Dawning of the Dead (2017) Movie Script

(glasses clinking)
(ominous music)
(typewriter clicking)
- [News Announcer]
It's been three months
since WWN reporter Katya
Nevin was taken hostage.
Although her abductors
are believed to be part
of a known terrorist
it's unclear what
their motives are
since there has been
no contact from them,
nor any ransom demands
made at this time.
(ominous music)
It's feared they
may want retribution
for a damning report
Miss Nevin presented
about the barbaric
nature of the terrorists
during recent confrontations
in the East.
(unsettling music)
(woman whimpering)
(door clicking)
(foreboding music)
(unsettling music)
(menacing music)
(knife clinking)
(intense music)
(dramatic chanting music)
(intense music)
(glass clinking)
(ominous music)
(gun shot banging)
(menacing music)
(unsettling music)
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
- Come in.
- Hi.
You all right?
- I'm fine.
- I'm just about
to do a coffee run.
You've got some time.
Can I get you anything?
- [Katya] No.
- Thanks.
No more caffeine.
- Are you sure you're all right?
- It's just jitters.
- Katya, no one's gonna judge
you if you don't do this.
If you're not ready--
- Why does everyone
keep saying that?
I'm ready, okay?
(ominous music)
I know you mean well.
Could you just
give me some space?
- Sure.
- Go!
Get out!
(exciting music)
- Okay, everyone,
we've cut to our cave.
We are back in three.
- Can we have a look at
camera three please, Steve?
He's looking a
little soft to me.
- Here we go, Lou.
Coffee latte, one sweetener.
- Sal, you're a godsend.
I am dying here.
- Is there anything
else I can get for you?
- Do you know if the new edit
suites are installed or not?
Actually, it's not
your department.
Don't worry, it's fine.
- No, no, no! Let me
just find out for you
and I'll get back to you.
- Above and beyond.
I like it.
Keep it up.
It's working.
- Thanks.
- You!
Yes, you!
Is that my coffee?
- Why didn't you say anything
when I was doing the rounds?
- A good production assistant
anticipates the needs
of her superiors,
if she values her job.
Always keep the talent happy.
Go on.
Off you go. We're done.
- I hate you so fucking much.
- What?
I just wanted a coffee.
(exciting news program music)
- Yep?
Sally, what's up?
- I came to ask about
the new editing suites.
- Christian just texted.
He's waiting in the van.
Everything's under control.
- Okay.
- Hey, Sally.
- Yeah?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Sally.
- Just a shitty day.
So unprofessional.
- You wanna talk about it?
- I'm fine.
It's just one thing
after the other.
How does McDonald
think it's okay
to just humiliate someone
in front of the entire crew?
He's such an arrogant prick.
And then Katya snapped at
me and I couldn't sleep--
- What's wrong with Katya?
- Nothing, she's just agitated.
You know how she gets.
Always an island.
Alex, she's just
about to go on--
- No one's an island, Sally.
So come on, move out the door.
- Alex, she's just
about to go on air.
(unsettling music)
- Katya, it's me.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You don't have
to pretend, Katya.
Not to me.
- Alex, please.
I have to do this.
- You said the same thing
about going to Burma.
"I have to go where the
story takes me," you said.
Then I almost lost you.
- That's not fair.
- No, it's not.
But it did happen to
you, Katya. Didn't it?
I just don't think you should.
- [Katya] Alex!
- We're not doing
this right now.
- But Katya.
- [Katya] No!
- Alex, the decision's made.
Just drop it.
(ominous music)
- Come here.
It's okay.
(somber music)
Look at me.
Focus on my breath, okay?
(inhaling and exhaling)
That's it.
That's it, breathe.
- What you still
doing with me, Alex?
I'm broken.
- I'm putting the
pieces back together.
- You don't have to
feel responsible for me.
- But what if I want to be?
We are a family, Katya.
The three of us.
Til the end.
(dramatic music)
Maybe, when you're ready,
it could be a ring.
- Once step at a time, tiger.
- I know, I know.
But you know what,
I'll wait as long as I have to.
(phone jingling)
Oh, it's Chris.
I'm so sorry, I have to go.
- Okay.
Come see me after the
broadcast, all right?
I'll take you for a coffee.
- Yeah.
Love you.
(foreboding music)
- Come on! Come on!
(intense music)
(gun clicking)
(glass shattering)
- Sir, you're impeding on
a government investigation.
- I just paid six
quid for that meal.
Is the government
gonna pay me back?
- You're a trained operative.
Start acting like one.
(intense music)
(car honking)
- Target is in the open
and we have lost visual.
He's on foot.
Last seen heading west
on central street.
- I think I know
where he's going.
Let's move.
- Wait, how?
- I said, let's move!
(ominous music)
(radio beat music)
- Christian, I told
you a thousand times.
