Date with Love (2016) Movie Script

Hollywood extra
is coming to you live
from the red carpet
for the world premiere
of Alex Allen's
"heart full of wind."
Now let's hand it off
to Jeremy Mitchell,
who's in the middle
of all the star-studded action.
Thanks, Michelle.
What an exciting night!
Every celebrity in Hollywood
must be here.
And look,
here comes America's sweetheart,
miss Alex Allen!
Alex, congratulations
on the premiere
of your new film,
"heart full of wind."
Tell us what made you
want to make this movie.
Well, I love romance.
"Heart full of wind"
tells the story
of two lonely people
who are afraid of
opening up their hearts,
but they learn
to trust each other
and love one another
for who they really are.
And your co-star
in this film, of course,
your very handsome boyfriend,
Mr. Colin hartling.
Now, we have heard rumors
that there's trouble
in paradise.
Any comment?
Oh, you know how rumors
travel in Hollywood,
so let me set
the story straight.
Colin and I are
very much in love.
so where are you hiding him
Well, he's right...
He was right here
a minute ago.
Excuse me.
As you can see,
Alex Allen...
Alex, Alex, right here!
Sorry to interrupt.
Alex, you know
Rebecca havercroft.
Of course.
How are you, Rebecca?
We were just discussing
the possibility of me being
in Rebecca's next picture.
Oh! Really?
I think Colin is wonderful
in your little movies, Alex,
but I'm sure he'd like to try
some serious acting
sometime, too.
Excuse me a minute.
She's adorable.
May I?
So, as I was saying...
Go find your own co-star.
What did you
do that for?
Oh, come on. Like she was
really just interested in you
for your acting?
You don't think
I'm a good actor?
Let's not do this here.
No, you know,
maybe it's time
I moved on.
To what?
Before you started dating me,
you were making
dog food commercials.
And now I'm a star.
You know, I don't need you
anymore, Alex.
What? Wait.
Are you breaking up with me
on the red carpet?
Goodbye, Alex.
Colin, you said you loved me!
Guess what...
I was acting!
We still love you, Alex!
Alex, Alex...
All the world's a stage...
And all the men and women
are merely players.
At least,
that's what our friend
Mr. Shakespeare said.
What he really means
is that we all play roles.
We have our public faces,
the faces we share
with our friends and family,
and then we have
the one true private face,
the face we only share
with ourselves in the mirror.
Yes, David?
What if you don't like
what the mirror says?
Sorry, I can't help you
out there, David.
My specialty is English.
All right, guys,
remember your homework
for tomorrow.
Chapter eight.
See you tomorrow.
Hi, Dennis.
Actually, it's David.
I was...
Do you want something?
Yeah, um...
I was just wondering,
since the prom's coming up,
and I was just wondering
if you wanted to go...
With me.
With you?
You mean, together?
I already have a date.
Yeah, so...
Right, yeah.
Well, maybe I'll see you there,
then, okay, right?
Yeah. Right.
Or maybe not.
That went well.
Shut up, watts.
Look, Rogers,
no pressure,
but there's only
a week until prom.
So who's left
on your list?
Courtney was
the last one, and...
This has been
a disaster, watts.
I mean, I've asked
every girl in school,
and they've all said no.
What am I going to do?
Hey, why do you even want to go
to the stupid prom, anyways?
It's just an archaic ritual
designed to force us to conform
to society's expectations
for the rest of our lives.
It's also the last
chance I have
to make a mark
at this school.
And that is
important why?
for the last four years,
nobody at this school
has paid any attention
to me at all.
Aw, thank you.
I mean, you had to.
I mean, we've been friends
since first grade.
Come on, I'm talking
about everybody else.
To them, I don't even
exist at this school.
I want to be remembered
for something
more than just...
Being... me.
I hate
to break it to you, Rogers,
but I don't think having
Courtney Cornell
or any other member
of her bubble-head brigade
on your arm
is going to do anything.
In fact, we are so far
down the social ladder
in this school,
that taking a movie star
like Alex Allen to the prom
wouldn't even help.
- Heidi watts?
- What?
You are brilliant!
I'm afraid to ask why.
I'm going to invite
Alex Allen to the prom!
And look, here comes
America's sweetheart,
miss Alex Allen!
- Gentlemen.
- Hey. Mr. Walsh.
...on the premiere
of your new film,
"heart full of wind..."
Remember tomorrow's
homework, David.
I don't want to hear
that your dog ate it again.
Hey, Mr. Walsh!
Wait up!
You're good
with words, right?
I like to think so.
Well, I'm having
a little bit of trouble
writing something.
What kind of writing?
Oh, a promposal.
A what?
You know, like a formal
invitation to the prom.
Ah... prom.
That's very clever.
Except I'm kind of having
a hard time with it.
I want it to sound romantic,
but not too...
Well, the first thing
I would do
is make an observation
about your object of affection
that no one else can.
Something... insightful,
but not too...
Creepy stalker-ish?
Yes, exactly.
Can you keep a secret?
No way,
this is you!
In my prior life.
I wasn't always
an English teacher, you know.
I didn't know
you wrote poetry!
It's not exactly something
I want to spread
around the school,
Maybe it will give you
some inspiration.
Thanks, Mr. Walsh!
Good luck
with that promposal.
Mr. Walsh!
Did I hear you mention
the prom?
Uh, yes.
Was just helping out
one of the kids.
Well, as your fellow
prom committee member,
save me a dance.
Hollywood starlet
Alex Allen
has a red-carpet meltdown,
and it's all caught on tape!
Are you breaking up
with me on the red carpet?
Goodbye, Alex.
Colin, you said you loved me!
So, Meghan,
what do you think?
Is this the end...
You never know, Brian.
Hollywood is always...
Alex, honey,
you can't stay in here forever.
Nobody cares about me.
I do.
You have to.
You're my publicist.
I am also
your best friend,
and you're Alex Allen.
You're a huge movie star.
You've got the number one
romantic comedy in the country
right now.
Yep, I can fall in love
but every romance I've ever had
ends in disaster.
Okay, so you've had
a few bumps along the way
with the men
that you've dated.
No, Paige...
I haven't dated them,
they've dated me,
and only because
I'm famous.
Nobody wants me
for who I really am.
That is not true.
