Dating Game Killer (2017) Movie Script

[ Typewriter clacking ]
[ The zombies'
"time of the season" playing ]
It's the time of the season
when love runs high
and this time,
give it to me easy
and let me try
with pleasured hands
to take you in the sun to
promised lands
to show you every one
it's the time of the season
for loving
Man: right over here.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I just need to
swing by my office for a minute,
and then I'll, uh, I'll meet you
at the property.
[ Engine starts ]
[ The turtles' "she'd rather
be with me" playing ]
Some girls
love to run around
love to handle everything
they see
but my girl
has more fun around
and you know
she'd rather be with me
Uh, yeah, I've seen
the before and after.
Lucky guy is what I am
Well, for that location,
this is the best price
on the market.
She don't fly
Now I'm telling you,
the seller is very motivated.
Bring me an offer.
Some girls
love to run around
they don't think about
the things they do
Man: uh-huh. Uh-huh.
What? What?
Oh, sorry. Something's going on
here that doesn't look right.
And you know
he'd rather be with you
Look, I've gotta go.
I'll call you later.
[ Receiver clatters ]
Lucky guy is what I am
tell you why
[ Engine starts ]
But my girl
has more fun around
and you know
she'd rather be with
yeah, she'd rather be with
you know she'd rather be
with me
[ Both speaking indistinctly ]
ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba, ba
ah, you know
she'd rather be with me
ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba, ba
ah, you know
she'd rather be with me
ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba, ba
you know she'd rather --
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Hey! stop! Stop! Officer!
You trying to
get yourself killed?
Maybe I'm losing it,
but I think I just saw
some man lure a little girl
into his car.
They -- they drove into this
building right here.
[ Static crackles ]
i need backup at 6638 densmore,
suspected child abduction.
[ Static crackles ]
Show me.
He took her up there.
First door, first door.
Police officer. Open the door.
I need to talk to you.
Man: okay. Okay.
Look, give me a minute,
all right?
[ Pounds on door ]
i need to talk to you now!
I just got out of the shower.
I need to get dressed.
Take off the chain
and open the door first.
Open the door
or I kick it in!
Hamell: when I saw that
little girl lying there,
something changed inside of me.
Two tours in the marines,
four years as a police officer,
I'd thought I'd seen
But nothing prepared me
for the brutality
I saw that day.
8-year-old Rosie Hoffman
had been viciously raped
and beaten unconscious
and had stopped breathing.
With 8-year-old Rosie Hoffman,
I felt like god was
giving me another chance.
[ Inhales sharply ]
Come on. Breathe.
[ Shallow breathes ]
Rodney alcala, the deviant who
attacked her, got away.
Because of repeated failures
in the justice system,
he would keep getting away.
[ Siren wailing ]
Three months later,
i made detective
instead of looking for him.
I had no idea that alcala
could turn out to be
one of the most prolific
serial killers in history.
At the time,
i just wanted to kill him
for what he did
to that little girl.
Years later,
I would get that chance.
[ "The dating game" theme
playing ]
Announcer: here's your host --
Jim lange!
Lange: thank you!
Thank you!
And welcome to the show
that makes a game of dating.
I bet you're used
to the game already.
Let's get started and meet
our first three
eligible bachelors
for game number one!
And here they are!
Woman: Rodney! Rodney!
Let's meet our lucky lady
who gets to choose between...
Woman: Rodney, you on TV!
She's a schoolteacher
and former masseuse
who started out
by massaging feet.
[ Liquid sloshing ]
[ speaking indistinctly ] her way up.
Please welcome
the sensational
shauna Bradford!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Lange: bachelor number one,
say hello to shauna.
You're gonna love me, shauna.
Rodney, what are you doing?
You've been locked in there
for hours!
Ma, you can't hurry art!
He's got a lot of guts
and a lot of equipment,
including an extra long
camera lens.
-Mm-hmm. mwah. Morning, sis.
You could be
one of his models!
Say hello to Rodney alcala!
Alcala, you stupid idiot
mijo, you look
so handsome on TV.
So how was your date?
Well, you saw how much
she wanted me.
-I don't know. I've had better.
-[ Laughs ]
-no more perras or putas.
But, mam, they're my models.
That's why he's trying for this
knott's Berry farm job.
Mam, por favor.
You shouldn't have left
the "L.A. times."
-That was a proper job.
-I couldn't take it,
all that Gore
and car crashes, you know?
I want to take pictures of
famous models and movie stars,
be the paparazzi.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
i don't like the sound of that.
Mwah! bye, sis.
[ Seabirds calling ]
Man: go see Cal, go see Cal,
go see Cal
lowest payments in this town,
go see Cal
for the lowest money down,
go see Cal
Turn it down.
You're going to wake up mom.
That's my job.
Cal Worthington:
go see Cal
Man: if you're a little short
on cash, go see Cal
Hey, pretty lady.
Hey, sweetie.
What? what's that?
Is that for me?
Best mom in the world.
Thank you.
[ Gasps ] for what?
For oversleeping?!
For my first official real job
at the ballet studio.
Ohh! oh.
At least now we can afford to
keep you in the classes, right?
Are you kidding? I love it.
Like, all I have to do
is answer the phone.
"Good afternoon.
Stepping stones ballet."
[ Laughs ] that sounds good.
But me and Becky are going
to the beach first.
Is that okay?
Don't forget to wear
your coppertone, okay?
Mmm, you smell good.
It's that new lemon shampoo
you got me.
[ Inhales deeply ]
oh, it's lemony fresh.
Mmm, I might have
to try that myself.
Mm. oh, I'm so glad
you're happy, angel.
[ Chuckles ]
I mean, we certainly can't
deprive the world
of its greatest,
most beautiful ballerina.
Well, I mean, it's --
it's either that
or a famous gymnast.
Reassess your soaring mind,
your mind
you must keep searching
for signs
Rodney: perfect!
That's fantastic!
Okay. Now, freeze!
Give me that
Farrah fawcett style.
That's right. More teeth!
Yeah! that's great!
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
You look like angels!
Don't call me Charlie.
-[ Giggles ]
-[ Laughs ]
[ Giggling ]
-[ Speaks indistinctly ]
-[ Groans ]
Thank you so much, angels.
-you're terrific!
[ Girls laughing,
speaking indistinctly ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
You're gonna make
me fall!
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
you're gonna make me fall!
Hey, you girls mind
if I take a picture?
It's for
a photography contest.
You two are real pretty.
Gee, mister.
Go to the beach much?
