Dave Made a Maze (2017) Movie Script

Remember, they won't hear me,
so if you could answer the
questions in complete sentences.
"I built the maze because?"
I built the maze because
I wanted to make something.
- And?
- Oh, god.
Am I coming off angry?
Just please don't let me
come across angry on this.
- Don't... or spineless. Please.
- Of course not.
If... for fuck's sake, do not make
me look like a spineless asshole.
Of course not. Boom.
I built something because
I wanted to build something.
And if I could just finish it,
I just know that it would...
It would be great. It would...
Or true, or real.
And tertiary, tertiary,
I might be responsible for
the people that died yesterday
or today, I don't know
what time it is.
And if I am,
then I'm sorry.
Tell me more about that.
Dave, don't go.
A few more questions.
I'm back!
- What the...
- Hey, baby!
Welcome home!
How was your trip?
It was fine.
What is this?
I built a labyrinth!
Can you believe it?
Um, how long are you planning
on having it up?
Oh, you know,
just a little while.
I'm going to take a shower.
Annie, I'm so glad you're home.
Tsk, tsk, tsk... all right.
Have you been working
on this all weekend?
- Hey!
- Hey.
Um, yes.
Well, I started
Friday night and...
I'm lost.
Um, it's cardboard.
I know, but it's much
bigger on the inside.
I really want to see you.
Can you please come out?
I'm lost.
Dude, come out.
They're just refrigerator boxes.
Knock 'em over.
Do you even know how long
it took me to make this?
You can't just make me
tear it down because it works.
Where's the entrance?
Annie, do not come in here.
It is not finished
and it is way too dangerous.
Dave, you're being a douche.
No, what are you doing?
Stop it!
Oh, my god!
What is happening?
Whatever you just did,
please don't do that again.
I'm coming in.
No, it's not ready!
I don't want you to get lost.
How long have you been in there?
I've been in here
for three days.
Are you kidding me?
I left my phone on the counter,
or I would have called.
I really wanted to call.
Oh, my god.
- I'm breaking it down.
- No, no, no, wait!
There has to be a way!
Call Gordon!
No, call Leonard!
- No, call Gordon.
- Are you serious?
Yes, Annie, please.
Just, I've worked
so hard on this.
Hey, Gordon.
Where's that beard at?
The beard's on my face!
I said where's that beard at?
I said the beard's on my face!
- What you say?
- I said the beard's on my face!
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
- Sorry I didn't call.
- Ok.
I thought you were dead in a
closet with a bag over your head.
Did Annie explain?
Yeah, she did.
Why aren't we
breaking this down?
Because he worked
really hard on it.
Thank you. Yes.
Let's see what we've got here.
are you wearing your shoes?
No, of course not.
We're not allowed to go in.
Yeah, because
it's not finished yet.
He's afraid that we'll get lost.
Which is right
because it's bigger
than it looks.
I can't believe
you actually made this.
Well, it's not finished yet.
But pretty cool, huh?
The interesting thing is
that I started in the center
and built outward,
like a seashell.
The interesting thing
is that you got lost.
I said where's that beard at?
The beard's on my face!
Annie, can I get a jar?
Come in, Gordon.
What's wrong with him?
Um, you know, he gets
all fired up about stuff,
but he never finishes anything.
At least he followed through this time.
You know?
Come on, look at half this
stuff out here, it's a mess.
You know you're the one that's going
to have to clean up all this cardboard
once he takes up,
You Ok?
I'm fine.
He's lost in a cardboard
maze in our living room.
Not true.
He's lost in a cardboard maze
in your living room
that he built.
It's way stupider.
- Thanks.
- Hmm.
He said he's been in there
for three days.
Where do you think
he poops and stuff?
I haven't had
anything to eat for a while.
You haven't eaten anything?
I had some trail mix,
a little beef jerky,
you know, construction food.
But that was a while ago.
And I didn't build a toilet,
and I'm not going to shit
on our floor!
- Are you Ok?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just, I kinda hurt my hand.
Let me guess, paper cut?
Yeah, kind of.
Is it bad?
Are you all right?
No, it's fine.
I'm fine.
Don't worry, guys.
Hey, I think
it's time we lift it up
and you crawl out.
What am I, a worm?
And I can't, because
I taped it to the carpet.
