Dawshom Awbotaar (2023) Movie Script

Sir! Sir!
Save me, please!
- Get off me!
- Sir...
Sir, he's going to kill me.
Sir, please...
Hold on.
Wait a minute.
Aren't you Ganesh?
- I'm Ganesh.
- Put him in the lockup.
- File the charge sheet.
- Put me in.
Wait a minute.
Come here.
What's wrong?
Why the fk
are you suddenly surrendering?
- Sir.
- Sir.
Oh, it's because of you!
Now I get it.
Let the bastard go.
Give me a minute.
He operates in my area.
He surrendered here
which is under my jurisdiction.
- I can't just let him go.
- Look.
It's an auspicious day.
- Let me kill him in an encounter.
- Oh my God! Sir!
- Sir, stop him.
- Wait a minute.
Put that back.
- Stop him.
- Shut up, you bloody swine!
Put him in the lockup right away.
Let me take care of him.
Come on.
Come with me.
Let's talk.
Come on.
You've gone soft.
You weren't such a wuss
in the academy.
He's a seasoned criminal.
Eleven murders.
Seven extortion cases. Three rapes.
And you're protecting him.
Probir! Probir...
Have you lost your mind?
Talking about killing him
in an encounter.
Any idea what the media will do
if they find out?
Your case has been going on
for four years.
If you didn't have special permission
you'd be rotting away
in your old house like a ghost.
Didn't know Monty's dad
was so influential.
Is he a promoter or president?
He's hired some top lawyers.
That's why I'm telling you.
Lie low for some time.
The police department
needs you.
It's mutual.
Now when I get back home...
I run my fingers
through department's hair.
Department serves me dinner.
Then I cozy up with the department
and fall asleep.
Have you seen this guy around?
No, sir.
So, you know him.
How often does he come?
What time?
I really don't know him, sir.
Please trust me...
Forget about it.
Make me a cocktail.
Which one, sir?
You mean margarita?
Bloody bastard!
Hope you can figure out
how to make it.
Don't call me sir, fker!
Call me inspector.
I'm not a pencil-pushing clerk
at a govt. office.
- Sorry, Inspector--
- Poddar.
Don't stutter.
It'll sound bad.
Go ahead.
Sorry, Inspector Pod--
Shut up!
Asked you not to stutter.
Sorry, Inspector Pod--
Say my name correctly!
Sorry, Inspector Poddar.
Now say it.
Sorry, Inspector Poddar.
Now say it slowly.
Sorry, Inspector Poddar.
When does he come here?
Every Wednesday, sir.
After 10 p. m.
It's 11:30 p. m.
Close the bar.
- Wrap it up.
- Right away.
Pay your bills.
What's this?
I didn't ask for the bill.
Sir, a senior officer is here.
- Local police station?
- Yes, sir.
I'll take care of it.
Get him out!
I just want to--
Drown your sorrows
in your drink. Right?
But time's up.
Come back tomorrow.
What do you mean?
Aren't we going
to have some booze?
No booze to be had?
How about some cases
under IPC?
Will do.
But I need some snacks.
I see.
Some peanuts, green chillies...
Or some potato chips.
The local spicy ones.
Spicy chips...
Got it.
Hey, put him in the van.
Which police station?
Which police station?
What the fk!
Sorry, sir.
I didn't realise...
I mean how'd I know...
You know D-Dilip?
He comes here often.
That's why I raided...
I mean...
I got a tip...
I'm extremely sorry, sir.
Beg your pardon, sir?
Would you like some?
Actually, sir...
Not when I'm on duty.
I can have it, sir.
But only with country liquor.
Get me my morning whisky.
I'll be there.
Early in the fking morning!
- Who buys the fish at home?
- I do.
I do it, sir.
What do you buy?
Carp, butterfish, pomfret.
Hilsa and prawn
when we have guests.
Do you know this fish?
What, sir?
This fish.
No, sir.
This is the red-bellied piranha.
See what they do
if they're hungry.
It'd taste good
with some mustard.
The victim is an infamous
real estate promoter.
Yes, sir.
He's a don in this area too.
Not a single crime here
he isn't involved in.
He's killed hundreds of people.
He's murdered people
to grab their land.
Taken bribes, used faulty materials
and made buildings collapse.
The list goes on.
He had the support
of the ruling party...
that's why
he could get away with it.
So, no dearth of enemies.
Find the latest one.
I did.
He had a fallout with Swapan
last week.
Check the alibis.
In the meantime, I will...
What's that, sir?
This is the clue found
at the crime scene
that even a sharp assistant
or a promising junior misses.
It's only noticed by the detective
who turns out to be the hero.
Got it, sir.
But what is it?
Holy basil beads.
Off to find hungry pets.
Come, sir.
Red-bellied piranha?
No, sir.
That's dangerous.
You won't find it here.
We keep dragonfish, crocodile fish.
Gourami, fighter, discus.
And tiger barb and black molly.
You'll find roach.
- Goldfish too--
- Okay, got it.
I don't want the entire list.
Just tell me where I can find it.
Sorry, sir.
You won't find it here.
Maybe a tortoise.
There's a guy in Bangalore
who has good stuff with papers.
Completely legal.
I have his number here.
Thank you.
Sir, he has iguanas too.
And ball pythons.
Don't need those.
We raise a dangerous species too.
Come to the station.
I'll show you.
The planet farthest from the Sun--
Poltu, look at the board.
The planet farthest
from the Sun
and the smallest planet
of the solar system is Pluto.
It takes 5 and a half hours
for Sun's light to reach Pluto.
How long would it take
by bus?
By bus?
Let's assume you'll take
the straight route.
You'll have to take
a few loo breaks.
The road will be empty.
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune...
No traffic jam there.
The bus will be moving
at 100 km/hr.
So, the time you'll take
is 6293 years.
Sorry, we're late.
Actually, the customer
was not leaving.
- Make space for him.
- Go.
I have to leave for office.
The class is almost over.
- Then...
- It's okay.
- Bye, sir.
- Hmm.
Bye, dear.
Pluto is very cold.
It's so cold
that we can't even imagine.
Tell me how much time it takes
for Sun's light to reach Pluto.
Ready, sir?
Where were you?
Get started now.
What kind of pressure
would you prefer?
Harder than soft.
But softer than medium.
No deep tissue.
Only aroma therapy.
Try the high pressure massage.
No, no.
It hurts a lot.
I like the soft massage.
Please try it, sir.
I guarantee you won't feel anything
after the first stroke.
Okay, fine.
Please start.
Thank you, sir.
You'll be very relieved.
This is a one-way street.
My car isn't backing off.
- I'm not moving.
- I'll make you!
- Is this your dad's road?
- Don't you dare!
- Don't drag my dad into this!
- Or what?
You're going to regret this.
Get lost!
Or I'll smack you!
- I'll finish you off.
- Go ahead.
- Move your car!
- Hey, get going!
Are you blind?
Move your car!
(indistinct chatter)
- What the hell!
- Get going!
Getting late for school.
Can you drive around?
What a pain!
Ask him to back up.
(indistinct chatter)
Can't read road signs!
(indistinct chatter)
- Think I'm scared of you?
- You better be. Move!
- Move out of the way!
- Get lost!
- Move your bloody car!
- I won't! Go to hell!
- You got into the wrong lane!
- Hey! Don't talk rubbish!
How long will this go on?
He's the one
in the wrong lane.
- And you're right?
- Make me move!
Stop it!
Hold up, guys!
We have to report
how each bullet was used.
We have to note it down
in a register.
Now, if I tell them...
I had to use a costly bullet
to stop a cock fight...
What would they say?
You can't threaten us like this.
You're right, brother!
You can't misbehave with us
like this.
Now you're on the same side?
Laws of the land.
This... is... not right...
What do you want?
Move your cars
or I'll make some blood sausages.
- You can't scare us.
- We're not scared of you.
