Daughters of Satan (1972) Movie Script

You are here within this
ring of salt to be judged.
You'll say that you repent.
You will repeat the nine names
of the principal powers of darkness.
Those that we call our saints.
Lucifer, our lord.
Lucifer our lord.
Name the others.
Beelzebub, prince of flies.
And to the best of my knowledge
this a true witch's scythe,
one of the tools of her trade.
They use censors and chalices and faribels
and other vessels similar to those used
in the Catholic celebration of the mass.
Except these were
consecrated to the devil,
to his satanic majesty.
The handle had to be like this?
Like this.
And this odd design.
Part of the power of witchcraft.
Somewhere sometime in the past
this knife was consecrated
with salt, vinegar and skunk...
Skunk pee Mr. Ching.
Very expensive kind.
There are two kinds you know.
I will take it, for luck.
Be right with you sir.
That's Chris.
Thank you Miss.
Thank you Mr. Ching.
Good day sir.
Mr. Carlos Ching.
And you are Mr. James Robertson
of the United Museum's Fund.
Are you sure, you've
never seen me before.
Partly yes, partly
no, I had hoped that...
You wrote me that you thought you have
what might be one of the
Van Alst Bergos tapestries.
Yes, a fragment.
Well a fragment isn't much good
unless it points to the
existence of the valance of it.
Some of the Bergos tapestries
are in the cloisters in New York.
They're anxious to make their collection
as complete as possible.
I'd pay high for one.
Or several if they're in good condition.
It's one of the Redemption of Man series.
The knots are the same as those used
in Brussels in the 16th century.
The dyes don't have the same look
and it's in this corner of
this particular tapestry
that the double eagle
of the holy Roman empire should be woven.
I'd say it's a much later
copy, and a poor one at that.
Early 17th century.
Period of 1605, 1610.
I must say you couldn't possible be...
Couldn't I, who's the painter?
Jesus Salto Marie Velez.
Very minor, completely unworthy.
Nevermind, what his story?
Salto did six paintings.
Different views of the burning
of the witches here in Manila.
I'll take it, how much is it?
It's $200.
It's for me, I wouldn't think
of buying that for a museum
even as an example of
bad Spanish colonial art.
- For you, 100.
- I'll take it, for 75.
Your wish is my command.
But may I ask sir why you have
a personal interest in such a one?
Why not?
If my wife had lived 370 years ago
she could've been a model
for that pretty witch in
the center of the painting.
Ah sir one can always understand
the romantic side of things.
- Hi Chris.
- Hello.
- How are you feeling?
- Better, every day better.
If I wouldn't keep reminding you.
For me, a surprise?
For us.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What'd you do today?
Nothing really.
What did you do?
I was busy.
Did you miss me?
Come on let me see it.
Go ahead.
Why would you bring a
thing like that home?
Why Chris can't you see why?
You bought it for a client
or you're gonna raffle it off at your...
No, no there's something about it.
You know Jim there's times
when I think you need a bodyguard.
Why would you bring a
psycho thing like that home?
Even badly painted.
I don't understand you, really I don't.
You never liked anything before
Matisse and the Fauvists.
Oh Cezanne I like, but this
is kind of different, special.
Sadism at its purest,
burning women at the stake.
It's historical, early
Spanish colonial primitive.
The Burning of the Witches.
Burning alive the three
members of Duarte Coven, 1592.
How the hell did you know that?
I don't know, I've got some blind spots
when it comes to history.
Don't you see something Chris,
I mean can't you see a resemblance?
Man it really hit me, this
girl in the center here,
she could be your sister or you.
Could she?
It's the face darling, it's your face.
So we've all got look-a-likes
and if you see my face in
every woman in every painting
I guess you're just gone on me.
In a way it's a compliment.
Kiss me.
I can't tell you how or why
it gets to me but it does.
It's like a period painting of you.
Like you were at some other time.
Let's not get into reincarnation Jim.
Today is trouble enough.
Will you turn that damn
thing to the wall please?
Oh Jim.
What's wrong honey?
Oh nothing, I couldn't sleep.
Alright what is it this time?
Come on tell me.
Someone was calling my name.
Or I think they were.
There it is again.
Can you hear it?
I can't hear a thing except bugs.
But I do, I do.
There's someone or something out there.
Okay, now don't be afraid,
I'm gonna take a look.
Oh no, no.
