Day of Reckoning (2016) Movie Script

You got the right idea.
Oh, yes, back to work.
Hey, there's
the man of the hour.
- Happy birthday, man.
- Thank you.
How you feeling?
Feeling older? Feeling wiser?
Well, it all blends together
after a little while.
I wouldn't touch that.
I'm gonna eat all of it.
That's what's gonna happen.
See that?
Come here real quick.
Glen, can you bring up visual
on the shaft real quick, please?
Visual's coming up now.
How far down are we?
We are passing
the 1,000-foot marker... now.
Let's take it further.
- Can we pick up the drop?
- Yeah, speed that up.
3,000 feet.
What was that?
You seeing that?
Can you rewind that,
take it back?
What the...
That's c-shaft, isn't it?
All right.
- Be safe.
- Yeah.
Bring that back up.
What's going on?!
Oh, my god!
We got a war going on down here.
A global assault on a scale
the world has never seen.
We have reports that
these invading creatures
are terrestrial
and of subterranean origin.
The world's military forces
are making no gains
against these masses
and are heavily outnumbered
by what some are calling
"demon hordes."
Reports of mass migrations
and the beaching
of thousands of marine animals
along the European coastline
appear to be precursors
to the eclipse.
If we're still on the air,
stay in your homes.
Take shelter.
Our nation is under attack.
Similar events are happening
all over the world.
We want to repeat,
take shelter now.
After 24 horrific hours
and a second eclipse,
the world needs to recover.
No one knows
what this means for us.
The president has proposed
the creation
of a new department
of homeland security:
The DHS, which will ensure
the preparedness of our nation
in the months and years ahead.
Military installations
now circle the globe
and all deep-core fissures.
These facilities,
known as "gates,"
will stand guard against
the dire possibility
of another event,
that harrowing
24 hours of terror
known as
the "day of reckoning."
There you are, buddy.
Not doing so well, are you?
Seen better days...
You and me both.
Come here, little man.
I know. This sucks.
Sorry, little buddy.
Time to go home.
All right, we got it.
Bagged and tagged.
- Ooh-whee!
- What do we got?
Next time, Ramon,
I think you should go in.
God damn!
Is it still alive?
Nah. Too many jellybeans,
I think.
Poor little guy
never had a chance.
That asbestos thing, by the way,
hasn't gone away yet.
That's next on my list.
Boss, I'm serious.
- Yep.
- It's kind of a big...
No, the other way,
the other way.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Wilson.
Appreciate it.
All right.
Hi, Laura.
Hi, Milton.
I need to borrow your skeleton.
Sure. It's right over there.
Oh, thank you.
Um, I was wondering.
I mean, I know
your ex-husband
has your son for the weekend,
and obviously
you're gonna have to eat,
so I thought that you might...
That's, um...
That's very thoughtful of you,
Milton. It just...
Rain check?
Ah, sure.
Yeah, I understand.
I'll put that check
with the others.
See you later.
I'd love to.
You would? Love to what?
Have dinner.
You would?
Well, okay, then.
No more rain checks.
I will pick you up
at 8:00, promptly.
See ya.
Here's the thing.
He doesn't know.
He likes her.
See that girl right over there?
Yeah. She's good.
- You gonna do it?
- Go talk to her.
I'm sorry,
but your beautiful smile
has entirely distracted me.
Okay, no make-out session
in front of your friends.
You worried about
the eclipse tomorrow?
I mean, they say
that millions of people died.
Hey, don't worry, okay?
I mean, there's been
so many eclipses since,
and no monsters.
You know, I'm staying
with my dad this weekend.
And your parents
are off to palm Springs.
Are you asking me out on a date?
Yes, I am.
I mean, as long as
you don't have other plans.
Stop. You think your dad
will let you?
Yeah. I mean,
he's pretty cool.
My mom doesn't think so,
but he's a lot less parental
than my mom.
And controlling.
What happened between them?
Well, and the reckoning, but...
I don't know. They just kinda
split up after I was born.
But it's like,
"what are you gonna do?"
I just try
not to think about it.
Well, at least
your parents are around.
Hey, man, we need you
down here right away.
We just went red.
