Dawson Isla 10 (2009) Movie Script

"In Chile on September 11th, 1973, a
military coup overthrew the government
of Salvador Allende.
Thousands of his
supporters were driven to concentration
camps and torture centres. Others went
missing or went into exile.
In southern Chile, on Dawson Island,
the Ministers and closest collaborators
of the deposed president were confined"
They are treated exactly
as our own people.
Voluntary work is an entertainment
for the inmates, it keeps them fit.
I would like to interview Mr. Jos Toh, please.
Sure, no problem.
I would like to ask you a few questions.
How would you describe the
treatment you receive?
I think we have the same conditions
as in any other concentration camp.
Did they let you have any contact
with your family?
Yes, we are allowed to contact them
by mail, but due security reasons
our letters are censored
to avoid any problem.
Have you experienced any kind of abuse?
We have treated the inmates,
as best we can,
and we have been completely respectful
of the Geneva Convention.
Things are going well here!
We don't have the minimum to live on.
Our situation is deplorable!
I'll write that down.
Yes, please.
At this rate, there will be no survivors.
We have done our best to keep
all the inmates in good condition.
But things happen, although
we do not want to them to happen.
The war is cold.
Our situation has changed since last night.
But I have something to say about the
precarious conditions of the island.
Many of us are sick and we
lack proper care.
They are killing us.
We've tried to ensure that the
conditions are the best possible...
They are killing us.
They are killing us.
They are killing us.
Darling, my love, we are very far south,
on Dawson Island. I miss you.
How are the children?
Do they ask about me?
Move! you shit!
Faster... come on!
This is Dawson Island.
Don't do anything to my dad.
Stand up, asshole!
I said, stand up!
I said, stand up!
Get in line!
Quickly, asshole!
Get in line, shithead!
Stand up!
I said, stand up!
Don't you understand?
Get back in line, bastard!
Jesus, you're really stubborn, fuckhead!
You want me to shoot you?
I can't hear you! Get back line, you idiot!
I want you to know... that from now on
you are not civilians any more.
You have become confined prisoners
and you are under my orders.
Do you understand?
Are you crying, asshole?
Are you crying, shit?
Come on, cry!
Jos Toh
Former Minister of the Interior.
Daniel Vergara
Former Deputy Secretary of the Interior.
Orlando Letelier
Former Minister of Defence.
Clodomiro Almeyda
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Fernando Flores
Former Minister of Economy.
Carlos Jorquera
Press Secretary.
Sergio Bitar
Former Minister of Minerals and Mining.
These three barracks
will be your bedrooms
You'll share bunk
and you'll have a stove
but you'll have to look for fire.
We've given you the stove due to
the severe cold on this island.
The barracks are called:
Hill, Island and Lighthouse.
Each prisoner will be identified
by the name of his hut and a number.
From now on, you will have no name.
You don't exist!
You are nothing!
You have no past and no future.
From now on your name will be Island 2.
You... Island 3... Island 4... Island 5...
Island 6... Island 7... Island 8...
You, what's your name?
Your new name!
Island what?
You?... You?
Island 13.
We eliminated that one, it's bad luck.
Island 14.
Island 15.
Island 16.
Island 17.
My name is Jorge Fellay
and I am the Base Commander.
I want you to know, that from now on
you are considered as prisoners of war,
because you are former ministers and senior
officials of Allende's government...
deposed by a military junta.
Any failure to comply with the orders
and discipline will be considered as a war crime.
And therefore,
you may be executed.
You should not approach the soldiers,
and all contact with the officers
must be made through a delegate that
you will choose amongst yourselves.
The delegate will communicate
directly with the Commander.
As prisoners of war, you may have
recourse to the Geneva Convention.
You can rest now.
Excuse me...
The Geneva Conventions only
applies to foreign prisoners...
...and we are all Chileans.
You are agents of international Marxism...
and Chile is at war,
with the powers of world communism.
I am Chilean, I was born Chilean
and I will die a Chilean.
If you have something to say...
do it through your representative and
according to the Geneva Convention.
That's all.
I beg your pardon Commander...
I'm Dr. Arturo Girn...
Here, you're nobody.
Sorry, but there is an injured man
and I need some medicine.
A gun was fired accidentally,
and it's really serious.
See what you can do.
