Dasvi (2022) Movie Script

Ready for the fitness challenge, Uncle?
- Go.
- Start.
There you go, folks.
Ganga Ram Chaudhary is totally lit.
Fit, Uncle. Say you're fit.
Once more.
Ganga Ram Chaudhary is fit.
And I want to challenge
the President of America, Donald Trump.
No, President Mr. Joe Badan,
the President of Russia, Putni,
and the Canadian President...
What was his name?
Putin and Trudeau.
President Putni and President Truedonay.
Trudeau is the PM of Canada, Uncle.
And I am the CM, dumbo.
This is such a pain in the neck.
Fit India!
Hit India!
Wake up, India! Go to sleep, India!
This is taking India down the drain.
Buzz off now.
I have lots to do.
Add some filters, put some hashtags
and post them on Twitter.
Mr. Bansal and Mr. Sharma
are here to meet you, sir.
I'd told you to keep that
annoying pair away from me.
Tell them I am not feeling well.
Hello, Mr. Sharma! Mr. Bansal!
You don't need to approach
this middleman to meet your brother.
We know you love us, Chaudhary Saab,
but we have to follow the protocol.
Brothers don't have to follow protocol.
Our hearts are glued together, after all.
Tell me.
What can I do for you?
Chaudhary Saab,
I had requested a land use change.
It didn't get me anywhere.
I heard they are building a school there.
A school?
Why do we need a school?
To educate everyone to be
an officer like this Tandon here?
Hey, Tandon. What is your
educational qualification?
I am an IAS officer, sir.
Topper of my batch.
Look at that.
He's a topper...
yet he works under me.
He has to follow my orders.
So, the lesson of the day is...
"Mall means money,
and school means unemployment."
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Dinner?
Would you be having dinner at home?
- Do you hear that?
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
Ganga Ram Chaudhary
commands respect, but you?
"Would you be having dinner at home?"
You are not some cattle
I purchased at an animal fair.
You are my wife.
My Bimmo.
Speak up.
You are the CM's wife.
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
How are you doing, Goonga?
Sir, this police officer has
been harassing our party workers.
That's my job.
Have her transferred.
Breaking news!
Sessions court issues summons
for Harit Pradesh's Chief Minister,
Ganga Ram Chaudhary.
Ganga Ram Chaudhary has been summoned
for the teacher recruitment scam.
He has been accused
of criminal conspiracy,
misuse of power, bribery,
corruption, and cheating.
All the educational institutions and
teachers are displaying their resentment
against the state's most loved leader.
Will the Court take
strict action against him?
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Sir!
Chaudhary Saab!
What do you have to say about this scam?
Chaudhary Saab, please tell us!
Listen, everyone.
I am clean, I was clean,
and I will always be clean.
I have fullam full faith in
the Indian Judicial System.
- Sir!
- One more question, please!
Chaudhary Saab!
Did you hear that?
"Fullam full!"
Who uses such language?
Should a chief minister
be using this kind of language?
Should a chief minister be linked
to a teacher recruitment
scam in the first place?
Now it's the Court's job
to deliver justice in this matter.
Under sections 120B, 420, 409, 467,
468, 470, and 477.
What is he doing? Learning how to count?
Covered all the sections,
haven't we, Mr. Sherawat?
These are the charges against your client,
Ganga Ram Chaudhary.
The Court sentences...
Breaking news!
Ganga Ram Chaudhary aka the monster
is being sent to judicial custody
while the SIT investigates
the teacher recruitment scam.
Chaudhary Saab, what now?
You have been of no use...
so it's time for me to do
something about it now.
Don't be upset, Gulabo, my baby.
I know I am late.
Today, I'll feed you with my own hands.
Hold on.
- Hello.
- Time to take over the rein, Bimmo.
You are no longer the CM's wife.
You are now the CM.
Excuse me?
You heard me right.
Learn to speak up.
What did he drop?
He's seeking blessings.
Good God!
Why? He's even older than your uncle!
He wants blessings from the Chair.
Uncle says everyone respects the Chair.
I see.
Let him touch your feet.
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
Why did they stop?
You will have to go alone from here...
on foot, Chaudhary Saab.
You have to go through that door.
You want me...
to bow my head
and enter through that door?
I am a Chaudhary, bonehead.
I never bow.
I'd rather lose my head than bow.
Ask them to open the gate.
- You.
- Yes, sir?
- Open the gate.
- Excuse me?
Open the gate!
What's taking you so long?
Do you want me dead?
We have never unlocked it for anyone, sir.
It's become a little rusty.
Get me some oil! Now!
Give me that.
Here, oiled it.
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
Speak up.
Chaudhary Saab!
It's an honor!
A pleasure!
Chaudhary Saab!
You got me this job.
Satpal Tomar.
Don't go overboard with
the overacting, Dilip Kumar.
Or else, the media peeps
will blow it out of proportion.
They're vicious to the bone.
No, this is all genuine.
Welcome, sir.
Mrs. Bimla Devi Chaudhary,
solemnly cuss...
I do swear in the name of God
that I will bear true faith and allegiance
to the Constitution of India
as by law established.
As Chief Minister of
the State of Harit Pradesh,
my duties will be
faithfully and conscience...
conscientiously discharged.
And that I will without fear...
Without fear or favor.
...without fear or favor,
do right to all manner of people
with the Constitution and the law.
Madam, sign?
This is your room, Chaudhary Saab.
With a window.
If I am staying here, then...
Now don't tell me you're
staying in prison in my place.
I am your devotee, Chaudhary Saab.
I will be right here,
always at your service.
Come that side.
What is all this?
Your office.
Why two remotes for one television?
This will help you run the television...
and this will help you run the government.
You have managed to outdo
that highly-educated Tandon.
You are a topper
when it comes to flimflam.
What are you waiting for, bro?
Play some music!
Everything in this world needs a good push
Lock horn
Throw punches
At anyone who messes with you
Be unabashed
Just go for it, mate!
Be unabashed
Don't worry about the consequences
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Rewards and punishments don't matter
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Look at that.
The government that opposes education!
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!
Hello, Chaudhary Saab.
I am Ghanti.
Like a doorbell?
No, sir. My name is Balram.
You see, I steal bicycles,
hence the nickname.
You are in jail for stealing bicycles?!
