David Icke Beyond the cutting edge (2010) Movie Script

Hi! I see now that these aren't paranoid
Who did talking out of the way that the cameras point
Disgraced by the tabloids
Cause they say we don't have a choice
But who are they to tell us
What's fact from fiction
Arising gas emissions, see rush decisions,
Malnutrition and muddy pictures
They say it will change
When they catch the villains
Well, with Saddam in Eden, still Bin Laden's hidden
It don't make a scrap of difference
The UN still dictate to the Palestinians
Tanks are different, not relieved their ammunition
Bombs ain't bad for business
17 years and now half of Iraq is missing
Do not be surprised by bombs in a pipeline
Watch when the time's right, you're going bye-byes
Welcome to the Zeitgeist, modern day Einsteins
Who see an eye sign stay within the guidelines
The ID card ain't far from the microchips
They plan to implant inside your wrists
And what really your reliance as a dominant nations
They're calling the Council on Foreign Relations
Get used to the fact they've got troops in Iraq
And they gonna be there till they remove all the gas
The larger degrees of Commander-in Chiefs
And private militaries that are wrong to the teeth
Many white coats that you call good beings
Annihilate anything who don't make them pleased
Ladies and gentlemen, David Icke.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you very much!
What an amazing day, what an amazing event!
We've got people here from India, Finland, Sweden,
Canada, America...
And all over Britain... Iceland, yeah! Iceland, yeah!
And I'd like to thank everyone for coming, I'd like to thank
all the crew who've made this possible. To JP and Sean...
And also to Bill. Bill has come all the way from America,
he's an American professional TV cameraman,
and he's come over here to work on this event,
just cause he believes in what we are trying to do.
So thanks to Bill for coming! Thank you!
And also in the audience, somewhere out there,
cause it all looks black to me, is a lady called Yeva.
Are you there, Yev?
There, she's over there.
Yeva used to travel with me back in the days
when I used to arrive at an event, I'd put the chairs out,
Yev would sit to take the tickets from people,
she wouldn't take many tickets, sometimes 8 or 9,
they'd sit in the seats, I'd talk for hours,
and then they'd leave, and I'd put the chairs out,
and me and Yev were going
to have a little chef or something, saying:
'What's it all about, Yev? What's the point, Yev?'
Well, this is the point. Because if you keep going, keep
passionately moving forward for what you believe in,
the tide, or the sea, does tend to open. It's when you think:
'Oh, no, big problem, feel sorry for myself, I'm out of here.'
And on that very subject before I start.
37 years ago, this month, I met a lady called
Linda, who has been my rock ever since.
Right to this day she's the one that organizes
events. And I stand on the stage and do the words,
but she makes it possible by working
her socks off, day after day, week after week.
And I'd just like to take this opportunity
to acknowledge the fantastic work that she's done
and the contribution that she's made to my life, never mind
to the work that we're trying to do. So thank you to Linda!
Now, 'Free your mind'...
I can't hear you, so there you go.
'Free your mind' is what the whole theme of this event is
about. Or 'Free our minds', cause it includes mine as well.
And 'Free your mind' doesn't mean 'Believe what I say'
or 'Believe it, cause I say it' or 'Take it as read'.
'Free your mind' just means
opening the mind to All Possibility
and then deciding what part of All Possibility
we choose to accept as reality.
So what I'm not doing is standing up here today
and saying: 'I've got all the answers. Here you go.' ...
It's another belief system.
It's information, it's what I've compiled,
it's conclusions I've come to over the last 20 years
of full-time research in about 45 countries.
But it's information, it's not there
to be believed just because I say it.
And I think I can sum it up really
by what this man said, Wilhelm Reich,
who was a philosopher, an inventor
and what have you. And he said this:
'Am I a space man? Do I belong to a new race
on Earth, bred by men from outer space
in embraces with Earth women? ...
I request my right and privilege to have
such thoughts and ask such questions
without being threatened to be jailed
by any administrative agency of society ...
In the face of a rigid, doctrinaire, self-appointed
ready-to-kill hierarchy of scientific censorship
it appears foolish to publish such thoughts.
Anyone malignant enough could do anything with them.'
And they did!
'Still the right to be wrong has to be maintained.
We should not fear to enter a forest
because there are wildcats around in the trees.
We should not yield our right
to well-controlled speculation.
It is certain questions entailed in such speculation
which administrators of established knowledge fear ...
But in entering the cosmic age we should certainly
insist on the right to ask new, even silly questions,
or apparently silly, without being molested.'
Wilhelm Reich. Contact with Space
20 years ago nearly, I decided
I was gonna take that ride,
and I'm gonna continue to exercise
that ride to the day I leave this reality.
Because if we don't defend or express our right
to go into these areas that are beyond the norm,
then we put ourselves in the prisons,
the mind prisons and therefore the physical
prisons that those norms impose upon us.
I would say this as well. This event today is not about
demanding the right from authority to give us our freedom.
My freedom, all freedom
is our natural and eternal right,
not the gift of some dark suit or uniform
to decide if it's gonna give it to us or not.
And so this is also not a day for being intimidated
and frightened by this Big Brother crap
and all these goons in uniform who seek
to impose someone else's will upon us.
It's just about exposing the way they are seeking to enslave
us, so we can see the game and therefore not play it.
In fact, my attitude to Big Brother
can be summed up thus:
Oooh, Big Brother, Big Brother!
Oh my God!
As Gandhi said: 'An error does not become truth
by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth
become error because nobody will see it.'
Put more simply in his words again:
'Even if you are in a minority of one,
the truth is still the truth.'
And throughout history, we have seen small minorities of
people who have pointed out flaws in the norm of belief,
or at least questioned it, who have turned out
to be so right that now with hindsight we go:
'How could anyone ever believe the Earth was flat, or
that if you went far enough, you would go off the edge?'
But people did, and it was the norm of the time.
And we have norms now that are just as blatantly stupid
with not even the benefit of hindsight,
the benefit of what we know now.
This is today's flat Earth.
The fact that we live in the cutting edge of human
evolution, the cutting edge of how far humanity has come.
Turning a planet of enormous beauty into a shitehole
ain't the cutting edge of human evolution.
We're also being asked to believe, as Orwell said:
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
And we are the cutting edge
of human understanding?
As Michael Ellner said: 'Just look at us. Everything
is backwards; everything is upside down.
Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy
justice, universities destroy knowledge,
governments destroy freedom, the major media
destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.'
I think there's more to know here!
And it's all true!
As H.L. Mencken said: 'The men the American people
admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars;
the men they detest most violently are
those who try to tell them the truth.'
We live in Topsy-Turvy Land!
Why is everything upside down,
everything back to front!?
Why are there billions of bewildered people
who don't understand who they are, where they
are, what the whole business of life is all about?
The world seems such a ball of confusion
and complexity and bewilderment!
But it is when you don't have
the coordinates to connect things together.
Because when you connect the dots, you start
to see that apparent complexity as it's played out
and apparent bewilderment as it's played out
has a very seriously clear picture that emerges.
Cause as you connect the dots between different
people, organizations, places, religions, history,
suddenly the picture starts to form.
Oooh, so that's it!
If you don't connect the dots,
it's just a mass of what's all this about.
When you connect the dots,
you get the elephant in the living-room.
You can start to see daily life and the daily news,
or what passes for it, and all this stuff in a completely
different light.
And suddenly, what seemed to be incomprehensible
starts to make clearer and clearer sense.
And that picture as the debts... the dots are
connected, the debts too, it's all part of it...
is that there are two prime
realities that we are experiencing.
We're experiencing the movie - that's the movie version
of reality that we are given by the mainstream media,
by what passes for education and all
the other sources of mainstream information,
which explain away events
in the world in a certain way.
But behind that, it becomes clearer as the dots
join up that there is another agenda behind that
which the movie is simply there
as a cover story to obscure and hide.
And the foundation of that cover story or the foundation
of that secret agenda is to get billions of people
on this planet to wear a mask and play out
a false identity that they don't even know is false.
You know, we can talk about banking scams
and political scams and secret societies,
and we should, and we will
later on as we go through this,
but what those involved in the research of all this
whole conspiracy stuff, I feel, need to appreciate
is if that's as far as you go and no further,
then you too are playing a kind of movie,
because you are looking at how it's playing out
instead of the real foundation from which this whole
conspiracy is based.
And that is manipulating people to believe they are
something they are not and to forget what they really are.
And what we really are is consciousness, infinite
consciousness, connected to all other consciousness,
the seamless ocean of Infinity.
And we can move our point of observation around that
consciousness and express and celebrate its uniqueness,
but we are all of one infinite mind,
one infinite consciousness.
And the illusion of apartness is an experience of this reality,
and its extenuation or accentuation by the manipulators
is to get us to see ourselves and everything in terms
of apartness instead of as a connected whole.
This is symbolically, even more than symbolically, the
situation that this whole conspiracy is designed to put us in.
In a bubble of consciousness
which I call body consciousness,
which is disconnected from its awareness
of the full magnitude of what it is
to the point where it operates on a fraction
of its true self and its infinite potential.
So in that sense, you can get all that has been, is and ever
will be reading the freaking Sun and believing the date.
That's how deeply disconnected we can get.
For people watching this in other parts
of the world, The Sun is a newspaper, and
I use that word in its widest possible sense.
You know, my brother said to me years ago, he said:
'You know, Dave, what's it all about?'
He said: 'Yeeboom, and then you gonna get older,
and then you die.' I mean, what is all about?