This is not exactly a luxury clinic.
You may go to sleep now.
Have a good night.
We wanted to change history,
but destiny gave us a strange feeling
of uncertainty and defeat.
What went wrong?
What was our mistake?
I came here, to implement
a plan for agriculture and livestock,
and instead of receiving Hereford
cattle or sheep,
they sent me prisoners.
What am I supposed to do?
It's our duty, Commander.
By the way, ministers and leaders,
must be kept separated
from the rest of the prisoners.
coming from Punta Arenas
and other places around the country,
Understood, Commander.
You'll be in charge of the
north eastern of the island... go!
You're in charge of
the north western part... go!
And you and Soto will be in charge
of the Wouth... go!
Yes, Lieutenant!
Be careful...
Why, Lieutenant?
Be careful with the island!
Why, Lieutenant?
Because they say she howls,
and devours.
Come on, everybody down!
Come on, quickly, move, move!
Move! Walk... Keep walking man!
Leave it in the barrack...
in the barrack...
That's it...
Keep walking!
Move! Come on, that's it!
More prisoners arrived today
The barracks are full.
The island has become a large prison.
Come in!
You'll have to take care of your comrades...
There are no more beds,
you'll have to make do.
Communists believe in sharing,
don't they?
Go ahead, mate... come on.
Be careful. That's it.
The Air Force has bombed the towers of
the Portales and Corporacin radio stations.
Radio Magalianes will probably be silenced
and my quiet voice
won't reach you; it doesn't matter.
Otherwise, you'll be attacked
by land and air.
Stop! Nobody move!
Anyone who moves is a dead man!
We've been informed that Russian
submarines could attack the island...
We are also aware of Cuba's attempts.
And don't forget Argentina.
If the enemy attacks the island,
you'll be the first to die.
This was just a drill.
Move or I'll shoot you!
We never saw them again.
It was a long night.
Difficult to understand.
And even more difficult to remember.
Everything was uncertain.
Except death.
The best solution was to drown them
in the sea...
A Punta Arenas Commander report
indicates the prisoners were workers,
student leaders
and dangerous foreigners.
I repeat... keep the leaders inactive.
The barracks lights must be on day and night.
I repeat... inactive.
You must apply the hard labour plan as stated
in the instructions for prisoners of war.
Keep them active,
we have to break their spirit.
They must admit their mistakes.
Work them into the ground.
I can't stand their arrogance.
Yes, Lieutenant?
Why were you talking to that prisoner?
Do you know him?
No, lieutenant.
We are all Chileans, Lieutenant.
He spoke to me.
Are you stupid or you're just pretending?
Give me 50!
Yes Lieutenant! One, Lieutenant... two,
Lieutenant... three, Lieutenant... four, Lieutenant...
five Lieutenant... six, Lieutenant... seven,
Lieutenant... eight, Lieutenant... nine, Lieutenant...
Carving the stones is like leaving a telegram
in them.
I was here...
Island 10...?
This is for you...
Some friends told me you were in Dawson.
I hope you'll receive this.
I'm also sending you vitamins... Kenny.
What was our mistake?
Why are we here?
Why is there so much hate?
Why do you want vitamins here for?
To better feed the worms?
Hard labour and fresh air will heal your
spirit, and make you better persons.
Time seems to stand still.
The Island seems to float motionless in this
cruel September of 1973.
How many different Chiles exist?
How many islands do we have in this island?
As Minister of Minerals and Mining, you're
accused of giving information to the Russians.
What do you have to say in your defence?
It's not true Commander.
Island 10, you are accused
of betraying your homeland
And here you are surrounded
by Russian agents.
As Minister of Minerals and Mining
I had to receive a Soviet delegation
and sign a business treaty
between the two countries.
You shared secret information
about our riches with them?
No, we only agreed on certain points
of the negotiation.
Regarding copper... did you give any
information about our mines?
Nothing special.
They already knew about extraction processes,
electrolysis and standard procedures.
The Russians are the world's
largest copper producers.
The world's first copper producer is Chile.
Did you write it down?
Yes, Commander.
I want him to sign the statement.
What do you want?
The pencil. Where did you get it?
I need it.
I'll give you vitamins for it.
That is, when I get them.
Drink this milk.
It's good for you.
Thanks, my friend.
Who are you?
