Date with an Angel (1987) Movie Script

lions gate entertainment.
Man: Yes. His time has come.
Now remember
what you've been taught.
Bring him home with love.
Have a safe journey, my child.
Woman: Arrivederci.
Second woman:
Bonne chance, ma belle.
Man: Allons.
Second man: Good luck, kid.
Woman: Sayonara.
Woman: Albert,
just wait a minute.
I think I broke my shoe.
Albert: Why are you
always stalling?
Come on. Let's move it.
Hup, 2, 3.
Just a little. Thank you.
Now, what it comes down to
grace, is basics.
If your stepson
applies himself,
he can climb
that success ladder
just as quickly as I did.
See, there is no stopping
a man who is determined.
Isn't that right, Ben?
Oh, right. Ed was so right.
Man: Wow.
Woman: Whoo! Hi there, Patty.
Oh, Patty, Patty,
oh, I'm so happy for
you and... I'm sorry.
Jim. Oh, yes. Jim.
Have you set the date yet?
Yes. Look at this girl.
Such a face.
I feel horrible
about this foul weather
ruining your engagement party.
Oh, well, it just brings us all
closer together,
don't you think?
Will you excuse me?
I seem to have lost my fiance.
Oh, Patty, get a good
hold on that one.
He's quite a catch.
Yes. I'd be afraid someone
would steal him away.
Like to see them try.
Woman: Ah!
Hi. Congratulations.
Oh, thank you.
From what my daughter tells me,
your son has the makings
of a great salesman.
Now, that is long-term
security for the boy,
not this musician stuff.
Ah, here she comes,
daddy's little star.
Oh, have I showed you the
artwork for our new campaign?
Wait till you see this.
This is just something.
Oh, look at her.
Ohh... Ohh...
Here. Hold this up, Ben,
so everybody can see
my little, ethereal beauty.
So damn proud.
First, she becomes the face
for our new cosmetic line,
and then my one and my only one
gonna become a bride.
Boy better treat
my little princess right, Ben...
Or else.
It's my little Patty cat here.
Ok. Enough.
Have you seen Jim?
I can't seem
to find him anywhere.
Sure. Last time I saw him,
old Al cirimele
was chewing his ear off
in the kitchen.
All is the best sales rep
we've got,
and Jim is gonna be
on his team.
Will you all excuse me, please?
Hello, Patricia.
Mr. Winston, sir.
Aldridge, what
are you doing here?
I know this isn't the time
to talk business, sir,
but gleason said
you did want to know
the marketing results of
the ethereal beauty line.
Oh, yes. I certainly do.
Pretty bad...
In case no one told you,
the party has moved inside
due to the bad weather.
That's funny.
Nobody said a word to me.
Think I should be offended?
This is embarrassing.
Everybody is gonna think
that I'm marrying a man
who doesn't have enough sense
to come in out of the rain.
Maybe everybody doesn't
know what they're missing.
This is called
a romantic interlude.
Come out and interlude with me?
You're making me mad,
and I'm going in.
No. Wait!
Sanders on first base.
Looks like he's
going for second,
and there he goes!
Sanders has stolen
second base...
And Sanders looks like he's
gonna go for third, but wait.
The play is to third base.
It looks bad for Sanders.
It's a pickle.
He's caught between
second and third base.
There's the base,
there's the toss,
and Sanders is safe at third.
You coming in or not?
Is Sanders coming in or not?
That seems to be
the question of the evening.
There's the pitch.
It's a perfect bunt
down the first-base line.
His fans are cheering him in.
"Go! Go! Go!"
They're going crazy.
They're on their feet.
They're at the window.
Heh heh. Hi.
We'll be in in one second, ok?
I hope you have some way
of explaining this to them
because I don't.
We could tell them I start
spring training tomorrow.
No. Hmm...
You ok? You still
have that headache.
No. No. I'm fine.
Come on, slugger.
I'll dry you off and
get you some more aspirin,
but, Jim... I know. I know.
I know. What?
No more fun tonight.
Come on, honey.
All right. Listen up, you scum.
Shut off that crap!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Ha! Smooth move, man.
All right. You've got
something we want.
If we get it, nobody gets hurt.
Ed: What the hell is this?
You want a free demonstration?
All right. We want a hostage.
Take that guy. Get him.
Woman: Oh, dear God.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Patty: Aah! All right. Mmph!
Man: Shut up, or I'll
grease your friends here.
Mmph! Mmph! Come on.
Come here.
You want to see
your friend alive again,
cooperate when we call.
Ben, do something.
Nobody move, nobody gets hurt.
I change my mind. Catch!
Let's get the hell out of here.
What'd you do? Don't ask.
Just go. Go, go!
Aah! Aah!
Ed: It's all right. It's all right.
Don't panic.
I'll get it.
It's probably them.
Man: Good evening, sir.
Can you tell me what sound
a rubber grenade makes?
Sorry. Time's up.
The correct answer is pbbt!
Ow! Ha ha ha! Whoo!
Ooh! Ha ha ha!
Come on, Georgie. Go, man.
Jerks! Hey!
This is the worst thing
you ever done, George.
Worst? Why, I oughta...
