David Beckham: Infamous (2022) Movie Script

David Beckham.
One of the most illustrious
careers in modern day football.
From humble beginnings
in Leytonstone,
to playing for Goliaths
such as Manchester United,
Real Madrid, AC Milan,
and Paris Saint Germain.
Beckham's career has been
nothing short of spectacular,
from glamorous red carpets to
cold, wet nights in Sheffield,
Beckham proved he
could do it all,
paving the way
for the first wave
of modern day
commercial footballers.
Messi, Ronaldo,
Ibrahimovich, and Neymar Jr.
Legendary status,
without a doubt.
I think he's put a long shift
in as an England player,
some fantastic performances,
some fantastic goals, memories,
and I've learnt a lot off
David, and it's been a pleasure.
Becks is a fantastic
footballer. Everyone knows it.
His capabilities as a player.
His quality's undoubted,
and he's a great member
of the squad.
You know, I think
it's easy for people
to shoot people down when
they're at the very top,
and for many years, Becks has
been at the top, and still is.
You know, he's always been
one of the best players
in the world.
David Beckham,
a footballing icon,
Manchester United legend.
And at one point, the
most hated man in England.
After the historic
1966 World Cup,
which saw England's
first and only win,
England failed to
qualify in 1974,
losing to Poland in
the qualifying stages.
This World Cup woe
was echoed in 1978,
when England failed to qualify
for back-to-back World Cups.
A hard pill to swallow
made even harder
when tournament host and
long-time rivals Argentina
took the tournament home.
Determined to restore
England's place
as a top flight
footballing nation,
Man United and England
legend Sir Bobby Charlton
set up the Sir Bobby
Charlton Soccer School,
a Manchester-based
foundation with the aim
to provide young talent
with top quality coaching,
who otherwise may not
have had the opportunity.
Beckham found early success,
when in December of 1986,
he won the soccer school's
national skills competition
at the age of 11.
Why are you
special in the sports world?
I won the Bobby Charlton
Soccer School skills finals.
So where are you off to?
Barcelona, for two weeks.
Gosh, is that Maradona?
No, it's the wrong
one, isn't it?
Isn't that Argentina?
Who's the star in Barcelona?
Mark Hughes and Gary Lee.
talents didn't go unnoticed,
and by the time he was 16, he
was signed by top flight side,
Manchester United.
As a rule, wherever
you go in the world,
people talk about Manchester
United football team.
The last few days
are just establishing
more and more as a great team.
This is where
football generates.
Best teams in the world
come from the Northwest,
simple as that.
If you know football
and you want football,
you come up here.
You live and breathe
it. You've no choice.
They play a style
of football for many years
that everyone's enjoyed.
Even if you're not a United fan,
you're still in awe
of how they played.
Played against them, and
they'll win in everything.
You saw a dynamic football
side play great football.
They got off the teams,
they outworked every team
they played against.
A marvelous occasion,
and you can never forget
these nights, ever.
Beckham's success
as a Man United youth
player was undoubted,
winning the 1992 Youth FA Cup,
and 1994 reserves leagues.
Because Beckham,
without question,
was the fittest player
in United as a kid.
Up and down the pitch.
All the bleep tests,
in terms of paces,
he was streets
ahead of everyone.
You had to stop him.
In 1996,
Beckham began to break
into the first team,
as many key players came to
the end of their careers.
Paul Ince, Mark Hughes, and
Andre Kanchelskis most notably.
He always was a marvelous boy,
and when he joined us
at 12 years of age,
he had this fantastic
ambition to be a footballer,
which I loved.
And he was part of
that great score,
we got through with the group,
we got through with Giggs
and Scholes and the Nevilles
and Nicky Butt, Ben Thornley.
It was a wonderful period
for Manchester United.
I look back in the great
times that we had together
as six young lads
that started out.
All we wanted to do was play
football for Man United,
and then we
fulfilled that dream.
He's the one who
taught us how to play football
the Manchester United way,
taught us how to handle
ourself on and off the pitch,
along with others, you know,
Brian Kidd as well.
These kind of people,
but Eric was special.
No, I think
we were quite lucky
in all coming through
together at a time
when it was a young person's
type of boom, really,
and that fresh,
new Tony Blair era,
where they were
giving youth a chance,
and they wanted to
invest in youth,
and it was the end of
coming out of a recession.
And we was part
of that new regime
that was coming through.
And we were quite lucky.
There was also Oasis,
there was also Stone Roses,
Hacienda, you know?
All of these things,
great things going on,
this part of history
in Manchester.
And we lived through it,
so it was so special.
We came into a Man United team
that was already successful
and already had great players
and a great manager.
And we were just playing
a small part in it.
Playing alongside club legends
such as Eric Cantona, Andy Cole,
and Peter Schmeichel,
it wasn't long before
Beckham made an impact.
With a deep history
in English football,
United gave become the
perfect environment
to improve his skills.
Under the guidance
of Sir Alex Ferguson,
Beckham had solidified his
place as a first team player.
By the '96, '97 season,
Beckham had won the Premier
League with Man United
and the PFA Young Player
of the Year award.
And it wasn't long before he
received his England call-up.
30th of June, 1998, England
were to face Argentina
in the FIFA World Cup last 16.
Whoever wins this
has got every chance
of winning the
final, haven't they?
Going all the way.
No, this is the most important
game since 1990 World Cup,
or the German
semifinal in Euro '96.
It's a massive game.
You can feel
atmosphere in the town.
It is absolutely fantastic.
We've got to get one back
from when Maradona scored
handball, haven't we?
- The hand of God.
- The hand of God.
I'd rather forget about it.
A game steeped in controversy,
after England's 1986
quarterfinal defeat
to Diego Maradona's
infamous handball:
the hand of God.
I thought it was just a
joke at the time, you know?
And when he ran off to the left,
I just couldn't
believe it, you know?
He gave the goal, and we all
know what happened after that.
And he should have
been off the field.
So, what do
you want to see today?
I want to see England
win without cheat.
Will you
encourage your players
to follow Maradona's example
and cheat, if necessary,
to beat England?
In football, he says,
copying isn't authentic.
Every player has to express
himself in the best way.
He praised England's
young players,
Owen and Beckham, likely
to start tomorrow,
in an unchanged lineup.
Revenge, I'm sure, is one
word that's going to be used
an awful lot.
If you want to call
it that, you can.
But the most important
thing is that we get
the right result.
And if, after the game, we can
call it revenge, then great.
You'll never take the focus,
you'll never take the focus.
