Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor (2021) Movie Script

(gentle music)
Suitcase of mistakes
It's a sound of a heartbreak
It creaks with the old hurt
that won't speak
Time took me away
I thought that's where I'd
For years, I've been flying
Carving this heart from a
piece of stone
I could follow the steps from
long ago
I don't know
What if everything is
(crickets chirping)
What if it's all stayed the
Can you put a new picture in
an old frame?
I don't know if I can get
(gentle music)
To begin over again
It's hard to imagine
To let go of what you think
you know
Why does it have to feel
impossible again
Time took me away
I thought that's where I'd
For years, I've been flying
Hang on, I need a sec.
Carving this heart from a
piece of stone
I could follow the steps from
long ago
I don't know
(crickets chirping)
Don't let me lose it, okay?
Be a bitch to Donald.
You won't.
(upbeat music)
Hold me, sexy!
(cow mooing)
Hey, Mr. MacGinnis, so sorry
for your loss.
Good to see you, Byron.
Thanks for, uh.
Dad, why didn't you say come?
Didn't she?
It was, it was fast.
I wasn't there.
Jenny was with her.
(crickets chirping)
You guys, you made really good time.
Drove straight through from Toronto.
Traded off.
401 was crazy.
It was all crazy.
Let me give you a hand.
Have you heard from Donald?
Maybe the wrong email.
(soft guitar music)
(water flowing)
(soft guitar music)
Have you been eating?
So, you're in touch with Donald?
Your mom was, seems like.
She had an email for him?
In her desk.
So, this--
Tam, let's put our stuff in our room
and have a quick wash.
Yeah, okay.
Go ahead. This'll keep.
Here you go.
Here I go.
Where do you go?
This is. I can't.
Hey, it's okay, Tam.
I told you that she knew where
Don was.
Why wouldn't she tell me?
What did I do to--
You didn't do anything.
I don't think this is about you.
He should be here.
Should isn't helpful, Tam.
Come on.
Go have a wash, downstairs in
15, kay?
(soft guitar music)
(cow mooing)
(gentle guitar music)
Should I get that?
Hi, help you?
No, Dad, it's me, Dawn.
Oh my God.
(crickets chirping)
Hang on, like Don, her brother?
No, like Dawn, her sister.
Um, shall I, uh, tea anyone?
(dog panting)
She must have forgotten me.
I'm glad to see you, Dad.
(kettle whistling)
(water pouring)
(soft guitar music)
(birds calling)
(soft guitar music)
You look exactly like her.
I know.
Go on.
I ...
When did?
It's been happening since I left.
Five years ago.
Where'd you go?
On your own?
I didn't have a buddy.
You speak French?
I do now.
And Mom knew.
This is awful.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
You know, this should be about her,
and as usual, it's just about you.
(cows mooing)
(crickets singing)
Got another down here for you, Andy.
Hey, Stranger.
They behaving?
Little lambs. Whatcha doin'
We're good here.
Whose car?
Tammy's. She brought her boyfriend.
Ha ha, must be serious.
Yeah, fianc.
Dawn's back.
Isn't it?
Dawn, I mean.
That's what you said. Don's
Dawn, like sunrise.
You'll see.
(soft guitar music)
I'm not an asshole.
I didn't say that you ...
It's an adjustment.
Comfortable, more.
You never called.
I did.
I hung up.
I thought I'd lose you forever
if you knew.
You didn't have me.
You didn't even give me a
chance to ...
Are those Mom's?
I thought she lost them.
She said that they'd be her
daughter's one day.
They are.
(door opening and closing)
Hope it's okay. I put something
in the oven.
Great, I'll go have a wash.
I knew, something, from forever.
I spent the drive planning to
tell Dad
that you're gay, if you came.
But this?
Dawn, I don't know how to do this.
I thought she was gonna be okay.
She seemed better at Christmas.
You saw her at Christmas?
You just said--
I came back to Halifax when she
got sick.
You've been in Halifax for two
What, like in school?
I wanna do sports physio, but I
need some courses.
So I came back after her first mastectomy,
so when she started chemo, if
Jenny brought her in,
I could help out or ...
Jenny? Jenny knew?
And we didn't?
She didn't want Dad being the
only one not knowing,
and I thought him hating me
would make her sicker.
(soft guitar music)
Jenny knew everything?
She did what Mom wanted.
Mom did what I wanted. It was
never anything to do with you.
No kidding.
Whoa, I don't think Byron will be
very comfortable on this bed.