You can't scare us--
May I come in, sir?
Please come in.
This is Probir Roy Chowdhury.
We've already met.
Please sit.
- I'll come to the point.
- Yes, sir.
A businessman was murdered yesterday.
A so-called businessman.
He'd loan money on high interest.
Then send his goons
to recover the money.
He was associated with
the sand and coal mafia.
He got away
because of the ruling party's support.
But why me, sir?
I'll get to that.
It's not like other murder cases.
I see.
You can't build a suspect list or
find motive from the victim's profile.
Can't check the alibis.
This is serial killing.
By serial killing you mean
there have been...
I mean...
Please take over.
The real estate promoter's murder
with piranhas.
Yes, sir. Last month.
Was that--
The first one.
This is the second.
The first one...
How did you figure it out?
Sir, holy basil beads again?
There are two of these this time.
Used by the Vaishnavas,
followers of Lord Vishnu.
Which means...
There are going to be
eight more murders.
How do you know, sir?
The Fish and the Tortoise.
The first and second incarnations
of Vishnu.
Probir, I have to say
your selection is spot on.
Probir and the dept. want you
to assist Probir on this case.
But sir, I generally--
Work in a different dept.
Yes, sir.
- You work alone.
- Yes, sir.
I know.
I've done my research.
But I also know
you have an interest in serial killing.
Yes, sir.
That's why I thought
you'll be useful on this case.
Thank you, sir.
But Poddar, only interest
is not enough.
Under my guidance,
you can gradually be educated.
Just because you're interested
in astrology
you can't go to the moon.
You'll learn a lot.
- You'll pick up new things.
- Yes, sir.
From the authority on serial killing.
Not just the present case.
Probir has a record.
He has reopened four cold cases
and solved them.
1977, '85, '88, '89.
I know, sir.
This is the least one should know
if interested in serial killing cases.
Okay, then...
- Get to work.
- Okay, sir.
Your phone, sir.
...it started growing very large.
Manu quickly realised.
It's no ordinary fish.
It's Lord Vishnu himself.
Lord Vishnu gave him the order.
That all the animals...
were to be gathered...
and put safely on a boat.
When the great deluge came...
When rains and floods...
were destroying the world...
The Matsya Avatar
or the Fish incarnation
saved the boat by pulling it ashore
by its horn.
Sounds like Noah's Ark.
Read about it in my story book.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
Dad, are Noah
and Manu's story the same?
No, Bishu.
But often you'll find similarities
in different stories.
Now tell me...
What are the ten avatars of Vishnu?
You recruited me
and now you're underestimating me?
This is just revision.
Matsya, the fish. Kurma, the tortoise.
Varaha, the boar.
Narasimha, the man-lion.
Vamana, the dwarf.
Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha
and Kalki.
I celebrate Christmas and Bakr-Eid
but haven't forgotten my scriptures.
Well, you're incorrect.
It's not the complete list.
There were ten.
Only according to
the Agni, Padma, Garuda, Linga
Narada, Skanda
and Varaha "Puranas".
What does
the "Shiva Purana" say?
What does it say, sir?
It says no Buddha
but Balarama.
I knew this.
- Did you?
- Knew it in my gut.
You must also know
the "yuga" or age they belong to?
You can use your gut or mouth
to answer the question.
Did you recruit me
to give me a licking (ragging)?
Poddar, when there are
candies and ice lollies
why would I lick you?
Please enlighten me.
Matsya, Kurma, Varaha
Narasimha belonged
to the "Satya Yuga", the age of Truth.
Vamana, Parashurama, Rama belonged to
"Treta" or Age of Triads.
Krishna belonged to "Dvapara",
Age of the World.
Buddha and Kalki belonged to
"Kali Yuga", Age of Darkness.
- Will you remember?
- Till I die.
(song playing)
Found another one, sir.
Medical negligence.
There are five cases
against him.
Three of them are traceable.
One of them is paralysed.
The other one is dead.
Basically, fits your criteria.
I know his eating routine.
What about the employee list?
I'm sending you everything.
I've already spoken to them.
Don't worry.
Sir, my payment?
When will you send it?
You'll get it on time
as usual.
No cheques.
I know you pay in cash.
I need the money urgently.
Can you pay me
by Wednesday?
If you--
Bye, sir.
"I pray to thee, Matsya avatar
I bow before thee, Kurma avatar
I pray to thee, Varaha avatar
I bow before thee, Narasimha avatar
I pray to thee, Vamana avatar
I bow before thee, Parashurama. "
"I pray to thee, Lord Rama
I bow before thee, Lord Krishna
I pray to thee, Lord Buddha
I bow to thee... "
the tenth avatar.
Good morning, sir!
Good morning.
Looks like you're entering a brothel
when you chew that paan.
I was born in a brothel.
Got used to the paan instead of gum.
No, Kalighat.
Did you know your father?
Vaguely, sir.
He never had a steady address
or character.
Sometimes at Harkata.
Sometimes at Chinatown.
Sure he planted a few little Khokas
all over the city.
I'm sure I have a lot of siblings.
Reminds me of a king
from "The Mahabharata".
Which one?
Anyway, what do you want for lunch?
Chicken chowmein,
chilli fish.
Get me a biryani.
Bored of rice and lentil soup.
- Did you go to Indira Nagar Aquarium?
- Yes, sir.
Dead end.
Ball python or corn snake
or green iguana...
Easy to trace these exotic species
because these are permissible.
One needs legal papers
for these.
And customs clearance along with
clearance from wildlife dept.
Cultivating piranhas
is officially banned in our country.
So, all sales are illegal.
Happens through smugglers
and black market.
So, tracing the sale of piranhas
is rather difficult.
No point investigating
individual cases
for suspects, motives and alibis.
It's obviously serial killing.
What if we come up
with the victim profile
and create a pool
of potential victims?
Then we can predict the next attack.
To set up the killer...
To bait him...
We'll need a unique victim profile
to create the suicide squad.
We don't have it.
The largest possible set is...
They were both men.
No, no.
There's a smaller set.
There's one point common
with both victims.
Harmful to society.
Cause of pain, grief
and death of many people.
But there are hundreds of people
like this, Poddar.
You're right, sir.
Need to narrow it down further.
For that...
We need more murders.
When will that be?
- Hmm?
- What are you saying...
When... will...
More murders?
Stop being such a wuss.
The guy is doing our job
for us.
The men he's killing
are not innocent guinea pigs.
That's what I'm saying too.
He's killing human beings.
Not innocent guinea pigs
from the lab.
Okay, fine.
We need data points
and samples to catch the killer.
Happy now?
My friend...
If the doctor becomes touchy
about blood, who will do the surgery?
Yes, doctor.
My usual.
The English breakfast.
There's something interesting, sir.
It usually takes time
to crack the pattern.
But we can get the victim profile done
pretty fast.
In fact, in this case
we can predict the number of murders.
- How many murders?
- What, sir?
How many murders
will he commit?
Ten, sir.
The ten avatars.
If we go by the ten avatars
of Vishnu...
You guys are just novices.
All show, no sting.
Like a water snake.
No venom.
I'm a water snake.
And you're the king cobra.
Now please explain your theory.
After he's done
with the ten avatars
what if the serial killer embarks
on the different forms of Shakti?
And then goes on to adopt
the 108 names of Lord Krishna.
Then what?
What are you saying, sir?
We have "33 crores" gods and goddesses.
Moving towards an infinite set.
Dearth of education!
You really think
there are 33 crore deities?
What else can it be?
It's 33 crores.
You really shouldn't be
such a smarta.
You're getting whipped
every step of the way.
Hope you don't have to step down.
It basically means
there are 33 different kinds.
There are 33 different kinds
of deities.
There are 12 "Adityas", 11 "Rudras"
and 8 "Vasus".
Along with Indra and Prajapati.
According to
the "Brihadaranyaka Upanishad"--
I'll get it.