You have millions of fans
out there
who love you
just the way you are.
Oh, yeah?
Have you checked
the Internet recently?
"Alex Allen,
a star has fallen."
"Alex Allen,
is it really over?"
"Alex Allen...
Has America's sweetheart
gone sour?"
We can fix this.
We just need to get a little bit
of good publicity going,
that's all.
Wait a minute.
Have you seen this?
It's a video message
to Alex Allen.
It's been viewed
800,000 times.
Let me see that.
Hi, Alex!
My name is David Rogers.
I'm 17,
and I'm a senior
at j.W. Hughes high school
in Arlington heights,
Would you go
to the senior prom with me?
You're probably wondering
why you should even
consider this.
I mean, you don't know me,
and I don't know you,
But there are some things
about you
i think I do know.
You walk in beauty
like the morning sun,
arising with the hope of love.
Your heart beats with
the passion of your courage,
the strength
of your determination,
and the gentle kindness
of an ageless soul.
You are to me
a dream made real,
one from which I hope
to never awake.
So what do you say, Alex?
Will you take a chance on me
and be my date to the prom?
Well, what do you think?
I think it's cute.
Send him a signed photo
or something.
Alex, this kid
is exactly what we need!
I'm not going
to this kid's high school dance.
I didn't even go to my own prom!
Think about the publicity.
"Hollywood star attends prom
with boy from the Internet."
It's halfway
across the country!
It's the perfect way for you
to reconnect with your public!
Vanessa hudgens did it,
Taylor swift did it,
and they got
some serious press.
It's going
to make me look desperate.
Well, no offense, Alex,
but ever since your performance
on the red carpet,
offers haven't exactly
been rolling in.
The answer is no.
Oh, ho!
Look at that.
It's my agent,
probably calling
with an offer for my next movie.
Hey, Eddie.
Okay, well, thank you.
I'll just have
to think about it.
Talk to you later!
So, was it an offer?
Yes, actually...
A commercial...
For dog food.
Where does that kid live?
Mom, I told you,
I'm going gluten-free.
It helps me focus
in class.
I'll remember that.
So? Anything?
I broke a million hits
last night.
Still no response from her.
Honey, has it occurred to you
that Alex Allen is a very busy
Hollywood movie star,
and she doesn't have time
to look
at every single thing
that someone posts about her
on the Internet?
Mom's right, you know.
She's a somebody,
and you,
you're basically a nobody.
Just trying
to keep things real.
If you ask me, this whole thing
has been a waste of time.
Now, if you had
monetized the site,
made it pay per view...
I'm not trying to make money
from this, Devyn.
I just wanted
a date to the prom.
Oh, I'll get it!
Who's Heidi
going with?
Oh, she's not.
She says it's an archaic ritual
designed to force us
to conform to...
I worry about Heidi.
Good morning!
Who was it, Devyn?
Help me clean up.
Mom, fix your hair.
David, wipe the milk
off your chin.
Are you really wearing that?
You look like a child!
Why? What's going on?
Alex Allen
is at the front door.
Are you sure this
is the right place?
This is the address.
Told you we should
have called ahead.
And take away
the element of surprise?
That's what we want.
That's how things
on the Internet go viral, Alex.
Real reactions
from real people.
Hi! Uh, I'm...
Alex Allen!
And you must be David.
I'm David.
Well, this is
my publicist and manager,
Paige Sumner.
Hi, David.
It's nice to meet you.
Good, and you?
I'm the witty but adorable
younger sister, Devyn,
and this is our mother,
the warm and caring Catherine.
I'm Catherine.
How do you do?
Well, you're
Alex Allen.
I guess you do just fine!
Uh, well, anyway,
David, I obviously saw
your wonderful video online.
I was very touched.
You were?
So, if the invite
still stands,
I would love to go
to prom with you.
Let's try that again.
Alex, you're kind of
blocking yourself a little,
so let's try it again,
but this time
with a bit more emotion,
like you're really
thrilled to be here.
Um, David,
if the invitation
is still open,
I would love to go
to prom with you.
Oh, and here he is
at his middle school
graduation ceremony.
He still had
his braces then.
I used to cut his hair.
Not sure what happened
to his bangs there.
Seriously, I don't think
Alex wants to see
all this stuff.
I think it's very sweet.
You were
an adorable little boy.
Well, I think
I should warn you,
that didn't carry
into high school.
My brother isn't exactly
Mr. popularity.
Just keeping things real, mom.
I would like to get
interviews with each of you
for Alex's various
social media accounts.
Just something short
about what it means
to have Alex in
your house today...
If that's all right
with you, Mrs. Rogers?
Hey, honey,
I'm late for work.
Grabbing the paper.
I think we should review
the interview questions
We should also discuss
a contract for David.
Catherine? What's with
all the people out there?
What's with
all the news cameras
and reporters?
Did somebody...
She said yes?
Okay, we've got a problem here.
Why? I thought
we wanted the publicity?
We do, but not from
that pack of wolves out there.
They don't want
a human interest story,
they're just looking
for a scandal.
How did they find out
you were here?
I might've tweeted it...
Just a little.
we need to get
you out of here.
Good luck.
They've got the
place surrounded.
- You...
- Heidi.
Yeah, sure.
What size do you wear?
Okay, it's clear.
Um, Alex?
I just, um...
I really wanted
to say thank you.
The truth is,
I never really thought
you'd say yes.
No problem,
and you know what?
I think
it's going to be a great prom.
Yeah, it is.
Come on, come on...
There's got to be
a signal somewhere.
I knew
I shouldn't have left L.A.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Did I kill her?
Is she dead?
Oh, my gosh...
Are you all right?
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I'm... I'm fine.
I landed on my pride.
I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry.
It's my first class.
Um, maybe we should
call you an ambulance?
Oh, no, no.
No, no ambulance.
I'm cpr-certified!
Honestly, I'm okay.
Mr. Walsh,
are you going
to flunk me over this?
Because if you flunk me,
my dad will never let me
get my license
as long as I live.
Well, Andrea,
maybe we should ask
your victim here, miss, um...
Alex... andra.
Uh, Alexandra molinsky.
Well, miss molinsky,
what do you think I should do?
Well, I think Andrea here
just needs to learn
from her mistake
and try again,
with a zero body count
from now on.