How many did you steal?
That's quite a number.
How did you pull it off?
I used to change their seats.
The Chair rules, mate.
He's Prem Qaidi, sir.
Rotate them clockwise.
What did you steal?
I was in love with a girl
who belonged to another caste.
And then I was framed.
Her caste?
Tell him. Go on, you party pooper.
Same as yours, Chaudhary Saab.
Forget about her then.
Leave this place,
and you'll be leaving this world.
That's Inamdar.
He's a civil engineer.
The name Imandar stuck
because he was honest.
His friends screwed him over.
Do you remember
the Vijaylakshmi project, sir?
Yes, of course.
It made me a lot of dough.
You are different, Chaudhary Saab.
Even if as a joke,
you at least accept taking kickbacks.
You are indeed quite a different leader.
Our sources told us that
Chief Minister Bimla Devi
keeps dozing off during assembly sessions.
Ganga Ram Chaudhary has been
running the government from prison.
- Listen.
- Our sole purpose is to make...
Send Goonga.
Don't worry, girl
I rule this place
Even the God of death is my mate
He says you are immortal, bro
You are special to Him for sure
Let everyone know
I'll destroy anyone who opposes me
I have the power
I am vicious to the bone
Bullets will be fired
No one will be spared
There are no rules
Just let loose
No one's gonna stop you
You have been given an opportunity
Just grab it
This is your day
If someone tries to stop you
Just get him out of your way
Be unabashed
Don't worry about the consequences
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Rewards and punishments don't matter
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Rewards and punishments don't matter
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!
Zip it, you bonehead!
Chief Minister Bimla Devi Chaudhary.
Good morning, Chaudhary Saab.
Wake up.
Chaudhary Saab, toilet or bed tea first?
Bed tea.
What is it?
You look like you have something to say.
You don't look quite devotional today.
Chaudhary Saab,
I need to tell you something.
Do you know Jyoti Deswal?
She's our new superintendent.
She is already here.
She's an upstanding officer
who only plays by the rules.
Come on, bubblehead,
you know rules are for fools.
Tell me, how can we have her schooled?
We live in a country,
where officials get salaries
for not doing their job...
and get bribes to do their actual job.
She is very stubborn.
She can't be bribed.
And she doesn't fear anyone.
Don't fear her.
I'll have her transferred
if she causes too much trouble.
Great. It won't be long then.
What do you mean?
All the prisoners need to assemble at
the prison ground in the next 15 minutes.
I must leave.
You also need to be there.
Please be there on time.
- Jai Hind, madam.
- Jai Hind.
My name is Jyoti Deswal.
I am the new superintendent of this place.
I am Sejwal, a Jaat.
This is Ravinder.
His sister is married to a Deswal.
I am a Dagar, madam.
Myself also same caste.
Just like you, madam.
Same to same.
- Really?
- Yes, madam.
What duty are you on?
I am in charge of the mess.
That's why this place is such a mess.
What do you mean, madam?
I mean, I am putting you on guard duty.
Go, stand there!
I don't want this rubbish happening again.
Why are you late?
Have trouble walking?
You question the man who
might have awarded you, girl?
I've received too many awards
in the last five years...
to remember all the awarders.
Today is my first day here.
We'll all have lunch together.
Is the food okay, madam?
What is this?
Even the animals are given
better food than this in my house.
Take it away!
All the prisoners eat this food.
What's troubling you?
I am the Government.
No one can dare to trouble me.
If someone still insists on troubling me,
then she too could face
the trouble of being transferred.
Seems like you watch a lot of movies,
Chaudhary Saab!
Couldn't you come up
with something original?
Get me his file.
Get the attendance register as well.
She is a tough chick.
No, she's a stone brick.
She'll turn you into mincemeat.
He's been here for
a little over a month now.
And I am sure that a brave,
and diligent jailer like you wouldn't
allow food from outside the jail.
So, has he been on a hunger
strike for one month?
Oh, no.
Looks like you were in
a hurry and forgot to sign here.
Sign it.
One, two, three, four, five.
Here you go.
Oh, right.
The famous five straight
strokes and a dot.
I saw them on my transfer orders.
- Sir, this police officer...
- Buzz off!
has been harassing our party workers.
- Turn off the camera! Turn it off!
- Have her transferred.
Is this really how you sign?
What is your educational qualification?
Speak up!
What kind of work do you
have for a middle schooler?
You want me to work?
He could do laundry.
He could do the dishes.
He could work as a gardener.
He could clean the toilets.
You'd better not forget who I am, girl!
Don't forget that
I still control the Chair.
Oh, yes. I remember.
You are obsessed with chairs.
You will make chairs.
Get him.
- Okay.
- Now.
WOODCRAF This is a saw.
I am sure you have used one...
on the masses, on the administration,
and the government.
Today, he will teach you its correct use.
And take these things off.
They are not allowed in here.
Had heard a lot about you, but now that
I've seen you in action, I know for sure.
- What?
- That you are a fearless tigress.
Get the files we have
on all the party workers.
I heard they are minting money.
You'll read their files, madam?!
You'll read and I'll listen, topper.
Madam, you remind me
of Chaudhary Saab when you talk like that.
Remember that I am the CM now.
Easy. Be careful.
By the way,
politics isn't as easy as cooking a meal.
Can't say about cooking, sister-in-law,
but it is certainly easier
than milking a buffalo.
Just keep the officers restricted
like you'd restrict a buffalo,
entice the public with general
services like you'd entice a calf,
and keep foddering
the legislative from time to time.
And if they don't listen,
just cuss them out.
I don't know how to cuss out.
I could never speak up
before your brother.
That hurts!
You witch! Can't you see, harridan?
You blind, vicious, old hag!
You crazy, dog-loving frump!
You illiterate wench!
I am feeling so much lighter now.
I'll make sure your cell
has all the comforts of a home.
I'll make sure you get home-cooked meals.
I'll make sure you don't
face any trouble in there.
I'll make her coffin
before I make a chair.
You should.
How dare she!
Enter, Chaudhary Saab.
Close it.
Let Bimmo come tomorrow.
Bimmo, what should I do if
someone doesn't heed what I say?
You should not use a stick, dear.
And certainly not on a girl.
It will make newspaper headlines.
And you know how these news channels work.
Get her transferred.