Twelve "Adityas"...
...eight "Vasus".
We'll be there.
Indra and Prajapati.
What happened?
Data point.
Sajal, get the car!
Modus operandi is becoming
more interesting, Poddar.
I get the relation
with Varaha avatar.
But was the pork sausage poisoned
or the bacon?
He had already had
a rasher of bacon.
He died after having three-quarters
of the sausage.
In any case, it's much easier
to administer poison in the sausage.
I think...
The poison was injected
with a syringe in the sausages.
He had quite a lot of the sausage.
So, it can't be cyanide.
We can only be sure
after we get the toxicology report.
- Sir?
- Hmm?
Got the confirmation code.
Where's the manager?
I'm the manager, sir.
Did he come here often?
Quite often.
He was a regular.
Did he always order this?
Eggs, hash brown, bacon.
And pork sausages.
Tell me.
Noticed anything
or anyone suspicious today?
No, sir.
Poddar, start questioning
the employees.
Yes, sir.
- Hey, come here.
- Yes, sir?
All old employees?
Almost all of them.
Why are you being vague?
Are you the murderer?
You'll die just looking
at the price of coffee.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- I know.
So, please share
the correct information.
Are they all
old trustworthy employees?
Sir, erm...
There is one new guy.
The old janitor has been absent
for a few days.
We got a replacement.
Let's start with him.
This way.
Where's the new guy?
He just left.
Some family emergency.
Which way did he go?
That way.
Poddar, quick.
Fk! Fk! Fk!
Sorry, sir.
Do you know how to drive, idiot?
Would've caught him faster on foot.
I'm driving as fast as I can.
We're cops.
We can't run over people.
Stop your fking lectures!
Why are you cussing?
Stop, bastard!
Fast! Fast!
He's a pain in the a.
A movie car chase.
- Drive steady.
- Sure, sir.
I'm going to shoot.
Sir, I think...
We should get him alive.
- Just keep the fking car steady.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, be careful.
This is the third murder
in the heart of the city.
And Kolkata Police haven't been able
to do anything.
The entire city is cowering in fear.
The preliminary investigation
has brought no conclusions.
But it's assumed that this is the work
of a mentally unstable serial killer.
No one knows
why he's on a killing spree.
Who might be his next victims?
Who's this killer?
I repeat there have been
three gruesome murders in Kolkata.
Like with the Stoneman Murders
the city is paralysed
with fear again.
The Opposition is questioning--
What do you have to say?
What do you want to hear?
We're trying.
But no breakthrough yet.
We're following the leads.
That's the truth.
But if you want a solution
to the media trial...
There are lots of spare criminals
in the lockup.
We'll get a confession.
You're a serial killer expert.
How can you say this?
Sir, I'm a serial killer expert.
Not a media expert.
I don't have the patience
to play the clown in the media circus.
Sir, if I may...
We have some leads.
- The CCTV footage--
- Stop being a smart a.
One isn't working.
The other is missing.
It's a dead end.
If someone is late to a meeting...
Calling him won't make him speed up
or clear the traffic.
But you still keep calling him.
Same thing here.
You can abuse us
as much as you want
but the investigation has its own pace.
In fact, this will slow us down.
We're just wasting time here.
We could've come up with a solution
in this time.
Let's go.
One more thing.
You can suspend me again
for saying all this.
But I know you won't do it.
Because you know that only one person
in India can solve this case.
Let's go.
Two people, sir.
Why are you so greedy?
"Perform your duty
without expectations. "
began performing a penance.
Pleased with him...
Brahma asked him...
what boon he desired.
Hiranyakashipu asked for immortality.
But Brahma knew already.
If the tyrant Hiranyakashipu
becomes immortal
it won't bode well
for the gods, humans...
or the demons.
But he had to grant a boon.
So after much thinking
Brahma granted him the boon
with a lot of loopholes.
What was it?
According to the boon...
no human could kill him...
neither any animal.
He can neither be killed...
in the sky nor on earth.
He can neither be killed
during the day nor at night.
No one can kill him
inside the room nor outside it.
No weapon can kill him.
Oh no!
Then how can he be killed?
That's the trick.
Vishnu followed
all the conditions.
To slay Hiranyakashipu,
Vishnu adopted his fourth avatar.
But there's no point.
Although, there'll be similarities
in the way of killing
that'll not help us find
either the victim or the killer.
Victim reminds me...
Unlike the first two, the third victim
is not harmful for the society.
He's a doctor.
He's supposed to be doing good
for the society.
How does he fit the victim profile?
Any girlfriend?
Didn't try to find out
but he was single.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Oh!
No, sir.
It's just office and home for me.
Literally binary.
Why do you ask?
That's the problem
with your generation.
It's all superficial.
Be it love or investigation.
Won't dive in.
Won't dig deep.
Explore the depths
of the investigation, Poddar.
I don't get it, sir.
I know.
That's why I recruited you.
Not the other way around.
Your good doctor...
has three cases of medical negligence
against him.
Did you know?
Medical negligence?
Two patients were paralysed
and another one died.
It was all covered up
thanks to his political contacts.
For the second case,
his license was going to be revoked.
And for the third one,
he was going to prison.
Then he does fit the victim profile.
To the T.
But we still don't have a solid lead.
I've triangulated the crime scenes
and marked an area.
Have put my local informers
on the job.
Anything suspicious--
Someone's here to meet you.
Who is it?
Don't disturb me right now.
Get lost.
I was not going to.
But she said she knows
the killer.
What are you waiting for?
Want the order
through pigeon mail?
- Bring her in.
- Okay, sir.
I'm sorry to come in like this.
My name is...
Moitreyee Ghatak.
A psychiatrist by profession.
My chamber is in Ranikuthi.
Will you tell us
your visiting hours too?
Come to the point.
No, I mean...
I know the serial killer.
I mean...
The one killing people
all over Kolkata.
He is...
He is my patient.
Wait a second.
What about
the doctor-patient confidentiality?
I have to break it because...
These are special circumstances
to help the police.
Oh, right.
What's his name?
Bishshorup Bardhan.
Where can we find him?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
You said he's your patient.
Did you only record the poop colour
and not the address?
She probably doesn't know.
Bishshorup is absconding.
When I realised he's the one
committing the murders--
Stop giving him so much respect.
You're behaving as if he won
the Nobel Peace Prize
and the Sahitya Akademi Award.
When I realised...
I tried to talk him out of it.
I tried to counsel him.
But he didn't listen to me.
And after that...
He just disappeared.
Left no trace.
Tell me, Moitreyee.
When you realised
your patient
is out of your control...
You called the fire brigade, right?
Why the fire brigade?
Did you call the ambulance?
It's possible.
Isn't it?
Sorry, I...
I should've informed the police.
I thought I'll be able to treat him.
what's his mental illness diagnosis?
He started to think he's God.
It's very common in our dept. too.
God complex?
Not exactly.
More of NPD.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
God complex is a sense of
great self-importance and superiority
where there's no scope for weakness,
mistakes or failure.
And a complete apathy for others.
It took up an extreme form
in this case.
An extreme and religious form.
Bishshorup considers himself
an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
To be specific,
the tenth avatar.
Riding a white horse
with a fiery sword?
But to reveal his assumed identity
he's paying homage to the 9 avatars
and making a reference to them
in his murders.
We know that.
We also know that...
He's choosing victims
who are harmful to society.
"Whenever sins are on the rise,
I shall appear... "
This is what our tenth avatar wants,
What's the problem with that?
What's the problem?
- But there are people to do these.
- Oh really?
The police, law and order,
the justice system.
- Really?
- Yes.
Is that so?
Law and order,
the justice system...
You think they do it from the heart?
They do it honestly?
The criminals roaming free
before I became Kalki
you want to say they're justified?
Listen, listen.
I know since you were a kid...
What had happened?
Bishshorup was brought up
with mythological stories.
- From whom?