Well, I can't let you get away
with this
without some kind of punishment.
You know what,
I'll walk home.
That was a bit harsh.
She lives
at the end of the block.
Is there
anything I can do for you?
Call you a cab or...
Why don't I give you a lift?
How about some music?
Uh, sure.
...showers this weekend.
In entertainment news,
the town is buzzing
with the arrival
of Hollywood star Al...
Maybe not.
I know.
I look vaguely familiar
to you.
You feel like you've seen me
someplace before.
It's funny how I have
that effect on people
everywhere I go.
It's just something
about my face.
You have leaves
in your hair.
I was wondering
whether or not
I should tell you
before you get out
of the car.
It's a...
It's a nice face, though.
Thank you.
So you're staying
at the hotel.
What brings you
to town?
Nothing special.
Just visiting.
Where from?
Out of town.
It's beautiful country there.
I'm sorry,
I don't mean to be rude.
It's just been a weird day.
Near-death experience
and all...
Oh, there's my hotel.
Well, thank you for the ride.
Look, I know we started
off on the wrong foot.
Actually, I was off both feet.
Maybe I could make it up
to you,
buy you a cup of coffee
or something?
I know this
quiet little cafe
over on the next block.
You really don't recognize me,
do you?
I don't think
we've met before.
You're definitely somebody
I would have remembered.
Have you ever seen any
of the starlight falls movies?
I don't get
to the movies much,
I don't even own a TV,
but if you recommend them,
I'll check them out.
Are they popular?
Wow, you must've been hiding
under a rock
for the last two years.
Actually, I, um...
I was stationed
in Baghdad.
Army communications
Got back
a year ago.
I guess I've missed out
on a couple things, huh?
Nothing important.
Where's that cafe?
Thank you.
Here you go.
One decaf
soy vanilla latte.
Thank you.
I brought you this.
it was the least I can do
after I almost ran you over.
Well, technically,
you didn't do the running over.
Well, Andrea is my student,
so I'm responsible.
We'll call it
an apology cookie.
Actually, I don't, um...
Cookie accepted.
So what were you saying?
Anyway, when my dad passed away
a year ago,
my mom was all alone,
and I'd finished my service
and got
an honorable discharge...
Came home and started teaching.
That takes us
up to this afternoon
and the pavement.
How about you?
That's where I'm from...
And now where?
Don't you think
it's just way more interesting
when you don't know everything
about a person?
A woman of mystery.
No, it's just...
These days,
everybody wants to know
everything about everyone.
I don't want
to know about everyone...
But I would like to know
a little bit more about you.
Oh, this is so good.
I can't remember the last time
I had a cookie.
And then I put it
on the Internet
and waited.
I never really thought
she'd say yes...
Oh, no...
And there we have it, folks...
Whoa, wha...
That's one way
of getting to know you better.
I... I'm so sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
No, no, no apology necessary.
I've got to go.
Thanks again!
Wait... Alexandra!
Thank you!
Hey, it's me.
Where have you been?
I have been calling you
for an hour!
Phone died.
Another one?
You missed the kid on TV.
Oh, I saw him.
He was... good.
Yeah, he was.
We should get
some positive bump from that.
Oh, and we have a meeting
with the principal
at the school tomorrow.
I just kissed some guy.
Mr. Walsh.
Who is Mr. Walsh?
He's a driver's ed teacher.
What are you doing
kissing strange men?
Have you lost
your mind?
He isn't strange.
He's nice.
Handsome too.
I don't care
who or what he is, Alex.
What if he goes to the media?
He won't.
He doesn't even
know who I am.
Does anybody else know
about this little
make-out session of yours?
Calm down.
It was one kiss.
I just did it to distract him.
From what?
David's interview.
It came on the TV at the cafe.
You were at a cafe
with this man?
Yes, and you know what?
It was really nice
spending time with someone
who didn't want
anything from me.
I was just myself again.
Alex, I hope, for your sake,
none of this shows up online.
He wouldn't do
that sort of thing.
He was a real gentleman.
He's not the one
I'm worried about.
Everybody has
a camera, Alex.
You've got to be
more careful.
But nothing happened...
This time.
Alex, this whole project
is about making you look good.
America's sweetheart, remember?
I need you to forget
about this Mr. Walsh, all right?
All right.
Now, get some rest.
You've got
a big day tomorrow.
You are going back
to high school!
I forgot how much
I hated high school.
Don't think about it
as high school.
Think about it as a Hollywood
public appearance event...
With worse lighting.
All we have to do
is get Mr. Lee to say yes.
How hard can that be?
Good morning.
David here tells me you want
to attend our senior prom
as his date.
With your permission,
of course.
Well, I've thought it over,
I'm all for it!
As far as I'm concerned,
miss Allen,
you are more than welcome here.
I think you'd be
an inspiration to our students.
Hello, everyone.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Alex and Paige,
this is miss hope.
She's our faculty chair
for the prom committee.
Good morning.
I've just given my permission
for David and Alex
to attend the prom together.
Well, isn't
that exciting!
Well, of course,
we'll have to work out
some logistics.
What with
all the added attention
that this is going to be
bringing to the school,
we certainly don't want
to overshadow the experience
of the event
for the students.
Well, logistics
are my specialty, miss hope.
I'd be more happy
to help in any way I can.
Honestly, I don't want
to be any trouble.
I'm here for David,
so just treat me like you would
any regular student
at the school.
That is a brilliant idea.
What is..?
Being treated
like a regular student.
Mr. Lee,
do you think
it would be possible
for Alex to attend classes
with David?
Alex is very interested
in getting involved
in educational charities,
that sort of thing.
It would be very helpful
if she could get
an inside perspective
while she's here.
I'll tell you what,
miss Allen.
I will make you
an honorary student
for the week.
How about that?
How about that?
What's the idea of
making me attend classes?
That wasn't part
of the deal.
You remember
how you always used to tell me
how you never fit in
in high school?
Everybody picked on you.
This is your second chance
to be the coolest kid
in class.
I don't know...
Plus, there are
probably hundreds
of untapped
social media accounts
in this building,
waiting to smile on you.
Do you really think
this is going to work?
Course I do.
I'm also going to set up
a date for you and David
to be seen
at a local hangout.