Put that away, it won't do any good.
What do you mean, it's a 357 magnum,
it'd go through the engine block of a car.
That's alright, maybe I
was just imagining things
or I was half asleep and had a nightmare.
Nobody around here calls
me Christina anyway.
I never liked it.
Come on put that away,
let's go back to bed.
And what the hell was that?
It was just a little waft.
You can explain that in the morning.
That and the Christina bit.
If I can't explain it to myself
how can I explain it to you?
How true.
How fearfully and wonderfully are we made.
Come on Nicodemus.
Good boy.
Nicodemus, 666 Calle Revelacion.
How did I know your name?
I never saw you before, did I Nicodemus?
Yes Jim?
Come here, hurry.
What's the matter?
Did you touch this painting today?
Yes I did, I put it on
the couch where you did
and I looked at it.
I thought it bothered you?
It is sort of creepy.
There's something more than creepy,
take a good look at it.
Notice anything missing?
The dog's gone.
Or almost, look how he's faded.
- What do you mean?
- The dog.
That big dog tied at your feet.
At my feet?
Well at the feet of the center witch.
Is that how you're
starting to think of me?
No Chris.
But you gotta admit there's
a frightening resemblance.
You didn't try to erase the
dog for some reason did you?
Now why would do a thing like that?
Maybe it's starting to fade.
After 370 years the
painting's starting to fade.
You know I checked the library today.
You were absolutely right
about the date of the burning.
Now how would you know an
obscure thing like that?
I think I read it in a novel somewhere
or a book on witchcraft.
Just last week you couldn't remember
whether you paid 33.95 or 34.50
for those new shoes you bought.
Well I have no memory
for figures, you know that.
Oh come on
now, 1592 is a figure.
So I got a funny mind.
Some things just stick in it
and they're unimportant and don't matter
and other things go right on through.
Sometimes I think I got
a mind full of meringue.
Anyway that's why I married
you, to keep things straight.
Keeping you straight is my biggest job.
Is this the Robertson residence?
I came in answer to your ad.
I'm not running an ad.
Madam I wouldn't come way
out here without reason.
That's us alright.
But I didn't put the ad in.
Oh maybe Jim did, he's been
promising me some help.
My name is Juana Rios.
And you know mine.
And nice to meet you.
Come in won't you?
And this is my husband's study.
You won't have to touch a thing in here.
When he's in the middle of an art article
there are open books all
over the desk and the couch
and the floor, and papers
with writing on them.
If I touch anything or try and tidy up
he just climbs the walls.
That'll be fine.
What's wrong my dear?
Are you not feeling well?
I think I've changed my mind.
I don't think I want a housekeeper.
I want you to go.
Please go.
You have no choice.
You must do what it is your destiny to do
and I'm here to help, to
keep you to that purpose.
I brought you something to
remind you of that purpose.
And now if you will you show me
where things are in the kitchen
I shall start plans for tonight's dinner.
The funniest thing just happened.
I was driving along Camino
Connor right near here
and a dog stood in the middle of the road
and tried to stop me.
Maybe he wanted a ride.
Ha ha.
Hey we got a cook housekeeper.
He looked just like
the dog in that painting
or that type, big and ugly,
and he damn near wrecked the car
or I did trying to avoid him.
And then he chased after
me barking like a lunatic.
What do you mean we got a housekeeper?
You know from the ad you put in.
Oh, well I hoped you
picked the best applicant.
Oh she was the only one.
She said there wouldn't be any others.
A know it all huh?
Well we'll try it for a couple weeks.
Oh no dear, she makes the rules.
Six months at her option,
Wednesdays and Sundays off
and she is not to be asked
to cook fish or lamb.
Well no lamb's okay with me
and when I catch fish I
like to cook 'em myself.
Do you think she'll let you
keep on sleeping with me?
That point hasn't come up yet.
That's the dog.
No, dear.
No, no.
He'll be nice to you, he won't hurt you.
I won't hurt him?
How the hell did you
know his name anyway?
Come here.
Come, come here.
Make friends with him.
I've got enough friends already.
Nicodemus over here.
My husband, Jim Robertson, Juana Rios.
Miss Juana, et cetera.
What evil thing have you done
to make dogs hate you?
Ah yes now I remember,
as a boy in Mexico I was
captured by the Aztecs.
Our favorite holiday dish was baked dog.
I must say it was quite good.