- Dad.
His father.
His father told him
mythological stories every night.
Nala and Damayanti.
Kacha and Devayani.
Behula and Lokkhindor.
In fact...
he was told historical tales too.
Prithviraj Chauhan.
Akbar, the Great.
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
But he was taken by the stories
of Vishnu's ten avatars.
He was obsessed.
He wanted to hear the same stories
again and again.
His father told him
the same stories too.
After a point of time,
he got bored.
And started finding different mythical
and religious interpretations.
He went deeper into it.
He started doing his own research.
He knew all the verses by heart.
He started to believe that he had to
destroy the miscreants of the world.
That it was his duty
as the Kalki avatar.
I did everything I could.
I tried to counsel him.
Gave him meds.
But he didn't stop.
The lonely man walking past you
on the street
His room is an abyss of dead stars
I am not that man anymore
I am not that man anymore
His eyes were kind
And his heart was full of love
But now he's nothing but a roadkill
I am not that man anymore
I have become one with God
My tears have dried up
Just a trivial thing
But I must go on
I swim in the high tide of destruction
I'm a lover of revenge
And I keep coming back for more
My redemption in this world
Is an envelope from heaven
With a letter from Nemesis
Please stop him.
Arrest him.
Seven more lives...
They might not be innocent but...
But they're human beings
who will die.
Don't worry.
You've come to us so promptly.
Now stopping him
will be a cakewalk.
He's definitely waiting for us downtown.
We'll arrest him right away.
- Sir, please...
- Why are you behaving like this?
You're bullying me.
Be sarcastic if you want.
But there's a mad killer
on the loose.
- And all you care about is--
- Okay, okay...
Don't be so rude, sir.
Have some water.
Don't give up.
Calm down
and talk to us.
When did you realise
he was committing these murders?
It didn't strike me
after the first murder.
After the second murder
when the details
started coming out...
I confronted him.
He admitted.
You don't know where he is.
But any idea where he might be?
Any probable address?
I don't have an exact address.
But I had dropped him
in front of a house once.
I can take you there.
Turn the car around.
What happened?
Nothing at all.
Your patient has become impatient
to meet us.
So, we're going on a doctor's visit.
- Can I see him?
- Calm down.
(indistinct chatter)
We must follow protocol.
(indistinct chatter)
Move! Move!
(indistinct chatter)
Calm down.
Who are they?
The victim's wife and son.
- Calm down.
- Let us see him...
Sir, please.
Wait here.
Come on.
We'll be right back.
- Please let me see him once.
- Calm down, ma'am.
Don't cry, Mom.
We've identified him.
A famous criminal lawyer.
Thanks to him many criminals
have been released from jail.
He represented the main accused
in the Chakdah bomb blast, Ajmal Saeed.
Thanks to him, Ajmal got life
instead of death sentence.
Almost 100 people were killed
in that blast.
(song playing)
It'll be in the post-mortem report
for sure.
Before the final concussion
due to the broken neck
he suffered a heart attack.
Right, sir.
We've found
the holy basil beads too.
Confirming that
this is our Hiranyakashipu.
He staged this murder beautifully.
A beautiful murder, sir?
The first two were very direct.
The third one was a little subtle.
But this one is...
Ten years later,
if I start serial killing
I'll also follow a metaphoric pattern
and kill very sweetly.
You're talking about
Brahma's boon, right?
It's a relief to have
semi-educated people like you around.
Could have used a lion mask
to signify Narasimha.
But he didn't.
He used Narasimha's modus operandi
of using the loopholes in the boon.
The lift.
It's a machine.
Not a man nor an animal.
The lift is...
neither in the house
nor outside it.
The lift is neither on the ground
nor in the sky.
And the murder was committed...
at sunset.
So, it wasn't day
nor was it night.
Oh gosh, sir!
This is just...
Poddar, finally I've found
a worthy opponent.
But sir, if this mad fk--
Sorry, sir.
- Don't apologise.
- Sorry...
Cussing in the mother tongue
is like mother's love.
Divine pleasure.
But we need to trap this crazy fellow.
We're lucky no one else
was in the lift.
So, no collateral damage.
Let's see if Kalki's agony aunt
can help us.
We should check out
his last known address.
This is the lane.
This way.
What do you want?
What's going on?
Bishshorup Bardhan lives here?
He gave you a fake address.
- Go with her to her chamber.
- Yes, sir.
Collect all the information
on Bishshorup.
- Every thing!
- Right, sir.
Make a file on the bastard
and give it to me next week.
- Okay.
- Get going.
Please come with me.
One minute.
Come here.
She'll take you on cloud nine
then leave you high and dry.
Oh no!
It's not what you think.
Since she's helping...
You've got it wrong, sir.
Look, kiddo.
I've been around for a long time.
It took me 4 minutes
to figure out what you think of her.
- So, don't waste your time.
- Yes, sir.
It's up to you what you do
in your personal life.
Don't let it affect your duty.
Yes, sir.
I mean, no, sir.
Work won't be affected.
Run a basic background check.
So that you don't get checkmated.
Family? Friends?
Didn't say much.
I think his close ones
don't live in Kolkata.
Probably, lived
as a paying guest here.
You know...
What do you call it?
The counselling sessions...
Don't you have any recordings
of the sessions?
I'm old-fashioned.
I use a notepad and pen.
Can I see your notes?
Yes, of course.
I'll get them.
You don't have to wear a uniform?
For official events.
Otherwise, no.
My department in Lalbazar Headquarters.
Which department?
Why do you ask?
We're so used to
seeing cops in uniform...
I get it.
I don't come across as a real cop.
No, no.
Oh gosh, no!
That's not what I meant.
I was just saying, visually...
Nothing to worry about.
Look at you.
The way you...
don't wear a white coat
and don't have a stethoscope.
But you're a doctor.
I don't wear a khaki or white uniform.
But I'm a real cop.
You want me to verify?
Don't worry.
It's real.
Airport, railway station, bus depot,
small hotels, cafe, metro are a must.
Alert the local police stations.
Issue a lookout notice.
Put his photo on TV.
I want inserts in newspapers.
And activate the informers.
Be in constant touch with them.
I used to think...
my profession is the darkest.
Our days are full of criminals.
But looking at you...
I feel your days
are full of darkness too.
The darkness inside people.
You're right.
Sometimes, I feel lucky too.
My brain, my logical thinking
and my emotional response
mutually coexist even now.
If they didn't mutually coexist,
I would've...
gone mad.
(indistinct chatter)
Tell me.
The guy you're looking for
used to live in south Kolkata.
Where in south?
Behind the lake.
Do you know
where he's gone?
My guys spotted him at Moulali.
Ask the local cops
to be on the lookout.
Especially during daybreak.
He will be coming out
to hunt soon.
How do you know?
He was asking around.
About whom?
Some teacher.
Teaches in a college.
Which college?
What's his name?
That I don't know, sir.
I'll let you know
once I find out.
College professor is an infinite set.
Impossible to narrow down.
I know that's why I'm waiting
for a qualifier.
So that we can cast the net
in the right pool.
The next avatar is the Vamana.
How about we contact
the dwarf community in Kolkata?
It won't be this literal.
Think about it.
There's a reference to the avatars
in each killing.
But each killing has...
a different degree of directness.
The first one is direct.
Matsya, the fish.
Killed by the hands...
Killed by the fish's teeth.
Kurma, the tortoise.
Somewhat direct.
The murder weapon
was shaped like a tortoise.
- The third one was a murder weapon--
- But...
The reference to the avatar
wasn't very direct.
Pork sausage.
The fourth murder's reference was...
the various conditions
of slaying the evil.
I know but I think he'll use them
in some way.
I doubt it.
He's a serial killer.
Not an event manager.
But we can cover that angle
since you insist.
Okay, sir.
I'll get going now.
Thank you for all the files.
Oh and about Bishshorup...