For a nonprofit scam,
this was all-time.
Do you have any idea
what you've done?
He's hot. He's hot. Cool him off.
Cool him off.
Just wait till you
see the real party
we have going
back at casa hymie.
No. No. Yes.
Not at my place,
not the party ninjas.
It's your bachelor party.
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
Come on, Sanders.
How's about a little
appreciation up here?
I'll give you some
appreciation, George.
Hey! Hey!
Somebody! Anybody! Help!
Miss? Hey, huh?
Oh, come on.
A phone. Phone. Phone.
Where's the phone?
911, 911, 911.
Oh. I'm sorry. I...
I didn't mean to be too-
can I get you something to...
how about something
for your... oh, boy.
Uh, maybe I should...
oh! Aah!
Oh, it's broken.
Don't worry.
We'll get somebody
to look at it.
I promise. I'll take
care of everything.
I'll just call a doctor or a...
Oh, no, no. No. I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm... Married.
Um, not married.
I'm engaged, which is...
you know, it's, uh,
just as bad.
I mean, I'm dreaming.
I mean, I must be dreaming,
and if I'm dreaming,
then there's nothing to
feel guilty about, right?
So, go ahead.
Knock yourself out.
Coming. Oh!
I don't believe this.
I know. I know. I overslept.
Hope you had pleasant dreams.
Well, as a matter of fact...
Jim, this isn't funny.
Daddy is furious
over last night.
Honey, I thought I explained
everything when I called.
Yeah. You also said
that you would be over
first thing in the morning
with an apology for him.
You're absolutely right.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
All right. Well, I should at least
call him and tell him that you...
uh, no, no, no.
Actually, the place
is a little messy
from last night.
Actually, more than a bit.
I don't think
you want to see this.
Ok. All right.
So, we'll see you
in half an hour.
Ok. Ok, and, Jim,
please, don't be late.
There's some sort of problem
going on at the company,
and daddy is in
a real poo-poo mood.
Ok. I promise I'll hurry.
Ok. All right.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks a bunch.
Patty: Move it, jerks!
Ha ha ha!
You guys don't think
she was just a tad
angry with us, do you?
Nah. Nah.
Oh, my God, you're real.
Jim, this is your wake-up call.
Continental breakfast.
This, um... Jim!
Wait a minute. St-stay there.
Stay there. No, no, no.
Don't move. Don't go anywhere.
Come on, Sanders! Hide.
Hide, ok? Hide.
Just hide. Hide.
George: Open up... Now!
Jim Bob! Come on, Sanders!
Maybe he's on the throne.
Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hey.
What's going on?
You tell us.
I was just leaving.
I'm gonna go
meet up with Patty.
Yeah. We just saw her.
Great gal, not even remotely
upset about last night.
Oh, yeah? Terrific.
Well, listen, guys.
I'm in a bit of a hurry,
so do me a favor.
Why don't you walk me out, ok?
Come on.
Well, we came over to
help you clean up.
Is this open? No.
No. That's all right.
I got everything, anyway.
Oh, ok. Well, gee, we really
wanted to help you, Jim.
Maybe we can come back later.
No! Wait, guys!
Where is it? Where's what?
I don't know. What?
Holmes, the bedroom.
Bravo, Watson.
The game is afoot.
I don't get it.
Neither do I.
I mean, what did you jerks
expect to find, huh?
You think that, um...
ha ha ha! Yes!
No, no, no, no. It's not what
you think it is, George.
Welcome home.
It's really, really important that
you listen to me right now, ok?
Our little stud souffle went
on a love frenzy last night.
It's not what you...
will you stop it?
George, please, it's really important
you listen to me right now, ok?
You're about to see something
that is simply gonna amaze you.
We know that's not
Patty, right, guys?
George, please.
I don't know whether I should go for
the year's supply of canned ham
or what's behind
curtain number 3.
George, I'm begging you.
It's important.
Curtain number 3. Canned ham.
Bob, I'm going for the curtain.
Yeah! Open that curtain! No!
Who is she?
I guess that's an angel.
Angel who?
Just an angel.
Have not got time for this.
We got to get back there.
We never should've
left her alone.
You'll feel better after we
get you something to eat.
Rex, decoy.
George: Big Jim, eat, eat.
You need all your strength
for the scam that...
So, how you doing?
Fine. Yeah?
I'm excited, guys. This
doesn't happen every day.
This is big, don.
Grab those
peanut butter cookies for Rex.
Now listen. What do we know
about trademark and copyrights?
I'll call Wertheimer.
Wertheimer? Wertheimer?
He went to law school.
The thing about this, guys, is,
we have to move rapid, quick.
Once that wing
heals, she's gone.
I just want to make sure
we don't get ripped off.
Ripped off? We own
an angel, guys.
We do not own an angel.
Revenue deluxe...
motion pictures,
concert appearances...
I'm thinking out
loud here... radio,
record albums, television,
miniseries, man...
"angel, the ninth
wonder of the world."
I'm not gonna turn her into
some kind of sideshow freak.
I didn't even think
about sideshows.
Jim... Look. She's hurt, ok?
She's got to be cared for.
We got to find somebody...
hey, what's up? You're
supposed to be on decoy.