I cannot tolerate her.
I can do that.
You rule the state.
Oh, no.
We can't.
She was transferred here on your orders.
It will send a wrong message
to the party if I get her transferred.
"Bimla Devi thinks she is
indeed the CM of the state.
She is canceling orders
passed by Chaudhary Saab!"
It will also send a wrong
message to the people.
"Chief Minister Bimla Devi Chaudhary
is a biased politician."
No way.
I cannot let them defame you
by making such a big mistake.
I see you've learned
the ropes of politics, Bimmo.
Oh, come on.
I'll handle it.
I've got your back.
Can I go now?
I have to attend the party meeting.
Just hired her.
See you. Bye.
Vicious to the bone!
Now I'll have to follow my heart...
and become self-reliant.
- Here?
- No. Not here.
Then where?
- Here?
- Not here. There.
Come on, Chaudhary Saab!
Stop this here and there bullshit!
No, I mean, why don't you
tell me where it actually hurts?
Just find the right spot, Doctor.
This pain will only go away
if I am admitted to a five-star hospital.
Your stomach is in good shape.
Next time,
make sure you say your liver hurts.
I can refer you to a good hospital
for a liver ailment.
My liver hurts, Doctor.
Not here.
Right here.
- Remember that next time.
- Okay.
- Open your mouth.
- Hey, Doctor.
It takes seven minutes to make a chair.
We have 17 people working here.
We can make 102 chairs in six hours.
So, we can make 2550 chairs in 25 days.
What's out there?
I have seen these boys go
for a stroll in the morning...
and then return in the evening.
They go to the library, Chaudhary Saab.
They are students.
They are studying to take exams.
So they are exempted from work.
They are just lazy.
Good one!
Come, Chaudhary Saab.
Chaudhary Saab, come.
Chaudhary Saab.
Buzz off!
I'm sure you must have had
a hearty laugh at my memes.
What's the update on my bail petition?
Consider it done, brother.
Hurry up!
Justice Tripathi.
Cayman Islands.
You can check out other
locations as well, sir.
So, tell me.
Where do I open your account
and deposit what amount?
State versus Ganga Ram Chaudhary.
Bail denied.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me, sir, please wait.
Justice Tripathi has sent this for you.
He said and I quote,
"Make such a mistake again, and you'll rot
in the cell right next to your brother's."
We have just been informed that
the Court didn't waste any time
and denied the bail petition.
Justice Tripathi has decided
to slay the monster Ganga Ram Chaudhary.
As the saying goes, "Playing with
fire will only get oneself burnt."
You are such a well-known politician.
Don't let this news dishearten you.
They'll have to grant
you bail sooner or later.
God is just testing you.
Making a grand entrance?
What do you have for me today?
A threat to transfer me or kill me?
No threats.
I am here to fulfill an old dream of mine.
Which dream of yours has
remained unfulfilled?
You already have a car,
a bungalow, and a hefty bank balance.
And how can we forget the remote control!
Spare me the sarcasm.
This was my mother's dream as well.
To see you in prison?
No, madam.
My mother wanted me to be well-educated.
But as I come from
a family of politicians,
I never had the time for all that.
Now thanks to you and that kind
judge, I have ample time in my hands.
So, what do you plan to do?
A high school diploma.
Don't find excuses to skip work.
You wouldn't be in prison
if you'd completed your education.
There is no correlation
between education and prison.
Both Gandhiji and Nehruji studied
abroad, yet went to prison.
I just want to get a high school diploma.
And madam,
my right to education allows me to do so!
Come on, Mr. Chaudhary!
Where did you learn this dialogue?
Do you even know what it means?
But this means that...
Ganga Ram Chaudhary has
a right to education.
Listen up, you petty criminals.
It's time you cut down on the noise.
I am studying to get
a high school diploma.
Where can I find books
for the high school diploma?
Don't teach me.
I have inaugurated many such libraries.
Just inaugurated them.
- If only you had spent some time in them...
- Spare me the lecture.
Just tell me, where can I find books
for the high school diploma?
Not that section, Chaudhary Saab.
That's for English. This way. Follow me.
Listen, Mr. Library Man.
I am an educated Jaat,
who knows how to calculate fast.
So, don't be smart.
- And never-never, never-ever...
- Repetition.
Repeating the same thing,
again and again, is called repetition.
It's a part of the Hindi syllabus
for the high school diploma.
Here you go.
You'll need to be
thorough in English, Hindi,
social science, math, and science.
Excuse me?
You said science twice.
Nice catch.
But they are two different subjects.
Social science includes history,
geography, and civics.
Social science.
You seem to be a scholar.
What did you do before you came here?
I was a librarian.
I used to read a lot.
But knowledge alone doesn't
put food on the table.
Desperate times, desperate measures.
I started photocopying expensive
books from the library and selling them.
And eventually, I got caught red-handed.
- Mr. Rai Bareilly.
- Yes?
Where can I find books on algebra?
- In the next section, over there.
- Okay.
Your name is Rai Bareilly?!
Not everyone who comes
here is as educated as you are.
Most of them pronounce
"library" as Rai Bareilly.
Hence I am known as Rai Bareilly.
Start studying.
Rai Bareilly.
Good morning, madam.
Good morning, Tandon.
I'm having my effigy
installed at Rani Bagh.
An effigy?
So that people can burn it?
No, so that people can admire it.
I need to stay in sight to show my might.
It'll increase my followers as well.
Oh, you mean a statue.
But it will send
the wrong message to the public.
If you'd do some work before you...
I mean, if you'd reconsider...
Serve me tea, Tandon.
I think I need to change
my personal secretary.
You should, madam.
I am sorry, madam.
Your effigy, I mean, your statue...
I am sure people will love it.
Another advice!
Advise me only when I order you to.
Okay, madam.
Did you hear that, sister-in-law?
Brother plans to get a high
school diploma from prison.
I think you should go
ahead with the statue.
- That will take less time than...
- Shut up.
Is this just a new gimmick
of his or a political move?
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- May you prosper non-stop!
- May you prosper non-stop!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- May you prosper non-stop!
- May you prosper non-stop!
- Whom do we want as our leader?
- Whom do we want as our leader?
- We want Chaudhary Saab to be our leader!
- We want Chaudhary Saab to be our leader!
