Day Labor (2024) Movie Script

What's wrong?
It's gonna be a long day.
You look great. New job.
-It's a start.
I'm proud of you.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Di tu avemaria.
Sorry I'm late.
Where do you think
you're working today?
No teacher positions
available here, bro.
- What are you doing?
- Just, um-- Look.
I do this. Watch.
We got this. Look.
I knew you were gonna do this.
Change. Dale!
I need three guys.
You, you, and you.
- Listen.
- Hmm?
Only speak Spanish.
The last thing
that these gringos want
is a clean-cut,
English-speaking immigrant.
It scares them.
All right.
You and you, you. Get in.
All right.
- What's up?
- Look like.
There's money.
We need six hombres.
Let's go.
Let's take a break, fellas.
- You guys okay?
- I have a headache.
- Anthony, you all right?
- -What the fuck happened, man?
I don't know.
Where the hell are we?
And where's Manny?
Hey, guys.
It's a shock collar for dogs.
Let me take this off.
Oh, shit. Bro!
-You okay?
-What the fuck was that, man?
Buenos das,
Let's start the day off
with some brevity.
How many Mexicans does it take
to screw in a light bulb?
Three. One to hold the bulb,
and two to turn the ladder.
All right. Let's get to it.
It's a new day for y'all.
Welcome to
the game of your life.
You see, y'all came into
our great country illegally.
And I'm sure that
took skill, cunning.
Well, you're gonna
need more of that today.
The way I see it,
any illegal that
crosses the border,
well, they shouldn't be
afforded the same rights
as someone that was born here.
So we're gonna
give you 22 hours.
Get your ass back to
where you came from,
or you gonna get
a permanent plot on our land.
You got that?
You understand what I'm sayin'?
And I wouldn't touch
them collars if I were you.
No, no, no. See, there's a few
prizes that come with that.
The first prize, that--
that'd be a shock to the neck.
I might did my best
to keep everything safe.
Let's just say that the voltage
regulator is hit or miss.
The runner-up prize,
well, I'll tell y'all
about that later.
For now,
we got about two hours
left of daylight.
Now, there's a fence line
to the west up over that ridge.
It's quite a hike,
but you'll find a way to it.
And if you do, you'll be less
than a mile from the border.
Well, then you can jump
your ass back over that fence
like you did coming this way,
and that'll be the end of it.
And that's the offer.
But terms can change
at any time,
so I'd hop to it if I were you.
The clock is tickin'.
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
We need to find Manny.
We need to find the others.
We need to get
the hell out of here.
- Let's go.
- Keep an eye out.
Easy to forget
how beautiful it is out here.
And the whole place
is just shrouded
in dark memory, secrets.
Used to be a time we'd come down
here with little sister and Mom.
Don't, man.
You ain't gotta worry about it.
We gonna kill them all
and let God sort 'em out.
Everything's good.
Who's ready to lose?
You put the keys
where they supposed to go?
What I look like,
a fuckin' amateur?
What, you want some?
- Don't mess around!
- You watch it. You--
- Hey.
- Man, come on!
All right. Hey, hey! Hey! Hey!
That's enough, goddamn it!
Can't tell if you two
are fuckin' or fightin'.
Gotta take this shit serious.
Remember what happened
last time?
Had to chase that damn coyote
all the way down
to the interstate.
Anybody could've found him.
I told you it wasn't
my fuckin' fault!
Oh, well,
whose fault was it then, huh?
You boys done dicking around,
get these guns
back in the house.
- How you doing, Pops?
- You heard him.
Come on, sis.
You better watch yourself.
They ain't so small no more.
-Well, stop feeding 'em.
-Yeah, good luck with that.
-I love you, Pop.
-You wait till
your brother Joey gets here.
He'll step off that porch
and whoop all y'all.
Well, he's gonna have to
do it from the grave,
'cause he's been dead
for 20 fucking years.
Oh, shut up.
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
- No.
- No, no.
Hey, hey.
- Hey. Est bien?
- Yeah, how you doing?
You all right?
- Est bien?
- Yeah. Y t?
Oh, hey, now!
One thing real quick.
I almost forgot.
Any you fuckers who are trying
to save yourself a trip,
have a look up in that tree
right there, huh?
You'll see a set
of keys dangling.