You can't smoke here.
(speaking foreign language)
Do you know how late you are?
- Do you know how hard it is
to get across this
city during rush hour?
- Yes, I do.
I make the same trip
every morning before nine.
Not ten.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
- All right, I'm late.
I'm always late.
- Yeah and I'm getting
sick of covering for you.
- Then don't!
Do you think I give a
shit about this job?
- Excuse me?
- Do you even know me?
- I give a shit.
I vouched for you, man.
Every time you're late,
every time you fuck around,
or every time you do
stupid shit like this,
it reflects badly on me.
- I wouldn't want to spoil
your perfect reputation.
- You know what, just drive.
(yelling foreign language)
(car engine starting)
(intense music)
(helicopters whizzing)
(people screaming)
(ominous music)
- Katya Nevin!
Where is she?
- Do you have an appointment?
- She knows me.
I'm Greg Laborde.
Professor Greg Laborde.
- Is everything
all right, Andrea?
- Please, it's imperative I
see Miss Nevin immediately!
- We have protocols, sir.
If you don't have
an appointment,
I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.
(foreboding music)
- Put the gun down and
give me the drive, now.
Killing you won't wear on my
conscious in the slightest.
- Wait.
He might not have it.
- Get Katya Nevin down here now!
- Sally, they need Katya!
- She's hitting
the silent alarm.
In five minutes, this
place will be crawling
with the domestics.
- We can deal with domestics.
- Katya, there's a
situation downstairs.
(exciting music)
- Coming up next, the
news and the weather.
- With an update
on how strong winds
have forced the closure of
the music festival in Datum.
- Yes, the wind seems
to be influencing people
in the studio at the moment.
- You're on in seven minutes.
- Sally, first and foremost,
I'm an investigative reporter,
I follow the story.
- Guys, we are live.
- I need to speak to Lou.
- Katya!
- Everyone here in the studio
in impervious to weather.
- Impervious?
Well, it looks as if they're
getting a bit wet to me.
- Why are you always to eager
to put yourself at risk, Katya?
- Because if I don't, who will?
Look, this is a story, Sally.
My story.
- No one has ever accused
you of being a wet blanket.
- That's just where she's been
trying to get me for years.
Under those blankets,
but there's no chance.
- Guys, we are trying to
make a news program here.
- Lou, there's a
lunatic downstairs,
waving a gun around and
demanding Katya by name.
She can't go down there.
You have to tell her.
- Who is this guy?
- He's an old source.
My first time out in the field,
it was his story
that broke my career.
- Theoretical biology.
I remember it.
Great piece.
Do you know him well?
- Well enough to know his is
completely out of character.
He's obviously in
some kind of danger.
- I'll give you half an hour.
I'll dig out some
archive to run.
Sally, go with her.
- This is insane.
I can't even believe
we're considering this.
- Don't go far away.
There's lots more coming
up in just a moment.
- Stay with us,
we'll be right back.
(door buzzing)
(bell ringing)
- Okay, we get it.
You're in a hurry.
- You're loving
this, aren't you?
You gotta get used
to me and Katya.
I'm telling you, she's the one.
- Keep telling yourself.
- Yeah, I've been
looking at rings.
- You've been with this
chick a fucking year, Alex.
- Listen, all I'm asking you
for is a little bit of support.
You're the only
family I've got left.
- So what?
You want me to walk you
down the fucking aisle?
Why don't you support yourself?
That's what you're
good at anyway.
- That's not fair.
(bell ringing)
- You know what?
You've got some brass
fucking balls on you
talking to me about fair.
Fuck this.
I'm going for a smoke.
- Yeah, fuck off.
(ominous music)
(static buzzing)
(foreboding music)
Reggie? Phillis?
(ominous music)
(glass shattering)
(eerie music)
(unsettling music)
(intense music)
(intense music)
(menacing music)
(intense music)
- No closer!
(elevator beeping)
- Laborde!
- Katya, quickly come here.
Take it!
- Stand back for
your own safety.
(intense music)
- This is the biggest
story of your career!
Take it!
- You're gonna wanna
give me that right now.
- Sally.
Go upstairs, now!
- But.
- Go!
(intense music)
(police sirens alerting)
(intense music)
(people screaming)
(rapid gun firing)
- Who are you?
- I'm just a great admirer
of your work, professor.
You. Where did you
send the drive?
- I know my rights.
I don't need to
tell you anything
until you identify yourself.
- Where?
- Proteus, she's a civilian.
(ominous music)
- Nah.
She's not a civilian.
Something special.
Now where did your
colleague take my drive?
- Fuck you.
- Let's go!
Get something!
- Officers.
This situation is under
government jurisdiction.
- Government jurisdiction?
Are you fucking kidding me?
It's a massacre out there.
