Dawn (2018) Movie Script

(mellow music)
- [Dawn] This is your territory
and this is ours, but the only thing is,
when you were kids you were
able to go wherever you wanted.
That's not true anymore.
We have lock downs and bomb threats.
They have police at the doors now.
It's like going to prison every
day, only a little more fun.
They say that there are people out there
who want to harm us.
And we can never talk to a stranger.
Who can we trust?
I had to learn the hard way.
My name is Dawn.
(ominous music)
(Dawn laughing)
(stone splashing)
(ominous music)
- The body of a young girl
was found early this morning
in the area of Reservoir, Virginia.
The victim was assaulted
and stabbed multiple times
before before being dumped in a pond.
Police report that a woman
was walking through the woods
when she saw the body...
- [Man] You okay?
- I just dreamed about a girl.
She was running, scared to death.
I think it's Casey's
friend, you know Dawn?
I hope she's all right.
- What?
Wait, who?
- Dawn, you know the girl that plays with
Peter's daughter, Casey?
- Oh yeah, Casey.
Is she okay?
- No, it's not Casey, it's...
Nevermind, it's just a dream.
(melancholy music)
- [Woman] What's wrong?
- What makes you think anything's wrong.
- Now how long have we known each other?
How'd the interview go on Monday?
(disturbing music)
That bad?
Why do I get the feeling that
that's not what's bothering you?
- It's just a crazy feeling.
Have you ever had a dream
that just seemed so real.
- Sure.
- I hate those kind of dreams.
Anyway, I've got a lot to get done.
Lunch today?
- Sounds good.
See ya.
- Right, bye.
(upbeat music)
- Hey, have I seen you
from somewhere bef--
- Keep it moving.
- No, I don't think--
- [Officer] Really?
- Right.
- Probably just arrested her some place.
- So we're gonna go out
today and let her drive.
- What do we got over here?
- Oh, that's just the rookies.
- Hello, good morning.
Little late, bro.
Guess the wife hasn't
loosened the noose yet, huh?
- Noose to you is lovin' in
the mornin' for me, my dude.
- Whatever, I get mines.
Mine just doesn't come
with the wife and kids.
- You know you're gonna
grow old alone, right.
- I'll let you tell it.
I'll get married when I got
nothin' else to live for.
- Well well well, if it isn't
detective frick and frack.
What's up, Spidey?
- Wait wait wait wait, Spidey?
- You know, Peter Parker, Spider Man?
- Is that your real name, man?
- Yeah it is, man?
You'd be surprised how much play I get.
What's your name?
- It's Mick.
- Right.
- How you guys became
detectives, I'll never know.
- Hey, all it takes is a
couple lucky arrests, now look.
- Don't be hatin'.
Hey, you ready, bro?
- Yeah man, just gotta go sign in.
And um, you ladies have a great day.
- I got your ladies, rookie.
- [Mick] Bye Spidey.
- Spidey.
(resonant music)
- Hey hon.
- Hey babe, you still at the office?
- Yeah, but I'm leaving now.
I know, what a day, (mumbles).
Are you cooking tonight?
- Of course.
- Thanks hon.
I'll see you when I get home.
'Kay, love you.
- Love you too.
(door clicks)
(disturbing music)
(distorted voice)
(geese honking)
(Dawn shouts)
(disturbing music)
- The body of the young
girl that was found
in a pond yesterday, in the
area of Reservoir, Virginia,
has now been identified as
12 year old Dawn Richardson.
According to a friend, the victim
had been receiving text messages
from an older teenage boy
who we have found does not even exist.
- [Child] Carrie.
(melancholy music)
- [Newscaster] The body
of a young girl was found
early this morning in the
area of Reservoir, Virginia.
The victim was assaulted
and stabbed multiple times
before before being dumped in a pond.
Police report that a woman
was walking through the woods
when she saw the body floating
face down in the water.
The woman was very distraught
at this gruesome scene
and reported it to the police immediately.
(ominous music)
- The body of the young
girl that was found
in a pond yesterday, in the
area of Reservoir, Virginia,
has now been identified as
12 year old Dawn Richardson.
- [Dawn] Carrie, please.
According to a friend, the victim
had been receiving text messages
from an older teenage boy.
- Hey babe.
You're runnin' late.
I must have tried to wake
you about a dozen times.
Must have been some dream.
- What about Dawn?
Did they find out who did it?
- Who did what?
Who's Dawn?
Is that that little girl
that Mary's kid plays with?
- They just identified the body.
You know the little girl they
found in the pond last week?
- What girl?
There was no girl found
in a pond that I know of.
Babe, maybe you just
had one heck of a dream.
Are you gettin' up?
It's 7:30.
- It just seemed so real.
- Thank god it wasn't.
You better get movin' if you're gonna
make your 9:30 meeting.
- I forgot.
- Hey babe, I'm headin'
out, I'll see you tonight.
- [Carrie] Love you.
- Love you too.
- Isn't he so cute?
- I know.
And you guys are going to the movies?
- He already asked me out.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- Oh, he's like...
- What movie are you guys gonna go see?
- I don't know.
(ominous music)
- [Man] I'll take you straight to--
He wanted me to give this to you.
Come on, I promise.
(ominous music)
- [Man] Hello, excuse
me, I'm looking for--
(ominous music)
- I'm sorry I don't know where that is.
- Oh, okay, thanks.
- Why's she looking at us?
- Good morning Mrs. Saunders.
- Who's that?
- They wanted directions.
- We're late for school.
What is up with her?
- Who knows.
She's usually not so weird.
(unsettling music)
- But you know, okay, so maybe
you're getting some kind of warning.
- Who is giving me these warnings, God?
- You don't think that he could warn you
about something that
could happen to someone?
- I don't know.
I mean why me then?
Why not someone like
you, instead of someone
that doesn't really believe.
I'm hardly the religious type.
- But why not you?
You're heart is open, Carrie.
- A child?
I don't even want kids.
I've never been drawn to them,
I don't even really care...
I guess I'm a terrible person.
- No you're not.
Maybe that's what he's trying to show you.
You care about people
more than your realize.
(energetic music)
- It has been a slow week.
No surveillances, no cases, no nothing.
So, I mean it's not like
I want crime, but...
you know?
- Pete, what was that man?
- She's got some prospects.
- You a trip.
Nothing but a bunch of
old frustrated detectives.
- I was having a good lunch.