You're kidding.
It's sealed tight.
Wait, let me just...
Jesus Christ!
What are you even doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Please don't do that.
Oh, my god!
I can hear that!
Gordon, keep knocking!
Why did I not think of this?
So simple!
Keep knocking, Gordon!
Knock away, baby!
Yeah! Wait. Oh, shit. Gordon?
I can't hear you knocking.
I've gone too far.
Nah, I was just kidding.
- Awesome.
- What?
I'm lost again.
Just, follow the knocking.
I wish it was that easy.
I built this thing too tricky.
What are we supposed to do?
Make sandwiches, put them in baggies.
And then throw them into
the labyrinth, yeah,
and then hopefully
I'll find one.
This is really good. I'm gonna
call Leonard real fast.
Can you please come out?
Annie, I want to,
I just, I can't.
Dave is trapped in a cardboard
maze in his living room
and he can't get out.
No, no bag, no closet, just.
Yeah, Annie just came home
and found him,
no, no, no,
Gordon? Gordon!
Hold on a sec, Leo.
Only Leonard.
Only Leonard.
You got me?
Yes, of course.
You Ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just... kinda hungry.
And we can't tear it down?
Please don't.
- Let's go get him.
- No, you can't.
It's too dangerous.
You wouldn't last a second
with the obstacles
- and the booby traps...
- You built obstacles?
Yeah, just for fun,
and they took on
a life of their own.
And they're not what I intended.
So we can't tear it down,
and we can't go in?
I'm going home.
No, no, come on, you just got here.
Let's hang out.
I've gotta work tomorrow.
Well, you've got
awesome right now!
Bye, Dave.
Bye, Leonard!
Leonard, can I get a few words
from you before you go?
Cock, radio, porcelain,
an interview.
Wait, was that Harry?
Yeah, he's making a documentary.
Did he see the labyrinth yet?
Probably missed it.
Come on, guys!
It's huge!
Wait, who else is out there?
Me, Gordon, Harry.
Uh, Harry's crew.
Greg and Brynn are here.
Hey, Dave.
Can you not say that
at the same time as me?
- You know...
- Hey, guys.
Hey, Dave.
- Damn it.
- Gordon, what the fuck?
Nicole couldn't make it,
but Jane is here.
I want to go inside!
Can we go inside?
- What? No!
- Ok.
I don't understand, why can't
he just break out of it?
Because he's attached to it.
Yeah, Ok.
Ok, well, don't just
let anyone in, Ok?
Yeah, there's some
Flemish tourists,
hobo from the street.
- Can I use the shower?
- Gordon!
Look, buddy, you said
you knew mazes.
I said I know cardboard.
- Pizza's here.
- More cardboard.
Oh, you guys got some pizza.
- Annie?
- What?
Can you come back to the back
of the labyrinth, please?
I can't.
I have to get the pizza.
I'll get it.
I'll get it.
I'm sorry I can't
figure my way out of here.
I feel like a fish
in a fishbowl.
Everything is so close.
I'm really sorry.
Ok what?
You sound pissed.
This is stupid.
Not from in here.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Ok, that's great.
Can we try another one?
Ok, I got one.
Um, when I first heard about
Dave being trapped in a maze,
I was like, well,
at least he's not sucking
a big veiny dick
for kickstarter money.
That's not how
kickstarter works!
- Hi.
- Oh, hey.
Why didn't we start with Annie?
- I'm going into the maze.
- Really? Ok.
- Don't touch me!
- I'm sorry.
You're good. We're gonna pick
up later, where we left off.
Ok, thank you, Leonard.
Ok, Annie, you come home,
there's a giant maze
in your living room,
you're like, what the...
There's a giant maze
in my living room!
I've heard of people
rearranging the furniture,
but this is
whack-a-doodle crazy!
You give me a sense of that.
So when you're ready.
Just let me know how you felt.
Put it in your own words.
Don't say whack-a-doodle.
That's dumb.
When you're ready,
Ok, just ignore me,
do what you're doing.
We'll put some music over this, it'll
be a montage, it'll be awesome!
Um, can we go in the maze now?
Yeah, can we go in the maze now?
What? No, guys, I'm just
going to fish Dave out.
This is not...
- So we can go in the maze now?
- Yes!
Let's fucking do this!