Yeah, well, she's on
the phone lining up
a couple of hot ones
for us tonight.
I can't believe I'm wasting
time with you maniacs.
I got to get back. I never should've
left her alone in the first place.
George, pay for this stuff.
If your family needs money... no!
Ever since the second grade, we've
done everything you wanted to
because up until now,
we haven't hurt anybody.
Think about it, George.
She's an angel.
She doesn't belong in a circus,
so if you don't want to help
me, then fine. No problem.
I'll take care of it myself.
See you later.
Ok. All right. Don't worry.
All this is gonna do
is make you heal faster.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You ok?
Cold, huh? Don't worry.
Just wrap this
around you like that.
See? All better, huh?
Is that better?
No. Ahem. No.
Can't do that, see?
Oh, no. Patty's father.
I should just go over,
don't you think?
I thought so.
Just what I need...
another headache.
I'll be back with Patty
as soon as I can,
and then we'll figure out
what to do with you.
You, uh, keep warm
and don't let anybody see you.
No, no, no, no.
I'll be back very soon.
You'll be safe here, I promise.
There's nothing to worry about.
Patty. Oh, listen.
I was just on my way over
to explain about this...
so, this is why you didn't
want me coming in before, huh?
Patty, listen. It's not
what you think it is.
She's not as girl.
She's an angel.
Oh, God, Jim.
It's true. I swear to God.
At least your friends
were honest with me.
What did they tell you?
Obviously, the truth.
Patty, wait.
You know they hate you.
I mean... what?
Get back inside.
Go on!
Oh, man, don't break
anything else.
Why me?
This must be the place.
Ok. You stay here, ok?
Man: Yes?
Excuse me. Could I talk
to you for a minute?
Go around.
It's just take a second.
Other side, son. Ok.
Be right back,
I promise you, ok?
Now, what are your sins?
Now, there's no reason
to be afraid.
Tell me, when was
your last confession?
Confession of what?
Are you a catholic, son?
No. No, sir. I've never
been here before.
I just didn't know
where to take her.
Take who?
The angel I found. Hmm.
So anyways, so I
brought her here
figuring maybe you folks would
know what to do with her.
I can't take care of her, and I
don't want to see her exploited,
so what should I do?
Oh, say 10 hail Marys
and 8 our fathers
and make a good
act of contrition.
Wait. What do you mean? I don't
know what those things are.
Well, that's not my problem.
Go in peace.
Dios mio! Santa Maria!
Hey, hey.
Hey, come here.
It's me. Come on.
Oh, it's ok. It's all right.
Everything is fine.
Now, what's going on here?
Oh, sir, this is her.
See, she's the angel.
Now, whatever
you kids are up to,
a church is no place
for your pranks.
Now, you'll have to leave. No.
Listen. Let me take this off
and show you what she
really looks like.
If you don't leave, I'm gonna
have to call the police.
But where am I gonna take her?
Try the baptists.
Honey, I'm sure she's
just one of those girls
left over from
that party they had.
Lounging around in his blanket
until 5:00 the next afternoon.
No. It is over between us.
No! Don't say that! Ow!
Oh! Ohh! I'm sorry.
Oh, honey...
We're gonna keep calling Jim
until we get to
the bottom of this.
Oh, mm...
I'm sure the tea
will help those.
This always happens
when I get upset. Oh...
Ben! Where's that tea?
Ben: Here we are, ladies.
Sorry it took so long.
You'll love these
shortbread cookies, Patty.
I used twice the butter.
Just put it down over there.
Patty doesn't care at the moment
about twice the butter,
thanks to your son.
Have you called again?
Yes, grace.
He's still not home.
Patty, I know Jim
would never delib...
I'll never forgive him
if he ruins this for us.
Honey, does you daddy
know about all this yet?
What did he say?
He said he was gonna tear
Jim's head off and shove it...
maybe I better try
Jim's place again.
Ohh... Aww...
Come on. Try it. Please?
Don't be scared. There's
nothing to be afraid of.
I mean, everybody
likes hamburgers.
Look. You can't get better
unless you eat something.
You got to try it.
You'll love this.
Like this. Watch.
See? Big bite.
Hmm? Uh-huh. It's good, hmm?
It's good.
Tastes great. You try.
Yeah. It's good. Mm-hmm.
Oh, no, on.
Woman: What is that?
Hey. Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, no, no, no,
no, no. Wait. Look.
It's just a hamburger. There's
nothing to be frightened of.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's not gonna bite you.
If you don't want...
if you don't...
uh... I've got to call Patty.
Stay there.
Why don't you stay
for a while
well, it's up to you, 'cause
you are the girl
who keeps me up at night
you are the girl
who makes me feel all right
You are the girl
in my dreams
George, we've been
down this road twice.
So where else do we look?
Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Turn! Back it up, back it up.
George, it's her!
Come on back. Come on.
Come on. Pull in there. Quick!
Oh, wow. Hello there.
Remember me?
Grace, if Patty's there, could
I please just talk to her?
That... that's not true.
You just don't under...
don't give me that.
If you really cared,
you wouldn't be having
this lewd affair.
Here. These are 2-ply.