- Dude, at some point man, you
gotta settle down and just...
Oh, yo, it's cap, it's cap.
- At ease, gentlemen.
- Hey, Captain.
Hey it's the captain, come on
over and join us for lunch.
You lookin' well, Captain.
- Thank you.
I gotta go wash my hands, all right.
- [Roy] We'll be here, a'ight.
- Such a suck up.
- I mean it must work.
He gets all the promotions.
- Right right.
You know dude, you know ever waitress
in this entire bar, man.
- Yeah I know 'em all a bit too well.
Gonna have to find a different bar soon.
- Well well well, what do we got here,
the crime-fighting duo.
And we got Spidey.
And you must be the
Black Panther. (growls)
- And you could be like the...
I forgot, there weren't any
superheroes back in the day.
- That's right, it was too long ago.
- No, no no no, there was Superman.
I don't see why you even started this.
You could be like the black
version of Lex Luthor.
- That's a good one, man, I see that.
- With the bald head?
- Yeah yeah yeah.
- Oh, now you're a comedian.
- You two better watch it, you're
gettin' a little sure of yourselves.
- Sure thing, Catwoman.
- Good one, bro.
(mellow music)
- [Donald] Are you okay?
You seem distracted.
- I saw Dawn Richardson this morning.
- The girl you dreamed about?
- Yeah.
In my dream she goes up
to this stranger in a car.
And then, this morning I see her talking
to a stranger in a car.
I ran outside, but he
took off before I could--
- He?
- Well yeah, I think so.
I mean I could only see his silhouette.
Anyway, my point is, I saw
it before it could happen.
You know, in these dreams I get a sense
that she's in some kind of danger.
- Did you say anything to her?
- I asked her who it was.
But she said he was just
asking for directions.
She mighta said "they," I don't know.
- They?
Well okay then, maybe that's what it was.
- Maybe.
(melancholy music)
(footsteps crunching)
(ominous music)
(disturbing music)
- He's here.
(ominous music)
(melancholy music)
(door creaking)
(doorbell rings)
(ominous music)
(doorbell rings)
(ominous music)
(cameras clicking)
- [Reporter] Mr. Saunders, Mr.
Saunders, is your wife home?
How did she find the body?
- [Reporter] Mr. Saunders, Mr. Saunders,
do you know who did it?
- [Reporter] Mr. Saunders,
did you (words drowned out).
- [Reporter] Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Saunders,
how'd you find the body?
- 'Nother bad dream?
Try to get some rest.
(ominous music)
(child giggles)
- Dawn, you should've finished
your homework an hour ago,
it's 10 o'clock.
- I'm almost done.
Five more minutes?
- Five minutes, and I heard you giggling.
No texting friends, okay?
- Okay.
(ominous music)
(keyboard tapping)
(dramatic music)
(door clicks)
- Calling for (mumbles), HR department.
(phone ringing)
Carrie Sanders, okay.
Mr. Poindexter, let me
see if she's available.
It's the gentleman of the
copyright job, from last week.
- Yes, hi Sam.
- [Sam] I'm calling about the job.
- Actually I sent out a letter yesterday.
We decided to go with another candidate,
but we'll keep your resume on
file for future consideration.
- But I really need this job.
My family depends on me.
- I'm really sorry, but we've already
made our final decision.
Thank you for applying.
- [Sam] Yeah, sure.
(gentle music)
(door squeaks)
(mellow music)
- Hey babe, you would not
believe traffic today.
It took me two and a half hours to--
- I think that I should call the police.
About the missing girl?
Well she's not missing, but--
- [Donald] Wait, babe, what?
- What if something happens
and I could have avoided it?
- You're serious.
- Look I know it sounds crazy,
but if there's even a chance.
- Carrie, what're you gonna tell them?
That some girl you barely know
might be in trouble because of a dream?
- No, I don't know.
- I think going to the
police is a bit extreme.
You know how this'll make you look.
- No, how?
- Overreactive, paranoid.
- Paranoid?
In my dream, I find her body.
- Babe, I didn't--
(fork clinks)
(disturbing music)
(distorted voice)
(disturbing music)
- He's here.
- Oh my god.
(glass shattering)
Please no, no don't let it be, please.
- [Dawn] Carrie!
- Think I got something.
- Oh please no.
(disturbing music)
- Carrie.
- It's all right, it's
okay, it was just a dream.
Sweetie, who're you
calling this time of night?
- The police.
- The police?
Carrie, what're you gonna tell them.
- I saw her, Donald, I saw
her dead body in a pond.
If there's even the possibility
that this might happen,
then I'll take the chance.
(door clicks)
- [Dispatcher] Third precinct.
Hello, yes, my name is Carrie Saunders.
I'd like to report a possible murder,
or maybe an assault on a young girl.
- [Dispatcher] Possible?
Did the crime occur or not, mam?
- No, not yet, but I have a
strong suspicion that it will.
- [Dispatcher] Do you know the girl?
- Yes.
I mean I don't know her that well,
she's my neighbor's friend.
- [Dispatcher] Do you know
the alleged perpetrator?
- Well no, I've never actually seen him.
I've seen his shoes, his pants, and I--
Look, I know it sounds
crazy, but I just know
someone is gonna try to harm her.
- [Dispatcher] Can you give
a description of the man?
- No.
Look if you just come over,
I can explain everything.
- [Dispatcher] What is your address, mam?
- Yes, 1161 Morningstar Drive.
- [Dispatcher] We'll
send someone by tomorrow.
- Yes tomorrow at...
- [Dispatcher] At nine.
- Yes, thank you.
(ominous music)
(keyboard tapping)
(melancholy music)
- Hey man, wait up.
Where's the fire?
- I just want to get
out early for a change.
- Was talking to officer Sanchez.
Get me some of that.
- You ever heard the word fraternization?
- So dude, what's the case?
- I don't know, man, some
woman called last night
claiming that her neighbor's friend
was in some kind of danger.
- Hmm.
- Of course we're the rookies, so,
go ask a bunch of meaningless questions
about a crime that
hasn't even happened yet.
- Yet?
Okay, so we go, and then I'm
thinkin' Chipotle, for lunch.
- All right.
Why, why Chipotle?
- Rumor has is, officer
Sanchez's sister works there.
(melancholy music)
- Aren't you a little late for work?
- I wanted to...
Carrie, I'm so sorry about last night.
You're the most together person I know.
What time are the police
supposed to get here?
