Daughter of the Dragon (1931) Movie Script

Come on, hurry.
Princess Ling Moy.
You are incomparable. Superb.
Please come back to us soon.
Thank you, Mr Webster.
How lovely.
Isn't that beautiful?
[ Door knocks ]
Your manager.
Come in, Morloff.
As always.
My friends and guests of the evening.
Miss Joan Marshall.
And her fiance, Mr Ronald Petrie.
Ling Moy is honoured.
Your dancing bewitched us.
May I too, congratulate you?
Ling Moy shall endeavour
to deserve this praise.
I see you are staying at Mr Morloff's
house until you leave for South America?
Ah, Princess .. the Petries
are neighbours of ours.
Oh, the charming white house?
Yes, the one next door.
Now that you are free,
I hope we may see you often.
I too .. dare hope for it.
Goodnight, Princess.
I shall join you in a moment.
Right you are, Morloff.
Is there any news of my father?
He has arrived in London.
Is he at your house?
He will be there tonight.
And shall I see him?
Now, now. Understand, Ah Kee.
As a special worker for
Scotland Yard, you are first rate.
In fact I am sorry you
can't join us officially.
But this time, you are
barking up the wrong tree.
These records prove that Fu Manchu
died twenty years ago.
His body was not found.
He never appeared again.
He is here, in London.
I saw him tonight.
A resemblance?
But if I happen to be right.
Petrie should be warned.
If you are right.
Get me Sir John Petrie's house.
Are you sure?
The telephone wire has been cut.
Hobbs. Yes sir?
Get me two cars and half dozen men.
We leave immediately for the
Petrie house. Right, sir.
I wish I could find a
word to describe her.
Exotic. That's the word.
And ..
She's intriguing, if you
know what I mean, father.
He knows very well
what you mean, Ronald.
At your age, he was very much like you.
Even more so, I should say.
Oh, I beg your pardon. I'm intruding.
You want something, Rogers?
No, sir. Well that is,
you see, I blundered.
You what?
Sir, it's my glasses.
I don't see well without them.
And I left them in the study when I
came in here a few moments ago.
To get a copy of Black Beauty.
But instead, I got ..
I've got ..
I've got it.
Oh, I've typed those notes, Sir John.
Very good, Rogers.
I'll look over them at once.
Yes, sir. Well, goodnight.
Goodnight, Mr Morloff.
Goodnight, Rogers.
Goodnight, Rogers.
That is for Sir John.
Very well, Flinders.
Oh. Excuse me.
Sir John, may I see you
a moment, privately?
Certainly, Rogers. Come up to my study.
Oh, there they are.
Oh yes.
Oh very good. Very good, Rogers.
In fact, I'd say .. splendid.
Now, what about your private business?
Oh .. well I have a problem, sir.
By all means, marry the girl.
Sir, it is not that sort of a problem.
Oh, not that sort? Well, what sort?
Well you see, in opening your letters.
I've tried to keep from you,
advertisements and that sort of thing.
Quite right.
And ..
Well then, I'm justified
and thank you very much.
That was easily settled.
Well, I wouldn't have
bothered you, but you see.
This was exceptional.
They must be. They're not letters.
Let me see them.
No, no. I've annoyed you quite enough
and they're really all far too serious.
These are warnings of death.
It's appalling. Why in heaven's name
didn't you mention this before?
Call Sir Basil Courtney at once.
Hello, hello.
The phone is dead.
The wire is cut.
Telephone from Morloff's place.
Ask Sir Basil to come here immediately.
But say nothing of this to
Lady Petrie or the others.
Now hurry, hurry. As fast as you can.
Fu Manchu coming here?
From the grave?
I am here, Doctor.
Born, ready and risen.
Ha ha ha ha.
The murderer of my father
and his father before him.
What more can you want?
To wipe the slate clean.
May I sit down?
My advanced years, you see.
In the twenty years
I have fought to live.
The thought of killing you and your
son has been my dearest nurse.
I have used my time.
To perfect the most ..
Ingenious .. death.
For you both.
You'll never do it.
You murdering madman.
My first precaution .. naturally.
You devil.
If you dare to lay a finger on my boy.
If you dare to hurt .. to hurt ..
I will ..
Do you feel the atrophy
of the throat muscle?
A unique poison has been
mixed in your tobacco.
A most mischievous formula.