What, stop it, guys, stop it!
- It's not finished!
- I'll be right there.
- What's going on?
- We're coming in.
You're not coming in, are you?
- Fuck it, let's go.
- Stop!
Go, go, go! Don't look at the
camera, don't look at the camera.
Don't look at the camera!
Go, go, go, go through.
Whoa! My god!
Let's go this way.
Maybe this way.
It is bigger.
- It goes down.
- This doesn't make any sense.
No problem.
We're gonna...
We'll just turn around.
As long a we're all working
together, this is gonna be fine.
- It's gonna be great.
- Which way?
- Um, wait a second. Hold on.
- What's wrong?
Nothing, hold on,
just give me a second.
No, come on.
Hey, hey, not on me,
on the maze. The maze!
- Acoustics are different.
- Is that a problem?
Are you bringing
problems to my set?
You're here to provide
solutions, not problems.
- It's just different.
- Dave!
Ok, look, mazes
are very complicated.
Let's just take
a second and relax.
We don't need to
go and get lost.
We just got here.
Every maze has a dead end.
It's just a shame that
we had to find one so soon.
- Look at that.
- What is happening to you?
You're freaking out.
So let's just take a second
and have a breather.
No, don't!
This must have taken hours.
It goes all the way up.
Wait, isn't this
the keyboard that you got Dave?
At least the box
is being used, huh?
He really used
anything he could find.
Where's the keyboard?
- Hey!
- Hey.
Dave? Dave!
Guys, come on!
No, it's fine.
More childlike wonder.
Why are we stopping?
Where's the second one?
There's gotta be
another way out!
Get in the mouth!
Go! Come on!
I got it!
When I first heard about Dave
being trapped in a maze, um...
Yeah, Annie,
could you sit there?
Annie, just, Ok, there we go.
Just sit there. Ok.
Yeah. All right.
This is pretty overwhelming, huh?
Let's talk about this.
Yeah, I guess.
- Probably talk about...
- Ok, let's start with Annie.
Thank you, Gordon. All right.
Hold this for a second.
And I see that she keys left.
Do you have a bounce? I'd like to get
some fill on the other side of her face...
We're here in the maze
and we're rescuing Dave.
Great, hold on,
hold that thought. Not yet.
Good instincts.
Ok, so, Annie,
start with your name and age.
My name's Annie,
and we're rescuing Dave.
From the maze.
Ok, Annie,
when did Dave become able to
bring inanimate objects to life?
We were just attacked
by giant origami birds.
Your thoughts?
I don't know.
What are your thoughts?
Often in the media,
women are portrayed as
incomplete without a man,
either talking about a guy,
or in this case
physically searching for a guy.
- What do you think about that?
What? I really don't care.
You don't care? You're a woman, you
don't care about gender stereotypes?
What are you, Betty Friedan?
Let's just keep it
about the maze.
You want me
to minimize her as a person
and just allow her identity
through a gender telescope fine!
- I want us to stay focused!
- You want me to stay focused?
Is Dave important to you?
What would you do if
something happened to him?
- I...
- Hey, you guys!
This place is huge.
Jane, did you see
anything back there?
No, I didn't see anything.
This is a blast, huh?
Hold on, hold on.
Have you seen any of the other...
No, don't move!
Look at me, I'm like a statue!
Why am I not moving, Annie?
Uh, Jane, just listen to him,
you might have triggered
a booby trap.
Booby trap?
No... no one else
stepped on this?
It's like a fucking
cocktail party in here,
and nobody stepped on this?
Ok. I think we're good.
- What the hell is this?
- Is this blood?
Is this my good yarn?
Did she die, or did she just
turn into a craft project?
Her head fell off, so I'm
gonna say that, she's dead?
I don't know!
You're getting so cold.
I'm coming to get you, Brynn!
I can hear you.
Why did Dave build booby traps?
Because it's a labyrinth!
If it didn't have booby traps,
it would just be a series
of articulated hallways.
I don't care what it is.
I want to know why
it's killing people!
Ok, that's great,
but could you rephrase that
to more directly address
what's happening here is real?
I want to get out of here!
Brynn! Are you Ok?
No, I am not Ok!
I want to get out
of this stupid maze.
Hey, um...
You look nice, how are you?
- What?
- More of a...