You can have milkshakes.
You know I don't do dairy.
Alex, you're an actor.
Fake it.
Have a great day!
So, where to first?
My favorite class
of the day.
Come on.
Excuse me,
Mr. Walsh?
There's someone
I'd like you to meet.
Good morning, students.
I'm going to dispense
with the usual announcements
this morning
in order to welcome
a very special guest
to our school,
the famous Hollywood actor
miss Alex Allen.
Miss Allen is here
to attend the prom
with j.W. Hughes' very own
David Rogers,
and we hope she has
a wonderful time this week.
Over and out!
Well, it's really nice
to meet you, miss Allen.
Same to you,
Mr. Walsh.
Yeah, you can
sit over there with me.
Okay, everybody.
All right.
It's very exciting we have
a celebrity in our midst,
but we have work to do...
She's so awesome. let's get back
to our friend, bill Shakespeare.
Who can tell me what happens
in "Romeo and Juliet,"
act two, scene two?
Come on, does anyone?
How about you, miss Allen?
You're kind of putting me
on the spot right now.
Of course, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have expected you
to know this.
I guess you're used
to a different kind of acting.
The balcony scene.
Very good.
Thank you, miss Allen.
"Romeo and Juliet"
is one of the most famous plays
in history,
but really, at its heart,
it's just a story
about two people
who could be together,
but are kept apart by lies.
Yes, miss Allen?
Well, I hate
to disagree with you, Mr. Walsh,
but it wasn't exactly lies
that kept them apart.
It was more like
a small misunderstanding.
if Juliet would've told Romeo
the truth in the first place,
then there wouldn't have been
a misunderstanding.
Well, maybe Romeo needed
to give Juliet
a little more time to explain.
Juliet just had to say
"I'm a capulet,"
and Romeo
would've figured it out.
Yes, David?
I don't remember any of this
from the play at all.
Yeah, it's just...
Miss Allen doesn't know the play
as well as she thinks she does.
O, Romeo, Romeo.
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father
and refuse thy name,
or if thou wilt not,
be but sworn my love,
and I'll no longer be
a capulet.
'Tis but thy name
that is my enemy.
Thou art thyself,
though not a montague.
What's montague?
It is nor hand nor foot
nor arm nor face,
nor any other part
belonging to a man.
O, be some other name!
What's in a name?
That which we call a rose,
by any other name,
would smell as sweet.
Mr. Walsh,
just wanted
to return your book.
I take it any inspiration
you got from it
must have worked.
Oh, big time.
I still can't believe
Alex Allen
is going to be my prom date.
Oh, excuse me.
Hey! Hi.
Listen, I haven't
had a chance
to say thank you
for yesterday,
but I have your clothes
at the hotel.
I'm having them cleaned,
and I'll get them back
to you tomorrow.
Not really your style, huh?
Well, let's just say
you make a much better Heidi
than I do.
David doesn't think so.
Can I ask you
You're the movie star.
Why aren't you and David
going to prom together?
Uh, because...
The prom is stupid,
and I wouldn't have gone anyway.
He didn't ask you, huh?
David and I
are best friends, okay?
And best friends
look after each other.
Right, so..?
I know
what's going on here.
You don't actually care
about David,
and you don't care
about the prom.
You're just doing this
for some good publicity.
Well, that's not
exactly true.
Well, here's what it is.
This is really important
to David,
and if you do anything
to hurt his feelings,
I have a cell phone
and a social media account,
and I am not afraid to use them.
Have a nice day.
I thought
Hollywood was tough.
Oh, nice performance
in there, miss Allen.
I was impressed.
Thank you.
I was hoping
we could go someplace
and talk for a minute,
I don't know
if that's a good idea.
Last time we did that,
things kind of got out of hand.
Well, that's what I want
to talk to you about.
- You see...
- Oh, there you are!
Mr. Walsh,
it's time
for our prom committee meeting.
Oh! Well...
So sorry, big meeting.
Got to go.
Can I come too?
I would just love to see
what you guys have planned
for the big night!
Of course!
Oh, we'd be just thrilled
to have you.
Lead the way!
This should be interesting.
Bree, would you like
to open the meeting for us?
Okay, well, Alex,
on behalf of everybody
on this year's prom committee,
I just want to welcome you
and tell you how really,
really excited we are
to have you here.
Thank you.
It is an honor
to be...
that's really nice.
So we only have
a very short time
together today,
so let's just keep this
meeting moving right along,
shall we?
All right.
Now, since this year's theme
for the prom
is the wild west,
I think we should get
some actual bales of hay
and have them scattered
around the gym,
Do you really think
that's such a good idea?
I mean,
a lot of people have hay fever,
and I imagine
there's nothing worse
than sneezing all night
in a prom dress.
Um, well, we don't have
to have real hay, I suppose.
And the wild west thing?
It seems a little culturally
insensitive to me.
Well, do you have any
ideas for a theme, Alex?
since I'm going to be here,
how about Hollywood dreams?
We can get some spotlights
and have a big Hollywood sign
on the stage.
I love that!
Don't you think
it's a little late in the game
to be making changes
like that?
Not at all!
I just worked with the most
amazing set decorator
on my last film.
I'm sure I can give him a call,
and he'd be happy to whip up
some designs for us
right away.
It's, it's just...
We don't exactly have
a Hollywood-sized budget
to work with.
Oh, that's okay.
We can just run it through
my non-profit organization.
It won't cost a dime.
This is awesome!
Miss Allen,
the idea behind prom
is to have the students
in every aspect
of the event.
and I will be
right there
alongside them.
Um, I think
what miss hope means
is that we need
to be sure
that this is something
the whole committee wants.
But prom means
so many different things
for so many different people.
Romance, celebration,
a rite of passage...
I just want to make it better
for everyone.
Well, I say
we put it to a vote.
All right.
All in favor of...
Motion passed.
Mr. Walsh!
Just... okay, sure.
I must admit, I'm a little
surprised by you, Mr. Walsh.
How so, miss hope?
you certainly don't strike me
as the kind of person
who'd be
a fan of miss Allen's movies.
Actually, I don't know them,
or her.
That didn't seem to stop you
from encouraging
her little coup d'etat.
I didn't encourage it.
It's what the kids want.
It's their prom.