Go on, have a look.
Those keys are very important.
They belong to a truck,
and that truck is parked
right outside of here.
Now, if y'all are able
to make it to that truck,
with those keys,
well, hell, y'all free to go.
What you think about that?
Good luck.
-Javi, vmonos.
-No. No.
No, no.
-Let's go. Let's go.
-No, no, no.
Shit, come on, come on, guys.
Come on. Come on, come on.
That'll teach you boys
what happens when you try
to claim something as yours.
Ain't no easy way out of here,
you lazy motherfuckers.
Hi. This is Grace Reyes.
- Yes?
- My husband works there.
Today was his first day.
Derrick Reyes?
We had Derrick Reyes apply,
but unfortunately
he didn't get the job.
Are you sure?
Please leave
a message after the tone.
You need to answer your phone.
I call Anthony, Manny.
No answer.
I'm-- I'm-- I'm getting worried.
Did you lie to me, Derrick?
It doesn't matter.
Just come home.
I love you.
911. What's your emergency?
I want to report
a missing person.
We'll go this way.
-It's gonna work.
All right, let's do it.
Do you know this guy?
Seen him at a few worksites.
He's always at the hardware
store looking for work.
-Yeah, but do you trust him?
-I don't know him like that.
-But I recognize that tat.
-He seems cool.
Yeah, but nothing's
as it seems right now.
If what's really going on here
is what we think
is going on here,
we're gonna be
stronger in numbers.
I agree.
We have to stick together.
All right.
Look, the sun is going down.
We gotta make it
to the fence line.
This is hard. I know.
Has he lied to you recently
or been deceptive in any way?
he did lie about getting a job.
It was a temporary position.
I called.
Uh, he did lie about it.
Mrs. Reyes, I'm sorry, but
we can't put together a search
until he's been missing
for 48 hours.
No, I know him.
-He wouldn't do this!
-This happens.
He's probably with friends
or someone else.
No, he's not with someone else.
-Please, you gotta believe me.
-My hands are tied for 48 hours.
I truly am sorry.
I still don't know
why we're leaving my truck.
Ain't like they know
how to drive anyway.
Games begin at dawn, boys.
They're on the perimeter
and ain't going nowhere.
We just need to sit tight.
Get us a little rest tonight.
Well, if it was up to me,
I'd go down there right now
and kill every last
fuckin' one of them.
Goddamn it! Why do you do this?
It's the last kill that matters.
The rest is just a game, son.
What they did to us
isn't a fucking game, Pa!
Hey, you need to
mind your place, boy.
-Why don't you just sit down?
Shut the fuck up.
You weren't even there.
Why do you always act like
I don't know what happened?
-'Cause you weren't
fuckin' there!
-Stop it!
Those people tore
our whole family apart!
Two of you are living goddamn
proof of it. Sit down, boy.
Maybe you need a reminder of
why it is we do what we do here.
Maybe we all need
a goddamn reminder.
Reminder that the whole world
has been built by Americans,
hardworking fuckin'
American people.
We wake up one day,
look back on our lives,
-we made an honest living.
-Survival of the fittest.
-Survival of the fittest.
Keeps the order of things
in place. You guys know this.
Keeps the blue collars blue,
keeps the big dicks a-swinging.
But don't forget,
you hide beyond the system,
you make one goddamn dollar
under the table,
you take a nickel from
a hardworking American family,
come into our beautiful
country illegally?
What the hell was
left for us to do?
We go all in.
Yeah, fuckin' A.
All in.
I'll call it a night.
-Y'all should do the same.
-Yeah, yeah.
Lucas, since you ain't
won a game yet...
you get the early head start.
I need you to find
your balls tomorrow.
-Got me?
-Yes, sir.
Good night, boys.
-Night, Pa.
-Yeah, all right.
I'ma go scrape your grandpa
off the front porch.
You set 'em up.
I'll knock 'em down.
Well, well.
Did y'all find
that fence line yet?
Think you boys
might just make it.
Just, uh,
one more thing before
I sign off for the night.
What's that smell?
Ooh, see?
The car's got more
than a little spark to it.
We loaded 'em up with some
American-made C-4 explosive.
So I'd stay inside
the perimeter if I were you.
Let's just say,
the cleanup is, um,
uh, kinda messy.