Another flash of
brilliance from David Beckham
might help England
get the right result,
but the squad isn't
underestimating their task.
We've had a lot
of a good players,
so I think we can win easily.
Two one England,
Shearer, golden goal.
- Of course, us-
- Two zero.
Two zero.
I'm very sorry for the
English people, but-
- We're going to win.
- We are the best.
Sorry, man. You have the money.
We have the quality and
the skills. The ability.
It's bigger than
you. It's the same.
I want to win.
All the people in
Argentina want to win
because football is the best.
One nil to England.
Three two. We're getting
stronger and stronger.
We're going to win here,
and then we're going
to win in Marseilles.
And then we'll end up
winning the World Cup.
England quickly
experienced early heartbreak,
when Argentina scored a
penalty in the sixth minute.
However, it wasn't long
before England returned
with a penalty of their own.
Go on.
With England taking the lead
in the 16th minute.
Argentina were able to equalize
on the stroke of the half.
Two two at halftime, England
looked the stronger team,
but then disaster struck.
Quite what was required.
Indeed there was that
challenge on Beckham.
Now, whether
Beckham accidentally
smacked into the defender,
Sineone, the midfielder,
I don't know.
For Beckham, it's a red
card, for David Beckham.
Oh no.
It definitely cost
England the match.
I had a great view
of the incident.
He lashed out at the guy.
The guy was going to
get booked anyway.
There's no need
for it whatsoever.
But I think we're
better than the Argies,
but all I can say, like,
just penalties again, isn't it?
Penalty shoot out
again. Can't believe it.
Beckham was out
of order, basically.
He should have
stayed on the field,
and if he had have done,
we'd have got through.
Last night, mate,
gutted. Absolutely gutted.
To get sent off
in a match like that
is a disgrace to anybody.
I'm sorry for his career.
I mean, I just feel
really bad, I mean.
We're all disappointed,
and we'll all talk about
it for years to come.
Sending off cost us dearly.
We played with 10
men for half the game,
and we deserved to win.
Gutted is the word.
The best team did win.
Best team did win. Well done.
Good man. Very good.
England's players
left the stadium slowly,
some clearly upset, their
World Cup dream and shreds.
Dreams shattered for
their children too,
though after three weeks,
they at least had
their fathers back.
As David Batty and the
rest waited for their bus,
the Argentine team pulled
alongside in theirs.
As they passed England's
players and families,
they cheered and
gestured and chanted.
And then, it was time to go,
with pride, said the coach.
Very proud, and I think the
nation should be proud as well
at that performance,
and the way that
we've had to go.
But the nation
were anything but proud.
Beckham had his
chance at redemption
on the 6th of October, 2001,
when England faced Greece in
the 2002 World Cup qualifiers.
Another attempt at goal.
We've played two and a half
minutes of stoppage time.
England trail by
two goals to one.
Beckham could raise the
roof here with a goal.
It's something
I just want to say.
I know, as England
captain that, you know,
I am obligated and I
need to talk to the fans,
and that's why I'm here.
But I think I'm not
talking about Sky Sports,
because there's a difference
between Sky Sports
and the news side,
and I think the way the
news side have treated me
in the last few months has
been an absolute disgrace.
I've done the same with
the News Of The World,
because I think
they've tried to,
you know, ruin my family.
I think that I've done
the same with the Mail,
because I've been
called a bad father,
I've been called a bad husband,
and my wife's been
called a bad mother.
Does it hurt, David,
when these allegations
are put about?
Of course.
As I said, you know,
things always hurt
that that said about my family,
and for people to call my
wife a bad mother, you know,
is unbelievable.
And you know, that's all I
want to say on the matter.
Sit down.
- Come on.
- Sit down.
Regretfully, you will
have heard that my contract
with the FA has been
terminated by mutual consent.
By 1998,
Beckham had won 10 trophies
with Man United.
However, nothing would prepare
him for the '98 '99 season.
Flight TLA300 to Barcelona.
A day and a half still to go
till the big match,
but at Manchester Airport fans
have been queuing to leave
since three o'clock
this morning.
Police now say that up
to 50,000 of the red army
will be making the journey
to support their heroes,
with only about 35,000
tickets officially allocated.
The rest say they're going
simply for the atmosphere.
Authorities believe
they'll make this
the biggest ever exodus
of British fans abroad
to watch a single
football match.
And it's through Manchester
Airport today and tomorrow
that the majority
are making their way.
This is the busiest four
days in the airport's history.
We've got 225 additional
flights over the next four days,
and about 30,000
additional passengers.
Sold my car to get here.
I've checked everything I
have to get here, you know?
It's just one of them things,
you've just got to be there.
You'd miss it if
you didn't turn up.
It's history.
It's a one-off match, isn't it?
So will just probably
never happen again.
Bound for Barcelona, then,
hoping their heroes
will make that piece
of footballing history
and claim a unique treble.
of Manchester United fans
have invaded Barcelona,
and some are already
camped outside the stadium,
waiting for kickoff.
They've come here from
all over the world.
Where've you come from
to watch this match?
Punjab, India.
- All the way from India? Why?
- That's right.
Well, Man United supporters.
Lived in England, so this
is a unique opportunity
to come down to
support the lads.
Is it worth
coming all the way?
If you're passionate
about your team,
you follow them
wherever they are.
With the clock
ticking down to kick off,
the excitement continues
to rise here in Barcelona.
Wherever you go, there's
a sea of fans who seem
to have taken over the
city ahead of the final.
Both Manchester United
and Bayern Munich
will have 30,000
inside the ground.
Thousands more who can't get in
say they just want to be here
to soak up the atmosphere.
Fantastic. Absolutely superb.
- Yeah.
- It's a joy to be here.
I mean, the atmosphere
alone is worth coming for.
It's superb.
The weather and
everything. It's great.
Soaking up the atmosphere
in Barcelona, aren't you?
still new official word
about the fitness
of David Beckham.
He finished training with his
right leg heavily strapped.
He says he'll be fine.
It's the only fitness doubt
Alex Ferguson has to deal with
before he names his side
for the biggest
match in his career.
With Beckham match fit,
United set off to
Barcelona with the hopes
of doing the unimaginable.
Dreaming of once again
bringing the European Cup
back to old Trafford.
However, their dreams
were quickly challenged
when Bayern Munich's right
midfielder, Mario Basler,
scored a low driven free kick,
beating Peter Schmeichel
at the far post
after six minutes.
And at half time,
United nil, Bayern Munich one.