- They should be here any time.
- If you don't mind, I'd like to stay.
(melancholy music)
- [Grant] Nice house.
- Yeah.
Hard to believe the
lady who phoned this in
is some sort of crackpot.
(door squeaks)
- My name is Detective Charles Grant,
and this is my partner,
Detective Peter Parker.
- Peter Parker, that's like--
- Yeah, no relation.
- I'm Donald Saunders, and
this is my wife Carrie.
(ominous music)
- Is everything all right, mam?
- Yeah, fine, thanks.
- So, there's a girl in trouble?
- Well I believe she is.
Her name is Dawn, Dawn Richardson.
Her mother's name is Daisy Rowe.
I don't really know her that well,
she's friends with our
neighbor's daughter, Casey.
- Well, seems like you've
done your research.
- Well I've been having these dreams.
- So we see in the report.
Tell us about 'em.
- I've dreamed that she's
being chased by a man.
I've even seen her dead in a pond.
I'm not sure who he is, but I can see
some of what he's wearing.
- He?
- I believe so.
- [Grant] Can you describe him?
- No, not really, the
dream is very sketchy.
- So you've never
actually seen this person?
Only in your dreams?
- Yeah.
- Nervous?
- No.
I mean I realize what
you must be thinking.
- And what's that?
- I know this sounds crazy,
but my wife is not some kind of kook.
- We didn't say she was, it's just that--
- It's just that we need more
than a feeling or a dream.
We need some kind of physical evidence,
a text, a phone call.
- Well was this time a few days ago,
there was a man that
stopped Dawn and Casey
on the way to the bus stop.
Casey said he was just
asking for directions, but...
- Honey, I thought you said you
weren't sure that was a man.
- So you can't be sure who was driving?
- No.
- Getting back to the car incident,
you said you didn't
believe Dawn and her friend
about asking for directions.
- Why not?
- I don't know, just a feeling.
- Unfortunately we can't
make an arrest on a feeling.
Can you identify the person in the car?
Sir, do you have confidence
that your wife has cause
to believe that this
girl is in any danger?
Well, Mr. And Mrs. Saunders, if you do
have any physical evidence
or any information,
please give us a call.
Unfortunately at this
point it is all conjecture.
I'm sorry there's nothing we can do.
(melancholy music)
- Told you, dude, totally cray.
What's that mental
condition where you think
the whole world revolves around you?
- That mental condition,
I think it's called
being Peter Parker, last time I checked.
(laughs sarcastically)
- Now we gotta go file a report
on a crime that maybe,
possibly, could happen.
What a waste.
- Hi, Mary Ellen?
It's Carrie.
Fine, thank you.
I wanted to...
I needed to get ahold
of Dawn's mother, Daisy.
Yeah, I was talking to
her the other day and
she wanted to get some
information on a job for a friend.
Right, and I wanted to male it to her,
so I needed her address.
Yeah, it's a pretty large packet,
it would be hard to scan, about 40 pages.
Right, right.
All right, okay thanks so much.
Okay, all right, bye.
(unsettling music)
- I was really worried,
why didn't you answer
any of my phone calls?
- I was out.
(ominous music)
Getting a cup of coffee.
- Well you coulda called
to let me know that.
- I didn't feel like talking.
- Babe, you know I wanna believe you,
but there's absolutely no proof
that this girl's in any danger.
- I know.
But what if it's a sign?
God's way of trying to send
a warning to save this girl?
- Carrie, you're agnostic.
- I know.
All I know is there's
something leading me.
I can't explain it.
I just wish you'd believe me.
(dramatic music)
- Carrie!
(dramatic music)
- Hey babe.
You musta been tired.
I'll see you tonight.
I'll be a little late, I have some work
to finish up at the office.
I'm so sorry I haven't been there.
I love you, and I want you
to know that I support you.
- Thank you.
(ominous music)
- Nervous?
- No.
I think going to the
police is a bit extreme.
You know how this'll make you look.
Overreactive, paranoid.
(ominous music)
- Hey babe, you're late.
Company's coming.
- We got company?
- [Avery] You forgot?
Your mother's coming to dinner.
- Yeah, that's probably why.
- Now you know you need to stop.
You hardly see your mom as it is.
She shoulda been here by now.
(phone vibrating)
(baby crying)
- I'll go get the baby.
- No, I'll go.
You can answer the phone.
(baby crying)
- Hello?
(gentle music)
Yeah it has been a while.
She had to go get the baby.
She's fine.
Okay, well I'll let her know.
Nah, it's fine.
She wasn't planning some big thing anyway.
I know it's been a while.
All right, well I'll let her know.
Yep, sure, bye.
- She canceled.
You two had better get it together.
This is the third time in two months.
What is with you two?
Oh, forget I even said that.
- It's just we're not that close is all.
- You can say that again.
If it wasn't for me taking
Micha over to her granny's
every other Sunday, she would
never see her grand daughter.
You have got to bury the hatchet.
It's a shame she doesn't even feel welcome
in her own son's home.
Her only son, might I add.
- I'm not the one that
cancels every time, you know.
- That's only because she knows how much
you hate to have her come here.
You have got to stop blaming
her for your father--
- Yeah, let her tell it.
Look can we just change the subject?
Talk about somethin' else.
- Okay.
Any new cases at work, dear?
- You know I can't tell
you everything, but
think it's safe to say this is
the most unusual case I've seen.
Do you believe in precognition?
- You know I do.
But we call it somethin' else.
- We?
- You know the people over at my--
- Nevermind.
I'll give her her bottle.
(mellow music)
Pete, you have a desk right here.
Why do you need to sleep on my desk?
(phone ringing)
- That's my work desk,
this is the vacation area.
Parker, victims unit.
(phone ringing)
Parker, victims unit.
Uh yes, Mrs. Saunders.
Okay, Carrie.
Yes, we remember.
- [Carrie] Yeah, I was
wondering if you had
any more information or
if you've heard anything
about that girl, Dawn.
- [Pete] Uh, no mam, we don't.
I'm gonna let you talk it
over with Detective Grant.
- Detective Grant.
Mrs. Saunders, Carrie.
- Look Detective Grant, I
know you think I'm crazy.
- No, not at all, but we
don't have a perpetrator.
On top of that we have
no evidence to believe
that anything's gonna happen to this girl.
Mrs. Saunders, what I recommend is that
maybe you speak with
someone, about your dreams.
- Speak to somebody.
