Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes (2021) Movie Script

How long do you think
we've been here?
How much further, Margot?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Didn't Gottfried show it
to you on the map?
That rest stop was unacceptable!
- Did you see those kids next to us?
- I thought they were cute.
Goddamn hippie parents
couldn't keep them in check.
Please don't drive so fast.
- They deserved a good slap in the face!
- Dieter!
I'm glad we're
never having kids.
As if we have a choice...
- I've been on the road for hours now!
- I'm tired.
I just want to inspect
that castle,
and then head back to the hotel!
Is that too much to ask?
No, of course not.
Dieter, what if there's
someone inside?
Don't be absurd!
You never know.
A dump.
No surprise there.
You kept bragging
about this castle,
and now look what we have.
A pigsty.
What a shit show!
There's no electricity.
Your uncle said that this has
been empty for how long?
I don't know.
Seems like a while.
Well, your uncle was the one
who inherited all the money.
I bet he's having a good laugh
about us getting this dump.
I'm sick of it.
Your family has all this money,
and all we get is their garbage!
Renovating this place
will cost us a fortune.
Nobody will want to
buy it like this.
There's a market for everything.
So you're
a real estate agent now?
I'm going downstairs.
You have to do that now?
Can't you wait until morning?
During daylight?
"The thoughts
are clearest at night."
Your uncle kept going on
about the wine cellar.
I'll take a quick peek.
Stop nagging.
Why are we still here?
Just give me some time.
We have all the time
in the world.
I can already feel the fungus
growing in my lungs!
Wine cellar...
As if!
Gottfried, you stingy bastard.
"Silence is death."
Who said that again?
"And time keeps flowing
So did you manage
to find anything?
In the cellar?
I think it's best to
check it out during daylight.
During daylight?
If you say so.
Yes, grab your things.
We're going to the hotel.
You want to go now?
Did you take my car keys?
Is that a joke?
You never trust me with them!
In the cellar.
I must have dropped them.
Then go get them.
There's no way
I'm going back down there.
You don't want to go?
Are you scared?
Alright, then I'll get them.
I can't let you go down there.
Then we'll just have to
spend the night here.
That you always
have to pressure me...
The perfect marriage...
You, chained up
in the basement...
And I'll come visit you
once a week.
And while I'm cleaning my nails
while going upstairs,
I'll think,
"No need for a divorce."
I never know
what you're talking about.
You're a flower in the bushes.
And that's all you'll ever be.
Do you hear that?
She's screaming for help!
Stop it, that's not funny!
She's saying that
you locked her in here.
Why are you doing this?
Be sensitive.
Entirely different
during the day, right?
How long have you been awake?
Since dawn.
You could have woken me.
I wanted to let you sleep in.
As a child
I always woke up this early.
I sat at my window
and watched the sunrise.
That always made me sad somehow.
A bit silly, I know.
No, it's not silly at all.
It's beautiful here, right?
So different from last night.
It will take a bit of work
to restore this place.
I'm sure
we'll make a good profit
when we sell it.
What's wrong?
Something's up.
Was it something I said?
No, everything's fine.
I'll go look for the car keys.
You do what you want.
Makes me want to throw up...
Always the same.
I've had it.
Would you look at that!
"Inferno at Film Shoot"
Deep down they are just like us.
No beginning.
No end.
Only this moment
exists for them.
Do they know this?
Do they remember
how they got here?
Do they communicate
with each other?
Are they trapped or free?
Do they have
a thousand thoughts?
Or just one?
Their last thought.
Who are you talking to?
Who else?
What are you carrying?
Put that silly thing away!
I heard voices.
Singular, my dear.
You heard one voice,
which was mine.
I was talking to myself again.
What else am I to do here?
Go downstairs.
What did you say?
I said...
I'm doing one final sweep here
and then we'll finally
drive to the hotel.
Is that clear?
Alright, Dieter.
As you wish.
Halt, this is private property!
Open up, it's me, Dieter!
What were you doing
with that candle?
Dieter, what made us so toxic?
Don't know...
We're so far apart.
Was it always like this?
Only this one last project.
Then we'll take a break.
Take some time off.
Just the two of us.
Or did it happen over time?
Let's go travel together,
The sun is almost setting.
Then let's finally
go back to the hotel.
We'll have champagne.
What do you say?
We'll have a relaxing evening.
I don't want to leave.
Be sensible.
We could make this our home.
There's so much space.
Children could play here.
I didn't mean it like that.
How else did you mean it?
I just thought, now that
we have this castle...
Does it bring you so much joy
to humiliate me?
Stop it, Dieter!
No, I've had it!
It's emasculating enough
that I have to rely on
your family for money,
but now you hide away somewhere
to secretly fondle yourself!
What am I to you?
A loser!
You're a good-for-nothing.
A leech!
I don't need you.
Nobody needs you!
I'm keeping the castle.
You can't do anything yourself.
Oh, are you feeling sick?
Goodbye, Dieter.
That's disgusting!
