Day Is Done (2011) Movie Script

Hi, this is...
Mrs. Ruebistuebi.
It's 11:45.
I just got home.
I'm in a good mood;
it feels like weekend again.
So, I would be ready to come.
I'll just take a quick shower
and I guess you'll probably call me
when you're back.
Hello there,
Gsell calling!
In case you're really
not at home
please call me
back later.
Actually, I just wanted
to give you a good tip:
a dip in the lake wouldn't be
a bad idea this afternoon.
Everybody's out.
You're probably having a great dinner.
Is the walkie-talkie working?
Have you got all your marbles?
Is everyone working hard?
Bye. Give me a call.
Listen, I have a problem, the antennas...
the old ones that telescope,
that you use for long distances,
you didn't send them back.
Do you still have them?
Let me know
as soon as possible. Thanks. Ciao.
Hello, hello.
Still not at home?
Thomas Imbach, hello!
This is Frances.
Listen, I'll be in Zurich for a while
and will be at home tonight,
For God's sake,
you said that 3 hours ago,
that you would call back soon.
I wanna know now. Bye.
Yes, hello, it's me.
Please answer if you're there.
Yes, hello.
We just called too and...
Oh, answering machines...
But we have to say goodbye.
We'll be here 'til about 10 tomorrow,
then we're off to the airport
to start our trip.
I hope you have a nice evening,
it's marvelous out:
no clouds,
really warm,
what more could anyone want.
Ciao. Sleep well, Thomas.
Hello, it's me.
I wanted to ask
if you've done sulking,
just wondering
where things stand...
I'll be at home tomorrow morning,
if you feel like calling.
Or else
some other time.
Are you there?
Hello Thomas. We're not coming home
'til Sunday afternoon at 4, flying Varig.
I mean Monday,
we leave on Sunday.
We've been delayed
a couple of days.
Take care. We're fine.
I thought it's easiest if you come
to the lido at noon;
you can pick me up
so we can go home together
or we can eat something there.
You can bring something for lunch...
I'll take your bathing trunks,
just in case.
I'll be down by the lake.
You'll see me.
Just to let you know we're back.
And the weather's good here, too.
In good health and hungry
after sitting around airports
for something like 14 hours.
We just don't have our luggage yet.
We'll call back later.
So, you've already left again.
I wasn't out;
I was only taking a shower
and wanted to call back.
I'll try again later, I guess.
I'm going to play volleyball in a bit
but should be home by evening.
Bye, see you later.
Hello Thomas.
I just talked to Granny
and heard that you're coming,
she said on Tuesday.
She asked me
if I'd come too.
So I just wanted to say,
I'll be there around 12
so we would eat spaghetti around 12,
because I can't wait 'til one.
So, good-bye Thomas.
Hello Thomas.
I just wanted to say,
I wish you a very
happy birthday.
More later when I see you.
Good luck. Ciao.
Happy Birthday!
All the best.
What are you up to?
Are you already out?
Maybe we can get together.
Come to Lucerne, okay?
It snowed hard this morning.
Ciao ciao.
I wish you all the best. -Yes!
-It's almost noon.
Me too, ''Bachel.''
Have a nice day
and show up in Bern again soon.
Hello, it's me.
You never call me.
I thought I'd see
what you're up to
on a Saturday evening
all alone in Zurich.
It's your birth... I mean Saint's day
and I wish you all the best.
This is Granny.
Hear you soon.
What the heck are you up to?
Keep your head straight.
I'm looking at you,
the way you're looking at the mountains.
Look, how nice it is.
It's wonderful.
It's nice now.
Do you think it's coming soon?
What? The sun?
No, the mountain.
The sun is trying to break through.
It would be even nicer then.
You're really something.
You haven't changed much.
- No?
- No, no.
You were always a little bit like that,
even as a boy. -Restless?
Restless, yes.
But drive carefully, okay?
Yes, I'm a gentle driver.
When you're alone in the car,
you're not so gentle.
You think so? Have you ever been
with me when no one was with me?
No, but...
You have that feeling, right?
I have the feeling and
you also have it.
I have to check my hair.
You're such a rascal.
I want to see that film too.
You don't like scattering them?
No, then you don't
have any keepsake.
- You can have a keepsake anyway.
- What with?
There wouldn't even be a grave.
Yes there would,
you can still go to the grave.
How? If it's on
the peak of the Pilatus?
Hey? Silly thoughts...
- It's really pouring, isn't it.
- It sure is.
All these silly thoughts.