As the clock ticks on to,
well, within 10 seconds
at the end of the 90.
With three
minutes of added time,
and one goal down,
United needed a miracle.
Rising to the challenge, a
24-year-old David Beckham
steps up to take two corners
with his trademark whip.
They've got that one away,
have they as well.
Giggs plugs it back inside.
Has equalized for
Manchester United.
Can you believe this?
Now, just got one last
corner, perhaps, to survive.
Beckham to swing
this one in again.
Sharing it with Solskjaer.
What a goal for
Manchester United.
He's only gone and won the
Champion's League for them.
The impossible just
became reality.
I was flat after the game,
because I just
couldn't believe it.
And when I get back to the hotel
and tell my family, then
I was able to enjoy it.
1999 marked a turning point
in Beckham's career.
After winning the
Champion's League,
to complete the illustrious
treble with Man United,
the only time an English
club has completed the feat.
'92 to '99, if
you can pick just one moment?
Winning the treble. It doesn't
get any better than that.
You can't beat it.
Never experienced anything
like that in our lives.
The game is
absolutely brilliant.
Happiest day of my life.
Happiest day of my life.
It's right up there
alongside my son being born.
Well, I think the
big problem for me,
I'm a football man, really.
He fell in love with Victoria.
That changed
everything, I think.
Well, it was a different
type of marriage
from what you would
normally expect
of a player and football player.
And because she was quite
a famous person, of course,
I mean, part of a
pop group like that.
So that changed the dynamics
of his life, really.
He embraced celebrity.
I think he did. Yeah.
Beckham had elevated his play
to a world-class level,
and when he married
Victoria in 1999,
it was time to do the
same to his image.
David Beckham
would become Becks.
Taking on brand deals
and appearances,
Beckham, with the
help from Victoria,
was truly transforming himself
from an average footballer
to a global superstar.
Two questions about England.
Shall we talk
about the haircuts first,
and get it out of the way?
If you want to. Go on.
A few years back,
there was an Ian Botham book,
which was the biggest, and
Dicky Bird brought a book out,
which overtook that,
and Alex Ferguson's
recent one has sold
as many as that, I think.
So it's a competition
between David Beckham
and Alex Ferguson now, I think.
With a transformation
in image and popularity
came a transformation in wage,
when in 2002, Beckham signed
a three-year contract,
following months of
negotiations with the club,
mostly concerning extra
payments for his image rights,
the income from his new contract
and his many endorsement
deals made him
the highest paid
player in the world.
Are massive
salaries ruining the game?
I think, you know,
with major opportunities,
trying hard to
get this financial
fair play into it,
and it's a very difficult area.
I think that there's always
ways around these things,
to be honest with you,
but I don't know
how far it can go.
It's dangerous times,
actually, the game,
because of the amount
of money some players
are getting paid.
David's doing tremendous
well outside of the game,
which is obviously, you know,
been a big part of his
career, as well as football.
And I think that it
was a different era
with Bobby Moore.
There wasn't obviously
the money around.
Do you fear
for the future of the game
with these massive
salaries swilling around?
What happened that
somewhere along the line,
the game will get
a rude awakening,
and it'll level out.
It has to, and stability
will come along with that.
And so, you know,
you've got to also admire
the premier division.
It's a great league.
It's a fantastic league.
And the television deal
allows it to survive,
you know, in terms
of being able to pay
the salaries they're paying.
But it will
get a rude awakening.
It'll get a rude awakening
somewhere along, yeah.
We do realize that we
have something to prove.
We will be playing our hearts
out tomorrow for our fans,
our country, and ourselves,
and hopefully, we'll come
away with the right result.
Are you at all
concerned that you've lost
a bit of sympathy with
England supporters
after the events of this week?
Once we step onto
that pitch, you know,
they'll realize and they'll
see in the boys' faces
that, you know,
everything's behind us,
and we want England to do well.
You don't think this
pampered millionaire image
that has been put about has
slightly rebounded on you?
The, "Who the hell do you
think you are?" Headlines.
That kind of thing?
No, because I think that
them headlines will
probably always be there,
whilst, you know, the
wages are what they are.
But you know, to be honest,
that's always going to
be there, as I said.
So, you know, we're prepared
to take the criticism,
because you know, we've
put ourselves out there,
and we're well
prepared to take that.
But once we're on the pitch,
people realize how
much football does mean
to every one of us.
And after the World
Cup, you know,
I had to come away and do well,
and do well that season.
And I felt I did, and
I've come on from there,
and it's made me
a stronger person.
could raise the roof here
with a goal.
I don't believe it.
David Beckham scores
the goal to take England
all the way to the
World Cup finals.
Give that man a knighthood.
Obviously, you
know, World Cup,
we all know that anything
can happen once you're there.
You've got to have a
certain amount of luck.
And obviously people are
saying that it is too early
for this team to go and
win a major competition.
But I don't feel like it is.
With Beckham's
career on the rise,
it seemed as though
nothing would stop him,
both as an illusive right-winger
and as a media powerhouse.
Having qualified for the group
stages, spirits were high.
You know, I feel
that we can go there,
and if we get through the first
stages of the competition,
then I feel that
anything can happen.
With a new
manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson,
and new captain David Beckham,
2002 looked like the year
football would finally come home.
Absolutely fantastic.
It's the best day of my life.
But then, disaster struck.
Whilst playing for Man United
in a Champions League game
against Deportivo La Coruna,
Beckham broke the second
metatarsal bone in his left foot,
injuring him for the
remainder of the season.
Well, the metatarsal bones
are some of the major load
bearing bones in the foot.
So if he's broken or
fractured one of those,
and we see the
metatarsal bone here,
flashing in red on the screen,
that means he's going to
be unable to take weight
through the bone or
through the foot.
And if you can't do that, you
certainly can't play football.
I had a stress fracture
in the fifth metatarsal
of my left foot.
I did it in a
game, just running.
It just broke down,
and it took me
three months exactly
to come back, playing.
Very difficult to
say at this minute.
We're not too sure the
type of fracture he has,
but if all goes well
and the bone heals up
within the eight weeks,
he's still going to be missing
a lot of match fitness.
So I would imagine
he'll probably miss
the opening group stages,
but if he does come back,
we'll probably see him
initially coming in,
playing a substitute role.
What I think about that?
You think
it can have any effect?
If it has an effect,
please do it, all of you.
The whole business of
The Sun calling for people
to pray for Beckham,
I hope, hope it's
an elaborate joke,
because if it isn't,
then we are all doomed.