You've never been in Mexico
in your life except Tijuana.
I'm a cat man myself.
I've never yet had a cat bark at me
or take a chunk out of my ass.
Come on Nicodemus, come on.
Yeah it's Jim.
Hey I didn't wake you did I?
Listen I'm trying to be as
professional as possible
about a painting I just bought
but it's getting pretty difficult.
No it's something I bought for myself,
but what's driving me
absolutely out of my mind
is the fact that several of
the figures in the painting
could possibly fade after 370 years.
No, not the whole thing, just two figures.
I'll tell you more when
I see you tomorrow.
Now what the hell is that?
Who am I?
I don't know.
That's good because it's
a matter of death and life.
My life and your death.
I would shoot you, but it's dangerous.
It is dangerous to make
noise at this time and place.
So get onto your feet.
You white monkey and go back to your home.
What did you see?
A camp fire.
And I saw two women standing beside it,
but they disappeared all of a sudden.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I just feel...
so down.
It's alright.
I'm here.
Help me Jim, please.
Help me.
Blessed is the bride
that the sun shines on
Blessed is the corpse
that the rain rains on
Ah still laying there
in the midnight air
And the wind blew up her nightie
And the moon lit the
nipples of her tit
Oh Jesus Christ oh mighty Ia Ia la
I have captured you my dear forever.
You're not allowed in here.
This is the makeup room of the dead.
Excuse me I'm looking for a dog.
Dog, I've not yet embalmed a dog.
A dog's owner, a dog named Nicodemus.
Do you know anyone who owns
a big dog named Nicodemus?
I should say not.
Dogs should be named Rex or Duke or...
There's the address,
666 Calle Revelacion.
That dog has been
bugging the hell out of me.
Bugging huh?
Do you know the etymology of the term?
It seems that some buggers have gained
world wide reputation for
their sexual preference.
Incidentally the word bugger...
Hey, I just want to find the owner.
Now you can't help me huh?
I don't know, except that
this is Calle Revolucion 666.
- Revolucion?
- Yes.
And your street, at Calle
Revelacion, the one you want.
Its name has been changed to
to honor one of our military figures.
It's across town, for it's the truth.
Thank you.
Thanks for asking about Chris.
Okay, everything I've
told you about the dog,
the painting fading, one of
the witches in the painting
looks just like my wife,
another like our cook,
the art dealer being stabbed to death.
I don't know, have I been hallucinating?
Hallucinating, no.
Troubling factual happenings, yes.
You must believe the testimony
of your mind and senses.
Well thank god, I thought
I was going out of my skull.
So I can relax huh?
I wouldn't if I were you.
What do you mean?
Does the fly rest
easy caught in the web?
- It's alright Sabrina.
- Doctor I tried.
I'm sorry Doctor.
You can leave her with me now.
Alright Kitty, we just had
our meeting this morning remember?
You're not due back here until Wednesday.
But I need you desperately Dr. Dangal.
I need you desperately.
The power is always at me.
They keep telling me what to do.
To do evil things.
Things that I wouldn't do on my own.
They keep putting things into my mind.
I must have your support.
Just step in here and I
will be with you in a while.
But I don't want to take
part in a conspiracy to murder.
No one can force you to crime
unless that's what you want.
What's the matter with you?
Seen another ghost?
I don't know.
I don't know Doctor, it's weird.
I've only been in the
Philippines four months
and the whole world goes insane.
That woman in there,
she looks like the third
witch in the painting.
I want you to phone me
everything that happens,
night or day, anytime, doesn't matter.
You can come back on Friday at four.
I'm sorry Chris quit coming,
she was making progress.
I'm sorry too, you were
helping her, I know that.
She's just so damn stubborn.
- How is she now?
- Down and really confused.
I'm gonna ask her to come back with you.
Yep, no ground glass, no
poison, not yet anyway.
Hey this thing's kind of shaky.
Did you hear some kind of noise?
No, but I wouldn't shake my legs.
It sure is peaceful here.
Everything's been so crazy lately.
What has?
The last week or so ever since
I brought that painting home.
I don't see anything
strange about anything.
You don't see anything strange huh?
And you don't believe
in considering facts.
If I know there are
facts then I consider them.
You don't consider your resemblance
to the middle witch a fact?
Yes it's a fact, it's
also a coincidence.
And that the one on the
right looks just like Juana.
Another coincidence.
