David (2018) Movie Script

'Cause you care
You call me Alyze Elyse
So silly, so silly
I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't know why
I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
See I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't know why
I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
Sex is good
Sex is good
Now you wanna bring this love, too
I understand, I understand
Oh the way I put it on
you make you want me
Oh, this time
This time
See love is not for me
Baby love is not in me
I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't why I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
See I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't know why
I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't why I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
See I wanna get high and I wanna
And I don't know why
I can't fall in love
Sometimes I feel love
is so overrated, baby
So why can't we have some
fun and fall in love later
Why don't you check a few joints out?
My mind--
- Nah, bro, I'm good.
Aren't you a little bit old
to be trying to sell music?
Like, why don't you get with the brothers
trying to build wealth, you know?
- You a hater, but sounds very empowered.
I do music, bruh, and
I don't think my gift
got a timeline on it, you hear me?
- But pretty much, if
you aint made it by now,
it's probably over for you.
'Cause I aint out here flashy?
- See, this the thing.
We need more brothers
trying to build wealth
than trying to drop bars.
I can dig that.
I'm a businessman just
like you though, all right?
- That's not what it looks like to me.
It looks like you're trying
to just hand out CDs.
- You a hater.
- Excuse me, sir.
- I'm good, brother.
Karma's a bitch aint it?
- Look, man.
I can't keep paying you for this.
We've already made sure
your drugs come in and out
of port with no detection.
This is where I draw the line.
Well look, we can talk
about this later, Vinos.
Daddy, I hope you're
not disappointed in me,
but I did finally punch
Shareah for picking on me.
No more taking crap from
bullies like you said, daddy.
- Glad to have you aboard, David.
- Thank you.
- Make sure you spend that wisely.
- Oh trust me.
Let's make these views go up.
It's official, baby, we on.
- Nah, man.
We good.
- Your energy's not giving me we good,
nor is it giving me congrats.
I just sold a website
for two million dollars,
and I'm still managing that shit.
I started this years ago, and you act like
you're not feeling that win, bruh.
- Man, listen.
You truly believe that
circulating our black people
acting crazy like that
is worth that check?
- You're goddamn right.
I didn't tell the
motherfuckers to act crazy.
- I'm not feeling that, bruh.
- Bruh, it's not about what you feelin'.
We're makin' money, and now you wanna act
all conscious and shit.
- I just don't feel right
exploiting our black people
like that, you know what I'm sayin'?
It just aint right.
Because we makin' money from it?
And what the fuck you
mean black exploitation?
Tell that shit to them
slave movies they keep
putting out, that makes sure
you niggas stay in line.
I'm not with it, bro.
- Man, listen.
My name aint on that check,
so it's whatever, man.
Your name aint on the
check, and now you feel
some kind of way?
Nigga, why the fuck would I
put your name on the check
when you're not feeling what
this company does, or offers?
But you want your name on a check, right?
All right.
Yeah, can I get an Uber sent?
- Bruh, look.
I brought you along to
celebrate this victory,
my victory, with me,
because you my best friend.
But that's obviously something
you just can't handle.
- Come on, man.
You don't see what you are doin'?
Like every day, I see ignorance exploiting
our black people's lowest
vibrations on your page,
on your website, on your app.
All for money?
- Look at this.
No, no, look at it.
This is a grown man's game.
All that Black Lives Matter
shit don't mean nothin'
to a nigga like me.
- See there you go--
- You know what, you right,
you right, you right.
Let me go ahead and rephrase
that before you start
coming at me about how I
keep saying the word nigga.
You care about how people see you.
People gon' see you the
way the wanna see you.
You could have degrees, be a
drop out, be a good citizen,
be a nigga, not a nigga,
it doesn't matter.
People are gonna see you
how they wanna see you.
All that trying to impress
people, your people,
gonna come up short every time.
- Man, let me tell you somethin', brotha.
I'm a king, you understand me?
And I don't give a shit
about none of that shit
you just got through spillin', okay?
Miss me with that.
- Okay, broke king.
Rich king, it doesn't matter.
