David and Goliath (2015) Movie Script

The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
It was a cruel winter that year.
The wars kept coming.
The Philistines,
our most hated enemy,
who we defeated some 20 years
ago at the Battle of Michmash,
returned in full force
with a desire for revenge
and for blood.
The Philistines
were brutal warriors.
They had already advanced
to the Iron Age
when most tribes
were back in the Bronze.
Their swords were made
of the finest metals on earth.
And they used them to slash
the heads off their enemies.
They destroyed and took over
the cities of Gaza, Ekron,
Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Gath.
Nothing stood in their way
to victory.
We got it.
Well, well.
The cockroaches
have invaded our tents.
Don't let 'em take us.
Don't let 'em take us alive.
Don't worry, that won't happen.
Very impressive.
Let's see what you can do
with Goliath.
The Philistines knew
of the secret of smelting iron,
which they learned
from the Hittites.
Take them, Goliath!
Finish them, Goliath, Go on!
Aw, get these two.
Crush their heads!
Yeah, crush them!
Come on!
The Philistines held
the dark secrets of the iron
that gave them a big advantage
over King Saul's men
at that time.
And so it came to pass,
in the day of the battle,
the men of King Saul faced
their most ruthless enemy
with fearful hearts,
and an inferior weapon
from another era.
He's the greatest guy!
He's the greatest warrior in the world!
I am God!
You are nothing!
You little maggot!
I hate your guts!
Lord, You are my fortress,
my salvation,
of whom shall I be afraid?
They're coming at full force.
Then we will meet them
at the Valley of Elah.
And there we will make
our final stand.
Yes, sir.
Stay strong.
Yes, sir.
Sorry to grieve you
with more bad news,
but it's true.
Goliath is with them.
He will come
to the Valley of Elah.
What can be done?
Where is Samuel?
The prophet left us,
long time ago.
Then maybe it's our time
to perish.
- Do you see them?
- I see them. Cowards!
They'll never fight you.
You're an animal!
Oh, oh, no offense!
The mightiest animal.
We should take them now!
We are invincible and have
the best weapons in the world!
They will fight to the death.
History has shown they will not
give up easily.
So why do we wait?!
No need to shout.
It's just us two.
I know!
The roads are blocked.
Sooner or later, they will
run out of supplies and food.
And then we will move in,
and kill every one of them.
Legend has it that
their mystical god
has delivered them
time and time again.
Remember the tales
of Gideon and Joshua?
We cannot take them so lightly.
If their God is so great,
why are we so powerful?
Why do all the armies
shake in fear
before our might?
All I am saying is let's be
careful in dealing with them.
They may have magic
on their side.
It's all fairytales!
- What's going on here?
- Everyone is escaping, you should, too.
- The Philistines are almost here.
- The Philistines?
Already? Impossible!
They just moved from the East Valley,
now they're in the Valley of Elah.
This is our final stand.
God will protect us.
He will not let his people be trampled
upon by-by these heathen warriors.
God has forsaken us.
So what?! They could have
a thousand chariots,
and they still would not
break through our lines.
Your father wanted
to give you this.
- Wait, where are you going?
- Go!
Go, go!
Any sign of them?
Not yet.
Our scouts say any moment.
- Are we evacuating Judah yet?
- No.
People are getting ready to escape
should we not hold our ground here.
Why will they not leave us be?
They want Judah, sir.
They will not stop
until they get it.
Is there any way for...
God... help us.
They're here.
- Begin the evacuation of Judah.
- Yes, sir.
And get our men ready
for the last stand.
I am God!
You are nothing!
You coward!
I see you!
Come down here!
We must stay strong, people!
We cannot retreat any further!
Do you understand me?
I am God!
You are nothing!
You coward!
You little maggot!
Nobody can defeat me!
You little weasel!
Nobody can defeat me!
Why must we be tormented
by that giant?
How many days now
has he said the same thing?
20 days.
And counting.
This giant keeps defying God,
and he won't quit.
Is there no one
who will shut him up?
- How about you?
- Shut up! What about you?
'Cause I...
...do not wish to die today,
you fool!
Everyday the men
are losing the will to fight.
You chicken coward! I see you!
Come down here!
I hate your guts!
You coward!
Will you shut up?!
You there!
- Do you want to fight him?
- No, sir.
This is our final stand.
Lose this ground,
and we lose our freedom.
They will kill us all
and take our wives and children.
Do not lose it!
Do not lose it.
Be alert for predators.
These are my sheep.
And make sure that they
get plenty of water.
Thank you.
Don't worry, David,
we'll take care of them.
And be alert for that big bear.
I had to kill her mate
a few weeks ago,
so she might want
to pay us back for that.
Sure, David.
No worries.
