Day of the Animals (1977) Movie Script

(MultiCom jingle)
(eerie music)
- As I said, this is
gonna be a survival hike
with limited food and no weapons,
but in case of an emergency,
you do have a food drop.
We're gonna try and make it without it.
If anyone has any second thoughts,
the time to back out is now.
All right, if there's no objections,
the trip starts right now.
Let's pick up our gear
and hike on over to the big birds.
(people chattering)
- [Tucker] Hey Steve.
- Hey Tucker.
- What kind of goods are you peddling?
- Oowee, you're putting
some fat on there, chico.
- Yeah.
- That ain't good for your heart,
especially up here in this thin air.
- Come on now, Steve.
Ever since you been up here, I
never seen a group like that.
Young kid, his mother, and the Indian,
and the cripple, for Christ's sake,
what the hell is he doing here?
- That's Roy Moore,
old buddy, NFL old pro.
Now if you'd quit chasing
bear around, you'd know that.
Besides, we're only going to sugar meadow,
out on the top of the mountain.
It's all downhill for this group.
- Yeah, but--
(bird screams)
- Will you look at that?
I never seen one of them
down this low before.
Well Tucker, I'll see you in two weeks.
You just make sure there's
a lot of cold beer here
when I get back.
- But I'm not joking now.
We've been having all
types of accidents up here
the last week or so,
and they just don't seem to stop.
So you take that to your mountain.
- Okay.
(bird screams)
(eerie music)
(people chattering and laughing)
- What'd you say your last name was?
- Santee.
- Jenson is my name.
I'm an advertiser.
Ecology, that's why I'm here.
Get it firsthand, that's
where it's all at today.
You know that commercial on TV
with the Indian with the tear in his eye?
That great?
Indians don't cry, you know.
- Come on, Mandy, smile,
we're gonna have a good time.
We came on this trip
to try and pull together again, remember?
- If you paid more attention to me
and a little less to
your law office, Frank,
we wouldn't need this trip.
- [Steve] How you two kids doing?
- [Bob] All right.
- [Beth] Fine.
- Hey you don't look like
you have much muscle there.
How you gonna fist fight
those wild animals?
- I'm stronger than
you think, Mr. Buckner.
- Why don't you kids
get that second chopper?
- Which one is it?
- Right over there.
- Okay, thanks.
- Gonna be a rough trip, Professor.
Doing it for science?
- To hell with science, Mr. Buckner.
I gotta get away once in a while. (laughs)
- You travel pretty heavy for
a man that wants to get away.
- I know.
I'm a camera buff, see.
My hobbies are photography and birds.
Figure I'll get my fill
of both on this trip.
- You first. (laughs)
- [Jenson] Thanks Kemo Sabe.
- [Steve] Kemo Sabe?
(laughs) That's funny.
Silver bullet. (laughs)
- Hey Professor.
Why don't you get in that other chopper?
- Sure.
- Hey, I know where I've seen you before.
- Yeah?
- You're anchorman of
the evening news, right?
- That's anchorwoman,
in case you hadn't noticed
the difference, Mr. Buckner.
- All right, Miss Marsh.
Why don't you ride in the
second chopper with me?
I got a story that just
might interest you.
- I'll bet you have,
but you see, I'm on vacation now.
This does remind me of a
rodeo I covered once though.
I was up to my ears in bull then too.
- [Bob] There you go.
- [Beth] Bob, this is terrific.
This is great.
- [Terry] Thanks, Professor.
- It's gonna be a rough trip.
Are you big and bad enough to handle it?
- John bad, why, he wrote the book on it.
Come on, get in.
- Ma.
- He's gonna be all right, Mrs. Goodwyn.
- I hope so.
(bird screeches)
(magnificent music)
(people chattering)
(wolf growls)
- Christ's sake, does
it have to be this fast?
- Enough already, Jenson?
Gonna have to send you
back to Madison Avenue.
- Hey Moore.
Hey, hike one two three football player,
how you like to tackle this?
(eerie music)
(mountain lion growls)
- Mighty pretty lake
right over that ridge.
Wanna take a walk over and take a swim?
- (laughs) Do I get an
exclusive on that invitation
or shall I broadcast it
to the rest of the group?