It's their prom,
not the Alex Allen show...
Enough about me.
...and I intend
to keep it that way.
Okay, first thing we do
is take off the emergency brake.
Which one is that?
You're not Andrea.
No. I asked her to reschedule.
I felt like she owed me one.
You lied to me, miss Allen.
Okay, first of all,
please call me Alex.
Second, I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you
the whole truth.
Which amounts
to the same thing.
Okay, look,
you're going to prom
with one of my students.
I find it
highly inappropriate
for us to be sitting together
in this car.
Well, you've been
avoiding me all day.
Felt like
this was the only place
we could talk privately.
Look, about the kiss...
The kiss
was inappropriate, too.
I know,
but if you'd let me explain...
Okay, all right, look,
we're sitting
in a car in the parking lot.
You should drive.
You do know how to drive?
I've always had a chauffeur.
Never had to learn.
You're kidding?
All right, I guess
this will be lesson number one.
Better late than never.
Let's start by releasing
the emergency brake.
That's the emergency brake.
Oh, yeah.
Whoo! Hey!
Okay, this isn't so bad.
Now let's see
how you actually feel
when you start the engine.
And when that TV interview
showed up on the screen
with my face all over it,
I didn't know
what else to do.
So you kissed me.
Well, I couldn't think
of any other way
to distract you.
Well, it worked.
What I don't understand is...
Why didn't you just tell me
who you were in the first place?
I don't know.
I guess I was enjoying
not being Alex Allen
for a change.
What's wrong
with being Alex Allen?
It's just...
Every time I meet someone new,
the first thing I wonder is,
"what do they want from me?"
Oh, come on,
it can't be as bad as that.
It's worse.
If I actually go out on a date
with a guy,
and our photo shows up
in a magazine
or online someplace,
he's got a three-picture deal
and never calls me back.
Guess that's why
I'm still single.
Well, you have
a better excuse than I do.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, no one's going out with
a high school English teacher
to advance their career.
So, how come
you're still single?
Bad examples.
Yeah, they were happily married
for 30 years.
How is that a bad example?
It's just, it's a lot
to live up to, you know?
The way my mom still talks
about my dad...
I just hope that some day,
I can find
a relationship like that
for myself.
Maybe we need a little break.
You know,
I know this great spot up ahead
that has excellent milkshakes.
Oh, I don't do...
I would love a milkshake.
When I was 18,
I was working
at a gas station,
and they asked me to be
in their commercial.
I was a windshield wiper.
You must have been
very convincing.
I must've been.
Somebody called my mom
and told her
they thought I was talented,
We packed up,
moved to Hollywood.
And the rest is history.
Not quite.
We lived in the car
for about a month,
but then I got a job,
and then I got another one,
and then the starlight falls
movies happened.
Wait, what are
the starlight falls movies?
Well, I play an alien
who comes to earth
as a teenage girl,
and every time the stars shine,
I have magical powers,
and I save the world.
Got it.
Mm-hmm, yep...
And when the first one of those
came out,
everything changed.
For the better,
Sometimes, I'm not so sure.
I love acting,
but the stuff
that comes with it
can be... confusing.
How so?
Sometimes, people want you
to be something that you're not.
Well, that's just
part of the business, isn't it?
Not when you start to forget
who you were to begin with.
We all lose track of ourselves
once in a while.
Sometimes, it takes
a complete stranger
to remind us of who we are.
Ah, I've got to go.
But you haven't finished
your milkshake.
I know, I'm sorry.
I have a date...
With David.
Phone's still not working.
I don't get it.
She's never like this.
This diva thing
might work in Hollywood,
but around here,
being late is just rude.
I'll be on the balcony.
Thank you for the milkshake.
It's been a very long time
since I've had one of those.
Can I ask you a question?
Is there going to be
a test later?
You said
that people always seem
to want something from you...
...but what was it
about David's invitation
that made you say yes?
I guess it was the words
he used to describe me.
What kind of words?
He said
that I "walked in beauty"
and was an "ageless soul,"
and he said that I was
"a dream made real".
I mean,
how could I not say yes?
Now, if only I could find
someone my own age
to use words like that.
Anyway, I guess I will see you
around school, Vincent.
Have a nice evening, Alex.
Oh, hold on!
I almost forgot.
What's this?
Your report card.
D minus!
Well, look, you're here
to go to prom with David,
and as his teacher,
it's my duty
to maintain a strict code
of professional conduct
all the way
through prom night.
But maybe if you're interested
in another lesson...
My number's on the back.
We're from
two different worlds, you know.
I'm a capulet,
you're a montague.
We both know how that ends.
Well, nobody said
you can't rewrite Shakespeare.
Would a kiss get me an "a"?
It's... it's worth a try.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey! Hi!
Sorry I'm late.
Where have you been?
I have been calling you
for two hours.
Phone's still dead.
I was just doing
a little sightseeing.
Really, and what sights
did you see?
Uh, you know.
The sights.
These are for you.
Oh, thank you, David.
They are beautiful,
and you look nice!
Where are we going
for the big date?
The burger barn.
What's wrong
with the burger barn?
There's nothing wrong
with the burger barn.
It's the most popular place
in town
for high school kids.
The cool kids,
which I'm not.
Well, I think you're cool.
Stick with me, kid,
and we'll have a great night.
I'll be right down.
I'll get the car,
meet you out front.
I'll help you!
Have you seen
Alex's latest movie?
Which one?
The one she
made tonight.
Who is that?
Mr. Walsh,
David's English teacher.
It looks like Alex
had a little extra
homework to do.
Did anybody else
see this?
Not yet,
but if your client
dumps my brother
before the prom,
I'll make sure this ends up
all over the Internet
faster than you can say
"America's sweetheart."
- Got that?
- Understood.
Have you ever considered
a career in Hollywood?
Hi. Yeah.
There's a seat
right over there.
Alex Allen, table for four.
Of course.
Course, yes.
Right this way.
Hey, nice to see you.
How's your night going?
This is crazy.
I can't believe she's here.
Hey, David.
I know.
Good to see you.
Hey, David.
It's reserved.
Can I get you something?
Four sodas.
- Diet.
- Diet.
- Diet.
- Diet...
The best you've got.
I'll check
the wine cellar.
Excuse me.