There's been
major seismic activity
below the two-mile line
over the last eight hours,
and it's converging.
The other facilities
have confirmed activity, too.
I don't think this is a drill.
This is the real deal,
and we are a go on containment.
Oh, man, yeah.
Brought my girl down here, man.
- Chief.
- Huh?
I don't think
this one's a drill.
I don't know, man.
But we'll be ready this time.
Ain't something I'm inclined
to go through again.
It's all good, yeah?
Honestly, I think it's broken.
Hey. How's it going?
Good. It's good
to see you, too.
Where's your mom?
In the kitchen.
Hey, Laura.
Sorry I missed you last month.
And the month before that.
And the month before that.
It's okay.
You look good.
You, uh, heard about
the eclipse on Saturday, yeah?
Yeah, everyone has.
And you'll be with him
for it, right?
Yeah, yeah.
But I'm not looking to have
a heartfelt conversation
about what happened
15 years ago,
if that's where this is going.
That's not where this was going.
Why do you always do that?
You always turn everything
back on me.
I don't do that, Laura.
You do that.
I'm just here for our son.
- Honey?
- Yes, I am ready.
I'm actually waiting on you guys
with my bag at the door.
Are you done?
Do you see this?
Do you see what you do?
I know.
- I love you.
- I love you, too, mom.
Have fun and be safe.
And I want him home
Sunday evening, please.
- Can I drive?
- No.
Oh! Jiminy Christmas!
We lost grid 7!
Aw, man!
They don't pay me enough
for this, man!
12-b, copy, copy.
If it's mom, I'm asleep.
- Yo.
- Dave?
Dave, it's uncle Ted.
You know what's going on?
You gotta listen to me
very carefully.
It's like one
in the morning, Ted.
What the hell does that matter?
Stella sent you a map
in an email.
It's uncle Ted.
No, no comprende.
Speak slowly. Pretend like
you're talking to an idiot.
Apparently I am, smart ass.
I'm talking about
what's happening.
I'm talking about another event.
You got till
about midday tomorrow
to wrangle up your family
and get your ass up here
to Barstow before the eclipse.
What we're reporting now
is a second mass die-off
in the Gulf of Mexico
within hours
of the Norway event,
which scientists say
is eerily similar
to the events preceding
the day of reckoning.
Hey, dad?
Dad, you're gonna want
to come see this.
The second sign
will be a mass migration.
It's happening
all over the world again.
Fears mount
for the second precursor
that would signal another event
like the one 15 years ago.
The final sign...
The eclipse.
It's god's way.
The world has become very evil.
This is his way
of cleansing his world.
It's his world, after all.
He created it.
- We were given a warning...
David, it's Laura.
Have you seen the news?
Yeah, of course.
It's been on all night.
David, please, I want you
to bring Tyler home.
Milton's made arrangements
at a shelter.
Laura, you can trust me.
I'm his father.
- He's safe here.
I don't trust this house.
- He'll be safer with us.
- Us?
That is not what I meant.
Can you not do this right now?
This is not a joke. I want you
to bring Tyler home now!
Okay, yeah, you win.
I'll, uh...
Yeah, I'll bring him over
right now...
as soon as he's done
with what he's doing.
What do you mean?
What is he doing?
Yeah, he's working on
a project right now.
It's for school.
I'll have him right over.
What is this?
Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, buddy.
All right.
Come in.
Laura, everything's been
prearranged with the shelter,
but we gotta get there early
before it fills up.
I can't find Tyler.
Oh, that's okay.
We got time.
Let me show you a trick.
Where's your computer?
- It's right there.
- Ah.
That your phone?
That's his number?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Skate park.
- Yeah.
How could it happen
on such a beautiful day?
- You think we'll see tomorrow?
- Don't say that.
Maybe it won't even happen.
And you know what?
If it does, we'll hide.
A lot of people survived.
Don't leave me.
Not even for a Mondo board
with spitfires.
You know, my mom, she says
my dad wasn't there for her
when she needed him most.
I won't do that to you.
I promise.
Holy crap.
Look at that.
It's the second sign.
They're swarming everywhere!
Come on.
This can't be good.
What the hell is going on?
Oh, my god.