Chaudhary Saab looks
so innocent while sleeping.
Chaudhary Saab?
Chaudhary Saab!
Chaudhary Saab... wake up.
These books are amazing, madam.
They work like a sleeping pill.
You start dreaming
as soon as you open a book.
What about your dream of
getting a high school diploma?
You cannot dream
if you don't sleep, madam.
Didn't Mr. Kalam say one should
sleep a lot in order to dream a lot?
He said, "A true dream is something
that does not let you sleep."
Oh, really?
You don't get time off from work to sleep.
You either study for your high school
diploma or get back to making chairs.
Keep an eye on him.
This is just an excuse to skip work.
- He's a cunning fox.
- Doesn't matter.
You are a fearless tigress.
You are all addicted to bootlicking.
Come on, my sweet sleeping pills.
"Those who do not learn from history
are doomed to repeat it."
Those who do not learn from history...
are doomed to repeat it.
Those who do not learn from history
are doomed to repeat it.
Those who do not learn from history
are doomed to repeat it.
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Simon, go back!
- Charge!
Where are you taking me?
Police have resorted to baton
charges to quell the mob.
Let's go over there. People are
waiting there to hear your speech.
Yes, let's go. We need to wake
people up from their slumber.
What are we protesting against, Lalaji?
You don't know?
Who are you?
A student.
A student?
Which grade?
Tenth grade.
- Lalaji, your speech.
- Right.
We have gathered here...
to demand freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech!
Retract Rowlatt Act!
Simon, go back!
British, quit India!
Quit India!
Quit India!
Quit it, Chaudhary Saab.
Quit it.
He quit.
He keeps grooving when there is no beat
He keeps swirling on repeat
He's got himself into unwanted trouble
Now his life's become a struggle
He's a little mad and a little bad
Looks like he's losing his mind
This lad, Chaudhary!
This will shake the foundation
of the British Government.
Are you a reporter?
No, Bapu.
A student.
Oh, you are the one who's trying
to get a high school diploma!
Yes, Bapu. How do you know?
Lalaji told me.
Like a cheetah, he growls
Then gets scared to the bones
What he thinks comes true
His imagination comes to life too
You never know what he'll do
He'll slap himself if he needs to
Chaudhary's on a wild trip
Chaudhary's on a wild trip
He doesn't measure or weigh
Whatever is in his mind, he says
Be smart and not stupid
What happened, Chaudhary Saab?
Long live the revolution!
He doesn't measure or weigh
Whatever is in his mind, he says
Be smart and not stupid
He wakes up, gets enlightened
And goes to sleep
Everything's done at his pace
He likes to give bad luck a chase
It keeps falling to the left or right
It keeps falling to the left or right
He just cannot keep his head straight
You should leave.
This is certain death.
Slavery is worse than death.
What is the use of dying
without a reason, Azadji?
Not without a reason.
I know, my death will set me free
and not my country.
But my sacrifice...
will pave a new path towards freedom.
You should leave!
What about you?
This is my test.
You should go prepare for yours.
All wounds will heal and close
We have taken the oath
We have taken the oath
Take a pledge
We shall no longer stay oppressed
All wounds will heal and close
We have taken the oath
Take a pledge
We shall no longer stay oppressed
Enjoy your meals!
He died so that you
all have your freedom.
But look at you dying for food.
He has lost his mind.
What a strange country we live in!
He has lost his mind.
Everyone wants a Bhagat Singh
but in the neighbor's house.
Losing the Chair has
made him lose his mind.
I think he is in shock.
He is not in shock.
He is finding ways to go to a hospital.
He's a cunning fox.
And you are?
So what?
Mental illness is a far better
excuse than a liver ailment.
Depression is in fashion anyway.
But madam, that will...
That will send him to
a five-star hospital.
Well done, new CM.
I went behind bars,
and you got brainpower.
Good job, Bimmo.
What an idea, madam!
Subhash Mohandas Azad.
What do you do?
Nothing for free.
You need to answer our questions.
Give me blood,
and I will give you answers.
Do you remember that you are a politician?
A politician?
I am not, I never was,
I never will be one.
So you have never been a politician?
- No.
- Try to recall.
He is not crazy.
He is trying to fool us all.
Do you know he won the last
election by 4329 votes?
And the one before that by 7399 votes.
Please don't underestimate
the power of Chaudhary.
I won the last election by 40,210 votes.
And the one before that by 17,860 votes.
I won the Village Council
Election by 6730 votes.
Just 4329 votes, really?
Any doubts?
So, you've managed
to ruin my plan for freedom.
Have you started drinking or what?
Don't you know that a mentally unstable
person can never contest an election?
Mental illness is a far better
excuse than a liver ailment.
I didn't ruin your plan.
I actually saved you.
I don't expect it,
but you can thank me if you want.
You mean you did Chaudhary a favor?
Call it a favor if you want to.
Now stop pretending to study
for the high school diploma.
Take him away. Get him to work.
Listen up, girl.
You really think I'll do as you say?
Who do you think you are?
I am someone much more
powerful than you are at the moment.
You are just a prisoner here,
whereas I am the superintendent.
You are very proud
of the position you hold, aren't you?
It won't take me long to pull the rug.
It won't take me long
to crush your ego either.
bones take longer to heal as you age!
You are an incompetent illiterate!
You don't even know how
to talk to others...
and you dream of running the country!
You deserve to rot in this prison,
you uncouth bumpkin!
Who are you calling an uncouth bumpkin?
I have crushed many like you!
You will rot in this cage,
and Chaudhary will fly away!
Chaudhary Saab!
What's wrong, Chaudhary Saab?
What's happening to him?
What's wrong, Chaudhary Saab?
- Step away!
- What's wrong?
Don't crowd him.
Give him some breathing space.
Someone call the doctor!
Okay, Doctor.
He had a heart attack.
Thank God.
He'll now get to stay
in a private hospital suite.
Shut up.
It was a minor attack.
The doctor said he was
treated on the spot.
They gave him CPR.
Who gave him CPR?
Your mother.
The superintendent.
She's an angel.
So she gave him CPR from the very
mouth she used to curse him with.
Come again?
- I...
- Her mouth?
What about her mouth?
What is CPR?
Just a minute.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Don't give me the English mumbo jumbo.
Wait a minute, madam.
Here, madam.