As witnessed.
You see?
Your mind is completely ..
Under my control.
Walk .. Sir John.
[ Buzzer ]
Is Sir John at home?
Yes, Sir Basil.
Hobbs .. you and Bentley stop here.
Yes, sir.
Hello, Sir Basil.
Where is your father, Ronald?
In the study.
Thank you. I'd like to see him.
Why Sir Basil, what's wrong?
No cause for alarm, Lady Petrie.
I just want a word or two with Sir John.
I'll fetch him down now.
Why, father.
Stop .. Sir John.
Fu Manchu!
If you love Sir John, do not shoot.
The shock of a pistol report.
Would kill him instantly.
Oh, don't.
Ah, Lady Petrie.
The accumulated
greetings of twenty years.
My beloved ones were
killed before my eyes.
In like manner,
I shall now cancel the debt.
Walk, Sir John.
My first victim now
descends towards you.
His life hanging by a strained thread.
Which my vengeance now .. severs!
You, Ronald Petrie.
Are the remainder of the forfeit.
And your life too .. is mine.
Oh Ronald, you'll be killed!
After him!
Sir Basil, he's dead.
Bentley, Flinders.
Help me carry him in there.
Yes, sir.
This passage leads to the way out.
Did he double back this way, sir?
Hobbs .. I'm going to put an
extra guard around the house.
You warn the local Police.
Yes, sir.
Mr Morloff.
I heard a shot as I came through
the garden. What's happened?
Sir John has been killed.
Is my daughter here?
Yes, master.
Then make haste.
Prepare the .. altar room.
Bring Ling Moy to me there.
The Great Lord awaits his daughter.
Your noble father will receive you.
My flower daughter.
My honoured father.
May your days be laughing songs.
And may the blood of your father.
Course warmly in your veins.
For within the hour,
he will be gathered.
To his revered ancestors.
No, no.
I've only just found you.
Noble father.
The emblem of the great house of Fu.
As a child, you cried yourself to sleep.
Over its tragic fairy story.
So at last, my daughter.
The story .. is true.
Mother and brother.
Murdered by a Petrie.
Yours ..
Yours is the noble house of Fu.
Then you?
I, your father ..
Am Fun Manchu.
Live, live. Divine father.
Infamous father.
I sent you away.
Into the occidental world.
To keep you from me until
I should deserve your homage.
You now witness my shame.
Great spirits beyond.
I come to you.
Crawling in the dust.
Death lays its hands upon me.
And my sacred work is unfinished.
That Petrie still lives.
The dishonour,
it burns upon my forehead.
Let this unworthy slave
finish the sacred work.
Only one of the house of Fu
can redeem our honour.
The blood is mine.
The hate is mine.
The vengeance shall be mine.
My flower daughter
The knife would wither
your petal fingers.
I call to my ancestors.
If only thou had granted me another son.
I will be your son.
I will be your son!
Swear .. man-daughter.
To deliver the soul of
Ronald Petrie to me.
To our ancestors.
I swear.
Sovereign spirit.
You have answered my deepest prayer.
I have a son!
Do not leave me, father.
Death must not take you.
And my death.
Will make you innocent in their eyes.
For I shall be discovered.
In an attempt to kill you.
It will bring the boy
near you in sympathy.
And through the tunnel.
My good servant Morloff,
is inducted in their house.
You will have a hidden
approach to the hated Petrie.
When you are ready to strike.
Lu Chung.
Yes, master?
Tell the Amah .. to call for help
The Princess is being murdered.
When they enter .. and shoot me down.
You will thank them,
You will .. thank .. them.
And now.
My son, at such a time ..
Should know how to say
a courageous farewell.
My honoured father.
Yes, sir?
Coming, sir.
Not a trace of him out here.
Well, what have you done?
I've thrown a cordon round the
house aided by the Police.
Send for some more to increase
the guard. Put some of them back ..
[ Female screams! ]
What's that?
Come inside quick! They're killing her.
This way. Come quick!
Stay down here, Bentley.
You murderer.
You see, he's through.
Ling Moy. My Princess, are you safe?
This is her bedroom.
What is this man doing here?
He's dead.
Are you alright?
Fu Manchu killed my father.
And Ling Moy graciously.
Thanks you.
For his death.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
You are very kind.
Thanks to Ah Kee.
This is the last page.
Of a terrible record.