- Check it out!
- Let's get out of here!
Uh, maybe I should reconfirm
our reservations at the shelter.
Let's go.
Yes, this is Milton sing.
I have a reservation for five.
Back online.
Please! No!
Tyler! Tyler!
I oughta wring your neck, buddy.
I'm sorry.
She had nowhere else to go.
I'm so sorry, Mr. Shepherd.
- Wait. What is that?
- Emergency sirens.
- I didn't know we had those.
- Yeah, me neither.
Come on, let's go.
- My skateboard.
- Nah. We'll get it later.
Come on. Uncle Ted's got some
kind of bunker in the desert.
We need to get your mom
and get out of the city.
- Come on, this way.
- Tyler! Tyler!
Oh, hey, speak of the devil.
Let's get in.
All right, come on,
let's get in.
Perfect timing, Laura,
as always.
Hey, Milton.
You know your way to Barstow?
We're going
to the Topanga shelter.
I told you
Milton made arrangements.
We have a little over an hour,
you guys.
An hour it is.
You know your way
to Topanga, Milton?
Yes, I know my way
to Topanga, David.
I just don't remember
going this way.
David, please.
- How far?
- We're fine, we're fine.
Ah, shit.
He's coming! Lucifer!
Come on, come on.
We're not gonna make it.
We are gonna make it.
That's just her being positive.
Wait! Repent your soul!
There it is.
Women and children, let's go!
Step back!
Women and children only!
- Women and children only!
- Step back, sir!
Step back!
Women and children only!
Women and children only.
Stand in this line.
Women and children only!
Sir, sir, officer,
this is my group.
- We made arrangements.
- Hold on right there.
Step to the right, sir.
This is my group.
We made arrangements.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
The shelter's nearly full.
It's women and children only.
I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
You're not listening to me,
He called yesterday
and made arrangements.
Women and children only.
Women and children only!
Women and children only!
Back up, sir.
Step to the side, sir!
Women and children only!
You take care of your mom, okay?
No, no, I'm not leaving you.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay. Go.
Laura, it's fine.
Go, hurry.
- I'm not gonna...
- Listen to me!
Take care of your mother
and get into the shelter.
Go! Go!
Hey, I reinforced the house,
remember? It's fine.
You got it. You got it.
- It's gonna be okay.
- He'll be fine.
- We gotta go.
- You can't do this!
You can't separate us!
Sorry, sir.
Women and children only.
Come on, David,
we gotta get out of here.
Come on.
Ah, sheesh.
- Please. Hurry up.
- Hold up, hold up.
No, I'm sorry.
- Tyler!
- Tyler! Tyler!
- No, Tyler! Damn it!
- I'm not gonna leave you!
No! He's my dad!
I'm gonna stay with him!
Listen to me!
Please come in.
That's it! Shelter's full!
No more people!
- We are at capacity!
- Please listen to me!
Hey, shelter is full!
No more people!
- We are at capacity!
- Sir, please listen to me!
I have my family here.
We made arrangements.
We are at capacity!
Never mind! Let's go!
Laura, come on!
- You're not listening to me!
- Laura, let's go! Ty, go!
Let's go, let's go.
We gotta find shelter now.
There are women here,
and children!
Come on, let's go.
No more people!
No more people! I'm sorry!
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
They're not picking up?
- No.
- It's going to voicemail.
Yes, it's going
straight to voicemail.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
David, are you sure about
the house being reinforced?
No, I just said that.
Breathe, Laura.
We can still make a run
for Ted's place in the desert.
The desert? Are you kidding me?
We'll never make it.
We'll take the back roads,
avoid the highway.
- We'll be out of the city.
- We have ten minutes.
- We have to find somewhere now.
- I know where we're going.
We're gonna go to the school.
It's only a few minutes away.
- We have a secure basement.
- It'll be mobbed by now.
And that basement isn't secure.
There's ten different ways in,
and kids go in there
all the time to make out.
Young man, just trust me.
It's gonna be fine!
- It's the place to go!
- The basement isn't secure!
Everybody, just calm down!
Just breathe and calm down.
We'll be fine!
It's a secure basement.
Is he still not picking up?
- What do we do?