- Everybody needs to
just stay calm, okay?
Everything's under control.
- Do you know something?
Look at it!
What's fucking happening, man?
(gun clicking)
- All right.
- Laborde, why me?
- What comes next needs
strength, character.
You were just the
logical choice.
- I'm scared.
- [Laborde] You can't
afford that luxury.
- What's fucking happening?
What's the situation here?
- Take it easy.
- Please, go!
- Come on.
What's your end game here?
Just put the gun down.
- Answers, now!
- You're not government.
You were the inside source.
Have you any idea
what you've done?
- I did my duty to my people.
- Your people?
You think your people
are safe from this?
No one is safe.
- [Proteus] Safety
is just an illusion.
Power. Loyalty.
That's real.
- Death is real.
That's what's coming for us.
Me, you, your benefactors.
All of us.
(foreboding music)
I'm infected!
(elevator dinging)
(ominous music)
- Where?
(intense music)
(door rattling)
(intense music)
Ashcroft, the ax.
(glass shattering)
(foreboding music)
(reporter speaking
foreign language)
- Katya, what the
hell is going on?
- Where's the drive?
- Sally took it to tech.
Let's just get the
weight off your feet,
you poor thing.
- Get off me, I can
do it on my own.
- Don't worry, everyone.
Everything's under control.
(ominous music)
- God, what have I done?
- Look at me!
Self defense, all right?
You tell those fuckers,
when they question you,
you had no choice.
Jesus Christ, what the fuck
happened in there, man?
Fuck, finger prints.
- I think she was eating Reggie.
Why are you laughing?
- Relax, man!
You're going into shock.
- Yeah and why the
fuck aren't you?
- Just calm the fuck down, okay?
We need to get our
story straight before
the police arrive.
- I told you the
fucking story, Chris!
Oh shit!
Oh fuck!
I'm fucked.
Oh, I am so, so, so fucked.
Give me a cigarette.
- I thought you quit.
- Don't start with me now.
- It's my last one.
- Chris!
I just killed someone!
I think I'm allowed the
last fucking cigarette!
(intense music)
- Fuck, man!
They're fucking eating him!
(eerie music)
- Katya,
you're scaring me.
Helps me even my breathing.
- Are you seeing
someone about this?
- Of course I am.
- And they cleared you to
come back to work, right?
this is getting serious.
I need you to tell
me what you know.
Why my people are getting shot
at in their place of work.
Are you listening to me?
- Shut the fuck up!
What was on the drive?
What was on the drive?
- Oh, shit.
I'm not getting a signal.
This is bad. This is really bad.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Studio, this is Alex Petit.
Lou? Katya?
- Are you shitting me?
- Do you respond?
Goddamn it, where are they?
We're out of range!
You fucking idiot!
Look at it out there.
This is about us now,
not them.
Not her.
- You know we have
to go back, Chris.
We can't deal with
this on our own.
- Why can't you tell
your old man
I don't have to do shit.
I'm not gonna die
for your woman!
- Are you blind?
Do you not see what's
happening out there?
We need people! We need a group!
- We've got a group.
You and me!
Why is that never
enough for you?
- Look, I won't make it
back there on my own,
but I'm going either way.
I need you on my
side here, Chris.
Not Katya.
I'm asking you, as your brother,
what's it gonna take?
- Fuck!
Let's get the fuck out of here!
(glass shattering)
(intense music)
- [Officer] I'll
cover this side!
- Lock the door, now!
Civilians, clear the doors now!
- Who do you think you are?
Who are you?
- What part of what I just
said need followup questions?
- No, no, no.
- Any more questions?
- Look, everyone go
back to your offices,
lock yourselves in and hide.
The building is under attack.
- What?
- The lift's been blocked.
- [Ashcroft] How?
- Does it matter?
- What you mean,
we're under attack?
- Look, will you just go?
- I've gotta get out of here.
(foreboding music)
- No!
- This way, quick!
(intense music)
- What the fuck?!
- Wait, hold on.
Jill, come in.
- Yeah, who is it?
- Thank God.
Jill, it's Mark from downstairs.
Listen, where are you?
- You keeping tabs on me?
I'm on break.
- Look, I need you at the second
floor maintenance lift now!
And bring your keys, okay?
- Okay.
Be down in 10 minutes.
- No, your break
is fucking over!
Get down here right now!
(intense music)
(ominous music)
- [Female Reporter]
A state of emergency!
I'm telling you, it's
too little, too late!
Everywhere is in
a state of panic!
It's totally out of control!
- We've waited
quite long enough.
I've got dinner
plans this evening.
Come on, girl! Play it!
- My name is Sally.
I've worked here for two years.
Lou said to wait for Katya
before we do anything,
so we're waiting.
- Listen to me,
If you value your future here,
you'll do your very best
to keep on my good side.