Don't be disgusting. He's
sleeping in the spare room.
Don't you guys live together?
Dad is right over there.
And I don't want anyone ever
touching me again.
Don't do that.
I ...
I hate ...
(bed thumping)
I hate you.
Mom's dead.
I want her.
(soft guitar music)
(geese honking)
Come on.
We have to,
big baby.
(scoffs) I know.
Dawn is still an amazing player.
He, she's on a team in the
city, women's team.
She wants to be a sports
physio. Did you know that?
How would I?
I don't get it.
It's hard.
But, she's here.
I'm glad.
Are you?
(soft piano music)
It's hard to see
Hard to believe
That our body brings us all
we need
Let go
Let go
To sleep
My oldest love
You're the only one
Who feels it all
We walk around
All hollowed out
Fill our cups with fear and
Oh ghosts of sleep
Wash me clean
And show me what I ought to
And what must leave
(alarm ringing)
(birds singing)
We'll come. Right, Byron?
Hang on.
Be quick.
Your sister's coming to town
with me to sort some stuff out.
Should I come?
We're good.
No, we're fine.
Coming, Dawn?
No, he's, she's staying.
See you later.
(door closing)
(car engine starting)
(soft piano music)
Good girl.
(gentle music)
(clock ticking)
(knocking on door)
Hello, woo.
Well, you can certainly tell
that you're related.
You're the spit of Miranda.
People say.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm
My husband, Jerry, and his
brother, Andy,
they run the farm the way over.
Right now, they're helping John Andrew.
Awfully hard to run a farm, you
know, when ...
Anyway, I woulda brought pizza.
I work over at the Pizza Palace,
but I thought maybe he'd prefer
some home cooking.
Is he eating?
You know, I didn't think that
Miranda had nieces.
She doesn't, didn't.
I'm Dawn.
Yeah, Dawn, Miranda's--
Nope, just her daughter.
Tammy sent it along yesterday.
Lovely obit.
She writes stuff for advertising.
Tammy, sorry for your loss.
Oh, thank you, Arthur.
How's Babs?
Oh, we're all good.
I told your dad, this is a
beautiful obit.
You want a job?
No, thank you.
Is that it?
Do you mind?
I hear your young man's with you.
Yeah, he's in the cafe.
He's got a latte addiction.
Thanks, Arthur. See you
outside, Dad.
Oh, John Andrew. Miranda paid,
six weeks back.
I'll see you to the door.
(gentle music)
Are folks eating?
A bit. Not for a lack of casseroles.
Well, people wanna help.
Yeah, like, don't say she means well.
How's the team, glorious?
I can't do this, Jenny.
The wake, the funeral.
Yes, you can.
It'll be--
Awful, best-case scenario.
[Arthur] - Everybody home?
Yep, Dawn came yesterday.
That's good.
Arthur, do we have to do a wake?
You do what you want, but the
town loves a wake.
The town loved Miranda.
Right then.
(engine starting)
(crickets chirping)
See you tomorrow.
(soft guitar music)
(wooden banging)
Not a surprise, eh, Bets?
You think she'd go, girl?
You think?
That might be the best
casserole I've ever had.
Well it wasn't bad for artichokes.
What's wrong with artichokes?
Nothing, you just don't expect
country folk
to eat fancy casseroles with artichokes.
Country folk?
Yeah, mm-hm.
Unsophisticated, redneck,
meat-eating folk like you.
We did meatless Mondays every week.
Pretty tasty, considering the source.
Sandra dropped it off this morning.
Well, set it on the steps and ran.
Wait, Jerry's Sandra?
She meant well.
Poison, that woman.
(knocking on door)
Oh, Jerry, go on through.
Jerry, everything okay? The
milk going?
Just picked it up. The test was fine.
Good, we did not need another
load dumped.
Listen, I hope you don't mind,
I'm not nuts,
but God's truth this, five
funerals come on the radio,
Miranda's name for the wake tomorrow.
Every cow in the barn stopped chewing.
Milkers going, chugging away.
Not another sound.
They stopped breathing to listen.
Never seen it.
Oh, thanks.
Sandra said she brought
something, the artichokes?
Yeah, delicious, thank you.
A bit fancy for me. Glad you
ate it.
Night, John Andrew.
My fianc, Byron.
Good to meet you, Byron.
And, uh.
Just a kid last time I saw you.
All grown up, eh?
Different person now.
Good your home for your mom.
Bless you.
(soft piano music)
I can't believe she didn't tell him.
About Dawn?
About everything.