Dad, just look at us.
- We're pretty silly, right?
- Why?
In this downpour,
spending time with you.
Well, you know,
the bright ones,
never get brighter.
If anything, dumber.
Hello Thomas.
We want to wish you
Happy Easter,
but you must be far away...
or maybe you are here,
maybe you'll even come say hello.
You never answered
about the 25th...
of April...
about going to Basel. Father says,
I shouldn't say everything at once.
Hello! We got home
and looked at the Zurich paper.
I'm sure you've seen it.
The review is great
and they even chose
a photo from your film.
We have to drink a toast to that.
Hello, this is Elke Mller from
German TV ''Kleines Fernsehspiel.''
You sent me a
project proposal, called Busyness.
I am very sorry,
I'm afraid that
at the editorial conference
yesterday, we rejected it.
But I wanted to
let you know right away,
so that you can carry on
applying for funding.
I'm really sorry.
But do get in touch again.
Until then, goodbye.
Hello, this is the Swiss Bank Association.
I am calling regarding
your film project Busyness
and I would like
to learn a little more about it.
This is Bank Leu, I'd like to take a look
at our building in Stettbach with you...
This is the Swiss Volksbank
getting back to your project.
We discussed it
with the executive board
and would like
to look at one or two of your films
before making a decision.
I just want to say
I'm sorry,
that it also hurts me
to hurt you so badly,
and that I...
can't really explain
why it escalated like that, but...
This is Rolf.
Ciao Thomas.
How are you? I heard that
your father's sick. Give me a call.
We're here in Levkadas
and we're all fine.
Just want to say hello to you
and to Monika too.
Bye, bye, if you hear this message.
It's all... The weather's good
and so is the food
and it's an ugly boat,
but we're having a good time anyway.
Ciao Thomas, ciao.
Hello Thomas!
Well, we're back:
flew back today,
through thick, thick fog,
a real pea soup fog,
before landing in Zurich.
And now
it's 30(celsius) here, or 40.
And in Greece
it was between 250 and 300.
The water was very agreeable
and there was hardly any wind.
Just for a day or two - and
the crickets chirped like in summer.
I also saw a butterfly
and it was really
a beautiful
Indian summer,
the kind where you can really
get warmed up again.
Well, you were here at
some point, I think,
probably for the Viper Festival.
So, we'll hear from you soon.
Ciao Thomas.
Hello, it's me.
It's quarter past one and
I just got back from visiting Ariane
and found your message.
I'm going to Tai Chi tomorrow morning
at 9 with Edith, so I thought
I'd leave a message
on your answering machine,
so you won't worry, if I'm still
not at home tomorrow morning
or already out again...
Bye. Have a good start
and get up well.
He told me
I responded well to chemo,
I didn't say anything and...
he said we could continue
or interrupt the treatment;
we have to make
an intelligent decision.
I told him
I was actually for taking a break.
So he said, well good,
he was too.
And now the fact is...
the tumors are smaller,
parts have disappeared
but some are still there.
For the most part a bit smaller.
So, I wish you a nice evening.
Ciao Thomas.
Hi Thomas, just to let you know
that Thom... uh...father is in
St. Anna hospital. We had to come
home by ambulance. So. Ciao.
Hi Thomas.
I just arranged for the urn burial
on Monday the 21st.
The latest time we can get
is at 11 o'clock in the morning.
I'll just set the date with everybody,
because otherwise...
It won't work in the afternoon -
they're all booked up...
So 11 o'clock on the 21st, okay?
Hello, this is Peter Brker in Zurich;
it's Monday and
I wanted to know how everything went.
The whole week and
if Well Done was a success,
if it was well received and everything.
Well now, he's probably relaxing,
on the Seychelles or something
and is getting tanned
and has his hair cut short
and God knows what else.
I just got the mail
and your letter arrived.
Among other things, there was
some information on this birth center
and it looks like
there's no postnatal care.
That means you're driven home
2-3 hours after giving birth.
Well, take a look.
Ready to go?
She thought it didn't look so good,
she was worried because the baby
is too low and
the uterus has already dropped,
which shouldn't happen
until the last month of pregnancy.
So she's
committed me to the hospital
because it would be irresponsible
if labor pains started again
and something really did happen.
So, talk to you later. Ciao.
Hi Thomas.
I saw Monika yesterday
and she's in good shape.
We had a good time.
I'll see you on Saturday and
maybe you can call me
before that. Ciao.
Hello Thomas. This is Jrg.
I just got back from Paris.