Look, uh, we don't have time
for this, Brynn!
We are trapped inside
some sort of a death maze,
and we need to find our friends
and get the fuck out of here!
Ok, why are you shaking me?
I am shaking you because
I am brimming with emotion!
Get it together, Gordon!
Ok, enough.
Brynn, what happened?
A bunch of spikes hit Greg and
his guts splashed all over me.
We have to know what
we're dealing with here.
- I don't know what that is.
- Hug her.
- Give her a hug.
- No, come on.
Follow them.
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go!
He was right there.
Could he have gotten up?
Maybe he was just hurt.
He was definitely hurt.
It looks like he got up
and wandered off.
If he had paint cans for feet.
What am I looking at?
It's a minotaur.
Um, what?
Half bull, half man.
Feeds on human flesh,
haunts labyrinths.
Are you telling me that Dave
is killing and eating people?
No, the traps are killing people
and the minotaur is eating them.
Ok, but if
Dave made the minotaur,
couldn't he just
tell it to stop?
How do you make a minotaur?
I don't know.
Ok, that's it.
I'm cutting a hole
all the way to the outside.
No, no, Annie,
Dave said that we shouldn't.
Well, he's gonna get over it.
It's the least of his concerns.
Annie, Annie!
You gotta hurry up!
It's rough.
Annie, we gotta get out of here!
I'm almost done!
I got it, I got it!
Brynn, come on!
Get out of here.
Let's move it.
Get out of here!
There's no point.
We can't stop it.
It just keeps coming.
- Dave!
- Hey! Follow me.
Which way?
I don't know,
I'm just as lost as you.
Go, go!
What are you guys doing in here?
What have you done?
I'm sorry, Ok?
got out of hand.
None of this
should have happened.
What did you think
was gonna happen?
It was just cardboard.
No one was supposed to get hurt!
Are you getting
the ineptitude and boyish charm?
Well, it's not just
cardboard anymore!
I said don't come in.
I said it's too dangerous.
This is a rescue, you dick!
We're gonna die.
And it's all your fault.
This will work.
All right, through here.
You have to trust me.
I can't lose you guys.
Come on, guys!
Stop it...
What was that?
Dave, we... oh, wow.
I suppose this was
only a matter of time.
Are we safe down here?
We're not even people.
Dave, are we safe?
We should probably keep moving.
Is this permanent?
Nothing in here is.
But it's all going to be Ok once
we get back to the apartment.
I promise.
Can you get us there?
Dave, can you get us home?
It's all gonna be Ok once
we get back to the apartment,
it's all gonna be Ok once
we get back to the apartment,
ah, look out!
It'll all be Ok once
we get back to the apartment,
Why do you always
have to make it so hard?
Because they say, if it were
easy, everyone would do it.
That does not apply to this
situation in any way whatsoever!
What's that sound?
Oh, boy.
Is everybody Ok?
Well, that's not so bad.
This way!
Everybody, down here!
Go, go, go,
- here.
- What's this?
Old fort trick, temporary wall.
- What?
- Just tape it.
What the fuck did you do?
It's a passion project.
Dave, Greg and Brynn are dead!
- Damn it.
- And Jane with the head.
Damn it! Why didn't you
guys listen to me?
I didn't want
anyone to get hurt.
It's me.
Well, I'm not trying
to kill anyone.
Ok, I can explain it.
I can explain everything.
No, I can't.
Who else came in?
- Everybody.
- Whooo-Kay. Um...
Well, then we should
probably get out of here.
Um, thank you guys
for coming to get me.
Shall we?
Even if we get out of the maze,
- we still have a water buffalo...
- Minotaur.
Minotaur in our apartment!
Annie makes a great point.
It's a temporary fix. It's not
going to keep it out forever.
It's time to make some
motherfucking bull burgers.
- Kill it.
- Great.
Good idea.
Um, but about the maze itself?
Well, I guess it's time
to take out the recycling.
Another great option
from Gordon. Thank you.
how about we finish it?
Right, guys?
'Cause I've got
all these supplies.
We've got tape,
I've got so much cardboard...
Dave, we are not building more.
Yeah, this sounds like work.
It is work,
but think about the reward!
- Dave!
- No, you don't understand.
Instead of trying
to defeat the maze,
we've gotta complete the maze!
