give me the knife.
-Where's Susan?
-I don't know.
-Where is she?
-I'm here.
What's happened?
Are you okay?
No, I was looking for you.
This is my father,
Tom Weeks. He's not well.
No girls.
You know the rules.
It's all right, Dad,
they're just friends
staying one night.
Becky, it's okay.
Let's get you to bed, okay?
Come on.
Where were you?
Outside. I couldn't sleep.
The stars are beautiful.
Why didn't he say
his father was here?
I don't know.
Maybe he thought
a sick old man in the house
would creep us out.
Well, he did.
Let's get back to bed.
Not quite the adventure
I'd planned.
-Morning. Sleep well?
-Yes, thank you.
That was quite a night.
I feel bad about my Dad,
is Becky okay?
You know what I mean.
Why didn't you tell us
about Tom?
I don't know.
Perhaps, I thought
you wouldn't stay.
You don't give us
enough credit.
I want to tell Becky about us
and not have to pretend.
Not yet.
It'll look like
you deceived her.
Well, I kind of have now,
playing along with your game.
It'll spoil her weekend
if she knows about us.
Do you want that, huh?
It's just, after last night...
I tracked you because
I wanted to see you again.
-Do you see me complaining?
But now, we must make
the rest of the weekend
special for Becky,
as you planned,
and when you're back in London
you tell her that
I asked to see you again.
She'll be expecting
to leave after breakfast.
Don't worry, I have a plan.
You always have a plan.
Morning. What's up?
Tea and toast, so far.
Eggs, any way you like,
to follow.
Mmm, sounds good.
I'd like to apologize
to your father,
I must have scared him
out of his wits.
Oh, no,
there's no need,
He probably doesn't remember.
Alzheimer's, liver disease,
heart problems,
I don't know
how he's gonna be
one day to the next.
Well, I feel really terrible.
I'd really like to say sorry.
What harm can it do?
We'll take up breakfast
for him shortly.
I'll go get dressed.
Thank you.
I also wanted to apologize
for last night.
It's fine. I'm fine.
My father's a good man.
He made a huge sacrifice,
I need you to understand that.
I'd like to understand.
Now, will you do
something for me?
Fresh eggs.
You'll find
a row of nesting boxes
just inside the barn.
If the birds are sitting,
just shoo them away.
Okay, yes, of course.
How are you this morning?
It's a lovely day.
I have some friends
who'd like to meet you, Dad.
Do you remember
the girls from last night?
Hmm? Come in, ladies.
My apologies.
Last night?
Yes, Mr. Weeks,
I had a bad dream.
I was very confused.
I'm so sorry.
I'm Becky Johnstone.
This is Susan.
Were you in the barn?
Yeah, I fetched the eggs.
Did she have the knife?
Yes, I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean to upset you.
Why did she have the knife?
You frightened her, Dad,
sitting there in the dark.
-Get out! Get away!
Go away, now, please, please.
-Dad, calm down.
You calm down.
Calm down, okay?
All right?
All right?
All right.
It's a disease,
it's not your fault.
Oh, that poor man.
Let's get packed.
I shouldn't have
brought you here.
-No, you didn't bring me here.
-To Dartmoor.
Nothing ever goes
the way I plan.
You all right, Suze?
Yeah, yeah.
Let's go and enjoy
what's left of our weekend.
I'm so sorry, Chris,
you were right, we...
We shouldn't have
disturbed him.
-Is he all right?
-Yeah, he's fine now.
-Chris, we, um...
-I don't know what
came over him.
I've never seen my Dad
do that before.
I wish you'd have met him
before all of this.
Always put others first.
We wish that, too.
Mmm, look how
beautiful the day is.
I'm gonna take you to
the most magical place
I know by the river.
We'll have a picnic.
I wish we were on our own.
Hey, you two,
come and explore!
Too much wine. Don't fall in!
Meet me later.
The bench in the meadow,
after midnight.
That doesn't sound
as comfy as your bed.
It's beautiful
under the stars.
Sounds romantic.
I need to cool off.
Becky, time for a swim!
You too, sleepyhead.
Oh, yeah, one thing,
skinny dipping only.
Come on, it's lovely.
I've been swimming here
since I was three,
but if you're too chicken.
I've felt it, it's freezing!
Oh, what the hell.
Turn around.
One, two, three...
You're in!