You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me.
You know when I sit
and when I rise.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He makes me lie...
Give me the words.
Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.
Come on.
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
They are here now!
They finally made it
to the Valley of Elah.
We cannot,
must not let them pass here!
We are the last line of defense.
Be strong.
Be strong.
What good are the promises
of King Saul?
No one can fight him.
Nobody can defeat me!
I will feed you to the birds!
Look, no one's gonna do it,
so let's just stop talking about it.
Why don't you fight him, Eliab?
You can have the King's fortune.
It's suicide.
And why'd he even offer that?
King Saul will give great wealth
to any man who kills him.
And he will give his
beautiful daughter in marriage.
What good is a beautiful woman
and money if you're dead?
Nobody can defeat me!
Nobody! I hate your guts!
No one is gonna fight him!
Not for the ransom, nothing.
So why talk about it?
- Don't get upset, Eliab.
- Shut up, fool.
Who is this Philistine that he should
defy the armies of the living God?
You want to fight him, boy?
- Here, take my sword.
- Yeah, take it.
And why've you
come down here, huh?
Who did you leave
your little sheep with?
Father wanted me
to give you this.
- I'll take some.
- Get away.
Look, you get back to father
and stop chattering with the men
like you're one of us.
Why do you treat David that way?
He's spoiled and has a big head.
Some prophet named Samuel
came to our house a while ago
and anointed him
like he was some king
or something.
Just goes to show that even a
great prophet can lose his mind.
- You're joking.
- No.
He will always just be
a sheep tenderer, nothing more.
That's it.
- And a harpist.
- He plays the harp?
He's quite good actually.
Eliab, why do you talk about
our brother David that way?
He doesn't know the first thing
about fighting.
He's just pretending
to be righteous.
And I still don't know why that
prophet anointed him over me.
I'm the eldest.
And on top of that,
I'm taller, stronger,
- and better looking.
- Yeah.
- You forgot more talented.
- Yeah, indeed!
- Yeah, I am more talented than him.
- Right.
Oh, shut up.
Sir, what do we do?
What can we do?
He mocks them and our God.
He's no longer with us.
Why are they not attacking us?
I don't know.
Sir, we can send scouts out
to their camp to see.
Send Arioch, our great warrior.
You'll need him in case
they run into trouble.
Yes, sir.
For the sake
of Your name, O Lord,
receive me.
In Your righteousness,
bring my soul out of trouble.
And in Your loving kindness,
cut off our enemies and
all those who afflict our soul.
For I am Your servant.
Father wanted me
to give you this.
Thank you.
Listen, I think you
should head home, it's...
- I don't know how safe it is out here.
- I'll be fine.
That's Michal,
the daughter of King Saul,
who he promises to give
to any man who kills Goliath.
She's very beautiful.
But I don't think
I'd do it for her.
I would if I had the courage.
- Have faith, brother.
- David, seriously.
The Philistines could overrun this
camp and kill us all. Go back home!
If God is with us,
who can be against us?
David... Why'd you...
David, your faith in God
is commendable.
But sometimes
even God can't save us.
God can't save us?
What kind of faith is that,
my brother?
This is why all of the soldiers
are in fear.
Without faith, it is impossible
to please our God.
Eliab is really mad at you,
Father would be furious
if anything happened to you.
Where is the king?
Where is he?
He's in Camp A.
Don't bother him, David.
- Why do you want to see him?
- To give him this.
Well, give it to him quickly.
then get back home.
I worry for your safety.
At least one of us
should remain alive in Judah.
If the Philistines
take the front line,
for get the sheep.
Just get Father and the others
to the mountains for safety.
They'll find us
in the mountains, too.
This is our last and best line of
defense before they hit Judah.
I am God!
You are nothing!
You coward!
You little maggot!
Nobody can defeat me!
You little weasel!
I will destroy you all!
We fight...
...to our death!
Do not retreat!
This is our final stand...
...to protect Judah,
our wives,
and our children.
Do you understand?
They want to fight.
They're goading him.
No one can win against him.
He knows that.
He taunts us every day.
Soldiers are losing morale.
Our beloved Judah.
So quiet now.
Over that ridge.
Our enemies await to plunder us.
Sir, David is here.
Yes, my son?
Father wanted me
to give you this.
Tell him thank you.
What about Malachi and Jahez?
They're no match for Goliath.
I've already asked them.
They can use my sword.
- And I will let their families not pay taxes for...
- They know that.
It's the best sword in the army.
I know that, my king.
- How are the guards doing on...
- Sir.
Yes, my son?
Is no soldier willing
to fight Goliath?
Not now.
I'm not in the mood to have you
play the harp for me.
We have urgent business here.
So please leave.
Yes, sir.