I will ..
I will.
Why not tear up the South American
contract and remain just here with me?
Could I tear my beauty, too?
Ling Moy
These last two months have
been very, very beautiful.
And I've had terrible
regrets over your going.
Will you?
Yes .. many.
Then chuck everything and stay.
If I stay.
Would my hair ever become golden curls?
And my skin ivory like Ronald's?
It's strange. I prefer yours.
I shall never forget your
hair and your eyes.
It's only a passing fascnaton.
It was fascination.
The leopard and the deer
stroll too amicably together.
By talking much, she learns much.
The Chinese heart is
very constant Ronald.
It might be sadly wounded.
In one of your western affairs.
But don't you realize ..
Ronald .. Ronald.
Oh, Ronald.
Alright, Joan.
You will let me drive you into town?
In half an hour, then?
Here we are, Joan.
Tea is ready.
Of course it's the
un-spiced, English variety.
Oh, I don't think I'll have any,
thanks. You see, wait, dear.
I promised to drive Ling Moy into town.
But you didn't bother to explain.
Oh but Joan, I just happened
to say I'd drive her.
It's a happy coincidence,
isn't it that you ..
Promise to do the very
thing you preferred.
Yes, but Joan.
Lu Chung humbly offers
that the time is short.
I am aware.
Perhaps Ling Moy divides
her strength between duty ..
And the advice of the heart.
I am giving him a beautiful illusion.
Which I shall crush.
I pray that it is so.
For one foot cannot stand on two boats.
Lu Chung. You are insolent.
I just echo the thought of your people.
Who demand some word from you.
They are even more insolent.
What shall I tell them?
Tell them the orders shall
be executed tonight.
Death will first awaken
Petrie from sleep
And then end this lingering
horror with a slow knife.
Tell them that.
[ Buzzer ]
That would be Mr Ah Kee at your door.
Did he follow you from Limehouse?
No doubt.
But may he not call here at any time?
He has been dedicated to guard you.
And loves his work.
What does he know of you?
My unsavoury reputation only.
Mr Ah Kee.
Lu Chung, he must not find you here.
Lottery tickets.
Send him in.
Come in.
Ling Moy is abased to be
found at a sacred vice.
Lottery tickets.
These I keep, Lu Chung. You may go.
You prosper, Lu Chung?
It is a vile calling.
I preach against it.
Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
How did you come to know him?
He came to know me.
With his tickets.
I do not trust him.
Is there danger?
I am just over-eager for your safety.
Perhaps the personal
interest makes me so.
I should not have guessed it
from your quiet manner.
Ling Moy.
I have watched you every
night at the theatre, silently.
And dreamed of our closer friendship.
Let us remember.
There are a few days
left .. for friendship.
With all my humble heart.
Third door on the left.
Who are you, please? Who are you?
Petrie .. Petrie.
Why, Mr Ah Kee.
Whatever in the world
has happened to you?
Did you see anyone?
No, no.
Is Petrie dead?
Petrie? Why I ..
Ronald .. Ronald!
Are you alright, now?
Turn on the light.
The light?
Oh dear, dear. I hope I can find them.
Won't you please tell
me what's happened?
I don't know exactly.
Ah Kee.
What's up? Whats the matter.
There was an attempt on your life tonight.
What do you mean?
Get Scotland Yard at once.
Ah Kee, you are hurt.
Never mind about me.
As long as you are safe.
Hello .. hello, give me Scotland Yard.
No, no, no. Scotland Yard!
What .. what's that?
Well, I have every reason for shouting.
The circumstances are distinctly
of a shout-able nature.
What? What's that?
Well, my dear young woman,
let me tell you a brisk something.
If you are going to ..
Will you please give me Scotland Yard?
Thank you.
Wouldn't you have thought ..
Was I really shouting?
Sir Basil, please.
Sir Basil? .. Ah Kee.
Ronald, what is it?
Sorry, mother.
Yes, just as I thought.
Send a few men immediately.
Yes. Alright for the moment.
Mr Ah Kee, what's happened?
There were intruders
tonight, Lady Petrie.
Fu Manchu .. I feared it.
I told Sir Basil.
Ling Moy.
Ronald, where are you going?
Fu Manchu attempted to kill her, too.
Ah Kee, her life may
be in danger tonight.
Right, Petrie, I'll go with you.
Ronald, don't go out.