All I have to do is
to put in a phone call
and I'll never see you again.
Now play it!
- Don't you worry.
He gave me, word for word,
that exact same speech in '98
when I refused to suck his
dick at the Christmas party.
Stuck in the '70s.
(somber elevator music)
(intense music)
(elevator dinging)
- Oh, hello.
(intense music)
- Carpenter!
Carpenter, come!
- Wait!
(ominous music)
- Listen, bitch, what the
fuck do you know about it?
- What's wrong with you?
- I'll tell you
what's wrong with me.
I am sick and tired
of being disrespected
by this woman!
- Peter, you need
to earn respect,
you sexist asshole.
- I have earned it.
I have been the
cornerstone of this network
since 1975!
- Here we go. Same old story.
You're like a broken
fucking record.
- Hey!
Not the time.
Play the video.
- This is Professor
Greg Laborde.
This is my final report
regarding the giant virus,
Pandora Viridae Siberiacum.
This is not a sanctioned report.
It is my confession.
Discovered in the frozen soil
beneath the now melting
permafrost in Siberia.
It survived in stasis for
around 30 thousand years.
At first it appeared dormant.
Harmless to humans.
However, when introduced
into our rat's bloodstreams,
we found that it had awakened,
infecting the rats as
rapidly and competitively
as anything I've ever seen.
Pandora Viridae caused
total circularity shutdown
over a variable period
of one to 24 hours.
In the broadest terms,
the rats were still functioning,
albeit, in a heightened
state of aggression.
Even though the virus had
effectively killed them.
I was able to procure a
sizable government contract
almost immediately.
Unlimited finance,
They wanted me to prolong the
lives of willing soldiers.
Allow them to keep fighting,
even though they should be dead,
- No, this is a hoax.
- Bollocks!
Left-wing, anti-coalition
propaganda is what it is.
There's no virus.
- Laborde is easily the most
credible source I've ever had.
Why would he lie?
- I don't know.
Cause he's a fucking liar.
- I knew it was unethical.
I told myself that the end
somehow justifies the means.
I was wrong.
Transference occurs by ingestion
of contaminated bodily fluids.
Either orally
or through contact of
infected material with,
say, an open wound.
A scratch or a bite has
proved fatal in 100 percent
of the cases we've all observed.
Once infected, these
automatons become
single-minded in their
effort to consume
living organic matter.
They gain no biological
sustenance whatsoever
from this practice,
but it seems to be
all that drives them.
Once fully reanimated,
removal of the head or
destruction of the brains
is the surest
method of dispatch.
They just keep coming.
On February the 23, 2017,
the lab was breached.
Most likely a terrorist cell.
Whoever they are, they must
have had a source on the inside.
They knew exactly what
they were looking for
and they took everything.
Enough samples were stolen
to target at least 40
population zones at once.
Should that be the case,
it would be the extinction of
at least 99 percent
of the human race.
I don't know what's
going on anymore,
who to trust.
I'm getting out.
I'm going to wipe my data,
destroy all my samples,
this will be the
only empirical trace
of Pandora Viridae Siberiacum.
I'm going to expose
it to the world.
But I've made my choices
and I will suffer
the consequences
along with everybody else.
(car rumbling)
(car doors slamming)
It's not safe here, Katya.
I'm not sure if
it's safe anywhere.
I'm gonna have to cut this.
I'm sorry, Katya, to
burden you with this.
I just didn't know
who else to turn to.
(foreboding music)
You have integrity
and courage.
Goodbye, Katya,
and good luck.
- Come on, Katya.
The extinction of
the human race?
Who is this guy?
- Who was he?
He just blew his brains
out in front of me
because he believed
he was infected.
- Oh my God.
- No.
This isn't real.
This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.
(ominous music)
- What does this mean?
How much time do we have?
We've gotta get out of here.
- No.
Right now, we're secure.
If we leave the studio,
we're totally exposed.
- No.
That's not real.
This isn't happening.
That's not happening.
- Lou, why haven't we heard
anything about this before?
What are the other
networks broadcasting?
- All down.
(foreboding music)
- Sally's right.
I'm not staying here.
- This is your story.
We've got to put it
out there, warn people.
We can't just abandon our posts.
- I never said that.
Look, we don't have
to physically be here
to put this on air, do we?
Can't you broadcast on a loop?
- Well, yes, but it would
take hours to set up.
- Set it up.
I'll shoot an address,
we'll paste it on to
Laborde's confession
and then we'll
leave it out there
for as long as the power holds.
- You better have a plan.
- I do.
- What are you doing?
- All over the world
there are these digital
broadcast satellite channels.
Independent of the big networks.
It's a long shot,
but there's just a chance
that maybe some of them
picked up...
(ominous music)
- [Sally] Oh, God.
- Paris.
Martin lives there.