- What is he doing here?
- He played the harp for you once, you don't recall?
I don't care.
This is no time
for music or frivolity.
- Our lives are at stake here!
- You're just stressed, sire.
Nobody can defeat me!
You coward!
You little maggot!
He mocks us day and night.
I don't care if he mocks me.
You're the daughter of the king,
are you not?
I am.
And this is my land.
I'm sorry, I- I didn't realize.
You play the harp?
I listened to you play
for my father.
You play well, Shepherd Boy.
You coward!
You little maggot!
Nobody can defeat me!
You little weasel!
You're running out of time,
you cowards!
There's no place to run!
I am God!
You are nothing!
I want to fight that monster
and show him the hand
of our Almighty God.
You cannot win, Shepherd Boy.
It's impossible.
I can.
But not by my might.
My father will never
let you fight him anyway.
Take care of yourself.
Nobody can defeat me!
Why are we not out there?
I need to have more information.
- Like what?
- Like if the Ark of the Covenant is with them.
We stole that
from them years ago.
And we returned it, remember?
There was a curse on us unlike
any we've seen before or since.
If they break through, the entire
people of Judah will be destroyed.
I know.
We have to fight them
with everything we have.
You realize this Goliath
will never stop mocking us
or confronting us
until we give up or surrender.
We will never surrender.
In due time,
we will kill them all.
Let's get one of their men
to challenge Goliath!
I've been thinking about that.
But they'd never send anyone.
They're all cowards!
that might be the best course
of action.
- How close are they?
- They're closing in.
There, and on top
of the ridge there.
- The men near yet?
- No, our men are nowhere to be seen.
- Sire.
- What?
- David's back.
- Who?
David, the son of Jesse.
Who's he?
I sent him away already.
The boy is starting to annoy me.
The young boy
who brought you a gift.
He plays the harp.
Sir, let no one lose heart
on account of this Philistine.
Your servant will go
and fight him.
Your show of bravery
is impressive lad,
but let it go, young David.
Tell your father thank you
for his gifts.
And if we should get out
of this alive,
I will invite you back
to play for me.
But we have urgent business
here, so please.
Sir, I...
Someone must fight him.
Are you all right?
I feel the same evil spirit
tormenting me day and night.
It's as if God
no longer listens to me.
Sir, our supplies
are running low.
They will simply wait us out,
and then they will strike.
If and when they want to,
at any time.
I know.
They know we will fight
to the death,
and they don't want to risk
any of their men dying
because, let me tell you,
some of them will.
So they're waiting us out,
until we grow hungry and weak.
And then they will massacre us.
That is why we must
send someone to fight them.
Maybe it will show them
our bravery,
even if the soldier should die.
There is no one in our ranks
who can defeat him.
He will massacre any of our men.
And maybe bring
even worse calamity.
They may even attack
at that point and kill us all.
We must do something!
- Get all the men lined up.
- Sir!
Men, now!
Here, all of you!
The blood of a cow head
makes me powerful!
Uh, no, that's all right.
I already had my share
But thank you!
You little weasel!
Who or what is that?
It looks like one
of their soldiers is praying.
Praying to what?
Maybe to their God?
Your entire country needs you.
I need one man to stand up
and say,
"I will do it."
Maybe God above is calling you
to make that stand.
Who is with me?
We can't let the Philistines
take our women and children
and kill every one of us!
We must fight for our very lives!
So who will fight Goliath?
Who will fight Goliath?
I said,
who will fight Goliath?
We have the man right here!
Good man!
Sir, I- I only lifted my hand
to scratch my nose.
I clearly saw you
raise your hand.
Sir, if it was to fight,
it would have been like this.
But I only lifted it halfway
to, you know...
...scratch my nose.
I will offer the hand
of my beautiful daughter
to any man who fights Goliath.
Plus, other financial rewards.
So who will volunteer?
Who will show bravery today?
What, no one?!
Are you all cowards?!
Go ahead and scratch your nose,
you coward!
Thank you, sir.
I told you, sir.
You could offer
the entire kingdom,
no one will fight Goliath.
We're in trouble now.
Only God can help us.
You are my fortress,
my salvation,
of whom shall I be afraid?
Though a thousand fall
at my right side,
and ten thousand at my left,
I shall not be afraid.
God, if it be your will,
let me fight this giant
that comes against you.
He dishonors your name.
You coward!
You little maggot!
You coward!
I see you!
Come down here!
I will fight you!
They murdered the entire party.
- How did this happen?
- We don't know.
Is Arioch still alive?
They rolled his head
down an embankment, sir.
God help us.
Get down!
We caught these fishermen
stealing fish,
and then trying to escape.
Is that so?
Did you know our god Dagon
is a fish?