We're born into this world, we go through
this kind of situations of growing older and
doing this and doing that and doing the other.
And then we get older, and lots of people in the world,
vast numbers of people, it's a struggle, and it's an effort,
and it's a daily grind, and 'Am I gonna survive another day?'
And then at the top there: 'Oh, you know, what
will God think of me?' Isn't it a great lie in it?
You met some travel agent on some other dimension:
'A great, great, great vacation holiday, mate!'
What you do is you go into this dimension,
you're born, you struggle all the way through it,
lots of emotional upheaval, then you get older,
and your body starts to break down.
And then some guy on a cloud decides
if you gonna go and sit next to him, or if you
gonna go to hell and stoke the fires forever.
I mean, you think: 'Yeah, I'll have
two tickets!', wouldn't you?
What's it all about? I mean, there's got to be something
else. If there isn't, I'm out of here. And I'm staying!
So we are struggling to understand the world, because
we don't have the coordinates, which I'll come to.
And it's obviously a world with some major, major
problems in terms of its operation and the way it's run.
Doctors destroy health ...
Doctors destroy health, because health
is not about health, it is about wealth.
It's the transnational drug corporations
controlling the medical system,
so the scalpel and the drug is the only
response overwhelmingly to human dis-ease.
And you know, some of
the side effects of these drugs...
If you've ever been to America and listened to the drug
adverts, the drug adverts is one after another in America,
they pay for American television, these things,
and because of the law there, they tell you what
the drug does, or supposed to,
and then they after-reel a fold of side effects, but they
are not side effects, you see, that's another little con.
Oh, these are the side effects of this drug ... No! They are
the effects, mate, not side effects, the freaking effects!
And I was watching one, this is a true story of last year,
I was watching one, and it was for a form of Viagra, right?
And it said ... it told what it was gonna do -
treat erectile dysfunction or bloody something.
And then he starts reeling off breathlessly, trying
to keep the money down, all these side effects.
And this is not kidding you, he said at the end:
'And if you have an erection for more than 4 hours,
consult your doctor immediately.' Said it!
And I'm sitting there watching the telly,
and I'm thinking: 'What's he gonna do?!'
- Excuse me, doctor. I've got this problem.
- What do you want me to do?!
The world's mad!
God, I'll tell you what, if I did erection for 4 hours,
I wouldn't consult a doctor, I'd thank bloody God, me ...
3 hours 55 minutes bigger than
my bloody record already, I'll tell you.
So Big Pharma runs the health industry, and it's not
about health, and that's why doctors destroy health.
Lawyers destroy justice ... Of course, they do,
especially those that represent the state.
And I love this one.
When the state takes you to law, the people taking
you to law have their legal bills paid by the people.
The people who are being taken to law
have to pay their own as well as the other's.
And then, when someone wants to take the
government on for something the government's done,
the government defends itself with the money
through the lawyers paid for by the people,
and the person taking the government on
has to pay their on as well as that.
Universities destroy knowledge ...
Of course!
The one thing you don't want if you want
to create a centralized dictatorship
is a thinking, sharp-minded, open-minded,
aware population that can see through your crap.
So you sell them from cradle to grave
the belief system you want,
you just program their minds to see
the world the way that suits your agenda.
All over the world: we must
have education! Yes, let's try it!
Let's have some education instead
of indoctrination of a belief system!
Governments destroy freedom...
Of course, they do!
I mean, governments are not there, let's get this sold
out, governments are not there to serve the people,
the people are there to serve the government
and the forces that control the government.
That's the relationship,
and we need to understand that.
You've got the Dark Suits who orchestrate front
of this political agenda for the Orwellian state,
and they come from certain
bloodlines which I'll come to.
And these people are such frontmen you can have
an idiot in power as President of the United States,
it doesn't matter, cause he ain't calling the shots,
he's just signing the legislation into law.
So much so that when he's doing press
conferences, he's got this wire in his bloody ear
telling him what to bloody say if he gets
in trouble, which is most of the time.
And this world is at the
cutting edge of the evolution ...
- Mr. President, OK, that's good, OK!
Now what we gonna do, Mr. President,
we gonna have the big finish,
the big Churchillian finish, OK, go!
'Our enemies are innovative and resourceful,
and so are we.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm
our country and our people, and neither do we.'
- Did you get that, Mr. President?
True quote!
And now we have the choice between 3 people
who are all controlled by the same force.
It's called democracy!
Which front man or woman do you want?
Here you go - cross there.
And these are the people who are fronting up the
destruction of our freedom, freedom of expression.
Then the media. The media are there to tell the people
the version of life and events that suits the agenda.
And those real journalists who don't will tell you how hard
it is to get other kinds of information into the mainstream.
And the worst kind of censorship is self-censorship
where you know it ain't worth crossing that line, cause:
a) you'll get yourself in trouble, and b) it won't get
in the paper or on the news, so you edit yourself;
that's going on all the time.
Religions destroy spirituality ...
Getting to this in the second half.
All the religions come from basically the same
source, and they are worshipping the same gods,
the same gods that the secret societies worship.
And what my father used to call bricks-and-mortar
religion is there to enslave the minds of the people
and divide and rule the people, not to open people
to the true infinite magnitude of who they are.
- You can't say that! Pope will go mad!
- Couldn't give a shit, mate.
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world
which is sold to us as sanity and rational.
And it's held together by what my friend Mike Lambert,
he's in the audience today, calls 'repeaters'.
People just repeat facts, because they've
heard them from someone else,
and then it becomes 'conventional wisdom',
'conventional knowledge', and everyone believes it!
Oscar Wilde: 'Most people are other people. Their
thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives
a mimicry, their passions a quotation.'
And Mark Twain, I love this one: 'In religion
and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are
in almost every case gotten at second-hand,
and without examination, from authorities who have
not themselves examined the questions at issue,
but have taken them at second-hand from
other non-examiners, whose opinions about
them were not worth a brass farthing.'
There you have where the conventional knowledge,
wisdom, this is our 'ism', mate, comes from.
It's a war on the human mind
and human perception,
so we see the world and ourselves
in ways that allow this conspiracy to go on.
And also society is structured to keep us
busy, busy, busy, moving, moving, moving ...
Oh, mortgage, oh my God, rent, ooh my God, job,
oh my God, what's happening, oh, it's a credit crunch...
oh my God, the fuel prices...
So no one goes uuuuuhm-ha, so that's what's going on,
cause you're too busy trying to survive, that's the idea.
And it starts with the kids now! Younger and younger!
Oh, you gotta pass this exam, you gotta pass this
exam! What will happen?! You gotta get good grades...
Hey, have some bloody fun!
Have a bloody laugh, mate!
We should have 'happy' lessons. What makes
you happy? Ok, we gonna do that today.
What makes you fulfilled? What makes you feel
good about yourself? Ok, we gonna do that today.
No! Algebra! Algebra!!!
What the bloody hell is all that about?!
I could never work it out, I never tried really.
What does x equal? Couldn't give a shit, mate.
Whatever you say, ain't bothered.
I've lived 56 years, right? I've never used
bloody algebra, never entered my mind.
Shhhh, get that one, delete file.
So we have this world of apparent confusion.
Because of the way that it operates, we turn
out shite that we don't know what to do with.
We reach a level where we can
create amazing technology,
and we use that technology
to pepper-bomb cities full of civilians.
And you know, we're at the cutting edge of evolution,
we can kill more people in one go than ever before ...
Hooraaay!!! Ain't it great to be human?
And this is what we do in the name of freedom.
We think it's OK for children
to sign their names on bombs
which end up on children
just like them in the Lebanon.
But we don't wanna talk about that.
Hey, here's a game show, watch this, shut up!
Hey, honey, quick, she's going for the car!
Quicker, the bloody better, I say.
People around the world get bigger while
people die, cause they ain't got enough to eat.
Massive amounts of food available thrown away
while others, I've seen this live once, it's unbelievable,
people living off rubbish tips to survive.
But we don't wanna talk about this.
Quick, honey, there's a picture of Paris
Hilton naked in the back of her car, quick!
Was that the car that lady went for?
Watch this, shut up!
Don't let's talk about this
and get all moral about it.
Let's talk about Janet Jackson's breast at the Superball.
Hey, the moral fibre of America is collapsing!
Oh, no, no! That's the moral. This is fighting for peace,
it's just collateral damage. Don't worry about it.
Gandhi: 'What difference does it make to the dead, the
orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction
is wrought under the name of totalitarianism
or the holy name of liberty or democracy?'
None whatsoever! They are
all tyrannies when they do that.
Then we have the money.
What you do is you go to the bank,
and you borrow money that has never,
does not and will never exist called 'credit',
and then you mortgage your house to it, you mortgage
your car to it, your land to it, your business to it,
and if you don't pay back money that doesn't
exist called 'credit', then the people that have
lent you that nonexistent money
get your car and your business and
your house. Yes, that makes sense!
And this money scam where they get us into debt
by borrowing money that has never, does not and
will never exist is in the very DNA of society.
It controls choice, controls manoeuvrability,
or if we allow it to, controls society.
And who controls money - controls society.
Who controls money? A tiny few people as we'll see.
But we don't wanna talk about that. Hey honey, quick!
On the Jerry Springer show, this man's gonna hit his
girlfriend, quick, quick! Watch this, shut up!
Then there's the new religion of celebrityism.
Go to the supermarket - hey! get on with your
life, there's the goddess!
And then if you wanna know what's
going on in the world, that's no problem,
cause these pal people will tell you everything that people
that control and own their industry think is fit for you to know,
so you believe and see the world the way
they want you to see it, it's called the news.