What's the matter?
Why did you
have to bring her here?
What, this?
This was Paige's idea.
What's upsetting you?
You, David!
You upset me.
I'll make sure
she leaves a big tip,
if that's what's bothering you.
You know,
you're really an idiot.
You know that?
Look, I'm just having
a great night, okay,
and I...
Why can't you just be happy
for me?
Everything okay?
Yeah, that was just...
She gets kind of weird
You are trending
across all
of your social media accounts
right now.
Everybody in here must be
posting something about you.
Do you think
there's anything on this menu
that isn't fried?
Be nice.
are watching.
Hi, David.
I saw
your promposal video.
I was very impressed.
I wish a guy would do
something like that for me.
Good luck.
It wasn't that big
of a deal.
It certainly
was a big deal!
David's video's
all over the news.
He's famous.
I bet you're glad
I didn't go to prom with you
after all, huh?
David is the best date ever.
We're having so much fun
tonight, aren't we?
Alex Allen,
Courtney Cordell.
It's very nice to meet you.
Are you a friend
of David's?
Oh, yes,
I've known David for years.
We go way back.
Alex, could I get
a picture with you?
You want me
to take it?
There you go.
You know,
I have an idea.
David, why don't you
be in the picture, too?
Whoa, what?
O... kay....
One, two, three.
Oh, it's perfect.
Thanks so much, Alex.
You're the best.
You know she's just going
to crop David
out of that picture.
She can't.
That's why I put him
in the middle.
Yeah, so, uh...
That was Courtney.
She was the last girl
to turn me down for prom.
You know, I still can't believe
it was that difficult for you
to get a prom date.
I did get rejected
about... 15 times.
Here we go.
Four diet sodas.
It's our finest vintage.
Thank you.
Why didn't you ask Heidi?
They're just friends.
Yeah, and also, she thinks
prom is stupid anyway.
Well, let me tell you
If you were in my class
back when I was in school,
I would have been thrilled
if you asked me to the prom.
Mm-hmm, and I definitely
would have said yes.
I had a lot of fun
tonight, Alex.
For the first time,
I kind of felt like
I belonged at that place.
I'm glad!
I had fun, too.
I was just wondering...
I know I'm only in high school,
but maybe, say,
a few years from now...
You're a great kid,
and someday,
you are going to make
some girl very happy.
But not you.
Not me.
Besides, as far as
Hollywood's concerned,
I'll be 29 forever,
so eventually,
you'll just be too old for me,
and it wouldn't work.
Well, can't really blame a guy
for trying, right?
Good night, David.
I will see you
in school tomorrow.
You walk in beauty
like the morning sun,
arising with the hope of love.
Your heart beats with
the passion of your courage,
the strength
of your determination,
and the gentle kindness
of an ageless soul.
You are to me
a dream made real,
one from which
i hope to never awake.
So what do you say, Alex?
Will you take a chance on me
and be my date to the prom?
Alex, I need you to...
Who were you calling?
You can't just go around
taking other people's words
and calling them your own.
It's called plagiarism.
I'm really sorry,
Mr. Walsh.
No harm, no foul.
Just next time...
Write something
of your own, okay?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Walsh?
Do you have a moment?
My name is Paige,
Paige Sumner.
I'm Alex Allen's
What can I do for you?
It has come to my attention
that you and my client,
miss Allen,
have become,
for want of a better word,
an item.
I wouldn't exactly
call it that.
Well, whatever it is
you want to call it,
I need to keep it
out of the press,
print and electronic.
That means
it needs to stop.
Is this coming from you,
or from Alex?
As her publicist and friend,
I speak for both of us.
Look, she came here
to go to the prom
with David Rogers.
I understand that,
and I'm not getting...
So this is not
an opportunity
for you to make money,
Mr. Walsh.
I will not have you selling
my client to the media.
Is that what you think
this is about?
Let me put it like this.
If your relationship with Alex
becomes public,
so will your entire life.
I have nothing to hide.
Everyone has something
to hide, Mr. Walsh.
Remember that.
It's me.
I need you to do
a background search
on one of the
school teachers up here.
J.W. Hughes high.
Yeah, his name is Vincent Walsh.
That's my set decorator,
sent over these designs
for the prom.
Miss Allen,
they look very ambitious.
Ah, well, that's Trevor.
Once he gets his mind
set on something,
the sky's the limit.
So we're going to go with
an old Hollywood glamour theme.
Classic movies,
classic movie stars.
Are those
mirror balls?
Of course, you can't have prom
without mirror balls.
But 10 of them?
And what does that mean...
"Black and white,
no exceptions"?
Oh, that's
Trevor's color scheme
for the evening.
It's based
on hurrell.
The photographer?
Anyway, everyone has to come
dressed in black and white.
But miss Allen,
many of the students
and faculty
have already purchased
their prom wear.
Okay, we can compromise,
I guess.
Let's say the girls can wear
whatever they want,
and the boys have to come
dressed in black and white.
Trevor will have a heart attack.
Um, maybe we could
simplify this
just a little bit.
I mean, it's a lot to take in.
Bree, do you want
to have a prom to remember?
Yes, but...
So do I.
What else you got?
Now, over here,
wind machines...
Wind machines?
And then this will be
the lounge area,
so that's not dancing,
you can just chill out.
Oh, Vincent...
Sorry, I was in a meeting.
What did I miss?
Oh, nothing.
Except little miss
movie star in there
is turning the prom
into her very own
personal academy awards.
I'm sure it's not
as bad as all that.
It's worse,
but I'm going to
put a stop to this,
once and for all.
I know.
Oh, my gosh, you really...
Where's Alex?
She's still working
on the prom.
This seat's taken.
Okay, sorry.
I swear, I have no idea
why he'd come around.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Why aren't you sitting
with your new friends
over there?
I don't need
a mercy lunch.
Shut up, watts.
So, where's
your prom date?
Still in the gym.
She and miss hope have been
arguing about balloon shapes
for an hour.
Look, I'm sorry
about the other night
at the burger barn.
Don't worry.
No, I was being an idiot,
and I really am sorry.
This whole thing has just
gone to my head, I guess.
You know,
you asked me
why I couldn't just be happy
for you?
The thing is, I've always
been happy for you.
You're, like,
the best person I know.