You look like you're dressed
for a disco.
-[ Laughs ]
These are my work clothes.
Hey, if I get best photo,
we both win prizes.
-Like what?
-Well, for the models,
they're giving away tickets
to knott's Berry farm.
-Really? that's very awesome.
-Far out.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Girls laugh ]
Woman: Becky?
Becky! who's this?
Um, he's taking
our picture.
-You girls should know better.
-Please don't tell our moms.
We're sorry, joanne.
-What time is it?
-Oh, you know, after 3:00.
Oh, gosh. I gotta go.
It's my first day on the job.
-oh, wanna take my bike?
Uh, no, I'm okay. Thanks.
No, you don't wanna be late.
Take the bike.
Okay. cool. Far out.
[ Girls laughing ]
Come quick! Get on!
Don't worry! Just go!
Hey, thanks.
[ Telephone rings ]
Oh, hi. How's my girl?
What do you mean?
Wait, she's not there?
I don't understand.
No. she's fine.
She was very excited.
I can't imagine she'd miss it.
Okay. well, um...
I'll call Becky
and -- and I'll ask my boys.
But this really isn't
like Tammy.
Okay, thank you.
I'll keep you posted.
I gotta go
we got a story that'll
save the day
evacuation style,
evacuation style
my heart's been boiling
and I can feel the sun
more than you, I gotta move
far away
far away
far away
Carol: but I'm telling you,
she's not a runaway.
But -- but Tammy wouldn't
do that.
If she could, she'd call!
-officer, hi.
Tammy is
a responsible young lady,
and now she's missing.
[ Front door opens, closes ]
[ Cartoon playing on TV ]
[ Panting ]
she's not at the park.
But Tim is still out
looking for her.
Michael! turn off the TV!
[ TV turns off ]
God, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Mommy is just really
upset right now.
You can go watch TV
in the other room, okay?
I hate to bring this up again,
but there was something creepy
about that guy taking
the girls' pictures.
Oh, god.
As soon as I came over,
he took off.
-He seemed really nice.
You and Tammy know better than
to talk to strangers.
Oh, for god's sake.
[ Crying ] it's gonna be dark.
It's gonna be dark.
It's gonna be dark.
[ Wind whistling ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
-[ Speaks Spanish ]
-la cocina.
Hola, mam.
How did the job interview go
at knott's Berry farm?
It was fine. They love me.
It was great.
But there are no openings.
But they said
they would call me
as soon as something
pops up.
Rodrigo, did you spill
something on your shirt?
-Let me see.
-It's nada, mam.
I can take care of myself.
[ Crunching, coyotes howling
and growling ]
[ Shower running ]
[ Carol crying ]
Oh! please.
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
Please. [ sobs ]
[ Seabirds calling ]
No. his nose wasn't
that big.
It was sorta normal.
But his hair,
it was a lot longer.
We sent Tammy's picture
in a press bulletin
to all the local papers
and TV stations.
Um, might be smart
to have flyers made,
you can post around the area.
-I can help with that.
So she's officially a mi--
[ Inhales sharply ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
telephone ringing ]
A missing person now?
Ma'am, you should know
that the media may contact you
about some similarities between
your daughter's disappearance
and some recent child
abduction murders up north.
Now, at this point,
we don't see any connection.
But we want to prepare you
for any...Media speculation.
That's him!
Joanne, come here. Look.
Joanne: that's him.
[ Wind gusting ]
[ Engine turns off ]
[ Wind whistling ]
Lange: let's meet our first
three eligible bachelors.
Bachelor number one is
a much in demand
professional photographer.
So at the age of 13,
he snuck into the dark room
and started developing.
Please welcome Rodney alcala!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Shauna: number one,
what is the best time
for a first date,
day or night?
nighttime, of course.
It's the best time
for anything.
And why is that, number one?
Well, choose me, shauna,
and you'll find out.
[ Laughter ]
I'll be damned.
Come here.
Look at this.
-Bachelor number...
-"The dating game."
You are not gonna
believe this,
but bachelor number one,
this guy's got a history
of child abduction and...
Oh, hey, little girl.
...and the son of a bitch
is a match
for a composite
in the Tammy Jensen case.
Let's say you're
a healthy snack...
This sicko has got a record
dating back 10 years.
You gotta be kidding me.
How does a monster like this
get out of his cage?
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Looking for detective Ryan.
James hamell.
Call me Jim.
Man, you made it down
from Hollywood
in record time, detective.
Once you said Rodney alcala,
i blared that siren all the way.
Ten years of tracking
that prick.
How did you connect him
to your missing child?
You know, I put together
a photographic lineup
for the witnesses
who saw a long-haired man
taking photos of Tammy Jensen
and a friend at the beach.
Everyone points
to the photo of alcala.
You know, if this turns out
to be alcala,
there's no happy ending.
We've popped this scumbag
so many times,
but he keeps getting
back out.
He knows how to work
the system.
[ Laughs ]
and now he's on TV.
"Dating game" no less.
Yeah, recruiting lambs
for the wolf.
Only in America.
Look, I really appreciate
your help on this, detective.
The clock's ticking
on our missing girl.
Anything besides
the beach I.D.?
Not really.
I want to bring him in.
But since you know alcala
better than anyone,
I thought I'd talk
to you first.
Yeah. you don't want
to spook this guy.
After he attacked
Rosie Hoffman,
he slipped through the cracks,
disappeared for 3 years.
-That was in '68, right?
-Yeah. I was a beat cop then.
I jumped on his trail
as soon as I made detective.
Where'd you finally
bust him?
You'll never guess.
[ Camera whirring ]
Rodney and campers: with
the moon shining all around
alcala fled to New York,
enrolling at N.Y.U.
Under the alias of John burger.
That summer in New Hampshire,
he became a counselor
at a camp for girls.
Until the moon grooves in
he said you better kiss me
or get out and swim
Mungo Jerry: if her daddy is
rich, take her out for a meal
-Girl: that was so good.
-Girl: Yeah. It's been so hot.
-I agree.
-It's been really hot lately.
The whole summer!
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
When the sun goes down
- you can make it
make it good
and really fine
[ Girls laugh ]
Hey, why aren't you two campers
in my photography class?
Oh, we have swim lessons
this period.
We're getting our
lifeguard certifications.
You are? That's great.
Good for you.
Hey, listen.
Practice your mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation really hard
because someday you might
have to save my life.
-Oh. gag.
-It's not that ew.
-It's pretty ew.
-It is.
Come on. Let's take a picture.