We're still the same.
- Nah, see, that's where you wrong, man.
You don't know your history.
And I could tell by the
choices that you're makin'
that you don't even care.
So why even waste my time
even talking to you man?
You know what I'm sayin'?
It's like feeding meat to a baby.
But you do have a son, correct?
- I do.
- So let me ask you a question.
Your son grows up, goes
down the wrong path,
and then get gets caught up in some of the
same frenzy that you
have going on with this
black exploitation.
Would you have a problem with that?
- I'm on a good path,
and it might be the path
that you want, but I respect that.
The people on social media,
they wanna be entertained, bruh.
They wanna be seen.
They wanna be famous.
The more follows you get,
the more successful you look.
They don't care about all that
conscious shit you sellin'.
Look, you could pretend
that you not with this,
but deep down inside, you want
the same attention they get,
just in a conscious way.
But life is about checks and balances,
and I got that check.
- Yeah, I see you got that check,
and it's gone to your head.
It's got your head swole up, too.
In my eyes you'll never be successful.
- That's just it.
Your eyes don't mean shit to me.
I'm rich.
I'm a success story in the
eyes of the people anyways
because I got that bank roll.
It's the world we live in, dog.
- Okay, all right, big money.
- I don't believe you man.
David speaking.
Sir, we have a live
story that just came in.
So far we have over 1,000 views.
Just need your approval
to keep it running.
- Good, good.
Views like that never need my approval.
Get it up and circulate
that shit everywhere,
and I mean everywhere.
Let's get those views up.
The more views we get,
the more money we make.
So circulate all the juicy
minority shit you can find.
All right?
I want it on my channel.
And if anybody, I mean
anybody, disapproves,
you get their ass up out
of there, you understand?
All right, I'm on it.
- Jeff.
You wanna make seven figures?
Hell yeah.
I mean, yes sir.
- Good, good, let's get those views up.
And don't let me, or anyone else,
stop those views from going up.
Do I make myself clear?
I'm on it.
- My man.
Hey baby.
It's funny you were just calling me.
I was just pulling up right now.
- I know.
Don't get out the car.
Just drive away.
- Baby, please.
Just drive away.
- Baby, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Where's Junior?
- He's right here with me.
I love you.
- Baby, I love you too.
But what the fuck is going on?
I'm coming in right now.
- Don't, don't get out the car.
He's gonna kill us if you don't comply.
- Baby, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Who's about to kill who?
Who the fuck is in my house?
Look, I'm coming in, I'm calling the cops.
- Just go to your social page.
We're live.
Look, I don't understand what's going on,
but whoever is in there,
you put them on the phone
right now.
- Please.
Don't touch me.
He's willing to comply.
David, David, David.
I finally get to make your acquaintance.
You see, David, you
know so little about me,
but I know so much about you.
- You don't know shit about me.
Tell me why the fuck are you doing this?
- Let's start off (dramatic
music drowns out speaker).
So do as your wife says,
and drive the fuck away.
And if you callin' the
cops to try to enter
at any time, I will
gladly end this call early
right here on live, so
you can see the views
come flooding in.
You truly know how to
entertain the people,
don't you, David?
Let's ask the people, David.
Should I take David's money,
or take his family off live?
Wow, David.
Look at the responses.
Hearts, laughter.
You truly are the king of views.
David, are you still
sittin' in the driveway?
'Cause I really hope not.
Drive the fuck away, David.
- You better not lay a finger on my wife.
It's a little too late for that.
But you know what, David?
You wife has a beautiful body.
You set up such a strange crowd.
Look at the views.
Drive the fuck away, David.
What, you gonna answer that?
Baby, look, everything's gonna be okay.
Okay, baby.
- Aww, David.
Aren't you reassuring?
But tell me, David.
Do you like the life that you live?
Answer the question, David.
Your wife, the world wants to know.
Please, baby.
Answer the question.
- Yes.
Yes, I do.
- Good.
Glad you decided to join us.
See, David, I don't like your name, David.
He seems more like a Joe to me.
You heard of Joe from the bottom, right?