They call me "EI Gallego"
I've been living here for a while now.
I came from the other side, Argentina.
Who are you?
I was the Minister of Minerals and Mining.
And now you are a prisoner.
I heard that they're going to kill all of you.
The break is over.
In line, on the double.
Come on... faster!
They must have done something.
It seems as if the eye of God had
never been on this island.
You tired, shithead? Hurry up, bastard!
What were you doing at
"La Moneda" on September 11?
I was taking care of my dad.
He's sick.
That's not true.
You were member of the MIR.
They're in favour of armed struggle,
and fight for the destruction
of our Armed Forces.
I was taking care of my dad.
He's sick.
Fix the flag, Soto.
Yes, Lieutenant!
You are totally useless, Soto!
Go away!
You, over there, go ahead.
Poor guy, he hurt his testacies badly.
Silence! Take him to the infirmary,
Come on! Quickly!
It's an emergency. He needs surgery.
We need a doctor right now!
Do it yourself, damn it!
I can't! I'm not a doctor!
Follow me, doctor!
Come on... move!
Do you have any local anaesthesia?
Any scissors?
Yes, doctor.
Alcohol, please!
Fast, I need some alcohol!
Fernando, do you think this
is going to work?
Yes, of course. We'll even be able
to listen to Moscow's radio stations.
That's interesting.
It's a basics galena radio.
But I need batteries.
And the sea that quietly washes your shores,
promises you future splendour.
Sweet fatherland accept the vows,
made by Chile at your altar:
Either the free will rest in their tombs
or the oppressed will find refuge.
Either the free will rest in their tombs
or the oppressed will find refuge.
...or the oppressed will find refuge.
Wake up! Wake up!
You're having a nightmare.
Here, take this.
Trips to the U.S.A, especially to Washington
are shown in your files.
What was the purpose of these trips
and who financed them?
Well, I was the Chilean Ambassador in the
U.S.A and the embassy is in Washington...
Regarding the funding of the trips
What about this picture?
Three of them are U.S senators.
As ambassador I used to contact them...
You know these men are attacking our
country and asking for your liberation?
I don't know anything about that, sir.
What I do know is that without Nixon's
support the military coup in Chile
would never had happened.
The Chilean Armed Forces
are totally independent, sir.
Everyone knows that the Pentagon and
Nixon's Government authorized this coup.
That's not true!
Did you write it down?
Something wrong with the typewriter.
Should I write it by hand?
What do you have to say about this one?
The good life, ambassador...
the good life...
Now, get out of the way,
I don't want anyone here.
Now, get out of the way,
I don't want anyone here.
Do you think this is a game?
Move! Let's go!
On the double!
Jesus Christ! Will you hurry up?
You really have trouble walking, motherfucker!
You're under my orders.
You've come here to work... and there
will be consequences for whoever disobeys.
I'm Sergeant Figueroa and
for you fucking luck, I'm the boss here!
You three, start to dig a hole right here.
The rest, start to dig another hole
and get some firewood as well.
I want you to know that I deeply hate you.
Instead of being here
in this cold and lonely island
I could be sharing a good meal
in my house, with my family.
My fucking luck!
I want you to stop working now...
and you'll do it because I tell you so!
Now that we are in charge, we will
teach you what economy is all about.
It has nothing to do with that shitty land reform,
or giving away food or milk
to young children.
All those stupid ideas
you communists came up with.
From now on, the one who has money,
will have a much better life.
Now we are free, we live in a free and
sovereign country... under this nice sky,
next to this beautiful ocean
and surrounded by this beautiful nature.
OK! Work, you bastards!
Continue digging the hole over there.
And you? What are you doing
standing there? Move!
And you, pretend you're working.
Don't be an asshole.
Everyone back to work!
Everyone is working hard.
I'm following your orders, Lieutenant.
Nothing new, Lieutenant.
And the ones in confinement, Sergeant?
They're also working, Lieutenant.
Keep on, Sergeant Figueroa.
I will, Lieutenant!
What's that crap, Sergeant?
That crap is a prisoner Lieutenant.
The shithead fainted.
He must go back to work immediately.
Yes, sir, Lieutenant!
Let's go!
Soldiers... I need you to
give me a hand with this piece of shit...
I'm on my way, Sergeant.