After the
session he had today,
he felt very well, no
complaints, no pain at all.
So that's very positive.
Hopefully this week,
it would be great to welcome
a few of the players back
onto the training pitch, and
hopefully, David's one of them.
David's slim,
tall, angular, human being.
Natural fit boy,
natural athlete.
Beckham's natural.
So, after his metatarsal injury,
I was very confident that
David would no problem
going to the World Cup.
A determined
Beckham worked hard
to get back from injury in time
for the opening group stage
game of the competition.
How's the foot?
It's a lot
better. A lot better.
I run for the first
time two days ago,
on Saturday morning,
and it was a little bit achy
after, but it's not a problem.
How is the x-ray looking?
What are the United
physios saying about this?
Well, the callus is
forming around the bone.
So, that's the best sign.
Surgeons are really
happy with it.
They've been looking after
me for the last four weeks,
watching it, and it's
really, really come on a lot.
And United physios have
been watching obviously,
and so it's really quite good.
Metatarsals mended, and
old injuries forgotten,
the air around the team and
their supporters is optimistic.
I'm feeling confident.
Now we've got
David Beckham back,
that's got to be a
very big positive.
With Beckham back from injury,
his dreams of revenge
against the Argentines
were closer than ever.
When England drew Argentina
in the group stage
of the competition.
And H one for Japan.
However, not
everyone was optimistic
about the draw.
With Argentina,
well, it's about time
things turned in favor for us.
So, a bit of luck,
a bit of hard work,
and I think probably
make the most of it.
Sweden. We've not beaten
them for long time, Sweden.
They're a better team than us.
When we got Nigeria,
I did think, of all the teams
in Africa, to land Nigeria.
It was completely,
completely unfair.
They're the best team out there.
So we've picked the
best in South America,
the best in Africa, and a
reasonably good European team.
I mean, had we had
France as well,
that really would
have been a bit tough.
It was off for some training,
a fairly gentle and
relaxed affair today,
with Beckham sporting the
latest of the Mohicans.
And the news from the camp
is all are fit and well.
I'm going to watch it now.
You're on your way?
I'm missing the first half,
but I'll see the second
half when I get in.
England's going to
win about a million nil.
It wasn't long before Beckham
was given the chance at revenge.
On the 7th of June, 2002,
England played
Argentina yet again,
when on the stroke of the half
England received a penalty.
And who else to
take it, other than Beckham?
You can smash them now.
Beckham has scored for England.
44 minutes, and
he's done it again.
David Beckham puts England
in front against Argentina
in Sapporo.
You must be very pleased.
Very, very pleased.
You know,
I think the whole nation
will be pleased tonight.
You know, I think as
a footballing nation,
we've been waiting for this
result for a long time.
I've been waiting for it
for years, but you know,
it means a lot to everyone.
I was going to
say, how sweet is that for you?
Well, it's a lot
better than four years ago.
I can tell you that now.
Absolutely fantastic. It's
the best day of my life.
Best night of my life.
Absolutely amazing.
I just can't believe it.
We're in Japan, it's the
most amazing country.
The people have been fantastic.
And we've been the Argies, yes.
Having solidified his place
as a national team hero,
not everyone was too keen
on the new Mohawk-wearing
designer Becks.
Fell in love with Victoria.
I think that obviously that
was a big changing point
in his life.
And me being a football man,
I like to see them totally
committed to the team,
and of course that
wind went down a bit.
I always remember one of
the managers saying to me,
"How is it you get
Beckham and Giggsy"
to run up and down that
pitch, his wife present,
"produce such quality?"
I said, "Because
desire and ability."
And when David went
off that level,
I had to judge whether it
was affecting the performance
of the team,
and also the
control of the team.
Following his return
from the metatarsal injury,
Sir Alex Ferguson opted to
go with the second string
right-winger Ole
Gunnar Solskjaer.
Ole was one of these
rare human beings
that watched every game,
and he took the notes
in every training session.
And it's obviously,
his desire was later on
to be a coach, obviously.
But it's also more than that.
It's about trying to be the
best you possibly can be,
and giving yourself
the best chance,
and taking all the notes down
in the training sessions,
and watching, when he's a sub.
I used to say to the
substitutes thereafter,
referring to Ole Gunnar
Solskjaer, "Watch the game."
Watch the game.
Don't be having a glance
round at the stadium
or chatting to each
other during the game.
"Watch the game." And
that's what Ole did.
Often said
of you about your temper
and the hairdryer treatment,
you say in the book, "I
had terrible mood storms",
and I would sometimes go home
fearing the consequences."
Do you regret those outbursts?
No. No, I think
you are who you are.
What about the football boot
incident with Beckham?
- Yeah.
- That was a
loss of temper, wasn't it?
Yeah, it was an
accident, yeah.
But it happened, you know?
And I would have
forgotten about,
and the fact it was David,
it was going to end up
the papers, wasn't it?
I mean, there was no way out.
And of course it became a
bit of an issue at the time.
Though details were sketchy,
United manager, Alex
Ferguson admitted
he had kicked the boot
accidentally striking Beckham.
At the time, both sides
were keen to play it down.
It was an incident,
which was a freakish...
If I tried it 100 times
or a million times,
it could not happen again.
If I did, I'd have
carried on playing.
He became a great player,
and I think that we've
made the right decision,
in terms of,
you know, when we
go to Real Madrid,
because we felt it was time.
Being sold
like a piece of meat.
Did that represent your feelings
towards United and
Sir Alex Ferguson?
I think that I
will miss the fans
and the players that
I've grown up with,
because I've regarded the
players at Manchester United
as my family.
And, you know, I've got a lot
of very special friends there.
A lot of special people.
Everyone's been very
kind to me in Manchester
and looked after
me for 13 years.
And obviously, I'm
sad to leave them,
but you know, I'm
joining Real Madrid,
and that for me is as exciting
as it gets, to be honest.
I don't think he should go.
I can't understand why they
want to get rid of him.
The lad's totally devoted to
United. He always has been.
And it's not going to
be easy to replace that
with some foreigner.
I came from Greece
and I want Beckham
to stay in Manchester.
It would seem on
the surface to be
a very serious
conflict of interest.
Obviously, so much money
is earned by progress
in the Champions League,
and maybe Manchester
United don't believe
they'll play Real Madrid
short of the final.
But the whole thing
is full of oddities.
It's almost as if
Manchester United
have acted like a
very desperate seller
to court a very reluctant buyer.
It's the worst
bit, the worst, very worst
bit of management
I've ever seen.
He's won everything at United,
there's nothing more he can win.