Where are you going?
Well, I ought ..
I will go with them.
I don't think they'll need you.
Lady Petrie, I feel to a great extent
I am responsible for this tragedy.
I would gladly lay down my life.
Thank you, but I think you'd
better stay with me now.
That's right. Those intruders
might still be lurking about.
You don't really think so, do you?
It is accomplished?
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Morloff, we've got to
see you for a minute.
Come in, gentlemen.
Someone entered our house tonight.
Agents of Fu Manchu.
Fu Manchu?
I can't believe it.
You must be mistaken.
Is Ling Moy safe?
Of course.
There was no disturbance here.
Are you sure?
You know of course,
why they fear for her?
You have just been with the Princess?
Yes .. she is sleeping.
I was sure of it.
That's all.
I think it would be unwise to wake her.
Oh quite right. It would alarm her.
I am posting a guard around the
Petrie house .. if you wish, Mr Morloff.
Would you, please. Just a few men
on the grounds outside my place.
I'll keep extra watch indoors.
Righto .. goodnight.
Goodnight. Thank you, both.
Goodnight, Morloff.
Princess .. at least tell me.
Was his dying as gratifying as I said?
Lu Chung.
Morloff .. you are not
permitted in my room.
I take the liberty.
I have just spoken to Petrie.
But ..
It was not done?
You, a weakling?
Why didn't you strike?
I delayed, then heard a noise.
You love him?
Remember .. that your father
said that if you faltered ..
A weakness overcame me.
It is wisely written.
A stupid son is better
than a crafty daughter.
It is written. It is written.
It should be written that a slave do
reverence to a daughter of the light.
Night prayers.
I will burn this incense of repentance.
At her prayers.
The master provided it.
For the weak half of her,
which is woman.
I can't kill him .. I love him.
I would rather kill myself.
A half-fit maiden.
Would pour her blood.
On love's author.
Yes. It would be her release.
Her petty torment would then be ended.
And for the peace of
this one miserable soul.
The souls of our ancestors will
forever burn in the fire of dishonour.
There is your place.
Make peace .. with your father.
My father.
Give me understanding.
[ Fu Manchu's voice ]
"We are not resting."
"We shall never rest."
"Until you kill him .. who remains."
"Ling Moy."
"You must."
Forgive me, majestic father.
I will.
I will.
Your commendable fears may rest.
It shall be accomplished.
Your weakness at last evening
has made the task quite difficult.
It is necessary only
to lure Petrie here.
Pardon? Mr Ah Kee is the obstacle.
It was he whom I overpowered
in the hallway last night.
And from this moment on, Mr Ah Kee
and Petrie will be inseparable.
And if I should lure Mr Ah Kee away?
Hmm, that is a desired convenience.
I have taken the oath of a son.
But I shall again become
the daughter of Fu Manchu.
And a woman.
When the branch creaks, the leaf shakes.
Lu Chung is glad to hear.
At nightfall then.
With the aid of Mr Morloff .. we shall.
Well, really.
See for yourself, old man.
Couldn't we go out in the air for a bit?
It wouldn't be safe at night.
Bored? Oh, not with you, Ah Kee.
Mr Ah Kee. Mr Morloff on
the telephone for you, sir.
Yes, sir.
Will you excuse me a minute?
Oh .. just a moment, Mr Ah Kee.
Hello .. Mr Ah Kee?
Hello, Ling Moy
Forgive me.
I am sailing tomorrow.
I've called to say goodbye.
Oh, Ling Moy.
I must see you tomorrow before you go.
I am afraid there will not be time.
But tonight then, for a moment?
Ling Moy, please I must.
Ling Moy will be waiting.
I will be right over.
I am going to the Morloff house.
Keep your eye on him while I'm gone.
Oh, certainly.
And .. if anything should happen.
You will phone for me immediately.
I won't be long.
My Mistress will be here soon.
She bids you wear this
robe of your Eastern rank.
Your heart still bears the
soft elegance of China.
I kneel.
Not to our own customs.
But to your beauty.
Sit beside me here.
Oh .. oh.
Have you found it yet?
It all came of having
indecently exposed the Queen.
Indecent is the word.
Yes .. isn't it.
Petrie .. Petrie!
Ling Moy .. has been kidnapped.
What's that?
Lu Chung has got her.
Find Ah Kee.
Ah Kee has followed them.