Soldier Ruiz, stop working and bring
those prisoners over here.
A line. Quickly!
Faster, man!
Faster I said, come on!
We will return to the camp singing
to forget about the bad times we're in.
After all, today is Sunday.
Anyone know a good song?
"Jump, jump, jump little grasshopper..."
No, not that shit.
"By just a head of a noble stallion..."
Shut up! Does anyone know a song that doesn't
name bugs or animals?
I like the anthems.
That's what I want.
"Song of the Americas"
OK, come on. Sing it.
They're our sovereign brothers in freedom...
They're our sovereign brothers in freedom...
Yes, that shit is OK.
At the top of your voice, assholes come on!
Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia... Colombia, Chile
and Ecuador... Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela...
Guatemala and EI Salvador... United
States of America, Mexico and Peru... Cuba...
Stop! Stop right there
What's that shit about Cuba?
Delete that part. Just hum it.
Let's see how it sounds?
United States of America,
Mexico and Peru. Humhum and Canada.
Come on.
They're our sovereign brothers in freedom...
They're our sovereign brothers in freedom...
Here, in the island, the sea.
How much sea?
It's always overflowing.
It says yes...
Then no...
Then no again...
And na...
It says yes in blue.
At full gallop...
It says no.
And no again
It can't be still.
My name is sea, it repeats.
Slapping the rock
failing to persuade it...
Pablo Neruda is dead.
With seven green tongues
of seven green dogs...
Of seven green tigers...
Of seven green seas...
it covers the rock, kisses it,
dampens it...
and banging its chest...
repeats its name.
Oh Sea, this is your name...
Oh, comrade ocean...
Don't waste time
or water...
Helping them.
Tote, my friend, you can do it.
Tonight, you'll be able
to write whatever you want.
Look what I've got for you.
When a poet dies, another one is born.
Hurry up! Come on!
"Freedom and justice,
are like two beautiful ladies" .
In a few days, we won't be able to control
so many prisoners.
Once again Commander,
execution is the best solution.
It's too late now.
What would the world press say?
It's not so easy.
Chile, is becoming internationally isolated.
We were sent here to kill them, right?
We don't have the technical support
for executing 400 men.
But we have to do something soon.
The barracks are full.
Exactly, that's why we are building
new camps.
Within a few days,
we won't have any more beds.
The new camps will be excellent,
Walter Rauff made the designs.
He's personally supervising the project.
Who is "A"?
Did you find out
No, not yet Commander.
We have to find him.
We must seize all their pencils, all of them!
They're drawings!
That's very interesting, Island 17.
Your pencil!
The Commander wants
someone to fix his TV set.
He received it from Punta Arenas
and it's not working.
Did you bring the cables?
They only gave me this.
Tell them I need the cables and electricity...
OK, prisoner.
Here, prisoner.
I need some tools.
Without tools I can't do it...
I need a screwdriver...
cutting pliers and some tape.
In Chile you can't fix anything
without tape.
Tell your Commander, that if he wants
his TV set to work
he must send me some tools.
Yes, prisoner.
- No, no, this doesn't go there.
- Can it be repaired?
Listen to me Island... whatever.
I won't leave until
you make it work.
Tools please.
That's it, here.
...are taking the Armed Forces and the Police.
2nd: The Armed Forces and the police,
are united
in the historical and responsible
mission of liberating our fatherland.
from the yoke of Marxism and in the
restoration of order and our institutions.
3rd: Workers in Chile can be assured
that the economic and social rights
they've achieved so far won't be
fundamentally changed.
4th: The press, radio and television
in favour of the Popular Unity,
must suspend their
activities from this momentum.
Otherwise, they will be attacked
by land and air.
5th: the inhabitants of Santiago should stay
at home so there won't be innocent victims...
Turn it off right now.
Look, look.
Take that television away!
Bring that shit!
I'm far from being an apostle or a messiah.
I don't want to be a martyr, I'm asocial
fighter striving to do the job
the people have given me.
But I want those who want
to take us back in history
and ignore the will of the majority
to understand;
I'm not a martyr,
but I will not retreat.
They must know that
I will only leave "La Moneda"
once I have finished the term
the people elected me for...
Sergeant Prieto!
What's the matter with that?
Prisoner, get yourself busy with that cable.
Hurry up!