You knew the exact year
and the name of the group
being burned, the Duarte
Coven you called it, 1592.
Chance, just chance.
I already explained it to you.
And there's that dog.
That loving bundle of viciousness
that tries to remove one of my
hands every time he sees me.
How do you control him?
Nicodemus loves me, all dogs love me
and all animals love me.
Saint Christina.
How about the voice calling in the night?
Well it felt pretty real, it scared me.
But it could've just been a
dream or in my mind you know.
A lot of things never happen,
we just think they did or will.
Take illness for example.
Illness can often be psychosomatic,
we can imagine ourselves
right into illness.
By the way you should be more careful.
I found this on the floor of the car.
Well why don't we get back?
And there's that 666 something street
where that killer canine's
supposed to live only it's...
a mortuary...
or an art shop I don't know.
I think I'm going screwier than...
You were going to say than me.
No Chris no.
It's me we're talking about.
I don't know.
Think I'm going a little crazy?
I think you always have
been a little crazy,
now just more so.
Are you hurt?
No, wet.
What in the world is this
for at this time of night?
Something to purify the air, use it.
But there are no directions.
You'll know what to do
and honey you better take off this cross.
You might break the chain
while you're asleep.
What the hell happened?
There they are, Kitty Duarte my patient.
Your wife.
Your cook.
And where's the dog?
Nicodemus you son of a bitch wake up.
Can he get out?
- Oh he's locked in.
- Oh.
But he get out when he wants
to, he changes into an ant.
No, a spider, and crawls under the door.
You said Chris has a peculiar
control over this animal.
He's like a puppy in her hands.
Pardon me for that, but he'd eat me alive
if she weren't around.
She's got some kind of
mental control over him.
Why is the dog being
burned with the witches?
Do you notice in the painting
his feet are tied together?
Look Doctor, I am climbing the walls
already I'm so mixed up.
This dog Nicodemus is what is known
to witches and warlocks as a familiar.
An animal with a supernormal
access to evil things,
even to the devil himself.
He's the go between from the witch
and the powers of darkness.
In other words the witch communicates
through the animal with the devil right?
Well if you believe in witchcraft.
Why don't you make
yourself comfortable Jim?
You know you are surrounded
by a coven of witches.
If you believe in witches you said.
There are unfriendly
meddlers in the unknown.
Now wait, let's go over the facts,
I'm going to give you me F or
F test, fact or figment, okay?
One, your wife hearing a voice
call her name in the night.
I'd say figment.
Juana applying here
for a job and only here
after you bought the painting.
The dog trying to wreck your car.
The witches in the field around a fire.
Those guerillas who almost executed you.
Very much a fact.
What about the suffocating gas?
The suffocating gas.
Fact, a fact.
Look my wife loves me.
I don't doubt that and I don't doubt
that she'd never harm you in
any way, except it's not her.
You yourself once said
she's being controlled
by forces outside herself,
by some supernormal power.
I think there are some people,
for some reason I don't know,
who are trying to hex you,
if not to do away with you.
And your wife is the weapon.
I can't believe that.
I can't believe it, it's like
some kind of a nightmare.
Anyway how do I know you're right?
Notice how bright the colors
in the painting are now.
All the little witches are in bed
sleeping the sleep of the innocent.
The dog's locked in his place.
You know I have a theory
about when the colors fade.
It means that the coven
is out functioning.
They have left the painting
and are performing as witches.
Ah bullshit.
I do not think that is
a very scientific remark.
When your wife's colors fade look out.
Be wary, if she tried to kill
you with that suffocating gas
she'll try again some
other way, none the less,
or whatever.
If what you say is true
how do we snap her out of it?
She's devout you said?
Mass every day.
And the church isn't
all that didn't help her.
The only barrier that's
taken away from her...
Jim you look tired.
Why don't you go on to bed?
I'll sit here and study the painting.
I'm just leaving.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
Talk to you in the morning.
Time, 1:05, this date.
After leaving Robertson's home
and driving along Camino
Connor toward Ross Boulevard
for about, oh perhaps a mile,
observed the shadowy
figures of three women
skipping hand in hand along the dirt road.
They were followed by a large dog.
Just having a little midnight snack.
Go right ahead.
Thank you for driving
me home from the funeral.
I suppose it wasn't very
lady like of me to beg,
but I did see you in Dr. Dangal's office.