Madam, your carriage awaits you
on track number 7.
First stop, Broadway.
Second stop's along
the way at Hollywood.
Right this way. Come on.
Higher tax bracket. Come on.
Never fear, Mr. French
fry is here. Ok.
Hey, no sign of Jim, but
he's gotta be around.
- She likes them.
- Men:
Man: Really. Here you go.
Man: Yeah. Yeah. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Out of this car,
into that car.
Get the door.
Get the door, Rex.
Man: Ok. Get the door.
- Give her that look.
- She's.
Give her that look. The look.
Hey. How you doin'?
Ok, forget the look.
Forget the look.
Make with the fries again.
I know how it appears,
but I promise you,
if you let me talk
for 2 seconds,
I... I know I can straighten
this whole thing out.
He wants to talk to you
for 2 seconds.
Drop dead!
That was 2 seconds.
Man: Come on. Come on.
Every time I wonder
if the world is right...
What? Aah!
What are you trying to do?
Well, I'm trying
to make us rich, Jim.
Come on. Give us the angel.
Jim: Give this up, George.
Bite his hand! Aah!
Come on. No way.
No way are you gonna take her.
What'd you weasels tell Patty?
Rex: A pack of lies.
Don: Hey, you wanna compose,
you need bucks!
Rex: Yeah, unless
you wanna keep
driving that dung heap
the rest of your life.
George: Hey, you can write
the angelic symphony in d minor.
Get out of here!
Think about it, tchaikov.
See ya later, hon.
Get out of here, George.
Don't worry. I'll get it fixed.
Just haven't gotten
around to it yet.
What happened to all the fries?
Serves you right.
Home, sweet home.
I call it quits for
tonight, all right?
Tomorrow, first thing,
we're gonna make sure...
gets to look at you.
Oh, no, he got out again.
Come on, hurry, hurry, come on.
No, brutus, no.
Run! Bad dog.
Bad dog. Bad dog. Stop!
Bad dog.
Bad doggie. Bad dog.
Get away from him.
That dog is a killer.
Don't... don't egg him...
don't... don't...
That's great.
You're incredible.
Mr. Winston: Is she?
Oh, um...
Mr. Winston.
What a surprise.
Oh, um, I think I
should take this moment
to tell you how
deeply sorry I am
that I didn't make it
over this afternoon
to personally apologize about,
you know, last night,
but the most incredible
thing has happened to me.
You see, s-s-she...
Shut up.
I'm going to enlighten
you, young man.
Uhh! Now, you
and this floozy
of yours here...
Hi. I'm Eddie Winston.
It's an honor to meet you.
Uh, um, Mr. Winston,
this is, um... Her.
You see, she was hurt, and
I wanted to help her.
You see, Patty
totally misunderstood
when she came over...
Say no more, Jim.
I completely understand.
Why don't you two
just have a good time?
I'll explain to pattycat
and take care of everything.
You don't worry about a thing.
I-I don't think that
would be a very good idea.
You, you just take good care
of this lovely lady.
You promise me that?
I promise.
Ok, now you two
just have a wonderful time.
I-I just think you make
a wonderful couple
and I'll just take care
of everything, ok?
Good night, Jim.
Jim: Good night, sir.
Good night, miss.
I hope I do get
to see you again.
Ah. I feel really good!
Wait a minute.
Good boy. Good dog.
Had enough!
Ha. Hello.
Is something the matter?
I mean...
Don't you sleep?
Uh, no, I...
do you remember the girl?
The girl... Patty?
Well, we're gonna get married.
I mean, it's not like I don't
wanna go with you, but...
look, tomorrow, I promise.
We'll figure
everything out, ok?
I mean, we'll find out
where you belong
and who you are.
Woman: Winston's cosmetics.
Man: Well, I heard...
Second man: Yeah, I heard
they may go under.
I'll transfer you. Thank you.
Winston's cosmetics.
Aldridge, we all know
the test results
on the ethereal line,
and I for one don't want
to hear them anymore.
The question that we are
here to answer is
what was at fault?
Why did it fail?
Who are we gonna blame?
Uh... The advertising
campaign was
poorly conceived, sir?
I agree.
Right. We can
teller and gillette
and we start again. Agreed?
Uh, Mr. Winston, excuse me, but
isn't the situation
far more crucial
than just changing ad agencies?
I mean, doesn't
the whole future
of Winston's cosmetics
depend on...
now, that is not true!
I want these rumors squashed.
This company is
in perfectly capable... oh!
Excuse me.
I don't know
if you all know, but
I was attacked last night.
We're sorry to hear that, sir.
It was worth it.
For what I discovered...
I found a face to die for.
A complexion
that every female on earth
would sell her soul for.
I'm telling you, this girl
is the ethereal beauty.
With her, we could
go international.
She is everything
we could ever hope for.
That sounds great, Mr. Winston.
We're behind you 200%, sir.
Yeah. Who is this girl?
My daughter's
fiance's mistress.
Are you sure
we can get her, sir?
Oh, we'll get her.
I will definitely get her.
Uh, what about
your daughter, sir?
This is business, aldridge.
Ed Winston's daughter
will understand.
Get out!
I don't want to hear any more.
