Dawn of the Felines (2017) Movie Script

To Felines Everywhere
Juri Ihata
Satsuki Maue
Overwhelming support from customers!
Tell me something.
How long have you been doing this?
A year.
Did you ever get off
while doing it with a customer?
Just asking.
Well then, what was the grossest guy like?
Uh, you know...
like a pervert.
Why do I have to tell you that?
just curious, I guess.
Like I would tell you just to help get you off?
Then, how about...
Could you just shut up?
Look, I've got to suck some guy off now.
Masako, we're here.
Well, see ya.
Good evening.
Come in.
Thank you.
The top level plan, double.
As usual...
Masako speaking.
I'm at the customer's place.
The top level, double.
I'll go home afterward.
Yes, I'm alright.
Written and directed by Kazuya Shiraishi
How many times is this?
The third.
How much?
A double, 24,000 yen plan.
I'll add 10,000 yen more for actual sex.
All right, then.
What are you always
looking at on your computer?
The world.
The world?
A World Brimming With Immorality
Like what?
Everything and nothing.
Like young people who don't have sex.
Scandals that the masses jump upon.
Or the words of gaffe-prone people.
I post something.
Is it fun?
Not really.
since you're off, why not stay the night?
I'll go home today.
Internet & Comics
Well, well.
Give us a smile.
Hurry up!
Don't lag behind.
Hi, this is Yui.
Huh? A shrine?
What? A shrine?
I see you.
I'm Mikami.
Nice to meet you.
Two days, right?
6,000 yen a day, so 12,000 total.
Is there anything I should know?
He can take care of himself.
OK, let's meet here in two days.
It's for table No.4.
He's a creep. The driver, you know.
Horikiri, right?
He asked about gross customers,
but he's the gross one.
People in this business should know better.
The agency's been easy
but maybe it's time to move on.
You'd do well as a hostess.
No, I can't keep in touch with customers.
With this job you pop it up, lick a bit,
and finish with a splat.
Don't be disgusting.
No love required.
Other jobs don't require it too.
That's true.
It's the agency. We gotta go.
What a pain.
I had five customers.
- Sounds tough.
- That's incredible.
Yeah, it really was.
Your jaw would drop.
Health Express: Young Wives Paradise
Price System Options
Man, you serious?
What's up with you, Haruka?
She's not answering the phone.
Crap, what to do?
Think! Think!
Hitomi. You got time, right?
You can do me the favor
and stand-in for Haruka, right?
I guess so.
Thanks! Please hurry.
Hurry up, hurry hurry...
Why's the update taking so long?
What is this?
No, no. It's nothing.
Finish it already! You've got other shit to do!
You're Haruka from now, remember?
With the sexy face, okay?
Go out and get 'em, tiger!
See you later.
Hi there.
You've got an appointment with Kaneda.
I wonder how much extra time he'll want today.
Nice guys like him are rare.
He's nice, yes, but...
He doesn't do anything. Kaneda can't do it.
Wait, wait a sec...
Here we go...
The legendary Mr. Tobio.
Give him something he'll remember.
Right here, okay?
Can I take photos for the site?
Allow me to do it.
- Hurry up!
- Sorry!
- Hurry up!
- Sorry.
Thank you for seeing me again.
Shall we?
What is this?
Push the button.
Why did you stop?
I don't really like this.
You are at the North exit?
She'll be right there.
Yes, thank you.
Masako, it's your turn.
He's a regular.
I'll try to give him better service than usual.
That's what I'm talking about.
See ya.
Have fun.
- Pick up the phone.
- Sorry.
Fucking hell.
Everyone's out.
Why didn't I even get an open call?
Look, I treat everyone fairly.
You do favors for the other girls.
At this rate, I'll have to change agencies.
You have to do more for the customers.
I receive a lot of complaints about you.
For real?
Jerking just isn't enough for guys.
Put yourself into it and make him
believe you see him like a lover.
Know what I mean?