So when you eat fish,
it's like you're eating our god.
You filthy mongrels!
How dare you!
My Lord!
We were just taking fish to...
We meant no harm!
We were just taking fish!
We meant no harm!
Oh, there's plenty
of harm in what you did.
You offended our god!
Today is not a good day
for you fellows.
I'm very sorry!
I'm very sorry!
Yes, we're very sorry!
Are you a parrot?
Now apologize to Dagon.
Uh, I-I'm very sorry!
I'm very sorry!
Don't look at me.
Look at him.
Look at him!
I'm very sorry, fish!
Ugh, you two are dead.
Please! Please, please,
don't kill us!
I beg you!
We don't care which god
you worship!
We're just fishermen!
Please, sir!
My Lord!
We meant no harm!
Your god can't help you.
Your god is dead!
We have the power.
I-I know, sir.
How many children do you have?
I have two children, sir.
Two beautiful children.
And you?
I have three,
and one on the way!
...nowthey will be fatherless.
Take them away
and chop off their heads.
And feed their carcasses
to the wolves.
Uh, there are no wolves
in this area, sire.
Then feed them to the lions.
- There are no lions either.
- Then feed them to the birds!
- Okay, sir. Sir, yes, sir.
- Improvise, you idiot!
Come on! Get up!
The sun is beginning to rise
on the last days of our life.
Maybe our world
is finally coming to an end.
Sir, get some rest.
- What do you want?
- Sir.
Please hear me out.
I can fight this giant
and bring him down.
I wish you could, young David.
- Maybe in another life.
- Sir.
I have fought
both lion and bear.
When they came
to capture my sheep,
I went out, and I killed them.
I'll do the same to Goliath.
You can't defeat this monster,
young David.
He's been a warrior
since his youth.
He's defeated the Hittites
and Jebusites,
and defeated
the very best of men.
He defeated us
at the Battle of Johr,
and the Philistines single-handedly
stole the Ark of the Covenant.
I know who Goliath is,
but he is still just a man.
I can, and I will defeat him,
not by my power,
but the power of the God
of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob,
the King of Kings,
the Lord of Lords.
Give me a chance,
and you will truly see
what our God can do.
Will you excuse us, son?
Maybe he can.
He's the boldest of all the men.
What, him?
Are you mad?
He's just a shepherd.
And there is nothing
we can lose at this point.
Maybe sacrificing...
...sacrificing him
will make the men angry
enough to rally
for one final stand.
How about our dignity?
Sending out a young boy
to battle for us?
He says he killed a lion,
and I believe him.
Maybe some stroke
has brought him to us.
No, it would be suicide.
I can't take responsibility
for his death.
Let's go back to the tent.
What do you have in mind?
Send out a legion
of peace to Jaggar.
These are Philistines, sir. They are
barbaric in every sense of the word.
send them anyway.
- And you go with them.
- What?
I see them approaching.
They've got a white flag.
So they do.
What do they want?
Maybe they're going
to surrender.
What do you want?
We want to know
what it would take
to have peace with you.
You have annexed
almost all our lands.
All we ask
is you let us stay
on our present land,
and we will give you
10,000 acres.
We will move to an area
that is not even fertile.
You can have the entire
Valley of Elah
to grow crops for yourselves.
We just want a small area.
That's all we ask.
Why do you think you're in any kind
of position to make deals with me?
You people have such audacity!
These pathetic sheep
are about to die,
and now they want to bargain
with us!
We do not...
We do not make deals, sir.
Our soldiers will fight
to the death, you know that.
Your soldiers are starving
and demoralized.
That's why you're here.
I'm not stupid.
We just want a little land,
that's all.
We don't want you to have
a little land!
We want it all!
Who are you?
I am Satan!
And we're going to destroy you.
And we will not stop until
you're completely destroyed.
Then there will be peace.
Kill them all except one.
...this one go tell his people
to give up.
We came as a legion of peace!
We showed the white flag!
Who cares?!
I didn't invite you, fool.
And now...
Goliath here will chop
your head off.
Have a nice day!
This is madness!
You come here uninvited
and insult me?!
Go on, Goliath.
Feed his carcass
to the vultures.
Go back to your people and
tell them what you have seen.
We will show no mercy. Go!
David, what did I say?
Eliab, I'm leaving.
- Take care of yourself.
- Tell Father I love him.
I'm sorry if I offended you,
big brother, I...
Just go, tend your sheep,
and don't come back here again, all right?
- I won't, I'm heading back to Father's.
- Good.
Come on, let's leave.
Are you okay?
What happened?
They-They ambushed us.
Come on.
I'll take you back.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, help him off.
I found him on the road.
What happened?
Where are the rest of the men?