Take a picture with me.
Ready? one, two, three.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Yeah. [ laughs ]
A souvenir, my pretties.
And don't forget to take
my class next session.
-uh...yeah. sure.
-good luck.
Mr. burger,
you're late for
your photography class.
I had to head back
to my cabin.
I had one too many
sloppy Joes last night.
-Kids are waiting for you.
-Yes, sir. I'm on my way.
No more taking pictures of kids
who are not in your class.
-You understand me?
-Yes, sir.
Bring your friends
and we'll all go into town
[ Telephone rings ]
-Rodney: hola, mamacita.
Ay, dios mo.
Rodrigo, are you okay?
[ Voice breaking ] homesick.
I miss you, mam.
I want to come home.
Lo siento, mijo.
You must not call so much.
You can't come home
until the police find the man
who hurt that little girl.
My big bully boss hates me.
He's jealous because
everyone else loves me.
Today, he yelled at me.
He reminded me of pap.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
We do not say that man's name.
Are those idiot cops
still hassling you?
Detective hamell say
that I know where you are
and I don't tell him.
He could charge me
as an accessory or something.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
be brave, mi amo.
Te amo, mamacita.
[ Inhales sharply ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Radio playing indistinctly ]
-Good morning!
-Woman: Morning.
What do you got
for our camp today?
Oh, just getting
your mail sorted out.
Look! look!
Can I have one of
those sweet lips, please?
-Oh, me too, please!
10 cents. Thank you.
[ Girls laugh ]
[ Chuckles ] you girls.
So what do we have?
Not as big a bag
as last week.
-How is Marjorie doing?
-Look at these creeps.
Man: still in a lot of pain.
Her back is acting up.
-No way.
-Well, give her my best.
[ Groans ] I will.
Thanks, grace.
Come on, girls.
We need to get back.
We don't want to be late
for snack time.
Um, Mr. Lee, take a look.
Doesn't that look like
Mr. burger?
Pretty creepy, huh?
Oh, dear god.
Hamell: as soon as I got
the call from the FBI,
I was on the next plane.
Three years of chasing
that bastard,
we could finally extradite
his ass back to California
and get justice for Rosie.
Or so I thought.
And that's what we use now.
This guy, George eastman,
came up with this
in the 1800s, forever ago.
Rodney alcala?
[ Siren wails ]
-L.a.p.d. detective hamell.
[ Girls scream ]
Drop! drop it! Down.
Hands behind your back.
Suck up
that fresh air, alcala.
My name is not alcala!
I'm John burger!
[ Handcuffs clicking ]
-a kids camp? Really?
-What kind of sicko are you?
-You got the wrong man.
I know what you did
to that little girl.
I didn't do anything.
I'll be back! You'll see!
All right,
another Tammy Jensen sighting,
lady in long beach said
her neighbor had our girl.
The kid turned out to be
the man's granddaughter.
-Any update on alcala?
Two more teenage girls
i.D'd the man in our composite.
The day Tammy disappeared,
he took pictures of them, too.
Both girls say
he was super nice.
Yep. I'm not surprised.
Alcala was a snake charmer.
You moving in?
Uh, someone said I could
pay rent on this desk.
[ Opens drawer,
liquor bottle clinks ]
If this is solid that turns out
to be a lead on our guy,
the captain has cleared me
to work the case with you.
Are you obsessed
with alcala or what?
You got family, detective?
I'm working on it.
Gotta get her to say yes.
I was there.
I was there.
I saw what that perv did
And I promised Rosie
and myself
that I won't stop
until he's stopped.
He's not going to destroy
any more families.
So even after you
nailed him, I mean, why --
why'd the d.A. Cut a deal,
you know?
Should've put alcala away
for life.
Rosie Hoffman's family
split the country.
You know, war, riots,
king assassinations,
and this maniac
attacks their kid?
I mean, they didn't feel they
were safe in America anymore.
I hated their decision,
but I totally understood it.
So even after he's caught,
they wouldn't come back.
Without a victim,
alcala was given
an indeterminate sentence
of 1 to 10 years.
Determined by what?
How well a prisoner behaves
while in prison.
It was before
the law changed back,
back when
California's peaceniks
thought that, you know,
perverts could be "cured."
Not a blemish on your prison
record, Mr. alcala.
Your psychiatrist notes that
you are considerably improved
and recommends early release.
Ma'am, I deeply regret
the pain and suffering
i caused.
During my time here,
i have taken full advantage
of the motivational therapy
and self-realization classes.
I've learned from my mistakes.
What drove you to commit
such a heinous crime
on an 8-year-old child?
Honestly, ma'am, at the time,
my judgment was impaired
by drugs.
I am so sorry
that I hurt that little girl.
I'm ashamed, humiliated.
They declared him
after just a couple years.
He was released
in August of '74.
But then, 2 months later,
he abducted a 13-year-old
at a bus stop.
Her name was Sophie.
[ Shift gears ]
Alcala asked if she needed
a ride to school,
and she said yes.
Alcala took her to
the cliffs,
forced her to smoke
a joint with him.
-He rape her too?
Park rangers
smelled the dope,
saw them just in time.
Alcala claimed that Sophie
had given him the joint.
Son of a bitch.
She denied it,
said he forced her there.
The ranger didn't know
who to believe
and arrested the both of them.
Wait. but alcala did
go back to prison, right?
Kidnapping, dope,
assault on a minor, you think?
The scum bucket
was convicted
only of parole violations
and supplying a minor
with drugs.
-he got 2 1/2 years.
Another jailhouse shrink
ruled him "re-reformed,"
and the nitwit parole board
bought it again.
Rodney: mam!
[ Speaks Spanish ]
Hamell: they released him
in June of '77.
[ Conversing in Spanish ]
Read it.
It's all in there.
My guess is, that's just
the tip of the iceberg.
You think he's capable
of murder?
What do you think
i think, kid?
[ Liquid sloshing ]
[ Grunts ]
Ms. alcala.
Detective Ryan.
Detective hamell.
Ms. alcala.
Rodney is not here.
Hamell: where is he,
Ms. alcala?
Maybe out of town working,
you know?
Why do you need
to speak to him?
A little girl
has gone missing.
Every time a kid runs away
from home,
you question my Rodney.
He make one mistake.
Yeah, more than one, ma'am.
Your son is
a convicted sex felon.
He said he was sorry
and paid for it
with 5 years of his life.
The doctor said
he was rehabilitated.
If Rodrigo did anything wrong,
it was only because of what his
no-good father did to him.