-That's enough for me.
Are you wimping out?
My fingers are going numb.
-I don't care.
Get warm, use the rug.
I will.
Playing dirty?
You should keep
your mouth shut.
I wanna see you tonight.
Come to my room
after midnight.
Don't say anything.
Let's warm up in the pub.
Want me
to grab anything?
No, I'm okay.
Used to be dormitories
when we ran school trips.
I'll put the kettle on.
Becks, you're cold,
let's go inside.
It's not deja vu.
I've been here before,
in this barn.
You're imaging things.
Am I?
Something happened here,
I just can't remember.
You're sure, 100% sure,
you were here at Bracken Farm?
Yes, I'm certain.
Then it can't be coincidence.
What can't?
What do you mean?
Please, don't lie to me,
I'm scared enough as it is.
Chris was my instructor.
Jesus, Suze.
He helped with the itinerary,
that's all.
Why pretend you
don't know each other?
What's going on?
I didn't know
he was gonna turn up
at the tor.
You're lying.
No, he just appeared and
started playing this game.
I thought it was harmless,
-I don't know why I joined in.
-Fucking hell, Susan,
that was yesterday.
Why didn't you tell me?
I couldn't, you...
You weren't stargazing
last night, right?
You set me up.
This whole fucking charade!
What kind of friend
does that, Susan?
You're a selfish bitch!
Sorry, it wasn't meant
to be like this.
How was it meant to be?
I want...
I wanted to tell you,
but Chris said it would
spoil your weekend.
He got that right.
Can I get up,
or are you gonna
hit me again?
Why did you invite me on
your dirty little weekend?
It was Chris' idea.
-But it's not.
How does he even
know who I am?
Ah, you're my best friend,
my flat mate,
I'd mentioned you
during the course.
Chris suggested we should
come down for a weekend.
I really did mean it to be
your engagement present.
I just emailed him
for a few ideas,
places to visit.
I didn't expect to see him.
That's bullshit, Susan,
and you know it.
Oh, Christ.
I should have known
this weekend
was all about you.
That's what I mean, Becks,
I don't think
this weekend is about me.
It's too much of
a coincidence,
you and this place.
Coffee's up!
We'd better go.
Wait, you're not listening.
Do you know what, Susan,
maybe you were right
to bring me here,
I have been daydreaming.
Time I woke up.
I hoped you'd come.
Where's Susan?
Waiting for me in the meadow.
And don't you feel bad?
What is it?
It's her.
Oh, my God.
You recognized her.
Her name.
These were the schoolgirls
in the dormitory that night.
What night?
The night Jenny died.
I've wanted you
from the moment I saw you.
Such sweet innocent looks.
But you're not innocent,
are you?
-Nowhere to run now.
Stay here.
-Becky! Becky!
Get off her!
What the fuck are you doing,
you fucking bastard!
Stay there, don't move!
I can explain.
But I don't have to.
Put it down, Susan.
Now both of you,
back to your room, now.
Bastard! Bastard!
-Bastard! Bastard!
-Susan, stop it!
Susan, stop it!
We have to get away.
I am so sorry.
He asked me
to come to his room.
I thought he was
gonna kill me.
I've been such an idiot.
You saved my life, Suze.
We're gonna be okay.
Something really bad
happened here.
I know.
Tom just showed me
the pupil list
from your school,
Churchfield School.
I think
he was going to warn us.
Your name was there, Becks.
-So, I'm not crazy?
Chris wants you here
for a reason.
Maybe you blocked it out,
you don't want to remember.
Tom said you were here
the night Jenny died.
What are we gonna do?
Hang on.
Can we get down?
Look, get some rest.
I'll keep watch.
The riding's been amazing.
Here, would you like
to groom him?
That's it, a bit harder.
Have you ever ridden
under the stars?
If you like I'll take you
round the paddock tonight.
-Please. Yes.
We're all sleeping
in the hayloft tonight.
Final treat.
Don't worry.
I'll sneak out.
Becky, run!
My son's in the barn,
go out the back.
Call the police.
He's locked the study.
Take this.
Why did you ask
if I was in the barn?
Were you there?
I think so.
Let's go.
Do you know how I got this?
Tell me!
Becky, stop.
You were found on the moor,
that's all I know.
Hurry, your boots
are at the back door.
Forgive me.
Come on.
Which way?