(ominous music)
- I'm so scared.
- It's okay.
(foreboding music)
(microphone whistling)
- Shut that thing up, man!
- Still no signal.
- I don't know what
you're smiling about.
She might as well be
on the fucking moon.
- Come on, we've come this far.
What's an extra mile?
- It's pushing our luck
is what it is, Alex, okay?
She's not part of
the fucking plan.
- Don't force me to make
the hard decision, Chris.
Don't do that to me again.
- Fuck family, right?
When there's pussy in the mix.
You sound like a
little fucking brat.
- Do you know who
you sound like?
- Don't you fucking dare, man!
- You sound like dad.
(speaking foreign language)
What the fuck?
(unsettling music)
- What?
(eerie music)
(intense music)
(foreboding music)
(reporter speaking
foreign language)
(intense music)
- Fuck!
- One.
- Whoa!
(foreboding music)
- We're closed.
Get away from me!
- [Chris] All right!
- Get out of my shop!
- Chill out! Chill out!
(intense music)
- Fuck!
- Help me.
- Chris!
I think I broke my
fucking shoulder.
- Holy shit, they're so fast.
- Don't kill me.
Just take whatever
you want and go.
- Oh great and this is
what we're going now?
- Look, if it's as bad
as it looks out there,
I'll never eat quick right now.
Are you?
- Are you okay?
- Can't feel my legs.
- Come on, man,
you gotta get up.
- Okay.
I can't. Just leave me.
- Shit, this guy's
going nowhere.
- Well then, I guess
we can take these.
And check this.
Yeah, we're not in bad shape.
- We'd be in better shape
if there were more of us.
- We have to try and manage.
- How?
- Now we've got a gun.
- Yeah and how many
bullets are in that thing?
- Four. Okay.
But it's better than none.
Anyway, what if I
was wrong before?
What if it's not as bad
as it looks out there?
Maybe the army will be
through here shortly.
- I know it's bad
enough that we need more
than four fucking bullets.
I'm not waiting for the army.
I don't wanna die here.
We need to cover ground.
A car, I don't care, anything.
- And go where?
- I don't care.
Take your pick
after we get Katya.
- Just boost a car.
What if we set off an alarm?
Then we're fucked!
- We're already fucked!
- We've got what we got, okay?
Get that through your head
before you get us both killed.
- Gentlemen!
I have a car!
- Get us both killed?
You're the one airing
your daddy issues
in the middle of the street
where we're supposed
to be hiding!
- [Old Man] I have a car!
- [Chris] Fuck you!
- You gutted me,
your piece of shit.
That was your fault!
- Oh, of course,
it's always my fault.
- It's nice you
finally admit it, man.
- You know what?
You need to grow up and take
some fucking responsibility.
- Gentlemen!
I have a car!
A nice car.
(intense music)
- [Chris] This is not
a nice fucking car.
Shit! Look out!
Where the fuck did you
learn to drive like this?
- I took a rally
driving class last year.
- [Chris] Thank fuck you did.
- No, thank Katya.
- What are you doing,
you crazy fuck?!
Hold on!
(exciting music)
(gunshot booming)
(engine revving)
Oh my God! I can't
believe that we made it!
That was fucking awesome, man!
(intense music)
We need a plan!
- [Alex] I'm thinking the docks.
- The docks?
Okay, I like it.
We could find a boat.
Tell me that's not a solid plan.
- Maybe I could get a
signal on the walkie.
- Fuck the walkie.
- If we can just, I
don't know, talk to her.
What if she's waiting for us?
- There you go again, "what if."
What if she's dead?
- Look, why are we bickering
like two little girls?
I mean, we need to keep moving.
As long as we're in this car--
- Fuck!
- Oh shit!
(intense music)
- [Chris] Fuck!
Come on, hurry up!
Come on, let's go!
(police sirens wailing
- [Male Reporter] We
have videos coming in
from the internet of attacks.
Head shots.
Arm yourself and shoot to kill.
You gotta go for the head shots.
God help you all.
God help America.
God help the future
we hope of ourselves.
(intense music)
(exciting music)
- Ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Katya Nevin
and this is an
emergency address.
(ominous music)
As many of you
are no doubt already
the country,
perhaps the entire planet,
is under siege
by the reanimated bodies
of the recently dead.
The cause looks to be
the world wide release
of a virus called Pandora
Viridae Siberiacum.
Make no mistake,
this is an attack
on a scale the likes of
which has never been seen.
At the time of this address,
we have no information
as to the perpetrators.
What is to follow is
a video confession
from the professor who
discovered this virus.
Do not direct your
anger towards him.
Heed his words.
It is imperative that
as many as possible
survive these first days.
Humanity will need you
for what comes next.
As of now,
our immediate concerns
are right at our doors.