- It's all stopped.
- Nobody's moving.
- What is going on?
What's happening?
I can't go anywhere.
We'll figure it out, guys.
Laura, go see if there's a door.
Tyler, see if there's
some opening.
See if there's anywhere to hide.
Come on, there's a door there.
I'll go over here.
Yo, dad!
I don't know what to do!
It's locked up.
I can't get in.
I know. Get in the car.
Guys, we gotta go now!
They'll tear the school apart.
We gotta get out of the city.
I know the way
to the L.A. river.
We can take it
all the way to the dirt.
- I'll drive.
- Let me drive!
I got it.
No! No! You're not gonna
get me killed today!
- Get in!
- This is my car!
Milton! Milton!
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Dad, go, go!
Drive, drive, drive!
Oh, my god.
Maddie, you still with us?
We're gonna be okay, all right?
All of us.
How far is Ted's?
Hundred miles or so.
Hey, it'll get us
out of the city, all right?
Do we have weapons or anything?
Does salt really kill them?
And cold.
Why would god do this to us?
I mean, is this really
a part of his plan?
Honey, we're not...
We're not sure
where these things come from.
Nobody knows why they're here
or what they want.
We call them demons,
but that's just
one of many theories.
Some say it's god's will.
- Are they here to test us?
- Maybe.
Others think they've just been
here for a very, very long time,
just hibernating.
Just waiting.
Is that what you believe?
I don't know anymore.
- What? What was that?
- We need to find a new car.
- What?
- How much further?
- 20 miles or so.
You don't know.
Hey, it's not my car, Laura.
I didn't fill it up.
We just gotta find a new car.
Dad, what is going on?
We need a new ride.
- Hey, what about that one?
- Yeah.
Everybody stay here.
Laura, get behind the wheel.
If you see anything,
just get out of here.
Be safe.
Is there someone in there?
Jesus, look at that.
Oh, my god.
- Ohh!
- Oh, my god.
Mom, no. You're gonna
catch his attention.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Where is it?
We're close.
Oh, yeah.
This is it.
All right, Ted.
Told you guys.
Teddy, we are here!
Hey, uncle Ted?
- Knock again.
- Ted!
Uncle Ted!
Hey, I know you can hear us.
We're here.
- Hello?
- Ted, buddy!
Can you hear me, Ted?
Uncle Ted.
Ted, hey, I know
you're in there. Open up.
Uncle Ted, can you hear me?
- Teddy!
- Is there another way in?
- Is he even inside?
- Yeah, he's in here.
I'm just gonna grab
a rock or something.
See if you can get his attention
in the big one.
- He's in there.
- It's Laura. Open up.
- We're here.
- Ted!
He's in here.
- Are you sure he's in there?
- Yes.
Ted! Ted!
Yeah, it's motion activated,
it's just gotta...
It's gonna alert him..
Come on, Ted.
Come on, buddy.
I know you're in there.
Dad, what are we supposed to do?
You guys just keep
trying over here.
I'm gonna...
Just keep banging on that door.
- Aw, man!
- Ted!
Are you sure that
this is the right place?
Yes. I just talked to him.
Dad, mom, they're coming!
They're coming!
I know! Goddamn it!
- David!
- He's here!
Come on.
Try the door again.
Try the main doors.
Find something. Just...
David! David!
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Ty, give me a hand.
Stand on it.
Uncle Ted, please let us in!
- Ted, Ted, Ted!
- We gotta go now!
Get back, get back.
Uncle Ted, if you can hear me,
please just open the door.
Please open the door, uncle Ted.
David, get in!
Dad, dad, dad, it's open!
- It's open! Come on!
- Go, go, go!
Okay, go, go, go!
Close it, close it!
- Everybody okay?
- We're good.
Ted. Ted!
I'm sorry. I didn't hear you
until you started banging.
Awesome place, Ted.
Saltwater sprinklers.
Thanks, kid.
- Hi, I'm Maddie.
- Hi, Maddie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you so much.
- Stella, hey.
- I'm glad you made it.
Laura, oh, my gosh.
I'm so glad you're here.
David, you were supposed to be
up here before the eclipse.
David, this is Garrett.