- Forget it.
Already my feet are killing me.
A Danny Boone I'm not.
(mountain lion growls)
(bear growls)
(ominous music)
(people chattering)
- It's those little beans in there
they're trying to get to.
Yeah, squirrels and chipmunks.
See them in there, yeah?
(Bob and Beth laughing)
Hey y'all quit laughing
at my cooking, huh!
They taste good, I think.
(Bob and Beth laughing)
Mrs. Goodwyn.
Drink it.
For Christ's sakes,
don't bathe in it, ma'am.
- Don't bathe in it, he
says, like I need this.
(bird screeches)
- You sure you can hold me now?
- Yes I'm sure. (laughs)
(camera shutter clicks)
That's gonna be beautiful.
(bird screeches)
- You see something, Mr. Santee?
- What is it, Santee?
- I don't know.
There's no sound.
- (laughs) Just old Indian
medicine man making jokes.
Like back on the reservation,
eh, Kemo Sabe? (laughs)
(birds screeching)
- My boy!
Get that bird away from my boy!
Get him away!
(birds screeching)
- [Beth] Bob, I'm scared.
- [Professor] That was weird.
- I've never seen anything like it.
- Neither have I.
- Is that normal,
I mean what just happened?
- There's no news story
here, miss anchor lady.
Now there's nothing to worry about.
All right, we still have three miles
before we get to the next campsite.
Load up.
(ominous music)
- Hello, dog.
(dog growls)
Don't like to be friendly, huh?
(people chattering and laughing)
Get me a size and a beer, will you, hon?
- [Suzie] Ordering chili size.
- It's a weird day.
Sun will drill right through
you and it ain't even hot.
- Hey Tucker, think the sun's
gonna get through all that?
- Let me tell you,
we been catching rainwater
in the siv around here
for the past week, ain't we?
Well it ain't over yet.
Thank you, Suzie.
Got a report on a couple bare snake bites.
They came right at them, seven rattlers.
The way they were bit up.
It's weird, huh?
- God sent a plague down on us
because we're just a
bunch of no good fellows.
- We sure are that, Sam.
- The ozone layer is
of profound importance
because it protects us
from the harmful effects
of the sun's radiation.
- Got a pair of queens here?
- I wanna listen to this.
I been hearing that ozone crap all day.
- The earth's ozone
layer was being depleted
by a constant release of
various chemical wastes
in the atmosphere.
- Like that martian attack hoax
we heard on the radio a
long time ago, ain't it?
- Yeah, I remember.
Maggie hoarded up 12 quarts
of garlic dill pickles
under her bed,
just in case he attacked the house.
- Sam, nobody's listening, man.
- A complete report to the nation
will be released later on this evening.
Although the effect on living
organisms is not yet known,
people are being advised
to remain indoors whenever possible,
especially those in high altitude areas
where the sun's rays will
be naturally stronger.
Reports from all over the
world are flooding in.
We'll bring you further
bulletins on this situation
as it continues to develop.
- Jesus.
I told you that sun seemed
damn peculiar today.
Give me a piece of pineapple pie
and dump some ice cream on it.
(foreboding music)
- [Shirley] John, stop
throwing those rocks!
- [Terry] Cut that out, your
mom's gonna get mad at you
throwing those rocks.
- [Shirley] Hit him.
(bird cawing)
(menacing music)
(moves into slow music)
- [Steve] Made this hike a dozen times.
Nothing to worry about.
(eerie music)
Watch your step, man.
- [Voiceover] We're not sure
what the event might be,
but it's believed that the
results will be stronger
in higher altitudes.
- [John] Hey mom.
I just heard something weird.
- Yeah well don't bother me now, John.
I don't know what I'm doing
up this godforsaken mountain anyway.
It should be your father's job!
That's his job, it should be!
- Kind of hard growing up, huh, son?
- She's always doing that.
- Well, you know how older folks are.
Sometimes they can be pretty foolish.
Hey, Mr. Goodwyn, why
don't you take the point
and I'll try to keep up with you, okay?
- Okay, Mr. Santee, but
if I go too fast for you,
you just holler,
I'll slow down.
- Okay.