Your loved ones,
all your friends or colleagues,
if they have been infected,
they are now lost to you.
They are your enemies.
And they must be approached
with either extreme caution
or extreme prejudice.
(ominous music)
A new predator succeeds
us on the food chain.
Survival now comes at a cost.
Find it and pay it gladly.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I wish you the best of luck.
(intense music)
(gunshots firing)
(reporter speaking
foreign language)
(speaking foreign language)
(foreboding music)
(walkie beeping)
- Studio, this is Alex Petit.
Katya, are you there?
- No answer, satisfied?
- Studio, this is
Alex Petit, respond.
Do you even know
how to pilot a boat?
- You captain a boat, dickhead.
- You captain ship, bitch,
not a boat.
- This is Professor
Greg Laborde.
April the 22nd, 2017.
4:09 AM.
This is my final report
regard the giant virus,
Pandora Viridae Siberiacum.
This is not a sanctioned report.
It is my confession.
(dramatic music)
Discovered in the frozen soil
beneath the now melting
permafrost in Siberia.
We estimated that Pandora
Viridae Siberiacum
survived in stasis for
around 30 thousand years.
At first it appeared dormant.
Harmless to humans.
(intense music)
- Andrea, stay with me!
(ominous music)
- Everyone! Everyone, calm down!
- Calm down?
Fucking calm down?!
We're gonna die
in this room now!
- If we stay put in the studio,
we're locked down.
We can stay alive
until the army--
- Until what?
Who is gonna come here for us?
Either those things out
there or the police.
- This is getting
completely out of control.
- All right!
All right, it's bad!
But where are we going to run?
If one of you leaves the studio,
we are all put in jeopardy.
Look, we need to document this.
We need to put this out there.
The public needs to know.
- Fuck off!
Fuck off with your crusade, Lou.
Stick it up your fucking ass!
I'm getting out of here
and if anybody wants to live,
let's go!
Get your skinny
ass out of the way!
- Peter, you're right.
We stay here and we're dead.
We can't make it down
all of those stairs.
Not without weapons,
without torches,
we'd be overrun in
about five seconds.
- Well, what do you suggest?!
We have sail down to the
front of the fucking building?
- There's a roof access
stairway on this floor.
Alex and I used to eat
lunch up there sometimes.
Look, the only way to get to it
is through the studio.
So it should be
clear, in theory.
There's a fuse box.
We trip the switch, try
and ride the lift down.
It might take more
than one trip,
but I can guarantee
more of us will survive.
- And what makes you
so fucking qualified
to make this assessment?!
- Look, Peter,
all of you!
I can't make you wait.
But if you leave
now, you'll die.
It's that simple.
You think you can outrun them?
After two heart attacks, Peter?
Come on.
You need to be
smarter than that.
We all need to be smart.
Just give me ten minutes.
I'll have the power back,
we'll have lights and
we'll stand a chance.
- Fine! Fine!
10 minutes!
- Fuck off.
What about the broadcast?
- Broadcast's dead.
- So are we.
Why run?
- One way or the other, I'm
getting out of this building.
The decision's made.
- [Alex] Studio, this is
Alex Petit, are you there?
Studio, this is
Alex Petit, respond.
- Hello?
Who is this?
- Katya, is that you?
- Alex?
- Katya, are you safe?
Are you okay?
- Oh God, I thought
for sure you were dead.
Where are you?
- We're at the docks.
It's not looking good out here.
We're coming to get you.
- We're not, Alex.
We're fucking not!
- [Katya] Is that Christian?
- Shit, what is that?
- Alex, don't come back
here, the place is infested.
- Katya, it's breaking up.
We're coming back to get you.
We're coming now.
- Alex, don't come back here.
Can you hear me, please?
Alex, respond.
- Christian!
- How is that for a response?
- Fucking dick.
- Fuck off!
(intense music)
- She's pregnant.
Katya's pregnant.
- That city is a mass grave.
To go in there, you're
not coming back out.
This is it, Alex.
Fine, then go.
I don't do goodbyes.
(ominous music)
(reporter speaking
foreign language)
(ominous music)
- Oh, shit!
(eerie music)
(Lou whimpering)
- Lou?
- Everything okay?
- You said we were
locked down up here.
- Yeah.
- How?
- The doors.
They're on reinforced
electronic locks.
Pretty much impossible to
bypass without a keycard.
- And how do they
work without power?
(foreboding music)
- [Lou] Fuck!
(intense music)
- Mother fucker!
(intense music)
(menacing music)
(ominous music)
Eat this, you bitch!
- Andrea.
Andrea, come on, come on.
You're gonna be okay.
She's gonna be okay.
- [Mark] Fuck!
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
(unsettling music)
(intense music)
(fire crackling)
(ominous music)
- Sally?
- I thought you were dead.
- Was anybody bitten?