This is not a walk in the park, shit!
Come on, work!
We'll take the pole, to that sector.
Let's go.
Where are you going?
To take a leak.
Why didn't you leave
with the rest of the people?
When I heard Mr. Allende
talk about the land reform
and that the land was going to belong
to the farmers,
I decided to come to this island
with my family.
Drink something warm, Sergeant.
Then you know how to leave the island.
Shh... shut-up, asshole.
After I heard about the military coup,
I decided to go back,
That was when I saw you arriving
and I stayed.
Help us get out of this place.
- Ok. No more chitchat.
- Help us!
What were you doing in "La Moneda"
on September 11?
As Minister of the Interior it was my duty
to be in "La Moneda" with the president.
So you witnessed the suicide of Mr. Allende.
I disagree with the theory of suicide, sir.
It's a fact. You witnessed his suicide,
and you'll confirm it in this statement.
No. I refuse.
I'm not signing anything.
Silence, Radio Moscow.
To comrade Luis Corvalan...
and all Chilean patriots,
who are confined
in the southern islands
Keep up your hope, we will not forget you.
- Checkmate!
- Good, Dad!
You beat me, don Osvaldo.
Do you need help Chancellor?
Could you carve something
for my wife, please?
A heart is OK?
Whatever you want, my friend.
Who allowed the prisoners to fish?
The Duty Officer, Sergeant.
We want to improve our nutrition.
Do you have something to say
about our food?
Well, your restaurant
is not the best one.
Do you think you're funny?
To the isolation cell! How funny is that?
We already go, as it says!
I'm so happy because I'm going
to the isolation cell...
I'm so happy because I'm going
to the isolation cell...
Sing louder!
I'm so happy because I'm going
to the isolation cell...
Get in shit!
Let's see if in the dark you can get rid
of those communist ideas!
Your blood sugar level is way too high.
Is there any insulin?
No, doctor.
It's an emergency, you must change
his diet. This food is not for a diabetic.
I will pass it on.
Let me check your feet.
You have to walk and exercise a lot.
Then you'll produce
some natural insulin.
What do you know about the prisoners
down in the isolation cells?
Well, at least they have food.
We must stay alive, Osvaldo.
We must stay alive.
Are you OK, doctor?
It's nothing, just a gastric ulcer.
This is for you.
Doctor, my wife sent me a letter
saying that she is not feeling well.
She is throwing up and feeling dizzy.
Since when, soldier?
Since about three months ago.
It's seems, you are going to be a father.
That's great doctor, thank you!
Now move!
You must send him to the hospital
in Punta Arenas.
Here we don't have any insulin,
we can't treat him.
If his feet are not treated soon,
we might have to amputate his toes.
It's not my problem,
this is not a five stars hotel.
If he dies you won't be able
to accuse him of trying to escape.
Are you threatening me, Island 11?
No Commander, I'm just informing you... It's only
a medical information.
Thanks. That's all.
It's dark; asshole.
I do not see anything, out!
I'm blind.
What are you laughing at, dickhead?
You are upside down Lieutenant.
Show some respect, prisoner.
The world is upside down. The sky is
down below and the ground is up above.
You lost and we won.
I'm free now, so I'm going home. Bye!
I had not seen you. Good evening.
I was looking for you. They told me,
you were writing a book about Dawson.
My old man was caught in the
industrial belts, he's a socialist.
Help me find him Mr. Minister,
The recruit begged me.
The truth is, I did not know what to say.
Drums and clarinets force me to leave...
I have to say goodbye to
my beloved homeland,
That's why I don't want to love you,
like this, goodbye dear fatherland,
I'm leaving now.
I can see the ship coming,
they're coming for me.
Sing louder!
That's why I don't want to love you
like this, goodbye dear fatherland
I'm leaving now.
Julio, Estuardoand Max
came up with the idea of building a raft.
They believe it is the only way
for them to escape from the island.
As life grows, spring goes to the
market between bakeries and pigeons.
Please, have a seat.
Thanks, but I'm OK like this.
Don Edgardo, it's not easy for me
to be with you in a situation like this.
After being your student in the Navy.
Please sit down.
As delegate,
under the Geneva Convention,
I have been commissioned
to ask for your permission
to impart some courses and
hold conferences.
What would they consist of,
Don Edgardo?