Yeah. may we come in?
Do you have a warrant?
Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
Tell your son
to give us a call.
Hey, tell me, was Rodney
in town last Wednesday?
That was the day
that little girl disappeared,
and Rodney was nowhere near
the beach.
He had a job interview
at knott's Berry farm.
I'm sorry.
[ Front door closes ]
What did alcala's parole officer
say he's driving now?
Red beetle. Why?
I'll be damned.
You think he's got
another place?
Okay. I say we push past
the old lady,
we go arrest
this son of a bitch.
What if he's got Tammy
in there?
No. not his m.O.
Not his mother's house.
What? what, does he got
another place?
Maybe. he's been doing this
a long time.
We can't push him.
He's a smart bastard.
[ Rodney speaking Spanish ]
[ Sighs heavily ]
I don't want to find
this kid dead.
If she is,
and alcala takes off,
we're never going
to find Tammy.
But if we stay
close enough,
there's a chance
he'll make a mistake.
All right.
We'll put our surveillance team
on him night and day.
There you go, kid.
Maybe he'll cut us
some slack,
lead us right to her.
[ Engine starts ]
Mamacita, who was that
at the door?
Who were you talking to?
[ Camera shutters click ]
My beautiful Tammy is still
out there somewhere.
If you've seen her,
please call the police.
And if you have her...
Please, please, I beg you...
Let her come home.
[ Water running]
Carol: And if you have her...
[ Turns off water ]
...Please, please,
I beg you,
let her come home.
-Detective Ryan?
-I said I'd call.
What are you doing
to find my daughter?
We have a 24-hour hotline,
and we're following up on calls
from L.A. to orange county,
Your daughter's case
is our main priority.
But what about that creep
on the beach
that was taking
all those pictures?
Detective, I positively
a mug shot of Rodney alcala,
who the officer said
was a convicted pedophile.
Yeah. we're looking
at him, okay?
In missing child cases
like this,
we check out every sex offender
in the area.
But this depraved son of a bitch
was on the beach
the day Tammy disappeared.
What the hell
was he doing there?
I'm very sorry, ma'am.
I'm not at Liberty
to discuss any particulars.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Carol: and that's how
justice works?
A maniac's allowed to roam
the streets
while we pay the price?
Ma'am, I swear to you,
if we find out that alcala
or anyone else
took your daughter,
I will do everything
i can to make sure
he's locked up for good
this time.
How long was alcala
in prison before?
Time served
was about 5 years.
And the rest of the time, he was
out preying on young girls.
Look, we are watching him.
Watching him?!
Arrest the bastard!
My daughter's life
is at stake!
[ Crying ]
you're the police!
You're supposed
to be protecting us
from people like him!
He's a monster!
He's a monster!
Get that pervert
behind bars.
Who knows what else
he's done.
She's right.
Who knows?
Hamell: I still wonder what
alcala was doing
when he was on the run
in New York.
The movers just left it
in the street.
I don't know what I would have
done if you hadn't come along.
Oh, I'm glad to help.
I can help you
set it up, too.
You know, I'm really good
with beds.
Cute, but I have a boyfriend.
I'm sure your boyfriend
wouldn't mind me
putting you in a movie.
You know, my film production
instructor at N.Y.U.,
it's Roman polanski.
-The director?
Oh, my gosh!
His "rosemary's baby"
scared me to death.
Wow. this is nice.
Let's get some test shots
so I can show Mr. polanski.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
No. I'm a mess.
You better go.
My boyfriend is coming over
after work,
and I have to get ready.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
I'll just let myself out.
Thanks again.
You're a life saver.
[ Door closes ]
[ Shower running ]
[ Woman humming ]
[ Shower continues running ]
[ Woman continues humming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Vehicle approaching ]
[ Engine turns off ]
[ Screams ]
Help! help me!
Get back,
you little bitch!
No. no! No, Rodney!
What is going on here?
Woman: he keeps tickling me,
Ms. Anna.
Make it stop!
Rodney, stop it.
Anna: you two,
behave yourselves.
Is he being
a good boy, pavela?
Although...he's going
to still be my boyfriend,
so you need to do something
about this hair.
Women, always trying
to control my life. Uhh!
[ Doorbell rings ]
it's me, joanne.
Just my standard
chicken thing.
You should eat something.
Where are the boys?
-they're at my sister's.
I just...
[ Sighs deeply ]
I'm just not
a good mom right now.
Oh, come on.
You're a great mom.
You're just going through
something that
no mother should ever have
to endure.
I'm losing hope.
[ Telephone rings ]
Could be the police.
Could be Tammy.
[ Ring ]
Yes, this is she.
No, I did not know that.
The police have not been
telling me that much.
Yes, Rodney alcala?
Yes. yes, I'd be happy to do
an interview, anything.
Anything to get the word out
about Tammy.
Oh, great.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
[ Receiver clatters ]
That was a reporter from
the "orange county register."
Just 5 months ago,
Rodney alcala
attacked another girl.
[ Gasps ] jeez...
Why isn't that maniac
behind bars?
No idea. But you know
what else he said
that's really crazy?
That monster was
on "the dating game."
The TV show? When?
Just a few months ago.
They just recently reran it.
Oh, you've got
to be kidding me.
No. and he won.
My last question
is for bachelor number one.
Let's say
you're a healthy snack.
What are you, and why
are you so nutritious?
I'm the banana.
[ Laughter ]
And not only am I good for you,
I'm really delicious.
And how do you know that?
Well, that's what
all the girls tell me.
You'll understand
when you peel me.
[ Laughter ]
Later, bachelor one. Later.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Well, shauna,
it's the moment of truth.
You've heard
from the bachelors.
You have some terrific
and intriguing possibilities.
And now it's time to
ask you,
who is it going to be?
Bachelor number one,
bachelor number two,
or bachelor number three?
Who wins the date with you?
Well, I'm especially fond
of bananas,
so I pick...
Number one.
[ Cheering ]
Number one is
a former paratrooper
and professional
He's got a lot of guts
and a lot of equipment,
including an extra long
camera lens.
You could be
one of his models.
Say hello to Rodney alcala!
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ chuckles ]
[ Cheers and applause
continues ]
And there goes the happy couple.
[ Bell rings ]
Man: and three minutes to reset!
-I can't wait to peel you.
-[ Scoffs ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I am never going out
with that guy.
He's a low-life creep.
[ Sighs ] Rodney,
what did you say to her?
She freaked, said you're
a low-life creep,
and she will never
go on a date with you.