Are you out, because
the baby is already on the way,
or are you busy with other things?
I'm going to the Solothurn festival,
but probably only in the afternoon.
But maybe we'll see each other
anyway. Take care. Ciao.
Hi there, this is the
''Diaperland Mothers' Union.''
We wanted to see
if father's at home to say hello.
It's Saturday morning, 11:30,
and I wanted to see...
You're probably still asleep...
Ah no, you have to be somewhere
at 12, right? How stupid of me.
Hello Thomas and Monika and Noah.
I'm back from Paris with my family,
we would like to pay our respects
to the little prince.
Mr Imbach, this is
Mata Real Estate.
I hope you're still
interested in an aparrtment.
I have a beautiful offer:
4 rooms in Witikon
as of June 1st: 2500 francs
with a fireplace and
a view of the mountains.
Would you be interested?
Greetings from Mata Real Estate.
Mr Imbach,
Matta Real Estate' calling.
Today, April 4,
this afternoon at 3.
I have a dream flat
for you in district 3,
a 4-room apartment, 120sqm,
1740 Francs, from May 1st.
It has high ceilings
with stucco work.
Munchkin is just waking up,
you can tell...
it's 6 and I'm going to air
the apartment, if you're around,
you can come too.
That's why I called.
But you're not there so
see you later. Ciao.
Hi Thomas,
this is Peter.
I heard terrible tales from 2 sources, that
you're having trouble riding a bicycle...
I wanted to ask
how bad things are.
Hi Thomas,
this is Rita.
I heard through the grapevine that
something awful happened to your arms.
If you can hold the receiver,
I'd be glad if you would call.
Hello, it's me.
I wanted to see how you are.
Munchkin is saying hello too,
you can hear him. See you soon. Ciao.
Hi Thomas. I've just been to see Granny
and she asked me again
if you could come by with the baby.
I said
I'd tell you.
Come soon if you can,
and maybe for dinner at my place.
Let me know.
Ciao Thomas.
Hi Thomas, it's me, Steffi.
I told you I would call again.
Actually I wanted
to talk to you in person,
but you're so hard to get hold of.
Hi Thomas,
we were supposed to
have a shoot today...
It won't work out, because
since Wednesday, he's been...
in the hospital.
He has...
Hi, it's me, Steffi...
I just wanted to ask
about my sister's 200 francs,
if you've already transferred it?
Because she's in the red...
It has to be paid
within the next 5 weeks
because, if not
she'll have to pay even more.
Thomas, this is Xhumi.
I wanted to tell you,
there'll be 10 of us coming
to the Solothurn festival.
Sorry I didn't call earlier.
I just wanted to call and say,
it's time for you to look after your child.
This can't go on.
I really need to get
some work done.
You just have to do your share.
Everything else pisses me off.
I don't know where
the hell you are, but if...
I don't have
any more to say. Bye.
I just wanted to know
if he slept at all this morning
when you were outside with him,
so I know what to expect.
Could you call me back? Ciao.
Hi Thomas, this is Claudia;
it's 6 and I'm still in Meilen
and have tons to do, but I'm not
in the mood. That happens.
I'm having dinner
at Josef's tonight at 8:30...
and we have to figure things out.
I don't know where
you are right now, and everything...
I hope you had a nice day.
The weather was so beautiful.
When I jabber on your
answering machine,
I wonder how many people
hear me and everything...
...don't feel like talking.
I'll try again or you and we'll see.
I'd love to chat
a little with you.
So. Bye.
- Huh?
- Did you say hello? -Huh?
Did you say hello?
Say hello again!
Noah wanted to say good night.
Ciao, ciao...
Say ciao, Noah, ciao!
I wanted to ask what the story is
this morning, because you said
you would take him.
I'd like to know. Bye.
Hey you, it's me.
I already called the
mixing studio twice
and you're always
behind closed doors
and I can't reach you.
And by the time you're finished,
I have to go to work again
and I'm hard to reach, too
so I thought, I'll just babble
on the answering machine,
at least you can listen to it.
But I'll be home tonight.
I'm having a TV night and
folding the laundry,
an easy peasy Claudia night.
So we can probably speak then.
Say good night to dad.
Good night!
- Daddy isn't there.
- He isn't?
- It's just the tape.
- Where?
In Dad's studio.
You can say good night to him.
You can say good night
on the tape.
Don't want to... hang up.
I'm going to sit in the tub and read
in about 5 or 10 minutes
and will probably be finished around 11,
hairdried and everything.