They killed them all.
They-They spared me
to tell you...
I should fight that giant myself.
I have nothing to live for.
Sire, do you wish me
to begin the burial?
- Yes.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Why, God, why?
Why, God, why?!
How did this happen?
We gotta kill them!
All of them!
- Where did you find him again?
- On the road.
Thank you, young David.
I'm sorry I was abrupt
with you earlier.
Sir, let me fight this monster.
You don't have to.
Promise me,
you'll at least injure
that demon.
I'll do more, I'll kill him.
You have my blessing.
Go do it.
I see you!
Come down here!
- Did you hear?
- What?
David, your brother,
is fighting Goliath.
- What?
- Yes.
I heard it directly
from the commander.
David's fighting Goliath.
- You mean that shepherd boy?
- Yes.
He's crazy!
Your brother
has a death wish, Eliab!
Eliab! Where are you going?
What do you think you're doing?
I told you to leave.
Get on your horse this instant
and get out of here!
I'm not going home, Eliab.
I'm gonna fight that giant
and bring him down.
- God is with me.
- Listen to me.
You are just
a little shepherd boy,
nothing more.
You think you're such a big shot showing off
that you have the courage, and we don't?
- Is that what you believe?
- No.
Always thinking
you're better than us
just because you were anointed by
that prophet, whatever that means!
No. it's not about me.
It's about showing that giant,
and everybody else,
that they cannot and will not
disrespect our God.
Goliath will kill you, David.
And he'll stuff you,
and hang your head in his tent,
is that what you want?
There is 0%/% chance you will win.
Do you understand me? Zero!
Well, you don't give me
very good odds, brother.
If you go out there and fight,
there's no way I'm gonna
help you, David.
You won't get any help from either
of your other brothers, either.
- I don't need your help.
- You little brat!
You want a monument
for yourself?
Go and ask Samuel
to put one up for you!
You have no chance!
I'm not gonna let you get killed
and have father blame me!
He's not gonna blame you,
I'm not going to be killed.
I hate the way that heathen
defames our God.
I want to rid the world
of that monster.
That is why.
What are you gonna do?
Fight him with your bare hands?
If that's what it takes,
then yes.
Go back home, David!
King Saul has already
given me his blessing.
I fight Goliath in the morning.
If they come to me,
you give me space!
Right, so-so what you're
saying is, if they, uh...
Listen to me, I will not repeat.
Give me space!
Yes, sir.
This blade is dull.
Make it ten times sharper!
Yes, sir.
Oh, it's very heavy, sir.
Get moving!
Yes, sir.
Eliab, it's true.
He's gonna fight Goliath
without a sword.
Eliab, you have to talk
to David!
This is madness.
Goliath will kill him
with the first stroke.
Th-They'll put his head on a pole for all
the world to see, is that what you want?
It'll make us all look like fools
to the Philistines. it'll...
Did you want to see us, sire?
How is Goliath?
He's practicing.
This is the final territory
for them.
Saul's men will fight
to their death to preserve it.
And so shall we.
Everyday, Saul's men
are breaking up.
I can see it.
They grow weak,
ready to give up.
And that's when we swoop in
like lions
and destroy them all.
No mercy!
We are Philistines.
'Cause Goliath is getting
very impatient.
He just killed a man
over a bowl of beef stew.
He's really crazy.
Why is he crazy?
- Was it my beef stew?
- What?
I said, was it my beef stew?!
N-No, I-it wasn't
your beef stew.
Then what makes him crazy?
Nothing, sire, nothing.
Don't you ever
defame our giant again.
- Yes, sire.
- Now get out!
Both of you!
He refused your staff.
He picked up five stones.
He's gonna throw them
at Goliath and run!
You're out of your mind.
Even David's not that stupid.
See for yourself.
Jabeth, come here! You saw it.
He's a fool!
Don't speak to me anymore.
He's gonna die today.
Your fool brother
will kill us all!
Don't call him that anymore.
You fight Goliath then!
Why him? Why not you!
He's your brother!
Who do you think
you're talking to?!
Let go of me!
How does it feel?
I'm sorry, sir,
I can't move in this.
You need armor, young David.
- You cannot fight this warrior...
- I can't wear this, sir, I'm sorry.
You'll surely die
if you have nothing.
- I have something, sire.
- Oh, don't tell me God!
He has not helped us
defeat the enemy thus far!
Without faith...
I can't let you do this!
At least take my sword.
I can't, sir.
It's too heavy.
How will you fight him?
That's your only chance.
- Your best hope.
- My hope is in...
I know, in God!
I get it.
But what will you use
for a weapon?
I don't know yet.
Even God cannot help you fight
if you choose to be foolish.
I won't be, sir.