Push hard and fast in
the center of the chest.
Good God!
She's a witch in an
angel's disguise, that frump!
Get my car.
Someone must be feeling
quite hale and hearty now.
A kiss of life certainly
makes anyone feel...
alive and kicking.
Where is she?
Sorry, madam.
I did what was necessary.
Didn't you say she is a junior officer?
Even senior officials don't
dare to speak before me.
You should be happy, madam.
He is doing well now.
Yes, of course.
Everything is well.
He is well.
You are well.
Well then.
Excuse me?
What did you say?
Speak up.
You are the CM's husband.
- Ma'am...
- No photo.
That's not funny.
Power corrupts,
and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Enjoy your new identity, Mr. CM's husband.
Get some rest. I'll check on you later.
Yeah, get rest. You are going back
to making chairs from tomorrow.
No chairs.
High school diploma.
High school diploma's
opinion polls are out.
It's not your cup of tea.
Wait for the counting, girl.
Chaudhary always loses the exit poll,
yet always wins the election.
Chaudhary will get a high
school diploma at any cost.
Because Chaudhary isn't
an uncouth bumpkin.
He is stubborn.
What if he is unable to?
Then he will never be
a chief minister again.
If he doesn't clear the exams,
people of this state will be spared
from a chief minister like him.
And if he does clear the exams,
it will only lead
to the betterment of his life.
Both side benefit, madam.
Satpal here.
The news of Ganga Ram Chaudhary's attempt
to get a high school diploma
is as exciting as an election result day.
This news has the speculative
market buzzing as well.
But the news that takes away the cake
is Ganga Ram Chaudhary's statement
that his wife will continue
to be the CM if he fails in his attempt.
This is Kavish Awasthi,
Number One, with you, always.
It means I'll get to be the CM
even after he comes out of prison.
This is suicide.
It's going to be okay.
He never listened to me.
Now don't stop him.
Let him do as he pleases.
I will always support him
in good and bad times.
And in the exams.
I had made eight marriage vows, after all.
Eight marriage vows!
Where is our CM?
She's flying high.
Did she turn into a kite?
- No...
- She...
Brother... why do you need
a high school diploma?
Failure would only ruin my reputation.
I see.
You have a reputation now?
I am Chaudhary Jaidev Ram's son.
Be it the CM's post
or the high school diploma,
I never shy away from a challenge.
Find out who conducts and supervises
these exams in the prison.
Brother has to clear them at any cost.
Well done.
Well done, kiddo.
Everyone should have a brother like you.
Come here.
Don't treat me like a failure
before I actually fail.
I have always made this mistake.
Using schemes, quick fixes,
lie, or cheat to get my way.
What did I gain?
A prison sentence?
Those who do not learn from history
are doomed to repeat it.
You are right.
But even a percentage here or there, and
the opposition will ruin your perception.
It is not necessary that someone
who has knowledge about politics...
also has enough knowledge
to get a high school diploma.
Get this straight, topper.
Your instigation will only lead me
to go for the civil services exam.
I want you to help me prepare.
How many rotis are made here in a day?
Around 7000.
Do you make them?
There are 28 of us.
So one person makes 250 rotis in a day.
That. You need to teach me math.
Forget the cycle repair shop,
I'll get you a cycle factory instead.
The length of two tangents
drawn from an external point
to a circle is equal.
Ghanti, honestly speaking,
these are just lines and dots for me.
It's all going over my head.
Fine. Let's skip this.
You don't need a perfect score anyway.
You just need to clear the exam.
Look, I am only good at political figures.
I am a failure when it comes to real math.
Fine, let's try something else.
Tell me, how many voters
does Harit Pradesh have?
As per the 2019 census.
And how many state legislative
assemblies do we have?
- Ninety.
- Caste equations?
I have those figures on my fingertips.
You go back to teaching me math.
That's what I am doing.
Using the method that you know.
How many seats will you win in 2024?
Keeping all the factors in mind,
the probability...
Exactly! Probability!
You should learn it.
It accounts for ten marks every year.
Yes, I am very good at probability.
Very good.
Here you go then.
- A pack of cards.
- I am not in a mood to play cards.
Get back to teaching me.
That's what I am doing.
Here's my question.
A card is drawn from
a well-shuffled pack of cards.
Find the probability of it being
neither a red card nor a queen.
We take out 26 red cards.
So, we are left with 26 black cards.
Take the two black queens out.
That leaves us with 24 cards.
A pack of cards has 52 cards,
so the probability is 24/52.
What is 24/52?
Can't you reduce it any further?
Divide them and we get...
Check the answer.
Oh, Ghanti.
Have a blast, mate!
- You are God.
- Have a blast, mate!
Assume there is a party
that has a defector...
called acid.
There is another political
party that needs this defector.
It's called the base.
When they come together,
they react and form salt and water.
Of course, they will benefit.
They'll get together
and make some dough.
Science is just like politics.
But Imandar, I'll need to change their
names to something I'll remember.
Hooda Chillar Lathwal.
HCL. Hydro Chloric Acid.
Chaudhary Saab, you are God.
Ghanti is God.
"Ram is playing a good game of cricket."
This is an example of active voice.
What will be its passive voice?
What's that?
Instead of saying "Rai Bareilly
slapped Chaudhary Saab,"
say, "Chaudhary Saab was
slapped by Rai Bareilly."
So, instead of saying...
"Rai Bareilly slapped Chaudhary,"
I need to say,
"Chaudhary was slapped by Rai Bareilly."
- Very good.
- How dare you, Rai Bareilly!
He's misbehaving with a teacher.
Don't get emotional, Goonga.
It was just an example,
not a true incident.
The batsman hit the ball for a six.
The ball was hit for a six by the batsman.
Very good.
Ranveer loves Deepika.
Everybody loves Deepika.
We want its passive voice, Chaudhary Saab.
Not your inner voice.
I was just joking.
Deepika is loved by Ranveer.
He does not obey his teachers.
His teachers are not obeyed by him.
That was a tough one.
Chaudhary Saab,
how did you get so good at English?
He looks so calm, so composed.
Wow, this is huge.
Bet ten on him.
We are sure to win.
Harsha Bhogle is never wrong.
How did you run the government?
As I pleased.
You are God.
No, Ghanti is God.