(suspenseful music)
(people chattering)
(bird chirping)
- Wow.
Will you look at this.
(suspenseful music)
- [Terry] Imagine running
into someone way up here.
- [Steve] Well, looks like no one's home.
- [Daniel] Imagine somebody going off
and just leaving a fire burning like this.
It just doesn't seem right.
- [Terry] Yeah, it does seem strange.
- They're probably off
hunting, fishing, hiking,
or something.
- Wonder who they are.
- [Steve] Well whoever they are,
they'll be back before long.
- This whole walking thing is crazy.
Would sane people walk all the
way to the top of a mountain
to set up a tent to walk around some more?
- You'll get used to it, mom.
- Yeah.
- [John] Tomorrow you'll
be doing as good as I am.
- It's okay, son.
First day's always the hardest.
I'm thinking we'll make
camp right over there.
- They might not like it,
our invading their privacy like this.
- Like it?
They're gonna love it,
fun-loving group like us.
(Frank laughs)
Come on.
(wolves howling)
Wear our pink pajamas in
the summer when it's hot
We wear our woolen nighties
in the winter when it's not
And sometimes in the springtime
And often in the fall
We jump right in between the sheets
With nothing on at all
- I think it's best we
keep the fire up tonight
and post a guard.
- You really think it's that serious?
- I don't know.
There's something strange in the woods
and I don't know what it is.
- Could you do me a favor, Santee?
Could you keep this to
yourself for a while?
We don't really know what's going on,
and well, these city folks,
sure wouldn't take much to panic them.
- Okay, I'll share the
watch with you tonight.
Wake me at 2:30.
And don't worry, nobody's
gonna know anything like that.
(soulful harmonica music)
(people chattering)
(owl hooting)
- John!
John, stop throwing those rocks!
John, you'll get lost!
Do you hear me?
John, if you can't act
decent, I'll take you home!
John, get back here!
- You stop throwing rocks or I scalp you.
- You better be quiet, Mrs.
Goodwyn, he'll scalp you.
- I don't know what I'm doing here anyway.
I should be in Beverly Hills,
where any civilized person would be.
(expressive harmonica music)
- Mrs. Goodwyn, he's a good boy.
All he needs is guidance.
- You think I don't try?
It's not easy being a mother and a father.
Mr. Santee, a boy should have a father.
- He really needs somebody he can talk to.
- What do I know about
the woods and the hiking?
You know where his father is right now?
At some Beverly Hills cocktail party
pulling off another one of his big deals.
- The problem is yours, Mrs.
Goodwyn, not your husband's.
When I was a boy,
my father couldn't wait to
get off the reservation.
Even changed his name to Mr. White.
I spent half my life living as Mr. White,
and one day I discovered I
was really Daniel Santee.
Now my mother spent all that time
thinking it was my father's
job to bring me up.
Don't make the same mistake.
- When I left his father,
I thought everything would be
easy, we'd have fun together.
The young are so different today.
They want different things.
- The boy's himself, Mrs. Goodwyn.
Guide him.
Don't force him.
(expressive harmonica music)
(people chattering)
- Excuse me.
Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me.
Might I suggest that we get some sleep?
We have a lot of walking
to do in the morning.
- Good idea.
- Thank you.
- Wanna take a walk in the
willows, my little chickadee?
- God, (laughs) that's bad.
- He's cute.
Reminds me of a couple I once knew.
- Yeah.
Let's just hope he
doesn't find any law books
to cuddle up with at night.
- Excuse me, can I have my sleeping bag?
(dreadful music)
(moves into longing music)
(birds calling)
- I still can't help but
wonder where these people are.
I know, I know, you said they
probably just wandered off
too far to get back by dark.
Come on, Steve.
I'm a reporter.
Now I don't know if the
others noticed it or not,
but the only thing missing around here
to make the mystery complete,
our untouched mugs of steaming coffee.
- With an imagination like
that, should've been a novelist.
Tell me, how'd you become
one of those news ladies?
- Well first, I was sent to college
to become something practical,
like a schoolteacher.
- So what happened?
- I had an affair with
a journalism professor.
The affair was a dud, but
the course was terrific.
- Well now, you know what
should do, don't you?
- What?