Sometimes all we have
is our faith.
May God go with you,
young David.
He never left me.
This is madness.
We cannot let him fight.
Who will fight him then?
Our men are demoralized,
in case you hadn't noticed.
Somebody has to fight Goliath.
You heard him,
he's fought against a bear
and a lion and killed them both.
Maybe God will be
with this young man.
My brother doesn't stand
a chance against that giant.
He will kill him
in the first blow.
I am God!
You are nothing!
I see you!
Come down here!
We cannot let him fight.
Then you fight him!
We've been through this already.
We have no chance
against this...
...this creature
from hell!
Nobody can defeat me!
I spoke to David,
but he refused to listen.
He just kept saying
God will protect him,
over and over.
Father will be devastated
if we allow David to fight.
Oh, well,
we're gonna die anyway.
What does it matter
who goes first?
What is it?
It appears Saul's men may have
found a warrior to fight you.
Don't know yet.
We're trying to find out.
Why are we worried?
Their god is...
has the reputation
for doing the miraculous.
- Myths, stupid myths.
- Just be careful!
Whoever they send to fight you,
chop his head off
and stick it on top
of the tallest pole
for the whole world to see.
Your wish is my command.
Not even their god
can defeat you.
Not even their god.
What's the latest
with your brother?
I last saw him praying
at the Valley of Elah.
He still won't use my sword?
No, sir.
You're his brother,
what will he use for battle?
- Don't know, sir.
- Don't know?
Go back to Elah and find out.
Yes, sir.
Not my spirit, O Lord.
You alone are my salvation.
Impart on your servant
what you will, Lord.
I must do this.
And so it shall be,
your brother will fight Goliath.
Sir, there must be another way.
We're out of time.
They're trying to move in
and dehumanize us.
I wish your brother
God's speed and blessing.
You'd let my brother,
a-a shepherd boy, fight that...
...giant, sire?
I then ask you to let my brother and
I go and give him a proper burial.
And give us time off to deliver
his body to our father.
You cannot win.
It's suicide, do you hear me?
I can win, brother.
Have no fear.
Don't you say a word to him!
I wasn't.
He is not a bear
or a lion, David.
He is a first-rate warrior.
Let me get this through
your thick, stubborn skull!
That man was created
to kill people!
That's all he knows.
That's all he does.
That's what he loves to do.
That's what he was born to do!
I know.
Then why fight him?!
Because maybe...
...maybe it's what
I was born to do.
Perhaps this is why
I'm fighting him today,
to bring back faith to those
who desperately need it.
I don't even know
what faith is anymore.
Me neither.
Sheer madness.
Does God want you to go out there
and get yourself killed, hm?
Think, David.
God does not allow fools
in his camp.
He wants people whose hearts
and minds are for him.
Then you cannot use a knife.
You must use the king's sword.
You're siding with him?
- It's too heavy.
- Well, that's my point.
It's too heavy and that warrior
is too big.
Please don't do this.
Then use my spear.
I can't, you keep it, it's fine.
What are you gonna
fight him with then?
You really don't know
what you are doing, do you?
And I still don't believe you killed a
lion or a bear either, just for the record.
You believe what you want
to believe, brother.
I must go now.
Where's he going?
Do you remember when we captured
the Ark of the Covenant?
Oh, I remember it well.
It was so grand.
Some say it has
unfathomable powers.
That was the reason
we gave it back to them.
After our god Dagon fell
on it's face and our people
were inflicted
with a terrible disease.
Our god Dagon still rules
and will rule forever,
and so will we.
I'm worried.
- About what?
- That King Saul has a fierce warrior
like Samson that will prove
a match for Goliath.
Sire, no man has ever beaten
Goliath, or ever will.
He's killed many
of the best warriors.
He's the greatest warrior
who ever lived!
Well, according to our scholars,
Samson killed 3,000 of our men
with the jawbone of a donkey.
Ahh, it's old wive's tales!
No mortal man could ever
achieve such a feat.
My point exactly.
It would require some kind
of supernatural assistance.
Their God would have had
to give him that kind of power.
We'd better hope He's not around
to help them now.
You're going
to go through with it?
You're just doing this for riches, honor,
and my hand in marriage, aren't you?
You will not win, Shepherd Boy.
I admire your faith,
but there is a time and a place
for everything,
and your faith in God will not
protect you when this...
...this thing gets
his hands on you.
If you will not listen to me,
at least listen to the voice of reason!
You do not have to do this.
You do not have to throw
your life away, Shepherd Boy.
I have no intention
of throwing my life away.
And for the record,
my name is David.
I really hate it when people
call me "Shepherd Boy."
For my sake, please don't go.
Please don't die.
Please, God.
Please be with your servant.
Please protect David.