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Don't worry about the consequences
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Rewards and punishments don't matter
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!
Stonehearted has turned into a stone.
What did you just say?
I was just saying that's it's a piece
of art just like the Taj Mahal.
Madam, I think you should
chop off the hands of its sculptor.
This is a statue, not a mausoleum.
You seem to be very eager to see me dead.
- No, madam, I was just...
- Quiet.
Listen, you know that foreigner
who makes effigies?
I want her to have my statue in her shop.
At Madame Tussauds?
But madam, she only does wax statues.
I am not made of wax
to accept that as an excuse.
Use our contacts.
Not you.
Madam, things do not work
that way overseas.
You are saying a lot of
anti-national things these days.
Bloody liberal!
What is wrong, Chaudhary Saab?
I think I have the same disease...
as that kid in Taare Zameen Par
when it comes to Hindi.
Language doesn't matter in that case.
English will be just
as difficult as Hindi.
I have it when it comes to Hindi.
This is not how it works, Chaudhary Saab.
Imandar, you are an engineer,
not a doctor.
Prem will help you.
He is very good at Hindi.
Have you ever heard his poetry?
I've never seen anyone look so
sad to leave this place, Prem.
You should be happy that
you're getting out of here.
I don't want to leave.
You don't want to meet Preeti?
The monsters who have imprisoned
her will kill me, madam.
I am sorry, Prem, but I cannot keep
you here as you've been bailed out.
I'd rather die in this prison
than let the outside world kill me.
Chaudhary Saab.
Prem Qaidi.
Mountain came to Muhammad!
I have been looking for you, bro.
I am doing well in all
the other subjects except for Hindi.
So there is something other
than your intention that is bad?
By the way, I am good on both fronts.
Tell me, will you help me?
No... because he is getting out of here.
That is great news!
But he needs your help.
People of your caste have vowed to kill
him as soon as he gets out of prison.
So, the mountain did
not come to Muhammad,
Muhammad has come to the mountain.
The mountain is polluted with casteism.
And only you can clean it.
Get them married right here.
I'll get the court orders.
Can you do that?
You should wear this today.
This is your sister's wedding.
And don't forget
to give her a wedding gift.
As you can see, there is
a wedding taking place in the prison.
A feast has been prepared.
Sweets are being distributed.
Ganga Ram Chaudhary and the council
have blessed the couple.
This is a tight slap to casteism
by the seniormost high school
student, Ganga Ram Chaudhary.
And cut.
- What is your caste?
- Excuse me?
What is your caste?
Get them out of here from the backdoor
and take them to Mumbai.
Okay, brother.
How did you convince the council members?
Some of them respect me.
So I explained to them,
"Times are changing."
As for the others,
I had a list of their sins.
So, I put that to use.
Won't this affect your vote bank?
The votes I lose because of Preeti...
will get compensated by the votes
I'll win because of Prem Kumar.
This is (X-1).
And that is (X+1).
Only you can praise good deeds this badly.
I can see that...
studying for a high school diploma
has brought a lot of changes in you.
Good changes.
I haven't changed a bit, girl.
I just need to fulfill the challenge
of getting a high school diploma.
Chaudhary is never going to change.
Like that saying in English,
"A tiger never changes its stripes!"
But the tiger's stripes are quite
weak when it comes to Hindi!
How can he possibly roar with that?
Thank you.
It's okay.
Don't you want a selfie with me?
Why not!
You are temporary anyway.
Once Chaudhary Saab gets his high school
diploma, he'll be back permanently.
He'll be permanent only
if he clears the exams.
That's enough.
If I get another attack,
people will be attending my funeral
instead of my graduation party.
Plan fail, madam.
What is he mumbling?
He has a habit of mumbling.
So, tell me, how are your studies going?
I am weak in science,
so I am seeking Imandar's help.
I'll need to find someone
to help me with Hindi.
You have always been weak
in our mother tongue.
That's why you sign
with strokes and a dot.
Don't add fuel to fire,
Mrs. Chief Minister.
I have no trouble speaking it.
I just have trouble
reading and writing it.
Madam will solve all your problems.
I see he has gained another bad habit...
of meddling in other people's business.
Sorry, madam.
Meeting time is over.
She too has a habit of meddling
in other people's business.
I value time more than you do.
See you.
Take care...
of science and our mother tongue.
Do you also want to taunt me?
Then go ahead.
Where I come from, we don't kick the dead.
Madam, have you watched the movie,
Taare Zameen Par?
I see.
That's why you sign
with five strokes and a dot.
Don't be rude.
That's my signature.
Try to recognize alphabets
with the words that begin with them.
Assume them to be that
party's election symbol.
Ghanti has been talking about
my learning methods. I see.
Let's do it.
Take a good look at this.
What is this?
A tap.
Look, the tap looks
like the alphabet "Na."
This is the elephant's face
and this is his trunk.
Elephant gives you the alphabet "Ha."
Rope gives you...
The alphabet "Ra."
Now you will be able to connect the two.
Now visualize
an elephant's election symbol.
I see it.
Now visualize a house's symbol.
Now visualize them together.
The elephant is standing
right next to the house.
Let me show it to you.
That's "Hum" which means "us."
"Ha" and "Ma" come together to form "Hum."
So, we come together and form"Jag,"
which means the world.
Jyoti and Ganga.
"Ja" and "Ga" come
together and form "Jag."
This is a new beginning
This is a new beginning
Something is making my heart sing
I don't like anything else anymore
I witnessed a miracle for sure
I feel determined
O my friend, I feel determined
I don't like anything else anymore
I witnessed a miracle for sure
I feel determined
O my friend, I feel determined
I feel determined
Call that witch!
Chaudhary Saab, calm down.
I'll teach you science.
You should be happy that
Imandar was bailed out.
Right, Inamdar.
Please, call her.
Excuse me, madam.
It's me.
Yes, my caged tiger!
That doesn't stop me from roaring.
Why did you get Inamdar out on bail?
His wife came to me crying.
You know that he is an honest guy.
An inquiry was conducted,
and he turned out to be innocent.
Only a woman understands
how another woman feels.
Women like your superintendent
also know how men feel.
They know CRPF.
They don't shy away from
giving mouth-to-mouth.
Mrs. Chief Minister,
don't soar too high like a kite.