Corporal Garrett Jensen.
Homeland security.
David Sheppard.
That's my kid Tyler,
and his mom, my ex-wife.
Garrett's father and I
were in the Gulf war together.
I got, uh...
I got separated from my unit.
Lucky for me, I remembered
Ted here had this place,
so here I am.
That was lucky.
My sidearm
bothering you, friend?
Guns make me nervous.
Ain't that the point?
They gonna do that all night?
They probably will now.
The buzzards know we're here.
Nothing is getting in here
without an invitation.
I can attest to that.
If I was you, I think I'd feel
lucky to be in here at all.
This is one of those days
that no one should
have to live through,
let alone a second time,
but we are going to.
We're gonna survive this.
All of us.
Now how about we get
dinner started, huh?
Burn through some time here.
You guys made it just in time
for one of Stella's all-time
special recipes.
Right, baby?
I guess so, if you like stew.
- Laura?
- Plenty of stew for everyone.
What? Yeah.
That would be great.
Is anyone listening?!
Pardon me.
The world's gonna be
a different place by morning.
It's gonna be a long night.
Give me a hand with this.
Can they see us
through the walls?
- Like by heat or something?
- That's not how it works.
- How's it work then?
I don't know exactly.
Like they say, movement, light.
You know what I think?
I think they see right into you.
Right into your soul.
I think it's crystal clear
that these things
are the devil's work
and therefore, creatures of god.
They're here to test us.
Test you.
Test your spirit.
Test your guts.
They might tear your flesh,
but they're feeding
on your soul.
Are you a religious man,
I am today.
Were you in the military during
the first day of reckoning?
I was on a refinery
15 years ago.
Down south in Louisiana
when the first one hit.
They come right up,
right up from underneath us.
Black things with black eyes,
clawing and tearing.
157 of us on that rig,
and all of them...
I ran.
Ran right into this refuse pond
right out back,
and it was so thick with salt,
it was like mud.
And I just buried myself
in that white slop.
I could see them
in the skies though,
charging and stomping,
attacking anything that moved.
Millions. Millions.
So I stayed there,
just watching.
All my workmates, all my friends
just getting eaten alive.
But that's why they call it
the day of reckoning.
It's the day
god gives to the devil.
How about some of us
try to get some sleep, huh?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, I think a little shut-eye
might be good for us all, huh?
I'd be happy to take
the first watch.
And I'd be happier
to have another touch
of that intoxicating whiskey,
miss Stella.
How about a game of cards?
Yeah, sounds good.
You guys play.
I'm beat.
Come on, Laura.
One game.
You and me
versus Ted and Stella.
It'll be fun.
I'm good. You guys play.
I'm beat.
- Good night, guys.
- Laura, just one game.
I don't think he wants you
to go to sleep.
All right, why don't we
all just relax... whoa.
This is what we call
"military intervention."
Now, why don't you just
put that knife
back on the table there, friend?
What the hell is this?
He's been holding us
hostage, Laura.
Did you just clue into that?
Ted, he was not gonna let me in,
but Stella, she's got
a real soft heart, bless her.
Bless her.
I just need the shelter
for the rest of the night.
Then we can all go
our separate ways.
Just calm down.
I'm really losing my Patience,
with you, Ted.
Hey, we're all in here together.
This is crazy.
No one's gonna do anything.
Why'd you have that knife?
It's down now.
Just put down the gun.
You know what's
going on out there.
You don't wanna bring that
in here, right?
No one's done anything to you.
I'm starting to feel like I'm...
I'm not really
welcome here anymore.
Yeah, okay, think about it.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna shoot us?
Start piling up carcasses
in here?
You don't think
they're gonna smell that?
I'll do whatever I gotta do.
I survived the last one, okay?
I can survive the next one.
Oh, all right.
Nice try.
Nice try, really.
Ain't gonna be
no heroes today, okay?
- Now...
- Quiet!
- Listen.
- What?
I'm not hearing anything, right?
I mean, where did they go?
It's too quiet.
Well, it works on vampires.
It's gonna be all right, baby.
All right, get down, get down.
Tyler, get over here
and tie him up.
Tie his hands.
Ow! Oh, god.