Jerking is all I got for gross old men.
That's what they sense.
I don't want to say it out loud,
but when you're in the mood,
you gotta do the horizontal bump.
Are you telling me to screw?
No no no, I'm not saying that.
My point is, you gotta be this serious.
You want to ask me something?
Do you ever get off
while doing it with a customer?
Dumb ass.
Sorry, sorry.
You annoy everyone.
Thank you.
It's time. What do you want to do?
An extension, please.
It's Rie. Two-hour extension.
This is too much.
With that,
may I ask for you
to see me in private?
Ask me anything,
whatever you want.
What do you want to do?
Nothing. I don't need that.
Lie down.
Touch me.
After all, you paid for it.
Please suckle me.
Nice to meet you, I'm Yui.
I want to change.
Just kidding.
Surprised you, no?
Were you hurt?
A bit.
Was it far?
A bit.
Come on in.
You're so cute.
What is it?
You're really cool.
Kissing you isn't gross at all.
Come in, over here.
You see disgusting men.
Yeah, really gross old men.
Poor old men.
Really yucky.
What do you do?
I'm a comedian.
Yeah, do you like comedy shows?
I hardly watch them.
I see.
Well, I'm not famous at all.
Is that so? You aren't funny?
I am funny, but...
just too many comedians in the biz.
It's tough.
Like anything.
Can I see your tits?
Your tits are cute.
Why did you pinch me?
Cute tits make me want to pinch.
I haven't taken a shower.
It doesn't matter.
- Who needs a shower?
- I do.
No, you're fine like this.
I can see everything.
Seeing it all turns me on.
Got a girlfriend?
No girl for me.
Oh, it's in.
It's in...
accidentally, right?
Kenta, dig in.
It's Gappa! Gappa is angry!
Father, where is Gappa going?
To his family.
Cause people are no good.
Did your mom do this?
Gappa, are you alone?
Dirty Prostitute No.3
Could you just shut up?
Look, I've got to suck some guy off now.
Yeah, it's me all right.
What you said breaks my heart.
Well, you wouldn't see a customer privately
that you didn't care for.
"For those wanting to remove the mosaics..."
He's making money off this?
What's wrong with him? The slug.
I'll flame his ass.
I'm not sure how much I can do.
We must teach immoral people like him a lesson.
I hate this kind of guy.
Help yourself to pizza.
By the way, where do you live?
I'm homeless.
How come?
It's a long story.
Where do you sleep?
Motels and cybercafes.
You can crash here if you need to.
Why are you being nice to me?
No reason.
you get a freebie when I stay over.
I'll call your agency for that.
Sorry, I'm late.
You should've called.
He's been waiting for you.
Let's go.
Extra charge.
Could you pay me 3,000 yen?
Come on.
What now?
What's this? Where did you get it?
Don't hit him. I gave it to him.
Mind your own business.
Call if you need me again.
Is it good?
Yes, it's delicious.
Don't you have to go home?
My wife's out today.
Are you living alone?
Have you ever been married?
I'd rather talk about you than me.
I don't have any children.
So, there isn't much for me to tell.
May I ask one thing?
When did you lose your wife?
Last year.
She got cancer.
She died three months after we found out.
It was like a flash.
I see.
Ow...that hurt.
Don't sorry me, shit for brains!
I'll delete the movies. Please forgive me.
And then what?
Why should I forgive you?
Do you realize what you've done?
Hey, what's up?
What a turn off.
What are you doing?
You know, a discussion.
Don't let him go!
If we're in trouble, I'm quitting.
It's nothing.
The secret videos? They're getting flamed.
- Flamed?
- Yeah.
I knew you'd find out.
I'm responsible for poor supervision,
but I'll fix things.
So, can you stay with the agency...please?
Of course...not?
Hello, Young Wives Paradise.
Prostitute No.3 in the video?
Yes, she is. She's right here.
Certainly, yes. Bye.
Masako, a reservation!
He saw the movie and called.