Now, wait, wait, wait. Now,
just think about the good...
Aah! Look, once I get
this girl working
and out of the way,
you and Jim are gonna be
free to get back together.
I'll give you
a tremendous wedding.
Aah! Just leave me alone!
I hate you.
Oh, you don't care about me.
Who defended you
when you were having affairs
on my mother, who lied for you!
Nothing better to do with
your stupid pension.
All right, now, pattycat,
let's not hurt each other here.
Well, that's just
unavoidable, isn't it?
Oh! How am I gonna face
anyone now?
Do you hear that?
I'm hiccuping now!
Here. Put this on.
Take it.
That's right.
All right. Good going.
It's ok. One after
the other one.
Man: All right, boys. That's
the last of the paperwork.
Copyright and trademark.
That's all you need.
Show me what you got.
You're going to want
to sit down for this.
This stuff is great.
...wash over you. Just
let it open your mind.
Open your mind. At the beach.
Ok, look at this, look at this.
Official angel halo.
See? Angel cola. Angel cola.
Everyone drinks cola.
The official "I love the
angel" bumper sticker.
Yeah! A buck apiece.
We'll sell millions of them.
An-gel. An-gel.
Do you get it, man? Gel.
Look here. Hey.
Look. See?
This mean anything to you?
Come on. See?
Company picnic? Senior class?
Take these off. Here.
Oh, shh, wait, don't.
Woman: Shh.
Bad back.
Old surfing injury.
Jim: Good.
Yeah, keep your hands
to your side.
You just... step...
wonderful. No problem.
Don't worry. When Patty
sees what you are,
she's... she's gonna love you.
Hi, honey!
Just... wait.
Patty, please. Please,
sweetheart, don't...
just don't overreact. Let me...
please let me explain, ok?
I... you can't...
Ok, honey? You know what?
If you don't believe me,
see for yourself.
They say seeing is believing.
Well, you're not
gonna believe this.
You're not gonna believe
this, sweetheart. You're...
aw, come on. Give me a break.
Patty, come on. Shut off the...
Patricia, these are not
the actions
of a person involved
in a relationship
based upon commitment.
Patty! Come on.
Man on TV: Please.
You've got it all wrong.
She means nothing
to me. Nothing.
Woman on TV: Nothing. Ha!
I don't hear from you
for 3 days, tad.
You didn't even call... Yeah.
Patty! Oh, thank God.
Look, please, please,
don't hang up the phone.
Just listen to me.
I know you're furious, but.
I-I-I found her in my pool.
I-I mean...
I-I fell asleep and I woke up
and there was this noise
and I went outside...
Uhh. Ohh.
Woman on TV: Oh, you.
Oh! Aah!
Come on.
George: Look.
Yes, of course, sir.
I mean, if I heard, you know,
if I heard this, I would
think it was crazy, too,
but I swear this is
on the level.
So you... oh, oh, wow.
So you're coming. Thank you.
That's tomorrow at the
press club at noon.
And just come as
you are, you know.
Just dress casually.
We'll be there. Ok.
Great. Bye-bye.
Don, that was the "daily news."
That's the end
of the list, man.
They're all coming.
Uh, how about all
the TV stations?
All the TV stations. All
the radio stations.
Tabloids. The works.
Ain't got the angel.
Now what are we gonna do
about Sanders?
Don't worry about that.
I've got everything
taken care of.
Do you know what Jim's
problem's always been?
He never thinks about himself.
That's why God created us.
I think when this
whole thing's over,
he's gonna come running up here
and plant a big, wet, juicy one
right there on my cheek and say,
"George, thank you."
I wouldn't count on it.
I've never seen him
this stubborn.
George: Let's face it.
Jim is a screwed-up
little puppy right now.
Why do you think he's been
having these headaches,
acting like a space cadet?
He knows marrying Patty
and that stupid job's
not what he's supposed to
be doing with his life.
This angel's the best thing
that could've happened to him.
So, how are we
gonna get her, ace?
Ha. Once again,
the talented and lovely
miss Patty Winston
will assist us.
Even as we speak,
it's in the works, gentlemen.
Genius, this abduction.
Sheer genius.
Miss Patty Winston?
Yes. Whew. These are for you.
Who the hell are you?
I'm the love bug.
Hey, your boyfriend
really cares about you.
You have a good time
tonight, and remember,
love to live and live to love.
I'm the love bug
and once you're bitten, hey
you want a love hug
'cause you'll
be smitten ha!
'Cause I'm oh,
God, that was good.
Hey, did you see my sign?
Patty? What do you want, George?
I'm embarrassed, and I apologize.
We want to help.
Oh, really.
We thought maybe you'd
come by at 8:00
and drink some beer.
Just the guys.
No, I'm not leaving her alone.
Ah. Well, bring her along.
We'll go someplace else.
Like where?
Pfft. The park?
The park? Why?
Just for old times' sake?
Ok, fine, George.
Just one thing, all right?
No screwing around. I mean it.
Come on. Trust me, Sanders.
Sure. See you.
"Trust me, Sanders." As
far as I can throw you.
Oh, no.
I got worried.
I thought you were gone.