No, it's true,
and just between us,
that promposal that you wrote
was pretty amazing.
I'm really proud
of you, Rogers.
Yeah, about that...
Can, uh...
Can you keep a secret?
Haven't I always?
I didn't exactly... write it.
Mr. Walsh, he, um,
he gave me his book,
for inspiration, he said,
and I didn't get that inspired,
You stole it
right out of the book?
No, not all of it.
Just... just the part
where I described Alex.
It was from this chapter
where Mr. Walsh is talking
about the woman
he wants to marry someday.
It seemed to fit, so...
You need to tell Alex.
Because it's dishonest,
using somebody else's words
as your own.
Come on, nobody cares
about that on the Internet.
Yeah, but I do!
Okay, okay, settle down.
I'll tell her.
- All right.
- Thank you.
After the prom.
Ow! Ow!
Whoa, whoa,
let me help you with that.
Oh, thanks.
What are you doing
back here anyway?
I thought I'd look and see
if there was any decorations
we could use,
and then I got a splinter.
Let me see that.
Oh, yeah, it's in there.
Here, have a seat.
Thank you.
You're really into
all this prom stuff, huh?
You must have had
a really great one
when you were
in high school.
I didn't go to mine.
What? Why?
No one asked me.
I find that
hard to believe.
Believe it.
I was not one
of the popular kids in school.
Alex Allen,
Hollywood superstar,
not popular?
That's impossible.
I was bullied a lot
by some of the other kids
in school,
so that didn't help.
I just remember sitting
at the lunch table,
listening to them all talk
about what they were going
to wear to prom
and where they were going
to go out for dinner after.
Is this going
to be a sad story?
Oh, it gets much better...
Because I decided
I was not going to sit at home
and feel sorry for myself,
so I decorated my room,
twinkle lights and all,
and I did my hair
and makeup,
and put on my best dress,
I picked just the right song,
and I danced by myself,
all alone, in my room,
and I pretended
that I was having
my very own private prom.
My mom says that's how she knew
I was going to be an actor.
Silly, right?
No, not silly...
Well, who knows,
maybe this prom will help
make up for it.
Got it.
Back to work!
Mr. Lee!
Mr. Lee.
Ah, miss hope.
How are the preparations
coming along for the prom?
Well, that is exactly
why I wanted to talk to you.
It's about miss Allen.
Such a pleasure to
have her in our school.
A lovely lady,
isn't she?
Well, the thing is...
Um, the thing is, Mr. Lee,
I'm afraid we have a problem
with miss Allen.
Ugh, I am beat.
How anyone
does anything
without at least
five personal assistants
is beyond me.
I just want a hot bath
and a glass of wine.
Make that two.
You're going
to hate me for this,
but I ran a background check
on your English teacher.
You're right, Paige,
I am going to hate you
for this.
I know, I'm sorry,
I should've told
you before,
but I...
But what?
You thought I would tell you
it's none of your business?
You are my business, Alex,
and you're my friend.
I just don't want
to see you get hurt,
I'm afraid
you're not going to like
what I found out
about Vincent Walsh.
Are you sure he doesn't want
anything from you?
Let's go, people!
We are less than
six hours to prom time!
Hey, great job!
Oh, here.
You, with the signage,
come on, hustle!
Looking good,
Good is not good enough.
These guys wouldn't last
a day on a film set.
Well, let's remember,
it's only a high school prom.
Do you need
something, Mr. Walsh?
Uh, well...
Actually, I was wondering
when you'd like to schedule
your next driving lesson.
My calendar happens
to be wide open.
I won't be taking
any more of your lessons,
Is it the car?
Because I know it's not exactly
the smoothest ride in the world.
No, it's not the car.
It's the teacher.
I don't trust him.
What's that supposed to mean?
You tell me...
V.K. Walsh.
So you found my book.
Paige did,
when she was
checking up on you.
Why didn't you tell me
you were a writer?
I don't know.
It didn't come up
in the conversation.
Well, I'm sure it would have,
sooner or later.
This was all a set-up,
wasn't it?
The "promposal."
You and David
had it all planned.
You gave him the words
right out of your book,
told him exactly what to say
and how to say it.
No, that's not what happened.
You used that nice kid
as bait to meet me...
Oh, and what a coincidence,
you just happen
to have written a book,
and wouldn't it make
a great movie?
That never even crossed
my mind.
It's a book of poetry!
You know,
I thought you were different,
but you just wanted to use me,
like every guy
I have ever dated.
Alex, let me explain
something to you.
You didn't
recognize me.
I'll bet you knew I was coming
all along.
You've got to be kidding me.
A week ago,
I didn't even know who you were!
Oh, please!
Everybody knows who I am!
that's your problem.
You're so used to everybody
knowing you,
that you're afraid
to let anybody
actually get to know you.
What does that even mean?
It means
that despite how highly
you think of yourself,
not everybody's interested
in taking advantage of you...
Especially me.
And another thing...
Ms. Allen!
Oh, Mr. Lee. Hi.
I... um...
First of all,
I want to thank you
for all your efforts
on our students' behalf
this week.
Why do I feel like
there's a "but" coming?
I regret
to have to inform you that...
You cannot attend prom tonight.
But you said...
The state school board
recently enacted
an official prom age requirement
that all student dates
must be 22 years of age
or younger.
I see.
Out of curiosity,
how did this issue
come to your attention?
Well, if it wasn't
for miss hope's due diligence,
we might have
gotten ourselves
into quite a fix.
Why don't I just come
as a chaperone?
Only parents of students
or faculty members
are permitted to act
as chaperones.
I'm sorry.
You should pick me up
around 6:00, I think?
Chaperones should
get there early.
Don't you agree?
I think the gym
looks spectacular.
Everyone's going to have
a really good time.
Not everyone.
I really don't know
why you have it out for me,
miss hope.
I just wanted
to make this a great prom.
Oh... well...
Everyone has rules
they need to live by,
miss Allen,
even people
from Hollywood.
You know, I had forgotten.
I'd forgotten
what high school was like.
Full of bullies.
I overheard principal Lee.
You're leaving
just like that?
Well, if there's one thing
I have learned as an actor,
it's to always make
a clean exit.
Okay, but
what about David?