You see, Joe, Joe, he lost it all.
David, how would you
feel if you lost it all?
David, must we go through this again?
The people are tuned
in and they're waiting.
Jessica from Seattle says,
"Why won't you answer
the question, David?"
- Yes.
Yes, I would feel bad.
Would you?
- Look, man, can't we just
stop playin' fuckin' games?
Tell me what it is you want, and get us
off of social media.
- No, David.
Kelly from Memphis says she's entertained.
David, you know what?
You seem like an upright guy.
Let's stop at 1134 Dockingway Row.
- Do you know, do you
have any idea who I am?
- David.
Do you know who I am?
You see, David, I hold all the cards.
I have your wife, and
your son, at my disposal.
So I need you to stay
focused and do as I say.
- Look, man, that's, that's
way across town, all right?
Well I suggest
you get there then, David.
Damn, David.
I see people from China chimin' in.
I thought they was banned
from browsing US social sites.
David, your wife wants
to tell you how much
she loves you.
Don't be shy, sweetheart.
Tell David how much you love him.
I love you, baby.
- David, you're a very, very lucky man.
You should be pulling up at
the house right about now.
Dan from Minnesota just joined us.
Thank you, Dan.
David, you're not talkin'.
- Look, this doesn't make
any sense, all right?
Why am I here?
What are you trying to prove?
- David, I'll ask the questions,
'cause you got no room to ask me shit.
Number one, David.
David, must I entice you again to get you
to follow simple instructions?
This is somebody's home.
- Blow the horn, David,
and show the audience
the person that comes to the door.
And remember, we're all on live.
We wanna be entertained.
We're almost at a million views.
David, a person from
Sanford, North Carolina says,
"Blow the horn."
David, stop letting the views go down
and blow the goddamn horn.
We're just warming up, David.
Blow the mothafuckin' horn.
David, blow the horn like
you're picking somebody
up in a taxi.
- Look, this is foolish.
- Blow, blow, blow your horn,
until someone actually comes out.
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
the gun's in your son's mouth.
Blow the fuckin' horn, David.
time is of the essence,
and the people are waiting.
You need to leave.
Please leave.
- David.
She seems nice.
I think it's almost time for you to take
a ride for me again.
Jesse from Kansas wants to know,
"What's the whole point of all this?"
But Jesse's so entertained,
he just won't click off.
But Jesse, it'll all make sense real soon.
David, you want them to hashtag that?
It'll all make sense real soon?
'Cause we're trending.
Aren't you happy to be in your position?
No gun in your mouth,
no gun to your head.
- Look man, this has gone
on long enough, okay?
Now I'm tired of playing
this goddamn game.
I'm on the way home to my wife.
- David, no you're not.
Matter of fact, put a little music on.
Baby, is your husband always this quiet?
- Just drive, David.
And put the fuckin' music on.
You wanna keep the viewers
entertained, right?
Look at my phone
David, answer that.
I'm trying to fuck with you
And show you what my killing like
Really Mike I know you trying to come
Kick it with me tonight
My kids with my baby daddy
Yeah, David.
I like that song.
Good choice.
You've reached
David, leave a message.
- I don't know.
He just showed up.
How you not know?
He just pulled out the
driveway when I was pulling up.
This is some fucking bullshit, man.
He wasn't even supposed
to know where I lived at.
I can't believe this, Jo.
I can't even believe your ass.
- I swear, I don't know what's going on.
- You lucky I love your motherfuckin' ass.
Is that even my baby right there?
- I swear!
Babe, please believe me.
Babe, please be--
- David.
Do you know how many
people are born liars?
David, do you lie?
- No.
- See, David, that was a lie.
David, I hate liars.
'Cause they lie and they
lie, with no remorse.
They just lie, and they
lie, and they keep lyin'.
They just stay lyin', and
they never feel bad about it,
like what you're doin' right now.
- Look, man.
Can we just stop this shit?
I just want my wife
and my son out of this,
and we can settle this like men.
- David, it's all about you.
But not today.
You wanna stop the fun?
Welp, we're not.