I'm sorry if I interrupted you.
Your... Whatever.
Phone home?
We've gotta go meet the guys.
We, uh...
Better get you dressed.
Jim: Well, I don't see them.
Of course, that doesn't
mean anything.
George is always late.
What? Patty. Patty!
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
I am so stupid.
Jim: Patty, wait.
Please don't leave. Just...
no, no, no, please.
Just stay here.
I gotta talk to her.
Patty, don't leave!
She be ours now, lads.
I've been so lonely
she can't understand
the way I feel
Patty, listen, don't leave.
Go. Your angel is waiting.
Listen to me. Leave me alone.
God, you really love
making a fool out of me.
Would you hear me out?
Man: Aah!
If you want to
break it off with...
Listen to me.
I am not leaving you!
This isn't happening to me!
George: Hang on.
Get her in. Quick.
Get her feet in. Come on.
George: Come on!
Get her turned around.
Hurry up. Here he comes!
Be careful. She's shedding!
Man: Aah!
Rex: Hurry. Come on!
Jim: George.
Don't do it, George!
Don't do it! George!
No!... George: Sorry, Jim Bob,
but this is for your own good.
Guys, let her go.
George, waaait!
I still remember summer
way back when
we both felt the same
and I still love her
I can't stop thinking of her
I'm having trouble
understanding Jane
Man: Hey. Hey, look, look.
It's my favorite. See? Fun?
Bubble bear. Look. Watch.
Don, try the French fries again.
Look at this. Mm, French fries.
Rex: Remember those?
French fries.
All right. Mm. Easy.
You can have some French fries.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm having trouble
understanding Jane
yes, I'm having trouble
understanding Jane
Understanding Jane
Ah. You guys, check it out.
Can we discuss these
outfits you rented for us?
You love Hawaiian.
I love Hawaiian shirts, Rex.
I look like a flashback.
But you look great!
You really look... come on!
Check it out.
There's so many people.
Everybody came.
Man: Typical.
Man: Oh, my God.
Man: Is that... is that
the guy from channel 5?
Man: Ok. Sliding off. What?
Maybe we should just
forget he whole thing.
Man: Guys.
Come on, you guys. I told you.
You gotta watch out
for that stare.
Shh, it's ok. It's ok. Yeah.
Now come on, you guys.
It's showtime.
Um, yeah? Hello?
No. He's not here.
Sure. I'll tell him.
You can't make it.
Press club. Ok. Press club.
Sure. Yeah. I'll tell him.
Thank you. Thanks for calling.
Press club.
Good morning.
Oh, hey, I guess
it's afternoon already, huh?
Ha ha ha!
Was that supposed to be funny?
I've called
this press conference
to present to the world
the greatest find
of this century.
Where is it?
Got to be around here somewhere.
Hey! Ho! Watch out, man!
What's the matter with you?
Look. I'm sorry about that.
I'm in a bit of a hurry. Do you
know where the press club is?
Press club? Press club...
Yeah. You go down 53... no.
Press club...
Well, go down 127... no.
The press club...
The old press club?
That's the community building.
Commun... great. Ok.
Forget it. Good.
Oh, my!
Dang fool!
And now we present to you
our discovery
in the interest
of theological, scientific,
and economic phenomenon.
Why are we still here?
This is a joke.
I'm curious what
the punch line is.
George, I'm gonna kill you.
bring her out, please.
I think this
is way out of line.
Ladies and gentlemen
of the press,
this is the real,
honest-to-God angel.
We can see that.
Attagirl. Don't let them
treat you like that.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We had to keep her disguised.
I'll show you why.
She's a fake.
These guys are
trying to con you.
She's no angel.
Sorry, people.
You've wasted you time.
No. You haven't
wasted your time. Look.
Jim, take it easy. Agh!
No, no, no! It was
George's idea.
I said no. I said,
"bad, George, bad."
It's ok. It's over.
George: Jim, come on, man.
Come on, Jimmy.
I'm trying to work here.
We're seconds away
from history, Jim.
I'm trying to make
a buck. Come on.
Man: Wait, wait, wait.
Come back.
George: Go get her.
That's the news story of
the century getting away.
Go on. Do your job.
Take pictures.
No. Stop. Stop. No, no. No, no.
Um, excuse me.
What was that all about?
Hold on. Hold on.
Could we talk to her, then?
No. Why not?
Because she's mine.
So, what have we
learned here today?
Our 3 young impresarios
still swear
to the validity of their angel
and claim they'll get her back.
I guess you could say
that one man's angel
is another man's girl.
This is Harlan rafferty
reporting from...
Aah! Aah!
I don't find this amusing!
Now, this is the last
time I am going to ask.
Where is she?
We're telling you the truth.
He could have taken
her out of state
for all we know.
I don't think so.
The police would have
found them by now.
The cops are after them?
Why? What for? What did they do?
It seems your friend Jim stole
some valuables from my house
the night of the party.
That is a big load.
So was that terrorist stunt.
I'm gonna tell you something.
I could press charges, and I
could have you punks fined,
and I could have you jailed.
Jail? Please.
Anything but that.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, I'd like to see
you try and prove
it was us.
Would you?
Just say the word, pisshead.