Who, you mean like a psychiatrist?
Great, thanks.
- Carrie.
What is going on, man?
- What is with her, man?
- I don't know, man. (laughs)
- I'm tellin' you, man, she's a loon.
- Starting to believe you on this one.
- So you rookies are
investigating a murder
that hasn't happened yet.
You guys are good.
- Where does he even come from?
- Come outta nowhere.
- Carrie.
Sorry, I didn't know you
were comin' in today.
By the way, Rich wants to
know if you had a chance
to look at the resumes for
the graphic arts position?
- No, I...
Georgette, can you just send
any messages to my voicemail
for the rest of the afternoon?
- Sure.
You okay?
- Yeah, I just came by
to get some paperwork.
I'll get back to you about the
resumes, I'll call you later.
(ominous music)
(garage door rattling)
(ominous music)
(lock clicks)
- Hi honey.
What're you doin' home so early?
- I guess I should be asking
you the same question.
- Uh, I went to see a friend
of mine, a golf buddy.
He was just diagnosed with cancer
and I just wanted to
make sure he was okay.
- What's his name?
- I'm sorry?
- His name.
- Les.
Leonard, his name's Leonard,
but we call him Les.
- Where does he live?
- Not too far from here, why?
- I saw you.
- Where?
(disturbing music)
- At the stop light.
I know you're usually at work
this time in the afternoon,
so I was just surprised
to see you so early.
- It's just so upsetting about Les,
I decided to take the rest of the day off.
Hey, I'm gonna make dinner tonight.
Anything special you might like?
- I'm sorry, there's a project
that I wanna work on tonight
and I just realized I
left a file in the office.
- What, you're gonna go back out now?
- I'm sorry, I won't be gone long,
I should be back before seven.
- Okay, I'll keep dinner warm.
(melancholy music)
- So you saw him in the car?
Are you sure?
That doesn't mean that he's doing any--
- No it doesn't, but the
fact that he lied about it.
- Or didn't tell you.
It's a big difference.
- He made up some story
about visiting a sick friend.
- Maybe he was, Carrie.
You know your husband,
you know how Donald is
and what kind of man he is.
He's not capable of what you're implying.
- Yeah, but do child predators
walk around like crazy people?
Or are they seemingly normal people
with normal lives, families.
That's why I kept on dreaming about Dawn.
She's in danger from someone
I know, someone I love.
(melancholy music)
- That was some errand.
It's after nine.
Did you find the file.
- Oh, no I sure didn't.
I must've given it to my assistant,
I'll just ask her tomorrow.
- You hungry?
- No.
- You gonna come up to bed?
- In a little while, I'm
just gonna make a call first.
(ominous music)
I'm sorry, what did you say?
- I just wanted to know
if your fiscal year's
also your calendar year, and what version
of the software you use.
- Oh right.
Well if you pass the
preliminary interview,
then you would interview with the CFO
and you can ask him
more specific questions
about the position.
- Okay.
- All right, well thank you Mrs. Lawson.
I will contact the CFO
and see if he has time
to talk to you later.
- All right, thank you so much.
- Thank you so much, have a great day.
- All right.
- Thank you.
(mellow music)
No I don't need to be told
Where I'm gonna go
'Cause I already know
Georgette, I have an errand to run,
then I'm gonna work from
home for the rest of the day,
if anyone needs to get in touch with me.
Okay thanks.
- Is it him again?
- Promise me you won't tell.
Come on, promise?
- Okay.
- I'm going to meet Josh after school.
- Dawn!
You're mom's gonna be
really mad if she finds out.
- She won't care.
She's always too busy anyway.
- Okay, so what are you going to tell her?
- That I have soccer tryouts.
And I'll take the...
And I'll take the late bus home,
to your house, to study.
- I really don't think
this is a good idea.
What if he's ugly, or a big jerk?
- He won't be.
(pop music)
(ominous music)
- Hi, is Donald Saunders there please?
It's his wife.
Sorry about what?
There must be some mistake.
Is his assistant Kelly there?
The whole research department?
No, okay.
No that's all right.
Okay, thanks.
All right, bye.
(ominous music)
- Hey, you okay?
- I'm sorry, I'm just tired,
I just really need to get some rest.
(melancholy music)
- Is there anything I can do?
- No, I just need to
get some sleep is all.
(train whistle sounds)
(phone vibrating)
- Isn't that your work number?
- Yeah it is.
Detective Grant.
- [Carrie] Detective Grant,
this is Carrie Saunders.
I think I know who's gonna hurt Dawn.
- Look, Mrs. Saunders, I just,
I really don't think that it...
Mrs. Saunders.
(phone beeps)
- Is that your unusual case?
- Yeah it is.
(sighs) Look, I'm, I'm just
gonna get some fresh air.
- Why, where are you going?
Charles, where are you going?
I thought we were gonna
watch a movie tonight.
- Won't be late, 'kay?
(melancholy music)
- What up?
You're here late.
- Sup man.
Yeah about to lose 50
bucks on this stupid game.
- [Bar Tender] What'll you have?
- I'll have the usual.
A rum and coke.
- What?
Who is that?
Isn't she a little old for you?
- It was dark.
Should I card every girl I go with now?
- Nah, man, it's uh...
It's crazy, you know that weird case,
the one with the lady and the dreams?
- I'd like to forget, but yeah.
- She called me, said she knows somethin'
about who's gonna get the girl.
It's been bothering me.
- Okay, who?
- I don't know, she hung up.
- Good.
Look, there is no perp,
there's no stalker,
except for the one in her head.
Go home, and get in bed
with your beautiful wife
and forget about this case.
There is no case.
- Yeah man.
No you're right I mean.
I'll go home and I'll get in
bed with my beautiful wife,
right after I lose 50 bucks
on this stupid game, man.
- [Woman] Dance with me.
- Okay.
(bar music)
- Yeah Pete.
It's all about the single life, man.
(glass crashing)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
- Who won?
- Not my team.
- You need to stop betting on those games.
- Babe, that's my only vice.
- True, I am blessed.
- Yeah.
- Can you please go and brush
that beer off your breath?
- It's like that?
- Yeah.
- All right.
(Dawn laughing)
- [Man] Dawn.
(disturbing music)
- Carrie.
(breathing heavily)
- Charles, what did you do, sleep here?
- Yeah, almost.
- Who's this?
- It's Dawn.
- So she does exist.
So the lady's only half cray.