He said to phone Scotland Yard
and raid Lu Chung's place.
Raid Lu Chung's place?
Hurry man. It may be too late.
Flinders, Flinders. Get my coat will you.
Yes, sir.
Petrie .. I trust you, you see.
I must go back. Hurry, please.
Yes of course, old man.
Get Sir Basil. Tell him to meet me
at Lu Chung's with raiding squad.
You understand?
You understand, Flinders?
They're to meet Mr Ronald at
Lu Chung's with the raiding party.
Telephone Miss Marshall and ask
her come here and stay with mother.
Telephone Miss Marshall?
I told you to telephone, Rogers.
Well, I am going with you, sir.
I have a score to settle.
Don't be absurd.
Now just wait a minute. I'll just
get my muffler and a weapon.
Now make those calls,
Flinders. Make those calls.
Yes, sir.
Get me Scotland Yard please.
Have you made the calls?
I'm just making them, sir.
Well hurry, hurry.
Yes, sir.
They come.
Here is Mr Petrie, sir.
Hurry, Sir Basil. We may be too late.
Is Ah Kee with you?
No. He went ahead. He may be inside.
You are too late I hope.
My hat, Rogers! Go home!
Not until I deal a blow or two.
Look out, sir.
Hobbs! Check the back door.
And where does that lead?
Stay where you are.
Go down here.
[ Chinese language ]
I'm coming! Come on, Mr Ronald.
Here they are.
That way! Come on.
There he is!
[ Female scream! ]
Ling Moy!
Ling Moy!
Ling Moy!
Ling Moy!
Hobbs! Hobbs!
Listen .. I'm inside.
This looks like a false lead.
That's my opinion, sir.
Where is Petrie?
He wasn't with me, sir.
He went the other way, with Dixon.
I'll call him.
Dixon .. Dixon.
Coming, sir.
He's coming up.
Where is Petrie?
Why ..
I thought he came back up here, sir.
He's been trapped.
Carney, get every available man
you can and follow us immediately.
Right, sir.
[ Chinese singing ]
[ Chinese singing ]
[ Chinese singing ]
[ Chinese singing ]
If we were always together.
Would not Ah Kee grow
weary of everlasting beauty?
In his paradise.
He would grow as fat as the Buddha.
That's too fat.
I should stop loving Ah Kee.
And only pray to him.
Then .. lean in hunger.
For more and more we are beauties.
Lin Moy.
I cannot bear to see
you go away from me.
Ling Moy.
You do love me?
Too much, Ah Kee.
Then you will let me
take you away to China?
To the land of our ancestors.
Ling Moy.
You do not answer.
Is there a doubt?
Before I answer you.
I shall go to the altar.
And thank them for this gift.
Then thank them too.
In the name of Ah Kee.
The fruit of your
ingenious plan, Princess.
Lu Chung, is all admiration.
And this time, there
will be no turning aside.
And now.
These clumsy fingers itch.
To dispose of Mr Ah Kee.
He will be put away until we
are free of England tonight.
Permanently put away, of course?
There is no need to kill.
We must ensure our escape.
You may trust me for that.
But Princes ..
I have spoken.
Amah, the wine.
Heaven smiled upon our fates.
The greatness of the moment.
Confuses Ah Kee.
In this wine, we pledge our troth.
Ah Kee pledges his love.
And his life to Ling Moy.
And in return ..
He gives the counterfeit of love!
Why have you poisoned
the wine, and our love?
It is an unworthy suspicion.
What is Lu Chung doing here?
What do you want with Petrie?
Why is he lying senseless there?
One answer will serve for everything.
I am the daughter of Fu Manchu.
You will not kill him.
By my sacred oath.
But an oath .. should
never have been sworn.
I tell you to release him.
That cannot be.
I warn you.
I have a duty to Scotland Yard.
Consider carefully
before you leave to do it.
If you try, and I'm forced to leave.
They will kill you.
I do not want your blood on my hands.
I cannot delay.
But I see before me.
The magnet of your house.
We shall search out
these things, Ah Kee.
Remember only, that you love me.
Whoever I am.
I always hated the name of Fu Manchu.
Forget that hate. I am a woman.
Where is your hatred against our love?
Against our eternal day together.
It is the triumph of irony.
That the only woman
I have ever deeply loved.
Should be born of blood that I loathe.