We're not just doing that
because it rhymes.
Well, then, how about instead
of trying to diminish it,
you guys help me finish it?
How about instead of rhyming,
- fine wining?
- Guys, focus!
What about the minotaur?
Um, we'll just have
to defeat him,
and even the score. Oh!
- Yes!
- Yes!
- He's back.
- Felt nice.
- Come on, guys!
- Listen, I am so close.
Close to what? How could you
even think about building more?
I know
it's dangerous and unstable,
but that's because
it's incomplete.
And I... if you just
let me finish it...
You just want to
keep working on it
so that we don't have
to destroy it.
Dave, we have to
get out of here.
- Follow me.
- Beautiful.
Can I get one more
for safety? Dave?
For safety. Dave?
What is it?
This is, um...
What's wrong?
I'm not sure.
I don't remember this wall.
Well, that's Ok.
You can't remember every wall.
I guess, but,
parts of this are taking
on a life of its own.
It's running unchecked.
What's driving it?
I don't know,
my imagination?
Oh, please.
No, I can't use this.
This whole place is dangerous,
but it's also
very, very fragile.
It's like a spider web.
Any vibration
and it's there.
It's guarding its home.
What is it doing here?
I don't know.
None of this should work,
but look at it.
It's here.
Yeah, in our apartment.
I'm sorry.
I think we're gonna be
safe in here.
It's pretty.
Yeah, I was hoping
you'd like it.
Is that the...
Oh, god.
Our British high society drama.
I just couldn't get the story
to come off the page.
Holy shit!
- You fuck my wife?
- Did you fuck my wife?
There's no did.
It's just you fuck my wife?
No seriously,
did you fuck my wife?
No did.
What is that?
I... this wasn't my idea.
This isn't exactly
the maze that I built.
Some things are just there.
Can we go?
Oh, my god,
you've got to be kidding me.
It's a trap.
It's a trap.
It's a trap.
I'm gonna go, uh, check
the light levels in here.
Yeah, me too.
No, I'm serious, guys.
Don't mess with it.
Oh, my god.
I had to learn the hard way.
Is there anything in this maze that you
haven't tried to stick your hand in?
I didn't try, I did,
thank you very much.
You're welcome,
and don't think I didn't notice
your complete and utter lack
of beard, you paper dick.
I had an interview.
Oh, sellout.
I made this for you!
Thank you.
I don't know why you did.
I get plenty of girls.
All the time.
- How much further? Dave?
- Constantly.
- Dave!
- Huh, yeah, what? Sorry.
Can we keep going?
We made it.
We're home!
It's growing.
I know, but if we can finish it,
everything will be fine.
Hey guys, I know we're tired.
I'm exhausted!
But we've got this
giant, glowing,
lady-part in there,
and if we can just lead
the minotaur into here,
and then trick him into there,
he'll turn into cardboard.
And then we can stop him
easily, no problem!
And then I could probably
disarm all of the traps,
and then we can
finish this maze!
Who is with me?
Can we get that interview now?
There's no interviews.
So, Dave,
you know what I'm gonna ask.
And remember,
they won't hear me,
so if you could answer the
questions in complete sentences.
"I built the maze because," and.
I built the maze because
I wanted to make something.
And I wanted to make something
that people would see and say,
"that's cool,
why didn't I think of that?"
Right, I get it.
You had to make it.
People spend their whole lives
striving to find something,
- and you did.
- Yeah.
- So tell me about that.
- Ok.
Some people spend their whole
lives trying, or striving,
to make something, and I did.
But, that's not right.
Tell me about that.
I didn't, I wasn't striving
for anything.
I just wanted to make something.
And I can't sit on my couch
and watch TV,
or think that the Internet
is going to inspire me,
because I'm fucking
30 years old.
And my parents are
still giving me money.
And I bore the shit out of them.
And I work jobs that I hate
that I have to beg to get.
Do you know what it means
to be broke?
It means that you are broken.
That you don't work.
Everyone are assholes!
- Is.
- Everyone is assholes!
No, that doesn't sound right.
And I'm not angry,
I'm fucking furious!
But don't make me seem angry.
Or spineless, please.
- No, no, of course not.
- For fuck's sake,
do not make me look like
a spineless asshole.
Of course not. Boom.