We have views, and we have viewers.
Aint that what it's all about?
Drive to Swivel Parkway.
- Hey look man, this
shit is going too far.
Why am I going there?
- David, you tell me.
Seems like you're getting
your memory back now, huh?
you can, and you will.
- Please just let my wife and my son go.
Just name your price, okay?
Whatever amount you want, just name it.
Drive, David.
You see David, your
money is useless to me,
what you did.
No amount of money can fix that.
- Look.
Just tell me what I did, okay?
David, I will real soon.
- Man, you're gonna get me killed.
- No David.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
Now Troy from Dallas, Texas wants to know,
"Who's gonna kill David, and why?"
Your viewers seem concerned, David.
David, why are you stoppin'?
You better not be taking
me through fuckin' changes.
- Man, look, let's just keep the people
out of this, all right?
'Cause apparently, you don't
understand the business.
- Clearly I don't
understand your business,
'cause I don't give a fuck
about your business, David.
- Man, why the fuck you
even got me here, huh?
I promise you, I'm gonna
fuckin' kill you when I see you.
You're gonna kill me, David?
Well guess what, motherfucker?
You already done that.
Please tell me what it is that I did.
I just don't understand
why you're doing this to me
and my family.
David, you
and your wife are not
being very honest.
Tell your wife how much
you love her, David.
David, tell your wife
how much you love her,
'cause we're waitin'.
- Baby, I,
I love you and Junior so much.
- I wish I had an answer, baby.
I don't know.
- Wow.
Family bonding time.
But Dope Boy from LA wants to know,
"Why your wife got her clothes off?"
Patience, Dope Boy, patience.
- Don't you lay a finger on my wife.
You keep your goddamn hands off my wife!
- "Don't fuckin' touch my wife."
Ay yo, man, David, quit fuckin' stallin'.
Yo, we got company.
I think it's your best friend.
And he seems awfully angry.
- Bruh, open this door.
Make him
leave, David, or I will.
- Eight,
- Fuck you!
- Fuck it, three, two, one.
David, that guy was fuckin' aggravatin'.
Uh uh, nah, nah, nah, nah,
I wouldn't do that if I was you.
No, David, what the fuck did you do?
- What the fuck did you
do to my best friend, man?
- David, you still don't get it.
You hurtin' the people
that love you, David.
- I never hurt nobody.
- David, shh.
I hear helicopters.
David, I think you just
might have made the news.
This shit is historical.
Now we're trending.
Now this here?
This here is what I call
entertaining the people, David.
So let's finish this.
David, are those tears
of love, or tears of joy?
- Fuck you man.
- I made your friend a man.
David, you seem unsure.
But you know what, David?
It might be over.
Go inside, David.
David, no, I wouldn't do that.
You must take the phone with
you to keep me entertained.
Maybe you didn't hear me.
What the fuck is you doin'?
'Cause I can't stop them
from puttin' a bullet
in your black ass.
I'ma ask you again: what
the fuck is you doin' here?
Is there a problem?
- I'm unsure.
David, don't make do this, please.
Tell me, what the fuck is you doing here,
and how the fuck do you know Vinos?
David, isn't the lady with
the gun your family?
Matter of fact, I think
she's an FBI agent.
David, you
see the picture I sent you?
- David.
What's going on?
please walk past the help.
She not gon' shoot you.
Show the gentleman the
photo, and remember, David,
I wouldn't try anything stupid.
- David, you must have
some big balls coming
up in here tonight.
- Look, we got a problem.
Nah, a matter of fact, I'm coming in.
- No.
Not yet.
Show him, David.
David, man, you
ask too many questions, man.
Just show him the fuckin' photo.
- I need to know who
this is in this photo.
This man has my family hostage.
I can't put this goddamn phone down
as long as my family is with him.
you're doing an absolutely
wonderful job.
Matter of fact, let me
speaking to that fuckin'
guinea motherfucker.
- Fuckin' prick.
What the fuck did he just call me?
Vinos, what
the hell you got me into?
What the fuck is this?