And I, I don't know, I
just can't seem to get
from one moment to another without him.
Isn't it sad?
He's dead.
And in his prime.
I just can't seem to get a hold of myself.
He was a fine man.
I didn't know whom to turn to.
Don't worry, I'm a widow.
I was married for 11 years
to what they call a good man.
Hard working money maker, he never chased,
two drinks before dinner, that's all.
And then suddenly he died.
He left me rich with things,
but he left me hollow inside.
11 years and you know he
never once touched my breasts.
- Jeez.
- What do you say to that?
Well not having been
equipped with those particular
secondary sex characteristics
I can't say anything.
You're not going to commit yourself?
Look just what are you doing here?
I know what you're doing here.
You're here like all the rest
of them, for just one thing.
You think you're going to score.
Well you are not going to
lay me, not on your life.
You're not gonna touch
me with a 10 foot pole.
For your information I
don't need any erotic assists.
I have no desire to lay you as you put it.
I came here because you asked me to.
Please, please don't go yet.
Please, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that all the
men I know are such pigs.
Oh, look, I'm very worried
about Dr. Dangal getting killed.
What I really wanted to
talk to you about was
I have a painting that I think
you might be interested in.
It's one in that series called
The Burning of the Witches.
I think you have one.
By Jesus Salto M.
He was an eyewitness.
He's the same painter who
painted the painting you have.
I thought you might be interested
in buying mine for your museum.
You seem to know a
lot about me don't you?
Well I,
Through my friends Carlos
Ching and Dr. Dangal.
Come on, it's in here in my bedroom.
Oh don't worry.
I'm not going to rape you.
Translate will you?
Of course, I know it by heart.
Don Diego Roberson, investigator
for the Holy Inquisition
accuses three witches
and their satanic dog
prior to the preparation of their burning.
Manila, 16th, December 1592.
God it looks just like me.
Roberson is Spanish-ized for Robertson.
And Diego means James.
Looks just like me,
same name and all, 1592.
Could've been my great
grandfather's great grandfather.
There's a tradition in our
family of a Spanish branch.
A long time ago the
Irish and Scots you know
fought in every army in Europe.
As long as it was against the English.
Well they were all over the world.
The man who got my grandmother
pregnant was a wild Irishman.
Right here in Manila.
I guess it can happen
right here in Manila.
Don't you start pawing me.
Why is it every man gets
near me wants to paw me?
I hadn't thought of it,
maybe you have a very high paw quotient.
Now why the hell did you ask me here?
Just to show me my look alike
in that cruddy painting?
Just to warn you.
Be careful James, your ancestor...
If he was.
Condemned those women to
be burnt at the stake alive
as well as the others in their coven.
They have had their revenge on him
and on everyone of his male descendants.
Every one of them has died young.
The pact has never been broken.
I don't believe you.
I know what I know.
Then why the hell don't
you tell me everything?
Shit, tell me.
Sister of Satan, Christina Robertson,
you are here to be judged.
Twice you have tried to carry out
our satanic majesty's orders
and twice you have failed.
I can't do it.
I can't, I can't.
You can do it.
And you will.
No, no, please.
Weakness of will is the greatest sin
a Satanite can be guilty of.
Lucifer our
lord give us the power.
You have been guilty
of shocking weakness of will.
Your devotion to the pagan Catholic faith
is heresy to our lord Satan.
And you will be found guilty
of deceiving our master...
No, don't hit
me I can't stand it!
Do you wish to be reconfirmed?
You will recite Lucifer's prayer.
I must.
Ever forward,
glory at the end, power at the end.
Kingdom he is dying for.
Evil from us deliver the
temptation to not us lay down.
Better thou forgive me
as desires will give not.
Bringing our daily this gift.
Heaven in his death.
Earth then will by thy.
Come kingdom nigh, name thy be hallowed.
Heaven and Earth will be turned around.
Repeat after me.
I will put all other
religions away from me.
I will put all other
religions away from me.
My church is the Manila
Assembly of Lucifer.
My church is the
Manila Assembly of Lucifer.
I have no other choice but to carry out
the task assigned to me.
I have no other choice but to carry out
the task assigned to me.
Take it.
Hold it up.
Hold the cross up the way
the Christian priests do it.
Prove that you are
recommitted to our lord Satan.
Deny Christ, spit on him.
You are now recommitted and reconfirmed.
We only have until midnight tomorrow.