- I don't know.
It was chaos.
- You saw the video.
You know how easily
this thing spreads.
- What are you saying, Lou?
(foreboding music)
- Everybody, can I
have your attention?
We're safe for now.
At least, unless the
power fails again.
But there is something
that we need to address.
This is not going
to be easy to hear.
The virus that
causes this illness
is extremely contagious.
If you were bitten or scratched,
there's a high chance that
you could be infected.
- Get the fuck out of
the way, you stupid cow.
- You're bitten!
He's bitten!
- I am not bitten.
- What's that on your shirt?
- And who do you think
you're fucking talking to?
I am the face of the network.
If it wasn't for me.
- What are you doing?
Calm down!
- He was bitten.
I had to!
- Calm down.
- I had to.
I had to.
(unsettling music)
- Jesus.
(menacing music)
- [Officer] He's still moving.
(gunshots booming)
(guns clicking)
(intense music)
(reporter speaking
foreign language)
(ominous music)
(walkie buzzing)
- Alex, can you hear me?
(walkie buzzing)
I need you.
Alex, please respond.
I can't do this on my own.
(dramatic music)
Lou, what's happened?
- They were out there
waiting for us.
We're trapped.
- Alex and Christian
are alive out there,
which means there
must be others too.
We can make it, we
just need a plan.
- We have a plan.
We're going to fortify
the studio as best we can.
- What about food?
- There's bottled water
in all the dressing rooms.
That'll last awhile
if a ration it
and as for food,
we'll figure something out.
- Figure something out?
Lou, that's not an answer.
- Katya, you didn't see
what we're up against.
We are TV professionals,
not warriors.
- Don't make me do this alone.
- Sweetheart,
I think you should lie down.
- No!
- Face reality, Katya.
You're just as doomed
as the rest of us.
- I've been doomed before, Lou.
I didn't lie down then.
I'm not lying down now.
Everyone listen to me.
If we stay here, this
studio will be our tomb.
- What else can we do?
- We could fight.
Isn't that what we do?
Leah, I've watched your
career since I was girl.
You're one of the original
female news anchors.
A crusader for women everywhere.
A fighter.
And Lou, an openly gay man
working in the media in the 70s
and you're telling me
you don't know how to
fight for something?
I don't believe that.
Yeah, this might be bigger
than everyone one of us,
but if we fight together,
if we work as a crew,
we stand a chance.
There is always a way.
(ominous music)
- Don't you guys
get pissed tested?
- [Officers] I did.
- Look!
They're planning something.
- With that shit up their noses?
Of course they are.
We're ditching them.
They've become a
detriment to the mission.
- What was the last
admission, Proteus?
"This is Ashcroft
to command. Over.
"Does anybody copy?
"This is Agent Ashcroft. Over.
"Does anybody respond?"
- What's your fucking point?
Gentlemen, if you please
put your MP-5s on the ground
on your way out.
- Fucking scumbag.
- Fucking scumbag?
(foreboding music)
MP-5s! Ground, now!
(ominous music)
I could do you now
or you could take your
chances out there.
(intense music)
(gun shots firing)
(intense music)
- Sally, get up.
- I can't.
- Look, there's not
second chances now, Sally.
Once we're gone,
you're on your own.
- Katya, I've been bitten.
- Oh, Sally.
Oh, God.
- That's it. It's fine.
Just leave me here.
It won't be so bad.
(dramatic music)
- Good luck.
- You too.
You need it more than me.
- Okay, guys, remember.
As hard as you can
and at the skull only.
These things won't go down
until the brain's destroyed.
Be warned.
Hesitate and you're dead.
Are we ready?
- We're ready.
- Let's go.
(ominous music)
(intense music)
- Which way to the roof?
- This way.
- Kill him.
- I can't kill him.
- Kill him, for fuck's sake.
- I can't!
(intense music)
- Shit.
Fuck you!
(door banging)
- Okay, Lou.
On my mark, open the door.
get ready to start swinging.
(ominous music)
You ready?
- Yes.
- Now!
(intense music)
- Katya!
- Katya,
are you all right?
Someone help me get
her to the studio.
(unsettling music)
(intense music)
(foreboding music)
- Fuck!
Christian, get down.
- You're welcome, bye the way.
- Okay, there's a whole
bunch of police cars parked
in front of the building.
If we can get to them
without being spotted,
we can sneak right
out to the door.
- That's a relief.
Were you just gonna run
across and hope for the best?
- What else could we do?
- Misdirection.
First rule of slight of hand.
it kills me that you had
the balls to tell dad
to go fuck himself.
I spent all these years
convinced that you abandoned me.
But you know what?
You're the only one that didn't.
You're not the coward, I am.
Fuck that shit.
I'm done with the past.
Better late than never, right?