And then be afraid! It's a world in
which we must be afraid all the time,
must be afraid of not enough money,
afraid of what's gonna happen in all areas
of our lives, afraid of the future, afraid ...
Survive, we must survive, we must always
be in a state of fearing not surviving.
It's a crazy, crazy world. But why?? Why is it
an upside-down lunatic world that we live in?
People might say it's all a coincidence.
It just happened like that.
Well, I will say after 20 years of this
that it is coldly calculated to be like this
because of the outcome that it gives those
who are manipulating society in this way.
And it's not just one level. There
are multilevels to this conspiracy.
Yes, there's Dark Suits sitting round
the table and orchestrating this to an extent.
But they are still the golfers playing it out. It goes much,
much deeper, and we'll go there as we go along today.
The reason we are confused about the world
and everything that goes on in it is because
we don't have the coordinates.
We don't have the coordinates from
which to see how things fit together.
I remember I was on the Isle of Wight ferry once.
And what it does: it comes out of Portsmouth Harbour,
it goes along the coast a little bit, and then it
turns out and goes across to the Isle of Wight.
Well, it was so foggy on this day that you
couldn't see the land here as you normally could.
So you're going along, and you just see fog.
And after a while, it seemed to me
and others that it was just going straight.
And I thought: 'This soddin' thing's
going to France! What's going on!?'
And I said to one of the crew: 'What's happening!?
This is not going the right way, is it?'
And the next thing, you know, the Isle of Wight
peer appeared in front of us. It had actually gone
absolutely the right way.
But because I didn't have the coordinate
in which to make the sense of that, I was
completely lost in the direction I was going.
That was so symbolic of the way it works.
So I'm gonna go through a lot of coordinates today.
Cause when the coordinates are put into place,
then what happens becomes, or what is happening
becomes totally blatant as the dots connect.
- It's a duck!
- You're a journalist, aren't you? Yes, how did I guess?
Coordinate #1: Who are we?
How few people kind of seemed to ask
that question, in my experience anyway.
I live in the real world, mate. I gotta get on with my
job and my life. - Yeah, but who are we? What are
we doing? - Ah, ain't bothered, get on with your life.
But without this knowledge, this key coordinate, how the
hell can we understand what's happening and our part in it?
Coordinate #1: We are consciousness.
We are not the body we think we are.
And the idea is to put us in these eggshells
of consciousness. And it's a doddle, a doddle
if we don't hold on to an understanding or have an
understanding of who we really are or the magnitude of it.
Quote from one of my books: 'Only when we know
who we are, can we know freedom ...' Of course!
Unless we know the nature of reality
and who we are and our part in it,
how can we understand the world if we don't
understand the reality? That is the world.
No wonder we're bloody confused.
What is reality? How about that question?
No, no! That's just for scientists!
That's not for you. Watch the football.
Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels:
'It thus becomes vitally important for the State
to use all of its powers to repress dissent,
for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie,
and thus by extension, the truth becomes
the greatest enemy of the State.'
And the truth that is most suppressed,
the biggest lie of all of them on which all
the others are based is it's all an illusion.
This physical world is not physical, it is not
even out there, it's in here. It's a holographic
projection, as I'll come to as we go along.
It's an illusion of physicality, an illusion
of solidity. We are consciousness.
And it's so easy to trick the mind-brain to see reality
in ways that are not actually what it's looking at.
This is this amazing bloke who
draws pictures on flat pavements,
and yet the mind reads them, the brain
reads them as three-dimensional.
Does some great stuff.
There's another one. We can look at that as what?
seven compartments, or we can see that as a box,
depends on how the brain reads it.
These colour reds are both the same, but because
of their interaction and placement with other colours
they look totally different, because
the brain reads them differently.
We are decoding reality, and how we
decode it decides the reality we experience.
Major, major point we need to understand.
Einstein: 'Reality is an illusion,
albeit a persistent one.'
Why it's a persistent one we'll come
to before we finish this first section.
But reality is an illusion,
and we need to understand that.
We think that we are physical
bodies, and that's who we are.
I'm Ethel Jones, Charlie Smith,
I'm a taxi driver, I'm a doctor whatever.
No, no! They are what we are
experiencing, they're not who we are.
There are many multiple levels to us. This is
just one that allows us to experience this reality.
If I wanna pick that up, my consciousness could
not pick that up, because it's vibrating too quickly,
it's not in sync in the frequency
range of that, so I couldn't do it.
I take on this outer shell that operates within the frequency
range that I wanna experience, now I can interact with it.
Simple as that. We are consciousness
working through a physical body.
All life is consciousness and energy animating holographic
forms, including plants, everything. We are consciousness.
I was in the bath the other day
playing with my duck or something.
And I got this picture in my mind real clear,
and my great friend Neil Hague, a brilliant artist,
any time you see a picture with this
style throughout these next 7 hours,
it's from Neil, he's out the front
there if you wanna talk to him.
And he painted this for me when I told
him what I saw. And basically it's this.
This is consciousness symbolically,
that infinite consciousness that we are.
And I saw an eye appear in the consciousness
there. And out of it came this telescope.
And it was looking into this
world that we are experiencing.
And as the telescope appeared,
so it morphed into a human body.
And that's what the body is, it's a telescope that
allows consciousness to experience this reality,
this reality of apparent division,
and have the experience of that.
But we've got trapped in the belief
that that is the totality of who we are.
Consciousness and the body interact during an
experience here, but the body is not who we are.
It's interesting, this energy field
we call the aura, whatever,
you have energy coming down through the top
of the head and out and going the other way.
And it's like an electrical burst
of energy going through the body
which throws out this electromagnetic
field that we call the aura.
And interestingly, when you do
the same with electric wire,
you put a current through the wire,
it throws out an electromagnetic field.
And in the same way that this happens
to us, so it happens to the Earth.
Because everything is a reflection of everything
else and works in basically the same way.
And this combination of the genetics of the body and
the electromagnetic field I call body consciousness.
And we have a choice of connecting that
body consciousness level of our experience
to the great infinite All That Is,
in which case, we will have access to a massively
expanded level of awareness and perception
and be able to see through what we can't
see when we are stuck in the body reality.
Or, and that's what this is basically,
this eggshell I talk about,
it is the body consciousness, the auric
field working directly through the body.
And if we get isolated in that,
then our level of reality perception
and what we can perceive and expand our
mind to understand is massively suppressed.
And this is the situation
that we face in this world.
People who are infinite consciousness
operating at the level of body consciousness.
And that's exactly where
the manipulators want us,
because if we are not connecting out there and getting
our insight, inspiration, intuitive knowing from out there,
then where do we look to to get a fix on who
we are and what's happening in the world?
We look that way, through the ears and the eyes,
and who's controlling that information?
Those who control the media,
education etc., gotcha!
The body I call a genetic spacesuit.
And it's kinda funny, you know,
if you were on the Moon with someone,
and an astronaut started thinking he was his
spacesuit. I mean, crikey, can you imagine?
Hey, Houston, Houston, we've got a problem!
Bill thinks he's his spacesuit! - He's bloody mad!
Of course, he's not his spacesuit!
Yeah, but we think we're our spacesuit.
And what would there be in that situation
on the Moon? There would be chaos!
Well, that's why this chaos here,
cause we believe we're our spacesuit.
That's what makes racism so insane! It's like saying:
I'm better than you, cause my spacesuit's different colour.
Bloody ridiculous! But the cutting edge of human
knowledge, so why should I complain?
We are consciousness
working through the body.
Now I've got a real amazing feeling
for this, about 2 years ago,
just before I last spoke here,
when my mother died, Barbara.
And I went along to the funeral obviously.
And my brother had organized it, he said to me:
Would you wanna come and see your mum
while in the mortuary or at the funeral parlour?
And my immediate reaction was: No, no! I'll remember
her as she was, cause it's just a body anyway.
But something said: Go, go, go, go, go!
And for some reason in my life I've never come across...
the first time I've seen a dead body was my mother.
And I turn up, and I walk in this room, and
there's this body in this coffin, this open coffin.
And I know it sounds ridiculous, but it was dead!
There was no bloody life there whatsoever! Dead!
Unbelievably dead! Took me aback dead!
And next to it was this picture, which my brother
had had blown up, which was gonna go and be
used in the funeral, which it was.
And there was my mother's absolutely dead body,
and there was this picture of my mother absolutely
full of life, full of energy, full of sparkle.
And I stood there, and I could see in those
2 images what life is, what consciousness is,
cause that was alive, that was dead.
We are consciousness, and we've got confused,
and in identifying who we are with the body
we've seriously buggered up our sense of
perception and therefore our ability to be free.
The energy, or the reality that we are experiencing,
that we apparently see with our eyes,
is just a frequency range, that' s all it is,
and it is minute, what we call visible light.
According to current mainstream science,
the electromagnetic spectrum is 0.005% of the
energy known to exist in the Universe. 0.005%!
And visible light, which is the only frequency that our eyes
can decode into this reality is a fraction of the 0.005%.
We are basically visually blind in terms of what
exists in the same space that we are experiencing.
It's just a holographic television
station we're experiencing.
Tiny frequency range, visible
light that we are experiencing.
And what we are is, at this level,
receiver-transmitters of information.
And the range of frequencies that we are accessing
decides the range and perception and awareness of
reality that we experience.
So the more you can close down the range
of frequencies that we are accessing,
the more you close down the perception and
the sense of Infinity of the people you are targeting.