[ Earrings clatter ]
[ Door bangs open ]
-you called me a creep?!
Honey, you have no idea
what I am capable of.
A million people just watched
your slimy face on TV,
and now everyone in the studio
knows that you're a sleazeball.
And you're stupid enough to
come in here and threaten me?
You're a spineless bastard,
you know that?
You probably can't even
get it up. can't talk to me
like that.
Or what?! Not used to a girl
standing up to you?
You're a ball-less excuse
for a man, you know that?
Get out! Go home!
Cry to your mommy.
[ Door slams ]
"more, more, more" playing ]
[ Door slams ]
how do you like my love?
how do you like my love?
So if you want to know
how I really feel
get the cameras rolling
get the action going
baby, you know
my love for you is real
- take me where you want to
-you're a healthy snack.
What are you, and why
are you so nutritious?
More, more, more
That's some sort of surreal
new wave pickup line.
I don't get it.
I was the winner
on "the dating game."
That was the question
they asked.
I said I was the banana,
and I told my date
to peel me.
So did your date
really peel you
or just do a banana split?
[ Women laugh ]
How do you like my love?
[ Water splashes,
toilet flushes ]
[ Woman laughs in distance ]
[ Voice breaks ] why would
she be so mean and say that?
'Cause she's a stupid bitch.
You gotta teach bitches respect.
Make them see!
Show them who's boss!
Stupid bitches!
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Whispers ]
you stupid bitch!
[ Screams ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
I appreciate your time.
Hamell: in the 11 days since
Tammy Jensen had gone missing,
detective Ryan and I had gotten
only about 2 days worth
of sleep between us.
We'd run down
every possible lead
and still didn't have enough
to bring in alcala.
...his relationship
with the ex...
And in my gut, I knew
that Tammy wasn't alive.
I gotta tell you...
[ Closes drawer ]
...alcala is looking
more and more like our guy.
I talked to the manager
of that auto store on 10th.
On June 21st, the day after
Tammy went missing,
alcala had the carpeting
changed out in his car.
Oh, my god. What?
What do you think
that means?
He beat her up in his car?
You think he killed her,
don't you?
Yeah, kid, that's exactly what
I'm thinking.
The more this goes on...
Well, I'm waiting till
the facts are in, Jim.
You're jaded, man.
Don't confuse
jaded with realistic, kid.
Stop. stop calling me "kid,"
you burned out old fart.
These fries are cold.
Well, can we get
alcala's old carpeting?
Store manager said, uh,
they sent it to the dump.
The guy that was
working on it, uh...
Yeah, he said, uh,
thought it was stained.
Alcala wanted
to change it out
because he thought
he spilled gasoline on it,
and he wanted to get rid
of the smell.
[ Exhales deeply ]
Sorry, Jim. I'm just...
I'm tired.
Ah. [ sighs ]
It's okay. It's okay.
Welcome to the job.
[ Opens drawer,
liquor bottle clinks ]
Thanks for the coffee.
Here's what I don't get.
Alcala's paroled from prison
June of '77.
How does he get back
to New York in July?
Ohh, he's a snake charmer.
Convinced his parole officer
he just had to go see
his New York relatives.
-He got relatives there?
Not that we know of.
N.Y.p.d. I.D.'D alcala as
a murder suspect.
[ Camera whirring ]
Her name was Helen Vogel,
New York socialite.
Her father owned nightclubs
in New York and Los Angeles.
Helen was rich, beautiful,
and a little naive.
She made friends
everywhere she went.
According to witnesses,
one of those friends
was a photographer named
John berger.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
I'm captivated by your beauty.
Isn't that the campaign slogan
for that perfume ad
that you did?
Oh, you must have me
mixed up with --
with another model.
You're with Eileen Ford, right?
I know that I've seen
your face.
You "vogue"? "Mademoiselle"?
You can't be
a "cosmo" girl.
-[ Chuckles ] hardly.
-[ Laughs ]
I've been photographed
with celebrities at ciro's,
my dad's nightclub
in Hollywood.
That's it. Ciro's.
I knew I'd seen you.
I'm a professional
photographer myself.
-Man: Helen!
-Is that your boyfriend?
One of my boyfriends.
Hey, Tyler!
I gotta go.
John berger.
Let's do a session.
I'd love to get you
on film.
Hey. who's he?
Oh, be cool.
He's a fashion photographer.
What was he talking
to you about?
don't be jealous, Tyler.
John's not interested
in having sex...
At least not with me.
Maybe with you.
-Sorry. he's not my type.
-He's not mine, either,
unless you think
I'm hot for gay guys.
New York detectives found
alcala's John berger alias
written in Helen Vogel's diary
the morning she disappeared.
A year later, the police found
her skeletal remains
in the exact location
where alcala had photographed
his models.
Why didn't the d.A.
Go after him?
Gutless jurisprudence.
Said he didn't have enough
to make the case.
Alcala did this.
Everything fits.
We're dealing with
a murderer.
What I've been saying
for years.
And you brought him in
for questioning
in the hillside strangling.
Yeah, he fit the profile.
[ Sighs ]
Bastard had a strong alibi
for the time and place
of every hillside murder,
as if he knew we were gonna
talk to him about it.
Damn it.
We gotta press him,
force him
to show us his hand.
There you go, kid.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Wind gusting ]
Come on, Lori.
Oh, my god. No.
No, no, no, no! No!
[ Knocks on door ]
[ Voice breaks ] no.
[ Sniffles ]
you found her.
Ms. Jensen, I'm, uh...
I'm so sorry.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Whispers ] I'm sorry.
I-i need to see her.
Can I see her?
I'm sorry. You wouldn't be able
to identify the remains.
Well, maybe it's not her.
Are there any other blonde girls
with long blonde hair
that are missing?
Ma'am, there was no hair.
The animals got to her.
Look, there's nothing left.
The only way
we could identify her
is through
her dental records.
[ Sobbing ]
-[ laughs ]
Man on TV: In the remote
mountain area...
He's so good
with your girls.
They love their uncle Rodney,
and he loves them.
He's crazy about kids.
I mean, it shows in his photos.
He'll be a great dad.
...on June 20th has been found.
Police would like
to hear from anyone
who may have seen
the young girl with this man
on or near huntington beach
on that day.
Rodney, we're waiting for you!
You look like
a completely different person.
You said do something about
my hair, babe.
I gotta keep it fresh.
Besides, I have
a job interview coming up.
That's great, Rodney.