- Laura, find where it came in.
- Oh, my god.
She needs medical attention now.
Stella, look at me, honey.
You're gonna be okay, okay?
We don't have much time.
Stella, honey,
look at me if you can, okay?
I'm right here, okay?
Sorry, guys, we gotta
wrap 'er up, we gotta go.
We're not leaving, damn it.
I can't help her out there.
- It's okay, Stella.
- I'm okay, I'm okay.
I can do it.
I can do it.
We won't last two minutes
when they get in here.
Those doors will hold.
Not for eight hours.
We're running out of time.
There's a back tunnel,
leads to the canyon
on the north side.
Good cover. You go.
Y'all just gonna leave me here?
Ted, you know
what's happening to me.
You can't stay here, baby.
I got a vehicle.
I hid it in the valley
about two miles away.
I didn't tell Ted 'cause
I didn't think he'd let me in
if he knew I had a ride.
- Another goddamn lie!
- For survival, Ted!
It's called
the day of reckoning,
not the day of let's all
just be best friends.
It's got a full tank of gas.
I can get you
a long way from here.
And go where?
The gate.
The gate's about...
- It's only 12 miles away.
- The gate?
That's your idea?
The gate?
That's where
these monsters came from.
They're not there anymore.
It's a secure facility,
and they got safe rooms
for personnel,
but I can get you all in.
All of y'all.
You got a better idea?
Why didn't you
mention this before?
I got cut off.
I told you that!
They'll have
medical attention there.
All right.
Let's go.
You get us to your facility
in one piece,
maybe we'll forget
about tonight.
Right? Hmm?
I'll get you there.
I call it.
Rock salt rounds.
Grenade launcher.
Street sweeper.
You never know.
I'm good.
It's time.
How much further, friend?
I'd say it's about
a couple clicks.
That's military speak
for a kilometer.
Yes, smart ass,
I know what that is.
Just keep on point.
- I'm fine.
- You're okay.
I could help y'all carry stuff
if I wasn't tied up, you know?
You don't need your hands
to walk, corporal.
Keep moving.
Think we can trust him?
Yeah, for now,
as long as we're all at risk.
You know...
I just...
What? I didn't say anything.
It's just your timing.
As always, it's...
Well, not everything revolves
around your schedule.
Are you guys seriously
gonna do this right now?
We should be in that shelter
right now with everyone else.
Not out here, like last time.
- This isn't like last time.
- Why?
- 'Cause you're actually here?
- Mom.
Sorry, buddy.
- Tyler...
- It's dead.
- Doesn't matter. Stand back.
- Don't touch it!
Get back over here.
Looks like it's in pain.
Like it's screaming
or something.
It'd be a really cool Instagram.
Come on, get your stuff.
Let's go.
Sorry, I'm coming.
Help me, Tyler!
- Tyler!
- Maddie, Maddie, Maddie!
Come here! Come here!
Maddie, no!
No! No, no, no.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go!
David, I can help.
Come on, let's go.
You gotta be kidding me.
Shh, shh, shh.
What was that?
I set that kill switch.
- Start the car.
- Come on!
Start the car.
I forgot I hit the kill switch.
Stella! No!
Stella, please!
Stella, please!
Stella! No!
Give me the gun.
No, Stella, no.
Don't do that, Stella.
Stella, don't do that.
Don't, Stella, no.
Don't you dare!
Give me the gun, Stella.
Give me the gun, Stella!
No! Give me the gun.
Stella, please, give me the gun.
Give me the gun, baby.
Give me the gun, honey.
Give it, give it to me!
Come here, Stella.
Stella, come to me.
Ted, that's enough.
No! Come here!
Stella! Stella! Come here!
That's enough.
We gotta go.
They're coming.
Come on, get in! Go, go!
Now! Go! Go!
We gotta go!
- We gotta go!
- Stella!
- Come on, go!
- No!
Drive now!
Now there's been
no break in the attacks so far.
The whole area was under siege
throughout the night.
Evacuation centers did not hold,
and Topanga shelter
was leveled during the attack.
Our early reports indicate that
there has been mass destruction
of multiple safety zones
in that area.
Unit five-four-niner to base.