The body is a biological computer.
Biological in the sense that
unlike a desktop computer,
it has the ability, to an extent, to think
for itself and work things out for itself.
That's what we call evolution
on a physical level.
The computer is constantly receiving vibrational
information from its environment, and it is reacting
to that, it does it all the time.
If we go to a place where it is cold, it will
react to that, where it's hot, it will react to that.
And it's the same with things like animals that
over a period of time their environment changes,
that information is being received by the computer and
analysed by the computer, and it's making changes.
And if those environmental changes, habitat
changes, happen slow enough, that is why you
see animal bodies evolve to fit the new environment.
But if it happens really quick, we call it
extinction, cause it can't change fast enough.
It's a computer working.
And we are receiving vibrational information which we
are decoding into this reality, getting to that more shortly.
We are interacting with this Infinite Consciousness, but
how much of that Consciousness are we reacting with
that depends on the range
of frequencies we are accessing.
And we're a bit like a dodging car in a fair ground.
You know, you've got the dodging car, it's going
round, it's doing everything, lots of energy.
And then, once the power is switched off,
it's: Hey, my car's gone dead!
Yes, because its energy source is
gone, and that's what we call 'death'.
Not death at all, it's the movement of
consciousness out of this reality. That's all.
What we call near-death experiencers have enormous
amounts of common stories about what they experienced
when they left the body and then were
returned when their body was revived.
Stories that support massively what I'm saying
here today about the fact that we are consciousness,
and the body's just a vehicle.
They talk about going through the tunnel and into
another reality, and how limitation disappears, how
the emotional intensity disappears,
cause a lot of that emotional intensity,
if not all of it, is body consciousness.
This is what one near-death experiencer said
about what he experienced when he left the body:
'... everything from the beginning, my birth,
my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything
comes together simultaneously.
I saw everything about me, and about
everyone who was around me.
I saw everything they were thinking now,
what they thought then, what was happening
before, what was happening now.
There is no time, there is no sequence
of events, no such thing as limitation,
of distance, of period, of time, of place. I could
be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.'
That is who we are! And we need to
remember it, so we can sort this place out.
- What d'you mean there's no time? That's stupid!
- All right! So manufactured time is on my wrist.
If I cross a certain invisible point in the
world, I enter yesterday or tomorrow.
Ridiculous! It's a decoding
illusion, time and sequence.
As William Blake said:
To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour
Everything is everything else happening
at the same time. It's a decoding process.
If you are watching a film, movie, on DVD, on the telly,
where you are in the movie you think is the present,
the scenes in the movie you've just left,
or watched, is your past, and the scenes
you've not seen yet are your future.
But all of them still exist in the same moment that you're
experiencing what you perceive to be the present.
And if you run back, bingo, you're in the past, if you run
forward, you're in the future. No, you're in the same now.
As H.M. Tomlinson said: 'We see things
not as they are, but as we are.' Because
'as we are' decides how we decode reality.
And this conspiracy might play out as banking scams and
political scams, yes, it does, and we should know that.
But this conspiracy is about manipulating
our sense of who we are, so we decode
what they want us to experience.
And that perception is one of division,
apartness, cause that creates the faultlines
through which they can divide and rule us
when we are Oneness, all connected at different
points of perception and observation within that Whole,
therefore expressing glorious
diversity, but still connected.
And that's the point,
you know, I understand it.
When you are talking about Oneness, people
think that it's like everyone therefore becomes
one cloned blob like this.
'I'm Oneness, I'm Oneness,
and also am I, oh yeah!'
What is Oneness, what is this Oneness I'm
talking about? It is All Possibility. That's what it is.
It is everything that has, is, or ever
will be there to be experienced.
So there is no contradiction between being in a point
of awareness of the connectedness of everything
and at the same time celebrating and expressing your
glorious diversity and uniqueness of perception.
Indeed the uniqueness of our expressing of our
lives is honouring, if you like, the Oneness that
is all, because it is All Possibility.
What you get ironically when you disconnect
from that into that is you get a situation
where you do get people who are:
'I'm not Oneness. Neither am I. I'm not Oneness.'
You do get uniformity, cause people start
operating on the same tiny range of frequencies,
and therefore they start acting
and seeing the world the same.
Everyone thinks the same, everyone's
tuning to the same bloody station.
That's why we think when we experience the world, and
understandably, it seems like that, the way we decode it,
that the world is out there. In fact, it's just
a projection, it's all going on in our minds,
in our heads as we decode reality.
As the great Bill Hicks, the American comedian,
said (what a great man he was, great man!):
'... all matter is merely energy condensed to a
slow vibration, we are all one consciousness
experiencing itself subjectively.
There's no such thing as death, life is only a
dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.'
And that's the foundation of the conspiracy.
Manipulating our imagination of ourselves.
Infinite love is the only truth. The existence
of an Infinite Consciousness is the only truth,
everything else is illusion,
everything else is the imagination of that
consciousness made manifest and experienced.
This is who we are.
This is what we think we are.
We think we are the body that we see in
the mirror. Humans are a software program.
It's like playing on the computer,
a certain piece of software.
We call it genetic
inheritance and all that stuff.
And from that we get
what we call personality,
we get all the other genetic
traits, and we think they're who we are.
It's a software program!
Cultures, these different
cultures, they're software programs.
Nothing wrong with
them! Lov'em! Experienc'em!
Illusions only control
you when you think they're real.
When you know they're
illusions, play with them, have a laugh!
But they're software
programs, we're not human.
That's our experience,
it's not who we are.
Even my body's the same!
Even mine!
Lost a bit of weight, you know.
Been off the booze
for 3 months, that's why.
This is an article in
The San Francisco Chronicle:
DNA is a universal software code.
From bacteria to humans, the basic instructions
for life are written with the same language.
Even the cutting edge of mainstream science
is now beginning to turn its mind to the fact
that this is computer, and this may
well be an illusory, almost computer game.
If you look at the codes that make up
DNA: ACG&T, or in my case, G&T, G&T, G&T ...
Oh, I'll give it up,
I'll give it up. I'm sorry ...
These 4 codes, depending on where they are in
relationship to each other, decide so many things.
They decide if your body is a mouse, or if
it's a human, and the difference in the coding
compared with the difference in how it expresses
itself in the different physical form is minimal.
And if you look at those codes in
The Matrix movies - very, very similar,
cause the principle
of that movie is correct.
On one level we are a digital, energetic
construct operating beyond human sight.
And the reason now they are talking
about what they call 'human-computer interface'
where they can get the
computer to be worked by the brain
without any movement of
the hands is very, very simple -
they are connecting 2 computers.
One immensely, staggeringly more advanced than
the other, but still the basically same principle.
What they don't tell
us is that's how it is.
When you look at a human body
from a point of view of a computer,
it ticks almost every box. Well, it does
tick every box I've come across so far.
When the computer has a virus, and it gets
out of control, and eventually it won't switch on,
what do we say?
My computer's dead.
Why? Because it cannot
connect to its energy source.
What do we say when people die? We
say the body's dead, the computer's dead.
The energy source has left, that's why.
We talk about putting computers into sleep
mode when they just tick over and slow down
and shut down to a
very large extent. So do we.
Then we've got Norton Antivirus
and all these other antivirus technologies.
And what do they do?
They are programmed to attack
viruses and threats to the PC computer,
desktop computer's functional system.
We've got a Norton Antivirus,
we call it the human immune system.
It does the same basic
principle, cause it's a computer.
This is a picture, an enhanced
version of a picture taken at the Necker
Hospital in a research process in Paris.
And this is a motherboard. That is
the motherboard of the body computer.
And that's the system,
the meridian system,
the circuit board that acupuncture and
other alternative forms of healing work on.
Why? Because this Chi
energy as the Chinese call it
going around the body and these lines
is information passing round the computer
just like information passes
around the desktop computer.
And they found in their experiments
that when this energy is moving too slowly
compared to optimum, the body starts
to show signs of dis-ease and dis-harmony.
Why? Because the information
going around the body and being processed
is being processed too
slowly for optimum health.
What do we say when we've got
a virus in our computer on a desk?
My computer's bloody
slow today! Same thing.
And the acupuncture needles and other
forms of Chinese acupuncture healing are there
to re-harmonize the flow of this energy,
so the information's passing around
to optimum, and we become well again.
Then you've got the brain.
The so-called brain of the computer, as they
call it, is the Central Processing Unit (the CPU).
The brain of the body is
the CPU of the body computer.
It's the main processor of
information, receiving and sending out.
And it's decoding information all the
time and therefore, creating our reality.
The DNA and the genetic
structure is like the hard drive.
And the hard drive is passed on
through what we call 'procreation',
which is like, on a computer
level, two hard drives fusing
to create another hard drive
which is a combination of the two.
And together the genetic structure and
the auric field make up body consciousness,
which has an awareness of its own
and can function in this world pretty well
even without connection to out there.
Pretty well I mean it can survive,
but it's the manipulators' bloody dream.
All these things we call cultures
and races and people and personalities,
these are software programs.
This is a guy called William Sheridan.
He was in a New York hospital
waiting for a heart transplant,
and he went on an art therapy course.
And he's meeting the mother of
the person who donated his heart there.
This was his art
when he went on the course.
He then had the heart transplant,
and when he was recovering,
he went back on the art
therapy course and started doing things
that were much more sophisticated
compared with the real basic
stuff he was capable of before.
He had no idea where it was coming from.
The art therapist had no
idea where it was coming from.