How'd you find her if
you've never seen her?
- Can you keep a secret?
- You know me.
- Yeah, exactly, that's why I'm asking you
to keep this to yourself, all right, Pete?
- Yeah yeah, I got it.
So what's up?
- I dreamed about her last night.
- Seriously, that's weird.
- Ah man, she was playing and,
outta nowhere the dream
completely changed.
And it was like she was
bein' chased by someone.
It's weird.
- Okay bro, well, maybe it
was like that crazy lady,
Mrs. Uh...
- Saunders.
- Yeah, her.
Maybe these dreams are
contagious or something.
- But how did I have a
dream, and saw this girl,
wearing this same exact dress?
How does that happen?
- You know how the mind plays tricks.
Maybe you forgot you saw her.
Forget it, there's nothin' here.
- How did you sleep?
- Fine.
- Carrie what's wrong?
- I called your office yesterday.
I usually call your
cellphone, but you've been
so hard to get ahold of.
Why didn't you tell me?
- Carrie.
- You've been lying to
me for how long now?
- I was laid off six weeks ago.
- Your company does away with
its whole research department,
which includes you, and
you decide not to tell me.
So what've you been doing
these past six weeks?
- Carrie, I've been with
this company out of college.
It's all I know.
No one's gonna hire a
man my age at my salary.
- You still didn't answer my question,
what've you been doing?
- Looking for another position, of course.
But it's been difficult, trying to find
a position at my level.
So now I'm thinking
about starting my own--
- I saw you.
- Saw me?
What're you talking about?
- At her school.
At Dawn's school.
I saw you outside her
house, what are you doing?
- I'm not doing anything,
Carrie, it's not what you think.
I was trying to help you.
- How is stalking a
little girl helping me?
- This whole thing with this
girl, it's consuming you.
I wanted to help, to see if
someone was actually after her.
- And I'm supposed to believe this?
- Yes!
- Why?
You've been lying to me this whole time,
why should I start believing you now?
- Because you know me, Carrie!
We've been married for 16 years!
You know that I could never
hurt that little girl.
- Then why couldn't you
tell me what you were doing?
- Because I wanted to see...
I don't know.
I thought maybe if I was wrong
you wouldn't have to know.
Carrie, if you could just
listen to me for a minute.
Someone is following her, you're right.
He drives a black car.
I don't know, maybe he's a
parent of someone at the school.
But I have seen the same car
in Dawn's neighborhood, Carrie!
(melancholy music)
(women chatting quietly)
- Hi hon, guess who's here.
- Hello stranger.
- Hey.
- Well aren't you gonna
give your mother a hug?
- Aw, now see, that didn't hurt a bit.
Look, I'll let you two catch up.
I'm gonna go ahead and check on Micha.
(gentle music)
- Well it's been quite
some time, hasn't it?
- Yeah.
- You know I didn't come here
to make you feel uncomfortable.
As a matter of fact, I didn't come here
to discuss family matters at all.
- Then why?
- Charles.
- No Avery, it's okay.
I need to get going.
- No!
Now come on you two, you have
got to talk about your father.
- Really?
- I don't think Charles wants
to hear about his father.
- Which one?
- If you really wanna hear
the truth about your father,
you can call me any time.
- Thought you were gonna ask
Charles about the dreams.
- No, another time.
Good night Avery.
Kiss Micheal for me.
- What dreams?
(ominous music)
(Dawn laughing)
(geese honking)
(disturbing music)
- [Newscaster] The body of a young girl
was found early in a pond,
approximately one half mile
off Crown Manor Drive, near route 40
in Reservoir, Virginia.
- No!
- You okay?
Another dream?
- Yeah.
- Why do I have the feeling
it's something more than that?
- I'm having dreams about a girl.
- Anything I should know about?
- No no, it's not like that,
I'm having dreams about
the girl in my case.
Carrie, the lady that called yesterday,
she's havin' dreams about a girl,
and I'm having dreams about
a girl I've never met before
and it just makes me think.
What if it's the same girl?
- What happened, in the dream?
- She's murdered.
- God, you have to let someone know.
- Tell what, Avery?
That I'm havin' dreams about a girl that's
gonna get murdered and
they need to invest--
No, I mean they would laugh
me out of the department.
- You know what I believe?
I believe that this is God's way
of trying to warn you about--
- If I go in with that, they'll laugh me
out of the department, and
they'll try to get me some help.
Look, let's just get some
rest and I'll deal with it.
- Okay.
(gentle music)
- So you know officer
Sanchez wants me, right?
She told officer
Williams, who told Loraine
the dispatcher, who told--
- Officer Sanchez does not want you, man.
- Oh, so you are listening.
Good to know.
So what's up man, what's goin' on?
- Nothin', nothing' man, it's just I had
another dream about the girl.
- Okay.
So what happened this time?
- Same thing.
Avery thinks that...
I don't know man, she says
that God is trying to like,
say something, to me.
- God is talking to... (laughs)
Okay, so what's he saying?
- That the girl is in
danger, isn't it obvious?
- But like, if it's god, shouldn't he send
a burning bush or something?
- Gosh, man.
- I'm just sayin', bro, everyone knows,
burning bush, or he sends an
angel, somethin' like that.
- Just forget I said anything.
- No no no no no no, come
on, now let's explore this.
'Cause you know if you talk to
anybody else in the station,
except me of course, they will laugh you
right out onto the street.
- Anyway look, nothing's
happened to the girl
so it's mute at this point anyway, so,
let's just change the subject,
talk about somethin' else.
- Okay.
So you know Sanchez is
in love with me, right?
- (laughs) In your dreams, my friend.
- I saw him, the detective
was in my dreams.
Grace, I'd never seen
him before in my life,
I mean what does that mean?
- Did you tell him?
- (scoffs) No, then he really
woulda thought I was crazy.
- What about Donald?
- I'm not saying much of
anything to Donald these days.
You know, I mean 16 years of marriage
and I feel like I'm
living with a stranger.
- Carrie I know things look bad right now,
but everything with this
girl was purely coincidental.
And I refuse to believe that
Donald could harm anyone.
- I mean yeah, I wanna believe that.
- Could be someone else.
(bar music)
- What's up detective?
Aw come on, don't be like that.
We all on the same team.
Now this case of yours,
I know how hard it is,
working when all you have is
one half-baked Loony Toon.
But what I heard is she's having dreams
of someone killing her neighbor.