How do you know?
It's sport.
We're being hunted.
Anthony. Come on.
Paula, hi.
Hi, love. How are you?
I'm looking for Manny. Is, uh--
Is Manny there with you?
No, Manny is not here.
Has Derrick come home yet?
No, Derrick hasn't come home.
I'm-- I'm worried to death.
I'm worried too.
I-- I don't know
what's going on.
I know that they were working
together at the hardware store,
but they should have
been home by now.
was working with Manny?
That's what Manny say.
Well, I'm-- I'm just
gonna have to call you back.
I didn't know who else to call.
I need your help.
-Who is this?
-It's Grace.
Kathrine, it's about Derrick.
I don't know where he is.
Please, he has to come home.
I'm gonna need you to slow down.
What happened?
I figured out you were
some sort of military.
These belonged to my sergeant.
Brian Flores.
They mean more to me
than my own.
He was a good man?
He was.
You have any kids?
Two beautiful little girls.
How about you?
My wife's pregnant. It's a girl.
Treat her like a queen.
Have you...
ever seen anything like this?
I have seen enough bloodshed...
but nothing like this before.
They will come for us.
I know.
Agent Knight.
What can I do for you?
I'm here to request
the next two days off.
Two days off?
It's a personal matter, sir.
Everything okay?
A soldier I did two tours with
in Iraq, he's, um--
he's gone missing.
Derrick Reyes, sir.
Shut the door.
Not your fianc?
How long has he been missing?
Not long enough for
local law enforcement
to get involved, so...
I'd like to request permission
to go look for him myself.
On my own dime.
From my understanding,
he possibly might have been
working as a day laborer
when he went missing.
We've received
a cluster of calls from
Central American agencies--
Honduras, El Salvador--
inquiring about missing
day laborers in the same area.
-And what happened?
-You know how we handle calls
like that. We pass 'em through.
Anything related to
potential cartel activity,
we don't touch.
Reyes isn't affiliated
with the cartel.
He's an American veteran, sir.
I worked with
the sheriff down there
when we were fielding the calls.
Sheriff Paterson.
He was helpful.
I think he could
probably help you out.
I'll let him know
you're coming down.
-You've got two days.
Thank you.
See what you can
find out down there.
Keep me posted.
We're not familiar
with the area,
but it's a safe bet that
it would follow the creek
all the way down.
It's gotta lead to a fence line.
You heard
what that crazy fucker said.
These things here
are ready to detonate
if we step
outside the perimeter.
- We gotta get these things off.
- But where?
Where are we gonna find the key?
- The house.
- -Are you out of your mind?
The crazy-ass rednecks
are over there.
we don't even know if these
are real explosives or not.
Derrick is right.
If these things have
an ounce of C-4 in 'em,
there won't be nothing left
of our heads if they go off.
The house has gotta be
over that ridge.
If we leave now,
we can get there by dusk.
-Let's move.
-I'll get Javi.
Can I help you?
Is this where you pick up
day labor in these parts?
-Is there any other place?
No, this is the spot.
Them dudes line up there
all day like cattle,
just grazing for a job.
Ever seen people
other than migrants?
- Local people, maybe?
- No, ma'am.
I'll, uh--
-I'll get the owner, though.
How can I help you?
I was hoping you could
provide me with that video
from the camera outside.
Can I ask what this is about?
I'm looking for
a missing person.
-You the owner?
-Yes, ma'am, I am.
I'm looking for my friend.
We think he may have met some
of his family here for a job,
possibly working
as a day laborer.
He was supposed to
come home last night,
and he never came back.
Well, I don't know
what to tell you.
I like to shoot straight,
so I don't interfere
with them workers out there.
I just stick to what I know.
But if I was a betting man,
I'd say any worker
out there gone missing,
probably due to the cartel.
You know how the Mexicans
coming in across the border--
My friend and several others
are American citizens.
They're Americans?
He served in the Army. Iraq.
Next to me.
Well, I'm sorry
I can't be more of help.
Like I said, I just
stick to what I know here.
What about the footage
from the camera?
That damn thing
ain't worked in years.
Just for show.
Nothing but static.
I'm sorry
I can't be more helpful.
-Thanks for your time.
-All right. Good luck out there.