Your conversations with him...
If you remember anything...
Anything at all.
Even the smallest detail.
If something comes to mind,
please let us know.
If you think it'll be helpful for us
then let us know.
I'm here.
Available 24x7.
Don't you sleep at night?
You said 24x7.
I sleep for three or four hours.
Sleeping more than that
is a waste of time.
- Not even eight hours.
- No.
It's unscientific and harmful.
In that case...
A lot of things are unscientific
and harmful.
For example...
Having fried food
after a morning walk.
Smoking cigarettes
in the Kolkata pollution.
Making music
when high on weed.
Falling in love.
Which one?
Falling in love.
Having chemical reactions
for a complete stranger...
Dedicating your heart and soul
for that stranger...
Going against one's innate nature...
Becoming irritable and jealous...
Isn't it unscientific and harmful?
Have you had your heart broken?
I've seen a lot of heartbreaks.
That's how I know.
You know what?
If the chemical reaction
is that strong, you might find...
that you're volunteering
for the heartbreak.
Is this a fortune-teller talking
or a shrink?
Maybe, it's both.
And a woman too.
I should go...
Oh no!
My lonely heart rides alone
Tells stories of blazing love
As the dried leaves rustle up
the evening song
The elusive deer lures me
to the toy store
But I won't be tempted
by tricks anymore
No surprises
I immerse in the beautiful darkness
Her new fragrance fills the air
I am a wandering kite
I fly where I find love
I am the rain that drizzles
Handle me with care
As I play games with your heart
For ages, I have been a void
A crushed soul pretending to be alive
So close to the edge
but couldn't take the leap
Who is looking for me
in the fog?
Who is looking for me
in the fog?
I am a lonely, tired kite
I fly where I find kindness
I am the intangible sweet nothing
I weave your broken dreams
in my heart
When the world falls asleep
I lie awake in bed
Wounded wings of a phoenix
make me wonder
I paint the sky with questions
I paint the sky with questions
I am a lost kite
I fly wherever they look for me
I am the calm before the storm
Collecting pebbles
of memories from the shore
My lonely heart rides alone
Tells stories of blazing love
As the dried leaves rustle up
the evening song
The elusive deer lures me
to the toy store
But I won't be tempted
by tricks anymore
No surprises
I immerse in the beautiful darkness
Her new fragrance fills the air
I am a wandering kite
I fly where I find love
I am the rain that drizzles
Handle me with care
As I play games with your heart
The samosas are cold and stale.
(indistinct chatter)
Moitreyee needs protection.
She's being stalked.
Bishshorup is stalking her regularly.
That's normal.
If someone betrayed me,
I'd have done the same thing.
Then killed them.
What do you mean by betray?
She is risking her life
to help us catch that madfk.
You call that betrayal?
It's from Bishshorup's perspective.
Anyway, it's not very easy
to get police protection.
I know but if you speak
to the commissioner...
I was thinking of the opposite.
Why don't we stalk her?
Bishshorup might stay away
if we give her protection.
What if something happens
to Moitreyee as a bait?
Should've thought about it
before being a doctor to
and whistleblower against a serial killer.
If something happens to her...
you'll be heartbroken.
Your after-hours
puppy love affair will end.
Sir, sir, sir...
With all due respect,
it's personal.
Please don't get into it.
- Please.
- It's good to have a cop boyfriend.
But make sure
you don't impregnate her.
Don't go there...
I don't want to hear
any rubbish about her, sir.
Don't want to hear it.
You care so much about her?
Fking hell! Can't mention
Behula in front of Lokkhindor?
He's gone crazy.
You need to see a shrink.
You have issues.
I know what the doctor will say.
Not just me. Everyone knows.
The entire department knows.
What do they know?
- Let it go, sir.
- Tell me.
Come on.
He is a little crazy.
Let it be.
Let me go, fker!
- I'm not the crazy one. He is.
- Calm down.
So, you're an expert now because
you're sleeping with a psychiatrist?
Tell me.
What should I know?
A small German word, sir.
You know what that means?
Someone who derives pleasure
from other's misfortune.
Something that you do
all the time.
That's why you demean others,
cuss them, treat them like dirt.
You can't see others happy
since you lost your family.
Don't take their names
with your filthy mouth!
- How dare you, fker!
- Let me go, bastard!
- Bijoy, calm down.
- Hey, let him go.
Sir, let him go.
- Hey!
- Let go of him, sir.
- Sir, let him go!
- Get off me!
(indistinct yelling)
Hey! Hey!
- Why did you take Abhishek's lunch?
- My wish!
Why did you take his lunch?
- Won't let you get away.
- I'll take it tomorrow also.
- Stop it!
- How dare you?
Stop it! Stop it!
What happened?
Why are you fighting?
Teacher, he took Abhishek's lunch.
- Abhishek's lunch?
- Yes, teacher.
- Not yours?
- No.
Then why are you beating him?
If someone does something wrong,
he should be punished.
But that's not your job.
Then whose job is it?
But my dad says
it's written in "The Upanishads"
God resides in everyone.
That means God is in me too.
So, it's my job as well.
I don't need anything.
Is that so?
I don't need your money.
Just your last name
for our child.
The rest...
Tell me.
How long have you had this problem?
Are you on any medication?
Want a gum?
Had enough of the boyfriend
from the brothel?
Too low society for you?
I was just...
I am losing... my mind.
Did Probir call?
Did you?
I wouldn't have said anything.
I never do.
He says whatever he wants.
He always makes fun of me.
Just wants to vent his frustrations
on me.
You and me...
But he was talking rubbish
about us...
What could I do?
What could I...
you don't regret
the things you said?
Shouldn't have brought up
his late wife and son.
I, usually, don't talk like this.
Don't know what happened.
Just lost it.
Why did I say all that?
He didn't recruit you
to insult and rag you.
I think he feels...
And I agree...
That you're one of the best minds
to have on this case.
The entire city...
is looking at you for answers.
Got a complaint
from your school.
What did you do?
Abhishek gets scared easily.
That's why I had to beat up
the other guy.
Is that why
I tell you stories every day?
So that you can be naughty?
What do you want to hear today?
Vamana, the dwarf.
King Bali ruled over
the three kingdoms.
One day, a dwarf Brahmin
appeared before him.
Bali asked him
what he would want as alms.
Vamana replied...
that he wanted as much land
as he could cover in three steps.
Bali laughed his heart out.
And agreed to give Vamana
what he wanted.
Then the dwarf assumed
the form of a giant.
With his first stride...
he covered the earth.
With the next one,
he covered heaven.
Before taking the last step
he asked Bali
where should he put his feet.
Bali offered his own head.
Vamana with his last step
sent Bali to the hell underground.
Come in.
Can I have a drink?
Don't have any country liquor.
Or any milkshake.
Whisky is... fine...
With ice or without?
No, no.
No ice.
The things I said that day...
I didn't mean them.
You did.
And you were right.
The dead remain dead.
- Probir--
- Sir.
My family is dead.
I'm still alive.
Sorry, sir.
I mean...
I shouldn't have...
After they come out
of the furnace...
I mean...
After the bodies are cremated...
They ask you to pick a bone
from the ashes.
I did too.
The way she spent hours
picking out a necklace...
or earrings...
Sir, please...
I had picked a piece
of her femur.
Femur, the thigh bone.
Sir, please.
The longest bone in the human body.
The bone inside the thigh
I'd kissed while making love.
Sir, I've made a mistake.
I am...
I was wrong.
Please forgive me.
And I'd picked
Babi's coccyx bone.
Tail bone.
I used to ask him...
where his tail is.
Ultimately, I had to pick out his tail
from the ashes.
Please don't do this, sir.
Please stop, sir.
I'm glad you came over, Poddar.
It means the day you'll turn to ashes
your kids will have the option
to choose your spine.
Although, you'll need good people
around you.
Otherwise, you'll have to get
your a kicked.