And he's gone from one
world class team to another.
It may well be a situation,
last game of the
group, for instance,
where, were United
not to win the game
against another rival,
that would allow Real
Madrid to go through.
And I'm not suggesting any
question of impropriety,
but if that happens, certainly
questions will be asked.
And that's the last thing
United need at the moment,
is EUFA on their back.
Backhanded really, isn't it?
It's all been done
behind everybody's back.
Beckham never wanted to
leave Manchester United.
I think he was pushed out.
You don't get the wrong
side of Alex Ferguson.
I mean, that's what
this episode shows,
and it's happened again
and again to players.
If they annoy Ferguson,
they're out the door.
He never speaks to them again.
They have to leave United.
He might still be an idol,
but the old colors
are coming down.
In the city where this global
phenomena is a local hero,
they've already started
counting the cost.
Everything with
David Beckham on it
probably is the biggest selling
part of Manchester United
merchandise that we do is
the David Beckham range.
So they'll
feel it when he doesn't play
for them anymore.
Quite possibly.
I should think it would
be quite substantial,
unless they can get somebody
else in with a very big name.
I think they'll
feel it definitely.
He went to Real Madrid,
and that was a great move
for him, in the sense of two
of the biggest brand names
in the world.
Why on earth is it? I
mean, he's only a footballer.
He's a good footballer,
but he is only footballer,
and he's become such a celebrity
that it takes over everything.
And already,
everyone wants a piece of him.
The hospital today didn't
just do his medical.
It's sponsored it,
and insisted he pose
in front of their logo.
Real spent a lot of money
buying one of the world's
most commercially
valuable sportsmen.
They're going to want
to squeeze every penny
they can from the
Beckham bandwagon.
Figures released this month
put their annual
income for last year
at 180,000,000 pounds,
32,000,000 more than
Manchester United.
But they still lag
behind the English club
when selling in Asia.
Putting Beckham on the
books could change that.
But Manchester
United in the Far East
is just phenomenal, really.
It's very, very, very important.
And in certain ways, we're
four, five, six, seven years
behind Manchester
United in that respect.
You know, Manchester United
have got mega stores.
We've got, you know, little
shops and things like that.
Real Madrid shirts are here,
but most are being held back,
the pirates planning
to flood the market
within hours of
Beckham's new number
being announced in Madrid.
We have
the shirts in the shops
the day after we
know his new number.
We have to meet the demand
for the Real Madrid kit.
People are already asking,
"Beckham, Beckham, Beckham.
What's his new number?"
We'll sell
more Real Madrid shirts now.
Beckham is a superstar forever.
All the girls like him.
little dispute in Japan
over just who is the world's
greatest football star.
David Beckham.
It wasn't long before Madrid
capitalized on their
new star's image,
organizing a pre-season
tour to south Asia.
It is estimated Beckham's
200318 day pre-season tour
to Asia earned Madrid
over 10,000,000 Euro.
In 2001, before
Beckham's arrival,
Madrid had a revenue
of 93.2 million pounds.
By 2005, they doubled that.
However, when Beckham
signed for Madrid,
they were a club in a mess.
They were nearly
280,000,000 Euros in debt,
and had become stagnant
in the transfer market.
Club president Florentino
Perez had the perfect answer.
The Galacticos, a group
of high profile players
brought into the
club in an attempt
to create football's
biggest spectacle.
Playing alongside Ronaldo,
Zidane, and Louis Vigo,
Roberto Carlos, Raul,
and Ika Cassius,
Beckham did not require
much time to settle in,
scoring five times in
his first 16 matches
for the Galacticos.
However, despite an
impressive start,
Beckham's time at Madrid didn't
run as smoothly as planned,
with a poor end to
the 2005, 2006 season,
which saw Madrid finish second
to longtime rivals Barcelona,
forcing club president
Florentino Perez to resign,
and big changes were to come.
you have a thought now
that you could win
this World Cup, David?
Well, we're not
even thinking about that
at the moment, to be honest.
We let other people do that,
because I'm sure other
people have been getting
sort of carried away with that.
Brazil is going to
be very difficult,
but if we can do
them, that's it.
If they can get past
Brazil, they go the whole way.
But obviously that's
a bit of an if,
but there's a good chance.
It's a good chance.
So it we'll be
there in the final-
- Bring on Brazil. Next round.
- The cup's ours, I think.
- Yeah.
It's coming home.
If it is Brazil,
it promises to be
an epic encounter.
England have never beaten
them when it matters,
but this is the World Cup, when
you should never say never.
Well, what we're looking at
is there's three more games
to the World Cup final.
And hopefully, if we can
play like we have done,
then you never know.
Are we
getting better as a side?
Are you pleased with the
way we're getting better?
I think we're getting
better and better.
And you see that, when the
comes up, those difficult games,
we are ready.
After a monumental
win against Argentina,
knocking them out
of the World Cup,
England had a lackluster
remainder of the tournament,
beating Denmark in the last 16
to ultimately be knocked out
by eventual winners, Brazil,
after a catastrophic error
from goalkeeper David Seaman
saw Ronaldinho score
a 40 yard free kick.
Seaman left
the stadium, still tearful,
without speaking.
But his captain was quick
to jump to his defense.
I think if he gets
made a scapegoat,
I think it's an
absolute disgrace,
because I think he's
been the best goalkeeper
in this tournament,
and the goal that
they did score,
I feel that it was a fluke goal,
but you know, the Brazilians
are a great players.
And as I said, I hope they go
on to win the tournament now.
Dave is a world class keeper.
No one's putting
the blame on him
or any of the other players.
You know, it's just
one of them things.
I wouldn't put any
blame on David Seaman,
or any goalkeeper
that that happened to.
I've never seen a corner
kick taken like that.
It was whipped with
more pace and accuracy
than I've ever seen.
David is a fantastic
You know, he's been there
for England over the years,
and made fantastic saves
for club and country.
What can you say? I
think we deserved it.
We'll be back.
What are we going to do?
We'll win the Euros.
They burnt a Brazilian shirt,
cheered as if England had won.
For others, silent thoughts
and soft words of consolation.
So, as the
team kit was being loaded
this evening for
the flight home,
Sven-Goran Eriksson spoke
of how he's told his players
to think of the future.
I told them that I
think 90, 95% of you
sitting here today,
very sad with the head downs.
You have a big chance to be
in it in four years' time.
Four years later,
the England squad set
off to the 2006 World Cup
with high hopes.
This airline's
used to flying the flag,
but today that job fell to
its most famous passenger.