About how sick she was.
We have to share everything.
We do.
Except a bed around here.
Okay, well.
It's fine. Your bed's toast anyways.
I wouldn't dare right next to
your parents' bedroom.
Oh my God!
I mean your dad's.
I'm scared.
Of life without her.
You're scared, how do you think
Dawn feels?
Your mom was the only family
she had for years.
She chose.
Why is this so easy for you?
No history. She's a new person.
Gorgeous blonde person.
Jesus, Byron!
Tam, I'm joking. Come on.
None of this is funny.
When did you know, Miranda?
Managed it all, didn't you?
Paid for your ...
Fucking cows stopping chewing.
I'm going out.
Is Jerry back in the morning,
or are you milking?
I am.
Want help?
I'm good.
I can get up early and--
Go on, get your beauty sleep.
(soft guitar music)
(birds chirping)
(owl hooting)
Have you got rubber boots?
Think my old ones are there.
What's going on? Why is
everyone up?
It's a farm, Tammy. We're doing
farm things.
Go back to bed, girl. Get your
beauty sleep.
What's going on?
They're doing farm things. Just
go back to bed.
I'm up now. Could I do farm
I don't know, can you?
I'm a quick study.
(owl hooting)
All right then.
(upbeat music)
(cows mooing)
(upbeat music)
(milkers whirring)
(upbeat music)
(water spraying)
(upbeat music)
(cows mooing)
I'm never eating steak again.
You'll get over that.
That was funny, Martine, firing
you, huh?
That was Martine?
Who is Martine?
Cow that was trying to knock
Dawn over.
Martine was his ...
4H project when she was 15.
I loved that calf.
Wait, 4H is a real thing?
I thought it was like a movie thing.
Oh, Jesus.
Where did Tammy find you?
Do you know if you can get more
parts for the Jubilee?
The what?
The Jubilee, the old tractor.
You guys talked about fixing it.
I loved it.
Loved a tractor?
Learned to drive on it. It was
my grandpa's.
I thought maybe I could try
fixing it.
You know nothing about that tractor.
(birds chirping)
What was that?
I guess girls don't fix tractors.
(soft music)
(plates rattling)
Guess I'm doing the dishes then.
I'll do it. Don't pout.
I am not.
Fuck this.
Cows are easier.
(birds chirping)
That bike's ancient. Probably
won't blow up.
I didn't do anything. Why
aren't you talking to me?
I'm not not talking. I'm just
not answering.
He's counting the minutes till
I leave.
Give him a chance. It's Day Three.
Gonna fix it?
Mom wanted it fixed.
Remember that grandfather clock?
Yeah, he nearly killed me.
Yeah, till you fixed it,
then it was my boy, the
mechanical genius.
Do we just forget that you were
someone else,
the golden heir to all this?
Is there a rule book that I
should have?
I wasn't someone else. Google it.
You might not give a shit, but
I have friends who think
I'm pretty fucking golden now
and a life I don't run by a
rule book.
What stupid questions.
I forgot what a jerk you can be.
Was "are you gonna fix it" a
stupid question?
He's at the funeral home.
I'm going as fast as I can,
It's fine, I j ...
I Googled it.
I know who you are.
I always have. I just ...
I'm not good at this.
Too much?
You okay?
We'll see.
Arthur Murray's, come on.
What, what are you doing?
Looking for footsteps.
Byron, just.
Arthur Murray's, come on.
World-famous dance school.
My parents went every Saturday
for years.
You put your feet in the footsteps.
Here, Laney, let me give you a hand.
No, no no, squares.
Get my stick.
I didn't know you had a suit.
John Andrew?
We planned to tell you.
She tried so hard to wait for you.
I'm glad you were there.
Your father said this morning
that you were right back in the barn.
Oh, as good as any fella ever was.
(violin music)
Dying to dance?
Hey, don't encourage him.
And just don't draw more
attention to yourself.
Get a grip, Tam.
(violin music)
Do you mind or?
Of course.
No, of course as in all good,
totally fine, awesome.
So it's fine then?
(lighter striking)
I'm Banu. I was your mom's
massage therapist.
Oh right. She mentioned you,
how much she liked you.
How much you helped.
Oh, you found her, Banu?
Mm-hm, yeah.
Well, that coulda been worse.
Still time. Funeral on Friday.
Banu says there's music at the
pub tonight.
Probably not a good idea.
I'm gonna see Laney home.
A bit emotional.
She had like a gallon of punch.
I'll get you up for milking,
though, huh, Byron?