And who's supposed to
clean this up?
You want me to clean
this up for you?
You pig!
You filthy pig!
I hate you!
I hate you, get out!
You can't even do that!
You wimp.
You've completely sucked me dry!
All of my energy!
My whole life!
Get out!
Get out!
Have you gone completely insane?
Stop it!
I'm serious!
You're not taking
that away from me!
Stop it!
You'll never get rid of me.
I'll be with you for eternity.
Honey pie?
I'm upstairs.
Good evening
and good night,
Margot's gonna die tonight.
Make no fuss.
Don't try to fight.
You can scream all you like!
Come on up, Dieter!
Then Dieter comes for you.
And there's nothing you can do!
Early tomorrow,
if I get my will.
You'll be forever stiff
and still.
One more time
for old time's sake?
One more time
for old time's sake.
Yes, yes, yes!
Copy it!
Alright, guys.
That's a wrap!
That was fantastic, Lilith!
That's exactly what I wanted.
You got it!
The maestro at work, right?
You can count yourself lucky.
With such a genius...
When Gregor first told me
about this film, he said,
"Klaus, you were born
for this part!"
Then I read the script
and the rest is history.
But I still don't
get the ending.
It's about the fear
personified by
your character's impotence.
Yeah, yeah, impotence,
I get that part.
But why is she
a vampire at the end?
Well, she sucks him dry.
Robs his energy,
like he did her.
Oooh, that's good.
"She sucks me dry."
So symbolic.
Did you write that part?
Ah, that's from Gregor.
Of course!
How does he come up
with this stuff?
Ah, isn't life beautiful?
I personally think the ending
is a bit contrived.
I had some other ideas
about the ending...
Well, it's too late now anyway.
Yeah, yeah, fantastic...
Bernd, you little rascal!
How was I?
By the way, great job.
Couldn't have done it
without you.
No. No. No.
In St. Moritz?
St. Moritz?
That was a legendary shoot!
That "Heimatfilm"?
That was amazing!
And that wrap party we had?
With the main actress...
The freaky one...
What was her name again?
- Romy!
- Romy!
Klaus, I do have
one more question.
Sock it to me!
You're always so smooth
with the ladies.
Ah, you little charmer!
What's your secret?
Seriously, tell me.
Wouldn't you like to know...
So, did you enjoy the shoot?
Working with us lunatics?
And such an intense shoot.
I didn't think
it was that intense.
It was a fun experience.
I could feel the
"peace & love" vibes on set.
Gregor did a great job.
Working with him
is so inspiring!
He made me do stuff I didn't
know I was capable of.
Everything worked out fine,
didn't it?
Well, we did have some problems.
Which you managed to fix,
as always.
Gregor, we still need to plan
those outside shots
we didn't get.
Relax. "Today is today
and tomorrow is tomorrow."
And I was thinking
about the ending...
Can we please discuss this
another time?
There are so many nicer things
we could be talking about.
I was thinking that we could
travel together.
Just the two of us.
What do you think?
I think that would be groovy.
It feels like we haven't really
had much time together lately.
But we just spent
three weeks together on set.
Sandwich, go check
who's at the door.
Why don't you go check the door?
Bit of exercise
might do you good,
you lard-ass!
Are we expecting anyone?
Sandwich, be a dear
and check downstairs.
"Helter Skelter."
stands in darkness and silence.
And the devil...
"plays violin
under the high court."
Not a step further.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Guys, don't just sit there!
Do something!
Sorry, man.
They made me do it.
If you knew how long
we planned this!
This was all a prank?
You pig!
You filthy pig!
Ha-ha-ha, very funny!
Alright, guys,
these are our new guests!
Make some space.
Gregor, why didn't you tell me
you were bringing guests?
Bernd asked me, and I said sure.
We've finished shooting.
- Everyone knew but me?
- No, no.
Klaus didn't know either.
Come on, don't be a buzzkill.
We're just having fun.
It's nice.
It's not about that!
We have the castle
until tomorrow.
If something happens now
I am responsible for the damage.
I'll see to it,
that we all behave.
Right, guys?
We'll all behave, right?
Alright, now party,
party, party!
Here's to me. Cheers!
Some wine?
No, thanks.
I wanted to thank you.
Me? Why is that?
It was very refreshing not
playing the role I usually play.
The promiscuous mistress
that gets punished in the end.
Punished? By whom?
Usually by the wife.
Or by society.
She always ends up alone.
Well, not this time.
The only one who
can punish you is yourself.
I agree.
And loving someone
should never be punished.
Gather round, people!
I know
I can count myself very lucky
having you all
in my inner circle.
Old friends.
And new ones.
They're shooting at us.
They call us "good for nothing."
But we will never stop.
They want us to join them...
But the truth is,
they are afraid.
Afraid of change.
Afraid of freedom.
Afraid of us!
Those that don't
share their fears.
They want to stay slaves.
Because they don't
know any better.
But us?
We won't bow down.
We'll create a new society.
One without boundaries.
But for this,
we must support each other.