Lots of luck, David.
But get back to your seat.
The other captain
wants to get moving.
Mr. D.
Beckham, Mr. S. G. Eriksson,
and 22 of the most
talented footballers
England has produced
for a generation.
However, despite
the squad's potential,
unfortunately, the
spotlight wasn't on them.
And we'll block the question.
But Sven, there are reports
coming out of Sweden today
suggesting you're going to
quit after the game tomorrow.
Would you set the
record straight, please?
- Nick.
- No.
Let's get on the game, please.
No questions apart from
the football match today.
the FA's All Together Now
campaign today,
the England boss has
written the intro
to a government-sponsored
World Cup guidebook,
which tries to address the
problem of anti-German sentiment
among English fans.
It's important that
we behave on the pitch
and off the pitch.
We want to make a good
public relation for England,
as a football team
and as a football fan.
On top of the uncertainty
around Sven-Goran Eriksson,
England fans were once
again being singled out
for their behavior abroad.
Well, I know that
English people don't expect
that we have a good sense
of humor in Germany,
but I'm sure it's still
an issue of sport,
of fun, of making party
and they won't take it
for serious, I'm sure.
What you're seeing here,
you're seeing people who've
been drinking all day.
It's over 30 degrees here.
It's absolutely scorching hot.
And these people, both the
English and German fans,
have been drinking since nine
or 10 o'clock this morning.
And you will always
have this sort of
baiting and taunting and
teasing of the opposition fans.
Do you think that references
to Germany's Nazi past,
to the Second World War
will cause offense now
to German fans?
It might be offensive
for some of the people.
Mostly elderly people, I think.
There were two German
bombers in the air,
there were two German
bombers in the air.
The British
police told them not to do it,
as did the German police.
The FA pleaded with them as
well, but by mid-afternoon,
10 German bombers
had made its debut.
Inflatable Spitfires
were also on view.
The city hall came
under sustained attack
from fans punting
footballs at the windows,
but police did nothing about it.
So we went to see what the
mayor's office made of it all.
They were aiming
footballs at the windows
of the city hall.
I mean, it's not
very respectful.
My colleague
throw the ball back
so that they can play
down on the ground again.
first footballing challenge
came in the quarter finals
against a prime Portugal team.
Everything has to
be right tomorrow.
In other way, it's difficult,
because Portugal has
a fantastic team.
We know that, and
individual skill,
good organized.
It's a very good team,
good pace, good technique.
So everything has to be right,
you have to keep
the ball attacking.
You have to defend well.
In other way, you don't win
quarterfinals, in a World Cup.
Convinced this time the curse
of the quarterfinal
would be broken.
But it was the curse of the
red card that struck first.
Fury and despair
in equal measure,
as Rooney trudges off.
England's fighting
efforts with 10 men
so reminiscent of
Argentina eight years ago.
By the end, the crowd were glad
to have hung on for penalties,
though all but the
youngest perhaps
should have known better.
Hargreaves briefly had them
believing that this time
it will be different.
But for Lampard and
then Gerrard to miss,
the nightmare was recurring.
No matter how many times
England fans go through this,
it doesn't get any easier.
And I'm sorry for the team.
I'm sorry for the squad.
I'm sorry for the fans.
Really sorry, because I think,
with all the fans
we have out there,
they deserve to have a
team in the semifinal
or in the final.
He'll tell you all about it.
He'll tell you all about it.
What it means.
I don't know what
it is about penalties.
I don't know what it is about
having players sent off.
Just seems to happen
every time to us.
England team
went on to lose the match
on penalties.
The next day, Beckham faced
the press in an interview
that shocked the world.
If you bear with me, because
I wrote this late last night.
On November 15th, 2000,
Peter Taylor gave me the
greatest honor of my career,
in making me captain of England,
and fulfilling my
childhood dream.
Now almost six years later,
having been captain
for 58 of my 95 caps,
I feel the time is right
to pass on the armband,
as we enter in a new era
under Steve McClaren.
This decision has been
the most difficult
of my career to date,
but after discussing
it with my family
and the closest to me, I
feel the time is right.
I spoke with
David last Monday,
notified him of my decision,
and said that I was
planning for the future,
looking to change things,
looking to go in a
different direction,
and David wasn't included.
The way perhaps
he's feeling right now?
I think any
questions on David Beckham
is rather unfair
on the new captain.
As the English
squad changed its structure,
so did Madrid.
Ramon Calderon became
the new Real president,
keeping none of
the club officials
who served under the
previous president,
including head coach Lopez Caro.
Having proved himself
to the previous manager,
Beckham had to do it all
again, when in July, 2006,
Fabio Capello was appointed
as new Madrid manager.
Much like the 2002-3 season,
Beckham failed to regain
his place in the squad,
as the speedier
Jose Antonio Reyes
was normally preferred
on the right wing,
and fans didn't
feel any different.
Definitely he has
been a very important player
for merchandising,
for publicity,
for the economy of
the club, it's true.
But the fans are
looking to the pitch,
and they're not looking to
the merchandising, you know?
And he has not been, I think,
a player that make the
difference in the team.
You know, I've joined a
club that is a massive club.
If I was going to
leave Manchester United
at any time in my career,
then to join a massive club,
like Real Madrid is a dream.
Beckham was now
the most globally recognized
footballer in the world.
Amassing fanbases in
Europe, Asia, and Africa.
little dispute in Japan
over just who is the world's
greatest football star.
David Beckham.
- David Beckham.
- David Beckham.
David Beckham.
What about the hair?
My favorite thing in
the world is soccer.
To play soccer,
like David Beckham.
However, there was one market
still left to crack.
Just a moment.
At this time, I'd like to
introduce Los Angeles Galaxy
midfielder, David Beckham.
There's no doubt in my mind.
No doubt in my mind.
We'll bring Al Qaeda to justice,
peace or no peace
in the Middle East.
On this stretch
of the US Mexico border,
there is already a
physical barrier.
Miles of fence,
reinforcing miles of wall.
Good afternoon.
I'm honored to be
here in a great city,
one of my most favorite
cities in the world.
Not just saying that
because I'm here,
and I have to say that,
but I really believe that,
and I'm honored to be
here as a Galaxy player.
If he had asked my advice
about leaving Real Madrid
to go to LA Galaxy,
I would have told him
exactly what I thought.
How can you leave Real
Madrid to go to LA Galaxy?
You know?
A far cry from
the hostile hooligan culture
of European football,
the MLS has a more family
friendly atmosphere.