They would be like seminars according
to each exponent's specialization.
Where were you?
We're building a raft. I think.
It floats quite well.
Listen... that raft won't take you
anywhere. Don't act irresponsibly.
As prisoners we have to escape.
We have the raft almost ready.
Stop talking crap, shitheads, crappy extremists.
We're in this fucking mess because of you.
Fucking conformists.
The discussion was endless,
completely pointless.
The same political wrangling,
that led us to division and failure.
Bitar, take it.
Hold on tightly, asshole.
Don't let go.
Pull. Calm down, dickhead.
What are you doing, fuckhead? Do you wanna
Don't you realize you have to stay alive?
I'm already fucked,
but you have to stay alive.
How did you find me?
They sent me to look for you.
Who sent you?
You know I can't tell you.
Now go back to the camp, you'll freeze
Don't tell anyone about this, OK?
I have to do something first.
What do you want?
The bible.
Not now, go back to your camp.
Go back to your camp,
What happened to your face, man?
And the rifle?
Where the hell did you leave it?
Go get it, man. Move!
Things like this can cost you your life!
Lieutenant! The plane is ready.
But I must inform you
that recruit Soto is missing.
Report him dead.
He died on active service.
Dead, Lieutenant?
Yes. Dead.
Through Soto, we learned that Lieutenant
Labarcawas leaving for Santiago.
Soto was the happiest of all...
That morning we went to a new camp that had
been built facing the sea.
on the slopes of a big mountain.
Come on.
Don't drop behind
It's exactly.
As my father told me.
Move, let's move...
Prisoner, keep walking.
Thanks to our architects,
we have hot water.
A shower, a clean shirt... a tie...
Small things with a special meaning.
Don't you think your tie
is a little bit pointless here?
Believe me, officer, my tie is the
least of my concerns.
Prisoners, form a line, quickly.
Hurry, get in line. Hurry up.
The men in charge of our custody
were constantly being changed.
Sometimes they were from the Navy, others from
the Army or the Air Force.
Hurry up, prisoner.
Come on, hurry up!
Lieutenant, do you think someday we'll have
electricity on the island?
At this pace... and these animals?
Karl Marx revolutionized human history with his
theory about capital...
Excuse me...
Yes, Commander.
Please don't mention his name here.
Is it OK if I call him "That bearded old man"?
That's better.
"That bearded old man"...
The reason I decided to give, this class
Is because I would like to improve
our language at the camp
that's is to say in good Chilean
to avoid swearwords.
Our enthusiasm for learning,
Led us to study languages.
French and German.
Sorry comrades, but can you stop this German
nonsense, please?
It's totally outrageous in our situation.
Attention Dawson.
Attention Dawson.
Here Puma 23. Puma 23.Flying over prison camp.
I request permission to land.
Permission granted. I repeat, permission granted .
I'm Colonel Valenzuela from the Special Forces.
I'm here on a special mission.
I would like to inform you, Colonel, that the Navy
is in charge of this Island
and I'm the Commander here.
Which is why I'm presenting
my mission to you, Commander.
So, what is so special
about your mission?
As our general says,..
Someone has to take the decisions. The sooner...
the better.
Other similar missions are being accomplished
all over the country,
Do you have a written order?
This is not enough.
In this kind of mission it's well known that we
don't have written orders.
You won't kill anyone in Dawson Island
without a written order.
These prisoners are my responsibility.
What are you thinking? That they are here on
I want a radio to contact Punta Arenas,
Impossible, Colonel. The radio is broken.
We have no communication with Punta Arenas or
anywhere else, Colonel.
And who are you?
Captain Salazar, Commander.
I want to talk to the delegate.
That's me.
Do you know what this is?
It's a grenade and it might explode.
Exactly. It's a grenade that explodes a short time
after it's released.
I want you to show me all your notebooks,
drawings and books.
Quickly, before my hand opens.
I want to be alone with the prisoners.
If they disarm me, just shoot me for being such a
Then you have my order to kill everyone here
without saving ammunition
Yes, Colonel!
Prisoners, we have the pleasure
to inform you that from now on
you will be able to have mail
contact with your relatives.
Also, we have the pleasure to give you the last
letters you've received.
Dismissed. Go get your correspondence.
Daddy, I want to sing a song.