- You ought to take my
course, advanced woodlore.
- Buck, I tell you, after the professor,
I swore off instructors for life.
(creepy music)
(wolf growling)
(Mandy screaming)
(frenzied music)
- [Steve] Take it easy, take
it easy, she'll be all right!
She'll be all right!
(Mandy crying)
- I'm sorry.
(eerie music)
- Take it easy.
(wolves howling)
(wicked music)
All right, we're gonna head directly
to the food drop area.
You and Mandy take most of the supplies.
When you get to the ranger station,
they'll call in a chopper
and get you on down to town.
- Great.
- Now take this map and
don't take any shortcuts.
Here, take that.
You got the matches?
- Yeah, I got them.
- Now build a fire every
night and sleep sitting up.
Keep her very close to you.
If you can, try to find caves to sleep in.
- Sleep sitting up?
You don't think that--
- He doesn't think anything.
Now the animal might've
been sick, that's all.
You just make it, remember.
Don't leave her alone five minutes, okay?
- I won't.
- Do as we tell you and keep going, okay?
- Okay.
- You get up to that ranger station,
you tell them to send that
chopper up and buzz us,
just for the hell of it, all right?
- Okay.
You ready?
You're gonna be fine.
- Be better, okay?
- [Mandy] I will, thanks.
- Frank, she's still pretty weak.
Don't push her too hard, okay?
- I'll take good care of her.
- I know you will.
You two are gonna be all right.
- [Frank] Let's go, honey.
- [Beth] Bye.
- Take care.
- Goodbye, Mandy.
- All right, let's pack it up.
(gentle music)
- I thought people were
supposed to be safe in groups.
Little did I realize
it doesn't always work out that way.
- Do you think that
Mandy will be all right?
- Oh yeah, I think she was more frightened
than anything else.
- She's so pretty.
I hope she won't be scarred for life.
- No.
I think that's part of the reason
that Steve let them go back down,
so that she could get
proper medical attention
and there wouldn't be any
scarring, so don't worry.
- (laughs) I think you never
should've got your tail
out of a La Costa Spa.
- Hey you watch your mouth.
- Give me that.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- That was a very nice thing to do, huh?
- Yeah.
- Hey there Steve.
What do you think it was last night?
The wolf, coyote?
- I don't know.
(scary music)
- I'm beginning to think
this whole thing is crap,
this no food, no weapons business,
live with nature ho ho ho ho.
- People have problems in cities.
- I'm not talking about the city, sonny,
I'm talking about out here where
you can die from starvation
or be eaten by big teeth when
you don't have protection.
- All right, Mr. Jenson.
We survive without weapons.
The forest, it'll provide us food.
- Yeah, I know, you're
scratching moss off the rocks.
I made a TV commercial about that once.
- Hey Jenson.
If you take this, it's better protection.
- Me no need spear.
Me mighty warrior.
- What's the matter?
Can't you talk plain?
- Hey come on, I'm only kidding.
You're an Indian.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Come on, I'm just making
a little joke, Kemo Sabe.
- Very funny.
- No, it's not funny.
I'll take it.
- You don't need a spear, fellow.
You need a cane.
(tense music)
(mountain lion growls)
(people chattering)
- [Steve] Just watch yourselves.
The footing get pretty loose around here.
(people chattering)
(mountain lion panting)
(scary music)
- You all right?
(foreboding music)
- [Mandy] Frank, they're
all over the place.
(bird screeches)
- [Frank] Come on.
(birds screeching)
(suspenseful music)
They want us to leave.
Come on.
All right, watch your step.
(birds screeching)
- They're following us.
Why would they do that?
- It's all right.
It's all right.
We'll be okay.
We've gotta keep moving.
Come on.
(birds calling)
- What do they want with us?
What in the hell do they want with us?
- Mandy.
We're gonna make it out
of here in one piece.
You've gotta pull yourself
together, you understand?
We've got a long way to go.
(Mandy cries)
- Oh my god.
- Just as I knew it.
Come on, come on, let me help you up.
There's nothing gonna hurt you, come on.
- Get away!
Get your hands away!
How did I ever think we could be together?
God I hate you.
I hate you!
- All right, dammit, get up yourself.