My only friend at the crematorium
was my uniform.
Okay, Poddar.
Enough of sentimental jerking off
and wanking to pain.
Now, let's get back to work.
Okay, sir.
Any ID?
Professor Torit Banerjee.
Taught sociology
at Geilpur University.
Criminal record?
None, sir.
Nothing has come up.
Anything on the CCTV footage?
Was just about to check--
Did you find
five holy basil beads?
No, sir.
Found only two.
Might be somewhere around.
- Send it to forensics.
- Okay, sir.
- Let's check the CCTVs.
- Okay, sir.
Fker is sporting a beard
and glasses.
Circulate the new look.
Let's check with the university
to confirm the victim profile.
It'll be a match for sure.
Either he's taken credit
for his student's work
or sexually exploited them.
You're right, sir.
Don't think he'd be punished
for bad teaching.
- Won't hurt to check.
- Go ahead.
How are you, Mom?
And you?
My job is almost done.
What job?
There are so many mothers
like you.
I'm doling out punishment
on their behalf too.
What are you punishing them for?
It's nothing.
Where have you been?
Why haven't you met me?
Don't worry...
I'll be home soon.
Let me finish the job first.
How much is left?
Halfway done.
Another half left.
Moitreyee, please come.
Who were they?
The professor's wife and parents.
You were right, sir.
Multiple cases of sexual harassment
against him.
Hello, Moitreyee.
How are you?
And you?
I'm fine.
Did Poddar tell you anything?
Come on, sir.
Why bring it up?
He did.
Don't mind.
But I don't care if you do.
Nothing personal.
It's okay, sir.
It's fine.
I know
you're under a lot of stress.
It's good to vent out sometimes.
If you want...
we can have a few sessions.
You can just talk...
Are you crazy?
You love psychopaths,
don't you?
Aren't you happy with one?
Now, you want one in uniform?
Coming back to the case, sir.
For the fifth victim too...
the reference to the avatar
was through action.
Just like the fourth case.
Kicked down to the underground...
I mean to the underground railways.
I think we're left with
just one option
before he commits
five or more murders.
What's that?
The one I suggested earlier.
- The one that drove you berserk.
- Sir...
Poddar, profiling the victims
didn't help us build
a suicide squad.
And we know Bishshorup
is keeping an eye on you
to take revenge.
This is risky.
Very risky, sir.
Don't you have faith
in your own team?
It's not about faith, sir.
- We can't expose a civilian--
- She's no ordinary civilian.
She's come forward to help us.
To save her city.
- What if something--
- But we--
One second.
Whether I want to be bait or not...
Shouldn't I have an opinion?
- No, listen, Moitreyee--
- No, wait!
How and why and when did that agency
get transferred to you guys?
Bravo, Moitreyee!
That's a cop's girlfriend!
- What? It's dangerous.
- Shut up.
Shut up!
I have decided I'll volunteer.
Because of me...
I didn't come to the police
at the right time...
And so many families...
Tell me exactly what to do.
It's like you said.
Be the bait under the machan
and lure the predator.
I'll spend my cop-life with you, kid.
My detective-life,
I want to spend with you, kid.
Shut up!
You shut up.
Okay, okay.
- Let's discuss the trap now.
- Yes, sir.
We have some of his personal details.
His address and phone number.
The spots he often visits...
We've checked everywhere.
Luckily, according to his note...
We aren't the only ones
on a hunt.
He's after us too...
He's after one of us.
So, starting from the shopping centre
we have to go...
...to all the places
Bishshorup knows you visit.
That can be your neighbourhood.
Your friend's place.
Your favourite restaurant.
Your chamber.
Grocer's, tailor's...
It can be anywhere.
Okay, sir.
And Poddar.
If you're around, the possibility
of contact or attack will be low.
- Attack, right...
- So...
I think you shouldn't meet
for the next few days.
We'll just shadow her, right?
Yes, we'll hunt but carefully.
What's the guarantee that Bishshorup
won't strike again?
He's a serial killer.
Not a washing machine.
There's no guarantee.
But you know what?
By revealing his face
and details...
And by stopping him from
going back to his familiar joints...
All three of us have
ruined his plans.
He's already achieved
half of his target.
I think,
he'll first deal with us.
Then he'll finish the rest.
I have...
I have something to say.
Go ahead.
I believe Bishshorup is mentally ill.
And he needs treatment.
I say this, as his psychiatrist
and as a human being.
What are you suggesting?
I want him to be arrested legally
and sent to a hospital.
Can't be killed
in an encounter.
You've heard about Monty.
Not just about Monty
but other things too.
Anyway, that's not the point.
- The point is...
- I got it.
I'll abide by the laws
as much as I can.
But if a fked up serial killer
is about to attack me
I'm not going to cuddle with him.
What a touching scene, sir!
Don't be cheeky.
I can still swear.
And Sister Nivedita, the nun, keep
a pepper spray and knife with you.
I'll get it for you.
All the best.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Bye.
- Wait.
Just "good night"?
See her off.
Is your knee aching
instead of your heart?
I wanted to see if someone
approaches her, then...
There's a surveillance team
in the bushes.
So don't go in there.
Just drop her at the door.
Okay, sir.
But you'll be alone.
- Shut the fk up and go.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
What strange times!
Love, death...
Anxiety, affection...
Police, guards...
"Flare up like a flame
And make big shadows
I can move in.
Let everything happen to you:
beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final.
Don't let yourself lose me. "
Who is it by?
Rainer Maria Rilke.
German language poet.
Many have translated his works.
Buddhadeva Bose,
Alokeranjan Dasgupta...
This is
Nibaran Chakraborti's translation.
I can keep going for now.
But don't know how long
I can carry on like this.
Good night.
- Bye.
- Hmm.
Here you are.
Don't be scared.
Come on.
Pull up that chair and sit.
Go on.
Mobile phone.
What should I call you?
Vibhishana, the traitor?
Mir Jafar,
the turncoat?
That's the wrong gender.
Mata Hari.
Mata Hari?
The infamous spy
from the First World War.
There was nothing...
I could do.
I couldn't sit back and watch
so many people getting murdered.
I had tried to stop you.
I reasoned with you.
With proper treatment,
the illness--
One second.
So many murders?
Damn it!
What is it?
Got this pepper spray
for Moitreyee.
- Forgot to give it to her.
- Poddar!
It's not a bug spray or deodorant.
It's important.
- Sorry. I'll give it to her tomorrow.
- Yes, please.
How could you inform the police?
Trust built over such a long time...
I've spoken to you for hours.
I've told you things
no one else knows.
No one...
After all this...
Despite knowing everything...
You joined hands with those two cops
to stop me?
This is not right.
- Right?
- This is not right.
Who's going to decide that?
Whatever happened to Dad,
was that right?
That man fought for truth
all his life.
He protested against injustice.
Three goons.
Three goons...
finished off an honest reporter...
They crushed him...
Hanged him...
Tongue was hanging out...
Wet his pants...
You have already avenged him.
What about the others?
What about the others?
What about the criminals
who've been the cause of humiliation
and even death?
Isn't that injustice?
Tell me.
Oh, that's not personal.
The stench of their evil deeds...
isn't filling up your living room.
But isn't that wrong?
Shouldn't they be punished?
Stop, stop, stop.
What's wrong, sir?
Turn the car around.
I have a bad feeling.
She might not have a kitchen knife
or big scissors.
Let's get the pepper spray to her.
Okay, sir.
I won't kill you.
But those two must die.
They're creating too much trouble.
I have come to this world
just for a few days.
I'll clear away some garbage
and leave.
But I have to do my job in peace.
How will I work
with so many obstacles?
My photo...
You know how expensive makeup is?
They've circulated my photo.
Gave you police protection.
And now...
They're trying to bait me.
They want to capture me.
And you agreed to be the bait.
Tell me something...
That young cop...
Are you dating him?
This is your last chance.