Little white horse, take me with you..."
Where is the factory down south, you are working
I want to visit you with mom.
Hi, dad.
Mom misses you so much.
You know? We have a kitten named Firlimon.
I hope you are in good health when this letter
reaches you,
Take care, please. Take care. Be careful for me...
for your family.
Everyone can play soccer.
I've sealed you in my heart. I call your name, so
you won't forget me.
So you'll think about me every day. Don't forget
I want to see you.
I want to see you.
I want to...I want to.
Don't forget me. Don't forget me.
Seize all letters!
I don't want any paper in their hands.
Burn them.
All correspondence on
Dawson Island is censored!
Fucking luck...
I don't understand why the
Red Cross gave this letter to me.
I don't get it.
What do they want to tell me?
I have friends in an organization that fights for
world leaders,
such as Mandela, Martin Luther King or other
leaders, but this is not my case.
Write down:
"R - E -S"
"T-T - E"
"D - I -S"
"R -Y - N"
"I -S"
"B - E -S -T"
TED IS TRYING HIS BES Jose resist, Ted is trying his best.
Ted is trying his best...
He means, Ted Kennedy,
Everyone stand up!
Show all your belongings!
This is a search!
Come on... move. Faster.
Here, Sergeant, it was hidden under his fucking
What's this, asshole? What's this?
Where's the other, fucking communist?
Where are your weapons, bastard?
I am thankful for being alive. I wish this was a bad
and that I will wake free.
Dad... Island 15...
Comrades, I think it would be a good thing
if we restore the church.
We'd do something useful.
At the time, Miguel Lawner was obsessed with the
idea of the church,
so he talked with the Commander.
Make the church drawings immediately.
I need paper and pencils for that.
No way,
I can't do it otherwise.
Come back!
Wait for me here, I'll ask the Commander.
Puchito, Sergio, Dani,
Carlitos, Orlandoand Feli.
We need to organize ourselves quickly.
I need tools, Sergeant.
Sweep the stairs...
Young man, you go up to the roof. Clean
everything, everything..
Miguel, architect; a question.
"We are going to win... A thousand chains we will
Shut up prisoner!
"We will wax... A thousand boards, we will wax..."
The three of you will start in this area.
What about us?
You will work over here... - OK!
One, two, three, four...
One, two, three, four...
There, there.
Faster, faster, faster...
Inside, everyone...
Inside I said! Get in, shit!
I want you to fill your
pockets with these dried fruits.
Pretend I'm hitting you or some other shit. OK?
Come on, asshole.
You, give me 10!
Fucking communists!
Get in line... now! Out, everyone.
No! Not that way,..
to the camp, go back to the camp!
Come on, faster!
Go back to the camp, Island 10.
Here, this is to avoid getting sick.
It will be good for you.
"Freedom and Justice are like to beautiful ladies"
The United Nations sent you this.
To me?
Probably because you're a good singer,
"That mole you have, my darling, next to your
"Don't give it to anyone, my darling, it belongs to
"Ay yai, ya yai, don't cry, sing""
"Because singing rejoices the heart, my darling"
I'm trying to count the days. How many days till
One month. Two months. Two days.
Three years?
Everything is upside down!
Everything is upside down!
Merry Christmas!
Flowers, Mr. Minister?
What's down is up, what's up is down..
Merry Christmas...
Happy Christmas!
A big applause, please, for our comrade Orlando.
And now, the damn midget!
One, two, and three...
Put that thing down, Island 5... the Commander
wants to see you...
Good luck, Comrade.
Have these gloves, Talito. They'll protect your
Take care, Jos.
Please sit down.
I'm OK, thanks.
Please, have a seat.
I'm fine.
I want to inform you that you'll be transferred to
Later, you'll be transferred to your home.
So many miseries. So many problems.
You'll be in a better place now.
What's going to happen with my brother?
Don't worry, we've been informed he'll be
transferred to Santiago in a few days.
Courage, my mates, courage..
Come on, faster!
Hurry up.
I'm running out of nails.
Then, as I said...
I think it would be a good idea
to build a square
so that the image of the chapel is enhanced..
What do you think?
Sounds good.
Let's think about it.
Here, Doctor... it will help your ulcer.
How do you know that?
Thanks, man.
But that's unreasonable.