Yep, that's me, the king of the teats.
It's like I'm in a sick reality show
created to prove why I should
not marry you.
Come on. Let's go get emotional.
I was travelling for a year
after school,
but then I stopped here for a
night and I met Ethan.
Is he your boyfriend?
No, Ethan manages the cafe I
work at.
And he offered me a job, and I
thought, why not, right?
I like it here.
Your mom was one of my very
first clients.
I'm really gonna miss her a lot.
So you have your own practice?
Well, I have six regular clients.
Three are your mom's friends.
Jenny, Debbie, Joy?
She was kind of like an agent
to me.
She said you're doing sports
Hope to. We'll see.
How long you home for?
I don't know.
I'm waiting for ...
A sign?
I have never been in here.
Oh yeah, you left before you
were legal.
Being legal was never the issue.
Oh yeah, well, me either.
Come on.
(upbeat country music)
Tammy Bobammy.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God.
I was wondering when you'd be home.
Oh, Tam, I'm so sorry, your
beautiful mom.
Everyone loved her so much.
Hang on, I'm coming around.
Holy cow, you are about to pop.
Cow's right.
Seven and a half months.
You having twins?
Byron, oh my, I am so sorry, Ally.
This is my fianc, and a man,
and an idiot.
And he's right, I'm having
twins, boy and a girl.
Wow, wow.
Oh, hi, Dawn, right? I heard
you were home.
Yep, and this is Banu.
Yeah, I know Banu.
You were in the same class as
Martin, my little brother.
Oh yeah, is he good?
Great, practically runs Dad's
machine shop now.
He's here.
There, see?
Oh yeah. Do you guys wanna grab
that table?
You should go say hi, be
interested to see you.
No, he looks busy.
I'll send him over.
Honestly, we're good.
Marty, look who's here. Dawn MacGinnis.
Get us a pitcher, okay?
Hey, I heard you were back in
town, Donald.
I think you were on the same
bus as Jimbo, right?
Yeah, wow.
And friends with little Banu.
Kinda like a club, eh?
Isn't this something, Donnie,
after all these years?
That's what I said.
You still playing soccer,
A bit.
Isn't the team thing tricky?
Well which side do you play for
Excuse me, fellas, it's a
private party.
Sorry, just catching up with
our star striker here.
He doesn't mind, right?
Don used to score and score for
our team in high school.
Right, Donald?
That's what I said.
Has your hearing gone funny too?
What, too?
My hearing is great.
And it's Dawn, not Donald. And
it's she, not he.
Whoa, she, come on.
Marty, Marty, leave it.
Sorry, Tammy.
It's fine.
Gosh, guess we're done here,
Come on, ladies.
Fucking asshole.
Are you on the tranny train,
too, or have you got a cock?
Martin, Jesus.
I've got a cock. Is that your
You calling me a fag?
If the wet shoe fits. You're
the one wearing jewellery.
Oh my God.
Stop it.
Get out!
Tammy, why'd you come in here
and bring
your brother causing trouble?
Get him outta here!
Her! It's her!
God dammit.
And I hope that you have the
longest labour ever.
Dawn. Ally called from the
Watering Hole.
Make your choices. Live how you want.
But this is my home. You've
gotta play the game here.
No I don't. Not when the game
is stupid and cruel.
And if you think how I live
is a lifestyle choice, think again.
(soft dramatic music)
(door closing)
(soft dramatic music)
(cows mooing)
In a bit.
Byron, get Jerry a coffee.
I'll be right in. We'll do the
order list.
Yeah, we're nearly outta feed.
(cow mooing)
Going to Stewart's machine shop
after breakfast.
I thought maybe you'd come.
To apologize?
It was Marty Stewart who butted
Byron last night.
Figures, he's been tormenting you
since you were eight years old.
I told you then you gotta stand
up to him.
You gotta be a ma ...
You can't be a ...
He's a coward.
And you're not.
If you're gonna start on the tractor,
you're gonna need some parts.
(soft guitar music)
All set.
(phone ringing)
Nancy, thanks for calling.
Yeah, yeah, we're okay, thanks.
Listen, been looking through
invoices and I know we owe ...
Yeah (chuckles).
Miranda took care of all that.
Well two weeks' feed'd be great.
Thank you, Nancy.
Okay, okay, bye.
(loon calling)
(phone ringing)
You have reached Gerard Thomas,
personal banker.
I'm away from my desk, but
leave me a message.
I'll get right back to you.
(phone beeping)
Gerard, John Andrew, give me a call.