Oh, it doesn't matter,
just get as far away
as we can.
Try to find the road.
Let's go.
-Are you okay?
What was that?
Keep going.
-Let's split up!
-No, don't leave me!
It's our only chance!
I know you can hear me!
Walk towards my voice
and shout, "I'm coming!"
I know you can do that.
The next one doesn't
go in the air, Susan!
You know what to do.
I'm coming!
Don't do this, son.
Leave him.
Leave him.
I lost my daughter that night.
My Jenny.
That's right, Dad.
Tell her how many years
you spent in prison.
Don't make it all for nothing.
Tell her.
Twelve years!
They only released him
because he was sick.
I don't understand.
Maybe it's about time you did.
Inside. Inside.
Fucking psycho.
-Oh, fuck!
-You have to remember.
-I'm trying.
We've gotta get out.
Please, miss,
can we sleep in the hay barn?
Miss, yeah. Please?
It's our last night, miss.
Please, miss.
We want to watch the stars.
Please, miss.
Riding under the stars...
No, Becky! No!
Get on the bed.
Tie it in your mouth.
Did you want some of that,
what you saw?
Becky, run! Run! Becky, run!
-Becks, help me.
I've got a plan.
Snap out of it, will you?
Help me move this bed
against the door.
I was attacked here.
Becks, focus!
I need you on side right now.
Back off!
Stop telling me what to do,
it's your fucking fault
we're in this shit!
I need to find out
what happened.
Who the hell I am.
Okay, okay. I'm just trying
to get us out of here.
-I'm sorry.
You were right, Suze.
I buried it.
What happened?
Chris and Jenny...
He was on top of his sister.
-I saw them.
-Jesus, Becks.
You remember now?
It was my fault.
That's crazy.
Jenny made me feel special,
she was...
She was gonna take me
riding under the stars.
I think I had a bit
of a crush on her.
That doesn't
make it your fault.
Then, Chris did this to me,
he was gonna...
But you got away.
When it gets dark
we're getting out of here.
This is gonna work.
I'm sorry I hurt you, Dad.
You shouldn't have interfered.
You were brother and sister.
You forced her away from me.
She changed.
Jenny grew up.
Took responsibility.
Did what I should have done.
God knows, I live each day
with the shame and guilt.
I loved her, Dad.
You think I didn't?
You crossed the line.
It was wrong.
Why have you brought
the girl back?
I'm putting things right, Dad.
Son, stop, please.
Hasn't there been
enough pain in this house?
Open the door.
Open the fucking door!
Keep watch.
I can't.
Okay, then you do this.
What's happening?
-I'm trying to see.
-Be careful.
-Get off her!
Run, Becky!
Run, Becky!
Keep going.
Open this fucking door!
You've got one chance
to clear the doorway.
No, you keep it.
Take that.
Bad choice.
You'll die in there,
if you don't come out.
Oh, it's no good, just stop.
Rest a minute.
We should go.
-Is that the tor we climbed?
-I think so.
A car! We have to stop it.
Wait, Suze!
What if it's Chris?
We've got to be sure.
-No, look at the headlights.
They're too far apart
to be a Land Rover.
Stop! Stop!
Please, help us!
Thank God.
Come on.
No, Suze!
Did you really think
I'd let you get away again?
You attacked me in the barn.
That was 17 years, Becky,
you finally remember?
The little girl lost her mind.
Please, please, she's hurting.
You're right.
Mustn't let her suffer.
Jenny and I used
to play here as kids.
Hide and seek.
She loved being with me.
She loved me.
This was our special place,
and I know every nook
and hollow,
and I will find you.
Don't you worry
about the truth,
Don't speak to me. Shut up.
You still don't get it.
I know the truth.
You let Tom go to jail
for your crime.
But I was 17...
I was all that he had.
And now he's dead
because of you.
You had the knife,
you tried to rape me,
and Jenny saved me,
and you killed her.
You know that's not true.
I remember.
Do you?
Still playing the victim.
You can't run from
the truth anymore, Becky.
Shut the fuck up!
I'm not listening to you.
You grabbed the knife.
You lashed out.
You're lying.
Run, Becky!
Look what you're capable of,
You're sick.
You thought killing me
would ease your guilt.
It's not my guilt, Becky.
No, no.
Run, Becky!
Run, Becky!
I just wanted it to stop.
Can you hear me, miss?