Well, this magazine in Dallas
is looking for a photographer.
This is my [bleep]-kicker,
Ivy league look.
You're moving to Texas?
[ Pills rattle ]
thanks. Bye.
[ Slurring ] no.
Joanne, no, that's okay.
It's okay. We're gonna do it --
all that tomorrow.
Carol, you should
really be careful...
[ Dishes clatter ]
...mixing booze
with those pills.
Uppers? hmm.
Sleeping pills.
It's the only way
i can get through this.
What's this?
You carry a gun?
I do now.
I don't feel safe.
[ Doorbell rings ]
-Hi. come in.
-[ clears throat ] Ma'am.
I'm sorry we missed
the service.
We wanted to extend
our condolences.
I don't need your sympathy.
I need justice.
Why haven't you
arrested alcala?
He's a murderer now.
We still
have to prove that.
We're building our case.
So when do you arrest him?
Soon as we have
enough evidence.
Well, what else do you need?
He was just arrested again
in February
for raping and almost killing
another girl.
Joanne: a 15-year-old.
She positively identified
Rodney alcala as the maniac
who viciously raped her
and beat her unconscious.
Hamell: it was earlier
this year,
the day before Valentine's day.
[ Thunderclap ]
Rodney: she's a runaway, mam.
She was hitchhiking.
Her name is Wendy.
It started to rain,
and she said she didn't have
anyplace to stay.
-I feel bad for her.
-These crazy girls
are always getting you
into trouble, Rodrigo.
Haven't you learned
your lesson?
Maybe you could talk her into
calling her parents.
You are too kindhearted,
Tomorrow, you take her back
to her own home,
whether she wants to go
or not. Entiendes?
S, mam.
[ Rain falling ]
My mom's gonna fix you up
a bed on the sofa.
Did you take
all these pictures?
So artistic. I love 'em.
You know,
lots of my friends say
I should be a model.
I have no problem
being naked.
One reason I ran away
from home
is my parents are such prudes.
They got so mad
when me and my girlfriend
streaked the homecoming game.
Got the crowd cheering.
Hey, you really think
i can be in "playboy"?
Oh, for sure.
But you know hef's rules.
You gotta make it with him
and blow movie stars
in the grotto.
-Ah! [ giggles ]
-[ Laughs ]
Wouldn't that make
your folks flip out?
Ugh! forget them.
They've never even
seen "playboy."
They're total Bible thumpers,
so against everything --
blacks, disco, democrats.
You'd totally freak 'em out.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Yeah. they hate [bleep].
They say
it's against god's law.
But don't worry.
I love gay guys.
Maybe we'll do
a few more close-ups,
and I'll come in
for some sexy action shots.
Maybe you can put
your shirt back on,
and I'll shoot you
taking it off.
Hey, that's groovy.
Maybe we can make
the shirt wet,
like Jackie bisset
in that movie with Nick nolte.
Oh, yeah, "the deep."
That'd be groovy.
She's so beautiful.
-That's good. Great.
-[ Giggles ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
That's good. Yeah.
All right,
now take it off.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Humming softly ]
[ Voice breaks ] once,
i had to bury a young boy.
Are you okay, sweetheart?
[ Breathing shakily ]
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean
to make you mad.
I don't even remember
what I said.
I know I say things
without thinking.
My best girlfriend,
she gets so mad at me
when I run my mouth.
-[ Grunts ]
I know how disrespectful
that is.
Please, will you untie me?
You've been so nice to me.
Can we just start all over,
It's Valentine's day,
you know?
Babe, I gotta go
to the little boy's room.
[ Singsongy ]
happy Valentine's day.
[ Blows kiss ]
Don't be long.
[ Motorcycles approaching ]
[ Car engine starts ]
Help! somebody help me!
No! Stop!
Stop! stop! He raped me!
[ Tires screech ]
He raped me and tried
to kill me! Please!
[ Tires peal ]
[ Engine starts ]
[ Tires peal ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
You had him!
Why didn't you keep him?
Why was he out of jail...
[ Voice breaks ] and on
that beach to murder my child?
Alcala is -- is --
he's waiting for a trial date.
His mother mortgaged her house
to make his bail.
How much?
[ Gasps ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
That's what that judge
thinks that my baby is worth,
[ Crying ]
Alcala was working
at the "L.A. times"
when you questioned him
in the hillside stranglings?
"The most trusted newspaper
in Los Angeles
employs a rapist murderer."
How's that for a headline?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
For Christ's sakes.
Does no one do
background checks?
[ Clears throat ]
uh, they -- they said
you were in charge
of that murder,
the -- the little girl?
Tammy Jensen?
I may have seen
that man taking her
up to where we found
her body, maybe. what?
You saw them together?
You said,
"where we found the body."
-You're one of the rangers?
-Yes, sir.
My name's Lori Carter.
Uh, i-i thought i-i-i saw
the body before,
the -- the little girl's body,
i mean, 'cause I...
'Cause I sort of saw it there
several days before.
[ Exhales sharply ]
You saw...
You saw [ coughs ]
You saw Tammy Jensen's body
before July 2nd?
When? what day?
-No, i-i-i can't remember.
-Come on, try.
I was scared. I...
I didn't even know
what it was.
It -- it didn't look human.
The coyotes, they had -- they'd
chewed off most of the face.
And -- and...
And the smell...
Ugh. god!
I-i still smell it
every day I drive past her.
It stinks so bad.
That's why I had
to come here today.
I just -- I wanted it to stop.
All right. Okay. Okay.
I want you to take a deep
breath, Ms. Carter. All right?
is that the man you saw?
I...could be, I guess.
Sort of looks like him.
Thank you, Lori.
We can arrest him now.
Ryan: looks like he cut
his hair.
Likely making a run
for Mexico.
Hey, when do we get
that warrant?
D.a. said
by the end of the day.
But we may not be able
to wait for it.
You're a big help.
Why are you taking
all the stuff?
Babe, I told you already.
I'm just putting it all
in storage
until I see whether or not
this Dallas job works out.
Why not
keep everything here?
Look, I love my mom,
but I can't go on
living with her.
Okay? I...
We need a change.
We gotta get away
from here.
Sure would like to know
what's in those boxes.
He gets down the street,
we'll have him pulled over.
I guarantee he'll give us
probable cause.
Here we go.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Static crackles ]
he's leaving now.
We're cutting down 23rd
in case he turns down that way.
Man: copy that. Standing by.
[ Static crackles ]
Here he comes. He's turning left
on Springfield.