Believe in ourselves!
Especially then,
when no one else will!
To see yourself
in everybody
and everything.
Because in the end,
we're all
a part of the Great Source.
And everything
is a spiral going upwards.
Together, we created
something beautiful.
Something that nobody,
nobody can take away from us!
Let this be our
final night in darkness!
Yes! Yes.
Guys, I want
that we all go home
tomorrow knowing
that we've made
our mark on history.
We've become immortal!
Yeah? So...
Take it.
Take it,
and share it.
And enjoy the journey.
And Gregor Grause.
Be a dear and bring me
some sparkling wine.
That's kind of you.
Where is Eva?
Probably went to bed already.
This isn't really her crowd.
How long have you been a couple?
An eternity.
You guys are cute together.
So now I'm cute?
You are cute together.
You are...
Yes? What am I?
I like that.
And what am I to you?
Give me a moment.
Oh, take your time.
I think you're very...
Blah, blah, blah.
Forget it.
So, is there a man in your life?
I have men all over the world.
I don't really believe in
having just one partner.
Love is far too beautiful to be
shared with just one person.
Don't you think?
Anything else
would just be egotistical.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
How are you feeling?
I just need to rest a bit.
I think I'll go dance a bit.
Then I'll see you later.
She's into you.
I'm the director.
Of course she's nice to me.
Man, if not tonight, then when?
Take a look around.
You are the king.
The genius.
The great Gregor Grause!
You can do whatever you want.
We'll see.
I'm not sure about
anything anymore, Klaus.
The movie will be amazing.
A perfect masterpiece.
I don't know.
We'll see.
Where are you going?
Where did everybody go?
Are you asleep?
I'm too exhausted to sleep.
Tomorrow we'll finally
leave this place.
This shoot feels
like an eternity.
An eternity?
In this castle.
You're still tripping a bit.
I'm seeing things differently.
I can tell.
Everything alright?
It's not good.
The movie isn't good.
The ending...
It doesn't fit.
Now you notice?
Gregor, I've been trying to
tell you this for weeks.
I think we should have
focused more on
the relationship
between Dieter and Margot.
So, you also think it's bad?
So, I'm a loser?
No, no no no.
You think I'm a loser?
All I'm saying is that we should
have shifted our focus.
But if we change the ending,
then everything will work out.
You think I'm
some kind of idiot?
You don't even
believe in this film!
Of course I believe
in this film!
And I believe in you.
Otherwise I wouldn't be here!
The movie will be great.
You're doing a great job.
Gregor, everyone loves you.
They'll love you even more,
once the movie gets released.
You're great.
I love you.
I love you.
You're so beautiful.
Try not to think about it.
Tomorrow everything
will be different.
Tomorrow everything
will be different...
Hello? Hello!
Can anybody hear me?
I'm sorry, okay?
Eva? That you always have to
be so fucking dramatic!
See the man
He walks so proud
Isn't he
- Isn't he
- Isn't he
Isn't he
See the mist
Above the cloud
Isn't he
- Isn't he
- Isn't he
Isn't he
Far below where
The games are played
Some are lost
And some are made
Have seen them all
Yes, I have seen them all
And the fire?
Nobody noticed
until it was too late.
Like every time.
So, did we all?
How long do you think
we've been here?
I don't know.
But if you had to guess?
Two weeks?
Or five months?
Or a hundred years?
It's funny, isn't it?
What is?
How the mortals perceive time.
One minute follows the next.
Sometimes it still
feels like that.
It's absurd, right?
Loving somebody
should never be punished.
Today is today
and tomorrow is tomorrow.
Tomorrow everything
will be different.
The only one who
can punish you is yourself.
Stop it!
I didn't mean it...
It repeats as many times
as necessary until you learn.
I can't believe we
managed to get this castle.
Shooting here
the next three weeks...
That will be legendary!
When is Bernd coming
with the equipment?
Bernd arrives at 12 am.
We start building
the set at 1pm.
Dinner at 6 p.m., and we start
shooting at 9:30 p.m.
I have a good feeling.
Looking forward to it.
You, too?
What are you writing?
Only small changes.
Except the ending.
I don't think she should
forgive him like that.
Of course she should!
That's what the story is about.
Love survives everything.
But not like this.
I mean, what does he learn
from all this? Nothing.
And she only comes across
as weak, and she's not weak.
Now nothing he does has
any consequences for him!
Not true.
He goes after her.
He shows remorse.
He's only human after all.
And how does she know he won't
make the same mistake again?
He won't.
Because he learned what a great
woman he has at his side.
And she learned what an idiot
she has at her side.
Why should she
even take him back?
Because he shows her
that he has really
changed this time.
That he really loves her.
And she knows
that deep down,
he's an intelligent, great guy.
Who loves her
more than anything.
Just like she still loves him.
A little slip-up like this
only shows what's
really important.
That she can forgive him,
makes her strong,
How did you change the ending?
If everything you can
imagine exists somewhere,
is every story you make up
true somewhere?