Get up and move before these
damn birds eat your eyes out!
Come on!
(birds screeching)
(trembling music)
(Mandy screams)
- [Frank] Mandy!
- [Mandy] Help me, somebody!
(Mandy screams)
- [Frank] I'm coming!
(Mandy screams)
Hold on!
Hold on!
Hold on, Mandy!
Hold on!
(Mandy screams)
(tense music)
- Mandy!
(gloomy music)
- All right, let's keep
together, it ain't far.
I know you're tired.
- Hey mom.
- Yeah, son?
- They're saying something
weird on the radio.
- What?
What are they saying?
- I don't know, it's broken up.
Wait a minute.
- Here, no, give it to me, John.
I can do it, John.
- Mom, it's my radio!
- [Shirley] Give it to me.
- [John] I can get it mom.
I'll get it, mom!
- [Shirley] John!
- Dammit, mom.
- John, never mind that.
What did the men say?
- They were talking about ozone radiation.
Everybody's getting out
of the high altitudes.
- John, look, was it a
program or a play or what?
- No, it was a reporter on a
news broadcast or something.
It was all broken up.
It didn't make sense.
- It doesn't work.
- Oh great.
- Maybe we can dry the connections.
- Hey hotshot, we're out of food.
- I know.
- Where's that food that's
supposed to be around here?
- It's up ahead.
- You say.
- That's right, I say.
- You hear that?
Hotshot says there's food up ahead,
that's if he's reading his map right.
(laughs) Well what the
hell, let's get going.
I'm hungry.
- Okay, Mr. Jenson, get your
ass in gear and let's go.
- Hotshot's losing his cool.
(fretful music)
(birds screeching)
(bear growling)
(mountain lion growling)
(bear growling)
- Little girl, who are you?
What's your name?
Your parents,
are they here?
No, of course they're not.
Of course they're not.
Hey, here's something to eat.
Come on, take it.
(birds screeching)
(Frank screams)
(little girl screams)
(tense music)
- Well, there it is, let's go get it.
- [Beth] Food!
- [Steve] All right
now, let's take it easy.
Let's don't twist an ankle.
- [Shirley] I'm right behind you!
- [Terry] Get it Johnny!
- [Bob] There it is!
- [Terry] I can't wait, I am so starving!
- [Beth] All right, go get it Johnny!
(people chattering and laughing)
- [Bob] I knew Mr. Buckner
knew what he was doing!
- Mr. Buckner!
- There's nothing here
but garbage, garbage.
Didn't anybody plan one
damn thing for this?
- How about it, Buckner?
We got our asses in gear.
Is this what you call a food supply?
- Just calm down, Mr. Jenson.
Just calm down.
- Mr. Buckner, I'm hungry.
- Don't worry, Johnny,
we'll find something.
- This is just terrific, animals
biting people and no food.
What do you suggest we do now, hotshot?
- One thing for sure,
a lot of well-fed animals running around.
- Do you know if this ozone thing
has got something to do with it?
I don't know what it is, but I feel it.
- Like what?
- Like an overworked imagination,
which we don't need right now.
- No no no no no no,
it's not my imagination.
Whatever it is, it's not my imagination.
- Look, it's like I just said,
great, there's no food,
and mighty animal spirits
are stalking the land.
Now what the hell are we gonna do?
- In the first place,
nothing's gonna happen,
not as long as we stay together.
Now Frank and Mandy,
they ought to get down
to that ranger station sometime today.
Ought to be help up here
by first light the latest.
- That's fine, but what do we do?
Do we stay here or move on?
- That chopper doesn't show, we move on.
- All right.
- There's one thing.
We gotta act like we
got no one but ourselves
to get us down off this mountain.
- Now hold on just a minute, hotshot.
I think it's a big mistake
for us to go wandering
away from here.
- Yeah.
Maybe it's just lessens the
chances of us getting picked up.
- Absolutely.
We go out there and get stuck
in the middle of nowhere,
and you haven't been
right so far, hotshot.
- (laughs) Mighty advertising executive
speak with empty head.
We've been stuck in the middle of nowhere
ever since those copters dropped us off.
- Listen, Kemo Sabe, those
copters brought this food here,
they know where this place is.