I hope you find him.
He's pissed about something.
You stupid fucks!
Why you seething like
a yard dog, brother?
I told you to look over
everybody you pick up.
If they're clean, you leave 'em.
You remember that?
-We did exactly
what you told us to.
-Oh, is that right?
I asked you to bring
a bunch of illegals.
That's what I asked you.
- Exactly what we did, Pa.
- No, you didn't.
What you did was pick up
an American citizen.
-What are you--
-Oh, by the way,
just happens to be an Iraqi vet!
- Oh, jeez.
- What--
What are you talking about?
How do you know?
I know because
a goddamn federal agent
just came into the store
looking for him.
Well, you two are about as sharp
as a goddamn butter knife.
Fuck me. Goddamn.
We're out of options, boys.
I'll tell you
what we're gonna do.
We're gonna up our goddamn game.
'Cause right now,
we got a Mexican fuckin' Rambo
on our hands.
See, now, y'all...
y'all are the exact reason
why I never had kids.
Y'all ready to play
Maybe we'll play hide-and-go-
How about that?
Don't you worry none.
We'll give you
a fighting chance.
And we stashed a few crates
not too far from the perimeter.
You can think of it
as a box of goodies.
Basic weaponry, some supplies.
Just so you know
we ain't all heartless.
You get to earn
your right to live,
to get back home.
'Cause this land is our land.
Land ain't your land.
This land is my land.
And it ain't made
for you and me.
All right.
Well, we'll see you soon.
Let's go.
Sheriff Paterson?
-It's nice to meet you,
-You too.
So, Sebastian told me
all about your situation.
-Did you find out anything?
-Well, we put out some feelers,
but nothing just yet.
Problem is,
most of these workers
are undocumented, so to speak.
And I'm sure you're aware
how difficult it is
to trace someone
who doesn't exist already.
Right? That's our problem.
But as far as I'm concerned,
we're all children
under God, right?
And we deserve
to be treated as such.
So if there's anything you need,
do not hesitate to give me call.
We're here to help,
okay, Kathrine?
-Hey, I found the crate!
-Hey, hey, wait. Wait up!
-Anthony! Anthony!
No te muevas, no te muevas.
- Don't move, man.
- -I wanna get out of here.
-Let me help you out.
-Let's get you out of here.
I hurt my leg.
My leg. My leg.
This is gonna hurt.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We're gonna
count to three, okay?
One, two...
Hey, wait, wait. Put this on.
- Put this on.
- All right.
Wait, wait, wait.
Make it really tight.
- Come on.
Let's get you out of here.
Come on. Easy.
- My leg.
- Come on.
- Come on, come on.
- My leg...
Be careful.
Thank you.
No, no, wait!
How do you know it's not
even booby trapped? I mean--
No mames.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
All right, boys.
Your uncle and I are gonna take the fence line.
You guys follow the creek.
All right?
Put away the big guns.
Today, mano a mano.
Watch yourselves.
He's a trained fuckin' soldier.
Go left, Floyd.
Be careful. I'm going down.
Stay down, stay down.
Come on. Slide back. Slide back.
Stay down, stay down, stay down.
You all right, Javi?
Now we're even.
These guys are
not fucking around.
What is it?
Ah, shit.
-Oh, shit.
-I'll help you.
- Give me your hand.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
He's not looking too good.
I think we should split up,
cover more ground.
I'll take Anthony.
He's my family too.
I got him.
You two should head
over to the house.
-We gotta go to the fence line.
-He's right, man.
We'll meet you
at the fence at sundown.
-Copy that.
-I'm sorry to hold you guys up.
-We're good. Be careful.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you're good. Come on.
There's a fence up ahead.
I'm gonna go check it out.
-Let me go with you.
-No. Stay here.
What was that?
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, Manny. Calm down.
I'm gonna help my cousin.
You go find those keys.
Okay? You find those keys.
I will. Take care of yourself.
I guess you that vet
they talking about, huh?
Just want you to know,
ain't nothing personal.
If we knew who you were,
you wouldn't be here right now.
But you've seen us, so...
I'm just gonna have to kill you.
Try to play me
with a stick, huh?
All right.
Come on, now.
Come on, now.
Goddamn it!
You motherfucker!
Oh, in the gut. Oh, God.