- Yeah, somethin' like that.
- So what does Charles think
about this so called witness?
- I guess he's not sure.
Especially since he started
having the same weird dreams.
- Really, what dreams?
- Some girl he claims he's
never seen, never met.
Someone's trying to get her.
Thinks God is trying to tell
him something important.
Or was it his wife?
- Wow, that's deep man.
So what're you gonna do about it?
- Look, no one's supposed to
know what I just told you,
so just keep it to yourself, okay?
- Hey bro, you can trust me.
(ominous music)
(keyboard tapping)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(water running)
- [Newscaster] The body of a young girl
was found early in a pond,
approximately one half mile
off Crown Manor Drive, near route 40
in Reservoir, Virginia.
(disturbing music)
- Let her go.
Let her go or I swear
I'll shoot, let her go.
- [Man] No.
(gun fires)
- Charles, it's me, Avery.
(breathing heavily)
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- It's okay, babe.
- I'm so sorry, I didn't know.
I don't know what's
gotten into me, I just...
Oh babe, I'm sorry.
- Come on, let's go to sleep.
- Captain, this rookie's
talkin' about dreams, now God.
We need to get rid of this rookie.
(door creaks)
- Cap, you said you wanted to see me?
- Yes, close the door and take a seat.
Look, I appreciate you
and Parker taking the case
on the girl, but I received
some troubling information
from another detective.
About you saying you're
having dreams about the girl
and making claims that God is telling you
the girl is in danger.
- Cap I, I can explain.
I did say I had a dream about the girl.
But I never said anything about God or--
- It doesn't matter who said what.
It's going around the department,
and that makes us look bad.
So listen.
If you don't see any indication
that this case should continue,
I need you to close it.
- But Cap, it just a big misunderstanding.
- Possibly.
But I want it closed just the same.
- Yes mam.
- You're dismissed.
(dramatic music)
- Hey Mary, how's it goin'?
- Great.
How'd it go with that
job for Daisy's friend?
- What?
Oh, yeah, just fine.
- Well, I spoke with Daisy about it,
she had no idea what I was talking about.
She wanted to know why
you needed her address.
I told her you're not a stalker.
- Well I certainly appreciate that.
I can explain.
I was concerned about Dawn.
- Dawn?
- Yeah, I know this is
gonna sound totally crazy,
but I've been having these dreams...
You know what, I'd
appreciate if you could just
forget the whole thing.
(dramatic music)
(phone vibrating)
(door creaks)
- It's your boss, Rich.
- Hi Rich.
Well yes, I've been working from home.
The graphic artist position?
Yes, I've been working on--
Of course.
Tomorrow at 8:00 am?
Sure, I'll see you then.
Hi Daisy?
It's Carrie Saunders.
I spoke to your friend Mary.
It's actually about your daughter Dawn.
Please give me a call as
soon as you can, thanks.
- Not a stalker, huh?
(mellow bar music)
(people chattering)
- So how's the case goin', detective?
- It's goin' fine, man.
- Sure it is, you're a great detective.
No no, really, no you're
a great detective and all,
kinda arrogant.
But overall competent.
- Whatever you say.
- See that's what I'm talkin' about.
- And what's your story, Roy, hm?
What are you, some burnt out detective
that couldn't collar a case
if his life depended on it?
Frustrated by young men like myself,
because we've not only caught
up to you, but surpassed you?
You are such a cliche man.
Waiting for retirement, having fun
along the way at my
expense, but I take it back,
because to say that you're burnt out,
I think that would imply
that you actually did
some kind of work over
the course of your career,
and I'm pretty sure we both
know that's not the case.
- You know everything.
And maybe again, maybe you do.
- What, what the hell is this?
- You hear directly from God, right?
Moses, Moses, Moses, Moses.
(people laughing)
- Part the Red Sea.
Moses, Moses, Moses.
- And to think that I was
stupid enough to trust you.
- It's Moses.
Don't worry about him,
you're in the clan now.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
The game's comin' on soon.
(melancholy music)
- You been out here the whole time?
- Yeah.
- Pete's been callin' for hours.
I told him I had no idea where you were.
What's wrong?
- I'm sorry, it's, it's just kinda funny
when I think about it.
I'm the laughing stock of the department,
all thanks to my man Pete.
- You're drunk?
- Yup.
- Baby this is definitely not like you.
Not answering your best
friend's phone calls,
sittin' out here gettin' drunk?
- So now you're my mother?
Avery, when you do that right there,
that part I just, I can't stand.
When you do that.
- You know what, you sound like
some spoiled little kid right now.
Man up.
Stop your whining before
I call your mother on you.
- You what, what?
Are you serious?
You're serious.
Pete told that jerk Roy,
that I was havin' dreams
about the girl and that
God was tellin' me stuff.
- Okay.
- You don't see how that makes me look?
- Who cares what he thinks?
Stand up for what you believe in.
If you believe that these dreams are real,
then do something about it.
- They think I'm some religious fanatic.
My credibility is done, my career is over.
- No, no it's not.
- It's over, my career is over.
- No it's not, not to those who matter.
- Thanks sweetie, that means so much.
(phone vibrating)
- Aren't you gonna answer it?
- Oh yeah, I'll answer that.
(phone clatters)
I'm goin' to bed.
All right, just, can you make sure
you turn the lights off and stuff?
(phone vibrating)
- [Avery] Hi Pete.
- Avery, yeah I know.
Uh, just have Charles call me back.
- [Avery] Sure.
- Yeah thanks.
(people chattering)
- Hello, Grace?
- Hey Dan.
It's Pete.
Can you do me a favor?
Yeah, I need an address
on a Dawn Richardson.
She goes to Lawson Middle.
Yeah, thanks man.
Just call me on my cell.
- Where're you goin'?
- Got some stuff to take care of.
- You don't really believe this do you?
Only way to make it in this
department is to drop him.
- Get you a new partner.
- Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you.
- Let's just face it, he's
on his way out anyway.
- You know, you really
should lay off the kid.
- These rookies gonna run this
department into the ground.
(keyboard tapping)
(mellow music)
- [Donald] Is that that little girl
that Mary's kid plays with?
- [Grace] He's not capable
of what you're implying.
- [Grant] It's just that we need
some kind of physical
evidence, a text, a phone call.
- [Donald] I'll be a little late,
I have some work to
finish up at the office.
(Dawn laughing)
(dramatic music)
(geese honking)
- [Carrie] Have you heard
anything about that girl, Dawn?