Yeah. Pretty effective
word... "pisshead."
Now what?
Cheer up, Capone.
I'll get us out of here.
We'll find the angel.
Yeah? What if
Winston gets there first?
We're toast.
Uh-huh, and here's
another one for you, babe.
Who's bailing us out?
Jim! Ha ha ha!
That's a good question.
One thing's for sure...
nobody's gonna find you here.
Be careful.
That's why I think
you should love it.
I know I did.
I mean, that is, of course,
if I could find it.
It's been so long.
I just hope it's still here.
It's somewhere around here.
There you go.
Very good. You found it.
Your very own
high-rise penthouse.
Have you seen this guy?
Yeah. He looks familiar.
Yeah. That's the crazy fool that liked
to break my station the other day.
What day?
Tuesday. Tuesday?
Yeah. Or I think
it was Wednesday.
Tuesday or Wednesday.
I see you have a new friend.
Something to do.
We got all kinds
of good stuff here.
We've got stuff to clean
ourselves up with.
Wait a minute.
You're hungry, right?
Eat this. See? That's good for you.
Like that?
You want this? That's
what you want, huh?
This right there. There you go.
No. Uh... um... One at
a time, all right?
Take it easy.
One at a time.
Man: ...A river
rolling into nowhere...
if you can think
of any place in the world
where he might be hiding
with this girl,
we'd all appreciate knowing.
Man: the finer things
keep shining through
the way my soul
gets lost in you
The finer things
I feel in me
No more!
Now you listen.
This has never
accomplished anything.
Now... now stop this violence!
This is not violence, daddy.
When I find that little slut,
I'll show you some violence!
Man: w go so fast
why don't we make it last?
please take my hand...
hey, what word
rhymes with throbbing?
Man: ...With me
come see
with me
whoa, come see
while there is time
let's go out
and feel everything
if you hold me
I will let you
into my dreams
but time is a river
running into nowhere
we must live while we can
and we'll drink
our cup of laughter
have a nice day.
Yeah. Um, have you
seen this guy?
He's really cute.
Have you seen him?
Yeah. Um, I'll show you.
Right there.
That's him, right?
Yeah, that's him.
That's him.
Wait a minute. Are you gonna...
You know, my father
got me into music.
After that, the only
thing I wanted
- was to be a...
- Great composer.
The only problem was,
everything I composed
was always more grating
than great.
But I kept at it, and then
the last 6 months or so,
I don't know.
Everything started feeling so...
the headaches got so bad, I just
stopped composing altogether
and went back to screwing
around with the guys,
you know... just took
some odd jobs.
And then I... then I met Patty.
She never liked the idea
of me being a composer anyway,
and somehow I thought being married
and having a steady job and all that
would just straighten
things out in my head.
And now here you are.
I'm so damn confused,
I don't know what to think.
You know, I really
care about Patty.
She's... she's...
ok, so she's not you, but
please, if you can't look at me
without that stupid look
of affection on your face,
then don't look at me at all,
because I've got enough
problems, you know?
I'm only human.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I know... I know
it's not your fault.
But it's crazy to feel
this way about you.
Don't you see? We could never
have a real life together
because you don't belong here.
And it's not that I
don't feel something,
and it's not that I don't care,
I mean, who wouldn't
fall in love with you?
Man: Whose dumb idea was this?
Woman: Just keep on looking.
Hey, wait. Stop the car.
For what?
Just stop the car.
What am I stopping the car for?
What... what are you doing?
Man: What is it? You got to
go to the bathroom or what?
Woman: Come here.
Want to hear something?
I found this
in my glove compartment.
You like it?
Um, believe it or not, this
is one of the first things
I ever composed
and conducted in college.
I... I was never too crazy about
this section here, you know.
I always thought I should put
some more strings in because...
It's not really dance music.
Dance music.
I just wish you could
tell me how you feel.
Yeah. Me, too.
No, he's not.
Sure, I'll take a message.
Where was his car found?
Where's that?
Oh, yeah.
Thank you. I'll make sure
that he gets the message. Yeah.
Thank you very much, detective.
This is it. This is it!
Oh, she's gonna be so sorry.
She's messed with
the wrong girl.
Nobody makes a fool of me.
What am I doing?
Ok. I'm Patty.
I hate that blouse!
Yes. Perfect.
She is dead. She's dead.
She's going to be
one sorry slut.
My hat. My hat.
My hat.
So want to play tough?
I can play plenty tough, sister.
Ha ha ha!
Ben: Sorry I didn't
get you out sooner,
but you know grace.
George: We understand, and
we'll pay you back, I promise.
You boys are the only
ones that can help me.
We've got to get to Jim and
the girl before Winston does.
Wait. You know where they are?
I've got a pretty good idea.
Thank goodness the police
aren't searching the woods
till morning.
All: The tree house!
I'm embarrassed.
I think this is gonna work.
You tell me if this hurts, ok?
Just let me know.
Ok. Now go ahead. Extend them.
There it is.
According to the book, all your
powers should be restored.
That means you can...
you can leave.
I mean, it makes
sense anyway, doesn't it?
We can't stay here forever.
They're gonna
find us eventually.