Or you'll lose your path as soon
as someone nicks the thread.
I am very busy.
You are talking to the Chief Minister.
So, stop mouthing off.
Mouth off to someone else if you want to.
I am quite broad-minded, you see.
What happened?
- Long live Bimla Devi!
- Long live Bimla Devi!
- Long live Bimla Devi!
- Long live Bimla Devi!
- Long live Bimla Devi!
- Long live Bimla Devi!
In the teacher recruitment scam,
the court will hear the
closure report of the SIT on Monday.
But a lot of people are speculating
that it was not the former
Chief Minister Ganga Ram Chaudhary
but his ministers, his MLAs,
and personal secretary, R. P. Tandon,
who were the masterminds behind this scam.
Do it properly.
- Yes.
- Hurry up.
Excuse me, that cow just pooed.
Her name is Pinky.
I am ready to accept my mistake,
but what about the other party workers?
Don't worry about the party.
Just worry about yourself.
I'll do whatever you say.
Just save my skin.
Please, madam!
Madam, please. Just save me this time.
When are they holding the exams
for the high school diploma?
- Chaudhary Saab.
- You're not allowed to run here.
There's bad news, Chaudhary Saab.
How bad can it be! What is it about?
Madam, there's a letter for you.
Open your eyes.
What's wrong?
His stomach's fine.
No flu either.
I don't understand
the reason behind the fever.
Is it because of stress?
Are you stressed?
Check the exam schedule.
The exam begins with Hindi.
Because everyone knows
that I am weak in Hindi.
In the first test itself...
You will clear the test.
You can score 20 marks
in the essay itself.
Essays are just like stories.
And you are an expert
at making up stories anyway.
You can memorize the prose
like you memorize speeches.
Exam fever?
Exam fever.
- What is it?
- Curd and sugar.
Something sweet for your first exam.
What are you doing?
Anyone who teaches you
something is your guru.
I have been wasting my life, madam.
I never listened to my mother...
or my teachers.
I performed sraddha every year,
but I always lacked dedication.
A high school diploma is the first step.
After that, you'll get an opportunity to
choose the subjects you are interested in.
If you already had a high school diploma,
I am sure you would've chosen history.
I would've still chosen politics.
A tiger never...
I have never been this worried even
while appearing for my own exams.
Why would you be worried, madam?
You are a tigress.
Good. You finally agreed.
Our sources just told us
that Ganga Ram Chaudhary didn't
do so well in the Hindi exam.
This makes us wonder...
how Ganga Ram Chaudhary speaks immaculate
Hindi, gives excellent speeches
when he comes to our
houses to seek our votes!
Why is he not doing well in the exam?
People of Harit Pradesh...
Did you write the essay?
You'll score enough to pass, right?
I don't know.
But how did he know?
It's a gimmick by the opposition
party to demoralize you.
They want you to fail.
The answer sheet is sealed.
No one knows how anyone
fared on the exams.
Now your fate depends on how honest
the person who checks your exam paper is.
I wish everyone were as honest as I am.
Give me blood, and I will give you...
The blood report?
I am just kidding.
That is the problem with your generation.
You think freedom is a joke.
You turn everything into a joke!
We have decided
To shine bright like the sun
Give wings to your dreams
If you want to soar high
We have decided
To shine bright like the sun
Give wings to your dreams
If you want to soar high
We have decided
We have decided
Stay determined
Aim for the sky
Make it bow helplessly before you
This question is based on probability.
They always ask this in the exam.
You take time to calculate.
So, solve it as soon as
you get the answer sheet.
What if they don't ask this question?
Then you won't have to spend time on it.
And if they do,
you'll get ten marks for it.
What's the rush, Chaudhary Saab?
I am late by 30 years.
First, check if they've even
asked this question or not.
Damn it.
They didn't ask the question.
We have found from our sources
that Ganga Ram Chaudhary,
who has been doing everything
possible to get out of prison,
was granted bail a few days back.
He couldn't be in the court today because
he is appearing for the last exam,
but I think his brother
just paid him a visit.
Let's ask him about it.
What would you like
to say about this, sir?
People of Harit Pradesh
and all the party workers
want Chaudhary Saab
back on the CM's chair.
One last question...
He had said he won't go back
to being the CM if he fails.
This is Chaudhary Saab
we are talking about.
You never know when he'll
back out from his word.
I am used to running the government.
I cannot go back to running the house now.
You will have to leave the Chair, madam.
You just wait and watch, Tandon.
Bimla Devi will stay the CM of the state.
Call for a party meeting.
I am feeling sad, Chaudhary Saab.
Keep visiting.
For a cup of tea, I mean.
Why didn't you tell me about
the release order, girl?
If I had told you,
you would have left the prison
and lost a challenge to a girl.
Now we are hoping that you'll clear
the exams and get back to being the CM.
Someone's learned politics.
Chaudhary Saab,
all I have learned is that...
you can change anything
if you set your mind to it.
Well, then...
if you have learned something here,
then you should go and
help others out there.
Help others?
A tiger never changes its stripes.
Old dog, new...
You know the phrase.
Now open the gate.
Chaudhary didn't bow while coming in.
He won't bow while going out.
What? No grand welcome?
Why are you here all by yourself?
Let's go.
So, going forward...
Your leader just got out of prison,
and you are here wasting
your time listening to her stories?
They're in a meeting with the CM
to discuss how to make
the state a better place.
The court orders told me who is doing
what to make this state a better place,
hand in glove with Tandon.
No minister with bad track
records can get a ticket.
Your track record isn't that good either,
Chaudhary Saab.
I know...
and I am going to change that.
Anyway, elections are due next year.
Let's dissolve the government
and declare an early election.
We will lose a year's worth of income.
Profits take precedence over relationships
when it comes to politics.
CM is not in favor of this proposal.
You can seek party
workers' opinions as well.
Darling, I spent only a couple
of days with them in a resort
when I feared they'll switch sides.
But I have spent half my life with you.
If I don't have you by my side,
what can I expect from them?
We live in a democracy, so you
should seek their opinions as well.
All those who agree with me
should raise their hand.
Mrs. Bimla Devi...
people never follow a party.
They always follow their leader.
I'll make sure we have an early election.
Chaudhary has never stepped
down, and he never will.
Chaudhary will have to...
when he fails the exam
and loses the election.