Just wonder if there's any room
left on the mortgage.
Bit fancy for the machine shop.
Yeah, I don't have a lot of
wardrobe choices.
Hey, Dawn.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you don't like pancakes,
and I'm sorry I used your moisturizer.
I thought that it was Mom's.
I'm sorry that I said it was
fine last night.
It wasn't fine.
It wasn't my fault, but it
wasn't fine.
And since I'm gonna spend most
of my time apologizing
while I'm here, I wonder if we
can do like a credit thing.
I'll say sorry a dozen times now,
and then that'll buy me very
fuck-up till I go home.
Only a dozen? How soon are you
Ha ha.
Do you want me to go?
Let's stay.
Till Dad says he loves us.
Till I fix the tractor.
Highland Heart Tractor Trials.
Well, isn't that like two weeks.
I can't, my work is gonna
wonder what--
What about work?
I can't just not go back.
All set?
Hey, Dad. I love you.
Right, well, good, we're off.
(gentle guitar music)
One sec.
Me and my bravado, we can do
Together, we're not scared,
we are shining
But she never lets me down
She knows I can be quiet
It's when I lean on in
Bravado steps up in awkward
The ones she knows I hate
She bails me out of tricky
Hey, what can I get for you?
Just coffee.
Right. Hey, Ethan.
This is the Dawn I was telling
you about.
Hey, man.
Oh, he calls everybody man.
It's fine.
I know you. You were in 4H.
You sing.
Yeah, a few years ahead of you.
I'm so sorry. Your mom was great.
We all had crushes on her.
And you're so like her.
I hope things get a bit friendlier.
They told me. What a jerk.
Yeah, but you gotta kinda feel
sorry for the guy.
His dad's not exactly Prince
Charming either.
Poor Marty, heir to an empire.
Oh no no, Boss said first one's
And great hair, both of you.
Yeah, we do dares.
See you, Banu.
Oh, Dawn, here, number.
I'll text, so that you have
mine too.
Thank you.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, Dad.
Can I? Jesus.
You're not Tammy.
You look exactly like--
His mother?
Doesn't she. Sorry.
It's okay.
Marty didn't mention Dawn's
He had beer last night.
Have a look, Dawn. This'll get
your started.
These are all good for the
Jubilee, right?
On the account, Angus?
Marty, Marty! Where are those
Jesus, boy, like pushing string.
Heard you met Byron last night, Marty.
Tammy'll never have to fight
her own fights,
fellow like that around.
Here, I'll get that.
We just gotta make one more stop.
(rock music on speakers)
(gentle piano music)
Take my ears
I won't use them
What's up?
They no longer hear the music

What's that?
No footsteps in the hall
Take my hands
They are grieving
Nothing to hold onto or
believe in
No loving embrace
Just big empty space
I belong
It won't all fit.
Oh my God, that's like half of it.
Come on.
Come on, Betsy.
Wait, wait wait wait, wait.
She'd like it.
(gentle guitar music)
(coughs) It went up my nose, it
went up my nose.
She planned that.
(gentle guitar music)
No touching.
(gentle guitar music)
A competitive muscle shucker.
(crowd laughing)
Try saying that three times fast.
A loyal friend. And a loving mom.
A keeper of confidences, and a
giver of confidence.
Miranda built people up with
her belief in them.
She pushed boundaries we didn't
know needed pushing,
until we did.
She kept my secrets.
And I kept hers.
Oh, she wanted this to be joyful.
Be funny, she said.
No pressure.
(crowd giggling)
And she wanted to close with a
couple of her favourites.
Thanks, Jenny.
My mom was a proud 4H leader,
and growing up, we scheduled
our lives around it.
Around all of you.
(crowd laughing)
Man, that really pissed me off
sometimes. Oops.
Sorry. Sorry, God, sorry, Mom.
(crowd giggling)
But she loved this.
And, she lived by it.
"I pledge my head to clearer thinking
"and my heart to greater
"My hands to larger service.
"My health to greater living,
"for my club, my community and
my country."
Thank you for celebrating our mom.
She wanted to be sent off with
his song
by her hero, Bob Dylan.
May God bless and keep you
May your wishes all come true

May you always do for others
And have others do for you
May you build a ladder to the
And climb on every rung, they
May you stay forever young
Forever young
May you stay
May you stay forever young
Your journey is what kept her going.
She wanted to see you through it.
(soft guitar music)
(seagulls wailing)
This won't move.
A little olive oil and steel wool.