I'm carrying
wounded civilians. Over.
This is five-four-niner.
Do you read? Over.
Anybody there?
Why would they have
the door open?
I don't know.
Let's go see.
Do you mind?
I thought you said
someone would be here.
There should be,
unless something went wrong.
Where is everyone?
I don't know what happened.
Maybe they're all in safe rooms.
Where are those?
Lower level.
Your back.
What the hell?
It's nothing.
Do you guys got a hospital here?
Not at this end,
but there's a supply room...
All right, corporal.
Down we go.
We gotta get this power back on,
so we can actually
get into the safe rooms.
Get me to the machine room.
I can do it.
It's up here on the left.
I'll show you.
And medical's
all the way down the hall.
Come on, Maddie.
Hey, go with them.
I'll, uh...
I'll catch up
after I get this knocked out.
Are you ready, sweetheart?
They've been fracking
this hole for years,
flooding it with saltwater
as a defense measure.
They even pulled a mountain
of salt from the local flats,
but the hole's too deep.
They kept us on standby
in case it ever happened again.
Oh, great.
Laura, will you grab that?
Careful, careful.
How does it look?
- Hey.
- Not too bad.
Go, dad.
- You're pretty handy.
- Let's go find those guys.
Get down to a safe room.
They're inside.
Go, go, go, go.
It's gonna sting
just a little bit, okay?
Where is he?
We should hurry it up.
You see him?
They're inside the facility.
We need to get somewhere secure.
We only have two hours left.
That can be a long time.
There's a storage room
where we first come in.
Volatile chemicals,
so the doors are blast proof.
Good. Let's go.
How's he doing?
David! Gun!
- Hey! What the hell?
- Hey!
I'm sorry.
Come on, come on, let's go.
Go, go, go.
Come on, come on.
We good?
- We good?
- Yeah.
What are we gonna do?
- Water pipes?
- These are the dispersal lines,
so the circulation tank must be
on the other side of this wall.
This is the easy part.
What are you gonna do?
Even the odds.
Come here.
You're doing a good job,
buddy, okay?
I got one more job for you.
You take care of your mom
while I'm gone.
Okay, these pipes
feed a salinization system
somewhere in here.
I'm gonna redirect the saltwater
to the circulation tank.
What do you need from me?
Keep my family safe.
I can do that.
Is this really
the time for that?
I'll meet you guys back here.
Just be safe.
Be safe.
Come on.
- Guys, come on.
- Run, run, run, run, go!
Go, go, go, go!
We can't go this way!
It's a dead end!
Come on.
Oh, my god, look!
Pull the fire alarm.
Pull the fire alarm!
Pull it!
Keep your family safe, kid.
Make room, meat.
Uncle Ted, no!
Tyler, there!
No, uncle Ted.
I'm out! I'm out!
- Ted, no, no, Ted!
- Tyler!
Ha ha!
It's over.
Let's get out of here.
They're coming back.
Tyler! Tyler!
Are you okay?
Look at me.
I'm sorry.
This is not our world anymore.
That's okay.
Don't worry about him.
He's not gonna be hurting
very much longer.
None of us will.
I told you.
God took today off.
This is the devil's day.
- David.
- It's okay.
All right, baby.
Ty, are you all right?
Help him out.
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Stay down.
- David?
- Stay down. Stay down.
Stay down, it's okay.
Oh, man.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hold on, hold on.
Grab that, grab that.
Okay, okay.
Okay, we need some hydrosulfite.
We need water.
Water, water, water!
- Ready?
- Guys, we need to hurry.
We need tape.
Tape! Tape!
Where's the duct tape?
There we go.
Here's the tape.
- Get back there.
- Maddie, come here.
David, come on.
We've got to go now, guys!
Come on!
Come on, hurry!
Oh, my god.
We gotta go now, guys!
Come on!
- We have to go now!
- He's got it!
Grab it! Get over here!
- Everybody okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, this hurts so bad!
You're fine.
You're fine.
Can I drive?
But for now,
the darkness has passed,
and it's a time of recovery,
to stand once again
in the face of evil
and let it be known
that we will not kneel.
We will not cower.
We will fight,
and we shall not be defeated.