What's this?
You'll need this.
What are you writing?
Can I read them?
"The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want..."
True, He is.
Or was.
The same God who delivered
our people from the Egyptians,
is the same God who will give me
victory over Goliath.
I don't think I believe
in God anymore.
What are you saying?
The men of old, Moses,
That was so long ago.
All we have now is this parchment to
tell of their exploits.
But what happened to that God
of long ago?
Maybe everyone lost faith.
Go home, David.
Father is waiting.
He will never forgive us
if you die.
I'm begging you,
as your older brother.
I can't.
Oh, for the love of...
Why can't you, hm?
God cannot save you, David!
God can, and God will!
Even though every single soldier
seems to have for saked God,
I will not!
He is my strength and refuge
in times of trouble.
He is my fortress.
He is my God!
And he will deliver me.
Even though you don't believe
in God anymore,
I will never stop believing
in our sovereign God.
If David loses the battle,
the men will lose heart.
We've already lost heart.
The Philistines
are ruthless people.
They will cut the heads off,
even little children.
I know!
You must convince him
not to fight.
It's too late.
He's already made up his mind.
David will face Goliath
in the morning.
We must hold our ground, people!
Yes, they have strong swords,
but we have our will!
We have determination
that we will not quit!
No matter what happens,
we cannot quit.
Is there anyone here that will
step forward and fight Goliath?
No one?
You will let a young
shepherd boy do it for you?
Shame on all of you!
Shame on all of you!
This is our final stand.
It's true.
God will be with him,
but we must pray.
God will be with him.
Goliath, there is no man alive
who could defeat you.
Certainly not their god.
I am God.
A god of destruction!
Well spoken!
But their god, they say,
delivered them from the Red Sea when it
parted and crushed the Egyptians, remember?
Armor-Bearer, you bore me.
They believe it.
Let them believe what they want.
I've often thought about
what if it were true?
It was only a passing thought!
No need to get
your feathers ruffled.
This is our prisoner.
- Let me kill him.
- Not yet.
We'll torture him first,
find out how many swords
they have.
How many swords do they have?
I... I don't know.
Who is their warrior?
Who do they possibly have
that can challenge Goliath?
For my sake, please don't go.
Please don't die.
Well, that's my point!
It's too heavy
and that warrior is too big!
Please don't do this.
Then use my spear.
He's just a shepherd boy.
I'm not lying.
I'm telling the truth.
It's a trick.
They-They don't have anyone
to challenge Goliath,
especially not a...
a little shepherd.
God will save us.
So pathetic.
Your god can't even save you.
We are the supreme peoples.
We dominate your tribe.
We are the superior craftsmen.
Do you see this sword?
No one in the world
can make it but us.
And with this sword,
Goliath will kill you.
I don't need this.
It's possible the warrior
they send will have a sword.
I don't know,
but he better not waste my time.
Be careful.
They're known to be tricky.
Shepherd boy may be a ploy.
Ah, nothing they bring
can disarm our Goliath,
especially not a shepherd boy.
I mean, what's he's going to?
Throw sheep at him?
Goliath will be prepared
and kill whoever they have.
But in any case, I seriously doubt
they actually have any champion.
It's just a lot of bluster
and empty words from their camp!
I believe you're probably right.
Just be careful.
Can I join you?
Everyone in the camp
is talking about you
fighting Goliath in the morning.
You've come to find out
if I'm really crazy.
I believe you have plans,
and you're not telling anyone.
Can I ask you a question?
And you don't have to answer it
if you don't want to.
You keep talking about faith
to your brothers.
What does faith mean?
Faith... is building an ark
when no one else believes.
It is taking 300 men
to fight against 10,000.
Or standing on the shores
of the Red Sea
and saying that
the sea will part.
Faith in God is the unknown.
But yet, knowing.
It is the impossible,
but possible.
And hopelessness,
but yet, having hope.
How can I have
this faith in God?
Do you really want
this faith in God?
Then come out and face Goliath
with me.
That's okay, I'll pass.
If I won't see you again,
I'll see you on the other side.
Father will be devastated.
I'm asking you,
as your brother,
to not go through with this.
You cannot win.
You cannot win.
I cannot, I know.
But my God will deliver me.
I'll be all right.
I'll kill this giant,
and I'll get back to my sheep.
Don't worry, brother.
I'll be all right, brother.
As a brother, don't go through with this.
It's suicide!
I'll be okay, Eliab.
Think of father.
You cannot beat this warrior.
Dying will prove nothing.
I've often thought of dying.
What it would be like.
As a steel sword slits
my throat,
would I feel any pain?
But I've got to have faith.
I must believe that my God
will be there for me.
...have always had greater faith
than me, David.
