Darwin's Nightmare (2004) Movie Script

Here is the control tower.
Nonsense. I'm in the control tower.
I have work to do, this is no office.
Yes, but I...
I love you with all my heart
We love you, Tanzania
In English..."Sawa"...
We all leave our families at home.
We think about home all the time.
But if we didn't work,
who would feed our families?
This is true for any country, always.
This is a common rule.
If there is work, things are fine.
One needs to work
and think about children
and family and a home...
And mom and dad.
Before, we always had holidays at home.
The youngest?
Not bad.
Here she is.
Who are those singing guys?
They carried a lot of fish!
It was too heavily loaded.
- Where is your father?
- Not around.
Come on, tell him!
So where is he?
Which work is he doing?
He is on the water.
- So your papa catches fish?
- Mmm.
What is his name?
Masaba. Masaba.
- Masaba.
- Masaba.
And your mama?
- Mama?
- Yeah.
- Romukulu.
- Huh?
- Romukulu.
- Romukulu.
So your father is also a fisherman?
My papa is dead.
And your mama?
She died from the virus.
His parents all died with AIDS.
I am a street child, that's all.
When you are older,
will you be a fisherman like your dad?
He doesn't care.
My dad's life... I do not want to follow.
I want to do my own profession.
I want to become a teacher.
I love you, I love you...
Lisa, wake up!
Her husband also died.
Yes, the virus took him.
When her youngest child died
she realized that she had AIDS, too.
Her kids are now alone.
Her man came from
the backcountry to fish for the factories.
And before being a fisherman?
Before they had a farm.
All I can do is...
I cannot eat anymore.
I know so many pilots...
True, these pilots are so tough,
they came one day with a taxi
and took us to the hotel,
they first took Queeny,
and then they went after Eliza...
So violent!
Many pilots never returned.
Some may have died already.
He asks if pilots bring stuff for the war.
No war.
Only fish!
Here, this one landed in the water.
When they loaded the fish...
He was trying to take off...
Also this one had already
charged the fish fillets,
but for bad luck, the load was too heavy.
At the moment of take-off,
the plane started to tumble,
his belly scratched on the ground,
then a wing broke
and the plane ran into the village.
It looks broken.
... numerous deaths by famine
reported from the district of Tabora,
the people there need desperately
food aid in big quantity.
The United Nations World Food Program
has requested 17 million American dollars
to feed the two million starving people
in the central region of Tanzania.
Ah, the policeman is awake.
The big beast came and ripped his leg off!
- Should I say something?
- Please!
The problem is, I am alone,
my husband was sick...
My man has gone away.
Before this job, I was a normal farmer.
Now I am better off.
My life is good, I have work...
I must stop speaking.
Someone is making me stop talking.
I should go to the hospital for an operation.
Can you explain your situation at work?
The biggest trouble is the ammoniac gas.
When it rains, that's worse.
And during
the rainy season, it is a problem, like now.
The gas can harm your eyes...
It is full of holes!
We don't have that much for everyone.
We will share, all right!
I will eat it all by myself!
The Government says
there is no food shortage.
The problem is
that many civilians have nothing to eat
and also no money to buy food.
So even if the food was sold on the market,
most civilians could not
afford to buy food...
The EU has donated 45 million Shillings
to Tanzania in order to secure
the fish export from Lake Victoria...
In Mwanza, it's just the same!
Let the holy spirit come
in the name of Jesus Christ.
You, devil, I am chasing you away...
... and the good Christ
shall be defeating all evil.
Here comes Jesus!
I cry for the fisherman of our town.
Look at the miracles of Jesus Christ.
There was so much fish,
the boat was too heavy to move!
Stas, have a bite for the camera!
Here, right here!
With a knife straight into the heart.
Blood came out...
Eliza had scratches all over her face.
I went to the funeral.
Here comes the airplane, here it comes...
Eat the sausages first. I will fry the fish!
Very hot!
We cooked some more.
Let me try!
I can't say that in English.