And then heading for bed,
I hope you can call me by then.
Hi, it's me.
I just wanted to ask...
I don't think you'll
be home for the night;
I might go and sleep
in your bed,
because my room
is so smoky.
Just in case
so you know.
Hi Thomas,
this is Irene.
I spoke to the Zurichsee paper,
they want to do it mid-September,
so a week before the film launch
I could make a cover for you,
with you, about you, for you, no...
Call me sometime.
I'd love to have a video too
to watch it again and then
I'd like to meet with you, okay?
Thomas, hello. This is Jo Lang,
your former teacher.
We'd like to organize something
with you and your film
a tour vocational school in Zurich.
One of your leads
is an apprentice here...
he's going to school here,
and I think your film - Ghetto -
is very, very good.
Thanks. Ciao.
Hi, this is Jrg. I've been trying
since 6 and it's always busy.
Did you just run off to a date?
Hi Thomas, this is Claudia.
It's 10 past 6...
I'm not at home, I'm out
with Corinne and I've decided
I can't go on like that.
It nearly knocked me out this afternoon,
when I was running around
for the holidays.
It's just too much, too hyper,
I can't stand all the stress and...
...oh, I don't know.
Now you got exactly
what you wanted.
You got me to leave my desk.
You said
I'd start screaming and you bugged me,
until I did and Noah woke up
and then you just split.
The kid starts screaming,
because you think
you have to discuss things.
And then you just split.
It's impossible.
You haven't got a clue!
He keeps waking up
and crying all night. You don't know
about it because you aren't here.
Hello Thomas, this is Jrg,
I've just seen the most exciting film.
I think it's one of the best
I've ever seen.
It's so encouraging and
it's already given me a lot of ideas.
I'm sure it'll give us a kick
for our own film.
I just wanted to tell you. I'm getting
ready for Paris and for Tuesday.
I look forward to the shooting,
it's going to be great. And...
Have a great weekend.
Hope you're alive
when I see you again. Ciao.
I don't know where you are,
since you're not in the studio.
You're probably bumming around.
I just can't take it anymore and I...
It wouldn't be right to get
together with you tonight...
I'm suffocating,
it's choking me to death.
I feel stifled somehow...
All of a sudden I can't take it.
Maybe it was easier before.
Maybe the more you want,
the less I can give.
It's like a fire burning down.
It's no good.
It makes me want
to run away.
And I...
Oh God. Maybe the machine
isn't even recording all of this...
I don't know.
I'll try to call later.
You'll be in the studio by then,
I don't know.
Is that all right?
I wanted to sort out how it'll
work this week and I suggest,
...or rather, I'm just going to do it.
I assume you'll look after him
Friday morning, as you said,
and on Wednesday
and on Thursday night.
I won't be around those two nights,
and I won't pick him up either.
If you don't do it,
I guess he'll have to stay in daycare.
I'm sorry we have to do it this way,
but I guess it's the only way out.
I don't understand why,
in such a tense situation
you can't manage
to do just the minimum
of what I think you should.
Emanuel and me had a fight
and then Emanuel...
kicked me where
I had a boo-boo.
He scraped my sore
with his shoe.
So we washed it off again. Ciao!
This is Noah. Ciao!
Bonjour Captain Thomas,
I'm reporting back.
I'm in Ksnacht
and about to take a bath.
I'll go shopping and
get back to you later,
in case we need
to hang around.
Talk later.
Hi Thomas,
this is Peter.
I didn't realize until I got home
that I just ran off
and someone else
had to take the tab. So...
I didn't mean to, I don't know
if you paid it or who ever.
Maybe I can make it up
with a beer or wine.
Give me a call,
I'm here most of the time.
You know, in the editing room...
Speak to you soon. Ciao Thomas.
I would like to inform you
that you still owe us
I'm sending you a big, big hug.
I've got such a happy Thomas feeling
in my stomach right now.
Hello, what are you doing?
Okay, so...
I want to go
swimming with Mommy first
and then you come and get me
and Mommy will leave.
Is that okay? Bye.
Bonsoir, mon amour...
Right now, you are not where
the phone is ringing, that's why...
I'm calling some place else
so that you'll hear me...
namely your mobile.
I wonder what you're up to.
I'm coming over tonight. Bye!
Nice holidays!
Hello, it's me.
Just calling to say
that we are fine and maybe
I'll try again another time. Bye.
Hi Thomas, you know, today's the
anniversary of father's death, on the 7th...