- [Grant] We have no evidence
to believe that anything--
- [Man] Dawn.
(disturbing music)
- [Man] Dawn.
(distorted voice)
I should have remembered to.
(disturbing music)
(dark music)
- God, please save Dawn.
Please help me to help her.
I'll do whatever it takes.
If she really is in
danger and I'm not crazy,
please, please help me.
(dark music)
- Sorry girls, I made you late again.
- [Dawn] Anything else new?
- I heard that.
Okay, see you this afternoon.
Oh great, I have to
show a property at 3:30.
- It's okay, I have soccer tryouts today.
I'll just take the late
bus home to Casey's house.
- You like soccer?
Casey, I'll call your mom
to make sure it's okay
for Dawn to come for a little while, okay?
- Sure Mrs. Rowe.
- [Daisy] See you tonight.
(door squeaks)
- [Donald] How'd the
meeting with your boss go?
- Richard said he's concerned
about my erratic behavior.
All the time I've been taking lately.
I've been put on a leave of absence.
So I can quote unquote, get it together.
- I'm so sorry, honey.
Is there anything I can do?
- No.
(dark music)
- Carrie, talk to me!
- About what?
(door thuds)
- What's goin' on?
- Baby, now don't be mad at me.
I called your mom last night.
- You called my mother on me?
You really called my mother
on me, I cannot believe this.
- I wanted to stop by.
Avery told me about everything
that was going on at work,
and the problems and the dreams?
I hope you don't mind.
- Great, thanks hon.
- She also told me about
the girl in your dreams
that's the same girl in your case.
- Yeah it's just coincidence.
Just some weird, freakish--
- Coincidence?
- This woman keeps calling
saying she's having dreams,
premonitions about some
girl gettin' murdered.
It's just some crazy type of stuff,
it's really not a huge thing.
- [Grace] You don't believe her?
- I don't know.
I don't know, it's just
that every time I try--
- Go on, tell her baby.
It's somethin' up with this little girl.
I don't know what, but God is
tryin' to tell him somethin'
and he ain't listenin'.
All I know is, y'all better
get it together before
this little girl is found--
Okay, I'll be quiet.
- What is it?
- My friend, she's been
having dreams about a girl.
She's running through the
woods, someone's chasing her,
and then she finds her dead in a pond.
(disturbing music)
- A pond?
Your friend, what's her name?
- Carrie.
- I knew it, I knew
something was goin' on.
I should be the detective.
- Carrie.
(ominous music)
I'm callin' about Dawn.
I'm here with your friend
Grace, Grace Hensly.
She's also my mother.
I don't think this is coincidence.
And I've been havin' the same dreams.
I hope you get this message.
(keys jingling)
- Where're you going Charles?
- Where's my holster?
- [Avery] It's in the closet.
Charles, where are you going?
- Be right back, a'right?
I'll be back.
I love you.
- [TV Announcer] There's a man hunt
underway now for a suspect.
(TV chattering)
- I'm going to play golf.
Do you need anything?
- [Woman on TV] There's
something out there.
I just wanna go home.
- Carrie, I'm not a monster.
(melancholy music)
Some times you need to go
Take a step back
(school bell ringing)
To see the truth around you
From distance you can tell
You and me
Are meant to be
In the great outdoors.
- Dawn?
Come here.
Hey Dawn?
Hey, I'm Sam, I'm Josh's dad.
- Where's Josh.
- You know how you kids are, crazy.
Look, I'm sorry, I'm sure
he just forgot to tell you,
he's at his basketball game,
and he wanted me to pick you up.
And luckily I'm off work, so here I am.
- I don't know.
- No, it's okay, you can trust Josh's dad.
(disturbing music)
(water running)
(ominous music)
- Hi, how'd it go?
(ominous music)
We have to do somethin' about the bills.
Your unemployment, it's not
coverin' the medical bills.
And both the girls, they
need new shoes for school.
- [Interviewer] Can you tell
me about your work there?
- Yeah, I um, I did...
- Please, please say something.
What're we gonna do?
Your unemployment runs out in a month.
- Maybe, maybe you could go
back and see Dr. Armstead.
You know, maybe get on disability again.
Just until we can find somethin'.
- You want me to go back on disability
for being emotionally unstable?
That's what you want me to do?
You think I'm crazy.
- No, I just think that sometimes
you have trouble relating to other people,
and so that's why it's kinda hard
for you to try and find a--
- You really think I'm crazy.
- Mm mm.
- [Child] Mom, can you come
here (mumbles) took my toy.
(breaths harshly)
(ominous music)
- Mom!
- I'm coming.
- Look I promise, he
really wants to meet you.
And he's a great kid, he
really likes you a lot.
Come on.
- No.
- No no, it's--
Come on I promise, I'll take
you straight to his game,
his school's just right down the road,
okay, we'll go right over there,
and if we hurry we can catch it.
Look you don't, you don't
wanna disappoint Josh, do you?
- No, but, I--
- Wait wait, look he um...
He wanted me to give this to you.
See, the hearts and everything?
- Well, okay, I guess, but only this once.
- Yeah, come on, you crazy kids.
Sorry he forgot to tell you.
All right, you ready?
Buckle up.
- The body of the 12 year
old girl was found in a pond
approximately one half
mile off Crown Manor Drive,
near route 40 in Reservoir, Virginia.
Carrie, wake up, you can save her.
Go before it's too late.
In the White House
today, the president took
executive action on the proposed wall
being built across the Mexican border.
The UN has voted to increase
sanctions on North Korea
in an effort to force them to stop
all nuclear weapons testing...
You can save her, go,
before it's too late.
(suspenseful music)
- Carrie, it's Detective Grant.
Give me a call, thanks.
- [Roy] You ready to
hit these hot streets--
Oh, look who it is.
I don't know, must be
training day, or rookie day.
Must be rookie day.
- Hey man, anyone seen Pete this morning?
- You should know, you're
a profit, all seeing.
Maybe he bailed on you, I know I would.
You know Captain's gonna kick you
right on out of this department.
- What a loser.
- And crazy.
- Oh yeah, you got that right.
(dramatic music)
- You all right?
- He better be glad I'm about to retire.
I'd be kicking.
- You own this, son.
- [Roy] He better leave.
(dramatic music)
(tires screeching)
- [Newscaster] approximately one half mile
off Crown Manor Drive, near
route 40 in Reservoir, Virginia.
