Daughter of the Wolf (2019) Movie Script

You alone?
I am.
You bring the money?
Where is my son?
Money first!
Your boy's alive...
for now...
but we need to see the money.
We all want this
to go the same way.
No one gets hurt.
I held up
to my end of the agreement.
Now you hold up to yours.
You want to see
your boy again,
then you'll do as you're told.
Otherwise, you're going
to have no one to blame
but yourself.
It's a chance
you're going to have to take.
Show us the money!
We had a deal.
Deals change.
It's all there?
Yeah, looks it.
Do it.
Do it now.
Keep the mask on!
Come on! Get in.
Cover me.
Come on.
Get in, get in!
What the hell was that?
You were going to kill her?
That was the plan.
What do you mean
that was the plan?
Whose fucking plan was that?
What about the kid?
Father's already got a buyer.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Just lose her already.
- Okay! Okay!
Hold on!
Clair, I'm so sorry
about your father.
Let me go!
Wait! We need
to talk about this.
Let me go!
I'm going for a run.
Wanna come?
You were never here
when I needed you!
Clair Hamilton?
We have your boy,
and if you ever want
to see him again,
I suggest you keep this
to yourself.
We'll be in touch, Clair.
No, no, no. Wait.
Look at me.
Look at me!
Where is my son?
If you pull that trigger,
you're never
going to see him again.
Where is he?
up there.
Get back!
Get lost!
Get back! Stay away!
You did good, boy.
Most young people
would have run.
My grandpa taught me
to always stand my ground.
What else did your grandfather
teach you?
He said never leave your fate
in someone else's hands.
Do you even know
what "fate" means, son?
And where the hell
were you two? Huh?
This isn't the time
to be making mistakes.
Get him back to the camp.
We're going on
to the lodge. Now.
What about Larsen
and the rest of them?
They didn't show.
I told you Larsen
couldn't be trusted.
He either
got 'em all killed
or he ran off
with that damn money.
You don't know shit.
Sorry, Father.
What do you want me
to do with it?
Just leave it.
It's supposed to be bad luck
not taking the kill with us.
Oh, really?
It's supposed
to be bad luck?
You're bad luck.
Go ahead.
You show up alone
and they'll kill him.
And then you.
Who will?
Who has my son?
Who's Father?
How long have we
been down here?
A couple hours.
Is this necessary?
What's your name?
Well, Larsen,
something just doesn't add up.
Why didn't you
kill me back there?
I didn't come here
for no killing.
Well, your friend
sure as hell did.
Lady, I didn't know.
I don't give a shit
what you didn't know.
Look at him.
Look at him!
You took him from me.
Now you're going to help me
get him back.
And if I don't?
Best start walking
while you still can.
I need a...
I need a rest.
We need to keep moving.
Come on. I need...
I need to catch my breath.
My leg is killing me.
A little higher,
you would have killed me.
Wasn't aiming to kill you.
Yeah. He said you were military.
Who? Charlie?
No. Father.
It's hard on a son
when his mother ain't around.
You know how much money
is in this bag
right here?
I have a rough idea.
This is my family's legacy.
This is all we've got left.
I know.
How do you know?
Because when your old man
shut down the mill,
that's all Father talked about.
It was money owed to him.
So when your old man died...
Get up.
You've had enough rest.
What is it?
Lots of it.
It's a wolf.
It's been shot.
A young one, too.
There's a lot
more of them.
Who is it?
I don't know.
Can you see them?
Take off your boots.
I said, give me your boots!
Come on, come on, come on.
I'd stay here if I were you.
- Come on.
- Hey!
- Oh, shit.
- Stop!
What were you thinking?
What were you thinking?
told me to wait.
He was just doing
what Father told him.
He didn't know no better.
Did you know we were
walking into an ambush?
You said my son
would be here.
We were supposed to meet them
at the camp.
They probably left.
Where's the camp?
Through them trees.
I have no use for you
if you can't get me to my son.