I'm finished.
Finished by you fucking spic!
You fucking spic!
Bring me the knife.
Bring me the fucking knife!
No, man.
The fuck's wrong with you?
We're not-- we're not gonna
kill him right now, all right?
You got a better idea?
Use him as bait.
We'll take him
back to the house.
Use him as bait.
Look at you.
The brains and shit.
It's your lucky day, hermano.
Grab his legs.
I have asked around.
No one seems to know
a damn thing about your friends.
How long you been in CBP?
Homeland Security
Okay. So you're a Border Patrol
detective, I guess.
I've been called worse.
That's a pretty fancy title
as far as I'm concerned.
How long you been with HSI?
Turns out there have been
13 missing workers in your area
in the past six months.
Is your department
investigating that?
Unfortunately, no.
You see, trying to find
undocumented workers always
seems to hit a brick wall.
No one wants to talk, no one
ever seems to see anything.
But that's understandable.
A lot of cartel activity
in that area.
I mean, the Zetas
kidnap the immigrants
and extort the families.
I mean,
it's a huge resource for them.
Sometimes the families pay
and they murder them anyway.
I mean, it's...
The way I see it,
they're a vulnerable population,
and that-- that saddens me.
What about the locals?
- Anti-immigrant,
white supremacists, neo-Nazis.
-Those types.
-Yeah, I hear you.
Yeah, we got our fair share.
Red state and all.
It's good ol' boys, you know?
We keep an eye on them.
-I'm gonna take off.
I will get the check.
-No, no, it's okay. I got it.
-Thank you.
-Okay. Look after yourself, and
if there's anything you need,
don't hesitate to call me.
-Will do.
-Keep in touch.
-You got it.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No. Floyd. Floyd!
Pa, is he alive?
Is he breathing?
What the fuck?
- Answer me, Pa!
- Jesus.
Keep going, boys.
We ain't got time for a funeral.
Get over here.
Put him over your shoulder,
Watch him. Son of a bitch.
Come on, son.
Get him to the truck.
I made a few calls,
and the sheriff says
there's been multiple
disappearances in the area.
So I dug a little further, and
the owner of the hardware store
seems to be a part of
a group that's spreading
anti-immigrant propaganda.
So you think
these guys took Derrick?
I have my suspicions.
The owner of the hardware store
owns a ranch
about an hour north of town.
So, with your permission,
I'd like to go check it out.
You need evidence,
you know that.
You can't just trespass
on people's property
without permission.
-Be professional.
I know it means a lot to you,
but you don't
take this personal.
Call me when
you have something solid.
Tie him up good.
You give 'em both a hug from me.
Shh! It's me.
Damn, Derrick. You scared me,
Where's Manny?
They took him.
They went that way.
Probably to the house.
Where's Anthony?
He's dead.
Follow me.
You're lucky.
He wanted to kill you.
Don't mistake this for weakness.
What are you doing, boy?
Just, uh, making sure
he doesn't get away.
Chris tied him up good enough.
Get out of here.
...pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.
Hail Mary, full of Grace...
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now...
Don't worry, Derrick.
You will see her again.
Your girls.
How old are they?
Don't look so discouraged, boys.
Your uncle died a brave man.
we go kill this motherfucker.
And this time,
we do it together.
He's right on
the perimeter, boys.
We got him
right where we want him.
Have you seen Uncle Floyd?
Oh, I think
it's the other way around.
- We're the ones being hunted.
- He's coming back.
We got his buddy.
You bet your ass,
he'll be back for him.
He killed our fucking uncle!
I'll go kill that motherfucker!
Are you coming?
You're a fucking coward.
-Fuck off!
-Goddamn-- Chris, get back here!
Come on.
Let's go get him before
that soldier does. Come on!
I saw a clearing up there.
It might be a shack
or something.
I'm gonna go.
See if I can find some weapons,
maybe even the key.
If I'm not back in 15 minutes...
don't wait up.
-Javi! Donde esta Derrick?
Shh. Shh. We don't have time.
If we don't
find the way out of here.
Hey, hey, hey. Manny.
Where are the fucking keys?
You stay here.
Sheriff, this is Katherine.
I think I know where Reyes is.
A ranch outside of town. I'll--
I'll send you the address.