Jose from
Mexico wants to know,
"What does Vinos have
to do with all this?"
I guess it's some type
cultural stand together thing.
- When I find out who you are,
and what this all about,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you
with my bare hands.
- Threats, threats, and more threats.
"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you."
Yeah, yeah, I fuckin' know.
Everybody wants to fuckin' kill me,
but guess what, motherfucker?
Join the fuckin' party.
Do you know the lady in the photo?
- Fuck you.
- David.
See, unlike you, he
doesn't care about his wife
like you care about yours.
Matter of fact, let's trend her.
Look at Vinos' little precious.
I think she has a little secret.
But not for long.
'Cause it's about to be on live, baby.
Now, again, do you know
the lady in the photo?
- The prick needs to
know, do you know the lady
in the photo?
- No, I've never seen her.
- David, please tell Vinos
how much I hate liars.
David, you know he's lying, right?
Please let us go.
Do you
believe he's lyin', baby?
- Please let us go.
- I came to see your wife, Chris,
that he's lying.
Well see, David, you're disappointing me.
I think it's time to take one last drive.
- You're not goin' anywhere.
You're dead.
What the fuck was that?
- I don't know, you tell me.
- You got me protectin'
this fuckin' asshole
while my wife is being
held by fuckin' Mooley?
For this David character?
I'm gonna fuckin' skin
you both alive if anything
happens to my precious.
And you?
- Look, I told you I don't
have nothin' to do with this.
If you give me a couple hours,
I can find out exactly what's going on.
- No you can't, 'cause
you're a fuckin' agent.
You think I didn't catch that shit?
Fuck you and the fuckin' boat you came on.
- Look, stay back.
Sound like
somebody else you love dead.
David, you seem sad.
Are you growing a conscious?
'Cause that's what bad people do.
They shoot each other,
so, no time to waste.
This all gonna be all over real soon.
- Put Vinos on the phone.
- He's busy.
- Tell him that his wife is dead.
- I'll tell him.
- First you shoot me,
then you answer my fuckin'
phone you bitch.
- Look, pipe down, I
could have killed your ass
if I wanted to.
You should have
just fuckin' killed me.
- Marsha from Newport News says,
"Why hasn't David thanked
you for saving his life?"
David, I think Marsha's correct.
I deserve a thank you for
saving your life just now.
You know, David.
Your son has your eyes.
- Don't talk to my fuckin' son.
- You know, son.
People with no power act like
they got the most control.
But see, your mother and your father?
They're really disrespectful.
You see, when you get older,
that means you're gonna
be very disrespectful, too.
See, DNA, it's like a cancer.
It spreads from the
generation to the next.
My family's life is in danger.
- We're all in danger.
How the fuck do you know about Vinos?
- Fuck you!
- No, fuck you David.
I came here for the drugs.
Unless there's something
that you're not telling me,
I advise you to get your
family and get the fuck
out of Dodge.
You already blew my fuckin' cover.
Look, as you see, we've been compromised.
I'm gonna need you to run a
check on that phone number
and find out who the
fuck David is talking to.
- I need a unit at the coast right now.
I repeat, I need a unit
at the coast right now.
This is a Code Blue.
Don't let that shipment leave the docks.
Hey, hey, where you goin'?
- I'm on my way to David.
Get a unit over there, right now.
- Oh shit, David.
We almost at two million views.
How did you get that scar?
It seems painful.
- Baby, you don't have to answer that.
But why can't she answer that, David?
What, does she have something to hide?
And you give me a minute.
She dead, cuz.
I told old girl.
- David, listen to me,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill
your whole family and
anybody you're attached to.
You'll never be safe as long as I live.
- Vinos, I'm in this shit because of you.
You arrogant little prick.
My wife is dead.
Fuck you and your family!
- My wife and son's life is in danger.
Where the fuck is it?
Help me, Vinos.
Please, man.
- Find me that cunt the agent,
and bring her to me alive.
Get Trevor on the phone.
Tell him to switch it out.
They comin'.
If anyone sees David, one
million is on his fuckin' head.
- David.
This some type of company
that you like to keep.