I built something because
I wanted to build something.
And if I could just finish it,
I just know that it would...
It would be great!
And tertiary, tertiary,
I might be responsible for
the people that died yesterday.
Or today, I don't know
what time it is.
And if I am,
then I'm sorry.
Tell me more about that.
Dave, don't go.
A few more questions.
Such an asshole!
Dave, we have
to get out of here.
Guys, we're gonna
get out of the maze.
Let's get some ideas.
Here's everything
we've got to work with.
Ok, this could work.
We set this against John cougar
Mellencamp's walls come tumbling down.
Somehow this thing is alive.
It's growing.
And it's organic.
Maybe if the five of us
could find the heart,
- we could kill it.
- Five, you mean six.
What the hell happened to you?
Heh, I just thought
I could slide right back in.
Got lost for a second there.
Are you Ok?
You sure?
What happened to you?
I don't want to talk about it.
Wait, how did you find us?
Hey, come on!
We're guests here.
Goddamn it.
We got him. We got him.
Let's capture some of
the fear and the dread.
Help... me.
Ok, where were we?
Something about a heart?
Right? Gordon.
Gordon, Gordon, I need you.
Ok, a heart? Where's the heart?
Is there a heart?
Can we stop it?
you know, traditionally,
if there's
a structural weakness,
it would be in the center.
Dave, you said you that
you started from the center
and then you built
outward, right?
Yeah, like a seashell.
Ok, so is there a heart?
A generator?
A light switch?
- Primordial Clay?
- Oh, you mean like a chrysalis?
- Yes!
- No.
See, that's a drag,
because if there was,
we could just find
the center, destroy it,
and, you know, go home.
Well, there is no
weak spot to exploit,
because I didn't make one.
Why didn't you make one?
Because if I made one, then
someone could destroy it.
You don't have to fail if
you never finish anything.
But Dave, we all
have to deal with that.
Every day.
And you have to get over it if you're
ever gonna accomplish anything.
You know, like,
saving our lives.
It's just that
this is the only thing
that I ever started
that's worth finishing,
and if I hadn't made it
then no one
would have gotten hurt.
But you did make it.
It's here, and we're here in it,
and now we need you
to get us out of here.
Wait, are you saying
I should finish it?
You've got to
build the chrysalis,
in order to rescue us.
Oh, my god, I love you.
Let me get this straight.
We're gonna build a chrysalis
and then destroy it.
- Would that be right?
- Let's go!
To the chrysalis chamber!
I'll take that as a yes.
Oh, no, no,
actually don't go that way.
Oh, god. What... what did I step in?
I'm dead, aren't I?
I'm dead. Great.
Why... Dave!
- Why are you doing this to me?
- You're fine.
Oh, for god's sake.
Did you build a maze
inside your maze?
I'm in
a completely new place, guys!
I swear to god.
I'm a new guy.
I mean you couldn't even
finish the little maze
inside of the big maze,
could you?
Before, I was bored!
And flailing.
And now, I'm completely focused!
Honey, can you please
back me up?
Did you ever stop building?
Yes, I did.
When pizza was being discussed.
The initial pizza concept,
or delivery?
I wasn't done!
Ah! And what a surprise,
you're not finished here!
Who saw that coming?
Well, guys, another part of
the maze successfully navigated.
I'm so glad we had
the time to enjoy this.
Oh, my god, come on.
Hey, thank you.
- Oh, hey, guys!
- Hey.
- Brynn?
- Hey!
High five!
Don't, don't, don't!
Dave, did you build
a cardboard Brynn?
Hey, high five!
- Hey, Brynn.
- Thought you were dead.
No way!
I'm fine!
Where are we headed?
What are we up to?
Come over here and talk to me.
High five!
Nowhere. We're just,
just enjoying the maze.
Oh, yeah, you're telling me!
Come over here and talk to me.
We're cool.
Yeah, we are!
High five!
We have to get past this thing.
Maybe we can distract it?
High five?
High five.
We gotta go now.
- But...
- No.
The longer we take, the bigger
this thing's gonna get.
We have to get some distance,
find a straightaway,
and then cut to the center.
But what about the spider web?
We move fast.
Distract her.
And don't let it
leave this room.
Ok, thank you.
Ok, can I get a white balance?
Thank you, Gordon.