Everything must be finished by midnight.
Everything is ready.
Now it's all up to you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry I'm late, we can eat out.
Hey why are you limping?
I stepped on a stake.
How the hell did you do that?
Come on, I have martinis mixed.
I did it because I couldn't help myself.
What the martinis or the limp?
All poured and ready.
Here's to Tokyo, Hong
Kong, Bangkok and Rangoon.
We're moving on.
Tomorrow, so get packed, start tonight.
And where's Juana, I want to fire her.
Right here Mr. Robertson.
I brought you some hot cocktail sausages
and other malnutritious goodies.
So you're gonna fire me?
Well that's just great.
That's one month bonus pay,
two weeks sick leave pay,
one week vacation pay, and...
And how about disagreeable pay?
You've contributed to enough
of that around here, disagreeability.
Jim, don't be so rude.
Where were you today?
I called you several times.
I was at a meeting.
That society?
That society of...
How much time do we have?
About 24 hours to get rid of him.
Enough to spot him and
take care of our alibi.
Help us.
She should be here to help us.
In her condition it's
better she stay in the bar.
Do you know the owner?
Tommy Tantulco?
Jim and I come here once in a while.
Well get him over here so
that he can remember you and us.
And when we were here.
Yes Mrs. Robertson.
- Tommy meet Juana Rios.
- How are you?
- And Catalina Duarte.
- How do you do Tommy?
What's the matter, you don't
look well Mrs. Robertson.
Oh they just had an argument.
Mr. Robertson drove off in mad rage.
I'm sorry.
Can I do something for you?
Yes, my drink.
This Manila Galleon as you call it
seems to have lost its poop deck.
I'll fix it for you.
And a nice shot of Tamara.
151 proof.
The same for us too Tommy.
It's 11:55.
Eight bells.
2400, midnight, straight up,
the witching hour.
Who are you two?
I know who I am.
I think I know who you are.
Wait don't tell me you're
a housekeeper or a cook?
I've seen you somewhere.
Cook, housekeeper?
Your name is Juany, or Juana.
Well here's mud in your eye.
My name Herminia Raymundo.
I'm a registered nurse,
yes Herminia Raymundo, RN.
Aren't you a patient of mine?
Aren't you a case I was called on?
I'm no case and there's
nothing the matter with me.
Listen if you ever really need
a good shrink I know the guy.
I mean he really pulled me
out of a case of downers.
I mean boy I was really
down and he cleared my mind.
Dr. Dangal.
He's a magnificent guy for a man.
I mean he's great.
Now look I better give you his number.
Look I don't want a psychiatrist.
All I want to know is how I got here
and where my husband is.
Jim Robertson, that's my husband.
Oh how the hell should I
know where your husband is?
I'm just going through
on my way to Hong Kong.
I'm gonna buy everything in that town.
I have this horrible feeling.
Somewhere I went wrong,
somewhere I failed him.
I feel so guilty and I don't know why.
I don't know the reason.
But something terrible has happened to him
and I don't know what it is.
It's there, in the back of my head,
and it won't take shape.
Just like a black shadow back there.
Oh come on honey with
your shape and your look
and the shortages of men everywhere.
Be quiet, can't you see she's upset?
Oh come on let's take
this creep home and then,
hey, hey do you want to
go to Hong Kong with me?
I'm not very rich but I
can charge our airfare.
Well I have a little here,
but gee I've never been to Hong Kong.
Hey I got 35 in cash and some change.
Oh what's this?
A check.
How much is it for?
What does it matter?
It's made out to somebody
named Juana Rios.
How much?
More than 400.
Okay, okay so it was in your
bag, you're an honest lady,
it must have something to do with you.
Look just endorse it, put Juana Rios
and then sign your own name underneath.
- Okay.
- Okay, come on let's move.
Come on, let's go home.
Come on.
Chris, darling.
Jim, Jim.
It's okay.
I'm alright now.
But I don't know what happened.
I must've blacked out.
When I came to I was way up
on some mountain somewhere.
The car was going off the road,
well I got out just in time.
The car's gone, it's
just totaled, burnt up.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Let me get this door open for you.
What the hell are you doing in the house?
Good dog.
I can't believe it.
Would you look at this mutt Chris?
All the hate's gone out of
him, I can't believe it.
Quiet now, let it rest.
Jim there's something I...
You too.
We'll figure this all out later.