I've spoken to them.
You might have to serve
some time. But...
that would be in a rehab
or a government hospital.
For treatment.
Won't be a normal jail term.
Who'll be in jail?
Are you sure?
A hurricane when I only asked
for some clouds.
I was going to make you call them.
Get up.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
Up, up, up!
Let's welcome them.
Open the door.
Open it.
Open the door.
Open it!
Open the door.
Do it.
Please come in.
Come on in.
Hurry up.
Please shut the door.
Shut the door.
The latch.
Lock it.
Draw the curtains.
Put your guns on that table.
And your phones too.
Come on.
Fast, fast, fast!
That's good.
There's rope on the chair.
Take it.
Pick it up.
Very good.
Good boy.
Tie him to that chair.
And once he's done,
you'll do the same.
You'll tie him up.
What are you waiting for?
Go on!
Come on, fast!
Get on with it.
Don't have much time.
Very good.
Let's get done with the introductions.
I'm Probir Roy Chowdhury.
I see.
The man who will kill you
in half an hour.
Then we don't have much time.
I'll have to finish my job quickly.
Your name?
And last name?
It's Poddar.
Poddar Poddar.
Do you own a law firm?
Bloody hell!
Bijoy Poddar.
Oh no!
That name's a flop.
Because today
you and Probir "babu"--
Not "babu".
I don't run a grocery store.
Very well.
So, you and sir...
Both of you have to die.
Prepare yourselves.
You know what?
It has matched perfectly.
Both of you...
have been a hindrance
to God's work.
So, I have to get rid of you.
I've been paying homage
to the nine avatars through my work.
Killing you will fit
the scheme of things.
Are you calling us Kshatriyas,
the warriors?
Obviously, you are.
In fact, people
in the army, navy, air force...
they're all Kshatriyas
by virtue of their jobs.
And I'm a Brahmin.
It all fits perfectly.
The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu,
a Brahmin...
Parashurama had rid the world
of Kshatriyas 21 times.
I just have to do it once.
Fine but cops have surrounded
the house.
What about that?
Just two officers, sir.
No way.
Where are they?
There are only two officers.
They're underpaid.
That's why careless. Or else...
How else could I break in?
You can't even call them
to get back up.
They're not smart enough
to call for back up.
Don't think so.
Even if they do...
I'll be long gone
after I'm done.
And of course...
I will...
I'll leave my sign.
Wait a minute.
Hang on.
How do we fit the victim profile?
You don't fit.
You're the free gift.
You'll die as the sidekick.
- What?
- Yes.
But he'll have to die.
I wanted to avenge my father.
That's why I started
on this expedition.
But it has now become my moral duty
to rid the world of evil.
A police officer like him...
who likes to kill and torture.
He has to die.
Let's begin with you.
As you wish.
You bloody swine!
You're an incarnation alright
but not of Lord Vishnu.
Oh really?
"Ravana who fought
against Lord Indra
He stole and pilfered the treasures.
And for days tortured the gods. "
You are Ravana.
Ravana in the truest sense.
And not just Ravana.
You are Hiranyakashipu.
You are Bali.
You are Hiranyaksha.
You are Kansa.
You are the bad guy.
You're no avatar of Lord Vishnu.
He was the protector of the world.
He slayed the evil
and took care of the good.
You are pure, hundred percent evil.
You are neither...
good nor a protector.
Yes, bastard.
Bloody lowlife!
If you have the guts,
start with me.
- No, sir.
- Quiet!
Kill me.
Sir, no...
No, sir.
Just keep your mouth shut.
- Kill me first.
- Shut up, Poddar.
- That's an order. Just shut up.
- Kill me.
Shut up!
- Do it.
- Sir...
Poddar, I'm warning you.
- I'm your senior.
- I know but I'm sorry.
Shut up.
You shut up.
Hey, kill me first.
But your boss is saying...
Don't listen to him.
Kill me first.
- Keep your mouth shut.
- He must kill me first.
Poddar, don't be a smart a.
Bloody swine, kill me first.
- Kill me first.
- No, me first.
It'll be a little hard around the neck.
- Kill me first.
- I mean...
I'll adjust.
If we get out alive,
you'll be suspended.
- Can't tolerate insubordination.
- We'll see.
"God speaks to each of us
As he makes us...
Then walks with us silently
out of the night.
These are the words we dimly hear:
You, sent out beyond your recall...
Go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me. "
Bloody bastard!
Can you really do it?
If I must.
Keep the axe down.
Keep the axe down!
Lower the gun.
Listen to me.
Keep the fking axe down!
I have a job at hand.
Keep your hands steady.
Moitreyee, shoot.
Moitreyee, shoot.
Hey, you!
Moitreyee, shoot.
Moitreyee, shoot.
Moitreyee, shoot now!
I swim in the high tide of destruction
I'm a lover of revenge
And I keep coming back for more
My redemption in this world
Is an envelope from heaven
With a letter from Nemesis
Like I've said before...
I don't run a grocery store.
But I do shoot at the right time.
Heard a loud noise.
- Bishshorup!
- Mom!
What happened to him?
What's wrong with your brother?
- What's wrong with Bishshorup?
- Moitreyee's brother?
Wake up, my son.
Stop crying.
Call an ambulance.
Bijoy, call the ambulance.
Somebody call a doctor.
Wake up, Bishshorup.
How is she?
Actually, she's in a state of shock.
She's been through so much.
Husband died at the hands
of a business tycoon's hitmen.
Daughter was molested
when she protested.
She was in trauma too.
And the last nail...
Her son's death.
But I think...
she will recover.
Sister Nivedita turned out to be
the real sister.
Anyway, all formalities are done
for her to be state's witness.
She didn't reveal her real identity
to protect her mom.
She's on vacation now.
- Ask Poddar to send me a report--
- No, sir.
Not Poddar.
I'm on it. I'll send it to you.
He is...
He is on vacation too.
I'm ready.
I didn't take long today.
Just an hour and ten minutes.
Women take some time
to get dressed.
What's this?
Why do you have your gun
on vacation?
Never know when you might encounter
a criminal.
Have you ever seen a cop like me?
Gun in one hand
and poetry book in the other?
What are you reading?
Rainer Maria Rilke.
- Why did I ever mention him?
- Why?
I invited trouble!
Want to hear something interesting?
When Bishshorup
was about to attack Probir...
he was muttering a poem.
What was it?
Lord speaks to me...
- "God speaks... "
- Right.
- It's by Rilke.
- It is.
Guess what's more interesting.
When I'd dropped you home,
you'd recited a poem.
"Flare up like a flame... "
It's from the same poem.
What a coincidence!
I'd read that poem to my brother.
He loved it.
Send the files to storage.
Okay, sir.
Right now?
Your dad's incident...
Did it happen in front of you?
Brother watched helplessly.
He reacted very badly to it.
In fact, he had to be admitted
to a trauma centre.
And you?
Weren't you in trauma?
Weren't you angry?
How are you so normal?
How did you stay sane?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Which hotel Poddar has booked?
No idea, sir.
But I'll find out right away.
Hurry the fk up.
He cried a lot.
Kept himself locked
in a dark room.
- When he'd come out--
- Moitreyee, Moitreyee!
I'm asking about you.
How did you cope?
I'd become a statue.
Completely normal...
but my heart had turned
to stone.
What you've been through...
I don't even wish it
for my enemy.
Don't know what I'd do
if I were in your place.
I'd probably immediately k--
- Huh?
- What would you do?
What's wrong?
No... Nothing.
- Let's go out--
- One minute. Sit.
- Sit.
- What?
That sand and coal mafia guy...
That fker wasn't the first kill.
He was the second.
Did Bishshorup philanthropically kill the promoter
before avenging his father?
Did he?
"God speaks to each of us
as he makes us. "
"Then walks with us silently
out of the night.
These are the words we dimly hear:
You, sent out beyond your recall.