And he asked, because through various means
he managed to talk to the mother of the donor,
he asked her if
her son liked art at all.
And it turns out her son was
crazy about art from a very early age.
He wanted art materials rather than
toys from the age of about 18 months.
And doctors who have studied this connection
between attributes appearing out of nowhere
and personality changes in the recipient
mirroring the personality of the donor.
That research is now pretty extensive.
People like the lady
who had lungs transplanted,
who was frightened of heights
and then started climbing mountains.
She didn't know for a long
time when she was doing this,
but the lungs came
from an avid mountain climber.
And it's kind of 'Oh, this is
strange!' How can this be strange?
How can this happen? It's
because it's a computer download.
The recipient organs and the energy
field that goes with it are downloaded
into the recipient's computer and then
become available to affect the personality
and to affect the abilities
and attributes of the receiver.
My great friend Credo Mutwa in Africa,
the Zulu shaman, he told me when I called him,
I talked to him about this some years
ago, and he said, oh, yes, he said, in Africa
when they used to eat
people, he said, it was a golden law
that the people who they were eating
had to be boiled to a certain temperature
and for a certain time, because the legend
was that if you ate them without that being done,
then you became them,
you took on their personality.
Now one of the great ways that we identify
with being this is I'm a man or I'm a woman.
It's nothing wrong with that! It's an
experience. We're having different experiences.
Great! Fabulous!
It's an illusion, enjoy it!
But we get caught in the illusion of
there who we are, suddenly we are in a place
where we can get
manipulated and diverted.
Now how can who we are be a man
and a woman when the nature of that
can be changed by chemical change?
This is oh this is not, but this is a
chicken indicating the story I'm gonna tell...
Freaky the Chicken, you might
have heard that story a few years ago.
Freaky the Chicken started out life
as a hen, laying eggs, all that stuff,
and then suddenly, because
something happened in the chicken's body
to create massive amounts
of testosterone, it grew a comb, it started
crowing at dawn and chasing the hens.
Why? Because it had moved
from being a woman, female to
a male purely by a chemical change.
Because it's the
computer changing, not us.
I've got this from BBC News recently.
Scientists have been
able to take control of flies' brains to
make females behave just like males.
Researchers genetically
modified the insects so that a group of
brain cells that control sexual behaviour
could be 'switched on' by a pulse of light.
The team was able to get female fruit flies
to produce a courtship song -
behaviour usually only seen in males.
Why? Because it's a
computer program. It's software.
Sometimes I get up early in the
morning in the winter, before dawn,
and I sit there in the office
working on the website and stuff.
And then the sun starts to
come up, and the birdsong starts.
And I'm thinking, you know,
is it like a conductor with a stick
waiting for dawn and
going cue! Eeeeeeeeeeeh!
No! They just start singing.
Just like Freaky started crowing at
dawn when the testosterone came in.
Because it's a body computer
program, a software program.
Then we talk about personalities and emotions.
It's no accident, I would suggest, that so many,
enormous numbers of
near-death experiencers tell the same
story that when they've left the body
in that period, they don't
feel emotion like they feel here.
They're not cold, but they don't
feel the intensity of emotion that we feel.
Why? Because that's the body
consciousness, software program.
This is why psychiatrists
and people, they say, some of them,
they can break down human personalities
into about 12 archetypes
and combinations of them.
You can't do that with Infinite Possibility,
but you can do that with a computer program.
We had that lady in Britain a few years ago
who had been in institutions, in and out of them,
with real manic deep depression
for 40 years, and her personal file said:
'Oh, she's a manic depressive,
that's who she is, that's her!'
40 years later, someone said:
'What happened about the time this
started? Can you think? Did you do anything?'
And she said: 'The only thing I can think of
is I had something like 19 tooth-fillings, mercury.'
It was pointed out that
maybe there could be a connection.
She had all the mercury tooth-
fillings taken out, went on a mercury detox.
After 40 years, manic depression - gone.
Because it was a computer level of operation
that was manifesting it due to a chemical imbalance.
We're not even our
emotions, most of the time.
We are consciousness, and we've forgotten.
And therefore, these computer
programs, these software programs
take us over, and we think we're them.
And so instead of driving the bus, we're
sitting in the back thinking we can't drive it.
The brain is two halves of the brain.
There's the right brain,
and there's the left brain.
And they have very, very different
roles to play, especially in personality.
And between them is this
bridge called the corpus callosum,
which bridges the information
(again information!) between the two.
Now, this is another picture
that Neil Hague did for me recently,
symbolically looking at what
the right brain and the left brain do.
The right brain is out there. It's
creativity. It's inspiration. It's the maverick.
It's the connection to all
that is. It's the greater awareness.
And the left brain is about structure.
It sees things in parts, not as wholes.
It wants things to be
structured. It's about language.
And it's about
organization in a physical way.
It's about being what we call (though
often that's not what it is) rational thinking.
And both sides of
the brain are necessary.
If you get a right-brain
person (we've all met them),
they're fantastically creative,
but they're out on another cloud.
There's nothing going on down here.
But if you get a really
imprisoned left-brain person,
they can't see the connections
with anything, they're here: boom-boom.
I'll tell you a f#in' story.
Sounds like Max Bygraves: I'll tell
you a story. Not many people reacted there.
Who's Max Bygraves? Shows my
bloody age. He's just a bit older than me.
Anyway, what happened was I was asked to
speak at the Oxford Union, Oxford University, right?
Now, there are whole-brain people at
Oxford University, I'm not knocking it.
But because of the nature
of it, there's a hell of a lot of real
left-brain people at Oxford University.
And I had this bizarre situation.
When I do something like this
to open-minded people, I just give it.
There you go, there it is,
make of it what you will.
But when you're talking to a real left-brain
audience, even at the elite Oxford University
where they passed all these
exams to get there (he's clever) ...
I'm sitting in a hotel
room before I'm gonna do it,
and I'm thinking how do I put
this in baby steps so they'll get it.
Why? Because the left brain
is what I was talking to there,
and it doesn't get this wider picture.
I'll come more to that in a second.
Now I wanna give you an
idea of this left-brain thing.
If you go to my website
the What Is Reality Research Archive,
you can see this 20-minute clip of
this lady. It was sent to me a few weeks ago,
and it was like a eureka moment,
because of what she experienced.
This is a lady called Jill
Bolte Taylor, who's a neuroanatomist,
brain scientist, for short.
And she had a stroke,
which shut down her left brain,
and instead of
conking out, she spent hours
experiencing what was
happening while it was going on.
And she talked about the fact that
she got up, she was having this stroke,
she didn't realize it immediately,
and she got onto the exercise machine.
This is how she describes what happened:
So I got up, and I jumped onto my exercise
machine. And I'm jamming away on this thing,
and I'm realizing that my hands look
like primitive claws grasping onto the bar.
I thought: 'That's very peculiar!'
And I looked down at my body, and I thought:
'Woooough! I'm
a weird-looking thing!'
And it was as though my consciousness had
shifted away from my normal perception of reality
where I'm the person on
the machine having the experience
to some esoteric space where I'm
witnessing myself having this experience.
I looked down at my arm,
and I realized that I could no longer
define the boundaries of my body.
I can't define where
I begin, and where I end, because
the atoms and the molecules of my arm
blended with the atoms
and molecules of the wall. And all
I could detect was energy, energy.
And I'm asking myself:
'What's wrong with me? What's going on?'
And in that moment, my brain chatter,
my left hemisphere brain chatter went totally silent
just like someone took a remote control
and pushed the mute button - and total silence.
And at first, I was shocked
to find myself inside a silent mind,
but then I was immediately captivated
by the magnificence of the energy
around me. And because I could no longer identify
the boundaries of my body,
I felt enormous and expansive.
I felt at one with all the energy
that was, and it was beautiful there.
Then, all of a sudden, my left hemisphere
comes back online and says to me:
'Hey, we've got a problem, we've
got a problem! We gotta get some help!'
So it's like: 'OK, OK, I've
got a problem.' But then, I immediately
drifted back out into the consciousness,
and I affectionately
referred to this space as 'La La
Land', but it was beautiful there.
what it would be like to be totally
disconnected from your brain chatter
that connects you
to the external world!
So I'm here in this space, and any
stress related to my job, it was gone.
Again stress, body consciousness.
And I felt lighter in my body. And I imagine
all of the relationships in the external world
and the many stresses
related to any of those, they were
gone. I felt a sense of peacefulness.
And imagine what it would be like
to lose 37 years of emotional baggage!
I felt euphoria!
Euphoria was beautiful!
And then my left hemisphere comes back online,
and it says: 'Hey, you gotta pay attention!'
'You gotta get help!' And I'm
thinking: 'I gotta get help, I gotta focus.'
So I gotta get help. I gotta call work.
I couldn't remember the number at work.
So I remembered in my office I had
a business card with my number on it.
So I go to my business room, I pull
out a 3-inch stack of business cards.
And I'm looking at the card on top.
And even though I could see clearly
in my mind's eye
what my business card looked like,
I couldn't tell if this was my card or not,
because all I could see was pixels.
And the pixels of the words blended with
the pixels of the background and the
pixels of the symbols, and I just couldn't tell.
And I would wait
for what I call a wave of clarity, and in
that moment, I would be able to reattach
to normal reality,
and I could tell that's not my card,
that's not my card, that's not my card.
It took me 45 minutes to get
1 inch inside of that stack of cards.
In the meantime,
for 45 minutes, the haemorrhage is
getting bigger in my left hemisphere.