When they do, they'll turn
you into a freak show.
I'm sorry. I just don't
think I could take that.
I think it's better that you just
go back to where you belong.
I've got to go back, too.
Right now, Patty must be...
Yeah, I know.
It's all the more
reason for you to leave.
I'm afraid down here,
those are a common occurrence.
Well, it's not gonna
get any easier.
Come on. I'll walk you
to the meadow.
Woman: I do
angel baby
my angel baby
when you are near me
aaah! Aaah!
Stop it!
Nope. Gone.
What do you think?
I think she's flown the Coop.
Let's keep looking.
Patty: Aah!
Oh, no.
Jim: Come on now.
Don't play around.
Look, I'm not feeling
too swift,
and I want to get back.
Don't do this to me.
Look, you know how
I feel about you.
It's just that...
How did you find me?
You look awful.
Thank you.
What happened to you?
I regained my feminine dignity.
Now, where's
that angel bitch, hmm?
I guess she's gone.
I'm sorry.
I really wanted
you to meet her.
I suppose I deserved
that for hurting you.
But the angel is gone.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I don't think so.
You bastard!
How dare you hit me!
I didn't. I swear I didn't.
Oh, you are gonna
regret that move, mister.
Where's my rifle?
Oh, no, no, no. Patty, come on.
You can't be serious.
Go to hell!
Oh, boy.
Ok. Come on.
Come on. You got
to show yourself.
You kicked me in my heinie.
Where are you?
Look, there's no need for this.
Don't do this.
Nobody ever kicks me
in my heinie.
You hear? Nobody!
He did what?
Patty: He hit me, daddy.
And then he kicked
me in my heinie.
Your heinie?
Oh, honey.
I didn't do it.
I swear I didn't.
It was her.
I was nowhere near her.
I didn't even touch her.
She did it.
Where is she?
She's gone, but she's here.
I mean, I can't find her.
She kicked... she disappeared.
You know, I read in a book
that a healthy angel...
You better give us
some answers, young man,
and I mean the truth!
Nobody has to get hurt here.
You just tell me where she is,
and we'll forget
the whole affair.
What? Just a minute.
I've got some say here.
Look, just settle down!
This is business, right, wimp?
It's just between us men.
George: That's right, my friend.
Just between us men, no?
Unhand that wimp!
Jim: My heroes.
That's my dad. You're
in trouble now, Eddie.
Hiya, pa.
What have you done to my son?
Don't start something
that you can't finish.
Kick his butt, Ben!
All: Kick his butt, Ben! Kick his butt, Ben!
Kick his butt, Ben!
Shut up!
Kick her butt, then!
All: Kick her butt, then!
Kick her butt, then!
Let him go. I'm not
gonna ask you again.
Just as soon as he
tells me where she is,
you can have the punk.
Now, where is she?! I want her!
Did you have garlic for lunch?
Hey, hey! Aah!
Spread out! Spread out!
Aah! Aah!
Jim Bob. Jim?
Boys, we'd better
get him to a hospital.
Don, get his feet.
Come on, buddy.
Wake up. Get up.
I'm sorry, but it's not good.
Your son has a cerebral tumor
in a very advanced stage.
Hasn't he been complaining
of severe headaches?
Listen, I'm sorry
that I yelled at you.
I didn't really want you to go.
I'm going to die, huh?
That's why you're here.
You were supposed to
take me that first night...
the night of the party,
only you broke your wing
and messed up your mission, huh?
Does everybody get you
when they go?
Good. I might be jealous.
I'm scared.
I guess that's kind of
natural, isn't it?
I'm sorry we didn't
have more time together.
There's so much I wanted
to share with you.
I love you.
We didn't realize that, um...
If we'd have, uh, you know...
We were just trying to make...
He's already...
woman: No, he isn't,
and you know you shouldn't
be in here.
But we have to
tell him something.
You can do that tomorrow.
Now he needs his rest.
Well, we thought
that he might not...
Don't worry. Jim's gonna be
around for quite a while.
I have that
on the highest authority.
Now if you don't mind,
I need to be alone
with my patient.
So how do you feel?
Wait a minute.
An answer to an angel's prayer.
Do you like it?
Look at that.
I got a leave of absence
for good behavior.
I guess he thought we could
make some good music together.
Jim, I'm starving.
Do you feel well enough to take
me out for some French fries?
When I'm with you
I come alive
I feel I'm living in heaven
you make the wrong
turn out so right
I'm gonna love you forever
in your arms
you made me warm
you give me strength
to carry on
I know I won't be alone
as long as I'm with you
When there's a dark storm
on your horizon
and you think
you can't get through it
just put your hand
in my hand
and I'll show you
how to do it
when the future
looks uncertain
you can count on me
to be there
when your heart and soul
are hurting
just look
and you'll see me there
just follow where I lead
I'll give you what you need
a love that's always true
and someone who
believes in you
it's time to come alive
your moment has arrived
I'll bring out
the best in you
we can have it all
no, we will never fall
looking down from
our celestial view
just follow where I lead
I'll give you what you need
and I'll tell you
something else
you'll start believing
in yourself
it's an easy thing to do
and you've got someone
who believes in you
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