[ Static crackles ]
Ryan: Stay with him.
He goes west, Nelson and bogden
will pick him up at 17th.
[ Static crackles ]
[ Horn honking, tires screech ]
[Bleep] damn it! We're blocked.
We've lost him!
Nelson, bogden,
did you see him?
-That's a negative.
-Damn it!
Uh, try to catch him
on the on-ramp.
[ Static crackles ]
he'll be heading south.
[ Static crackles ]
[ Door rattles ]
[ Grunts ]
-Open the gate, Mrs. alcala.
-Where is he?
Why are you harassing my son?
He's wanted for the murder
of Tammy Jensen.
What? that little girl?
Just like he beat and raped
Rosie Hoffman 11 years ago.
No. no! My --
my son is a good boy!
Where is he, Mrs. alcala?
You need to stop lying for him.
I don't know. He said Texas.
You lie to us,
you're going to jail
as well as an accessory
to murder!
I'm not lying!
That's what he said!
But he's coming back.
He always comes back.
-Come on.
-And he'll clear all of this up.
-Come on!
-You'll see! You'll see!
after alcala skipped town,
we set up a 24-hour
surveillance on his house.
It was over a month
since Tammy Jensen's murder
and 10 years after
he attacked Rosie Hoffman.
The bastard had escaped justice
again and again and again,
but not this time.
-[ Gasps ]
-shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!
I don't want to wake mam.
[ Whispering ] oh, my god.
You scared me.
How was Dallas?
You get the job?
Yeah. they love me.
Run away with me.
Let's get married.
Are you serious?
-right now. Tonight.
When we set up in Texas,
we'll send for your family...
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
...and mine, and we'll have
a big Mexican wedding.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Man: Rodney alcala...
[ Helicopter whirring overhead ]
This is the l.A.P.D.!
Police! police!
[ Pounding on door ]
[ Sirens wailing ]
Rodney alcala,
this is the l.A.P.D.
[ Sirens continue wailing ]
[ Man speaking indistinctly ]
Get down!
[ Sirens continue wailing ]
-Police! get down!
-Get down!
Freeze! get down!
I said get down!
-Get your ass down!
-I told you he'd be back!
Hamell: alcala, it's a relief
to finally arrest you
for the murder
of Tammy Jensen
and god knows who else.
No. you see? You see?
I told you! Please!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you...
-Remember me, alcala
-...In a a court of law.
Remember me?
I don't know who you are.
[ Dog barking ]
[ Grunts ]
-No! no! [ Screams ]
-Hey! Hey!
-Rosie Hoffman.
-[ Grunts ]
[ Speaks Spanish ]
yo no dice.
-What's this?
-[ Speaks Spanish ]
Storage locker receipt?
What you got in there, huh?
Holy [bleep].
There must be thousands
of these.
Take a look at this.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Man: we should probably go ahead
and get some more supplies.
I think...
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
Hamell: did these belong
to Tammy?
[ Inhales sharply ]
No, those are mine.
Tammy used to borrow them.
[ Sighs ]
Thank you, Carol.
We got him now.
-We finally got him.
-[ Exhales sharply ]
It was him...
[ Murmuring ]
...The man sitting right there.
Rodney alcala.
He was pushing a young blonde
girl in front of him
into the brush.
Man: how do you know it was
Rodney alcala?
You said when you first saw
the dark-haired man
with the girl,
the sun was in your eyes.
Lori: yes, sir, but, uh,
i saw him again later that day,
June 20th, in the same spot.
He was alone this time.
That's why I went back
and saw the body.
Oh, yes. That's, uh,
5 days later on June 25th,
is that right?
-Yes. Uh..
Yes, sir. June 25th.
Five days after you first saw
some dark-haired man
on a hike with a kid who could
have been his daughter,
even his long-haired son.
-Objection. asked and answered.
June 25th, 7 days before
you and your fellow rangers
went back
and you found
Tammy Jensen's remains,
which you say you already
knew were there.
Is that correct?
Um, uh...Uh, yes.
Ms. Carter, why on earth
did you not call the police
when you first saw a dead body?
-[ Whispers ] Come on.
[ Mumbling ]i didn't know
if what I saw was real.
It was horrible.
-judge: speak up, Ms. Carter.
Not real?
-Not real.
-[ Murmuring ]
So what, you thought
it was a --
a dream or a hallucination?
I guess i-i thought...
I hoped I imagined it.
Oh, so you thought
you imagined it.
Ms. Carter, were you then
or are you now on medication
or recreational drugs?
You mean, uh, was I high?
Were you high?
So you found a dead body.
You allegedly saw the killer.
Why did it take you so long
to tell not just the police,
but anybody about
what you saw?
The d.A. Says she's recovering
from a nervous breakdown.
Is she gonna
get through this?
-Well, we better hope so.
-Ms. Carter, answer me!
Why did it take you so long
to tell anybody about
what you saw?
I was...
I was scared.
It was too horrible.
I had nightmares.
It was easier to just try
to forget about it
and -- and -- and blame it
on my imagination.
In fact, you imagined at least
six different versions,
at least three or four in
your statements to the police,
a couple more during
pretrial hearings,
and now a different one
right here in this court.
Every time
you make a statement,
you change your story.
Which are the lies, and why
is this one the truth?
The little girl's body
was messed up.
-[ Crying ]
-it had no hands or feet.
The head was lying
next to it,
and, uh, most of the face
was chewed off.
[ Sobs ]
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
oh, my god!
[ Sobbing ]
[ Murmuring ]
[ Gavel bangs ]
Judge: let's take a quick
recess. Reconvene in 15 minutes.
Oh, my poor baby!
That screwed-up ranger girl
was our only hope.
The jury knows
Lori is traumatized.
Joanne, come on. I know
she's telling the truth,
and even I don't
believe her.
That bastard is gonna get away
again like he always does.
No, he won't!
He can't.
He will pay.
[ Murmuring ]
[ Handcuffs clinking ]
Mommy, no.
Are you all right?
Do you smell that?
It's lemon.
It's lemon,
like Tammy's shampoo.
She -- she wouldn't want me
to hurt anyone for her.
[ Whispers ]
she wouldn't want that.
Has the jury reached
a verdict?
Yes, we have, your honor.
How do you find
the defendant?
On the charging of
first-degree murder -- guilty.
Oh! [ crying ]
[ Murmuring ]
Hamell: he was sentenced
to death.
But four years later, after
alcala's execution date was set,
the state supreme court ruled
that admitting alcala's
prior crimes as evidence
unfairly prejudiced the jury.