I do not understand numbers,
I do not understand the telephone,
but it's the only plan I have.
So I take the phone
pad, and I put it right here. I take the
business card, and I put it right here.
And I'm matching
the shape of the squiggles on the
card to the shape of the squiggles
on the phone pad.
Eventually, the whole number gets
dialled, and I'm listening to the phone.
My colleague
picks up the phone, and he says
to me: 'Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow!'
And I think to myself: 'Oh, my gosh!
He sounds like a golden retriever!'
And so I say to him, clearing my mind,
I say to him: 'This is Jill. I need help.'
And what comes out of my
voice is: 'Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow!'
And I'm thinking: 'Oh, my gosh!
I sound like a golden retriever!'
So I didn't know that I couldn't
speak or understand language until I tried.
What's happening is the left brain, because
of what's happening to it, has stopped decoding
vibrational information into human language
and vibrational information into this reality.
Therefore, it sees pixels, which
is the next level of reality to this one.
When I woke later that afternoon, I was
shocked to discover that I was still alive.
When I felt my spirit surrender,
I said good-bye to my life,
and my mind was now suspended
between two very opposite planes of reality.
Because I could not
identify the position of my body in
space, I felt enormous and expansive.
Like a genie just
liberated from a bottle.
What a wonderful
expression of what it is!
My spirit soared free
like a great whale gliding through
the sea of silent euphoria, nirvana.
I found nirvana. I remember thinking
there's no way I could ever be able
to squeeze the enormousness of
myself back inside this tiny little body.
But I realized: 'But I'm still alive!
I'm still alive and I found nirvana!'
And if I found nirvana, and I'm still alive,
then everyone who is alive can find nirvana.
And I picture a world filled with beautiful,
peaceful, compassionate, loving people
who knew that they could
come to this space at any time.
And that they could purposely choose
to step to the right of their left hemisphere's
and find this peace. And then I realize
what a tremendous gift this experience could be,
and what an insight this could be to
live our lives. And it motivated my recovery.
So who are we?
We are the life force of the Universe
with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds.
And we have the power
to choose, moment by moment,
who and how we want to be
in this world right here and now.
I can step into the
consciousness of my right hemisphere
where we are, I am, the life force
power of the Universe and the life force power
of the 50 trillion beautiful
molecular geniuses that make up my form.
At one with all that is.
Or I can choose to step into the consciousness
of my left hemisphere where I become
a single individual, a solid, separate
from the flow, separate from you.
I am Jill Bolte Taylor,
intellectual neuroanatomist.
These are the 'we' inside
of me. Which would you choose?
Which do you choose, and when?
I believe that the more
time we spend choosing to run
the deeper inner peace
circuitry in our right hemisphere,
the more peace we will project into the
world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.
And I thought that
was an idea worth sharing.
Quite bloody right!
And that is someone
experiencing what I'm saying here.
That we are decoders of
information, and this is an illusion.
It is a decoded holographic illusion.
And this bridge, the corpus callosum, is a
target for those that manipulate us big time.
When we take psychoactive
drugs - I did it twice by 2003,
it's quite an experience, but I
don't feel I need to do it again -
what is happening is it's affecting
the way our brain-mind-bodies decode reality.
And it is opening up a
wider range of frequencies.
And that's why we
experience extraordinary things.
How can this be? That is not real!
No, it's not real here, but it is real.
At other times, you access
frequencies that are so far out there
the left brain can't work it
out. I call it 'bugger me' time.
You know, 'bugger
this, I can't work this out.'
And you get this kind of
amazing concepts and energies
and consciousness coming out.
And the left brain is
trying to work it out. Well, you gotta
decode it into something, you know.
And it's like: 'All right. It's a turquoise
eagle eating a Big Mac.' - 'OK. I'll do that.'
And then you go: 'Hey, man.
I had incredible trip last night.'
'I saw this big turquoise eagle.
It was eating a Big Mac, you know.'
That was 'bugger me' time. It couldn't
work it out, mate, what was going on.
And this is the target: the
left brain, the soldiers on the door.
This is a key to
understanding this conspiracy.
The whole of society is structured
to turn people into left-brain prisoners,
who experience reality through that
version of perception. Apartness, division.
I am Charley Smith.
I must jump over everybody
to succeed. I must be a success.
People must say you're successful.
That's my identity. That's my sense of self.
And so what they do...
I mean, look at the system.
If you want to progress within the
system, this left-brain society we live in,
then you have to be very,
very good at passing exams.
You go to school - you pass exams.
And what are you doing in exams?
You're taking information given to
you, you're putting it in the left brain,
you're holding it, you're regurgitating
it out on an exam paper by telling the system
what it's told you to believe.
If you're very good at
that, you go to university.
If you're really good at that, you go to Oxford
University or Cambridge or Yale or somewhere.
Unless you've got a few quid, in which
case, you go anyway like George Bush.
And then, you choose your speciality.
If you're very, very good at university
at passing exams, then you get great
degrees and then your speciality, and you go into
being a doctor, a scientist,
even a politician, all these people.
And therefore, all these people
that are in the positions of power
within the institutions that control and
dictate the reality and direction of society
are all, by the time they get there,
fully paid up prisoners of the left soddin' brain.
That's why scientists can't
get it, most of the mainstream ones.
Cause they're so in here, how can
they understand concepts of reality in here?
They can't.
- That's rubbish! I can't see it, taste
it, hear it, or feel it, so it can't exist.
- But it does.
- No, it can't exist.
And I'm a scientist. I'm clever.
And so if you look at society,
you'll see more as the month go on,
you are looking at a society designed to
put the sentries across the entrance to that.
So this doesn't talk to itself,
and they don't become whole-brain people.
We become prisoners, and that
prison is the prison of the left brain.
That's what it is, essentially.
Rene Descartes, the French
philosopher and mathematician,
said this about finding a
way to express self-identity:
'I think, therefore I am.'
I would take it to stage further, and I
would say, at the body consciousness level:
I compute, therefore I am.
What we're being
subjected to is mass hypnosis.
Mass hypnosis just like the stage
hypnotist and the stooges on the stage
where the hypnotist puts into the stooge
a programmed version of reality, a belief in reality.
And then what happens is
that belief edits reality to fit the belief.
So suddenly, they see
an elephant in the audience.
There's no elephant in the
audience, but there is in their reality.
They eat a potato and taste an apple,
because, although the electrical signal
of the taste of the potato has gone to the brain,
the imposed belief, the program,
re-codes that signal into the taste of an apple.
The person is tasting an
apple while eating a potato.
That is what MSG does in food. They
call it a flavour enhancer. What is it?
It tricks the brain to decode more taste
than is actually in the food, that's what it is.
A weird feeling with a mass version
of hypnosis on the people of this world.
Paul McKenna, he's a hypnotist
and works with the mind of people,
television shows and stuff like that.
I watched... Where I saw this?...
It used to be on the Internet,
I don't think you can see it now, but
it was from the Top Gear program on BBC.
And if you haven't seen it, what
happened was this guy, Richard Hammond,
he was put under hypnosis by McKenna.
And the first part of it was
they were out filming at a race track.
And of course, once you're put into a trance,
a programmed trance, a programmed reality,
you lose the memory of being
put into the programmed reality.
That's how it works.
Nothing's happened to you in your mind.
So Hammond's just about to get in a
car to drive McKenna around the track,
and McKenna just went like that with
his fingers, and Hammond went boom! gone.
And McKenna said to him:
'When I bring you back to a
waking state' (or words to that effect),
'you are not gonna be able to
know anything about how to drive a car.'
He's come back, he
has no idea that's happened.
Sits in the car, got the key in his
hand, doesn't know what to do with it.
Completely, completely lost. Doesn't
know the first thing about driving a car.
So they come back to the studio live here,
and they have a laugh about it and everything,
and Hammond thinks it's all over, but,
you know, McKenna sitting there and everything.
And then McKenna does the same
thing in the studio, Hammond boom.
And he tells him
that this car, this toy car,
is actually his real Porsche 911
Turbo or something, some flash bloody car.
And he goes over, he gets into
it thinking this is his real car.
That is what's going on in
his mind as he decodes reality.
And then Jeremy Clarkson drives
this one into the side of this one.
He reacts as if he's
just pranged his real car.
Why? Because reality is being
decoded in his mind, and to him it's real.
And that's what's
happening to us all the time.
We're asleep, we're in a trance.
And that's why it's so
appropriate when people say:
'I'm waking up now. I can see it.'
As Voltaire said:
So long as the people do not
care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so;
for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name
of any number of gods, religious and otherwise,
to put shackles upon sleeping men.
And, of course, first, you must
have sleeping men and women.
And that's what the
whole deal is being about.
You are getting
sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...
Good evening! Now, tonight's news.
These people are hypnotists,
they don't realize it.
They are programming a reality
by repetition of a version of reality
that they pound out on the
mainstream news all the time.
'We see things not as they are,
but as we are.' (H.M. Tomlinson)
The conspiracy in a line.
The idea is to get us to think
that we are the person
we see reflected in the mirror.
No, that's the vehicle we are
using to experience this reality.
This is who we are.
Division is what they want. A sense
of Oneness is what they don't want.
And Oneness not just between
humans, but between everything.
You know, the ancients talked about,
and some people still talk about today,
about going and experiencing
the spirit of a mountain or something.
And of course the left-brain scientists:
You can't experience the spirit
of a mountain. It's a parley rock.
Cause that's how the left brain sees it.
And yet the mountain is just energy, consciousness.
And that's a holographic version
of it that we see on the physical level.