He's been looking
forward to this prom
for such a long time.
I know.
So was I,
but there's nothing
I can do about it.
There is, however,
something you can do about it.
What do you mean?
You need to go
to the prom in my place.
No. No way.
No, prom is...
Yeah, prom is just
dumb and stupid...
I heard you before,
and I didn't believe
you then, either.
If I show up
instead of you,
David will never
speak to me again.
Well, then you obviously
don't know him
as well as you think you do.
Heidi, you and David
are perfect together.
Anybody could see that,
except, apparently,
the two of you.
your senior prom
only happens once,
and if you miss it,
you could spend
the rest of your life
trying to make up for it.
Don't throw this chance away.
Well, the theme
is Hollywood dreams, right?
Well, I am not exactly
what you would call
a glamour girl.
Well, that's...
That's my department.
I can't get this
stupid thing to work.
I've got this.
Ready for the big night?
I think so.
Corsage, limo,
sweaty palms...
You name it.
I just checked Alex's
social media accounts.
She's peaking
in all platforms,
and alexanddavidgototheprom
is trending very hot.
Sounds like it's going to be
a win-win for everybody.
Oh, limo's here!
This is an outrage!
We flew all the way here,
paid our own expenses,
completely out of the goodness
of our hearts,
to make this young man's dream
come true,
and now you're telling me
that some petty bureaucratic...
Come on!
We've got work to do.
Love it.
Daylight's still
a long time coming
But I know it will
been under their spell
oh, but we're coming awake
Mm-mm, nope.
Too much...
Too much?
Yeah, too much.
This is why, this is why
we crank the dial
to the right
ooh, this is why
we're biting the bullet
we know the kids are right
This is the one.
Different colors
we carry each other
we're just different colors
this is why
we're biting the bullet
we know the kids are right
we keep
cranking the music up
driving through our towns
but they don't wanna hear
they want us to turn it down
so come on, lovers
come on, haters
tonight we raise the fire
Ah, it's a little more
complicated than I'm used to,
Do I look okay?
You look amazing.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, by the way,
I hope you don't mind,
I couldn't go all the way.
Let's see you.
It's probably
your Mr. Walsh.
He's been calling
all afternoon.
Well, don't answer it.
I'm not going to let him
ruin this perfect moment.
Ah, Alex, there's something
I have to tell you...
About Mr. Walsh.
I think I know
everything I need to know
about Mr. Walsh.
Well, actually...
You don't.
I didn't mean to snoop,
but I overheard
you two arguing today
about David's promposal.
You mean the one
Mr. Walsh made him write?
You see,
Mr. Walsh really didn't
know anything about it.
David just ripped off the words
from Mr. Walsh's book,
and passed them off
as his own...
To you.
Why wouldn't he say
He didn't want to ruin
the prom for David, I guess.
Mr. Walsh is pretty
loyal to people.
He wasn't after anything
at all.
He was just trying
to help out one of his kids.
And when he said
he didn't know who you were...
It's because
he didn't know who I was.
He just liked me for me,
and I threw it away.
Well, what are you going
to do about it?
Right now?
I am going to make
a little promposal of my own.
I'll be right back.
Hi, David.
due to circumstances
beyond my control,
i can't be with you tonight.
So, David Rogers,
consider this
my official unpromposal.
Instead, I am sending
a replacement.
Actually, she's much better
than a replacement.
She is who you should have been
taking all along.
See, I've gotten a chance
to get to know you both
this past week,
and whether
you guys realize it or not,
you're perfect for each other.
You just needed someone
to push you
in the right direction.
So please,
have fun at prom,
have the best night
of your lives...
Oh, and don't forget
to take pictures
and post them online.
You're, um...
You're beautiful.
Shut up, Rogers.
You get me higher
you light the fire
you get the best of me
you make me want it
you know you got it
you got me hooked
and you're the key
yeah, I know
there's a million other girls
to see
but right now
you're the only place
I want to be
Isn't this exciting?
Takes you right back,
doesn't it?
Doesn't it?
I'd better check
the punch bowl.
Save me a dance!
I don't think we should
dance near the cool kids.
Ah, please.
We are the cool kids.
- David!
- Oh, hi.
It's really me
under here, Mr. Walsh.
It's kind of weird, right?
I think you
look wonderful,
but I thought you were supposed
to bring Alex tonight?
Oh, she wasn't allowed
to come
because of some sort of rule
or something, but...
I've got a better date anyway.
'Scuse us.
Really makes you want
to groove, doesn't it?
I just heard that Alex Allen
won't be allowed
to attend tonight.
Oh, just some mix-up
with the rules.
Funny thing is, I double-checked
with the school board.
Miss hope must have
Wait, it's because
of miss hope?
but it seems that
the restrictions for attendance
do not apply to anyone
accompanying a chaperone.
Care to dance, Mr. Lee?
Oh, uh... okay!
'Scuse me!
We're taking
the next flight out.
She'll be back
in Los Angeles tonight,
and she can be on set
first thing Monday morning.
Thank you so much.
I told you this would work!
You start a new movie
next week,
and I've had
four more phone calls
already asking
when you're available.
We're back in business!
That's great.
Well, I suppose
we could always take
the first flight out
tomorrow morning instead.
You're leaving.
My agent wants me
back right away.
Duty calls.
So I guess
you didn't change your mind
about that driving lesson?
I changed my mind
about the teacher.
Does he accept apologies?
Well, that depends.
On what?
Whether or not you'd accept
a late invitation to the prom?
Let's dance in style
let's dance for a while
heaven can wait
we're only watching the skies
hoping for the best
but expecting the worst
are you gonna drop
the bomb or not
I wonder what happened
to Mr. Walsh.
He owes me a dance.
...or let us live forever
we don't have the power
but we never say never
sitting in a sandpit
life is a short trip
the music's
for the sad men...
Looks like somebody
found a loophole.
Can you imagine
when this race is won
turn our golden faces
into the sun
praising our leaders
we're getting in tune...
So, what's next for
America's sweetheart?
Well, I have been thinking about
that, and...
Maybe I could just be
a sweetheart here
for a little while.
Do you really want
to live forever
forever and ever
forever young
I want to be forever young
do you really want
to live forever
forever and ever
forever young
I want to be forever young
do you really want
to live forever...