Ok, it looks fine.
So, Brynn.
- High five!
- High five.
- Uh, Brynn, what drives you?
- High fives!
Come over here
and give me a high five!
Oh, I will.
But let's just stay on this
for a moment.
What drives you?
What makes you tick?
Let's talk about that.
High five!
Ask why it wants a high five.
Why, in your own words,
do you want a high five?
- Because high fives...
- Ahem.
I want a high five because
high fives is what man does.
And why is that?
Come on, keep it talking.
Gordon, please let me do my job.
Why are we here, Brynn?
Life is a series
of incomplete moments
from which there is no escape.
Well, that's different.
Ok, should we build
the chrysalis now,
- or should we...
- Just a little farther.
How about here?
Should we cut to
the center here?
Just a little farther.
You didn't have to
get up so early.
I wanted to be with you.
Your coffee's gonna get cold.
Where's your cup?
I don't want coffee
this morning.
Are you going back to sleep?
There just wasn't
enough for two.
Well, now I feel bad.
Don't feel bad.
Just have your coffee.
have some.
I made it for you.
I don't want to drink it all
if you can't have any.
Just drink it.
What have you got
going on today?
The usual.
Well, look out, world.
I thought you weren't
going to have any.
I changed my mind.
Where's your glass?
I'm not drinking
anything tonight.
Big day tomorrow?
Well, now I feel bad.
Don't feel bad,
just have a drink.
- Here, you have some.
- Just drink it.
What have you got
going on tomorrow?
The usual.
Look out, world.
Oh, I thought
you weren't going to have any.
I changed my mind.
There's nothing left.
Don't feel bad.
Well, I wanted us to have some.
We'll be all right.
Are you gonna go back to sleep?
I wanna be with you.
What are we gonna do tomorrow?
The usual.
What are you doing?
I'm changing my mind.
You are free to roam,
but not to leave.
We are growing.
Are you and the maze connected?
Huh! No way!
I'm Brynn!
High five!
I think it's time for plan b.
Uh, Brynn, over here.
Over here.
- Just, high five!
- High five!
Real soon!
Let's talk about the minotaur.
Now he's an interesting guy,
really fascinating.
Born in shame,
the dark manifestation,
the unwanted.
Where else to be cast away
but to the inescapable?
That's great.
Very poetic.
Uh, can you just
say something like,
"I'll tell you where
you put the unwanted,
"in a labyrinth, that's where."
Something like that,
in your own words.
Just go on.
Go on.
Imprisoned in the labyrinth,
its protector and prisoner.
- Protectisoner.
- Shh.
What does it want?
The minotaur is a predator,
haunted by bloodlust.
The only thing it desires more
than human flesh is freedom.
Do you desire freedom?
Do you feel trapped?
I'm getting tired
of your questions, human.
Well, we're really getting
to something deep here.
You think so?
Oh, Brynn, you're killing it.
You think so?
This is it.
- The chrysalis.
- The power source.
What's that?
This is, uh, a stand.
Now we bring it
to the center, baby.
Yeah, we do.
Impulse buy?
It was at the register.
Once you start, don't stop
until you get to the center.
The second you make your first
cut, it's coming after us.
I love you.
Uh, what if Brynn's
still in there?
Fighting to get out?
- We need that box in the middle.
- You got it, babe.
The tapes!
You fuck my wife?
Come on.
Come on!
- Now what?
- I need it to spin.
It's gotta be spinning.
Get to that center!
- Do the thing!
- Is that the chrysalis?
What'd I say, what'd I say?
Look, what is that?
Is that the exit?
Right there?
This way to freedom?
Well, that is wildly convenient.
That's crazy.
Can you guys cheat out
for me a little bit?
Don't look at me.
Boy, I sure hope
there's some pizza left
in that apartment that
is right in front of me.
Oh, my god.
It's beautiful.
What am I going to do with all this
free time once I'm out in the world?
I got one!
When I first heard about
Dave being trapped in a maze,
I was like...
Label your tapes
and email me your time code.
Good work.
The camera loves you.
We need a title.
How about, I don't know,
"Dave made a maze"?
It's a little on the nose.
It's actually not a maze.
It's a labyrinth.
We'll think of something.
Gordon, I need you to notify
the families of everyone
who died here today.
Wait, what?