Hello, Young Wives Paradise.
Prostitute No.8 in the video?
Yes, she's here. The top level one?
Thank you so much!
"Identity of man who uploaded
the movies of girls working for"
"Young Wives ParaXXXX revealed! ROTFL!!!"
It's getting buzz.
Now, he has to move,
wait a bit, then start over.
Is he a snitch? What a shitbag
Deleting his account isn't enough.
Shitbag shitbag shitbag...
Having fun?
Of course, as he deserves it.
Man, check me out. What a hero I am.
I don't think you need to completely trash him.
I feel a bit sorry for him.
Why? Shitty guys like him
need to be eradicated.
Doesn't what he did piss you off?
Sure, but...
After the world is purified,
it'll be a better place for all.
Though I didn't expect
your agency to prosper from it.
A better place?
It will be.
That face you make,
will make me hate you too.
Meaning you like me now?
If you ask me that, maybe I don't.
I'm not sure.
Takada, you're always at home.
I own the building.
No, I mean...
Do you go outside?
Not in 10 years.
10 years?
That's incredible.
I've no problem with it.
Actually, I see things clearly now.
About what you were saying...
if you don't hate me,
doesn't it mean you like me?
Is this a declaration of love?
It's no confession.
You say you see things clearly,
but all you do is read worthless on-line posts.
Apparently, you can't see what's important, no?
You talk straight.
I don't hate it, though.
I'm leaving.
What is it?
Are you in the mood?
Just go.
I know it's none of my business.
And I get things are tough.
But come back for sure.
We'll be waiting.
Hi, honey.
Welcome home.
You're early. What happened?
I called it a day.
Really. Are you okay?
- Sure am.
- Good.
- We're getting dinner, right?
- Yeah.
That's great.
Who is it?
Wrong number, I guess.
- Really.
- Yeah.
Crap, we're not getting any calls.
Does anyone know Horikiri's phone number?
Of course not. Why?
I'll get him to do more secret videos.
They aren't secret anymore, fuck you!
Shut up.
We're a team, you know.
You gotta sell the agency!
Yohei: I've got a show today.
Why not come to laugh?
Get off your asses!
It's not a matter of choice, right?
I wish Horikiri were here.
Yui: Why don't we cut out and party?
He could video more and get more business.
Yui: Why don't we cut out and party?
Where are you going? Wait!
Hey! Hey!
I need a hobby. Any ideas?
- I like watching TV.
- What kind?
- End-of-the-year cop shows.
- Ah, the reality ones.
That store rent-a-cop one is fun,
I wanna try it.
Sure, go ahead.
- I'm the shoplifter, okay?
- Okay.
Come! Welcome to Supermarket Kubota.
We've got a big sale.
We offer tons of fish...
Stinky, dirty, nasty. Come, come.
As little as three-nine-eight. 398,000 yen.
Too much!
What's wrong?
It's too expensive. You're a rent-a-cop.
I just know comedy.
That's enough. Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming today.
Forget everything hard about the world
and let us enrich your barren lives.
Now, let the bondage show begin.
Please forgive me.
What the hell? Your nipples are hard.
- You look very horny.
- Please stop.
My nipples are sensitive.
Your nipples are erect.
Please stop that, I'm embarrassed.
Does your hard-on embarrass you?
- I enjoyed your show.
- Right?
I've never seen anything like this.
It's just a crappy job.
Not at all. You were funny.
For real?
Glad to hear it.
Whoa, look.
Another round of applause, please.
Come on, stop.
Don't applaud.
What is this?
Bravo! You were terrific!
Now, are there any volunteers in the house?
Here, here!
Then, join us, young ladies.
Hey, let's go.
I'm going upstairs.
What for?
So, that last show made
you want to be tied and bound?
You've got guts.
First, put the rope in your mouth.
Just relax, that's right.
You're doing great.
What a bright girl.
You're a doll.
- Why are we here?
- Come here.
- What's this?
- Amazing, no?