Look into my eyes, Ah Kee.
And see us already
sailing home to China.
To the place you know.
Where the flowers smother the fields.
Would you love .. a dishonoured Ah Kee?
And I would forever despise him.
Finish Petrie.
You honest fool.
It was not for myself, but for your own
life that I played in love with you.
You have chosen to die.
Get him!
Stand back, Morloff.
Mr Morloff.
What's happened?
Are you alone?
Come here .. I need your help.
Do not his manners plead for death?
Tie him up.
But Princess.
Quick Lu Chung. We waste time.
Take him to the attic.
Now, we go to the cellar.
Ronald .. Ronald.
Ling Moy.
I was afraid.
Oh you are safe, then?
What happened to me?
Ling Moy rescued you.
For her own.
These lights they are ..
Swimming in my brain.
I've never seen you looking
more softly beautiful.
[ Female screams! ]
That's Joan.
What's she doing here?
What's happening to her?
[ Female screams! ]
Answer me! What's happening to her?
Can you think of her now?
[ Female screams! ]
Why is she screaming like that?
You refuse the gift of Ling Moy's heart?
Very well.
I will take you to her.
Follow me.
Joan, where are you?
Joan, what is it?
Morloff, what's happening?
Joan, my darling. What
have they done to you?
Oh, it's Morloff.
Why, you ..
What's the meaning of this,
Ling Moy? Are you mad?
Look into my eyes.
Set her free, do you hear me.
Ling Moy. I can't believe such
loathsome jealousy in you.
No love now.
No jealousy.
Just merciless vengeance.
You will understand when
I tell you, Ronald Petrie.
I am the daughter of Fu Manchu.
You death tonight washes
the stain from my house.
Alright .. you can do
what you like with me.
But why do you hold Joan?
Because you must have
a thousand bitter tastes.
Of death .. before you die.
Tie him up.
My vengeance is inspired tonight.
You'll have the torture to see her beauty
slowly eaten away by this hungry acid.
You wouldn't dare to that!
Flinders .. Flinders, see who that is.
Yes, milady.
Lady Petrie .. has Ronald shown up yet?
I thought he was with you.
Well he was.
Oh, they've got Ronald.
Go upstairs and don't worry.
We are going to have a talk.
With Mr Morloff. Come along, Hobbs.
Mr Morloff, please.
He is away. I am alone.
Nobody here?
Do you believe her, sir?
I think Morloff is in there.
Of course he is.
She's a bad liar.
No, no .. they may be watching us.
We'll go to the Petrie House.
And work from there. Come on.
Great heavens! It's Ah Kee.
That's alright, Ah Kee.
They are killing them.
Killing them.
Quick, you fellows.
Carry him into the Petrie house.
Hobbs, Tony.
Quick. All of you, follow me.
It is ready.
Morloff, revive her.
Oh, Ronnie.
Stop it, Ling Moy!
In heaven's name .. it's inhuman.
Oh Ronnie, don't let them do it.
Anything but that.
Anything but that.
Ling Moy is merciful.
Lao .. untie his arms.
The knife.
Kill her.
Oh please kill me, Ronnie.
I'd rather die that way.
No, no, no!
They've found us, they've found us!
They've found us, they've found us!
No, no .. the acid!
Shoot! Kill that man! Shoot!
Ronald, you alright?
I'm alright, Sir Basil.
Take care of Joan.
What is it?
We've got them all,
but the girl and Lu Chung.
Don't let her escape, Sir Basil.
They disappeared, sir as if they'd
walked through the walls.
Nonsense. They must be in the
house. Come along, Hobbs.
Walked through the walls?
Ronald .. I know where they've gone.
What on earth are you talking about?
They've walked through the walls.
I know where they've gone.
That night the intruders came.
I thought I saw someone
disappearing. Oh do come with me.
Take care of Miss Marshall.
Bring her into the house.
Ronnie .. Ronnie!
Turn out that lights.
When I shout, turn them all off.
Put up your hands!
Stop Ling Moy! Stop.
I got him.
Good man.
Get Sir Basil.
I'll take care of her.
Let me surrender.
In the spirit of the House of Fu.
[ Gunshot! ]
Did you hear that?
What's happened?
Steady .. steady, Ah Kee.
Ling Moy.
But lovers .. need not .. love.
But only .. be loved.
But Ah Kee .. loved you.