I thought maybe brute force
would shift it.
Got any of that?
I meant, aw shit.
Wanna try brute force while I
get the olive oil?
I don't mean let's go tomorrow.
Just tell me your plan.
Byron, I don't have a plan.
What's your plan, Dawn?
Like forever?
I don't have a big deal job
like you guys, so.
It's advertising, not the UN,
and he's just antsy because no
one's missing him.
How long you staying for?
I don't know, just finishing this.
What, tool salad?
Okay, when someone makes a
decision, let me know.
I'm going to town.
What? What's that about?
Is it weird that he's going for
a coffee with Banu?
No, he's probably just sick of us.
(upbeat guitar music)
I wish my heart was a hammer
I'd put you back together
But it's just a heart
Like yours
If my hands were a paddle
I'd pull you through this
But they're just hands, like
Here's what these hands can
Be here to hold you
And when you lose your way
Here's what my heart will say

Love comes back
And love comes back
And love comes back around
You petted that tractor.
So we're both weird about it.
(door closing)
Why are you weird about it?
We'll get that starter fixed tomorrow.
Good night.
(owl hooting in distance)
Here you go, refill.
Hey, what up?
Same old. Tiny part.
We're getting close.
Is Banu here?
Grabbing supplies.
Hey, listen, are you hanging
As in?
Like generally. Inquiring minds
want to know.
Hey, I was literally just gonna
text you.
Do you wanna go for a picnic
You, me, Tam, Byron, Ethan.
Sure, great.
Cool, I'll text you before we
leave, okay?
Beach Meadows, woo hoo.
Woo hoo (laughs).
Someone in the shop?
Love without your name
(dog barking in distance)
(crickets chirping)
(geese honking)
Your granddad's sights were set
a lot higher
than a farmhand for your mom.
He fired me when he found out.
But Miranda said she'd leave
with me,
and he couldn't lose her, so, I stayed.
(cows mooing)
But he never stopped letting me
know I didn't belong.
A few years after we were married,
I started looking for a tractor.
Something bigger that could do
more, you know.
The big John Deere.
Biggest fight we ever had, your
mom and me and him.
Seeing his tractor shelved was
like shelving him, I guess.
She just didn't get it.
Living on another man's charity.
It was his house, his land.
She'd say it was mine, too, but
it wasn't.
I couldn't turn around without
he'd ask me
why I didn't turn the other way.
I get it, you know, but
disapproval day after day
is enough to break someone.
But I did it to you.
After her dad died, she asked
me if I'd fix it.
And I couldn't.
I'd look at it, and I'd feel
small again.
Always trying to be somebody else.
So stupid that a thing can make
you feel like that.
A person made you feel like that.
She never asked for much, your mom.
For me to fix this tractor and
to talk to you.
We were going to tell you.
I know.
It's a different world, Dawn.
Five years from when you left,
maybe 500.
I maybe don't get it, but I
don't wish anyone ill, Dawn.
Loads of people don't get it, Dad.
This thing.
(soft music)
Try it out.
Turn the key.
Pull the choke.
Now hit the ignition.
(engine sputtering)
That's not ladylike.
Let me.
It's not going for me if it
won't go for me.
Okay, we'll try it again.
Key turn.
Choke's out, so just press the ignition.
Hold it.
(engine sputtering and starting)
(soft piano music)
I think I caught myself
Aren't these a bit unfoodie of
Gourmet tofu dogs, you haven't
Prays for hours, a tiny million,
please let me win the Lotto.
And God says--
Big finish here, hold tight.
He says, hey, Mick, do me a favour
and buy me a ticket, too.
That's stupid. That's not even
an accent.
Is that even politically
My mom's Catholic. It's fine.
Insects at a picnic.
What was that, douche canoe?
Ho ho, douche canoe!
Hey, Marty, you want a dog?
I don't eat fag dogs.
Oh, they're the only type we
have, though, sorry.
This is is my cousin's land.
You gotta go.
Actually, beaches are public
property, Marty.
We came over from Cemetery
Road, so.
What do you know? You're a
lesbian foreigner.
You don't know our customs, our laws.
This happens to be his beach
and a fag-free zone.
Hey, hey!
Stop it.
You're a real piece of work, Marty.
Fricking dicks.
Hey, that's hard on dicks.
It's pathetic. They deserve our sympathy.
Mother Teresa, you know, I
didn't think you were a dick fan.
Hang on, kids.
Tammy, Jesus.
(car dinging)
(door closing)
What is this?
Byron, I am losing everything.