So you can interact with that
just as you can interact with plants.
This is Virginia,
Credo Mutwa's wife. And she's got a
herbal garden, and she talks to her plants.
And she puts little coins next to
them and thanks when she's taken bits of
them to use in herbal remedies and stuff.
And, of course, the left brain is to
go: 'What's the plant gonna do with the
money? Is it gonna buy a beer, stupid?'
No, no! It's energy. It
is a representation of energy.
- Oh, yeah. I get that.
- Oh, stupid.
We are consciousness, we are
energy. We are all one consciousness.
Where are we?
Where are we?
We are in our own minds basically.
We are in our own heads symbolically.
We are decoding reality in our own mind.
It's not out there, it's in here.
We are taking frequency
fields and vibrational fields,
and we are through the brain
turning them into a holographic
reality that does not exist out there.
Holograms appear to
exist in space, but they don't.
Holograms you buy in shops.
This hologram doesn't have space either.
We are decoding it
into a holographic television station
within the frequency of visible light.
We talk about 'Seeing is believing ...'
But it ain't.
Believing is seeing...
Because what we believe affects what
we decode and therefore what we see.
There's that great line in The Matrix
movie where the Neo character saying
to the Morpheus character: 'What is real?'
And Morpheus says words
to the effect of: 'What is real?'
'If you are talking about what we can
see, touch, taste, hear etc., then real is just
electrical signals interpreted by your mind.'
That's absolutely what we're doing.
Because the five senses
decode vibrational frequencies and
then send those signals to the brain.
And it's the brain that decodes them into
the reality we think we're experiencing.
So hypnotists can manipulate
reality in various forms.
The visual cortex areas of the
brain do it in relationship to the eyes.
What we think is out there actually
exists, symbolically anyway, in our head.
As the neurons fire in a certain sequence,
they create reality based on our belief.
Now, if we got open minds, we
can be decoding vast, vast realities
and be multidimensional
in our perception and awareness.
We can be in this world
physically, but not of this world
in terms of our point of perception.
Therefore, we're gonna see the
world in a completely different way to
those stocking left-brain consciousness.
Or we can get caught in the eggshells,
in which case we are decoding
a very small band of frequencies,
which makes us think we
live in a world of limitation.
We exist as an energy construct.
These are the vortex
points, the colours here.
They call them
chakras, wheels of light in the Sanskrit
language, the vortex points in the body.
When this goes through
the decoding process, it becomes the
holographic image we see as a human being.
But it only exists,
we only exist in this form when we've
been through that decoding process.
In this book,
The Holographic Universe, great book
where he pulls together, Michael Talbot,
the scientific information supporting
the idea that this is all a great hologram.
And he tells a story in here, which is so
brilliant, that's why I do tell it quite often,
cause it's so symbolic
of what I'm talking about.
He attended a party
which his father had,
and he had a stage hypnotist
along to do party tricks for the guests.
There came a point where the hypnotist
is dealing with this guy called Tom.
He's doing through the
tricks, and then he said to him:
'When I bring you back to
a waking state, you are not gonna be
able to see your daughter in the room.'
At which point, the hypnotist
led the daughter to stand right in front
of the father, who's looking in her belly.
He brings him out to
a waking state, or apparently so, and he
says: 'Tom, can you see your daughter?'
Tom's looking around:
'No, I can't see her.'
She's giggling, he can't hear her.
The hypnotist
went behind the daughter, put his
hand in the small of her back and said:
'I'm holding something,
Tom. What am I holding?'
He looked bemused,
cause it was so obvious to
him: 'This is holding a watch.'
He says:
'There's an inscription on the
watch, Tom. Can you read it?'
He peered forward, read the inscription.
His daughter standing
between him and the watch.
Now, from a left-brain perspective,
Professor Richard Dawkins at Oxford
University or something, that's impossible.
You are one of these charlatans.
But of course, from a left-brain
perspective, it's not possible, but when
you realize the nature of reality, it is possible.
Why? Because his daughter is an
energetic construct on that level,
and unless her father decodes her
energetic field into a holographic representation,
he sees her as his daughter,
she ain't gonna exist in his reality.
Everything else in the room is,
cause he's doing that to everything else.
But the hypnotist has
implanted into the brain the belief
that the daughter is not in the room.
So just like in China where they
firewall off the Internet, his brain gets
firewalled off from decoding that field.
So she doesn't
come into holographic reality, she
doesn't occupy what we call space.
He's gonna be able
to see what's behind her,
because, in his reality,
she ain't there on that frequency
range we call the physical world.
We think the world is physical,
cause come to that, physical.
Oh, it's so solid!
Oh, yeah! Walk into a wall, bang!
It's solid, don't tell me it ain't solid.
But it can't be! It can't, because
it's made of atoms, scientists tell us.
And atoms have no solidity.
How can an atom that has no
solidity make up this solid world?
It can't. And it doesn't,
because the world isn't solid.
This is why, when scientists
have this bewildered conundrum
between nonphysical atoms making
up a physical world, how can it be,
well, I can help them out: there
is no physical world to make up.
The atoms are part
of the decoding process,
of turning vibrational fields and
vibrational information into holographic
form in our heads or in our minds.
We make holograms, of
course, in studios like this one.
And for those who
haven't come across it,
what happens is you've
got an object that you want to
do a holographic photograph of.
You have a laser beam.
Part of it is diverted across the
object that you want to photograph.
Part of the beam is taken away
and hits this photographic film,
where it meets the
other part of the beam carrying the
vibrational information of the image.
It's like two waves in
water coming and colliding.
They call it an interference
pattern in holographic terms.
When you throw two pebbles in a pond,
where the waves they make collide is a
vibrational representation of those two stones,
their weight, their size, and where
they dropped in relationship to each other.
And that's the same
principle as holographic film.
It looks like fingerprints and stuff.
It seems to have no form, no clarity.
But you then fire a laser
beam at this, and bingo!
An apparently three-dimensional
image of what's been photographed
appears before your eyes,
appearing to occupy space, but not.
These are all holograms.
Some of them, the best ones,
can look as solid as you and me.
These are all holograms.
Of no space, no 3D,
just the appearance of it.
There's the queen, holographic
photograph of the queen.
Very appropriate when
we get to the second half.
Queen's a lizard, you're mad.
These are not very good
holograms, but you see how they
appear three-dimensional - planets.
You know, we can have three-dimensional
things now on computer games.
And that's what we are doing.
Taking vibrational information
and decoding it into a holographic world
that appears to be out there, but isn't.
So, in a decoded state, this
is what the world looks like.
In an undecoded state, they
are energetic vibrational fields.
This reality has a number of
levels - the coded and decoded levels.
So we're living in a virtual reality
game basically, of great sophistication.
And when we know that, we can enjoy it.
When we don't know that, we can
become enslaved by it, and we have been.
And scientists... It's funny, you see,
cause these scientists, left-brainers...
There are now some real cutting-edge
mainstream scientists in some parts of the world
who've opened up the right brain,
and they are very impressive people.
And they are starting to get this now.
But the left-brainers... I mean,
it's like, you know, in the pantomimes
where someone's standing
on the stage, and someone like a
monster or something comes behind him.
And the audience is going:
- He's behind you!
And they turn round, and the other
person turns round with them, and they go:
- There's nobody there!
- He's behind you!
It's like that with science.
Because they are trying
to work out these realities, but, of
course, as they are trying to work it out,
their brain is decoding it into
a holographic, apparently solid, world.
But they can't get at it, because everything
they touch, everything they look at:
Boom! It's hologram.
Boom! It's hologram.
It's solid, it's real.
This is why scientists have
to open their consciousness
if they are gonna get to the deep
levels that we are talking about today.
The other great
characteristic of a hologram
is that every part of the hologram
contains a smaller version of the whole.
Extraordinary characteristic!
So if you cut a holographic
print, those wavy frequency fields,
the interference pattern, into four,
and you fire a laser at the four pieces,
you don't get a quarter-
sized part of the whole picture, you get a
quarter-sized version of the whole picture.
Everything is a smaller
version of the whole.
And that is why this
works and what it's based on
if people started to realize it,
things like reflexology and acupuncture
and these other alternative forms of healing.
They can find parts of the body,
this is reflexology, acupuncture's the same,
that reflect, in different parts of
the body, the bigger parts of the body,
so they can treat the heart
from a point on the foot or the hand.
Different parts of the ear, you can treat
different parts of the body from a point on the ear.
Of course, you can!
It has to be like that!
Cause the body is a hologram,
and so the ear is a smaller version
of the whole in the way it works.
We have this thing,
this line that people say:
Oh, everything's as above, so below.
Yes, because it's a hologram!
So this is why the human energy field
is mirrored by the Earth's energy field.
Because it's a hologram and every part
of the whole, at all the different levels,
is a smaller version of the whole.
What we are living in is a
Holographic Internet, as I call it.
If you look at what we call the Internet,
which we use on our computers,
the only place the Internet exists in
the form that we perceive the Internet -
websites and graphics and colours
and texts - is on the computer screen.
The only place it exists in that form.
Everywhere else,
it's electrical circuits, mathematics,
on/off electrical signals, all the rest of it.
Same with television.
The only place the television exists
as we perceive it is on the screen.
Everywhere else, it's frequency fields,
mathematics, and electrical systems.
And it's the same with us.
Jean Fourier, a Frenchman, he developed
something called the Fourier transform,
which allowed pictures
to be turned into frequency fields,
broadcast, and then decoded into pictures.