I'm-- I'm gonna
get you some help.
You're gonna be fine.
I'll get help.
You're gonna be okay. Okay?
Okay, I'll be back.
Oh, fuck, no!
Drop the knife.
Drop the knife!
Yeah, I speak English.
Sergeant Derrick Reyes,
United States Army.
Okay, soldier.
Let's see what you got.
The fuck you waiting for?
First one's free, huh?
You killed my uncle!
Come here.
You can't run from me,
soldier boy!
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit.
Oh, fuck.
I wonder...
how many innocent people
you've killed.
Oh, boy.
What? What?
Chris! What happened him?
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Hey, buddy, it's me, it's me.
I got the keys.
Let me take this off.
Then we'll get out of here.
-What the fuck?
-Enough's enough, Dad.
Why can't you just let it go?
It's not your fault, all right?
you didn't kill them!
Don't you tell me
how I should feel!
Your brother's dead,
for Christ's sake!
Your uncle's dead.
What do you think,
we should just let him go?
Call yourself a soldier?
They're all gone.
We're killing innocent people!
No! Don't!
I need to hear that you
are gonna be next to me
the whole goddamn way.
I need to hear that
you're gonna be by my side!
You hear me?
You're my fuckin'
last and only son.
Reyes killed them all!
I want his head
on a goddamn platter.
We finish this now!
Are you with me?
Are you with me?
Attaboy. Come on!
-There's bodies in there.
I mean,
there's five, six,
seven bodies out there.
-Wait a minute.
-They're right there.
-We need to call somebody!
They're right there!
-Calm down!
Calm down, take a second, okay?
Let me call it in. Come on.
Come here. Just take a second.
This is Sheriff Paterson.
We have a situation
at the Bernard Ranch.
I'm gonna need immediate backup.
I repeat, immediate backup.
Okay. Talk to me. What the
hell's going on out here?
Who the fuck would do that?
Get the four-wheeler.
Somebody call my name?
We're not gonna
be able to outrun those.
We've gotta find another way.
Get to the fence.
And don't wait for me.
Hold up!
No, no! Come on.
Let's go. Go, go.
Okay. You wait here, okay?
You wait for backup.
I'll check it out.
I'll be right back. Wait here.
You piece of shit.
These are my lands.
Come on, boy.
Come on. Shh.
Go left, go left.
Watch your step, boy.
Shh. You gotta be quiet.
You gotta be quiet.
No, no, no, no!
- Shh, shh.
- God! God!
I can't get it.
I don't wanna shoot you.
Look, just hit me.
I can't explain. Just hit me!
Go on! Go!
Go. Go!
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun.
You got that son of a bitch.
Where's the soldier?
Caught me off-guard. Sorry.
So you know
my dirty little secret.
I guess you're wondering why.
And that's fair.
Kill him.
Travis is my brother-in-law.
Ten or so years ago,
my big sister, she was murdered.
It was a home invasion.
She was murdered by people
like the likes of your friend
Derrick Reyes.
And all those other
no-good fuckin' Mexicans.
They killed your mother.
They killed your goddamn uncle,
They killed your brother!
Pull out your fucking weapon
and kill him!
People like you
just don't get it.
'Cause you don't understand
they don't belong here.
They don't belong here!
None of 'em.
You're a sick bastard.
-Am I?
Show me you're my boy!
I'm the one you want!
You racist fuck!
Come get me!
Goddamn it, boy.
Man the fuck up.
Put a bullet in him.
Show me who you are!
You can spend the
rest of your life thinking about
how these people came to this
country to live a better life.
Just like everyone else.
Now get on your knees.
Get on your fucking knees!
You don't understand.
These types...
just don't belong here.
You don't belong here.
How's an American-made
killing machine like you
end up beggin' for work
in front of a hardware store?
It's you, and people like you,
who took everything from me.
I took nothing.
The hell you didn't.
So long, soldier.
Lu-- Luke!
Son, look at me!
Get your hands off of him!
You son of a bitch!
This is for
everything I've lost!
What are you doing here?
Saving your ass.
Come on.
Come on.
You need to get in the shower.
- Yes?
- Hi. Mrs. Reyes?
We wanted to inform you
that we have found
your husband, Mr. Reyes,
and he is safe with us.
You'll be able to see him soon.