By the way, how was your Hindi exam?
I heard they changed
the schedule and kept it first.
Vicious to the bone!
Speak up.
Why do you forget
that you are the CM's husband?
Set up a meeting
with all the old sinners.
I have just one question.
Will you support me?
Of course.
I always have.
You have my support.
I can die for you, Chaudhary Saab.
But your track record has been tainted.
It's beyond repair.
People in our community
are not happy with you.
Party workers aren't happy either.
The vote percentage has gone down as well.
You have my full support,
but the people won't support you.
Times have changed.
This state needs young blood.
I am sorry, brother.
Goodbye, brother.
See you around.
Will you support me?
Everyone has two eyes,
but not everyone has true sight.
Everyone has a brain,
but not everyone has true knowledge.
The difference between eyes and sight,
brain and knowledge...
can be understood only
with the help of education.
Education is a window to the world.
It changes your whole perspective.
It answers most of your questions.
Right from what are shooting stars
to why don't relationships last.
Humans climbed down the trees,
got out of the caves,
looked around, asked questions,
and sought answers not
just for their betterment
but also for the betterment
of other animals.
Education took us to the moon.
But we think of it as nothing
but a source of income.
Education helps us question God.
Because God wanted us to question him.
He didn't send us on earth with a manual.
We have learned things the hard way.
We saw an apple fall on the
ground and figured out gravity.
We learned how to keep ships
afloat by discovering buoyancy.
We need to learn how
to educate ourselves.
How to think.
How to solve problems.
And know that miracles
don't happen overnight.
You need to work hard
and persevere for that.
Our country is strong and independent.
And all of us need
to contribute to making it better.
So, we need to fulfill our responsibility
toward our country and society.
We need to do our jobs right.
And education is a must
to do our jobs right.
To sum it up...
education is incomplete without knowledge,
and knowledge is incomplete
without experience.
You need both to make
this country a better place.
Otherwise, even if your
son is an electrical engineer,
you'll have to call the neighborhood
electrician to fix your ceiling fan.
This is not just political propaganda.
This is the first step toward education.
Education has even managed
to change a cunning fox like me.
I, Ganga Ram Chaudhary, will provide
free education to you and your children.
Long live Chaudhary Saab!
I, Ganga Ram Chaudhary, will provide
free education to you and your children.
He couldn't find any other issue,
so he made education an election issue.
Results come out on the third, madam.
Of both, the election
and the high school diploma.
Then we will know whether
he is a tiger or a...
We have the most famous
confectioner in Harit Pradesh.
No matter who forms the government,
it is his sweets that
get distributed everywhere.
So how many orders do you have?
We are expecting a win.
So I was ordered to make
1500 kilos of sweets.
- Okay.
- After the exit polls,
- we got orders to make 3000 kilos instead.
- Very good.
What do you think?
- Counting is just a formality.
- Okay.
We already know the result.
We are forming the government.
- Have a laddu.
- Very good.
- What do you think, madam?
- Bimla Devi will be our CM.
And next time, she will be our PM.
Next time, she will be our PM.
Bimla Devi will be coming down
any moment now.
The red carpet has been
rolled out for her.
The crowd has been cheering for her.
She can already see her victory.
Hello, everyone.
You are watching ABP News.
This is Shobhna Yadav.
It is a very big day for Harit Pradesh.
Former Chief Minister
Ganga Ram Chaudhary and
current Chief Minister
Bimla Devi Chaudhary
are competing against each other.
It's not only two politicians
competing against each other
but also a couple
fighting for their pride.
Counting has started, brother.
The initial trends suggest that...
- Call for the car.
- Bimla Devi
and all the other candidates
of Harit Pradesh Party
are currently leading against candidates
of Ganga Ram Chaudhary's coalition party.
You can see the results on
your television screens.
We can see Bimla Devi's
candidates winning the race.
You can also see how disappointed
Ganga Ram Chaudhary looks here.
This is how it is going to stay
from the beginning to the end.
All the candidates
of Harit Pradesh Party are very excited.
Are the results out?
But let me tell you something,
this is just the beginning.
We are all waiting for it.
We often see the tables turn
- I am talking about my exam results.
- at the last moment.
We are now going for a short break.
Keep watching ABP News.
Chaudhary Saab... you've scored 57 percent!
You passed the exams!
We have decided
We have decided
We have decided
To shine bright like the sun
Give wings to your dreams
If you want to soar high
Chaudhary always loses the exit poll,
yet he always wins in the end.
O wanderer
O wanderer, your heart sets you apart
Don't worry, God will
Guide you to the right path
O wanderer, your heart sets you apart
Don't worry, God will
Guide you to the right path
The crowd that was bursting
crackers and celebrating with sweets
outside Harit Pradesh Party's
office yesterday
can now be seen outside
Yuva Swaraj Party's office.
Because Ganga Ram Chaudhary
has managed to ace both,
the election and the high school exams.
- He has won!
- Yes!
let me tell you,
I had scored two percent more
than Ganga Ram Chaudhary in high school.
Fifty-nine percent... Hey!
Put me down.
I said, put me down!
Thank you.
You got a taste of power.
I did too,
many years ago.
This power blinds you.
I also got a taste of education.
Education empowers you.
It will take me some time
to come down from this high.
By the way, am I still your wife,
or have you formed another coalition?
You are the one who made
eight wedding vows, Bimmo.
I'll stay faithful
to the seven vows I made.
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
- Long live Chaudhary Saab!
On behalf of the legislative party,
I propose that Mr. Ganga Ram Chaudhary...
be the next Chief Minister
of Harit Pradesh...
Math helps you win elections.
But you need to have
the right person...
in the right position
to run the government.
I would be happy to have
an honest, young leader like you
as my chief minister.
Hear me out. Calm down.
I have set my eyes on another post.
I, Ganga Ram Chaudhary,
do swear in the name of God
and my gurus, Mr. Ghanti,
Mr. Rai Bareilly, Mr. Inamdar,
and Ms. Jyoti Deswal,
that I will faithfully and conscientiously
discharge my duties as a Minister
for Education of Harit Pradesh.
Don't worry about the consequences
Just have a blast today!
Have a blast, mate!
Have a blast, mate!
Rewards and punishments don't matter
Have a blast, mate!
Just have a blast today!