We are Sounders,
mighty Sounders.
We are Sounders.
DC United.
DC United.
Number 12,
Ryan Roe. And the captain.
With Beckham
seemingly set by the wayside
by European football,
he set himself the goal of
increasing the popularity
of the MLS.
I want to achieve something
that is definitely possible,
within the fact of raising
the profile of the MLS,
raising the profile
of soccer as a sport.
You know, I'm not silly
enough to sit up here
and say that it's going to
be bigger than baseball,
basketball, American football,
and ice hockey, you know?
Because I'm never going
to say it is going to be.
But the decision to join
the Galaxy wasn't hard,
because I've been to LA,
I've met the owners
of the Galaxy,
I've become friends of
the owners of the Galaxy.
And I think there's a huge
opportunity out there.
And as Tim said, I
think that with me,
it's about the football.
That's what I'm all about.
I'm coming there to
make a difference.
I'm coming there
to play football.
And that's the
biggest thing for me.
With their new star man,
LA Galaxy were able to pull off
a new five-year shirt
sponsorship deal
worth $20 million US,
as well as 11,000 new
season tickets holders,
and sold out luxury suites.
However, after five seasons
and two MLS cup titles,
there was still
something missing:
the coveted FIFA World Cup.
With Becks' sights firmly
set on another World Cup run,
big changes were needed.
Playing international
football and regular football,
you know, at the highest level.
I think he's got to be a
playing at a different level
to what he would do in the
States to have any chance.
Has Fabio
Capello talked to you
about the importance
of staying in Milan?
No, it's not at all.
It's just something that,
when I first was thinking
about going on loan,
obviously I asked his advice,
his experience on where I should
go and where I should play.
And he said,
"All I can say to you is
play at the highest level."
And obviously, I
hope I'm doing that.
I think I'm doing that.
In July, 2009,
in hopes of keeping his
World Cup dream alive,
Beckham made a shock
move to AC Milan
in an effort to get back
into top tier football.
After being an AC Milan now,
it gives me more of a chance
to be at that higher level,
to play at international level,
which is always important.
But we'll see, we'll see.
I'm enjoying being with
the squad at the moment.
And hopefully, it continues.
Becks is a fantastic
footballer. Everyone knows that.
His capabilities as a player.
It's just about him being fit,
I think the managers said.
If I'm right, in seeing
what is said in the media.
And he looks to be
doing that now at Milan.
He looks very happy.
He looks like he's
enjoying his football.
Alex has asked about him,
and speaking to him
since he's been there,
he seems like he's having
the time of his life.
So, his quality's undoubted,
and he's a great member
of the squad.
Just how much
has that move to Milan
improved your
game, do you think?
I think it's improved my
fitness more than anything else,
because I said, when I
first arrived in Dubai,
with Milan, my
body fat was 13.7,
and now it's 8.5, I think.
So you know, I think it was
more about the fitness side
than anything else.
And also, I think
towards the end,
he probably did miss
the big time football.
That's a decision
he made himself.
Maybe in years to come,
he'll look back and say,
"Well, maybe I should
have stayed Real Madrid."
Are talking to the MLS,
but we understand that Milan
are talking to the
MLS and the Galaxy.
Is that correct?
I would think so by
now they are, yeah.
Because both clubs
know my feeling
on staying here in Milan now.
And it's out of my hands now.
It's down to
obviously both teams.
I mean, he's not
getting any younger.
I mean, there's a lot of
competition around these days.
Fabio Capello
has told English TV
that he thinks David Beckham's
probably too old now.
If that is the case,
how do you think David
Beckham will be remembered
as an England player?
Legendary status,
without a doubt.
I think he's put a long shift
in as an England player,
some fantastic performances,
some fantastic goals, memories.
And you know, he was
a fantastic captain.
I've learnt a lot off David,
and it's been a pleasure
to play alongside him.
If he has played his last game,
he'd certainly be missed,
because both on and off the
pitch, he's a great guy.
He's the sort of player
who's proved everybody
wrong before,
when people have written him off
at club and international
level, so you never know.
Yeah, you
never know with David.
Fabio Capella has got
to look to the World Cup,
and it remains to be seen
how he sees David's role,
whether he sees him as a permanent
member of his first team,
or whether he sees
him as a squad player,
and is going to use him
in a substitute capacity.
There's been a lot of debate
about the future of David
Beckham in the England setup.
If he plays in February,
it will be his 100th cap.
He's also said he
wants to play on
through to the next World Cup.
Is he guaranteed to
get his 100th cap,
and do you see them
going forward to play
as long as the next World Cup?
We have a
contrasting relationship
with David Beckham
at Real Madrid,
but in the end, he actually
demonstrated to be a great man
and a great player.
He's also the kind of
person who believes,
when he sets himself
something, he will achieve it.
And so, you never know,
but obviously Mr. Capello
will have to make choices.
He believes that basically,
David's behavior is important.
However, there is obviously
still over a month
until the first game,
so there's plenty of time
for these important decisions
to be made.
There's only
one David Beckham.
There's only one David Beckham.
Welcome to Paris,
and the David
Beckham tribute show.
For what he's
done for his country
over the past 10
years, he's fantastic.
I hope he does
a good reception.
I expect it for him.
In my opinion, it's
all about Beckham.
100th cap, he deserves it.
Beckham soon
earned his 100th England cap,
presented to him by none
other than Sir Bobby Charlton.
However, his World Cup
future was still uncertain.
When Fabio
Capello swept into Soho Square,
he made it clear he had little
time for sentimentality,
saying players would be
picked on form and fitness,
not star status.
If David Beckham steps
out on this pitch
in the country he
once called home,
he'll equal a record
that will see him
further propelled into
the history books,
ensuring that although he
wants to leave the Galaxy,
his star will keep on rising.
He wants
to start on Wednesday.
Would be his 100th
start for England,
and obviously his 108th cap.
He's got it.
What sort of achievement
is that, do you think?
Just to get to 100's an
unbelievable achievement,
but then to equal a man of
the stature of Bobby Moore
is just phenomenal,
and I'm sure Becks
in his wildest dreams
would never imagine
that as a kid,
putting on his boots,
when he was a seven,
eight year old, I'm sure.
The headlines
tomorrow may well be about race,
but Beckham will be hoping
it's his race to glory instead.
His rejuvenation at
AC Milan has seen him
brought back into the
England team on merit,
and now all the talk
is about equaling
Bobby Moore's
record of 108 caps.
We've talked
about Steven Gerrard.