My mother, my brother, and you.
You wanna leave.
We need to leave at some point.
This is a hard, weird time, and
it feels like
everything's stopped, but it
And we need a plan.
Why be horrible to Banu?
She just wanted to know if Dawn
was staying.
I love you.
I'm here.
(soft piano music)
Do you believe in faith?
That we've been on the same
It's taken miles to get here
But in the end it seems so
We are
We are all running
The same race
We are
We are all going
We are all going to the same
Banu, can you give Ethan his
Thank you, everybody, loads of
fun, night.
Hey, wait.
I'm a bitch to everyone, not
just you.
Ask Dawn.
Why do you carry such a heavy
See you.
Okay, bye.
Bye, thank you.
(engine starting)
We are all running
Wee are all running the same
Night, Dad, love you.
Love you, Dad.
See you in the morning.
So you're really doing this "4H
thing", Dawn?
Are those air quotes?
Come on, 4H?
You know nothing, Byron.
Those 4H kids get bloodier and dirtier
than you have ever been with
their calves and lambs.
Little lambs, oh my God,
they're so cute.
I am. I'm today's special guest.
Stopping by the cafe?
Banu doesn't work today.
(radio talk show playing)
I'm going to the cafe.
Excuse me.
That's pretty good.
All right then, today, I've
brought my s--, uh, Dawn.
I've heard about Dawn. He's--
She's gonna talk about small
engine maintenance. Say hi.
Hi, Dawn.
A girl fixing engines?
Yep, I brought this old lawnmower.
Now, before you can put stuff
together so it works,
you have to be able to take it apart.
Now I'm gonna get everyone to
come up
and take something off, who's
Now I'm gonna give you a wrench,
and I'll give you a wrench as well.
And we're all just gonna look
closely here
on the front of the mower.
Hey, thanks.
(birds chirping)
My mom says pink is just a colour.
I can like it if I want.
Your mom's smart. She's right.
My mom said it's you fixing the tractor
for Highland Heart, and that
you used to be a boy.
Both right.
Sort of.
And now?
Now I'm me.
Was that weird?
It didn't always feel great,
figuring out I was really a girl.
Yeah, but my mom said to me,
and she was smart, too,
there's room round the campfire
for everyone,
and there's a different view
from every spot.
I remember that.
All the time.
I love campfires.
(Dawn chuckling)
(soft music)
One more coat.
I think so.
Can't believe it's done.
Mom would be ...
It's sweet the 4H kids are gonna
help with it before the trials.
Yeah, tractor trials.
Part of the Highland Heart
County Show.
It's sort of like a figure skating
beauty pageant, but for tractors.
Mom drove that tractor in the
trials in prehistoric times,
like before you, Dad, right?
She did.
Can I drive it?
So clear.
Calling for rain tomorrow.
Nah. Look at all those stars.
This is nothing.
Wait a sec.
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
Whoa, that's like black, black, black.
(gasp) Shooting star.
Mom lived for those.
Your mom made them fall.
Well, she said.
We'd go out, she'd say, need a
star to wish on. Bam.
Probably like whoosh.
There'd be one, then two.
If she got three, there'd be a prize.
Yeah, what?
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
Just grabbing my book.
Sure, bam.
(Byron laughing)
(dog barking)
(barking continues)
(soft music)
Tammy, call 911 and Jerry.
Keep Betsy inside!
(flames crackling)
No no no, no.
Here, here here here, use this!
(soft piano music)
No, no no, let Dad.
It's over
Let the light come in
We break it
Let the light come in
Let the light come in
(soft piano music)
Where's the hose?
(soft piano music)
(engine starting)
(siren blaring)
(soft dramatic music)
You're not lost
You're not lost
You're not lost
You are not lost
You are not lost
You are not lost
Let the light come in
Let the light come in
(birds singing)
Hey, hey!
It's Marty's.
Hey, it's a hate crime.
It won't matter what we call it
if we can't prove it.
It's his.
God, let's just go.
Hey, Byron, I'll text you.
Wish it rained last night.
He'd have done something else.
Do you ever wish, don't get mad.
I can't go back to something I
Sometimes there's shit.
Mostly, there's not. I focus on
the mostly.
What's going on with Dad, Tam?
Come on.
It must be tough, figuring out all
the business stuff that Mom did.
I'm scared.
For him?
Of getting it.
I check myself every day.
I just feel so shitty to think
about myself
when I miss her so much.
Are you, scared?
Can you get it?
I guess.
Are yours real?