The chapel must be inaugurated
in 15 days,
We have young and strong soldiers
to do the job.
No, I refuse, Officer. My comrades know exactly
what to do. I prepared them.
It's an order, prisoner!
You're wrong... this is not right. You can order me
to do anything but this.
Get the prisoners out of here, soldiers.
But what is that man doing?
This is not right.
It's your project
and you have to finish it.
But it's their project as well, father.
But you're the architect. All of this was your idea.
They just went along with you.
They would ask for the same thing.
It will be your mark in Dawson.
It'll be the only thing remaining in Dawson when
all of this is over.
No, I'm not sure, father.
What's going on?
Jos Toh is dead.
He's dead.
Jos Toh is dead.
Our comrade Jos Toh is dead...
Jos never recovered, from the death of his friend
"The President", as he called him.
Jos never would have committed suicide.
Take it to the camp.
I will.
I shouted from the place of the dead.
I had been thrown into the abyss into the heart of
the ocean...
The abyss surrounds me. The algae are tangled in
my head.
To the depth of the mountain,
I descended.
The bolts of the earth
were closed behind me forever.
Leave, soldiers!
Yes, Sergeant.
Now we have to prove how resistant these stairs
are, my friend.
I'm sure they're OK.
Listen, Don Miguel... next to that tree I left you a
gift that my wife sent you.
Go get it.
Fucking luck... right?
Prisoners, we are leaving for Puerto Williams
A U.N. official will tell you who will be freed and
who won't get released.
You have half an hour to prepare
all your stuff.
They wanted to come here,
but all the roads are closed so we will go there.
As you know...
if the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed...
It's 30 kilometres walk... but you are well trained
so I guess you'll be OK.
However, for some of you
this may be the opportunity to go home.
Permission to speak, Captain.
Go ahead.
Island 11 has a haemorrhage. He must stay in the
You have permission
to sit down, Island 11.
OK... get ready!
any of you know who Mr. "A" is?
Keep in mind that,
much sooner than later,
the great avenues will again be opened,
Through which the free man will pass. Long live
Long live the people!
Long live the workers!
Remember... just half an hour.
Get your things.
The older ones will go by truck.
We should leave them here, Captain.
No. They're going to count them. What do I say if
someone's missing?
I don't want to love any more in this life,
goodbye dear Homeland; I'm leaving...
To the left.
Keep running!
Don't stop... keep running!
We can't keep going, Captain!
Look at him!
Get the older ones into the truck.
There are just 10 kilometres left.
Come on dad... get in.
Listen... we have to make a deal. You leave the
island. I will stay.
No dad... I won't leave you alone.
I'm sick son... always remember
what the President told you.
Take care of your moustache, young comrade.
Keep running...
You heard the Captain. Keep moving.
After Dawson came other concentration
camps, such as "Puchuncavi", "Ritoque" and
"Tres Alamos".
This was not the most heroic experience of our
lives, but it was the most dignified.
Jos Toh:
He was strangled to death at the Military Hospital
in Santiago, Chile.
March 15, 1974.
Orlando Letelier:
He died in a terrorist attack carried out by
members of the Chilean repression in
Washington DC, United States of America,
September 21, 1976.
Osvaldo Puccio:
Died in exile in Berlin,
Germany on December8, 1981
Clodomiro Almeyda:
He died after a long illness
in Santiago, Chile on August 25, 1997.
The concentration camp at Dawson Island was
closed by the end of 1974.
The dictatorship that ruled Chile for 17 years was
overthrown by a plebiscite on October 5, 1988.
Dawson's men have now integrated the social,
political and cultural life in Chile.
Their will is stronger than oblivion.
"Let me tell you, comrades...
let me tell you calmly,
without any reservations...
I'm far from being an apostle or a messiah.
I don't want to be a martyr.
I'm a social fighter striving to do the job the
people have given me.
But I want those who want to take us back in
history and ignore"
the will of the majority to understand;
I'm not a martyr, but I will not retreat.
They must know that I will only leave "La Moneda" once
I have finished the term the people elected me for.
I'm telling you... go home with the joy of the
victory achieved.
Tonight... when you caress your children, while you are
resting, think of the harsh tomorrow that awaits us.
We'll have to be more passionate and loving, to make
Chile stronger and enjoy justice in our homeland."