It was unfair to say
that this murderer
had committed atrocities
against other children?
[ Scoffs ]
His conviction was overturned.
Former ranger Lori Carter...
[ Buzzer ]
...Refused to attend
alcala's second trial in 1986,
claiming amnesia.
So the judge allowed
her 1980 testimony to be read.
Again, thankfully,
the jury found alcala guilty
and, again, gave him
the death sentence.
In 2002, a new California law
allowed law enforcement
to take prisoner d.N.A. Samples
to match crime scene evidence.
-correction officers
could use reasonable force...
-No! [ Groaning ]
If a prisoner refused
to comply voluntarily.
Alcala's d.N.A. Began
to get hits.
Rodney James alcala was now
officially a serial killer.
[ Indistinct conversations
in distance ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
Hamell: before his trial,
alcala decided to fire
his attorneys
and represent himself.
About 10,820 days,
5 hours, and 15 minutes ago,
Tammy Jensen left
on Becky wilkinson's bicycle
and was never seen again.
About 33 days
and 16 hours later,
I was arrested
for Tammy's murder.
Wrongly arrested.
The prosecution's entire case
is nothing
but circumstantial evidence,
theories, and blatant lies,
which, fortunately,
my first witness
will prove
beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I call...
Rodney alcala!
[ Murmuring ]
[ Gavel bangs ]
[ Murmuring continues ]
Uh, Mr. alcala,
the prosecution suggests
that you were seen
with the victim
in the San Gabriel mountains,
on June 20th, 1979.
Is that true?
Not at all.
I was miles away
at knott's Berry farm
on an interview.
Uh, do you recall
what time of day?
I would say 3:10, 3:15.
Okay, just to be clear,
Mr. alcala,
it was afternoon
and not the morning
as the prosecution suggests.
Yes. afternoon.
There was no way
that I could have been
in the mountains
when the d.A. Suggests.
[ Whispers ] thank you. alcala,
what do you say about
those gold ball earrings
that the prosecution
has submitted
as evidence against you?
They're mine.
Tammy Jensen's mother is a liar!
Those earrings belong to me.
Here's the proof.
You can see me wearing them
on this TV show taped months
before her disappearance.
[ Vcr whirs ]
You're gonna love me, shauna.
Get ready for
an exciting evening.
[ Man clears throat ]
Hamell: despite
his circus performance,
the jury found alcala guilty.
However, the trial's
biggest surprise came
when the d.A. Announced
that one of alcala's victims
would testify.
None of the victims
are alive.
[ Murmuring ]
I mean, here.
Man: the people call
Rosie Hoffman.
[ Murmuring ]
Hamell: the little girl that,
by the grace of god,
I had managed to save
42 years ago, all grown up.
I never gave up.
[ Voice breaks ]
this is your day.
i was 8 years old in 1968.
I trusted people.
I knew only innocence.
That man...
Lured me into his car
and raped and tortured me
until the edge of death.
[ Voice breaking ] I don't
believe I was his first victim.
It was so routine for him.
He enjoyed it too much.
During the assault,
do you remember
that I apologized to you?
[ Murmuring ]
[ Gavel bangs ]
[ gavel bangs ]
I was 8 years old.
If life was fair
and our legal system
wasn't so broken,
they would've put you away
for what you did to me,
unable to harm another girl.
I got off easy.
A good samaritan
and a dedicated police officer
rescued me.
Tammy Jensen
and all the other girls
weren't so lucky.
But didn't I apologize
to you?
Do you not remember?
Where's the justice?
It's 30 years.
Two guilty verdicts,
two death sentences,
countless appeals,
millions of --
of wasted tax dollars.
In 1980, I brought a loaded
pistol into the courtroom.
I was determined
to avenge my daughter
and get justice
by shooting you --
shooting you dead.
[ Murmuring ]
[ Gavel bangs ]
And I know this sounds crazy,
...Tammy stopped me.
I could -- I could smell her --
her lemon shampoo.
I could...
I could feel her presence.
And I believed that the court
would have done
a better job than me.
[ Sighs ]
I was wrong about that.
My sweet Tammy
will never...
Feel her first kiss
or stress over passing her
first driver's license exam.
She'll never experience
life's milestones,
like prom night
or cramming for college finals
Her wedding night,
her motherhood.
And I lost the simple joy
of seeing
my baby's smile forever.
This hysterical woman
is just ranting and venting.
No! you don't get to talk.
[ Gavel bangs ]
How dare you!
I am here to speak on behalf
of all the lives you destroyed.
-So don't mitigate me!
-[ Sighs ]
-And don't minimize them!
Now sit down
and be quiet, Mr. alcala.
You may continue.
I-i used drugs to cope.
I nearly killed myself.
But then one day,
in -- in a -- in a stupor,
I realized that...
It was my Tammy
who got justice for us all.
She stopped you.
Thanks to her,
you've been rotting behind bars
all these years.
She stopped him.
Since her death,
he's been locked up
and unable to hurt anyone.
My 12-year-old child stopped
the world's worst serial killer.
[ Murmuring ]
[ Humming Arlo Guthrie's
"Alice's restaurant" ]
[ Stops humming ]
You can walk right in,
it's around the back
just a half-mile
from the railroad track
you can get anything
you want
at Alice's restaurant
you can get
anything you want
- at Alice's restaurant
-this song is my defense.
It's all about this.
It's what we grew up
listening to.
You can get
anything you want
at Alice's restaurant
My rebuttal to the hypocrisy...
At Alice's restaurant
...about giving me
the death penalty.
You can get anything
you want at Alice's restaurant
you. you. You, you, you.
You become
a wannabe killer in waiting.
Your desire to share
in the killing
of another human being
is eloquently expressed in...
"Alice's restaurant"
And I said, "shrink"...
I went up there and I said,
I want to -- I want to kill
I want to kill I mean,
i-i want to --
-i want to kill.
- I want to kill
I want to see blood and guts
and Gore
and eat dead, burnt bodies.
I mean, I want to kill,
kill, kill, kill!
And then I started jumping up
and down and yelling, "kill!
Kill! kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill! Kill! Kill!"
And I started jumping up down,
"Kill! kill! Kill! Kill!"
[ Gavel bangs ]
- at Alice's restaurant
Alcala again
was sentenced to death,
this time for five counts
of first-degree murder,
and special circumstances,
guilty beyond
all reasonable doubt.
-- Captions by vitac --
captions paid for by
discovery communications
[ wind whistling ]