Jesus, Tammy.
I mean, it's genetic, right,
and hormonal.
So with female hormones.
You're glad, that we both could.
I know.
I am fucking warped.
(gentle music)
(gentle music)
We'll see if that sticks.
He did it.
Big family.
Small town.
(gentle music)
(geese honking)
James, John Andrew here.
You heard already, eh?
Are the outbuildings insured on
the same policy?
Yeah, I can wait.
General? How much per?
Yeah, a few.
Okay, thanks, James.
Thanks, Marty.
It can be fixed. We got till Saturday.
Jesus, Byron, this is done.
How much, do you think?
Got a little windfall. Come along.
(gentle music)
(footsteps approaching)
(gentle music)
Hey, what are you doing?
I gave her this.
(gentle music)
(gentle music)
Everything smells of her.
Don't go.
He hasn't said it yet.
So tomorrow morning then?
They'll help?
Okay great, thank you.
Tammy wants to know about dinner.
Not another casserole.
Pizza? Night out?
That sounds good to me.
Excellent, let's go.
Come on.
I have to get changed.
Hey, don't look at me.
Oh my God, you cannot keep a secret.
I'll punch him, all right.
I'm going to the bathroom.
I hate seeing cis guys cry.
(upbeat music)
Sorry, no.
Hey, uh, you actually can't go
in there.
You haven't got the right junk.
Or do you.
They got nothing on me.
If you stay, it'll be the
fucking house!
Hey, leave her.
Don't tell Dad.
(soft piano music)
Dawn, you have to tell the police.
They won't do anything.
(soft piano music)
(rain tapping)
(water flowing)
(birds calling)
It's a good idea.
Don't give him the power, hm?
(soft piano music)
(hammers tinkling)
I gotta run to town. You wanna
Back soon.
I've been looking for some
kind of way
To get back to you
I've been looking for a
little light
Some relief in the dark
Staring at the ceiling,
wanting more
Fighting all alone inside
this quiet war
Needed clean plugs. We're not
done yet.
We'll fall, stumble in the
road ahead
Moving forward, always toward
Close to a happy end
Right now
Good grief.
Wanna see through the trees
Wanna breathe in the brighter
Oh, so sweet.
To breathe in the version of
The kind that might stay
Staring at the ceiling,
wanting more
How you doing?
Good to see you.
You too. What do we got here?
Searching for a feeling
that's worth fighting for
Right now
Thanks, John.
We'll fall, stumble in the
road ahead
Hey, casserole.
Thanks, Jerry.
And sleeping bag.
Right now
Right now, we build again
Hey, Dawn, we're here for a sleepover.
There it was in the middle of
the field,
a cow with pants on.
(group laughing)
All good?
Thanks, Fuzzy.
Hello, morning, I knew you
would come
Hello, air, in and out of my
Oh, how it feels like
everything's undone
But I see the sun
I will find you, I know the
I know you, I've known you my
whole life
If we have to start 1,000
Hey, hey.
Big day, but I can't find Dad,
and Ethan hasn't seen him.
He was still working when I
came in last night.
He's not asleep inside?
I bet he's, I think I know
where he is.
(gentle music)
Are you okay?
I'm, uh.
It's done.
It's good.
Your mom would.
You two.
I love you both.
(laughs) Oh no, now I have to
go home.
It aint the same as yesterday

I was black, I was blue, I
want someone to blame
The family of Miranda
MacGinniss would like
to introduce Shooting Star!
This 1953 Ford Jubilee was
driven and restored
by Miranda and John Andrew's
daughter Dawn.
All right.
The focus of all these trials, mobility.
Shooting Star, take your mark.
Figure of eight.
Figure of eight.
(heart beating)
Go for it!
Hope, hope, hope
I will look you in the eye
and I'll apologise
For every belief that has
kept us hiding
In hope
So tell me your truth
Lay your bones next to me,
and we can talk it through
Are you tired and confused?
I have lived in my head and I
have worn out those shoes
I thought they had a patient
I thought they had the means
to understand us
Even if they don't, I'll hold
you close to me
We got that hope
I will look you in the eye,
and I'll apologise
For every belief that has
kept hiding in hope
Right now all we need is the
Right now all we need is some
tand tall, stand strong, stand
tand tall, stand strong,
stand equal
All my people
We need hope
I will look you in the eye
and apologise
For every belief that has
kept us hiding in hope
Right now all we need is the
Right now all we need is some
Stand stall, stand strong,
stand equal
All my people
(upbeat music)