(intense music)
- [Alex] Go! Go!
Come on!
- Oh shit!
(intense music)
(gun shot booming)
(gun shot booming)
(ominous music)
(gun shot booming)
What the fuck?
Get moving, Alex!
Go! Go! Go!
(gun shot booming)
(foreboding music)
Go! Go!
- Oh shit!
- Give me a fucking break!
- [Alex] We can't get out.
- Fuck!
I knew this would happen!
I fucking knew it!
- Calm down! I need
to fucking think!
- Think about what?
There is one way in and out.
We're fucked!
- I'm sick of this shit, man.
It's your fucking fault.
If we weren't late this morning,
I would've been here on time.
I'd be in the
building with Katya.
I had a good life!
You have to come
here and fuck it up,
like you fuck up everything!
(yelling foreign language)
(door rumbling)
(gun clicking)
(ominous music)
Look at me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
I'm just losing my
fucking head, that's all.
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
I got a fucking plan.
(intense music)
(ominous music)
- What the fuck?
- I hope she's worth it.
- [Alex] Let's go.
(foreboding music)
- Five targets.
The entrance to the studio
is right behind them.
- Proteus.
When we get in there.
- Five targets, eight shots.
That's plenty.
(gunshots booming)
(intense music)
- Jesus Christ.
Proteus, I'm done! I'm out!
- Move now!
- You're not listening to me.
I don't know who's
feeding you orders,
but I don't like this.
I don't feel I'm
on the right side.
- There's only one side now,
Ashcroft, and I'm on it.
If you want to survive
this nightmare,
you move the fuck
out of the way now!
- God!
Oh God!
I don't think I can.
- You want me to do it for you?
- Just wait a minute.
(foreboding music)
- Wait! Wait!
Come on.
This fucking dick's
locked us out!
(ominous music)
- Lou.
- Are you okay?
You passed out.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Is Sally?
She's bitten.
We need to deal with her.
Then I think we
should get everybody.
- It's over, Katya.
Can't you understand that?
- No.
No, Lou, please.
No, I need to get out of here.
- He's right.
(menacing music)
- You've got to go
and find her, man!
- I can't leave you hear.
- If you don't find her,
what was the point
of all this, Alex?
- Maybe we can make
a break for it?
- Take this.
- Where the fuck
did you find that?
- Doesn't matter. Take it!
And don't say I never
did anything for you.
You gotta go, man!
- Christian, I can't
just leave you hear!
- Just go!
Go! Save her!
- You want this?
Take it.
Mission accomplished.
- Look,
there's no need.
- Fuck!
(menacing music)
(door rumbling)
- Fucking mentals.
All right, come and
get me, you fuckers!
(somber music)
(dramatic music)
- Did you do all of this?
- Yeah.
I'm a liberator.
A hero.
- A hero?
You've committed
global genocide.
- And your government
created the weapon.
Ironic, isn't it?
The global population
is in crisis.
We simply can't continue
sharing the planet.
This is necessary.
- Who are you working for?
- No!
You don't get to ask.
- Alex.
(intense music)
- Fuck!
(liquid gushing)
(ominous music)
- Alex.
- Are you all right?
- You shouldn't
have come back here.
- I couldn't lose you again.
- I've made a way out of here.
But we need to hurry.
I said hurry!
- Sally?
- [Lou] Hurry!
(menacing music)
- Get away from me, bitch!
- Why did you bring us in here?
- Before we went digital,
we had to get tapes up from
the vault in the basement.
- You only telling us this now?
- I haven't thought
about it in years.
It's a relic.
- Does that thing even work?
(lift humming)
- Thank God.
- Okay, yes!
Katya, get in here.
We're getting the
fuck out of here.
That's it, we're dead.
- Come on.
- Don't wait there, Katya!
I can't hold this off forever.
(ominous music)
- I love you.
(intense music)
(eerie music)
- She needs you now.
- Lou, you're next.
- We can't both go.
I've got something to
wrap up here anyway.
Just go after her.
(ominous music)
- You're a good man, Lou.
- I know!
Just go!
- Come on! Come on!
(dramatic music)
- Right outside the door now
and I've run out
of patience to run.
I keep telling myself
that I'll make it.
it's been an honor
and a privilege
to bring the news
these past 28 years.
Time's flown.
It's all been a laugh.
if, somehow, you're watching.
I love you.
(static buzzing)
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
- We're gonna make it.
Okay, we're not out of
the woods yet, Katya.
(somber music)
I love you.
I love you so much.
- Alex.
- What?
What's the matter?
- You're bleeding.
- It's just a scratch.
(ominous music)
- I can't do this on my own.
- You don't have to.
I'm not going
anywhere ever again.
I swear to God, okay?
I love you.
All right?
This is not the end.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(gun clicking)
- No!
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
(exciting rock music)