- Wow.
- I love these.
- Fantastic.
- Right?
Put that down.
Now strip.
Your hands go here.
- How's it feel?
- What are these?
You can't get out.
You're excited, huh?
Yeah, I am.
What's that?
It's a supplement.
If you take it,
it'll warm your body.
It'll warm your brain too.
Stand firm.
How do you feel to be
hogtied in front of people?
Are you embarrassed?
Could it be you're getting wet?
Stand straight, deary.
You like it?
Let's go somewhere.
It doesn't matter.
Fucking take it.
- Feels good.
- Again! Say it again!
Just relax. That's right.
You're in the air. How does it feel?
It's wildly wonderful, yes?
Ride it! Ride it hard!
I've got...
a child.
Why tell me now?
I want no secrets between us.
Thank you very much.
Please fuck me.
Fuck me more.
Raise your leg.
- I like kids.
- Really?
That's great.
Your call has been forwarded to...
She's not answering.
She's with that comedian?
Someone else.
Well, she's not a child.
Yeah, shall we go home?
Our first time to party together.
Yeah, that's true.
What is our...
What do you mean?
Are we friends? Colleagues? Something else?
Ah, you've got a point.
I never thought about it.
We know each other's working name,
but not our real ones.
Well, each of us has our tale to tell.
That's for sure.
How did you get into this?
You asking me?
A sickness made it so I can't have babies.
Then my husband had
an affair with a younger girl.
And I just didn't care
about anything any longer.
Seriously, I was thinking to die.
But this job makes me feel that men need me.
I really don't know what I want.
Every day we let men
we don't know see us naked.
And we lick their manhood.
I wonder how long it can last.
As long as men exist?
Then, we'll never lose our job!
Well, I'll take a taxi.
- Thanks for today.
- Thank you.
See you later.
Amore, see you soon!
What's wrong?
Not sure.
Hey, wait. Wait a sec.
Why did you stop?
Nobody would stop here.
Let's do it.
Hello, Young Wives Paradise. Yes.
Thank you for using our service once again.
Rie? Sure.
At your home? Certainly.
Rie, that was Kaneda.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
Hello. Mikami speaking.
Where are you?
I've been waiting for you at the spot.
Call me back.
It's the third time. Seriously, call me back!
Maybe she means it this time.
The police...
Huh? Kenta?
Crap. Where'd he go?
Shit, I fucked up...
Please take off your clothes.
It's over.
What's over?
There's no money left.
My wife died...
because of me.
When I took her to the hospital,
it was too late.
She couldn't undergo proper treatment.
She suffered,
and died.
I should've...
noticed her condition earlier.
So much guilt, so much regret.
It's not your fault.
Young Wives Paradise
Oh, hello.
It's two hours. It's an extension?
It's fine.
It's Kaneda, so no worries, right?
What's wrong? Hello?
I...I'm sorry. I'll soon be with you.
Please die with me.
Hey, hello? Hello?
Welcome back.
The agency is in an odd fix.
The agency?
Young Wives Paradise.
Check this out.
Young Wives Paradise is evil
and forces girls to have sex!!
I don't want to say it out loud,
Boss Nonaka
but when you're in the mood,
you gotta do the horizontal bump.
Are you telling me to screw?
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talking about.
What the...
Apparently, it's Horikiri.
He counterattacked. Impressive.
Having fun again.
Yeah, this is fun.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Come on.
Pick up.
Ah, hello? Hello?
- Hello.
- Well...
I've been calling Rie. Is she still with you?
Please call the police.
Police? What are you talking about?
I'm asking if she's still there!
Yes, she is. I...I almost killed her.
Did you say killed? What? Killed?
My god.
I can't. I can't.
I can't kill you.
I can't kill you, Rie.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to be sorry.
I'm alive.
Please choke me.
- No, stop.
- Please choke me.
Please don't.
Choke me...
Choke me!
K...kill me...
Please kill me...
I'm begging you...
I can't.