Where'd they take him?
The lodge.
What lodge?
It's an abandoned ski lodge.
It's on the back side
of the mountain.
It's about a 10-hour hike
from here.
I'm not leaving him
here like this.
He was like a brother to me.
I won't run.
I'll get you to the lodge.
Just let me do right by him.
Don't make me regret this.
Do you ever get used
to taking a man's life?
I knew what
I signed up for.
We've wasted enough time.
You made
a good-looking fire, boy.
You hungry?
If you could untie me.
You're not ready for that.
Give me that.
[wolves howling[
I can't feel my feet.
How far to where
they're keeping him?
Over the ridge.
About four, maybe five hours.
Look, it's too dark.
We can't see worth shit.
What will they
do to him
up at the lodge?
They'll get him ready
for a hand-off...
to a buyer.
And after that?
Lost to the world...
I imagine.
You were never going to give him
back to me, were you?
What's the matter
with you people?
What if that was your child?
I was that child.
What is it?
It weren't nothing.
You look a little scared.
You saw what they did
to Phillip.
And I know you're out of ammo.
Truth be told, it's not
the wolves I'm worried about.
I'm making a fire.
There's something
I don't understand.
Why didn't you
just let me drown?
I don't know.
I guess
there's better ways to die.
You don't have to die
on this mountain.
You think about that.
You said you were that child.
When I was about your son's age,
my parents owed Father money.
When they couldn't pay,
he came to collect.
He killed my daddy.
He took my mom and me
as payment,
and he kept her for himself.
She had the chance to escape.
She ran.
For the longest time,
I waited for her
to come back to get me.
She never did.
Why didn't you run?
And go where?
I think we have a lot more
in common than you think.
From what the letter said...
...he didn't take Charlie
for the money.
He's looking at getting revenge
on a man who's already dead.
Get up.
Get up.
Cut his ties.
They're out there.
- How many?
- Too many.
You ready?
I sure hope so.
what your grandfather said.
Always stand
my ground.
Don't move, Charlie.
Don't run!
Charlie! Don't!
Damn it!
Grab it.
Oh, you stupid kid.
You shit.
Come on.
Keep moving.
The boy
can hardly stand.
Son of a bitch.
Leave him be.
You can throw
the rest away
for all I care.
You're a proud one,
ain't you, little boy?
You're just like your
grandfather used to be.
You knew my grandpa?
Oh, yeah.
I knew your
He was a righteous man.
But a long time ago,
the Lord turned his face away
from your grandfather,
and he came to me on his knees.
What did you do?
I did what any
decent man would do.
To a man who was drowning,
I gave him my hand.
What happened?
He took it...
and then he tried
to pull me down with him.
He kicked me.
He stood on my back,
and he tried to get me down
all the way to the bottom.
He was a righteous man.
He was a self-righteous man.
There's no forgiveness
in that man.
He did to me
what your mother's doing to you.
You don't get it, do you?
If she paid the ransom...
they'd be here by now.
Come on, boy.
Something's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Huh? Where are the boys?
I told him
no one's coming back.
What the hell are you saying?
This Larsen can't be trusted.
I would have been back by now,
I guarantee that.
That's enough!
You talk like that
about him again,
I'll fucking kill you.
Boy, I hate to raise my voice.
Now, one way or the other,
those boys,
they haven't come back.
So if they're not dead...
they'd better
goddamn wish they were!
We're not waiting on them?
We're not waiting
on them.
The plan remains the same.
Turn the kid over
tomorrow night.
Seth, throw him in the room.
Get over here,
you little shit.
Hold on!
Let me tell you something
about your grandfather
that he didn't know!
Your fate is always
in somebody else's hands!
And it's your family's fate
to suffer!
Your grandfather
didn't know that!
He didn't believe it,
so he took fate in his own hands
and he crossed me!
Now fate's just
biding her time...
waiting for you
to come back here
and she can take what is hers.