You see, your judgment,
it isn't really good.
These views, though?
These views?
They real good.
You're famous and filthy rich.
Maybe you could just buy some bodyguards
with all that money.
See, David, you lied to me.
I thought I had hope in you David.
I gave you chance after chance
to just tell me the truth,
but instead, you wanna hold on to a lie.
You lied, your wife lied.
David, was it worth it?
David, I said, was it fuckin' worth it?
Drive, David, to the
location I just sent you.
- Look, I'm getting tired of
this fuckin' driving game.
I'm coming to get my wife, and my son,
and your ass is fuckin' going to jail.
- David, shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
What did I tell you about making demands?
You have nothing you can bribe me with,
so drive to the location,
and shut the fuck up.
After all the searching,
years searched, and I
searched, and I searched,
and if it wasn't for my brothers
and the love I allowed,
I would have lost it.
But one day, out of the blue,
it fell, and it landed straight to you.
Please, for the last
time, let my family go,
and let's end this shit.
- David, you lied, and you lied.
Again and again.
Why do you keep saying that?
- David, you should be pulling
up to the exact location.
Get out the car.
- Exactly, David.
Look around you.
What do you see?
Better yet, what do you hear?
I'm coming to get him
Come on baby over he was ready
He was ready to play
all up in my got got
I'm trying to talk nice but fuck that
It's been a long time
since I had my back smacked
I'm goin' all in like a snack wrap
So make me moan to the
gods, they gon' like that
It's been a long time since I had that
So make me moan like a
virgin that never had sex
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
- Hey baby, um, I know you're at work
and you keep your phone off
when you're at work, but,
I'm gonna be a little bit late.
The car broke down on me
and Jean, so, don't worry,
everything's gonna be fine.
You know, everything's okay, so,
please don't worry.
I'm just gonna be late,
so, I'll keep you posted,
and I'll be there as soon as I can.
Oh, and Jean didn't win the trophy,
but she did win for great
So she wants to leave you a video,
you know, just a little something special
between father and daughter.
But anyways, um, I love you,
and I'll see you when I get home.
Can I record it now?
- Sure sweetie.
But wait, wait a minute.
Keep it short, okay?
I know how you are.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Mhm.
- Daddy, I hope you're
not disappointed in me,
but I did finally punch
Shareah for picking on me.
No more taking crap from
bullies like you said, daddy,
I love you.
Can I send it now?
- Wait, hold on, sweetie.
Come on, I think a car is coming.
Maybe they can help us.
- I hope you're ready.
You're about to be one of
the richest men of your time.
- I messed up man.
Yeah, I tell ya, I'm messed up!
I need you to get out here right now.
Yeah, right fuckin' now, man.
This aint no joke.
Yeah, nigga.
- Oh god!
Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god.
Oh my god!
- Yeah.
Get back in the car.
Get your ass back in the car.
Oh my god!
What are we gonna fuckin' do?
- David.
Leave the area, and don't touch shit.
And don't speak a word of this to nobody.
We'll clean it up.
- But what about--
- You a wealthy man, now.
Leave it up to us.
- Vinos.
- David, you're quiet.
David, the best way to hurt
someone who has hurt you
is not by hurting them.
By hurting the ones that's close to them.
You took everything I
lived for away from me.
Now we both can live
like Joe at the bottom
'cause both of us has lost it all.
- It was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Well, well, well, well, well, well
Forever you're my
Forever you're my
I'm coming to get him
Come on baby over he was ready
He was ready to play
all up in my got got
I'm trying to talk nice but fuck that
It's been a long time
since I had my back smacked
I'm goin' all in like a snack wrap
So make me moan to the
gods, they gon' like that
It's been a long time since I had that
So make me moan like a
virgin, never had sex
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
I'm feelin' real nasty,
not stressed and shit
I got this money in the bank
That's how us players live
I aint fuckin' everything,
that's some bum shit
But I'll find the right
one to have some fun with
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
It's too many playas
out here not havin' fun
See chasing money's good
But make sure you got that special one
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan
Make her moan, make her moan