Kill...kill me. Kill me...
Choke me...Choke...
Choke me...
Shit, I gotta get outta here. Need the list.
And computer...
I'll go to Southeast Asia.
Good, okay. Gotta go.
Oh, wait.
Can't leave this.
Sorry, we're closed.
We're the police.
Are you staff?
No, I'm not.
Must be, since no one else is here.
No, I'm not.
You're Nonaka, yes?
- Who?
- We know everything.
This place isn't registered, right?
I'm not sure. Not sure.
- Look at this.
- What?
What is this?
... you gotta do the horizontal bump.
It says Nonaka.
That's you, right?
Are you telling me to screw?
That's what I'm talking about.
Something terrible has happened,
I was just going to the police.
Well, I...I'm sorry, but...
actually, I'm Nonaka.
- I thought so.
- Right.
Young Wives Paradise is done for.
How do you know?
It's just a Health Express.
Are you mocking us?
No, I'm not.
Are you going to look for another agency?
Why do you ask?
I'll reserve you again.
Can we go up to the roof?
I can't.
Choke me.
Please choke me...
Please kill me.
Kill me...
Ch...choke me...
Choke me...choke me...choke me...
Choke me...
They put up a building there.
Do you hate me?
Still mad about yesterday?
You can badmouth and
make fun of the misfortunes of others on-line,
but you can't do it in the real world.
I don't hate you.
Then why?
I hate you.
I hate the way you said that.
You talk so as not to hurt yourself.
Look at me with your own eyes
and hurt me with your own body.
Let's have sex.
Don't run away.
Hurt me straight.
If you can't do that,
you can buy me like you always do.
Clear the way.
Stand back.
Hello, sir.
Open the door. Suspect coming through.
Excuse me!
Stop, stop it.
What have you done? What's happened?
Listen, she's my wife! My wife!
Hey! That's my wife!
Wait! Hey!
- Where are you going?
- Calm down, okay?
I am calm!
What happened?
I called you many times.
What kind of parent are you?
Don't sorry me. What about the kid?
You think he's still with me?
You're a shitty mother.
The shittiest mom ever.
Okay. Fine.
Your mom will be back.
You don't have to go home if you don't want.
Okay, let's go.
I'm sorry.
What do you want?
You are a mom.
Act like one.
Shut up.
She paid. Stay out of it, asshole.
I'll kill you.
Wanna get something yummy?
Let's all get hamburg steak.
I'm playing pachinko...
At this hour? What's up?
I thought someone would be here.
Did something happen?
Of course.
Things that bring sorrow and pain,
joy and anxiety.
Because I'm human.
What's that?
What about you?
I'm closing the agency.
What? Really?
I don't make much
and I got raided by the police.
Plus, I'm involved in a situation.
I'm fed up with Health Express.
Ignorance is bliss sometimes.
What am I supposed to do after you shut down?
What were you doing before?
I graduated from college
and worked at a company.
Is that so.
But I quit and went into debt.
you'll soon find another agency.
Not making anything
for the time being is the point.
I'll pay, so can I buy you?
Which plan do you want?
The top level one, please.
May I?
Well then, excuse me.
Excuse me.
What the...
Off with my shorts.
Real sex costs extra. Do you want that too?
I definitely want that.
Oh, wait, wait a sec.
When did you have sex last?
A while ago.
Does it feel good?
Best...the best...
It is Masako.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm sorry for everything.
The agency is totally out of business.
You uploaded the movie, right?
It destroyed the agency.
Serves him right.
Well, may I ask something?
Why did you take those videos?
I wanted to be a novelist.
I did it for the story, but I've no talent.
So I'm opening a Health Express agency.
Why don't you join me?
Why are you recruiting me?
Because I don't have any girls yet.
Idiot. You think I would?
Sure, you have to survive too, you know.
Please get in.
Juri Ihata Satsuki Maue Michie
Written and directed by Kazuya Shiraishi
Ayumi Kageyama