Go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me.
Flare up like a flame
And make big shadows I can move in.
Let everything happen to you:
Beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final.
Dont let yourself lose me.
Nearby is the country they call life.
Give me your hand.
These are the words we dimly hear.
God speaks to each of us. "
He did give his hand.
To God.
To vengeance.
To me.
What about the murders?
My idea.
My dad's pen always sparked fire.
When he came to be known
as the sand and coal mafia's enemy
his goons came after him.
He received death threats.
A lot of them.
So, for the family's safety
we shifted to Kanpur
when we were young.
A family vanished
from the heart of Kolkata.
- Vanished into thin air.
- Then why take revenge?
That didn't stop the mafia.
Dad came back
to report on the mafia.
There was a head-on confrontation once.
The media found out.
Dad threatened
to teach the mafia boss a lesson.
Dad escaped back to Kanpur.
But the goons found our house.
Right before our eyes...
they killed Dad.
Raped me.
Bishshorup couldn't take it.
Went to rehab.
When he was out of rehab,
he said...
I'm going to Kolkata.
To kill that guy.
But I told him not to.
Don't be crazy.
He had a public confrontation
with Dad recently.
If we killed him then,
we'd be prime suspects.
The police will find out.
We planned to kill a known offender
in a way it looks like...
Serial killing?
We made it look like the first case
of serial killing.
The second murder would be...
the real one.
I planned to stop
after the second murder.
So that the police thinks
the serial killer
is either dead
or choosing his next victim.
First, Mom and I moved to Kolkata.
Set up my chamber and then...
Bishshorup arrived
to complete the plan.
Plan, huh?
Fking plan!
This ten-avatar thing, huh?
It was my idea.
We put Bishshorup's obsession to use.
This is why I kept his identity
a secret.
I introduced him as my patient.
Otherwise, our family history...
our motive, our plan,
everything would be exposed.
After we exacted revenge,
everything went according to plan.
You didn't look for personal motives
or alibis.
Assuming this was the second murder
you led the investigation that way.
But after that...
Things got messed up.
Hold on.
You're telling me all this?
The one who told me to do it,
who put the idea in my head...
the one who guided me?
Now the same person
is saying this?
Suddenly you have feelings
for those rotten pests?
Listen to me.
Please stop being crazy!
Please stop.
This is too dangerous.
We have got our revenge.
Now, according to our plan--
Shut up!
Sit here quietly.
Sit and keep quiet.
Just keep shut.
- I have to go.
- No! You won't go.
- Shut up!
- Please stop.
- Just shut up!
- No...
- Don't try to stop me.
- Please...
I... I have to finish my work.
You don't.
This is my destiny.
This is what was ordained for me.
This is my duty!
Please don't go...
You're not going anywhere.
Before the first murder,
I'd heard the sound of a conch.
I'd heard the conch...
Within it there was
a voice that beckoned me.
And a light...
with a bluish tint.
I was in a trance.
I have to do this, dear.
- I have no other option. Trust me.
- Bishshorup...
- I have to go...
- Bishshorup... Brother...
- I have to do it. Don't stop me.
- Please, no...
I have to finish the work.
Believe me.
I have to do it.
I am Kalki.
Yes, I am the one.
I am Kalki.
Lord Vishnu's tenth avatar.
Lord Vishnu's tenth avatar.
He got away
and went on a killing spree.
I had no choice...
but to take your help
to stop him.
Why the change of heart?
Like the first victim,
the others didn't harm you personally.
Then why did you want
to save them?
What happened?
I don't enjoy killing people, Bijoy.
- The first murder was--
- For what?
- To mislead the police.
- Oh! Wow!
- The second was for revenge.
- I see.
But still...
Not a single night has gone by
without nightmares.
I see.
So why...
Why would I kill innocent people
without reason?
- In my right mind, I--
- Stop.
Stop! Stop!
Not a single word
about your "right mind".
"Right mind", my foot!
What am I supposed to do now?
What should I do now?
Tell me.
Should I arrest you?
Will we spend our honeymoon
in jail?
If you're hanged
will we kiss at the gallows?
Answer me!
Tell me what to do.
You're good at planning.
So, tell me.
Tell me!
Whatever happened to you...
Whatever happened to my brother...
So many families destroyed...
Innocent kids orphaned...
For ruining so many lives...
- I'm responsible.
- No, no, no.
Not you.
It's on me!
I'm at fault.
To avenge your dad's death,
to take revenge for your rape...
To stop your crazy brother
and to clear your conscience...
You used me.
You made me dance
to your bloody tunes!
Made me fall in love with you.
You tricked me!
And I'm a fking fool!
I am a dumbfk!
I didn't pretend to be
in love with you.
Yes, you did.
A hundred times over.
- It was all a fking act!
- It wasn't.
- It was!
- No!
It was...
- This is your business.
- What happened, sir?
- You're a trained psychologist.
- Heard a shot.
Get the fk out of here!
Tell me something, Moitreyee.
Tell me.
That night
when I was inside you...
What was on your mind?
This case, right?
What were you thinking
when I was kissing your neck?
This dumbfk will get your job done.
You are inside my mind.
You can make me do
whatever you want.
Because you're fking
the investigator--
Answer me, Moitreyee.
Say it!
You cheated me.
Pretended to be in love.
I didn't cheat you.
I didn't pretend.
Didn't even check her background
I didn't use you.
I didn't...
I didn't pretend.
Trust me.
I didn't...
Probir had warned me.
It wasn't an act.
I didn't...
Just my fking destiny.
Born in a brothel, after all.
This had to happen.
My mom's been cheated on too.
The night I was raped...
- ... my soul had died.
- Destined to be used.
My body was alive
only to take revenge.
But couldn't even do that properly.
- I'm such a dickhead.
- I thought I'd surrender after...
Thought I would die of guilt
one day.
- Anyone can use me.
- But...
But then...
You came into my life.
Anyone... Anyone...
I found a reason to live.
But now...
if you...
Take care of my mom and Probir.
Concerned about Probir and her mom!
Bloody murderer!
Cold-blooded killer!
What if I kill the seventh victim?
My ten heads
with thoughts of ten murders...
They must be destroyed.
The triumph
of good over the evil within
is the true essence
celebrated in Dussehra.
Isn't it, Bijoy?
The cacophony of the universe
reaches a crescendo
I'm leaving the madding crowd behind
I'm not myself anymore
I'm not myself anymore
A half-written history
Abandoned on the way
Forget the rest if you can
I'm not myself anymore
I've drowned in the quicksand
of despair
My tears have dried up
Just a trivial thing
But I must go on
I bow down to Time
As I fall apart in remorse
Silence and pain becomes me
I seek redemption in heaven
Memories wear a sad smile
As the last resort turns me down
It doesn't add up.
The second murder was--
I know, sir.
She just...
jumped off a cliff.
Are you okay?
Yes, sir.
Come back soon.
Come back safe.
Will booze.
Moving on
to more important news.
The Stoneman Case of the 80's
still haunts Kolkata.
But if we take a look
at the police records...
Wake up, sad Romeo.
(news playing)
Wake up.
The most noteworthy...
What's wrong?
...is the case last year.
Why are we talking about
serial killing?
A dead body found in Patuli hints
at the arrival of a serial killer.
Last month, two more murders
with the same MO have been reported.
Kolkata Police
are already investigating.
Needless to say...
they've put two of their experts
on the case.
Our reporter, Aniket...
A dull grey day
Followed by the stalemate of night
My heart urged me
To hit the road again
A dull grey day
Followed by the stalemate of night
My heart urged me
To hit the road again
I am ready for challenges
Who dares stop me?
A man or a god?
I am ready for challenges
Who dares stop me?
A man or a god?
Nothing can hold me back
Can't stop
Won't stop
I turn danger to dust
War will bring me peace
I have taken those vows
I am a fire eater!
I'm coming back to you, Life