Anyone can have it, brother.
From the smallest person
to the biggest giant.
God is in control.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He lies me down
in green pastures
and walks me past still waters.
He restores my soul and leads me
down the path to righteousness.
Even though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for He is with me.
You want the sword of Akahah?
You don't need that one,
You're gonna correct him now?
No, but I'm just sayin',
Look, Goliath,
after you slice off
the head of that warrior,
all of Saul's men will be ours.
Th-They'll bow to our feet.
And if they don't bow,
we could just kill them all.
Glad Jaggar has requested us
to fight in the south.
So take care, brother.
We'll see you when we return.
You guys bore me.
Get out.
There's still time to back out,
young David.
There's no backing out.
I've never met anyone like you.
Your faith, no matter how crazy,
is admirable.
May God go with you,
young David.
Thank you, sir.
Goliath wants his best sword.
Best sword?
Not the sword from Akahah?
That's the one.
He never uses it but for his
most ferocious enemy.
Well, he's using it now.
Must be a very
ferocious enemy then.
- I'll get it.
- Good.
Something troubles you, Goliath?
Nothing troubles me.
Worried they have
a secret weapon?
Another Sampson perhaps?
I could defeat ten of them.
Many tribes have tried.
All have failed.
Their god is a powerful god.
There is no God.
I am God.
I know that.
And what is stopping you?
Let's get over to the prisoners.
He won't use a rod.
What is he doing?
He's going to throw rocks
at Goliath?
I don't know.
This is not good.
Is he crazy?
I don't know.
What is this?
It's the cloth
he will be buried in.
- By whose orders?
- King Saul's.
He's not dead yet!
Get out of here!
You are my strength and shield.
Though the mountains fall on me,
and the waves of Gibraltar
crash on me,
I will not be moved.
Please help me.
Give me the courage and the
strength to defeat this foe today.
I rest in your peace.
Who is that?
I don't know, but he'd
better not waste my time.
Probably is the messenger boy.
Who is that?
Who is that?
He's too small to be
the armor-bearer.
It probably is
the messenger boy.
Huh, maybe they're giving up.
He's not coming to...
to fight you, is he?
It can't be.
He's wearing
shepherd's clothing.
What do you want, shepherd boy?
Missing your sheep?
No sheep around here!
What do you want, boy?!
I'm here to fight you.
Your God can't save you,
little rat!
You may come against me
with sword and spear,
but I come against you in the
name of the Lord Almighty!
Your God can't save you,
little rat!
Come here, boy!
I curse you!
I said come here, boy!
Let me catch you!
Why don't you go back
to the mother,
the stupid mother who bore you.
Your god can't save you,
little rat!
I curse you!
I said come here, boy!
Your god can't save you,
you little rat!
I'll eat your head!
Nobody can defeat me!
It's our greatest victory!
Goliath, shut his mouth forever.
Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
I curse you!
Nobody can defeat me!
I said come here, boy!
I curse you!
Finish him, Goliath!
Finish him!
Finish him!
Finish him, Goliath!
You coward!
You little maggot!
You little weasel!
I am God!
You are nothing!
I hate your guts!
You moron!
I'll show you!
I will destroy you!
I am God!
You are nothing...
No, no, go away!
Leave me alone!
I didn't do anything to you!
Go away!
Leave me alone!
I didn't do anything!
Where are you going?
Come back here!
Where are you going?
Come back here!
Come back!
David! David! David! David!
David! David! David! David!
David! David! David! David!
Well done, son.
Who are you?
Son of Jesse, and a shepherd.
Nothing more.
There's a lot more.
And all of Judah will get to hear
about you in the years ahead.
You made it!
God exists!
You are really blessed, David.
You are really blessed.
You have told me what faith is,
I have faith.
Take care, brother.
You, too.
...will always be
a better man than me.
It's only the hand of God
that saves us all.
David! David! David! David!
Well done, Shepherd Boy.
I mean, David.
I suppose you don't
have to tend sheep anymore.
There was nothing wrong
with tending sheep.
I don't deserve
to be your wife, David.
I didn't believe God
would save you until today.
You don't have to take my hand
if you don't want to.
Not take your hand in marriage?
I may be crazy,
but I'm not stupid.
I'll be proud to be your wife,
King David.
David! David! David! David!
Give praise
to Lord in the highest.
For the word of the Lord
is right and true.
He is faithful in all he does.
The Lord loves
righteousness and justice.
The earth is full
of unfailing love.
By the word of the Lord,
the heavens were made,
their starry host
by the breath of his mouth.
He gathers the waters
of the sea into jarsa.
He puts the deep
into storehouses.
Let all the world fear the Lord.
Let all the people
of the world revere him.
For he spoke, and it came to be.