We've talked about Wayne Rooney.
We haven't mentioned
David Beckham yet,
so do you want to get onto that?
No, no, I think, you never
ask me about the Slovakia,
the Ukrainia.
Always Gerrard,
Rooney, Redknapp.
The others.
Do you see
a fitter David Beckham?
A David Beckham that can
realistically go on to 2010 now?
Yeah, Beckham is
in very good moment.
I watch it in TV, the last
two games that he played
with AC Milan, is a
good moment of form.
He play always the first 11,
and I check him here
during the training.
It's a very, very
good moment for him.
I mean, anybody
gets over 100 caps,
especially an outfield player,
it's a fantastic achievement,
and at one point we didn't think
David was going to get 100,
having been left
out by McClaren,
and then going to the States.
You've lost
Lowe and Hargreaves.
Still no David Beckham. Why?
I feel that we've got other
players that can come in,
and can do the job, and looking
to the future to do that.
He's rejuvenated, really,
since Fabio Capello's brought
him back into the squad,
and obviously,
it looks as though it's going
to get to that landmark.
David, last time was obviously
all about equaling Bobby Moore.
This time, it's about becoming
the most capped outfield
player ever for England.
Can you even fathom
what that means?
You know, every time I
meet up with England,
obviously it's a huge honor.
Every player feels like
that when they meet up
with the squad, but you know,
to be on the amount of caps
and the games that I am
at the moment, it was a great
honor for me, of course.
But I think that every time
that I personally
meet up with the team,
it's a bonus,
because being on
probably 94, 95 caps,
I never expected to make 100,
and then obviously making 100,
people expected
me to retire them.
So, to be on 108 now,
and hopefully get 109,
I'm happy with that.
Yeah, I mean, I think
he's had a lot of challenges
all through his career.
He seems to have come through
them all with flying colors.
People said he was finished
a couple of years ago.
He's come back, and
he's an integral member
of the squad still.
So, Becks is a
fantastic footballer.
Everyone knows it, his
capabilities as a player.
I think as a
player, playing with Becks,
and training with him,
and realize how much
this means to him.
I think it's easy for
people to shoot people down
when they're at the very top.
And for many years, Becks has
been at the top and still is.
He's always been one of the
best players in the world.
I think it's easy for
people to try and kick him
and knock him down, but
they've not succeeded.
And he's one of the best,
and that's why he's up there
and still in the England squad.
I want to have a chance
of being involved in 2010.
And I believe, obviously,
my best chance of doing that
would be by staying here.
But you know, like I said,
it's out of my hands now.
I hope it can be
sorted, but we'll see.
The woes of
Rustenburg have been forgotten
in Cape Town.
This is now considered
the real start
of England's World Cup campaign.
The turnout has
even impressed FIFA,
which is rapidly revising
its downbeat estimate
of how many foreign
fans would come.
It seems that we are
on the way to 500,000
international visitors
coming to South Africa.
So, more of a
success than you'd hoped for?
I think more than
anyone has expected
from this World Cup, even us.
But England's definitely
winning the war for territory.
Cape Town is decked
out in red and white.
You got to get there early.
We're flying anoraks, so
you got to get there early,
get the flag up, otherwise
you lose all the best spaces.
The world's
biggest England shirt
has even made it here,
a sign of the huge
expectations that 2010
will live up to the past.
We're at our best when
our backs are to the wall,
and I think the
lads will make sure
that they rub a few noses
in it after this one.
They know
this is make or break time
for England, but they're
convinced the team
will light up the Cape
Town stadium tonight.
On the 14th of March, 2010,
Beckham's dreams at a World
Cup comeback were shattered
after he suffered a torn
left Achilles tendon,
playing against the
Kievo in Serie A.
Unbeknownst to him, Beckham
had played his last game
in the famous
three lions Jersey.
I know the country
is in mourning,
I think mainly because
everyone admires David Beckham
as a person, and for what he's
done for England in the past.
You obviously need
the experienced players
to boost the younger players.
So missing out on David Beckham,
it would probably
be a bit of a shame.
I'm so sorry for here for him,
because I know how
he wanted to go.
And the workup, he went.
He came last year in
Milan, above all for this,
to show his quality
for the England team.
I'm so sorry for this.
After a brief
six month spell at PSG,
the day finally came
to hang up the boots,
and public opinion
was ever contrasting
to that of 1998.
I think that was
right moment to stop.
You have to expect this.
Of course, not just PSG,
but the football world
lost a fantastic player.
Lost a fantastic professional
player. Lost a good man.
Well, it's a sad day.
I can imagine that there are
many boys, men and women,
all over the world that
are mourning the loss
of a football star.
He's an absolute icon.
Beckham was out
of order, basically.
He should have
stayed on the field,
and if he had have done,
we'd have got through.
Professional footballer
committed to the cause,
loved the clubs
that he played for.
Today, footballers, you
know, you could question
some of their motivations.
You never had your
questions about him
and his motivations at all.
To get sent off
in a match like that
is a disgrace to anybody.
I'm sorry for his career.
Say, for football in England.
So he'll continue his
role as an ambassador.
I know he's in a lot of
work in the Far East,
in his training roles, you
know, for kids and stuff.
So he'll still be around.
He'll be around for a long
time, forever, you know?
Till he's well old. So
you never lose them.
He's become fantastic.
How can I argue with how he's
turned out as a human being?
He's an icon to every
kid in the world,
he's a very wealthy guy.
So how can I possibly
argue with that?
Amid the fame,
red carpets and brand deals,
Beckham pioneered
a fresh new look
of what a modern
day footballer is.
With the odds
stacked against him,
the young boy from
Leytonstone went on
to win a long list
of silverware,
including six PL
titles, two FA cups,
one La Liga, one
Champions League,
and one PFA Young
Player of the Year.
He conquered England,
Italy and America,
both commercially
and as an athlete,
became the third highest capped
English player of all time,
and smashed shirt sale records
at Madrid and LA Galaxy,
whilst also becoming the
highest paid player of all time.
There is no doubting
the financial success
of Beckham's career.
And when a player wins as
many trophies as Becks,
there's no doubting their
playing career either.
Back home in England
as the excitement builds,
one 10-year-old by has
taken his love of the game
a little too far.
Tom Sylvester chose to
go bald before his years,
to look like his hero, Sven.
There's quite a lot
of people in the school
who dress up as David Beckham,
and I thought Sven
would be different.
Because when I
first had it done,
it was almost bald, and I fought
everyone would laugh at me.
But they haven't. They've
started liking it.