That's basically
what our brain is doing on a vast,
vast and more sophisticated level.
So what is the 'Matrix', this
Holographic Internet we live in or think
we live in, we are part of its projection?
It is energetic
information. That's what it is.
And we decode that information, and
what we decode and how we decode it
decides our experienced reality,
decides what we experience.
We are crystals basically.
And so often in course, in receiver-
transmitting you see the use of crystals.
The membrane of every cell - and we have
trillions of them - is a crystalline substance.
DNA is a crystalline substance.
This is the membrane of a cell.
And electrical signals make
these gates open and close,
letting in what's good for the cell,
keeping out what's bad for the cell etc., etc.
Which is why, when we get involved in
disruptive electrical, electromagnetic situations,
these can open and close at the
wrong times and lead to ill health.
But we are crystals, and we are
transmitter-receivers of information.
And this was an
article on DNA that I read:
From the characteristic form of
this giant molecule - a wound double helix -
the DNA represents an ideal
electromagnetic antenna. Yes, of course, it does!
On one hand, it is
elongated and thus a blade, which
can take up very well electrical pulses.
On the other hand,
seen from above, it has the form of a
ring and thus is a very magnetical antenna.
Don Juan, I think, his name
was, the shaman source of the Carlos
Castaneda books, is quoted as saying this:
We are perceivers,
we are awareness; we are not objects;
we have no solidity. We are boundless...
We, or rather our reason, forget this
and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves
in a vicious circle from which
we rarely emerge in our lifetime.
And we don't do
that, because we are not meant to.
Society is structured to keep us there.
And these influences:
programming information, sense of belief,
the poisons we get in food and drink,
religions that mess with our minds
and close down our awareness,
education and all this other stuff,
medical drugs - are affecting
the decoding of this information:
what we decode, how we
decode it, and what range we decode.
And at the level of the real manipulators,
that's coldly, calculatedly done
to put us in a vibrational
prison we call a 'world'.
Bewildered world
going through it. What the hell
is it all about? I don't understand.
This is symbolic of the world
we live in for body computers.
And we tap into
this world wide web you might call the
Cosmic Internet, the Holographic Internet.
This is symbolic, the wires between
them, cause it ain't like that, it's like this.
This Brixton Academy has wireless
Internet; it's here, everywhere, around us.
We can't see it, it's not
affecting our perception at all.
But if I tune this computer
to that wi-fi wireless Internet,
on that screen will suddenly
appear that Internet, that reality.
And what we are living in (where
are we?) is a Holographic Internet.
And that information
exists everywhere around us;
we are decoding it unknowingly,
though not now increasingly, into
this reality we think is the world.
And so you had that scene in the Matrix
movie, the first one, where Morpheus says:
The Matrix is everywhere, it is all
around us, even now in this very room.
You can see it when you look out
your window, or you turn on your television.
You can feel it when you go to work,
when you go to church, when you pay your taxes.
It is the world that has been pulled
over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
What truth?
That you are a slave, Neo. Like
everyone else, you were born into bondage ...
born into a prison that you cannot smell
or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.
And the Matrix is everywhere, cause it is
like a wireless Internet, which we are decoding.
And we can decode
vast areas of this Internet.
Or, as they do in China,
that Internet can be firewalled off,
so we only access that
which suits those in control.
And that's basically what's happened to
us, not least through genetic manipulation.
So what is reality?
It's the frequency range that we are
decoding, and it's how we are decoding it.
So when you've got miracles,
there are no miracles. No such thing.
There's only understanding
reality more than you are when
you perceive them as miracles.
How can it be that you
can walk through fire in a certain state
of consciousness and not get burned,
and you can walk through
fire in another state of consciousness
and be in the ambulance in 10 minutes?
It's simply your connection, your
interaction with reality is different.
If you believe, and it's programmed
into the software, that if you put your
hand in fire, it will burn - it will burn!
But if you can go to another level
of consciousness that's beyond that,
then you can walk through fire
and not get burned as many people do.
That's not a miracle, it's just
decoding reality in a different way.
And we have the potential
to decode a soddin' paradise, which
is why this is being kept from us.
In the Matrix movie:
'There is no spoon. It is not the
spoon that bends, it is only yourself.'
I saw this:
Where there is love,
there is pain. (Spanish proverb)
Only if you believe, there is.
We are looking at a world of people
imprisoned by their own perception of reality.
There they are.
There they could be.
As William Blake said:
If the doors of perception
were cleansed, everything would appear
to man (and woman) as it is - infinite.
'I think, therefore I am', said Descartes.
'I compute, therefore I am',
on a body consciousness level.
'I am, therefore I am', in
terms of Infinite Consciousness.
That's who we are.
- What's your name?
- Everything you can ever think of.
And I'll just go through this before ...
I've kept the time well,
purely by bloody accident ...
On one level, as I said
earlier, this is a mathematical construct.
This is one reason why things
like numerology and numerical sequences
are found all the time in
secret society lore and stuff.
And if you look at the codes of DNA,
they've got a very digital,
mathematical feel about them.
Same with DNA when you look at it.
We are digital on one level.
The Earth Grid.
As above, so below.
The Earth is an energetic
construct in the same way that we are,
and it has a structure of energy lines
called ley lines, meridian lines, whatever.
And these are very geometrical
in the way that they are laid out.
Again, mathematics, geometry.
And algebra. I like it, yeah!
The Earth grid equals XY squared, and ...
XY squared, where did
that come from? I don't know ...
Anyway, so is the grid.
And the lines are geometrical.
What a lot of people have now
who've researched ancient structures and
temples and standing stones and what have you ...
they found that they are
amazingly (stands back in amazement!)
in geometrical relationship
to each other all over the world.
How do they do that? Miraculous!
If you have that ancient knowledge, I'll
come to that in the second half, or second section,
you know where these vortexes are.
If you put a temple or a
construction on that vortex,
it is gonna be in relationship
geometrically to these other ones,
because you are putting it
on a geometrically formed grid.
And just like we have the chakra
system of vortexes, so does the Earth.
And like I say, things like Stonehenge and
these great constructions of the ancient world
were invariably put
on these vortex points, which is where
the geometrical relationship comes from.
Also because of this ancient knowledge
I'll talk about when we've had a break,
you find that these great ancient
constructions and temples and amazing creations
are using classic geometrical and
mathematical codes like pi and golden mean.
Also what comes up a lot is
the Fibonacci sequence of numbers,
which was attributed in terms of discovery,
although it seems it was known long before,
to this guy, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci.
I'm not sure, I think
he was Italian. I'm not sure.
And the Fibonacci sequence is you add
the two numbers together to get the next one.
And this sequence
you find throughout Nature
and throughout the formation and the relationships
of parts of the human body and the human face.
You find this Fibonacci sequence,
because that's the mathematical
construct level of reality manifesting itself.
The same with how flowers
grow and how flowers are formed.
This Fibonacci sequence of numbers and
mathematics comes up again and again and again.
Same with this other
golden mean and pi stuff as well.
So this guy, Stephen Marquardt,
an American doctor,
who studied the human face
and the human body from what, I think,
was the point of view of cosmetic surgery
and started to see this obvious
correlation between these mathematical
codes and sequences and the human body.
And he said this:
All life is biology. All biology is
physiology. All physiology is chemistry.
All chemistry is physics.
All physics is math(s).
And he might have added: and all maths
is energy, cause that's the next level of it.
We live in almost a mechanical
construct on one level as it plays out.
And through things like money and other things
that manipulators have introduced and controlled,
they are controlling the way or
influencing the way this construct operates
and turning us into robots and parts of
the machine when we are infinite consciousness.
It's the same with astrology.
When we are born at a certain time,
we pick up energetic vibrational
fields that are around at that time,
that are affected by the relationship of
the planets at that time, the sun at that time.
And they can influence us, because this
affects our body consciousness auric field.
And as we go through the sequences
through our lives as the planets move
we are gonna
be affected by them in a different way to
someone born at another time in the cycle
who will carry
a different vibrational field and therefore
interact with the planets in a different way.
And these forces, these same forces, are
what hold planets in the positions they are in.
And when those forces
change or move, so do the planets.
So as we finish this
first section, what is reality?
Whatever we believe
it is and, more than that,
given what we gonna talk about in the second
section, whatever we are told to believe it is.
This is the foundation
of the conspiracy.
And I've started with this, because
from that as we move through the day,
the way society is structured
and the way that the whole system
that we experience every day works
starts to make dramatically more sense
once we've realized what we are dealing with
and also have the knowledge
that those in the shadows,
not the Bushes and people like
that, the ones with the real power,
they understand all this, and they've
structured society with that knowledge
to control us through this knowledge.
So the world is not controlled by
many dark suits sitting round the table.
It's massively influenced by them,
because they are playing out this conspiracy.
They are not the origins of it.
This is why a lot of conspiracy
researchers go so far and stop.
They think this is it.
It's the Bilderberg Group, it's the Council
on Foreign Relations, it's the Freemasons.
No, no!
This is one level
of it being played out.
Behind that are the shadow people, the human
shadow people, who operate behind the scenes,
who control those people who
are apparently in power and appear
on the news and sign the legislation,
but the real power's here.
And they in turn are controlled
by the other-dimensional shadow people,
which I'll get to big
time in the second section.
Crazy lizard ...
So this is it. This is what it is.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
It is a mind game.
And that's great news,
cause we, with this knowledge,
the knowledge of who we are,
the dramatic infinite genius of who
we are, can take that power back.
Thank you very much!
Thirty minutes.