...of February and it's been 7 years
and I thought,
I won't call your mobile.
Well, you probably thought of it too.
Enjoy your evening.
Talk to you later. Ciao Thomas.
Bonjour Monsieur Thomas.
Wake up! Time to work!
I saw a light,
but on the second floor...
Don't you answer the phone there?
You have to take the phone,
I can see that you're at home.
You can't say you're not there
and that the answering machine...
because I see you,
stark naked
walking over to the kitchen...
And now back again.
I saw you.
Hello Thomas, my sunshine.
I just finished singing at the studio.
I'll bet you're on the roof
playing and splashing around
and annoying the neighbors...
I'll call your mobile.
Okay. Bye.
Hello, it's me, Noah.
I want to come to your place
to play.
To do something with you...
And so, ciao!
It's me, Noah.
Hello, this is Eva.
It's incredible:
even the messages on answering
machines are in Swiss German.
My voice wanted
to brush your ear for a second,
but apparently you're already out.
So we'll speak later then. Ciao, ciao.
Thomas, this is Noah;
guess what!
I lost my tooth.
So. Ciao!
Hello, it's me...
I hope you're not pissed off.
Hello, wake up!
Are you already asleep?
Are you out?
Hello. What are you up to?
So do I have to call your mobile?
All right then, okay.
I'm good and sick of
the answering machine,
I mean
I'm not interested in talking to it.
Well then, so be it. Okay?
Hello Thomas.
This is Herbert.
I'm in bad shape,
my leg hurts like hell
and now I'm
scared shitless because
you haven't given me a contract.
And I'm not insured.
And with no insurance
it means I'm screwed.
I don't have a contract. I've asked you
2-3 times and I still don't have one.
I could kick myself
for shooting yesterday.
It hurts like hell and above all
it's not getting any better.
God, I'm screwed.
Okay. 'Til then. Ciao.
Ouch, Daddy,
my weenie is burning so badly.
I wanted to ask you
if you can help me.
So, ciao Daddy, ciao.
Good morning Thomas.
This is Linda.
It's just after 10,
you're probably still asleep.
The thing is we have to be
out of the hotel by noon.
But I'd like to meet you for
a cup of coffee anyway,
around 12.
I don't think it makes sense
to work today...
I can't put myself
in Petra's shoes today.
First I have to get rid of this poison...
Hello, it's me.
I'm at home now, so you
don't have to worry about Noah.
But what I really want to say is that
I need to have my CD-Roms back...
because I've got a virus...
If you leave for the weekend tomorrow,
that's not so good.
So I thought
you could come for dinner
and bring the CDs along. Bye.
Hello Daddy,
I want to say goodbye
because I'm leaving for camp at 9
and I wanted to say goodbye.
So, goodbye poppypappy,
you're my most favorite daddy
in the whole world.
Goodbye. I'm leaving for camp now,
at 9 o'clock.
So ciao.
This was Noah speaking.
Hello, Mr. Director.
I know it's very late,
but I wanted to call anyway,
because I just saw a wonderful,
absolutely fabulous film.
I'm sure you've heard of it,
by Wong Kar-Wai,
In the Mood for Love.
It's about a kind of love
that is unbelievably inspiring.
I have the feeling it's exactly
what you need at the moment.
Just watch it.
See you soon.
Okay, Thomas? Ciao.
Hello, it's Noah.
I just wanted to ask,
we got a piece of paper today,
about if I want to keep
taking English or not.
And I don't really want
to take English anymore.
And I wanted to ask you,
what you think
because Mommy
wanted to decide by herself... Ciao.
Hello you battered bear.
This is Olsansky again.
I just had
a long talk with Herbert.
Thomas, just get
as much rest as you can;
you can be incredibly
proud of your work.
And you can count on Herbert and me,
no matter what.
So call me
when you've rested up. Okay?
See you very soon.
A big hug. Ciao.
Hi Thomas, I just heard
that you're being interviewed
on the radio at 11
and that you won the Zurich Film Prize.
I always hear everything from strangers,
you never tell me anyything.
Are you feeling better?
I hope so. Ciao.
Daddy, it's me.
I just wanted to say
that I want boxing gloves
with a punching bag for Christmas.
This is Noah...
Hello? Mommy, do you know
what I got from Daddy?
I just unwrapped it,
you know what?
A playstation.
I know, he's filming it.
So you can watch it later.
But then we won't be able
to play anymore.
- Her feelings are hurt.
- Hurt? Why?
But since we're filming it...
Originally published 28/01/2014