Where's Charlie's father?
Somewhere in the desert.
We met in Afghanistan.
I got pregnant, so we came home.
Right after Charlie was born,
an IED took out
his father's Humvee.
There was nothing left.
A couple of years later,
I re-deployed.
I told myself
I needed to be there.
The truth is...
I cannot look in my son's face
without seeing his father
staring back at me.
I'm sorry.
Not as sorry as I am.
I should have never left my son.
Is that where
they're keeping him?
Let's go.
Is that everything?
I just checked that.
Yeah, well...
Over there.
It's Larsen.
Well, I'll be
a son of a bitch.
It's Larsen.
- Get Father.
- Yeah.
Keep the kid inside.
Looks like Larsen
brought us a gift!
Where's Father?
You come here to kill us all?
I'm only here for my son.
You think that
by bringing that stray dog
back to me,
that's going to make me
hand over your son?
I'm taking my son
and leaving the money
that was agreed on.
Show him!
Where's the rest of my boys?
Is it true?
Did she kill all your brothers?
You brought this to my doorstep
when you took Charlie.
You think
you're going to deal with me
after you killed my boys?
I'll kill more
if you force me to.
You pull that trigger,
you're dead.
Let me do it, Father.
We've lost enough.
End this now.
A son for a son.
Put your weapons down!
Put them down.
Now put your hands on your head.
Do it!
Come out here, boy!
Get the weapons
and get over here.
Charlie, get the weapons.
Come on.
Let's go,
That's right.
Come on.
Get behind me.
Let's go.
Anybody follows,
and you're dead.
Behind me.
Start it up.
You got what you came for.
Go while
you still can.
Clair Hamilton!
Your father may have had
a restful death,
but fate was not...
finished with him...
...or with you...
...or your kid.
I said it.
I said it.
A son for a son.
But you're going to have
to carry him off this mountain!
Holy shit.
- Go get them.
- Give me the gun.
Go get them.
Hey, are you okay?
Mom! Look out!
Let's go, Charlie.
Come on.
Come on.
I need you
to keep running. Okay?
Whatever you do,
don't stop.
What about you?
I'll be
right behind you.
Okay? Run. Okay?
You came back for me.
Of course I did.
Now go!
Charlie! No!
Come on.
You want to end up
like your mother?
Keep going.
Get up! Get up!
All right, you little shit.
You wanna play?
Huh, kid?
I'll play.
I live for this shit.
Where are you?
Got you, you little prick.
Get over here!
Go and tend to the generator.
You know,
I can't remember a time
when I wasn't driven by rage,
and my father saw it in me
when I was a little boy.
He tried to beat it out of me.
Imagine his surprise,
how it all
came to a head for him
when I came of age.
You know, I kept Hobbs first
out of curiosity.
I thought I saw in her
a little bit of me,
and I was right.
If I didn't kill her father,
she would have.
But I only kept the others...
for weeding, housekeeping.
You were the first one
I ever met I felt no rage for.
You were the son I never had.
But you can't change
a man's true nature.
The day your mother ran off,
I should have known
I couldn't trust you.
But today, you proved it.
You got her...
her betrayal...
in your nature.
She betrayed her husband.
she tried to betray me,
and she certainly
betrayed you...
...when she ran off
and left you here alone.
I should have killed you...
the day I killed your mother.
Don't die!
Don't die!
Don't die!
Don't die!
Don't die!
Don't die.
I need you. Come on.
Come on.
I need you.
I need you.
I'm not going to die.
I'm not going to die...
until you die.
I always knew
you were my only weakness.
A man has to kill...
...what makes
him weak.
Where is...
my son?
Where is he?
Where is he?
I was always your fate.
This is for my mother!
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
- Okay.
- I'm okay.
I got my boy back,
thanks to you.
getting off this mountain.
Come on, Charlie.
Let's go.
Guess you'll need
these back.
Why don't you hang
onto them for me?
[Subtitile by Shyju.S]