(dramatic music)
- You'll be all right.
- Oh great, there's the other rookie.
- What happened?
- He got sucker punched by Charles.
- Excellent.
Charles still around?
- Nah, he left a couple minutes ago.
- Thanks man.
And I know that you're not gonna report
that my young, five foot six partner,
knocked your grown six foot
three tail to the ground, right?
(dramatic music)
Mrs. Richardson?
- It's Ms. Rowe.
Hold on Jules.
- Detective Parker, may I come in.
It's about your daughter.
One of your neighbors
gave us reason to believe
that your daughter may be in trouble.
Do you remember the last time you saw her?
- Carrie left me a message earlier.
I thought she was some kinda nut.
- (laughs) Yeah, well.
I mean, when was the last
time you saw your daughter?
- This morning.
I dropped her and her
friend Casey off at school.
She said she was takin' the late bus home
because she had soccer tryouts.
- Do you happen to have
Casey's home address?
(ominous music)
(keyboard tapping)
If you could call the school and see
when soccer practice let's out.
(ominous music)
Would you like me to do it?
Hi this is Detective Parker.
(ominous music)
Mrs. Richardson I'm...
There is no soccer practice
today, I'm so sorry.
- God, my baby girl.
I'm not a bad mother.
Just I've been so busy.
- Listen, I have to go.
If I learn anything
new, I'll let you know.
(solemn music)
- [Daisy] I love my daughter, Detective,
please find my little girl.
- We will.
- I'm really not a bad mother.
- I know Mrs. Richardson.
(melancholy music)
Hi, I'm Detective Peter Parker.
- Hey, did you know--
- Yeah, Spidey, right?
(Casey laughs)
- How can we help you, Detective?
- This is about Casey's friend, Dawn.
- What about Dawn, has something happened?
- If I could talk with you over here.
We have reason to believe
that Dawn may be in danger.
She gave an excuse to her mother
that she was staying after
school for soccer practice,
but there's no soccer practice, I checked.
- Casey, do you know anything about this?
- She told me not to tell.
Josh, this boy she met online.
They exchanged numbers
through her social page.
They were supposed to
meet today after school.
Mom, I'm sorry, she told me not to tell.
- Oh my god.
- Casey, have you seen Josh?
- Only a picture.
- It's okay, I'm gonna find her.
- Casey.
(Casey crying)
- Got her.
- Please find Dawn.
(Casey crying)
- It's gonna be all right.
(suspenseful music)
(rock music)
- Where's Josh?
- Oh, (laughs) he'll be
along in just a minute.
- It's getting really late,
I, my mom'll be worried,
I gotta go home.
- Oh no, no no, it's
not getting that late.
Look, Josh, he really wants to meet you,
and he's been tellin' me all about you.
You know, you are much prettier in person.
- Thank you.
Listen, I really need to go home.
- I thought you were a big girl.
Stop being such a baby.
- Please, I wanna go home.
- Oh, I know what you're like.
You know what you are, you're a tease.
I tell my boy about girls
like you all the time.
You know what a tease is?
(rock music)
I can't believe she just...
(dramatic music)
Oh, silly little Dawn.
Come on Dawn, come out.
(breathing heavily)
You know, hurt me real bad.
And I'm gonna have to hurt you
back if you don't come out.
Dawn, dawn, da da Dawn Dawn.
I'm gonna get you.
What're we playing, hide and seek?
I like hide and seek.
Here I come, one two three, ready or not.
(dramatic music)
Hey Dawn.
Dawn you're a little trickster aren't you?
Oh I see, I see.
Yeah, Dawn.
Okay, you wanna play like
that, I can play like this too.
One two, buckle my shoe
Three four
(laughs) I'm coming for you, Dawn.
(dramatic music)
Dawn come on, you're such a big girl.
Remember those things I wrote to you?
That was me.
Everything I wrote, I meant, all right.
It may have said Josh, but
it all comes from my heart.
Dawn, I'm not gonna do anything to you.
(faint shouting)
(dramatic music)
Oh, I like games.
Hide and seek?
Yeah, we're gonna do a
little hide and seek.
I know you're here.
Dawn you're so silly.
- Dawn?
It's Carrie.
Say something.
- Dawn.
Come on, sweetie.
I guess she's not at this end.
Maybe I'll go look some place else.
(dramatic music)
- Carrie!
(dramatic music)
(harsh music)
- Dawn?
Dawn honey, it's Carrie, I'm coming.
- It's okay.
(dramatic music)
- Dawn.
Honey it's Carrie.
Dawn it's Carrie.
Honey it's okay, don't
be afraid, it's Carrie.
Honey please.
Honey it's okay, don't be afraid.
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
- I remember you.
You don't remember me do you?
Of course not.
- Come in.
Great, well we are gonna make a decision
in about a week and a half, and we will
get in touch with you
once we make our decision.
(disturbing music)
- Go to her, call her, go call her!
- No, no!
- I said you call her or
I will slit your throat.
- Go 'head.
- Look, I'm havin' a bad
day, I don't wanna do this.
- Go 'head.
- Call her!
- Let her go.
Let her go.
- Uh uh.
- I swear I'll shoot, let her go.
- No.
- Carrie!
(gun fires)
- Ah!
You shot me.
- How 'bout that.
- Turn over.
- Hm?
- Ow, oh, so rough.
- You okay?
Hands behind your back, come on.
- Okay okay okay.
- You got the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in the court of law.
- How did you find me?
- You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.
- Look, look it was all
innocent, it was all innocent.
Dawn, I wasn't gonna hurt you, Dawn.
Dawn, I wasn't--
it's a misunderstanding.
- Shut up.
Keep it moving.
(bright music)
Did you see it
Closing in
Did you wonder if it was for you again
The answer that you
wanted isn't there for you
You know in time you'll time
you'll need to see this thing through
(bright music)
So many wonderings for so long
It's not that the
answer seemed so wrong
Faded and distant my light grows dim
Caught in the silence, I let you in
The place of my abandonment
is where I found you
You stayed waiting
out here in the cold
(bright music)
Did you hear it
Did you fear it once again
Did you see it closing in
Did you wonder if it was for you again
(warm classical music)
- Carrie where are you?
I've been looking for you all night.
Please, call me back.
(warm classical music)
I got your text.
Why here?
- I don't know.
I guess, I just like the view.
(warm classical music)
(dramatic music)