It's a point in his goddamn map.
- Hey wait a minute!
- So this is not in the middle of nowhere!
- I think the thing we ought
to do is just to sit tight,
find whatever food we can around here.
- Smart boy.
- All right, the debate's over.
- Hold on now, wait a minute.
This is important.
It's important enough for
us all to take a vote on it.
- Let's take one.
- The way I see it is we
can all just stay here
and we can defend ourselves,
now can't we, hotshot?
I said can't we, hotshot?
- Don't call me hotshot.
- I'll call you any damn thing I like.
Your batting average is pretty bad.
- The radio said the high
country's been evacuated.
Now I'm with Steve.
We move fast and we get down.
- And I'm with Steve.
- Mr. Buckner, as far as I'm concerned,
you're still calling the shots here.
- Yeah, me too.
- We gonna make camp here tonight.
First thing in the morning,
we're gonna gather as much food as we can.
Then we're gonna head down the valley.
Now that's it.
- Let's make camp.
(wolf howling)
(phone ringing)
- I've got it.
You go back to sleep.
Okay, okay.
Early in the morning.
Broadway Joey ain't here, but
old man Tucker's available.
- Jeez you sleep sound.
I was beginning to think they got you.
- Bert.
Is that you?
What's up?
- I got the Army here.
It's really hit the fan
on this ozone business.
Tucker, animals are
going crazy everywhere.
- What?
- It's going on everywhere
above 5,000 feet.
We gotta clear everybody out,
the campers, the cabins,
the whole damn town.
- When?
- We're gonna start with
the town right now, tonight.
- Now?
Hell, it's after midnight!
You can't drag people out like that!
You'll scare them half to death!
- Tucker, this is martial law.
You get Rena down to the city
and you get your tail here now!
- Okay!
(bird calling)
That loon is damn peculiar.
(mysterious music)
Well, nothing.
Oh Jesus.
(rats squeaking)
(eerie music)
(Tucker cries out)
(dog growling)
Dammit, dog, get out of here!
Get, dog!
(dog growling)
Dammit, Rena, get your clothes on.
- What is it?
(Rena gasps)
- Shut up.
Just the rats!
The rats have gone crazy.
Now come on!
(authoritative music)
- Tucker, I don't like
going down without you.
- Yeah, I know, but I have work to do,
so you just keep your windows rolled up
and stay in line with the others,
and when you get to the motel,
you call me and let me know you're okay.
As soon as I finish with this,
I'll come down and get you.
- All right, Tucker.
- All right.
Don't worry, you hear?
- All right.
(authoritative music)
- All right, gentlemen, you've
all been assigned numbers.
Wait just a minute.
When your number is called,
please proceed to the vehicle
in an orderly fashion.
We will attempt to avert panic.
Okay, you all have your numbers
and I don't expect to
have any trouble from you.
- What in the world happened to you?
- Rats.
Damn rats.
- Hey listen, Tucker, crack of
dawn, we hit those mountains
and pull everybody out of there.
- Man, I got that Buckner
group up in the high peaks.
I had a feeling something
bad was gonna happen.
I just knew it.
(birds calling)
(Professor grunting)
- [Terry] You got some more torches.
- Will these be enough?
- They ought to be.
Do you think they'll help?
- Oh sure.
All animals are afraid of fire.
What time do you have?
- We have 35 minutes left.
(wolf howling)
I feel like every animal
out there is watching us.
- Me too.
- What I don't understand is why.
- I wish I knew.
- How did they get those
food containers open?
- Simple.
Engineering skill learned
from evolutionary adaptation.
- Simple.
(birds calling)
Roy Moore has cancer, doesn't he?
- Gee, I don't know, Terry.
But I think so.
- Yeah.
All the geniuses in my field
said he just played one season too many.
- What a shame.
A young man like that.
Terrible waste.
- The book I read said
something about scientists
being cold and calculating.
- I read that book too.
I didn't believe it either.
(Terry laughs)
(wolf howling)
(menacing music)
(birds calling)
(bird screeches)
(wolf barks and growls)
(mountain lion screams)
(Professor screaming)
- Help me!
(frantic music)
- Get away!
(mountain lion roars)
(everyone screaming)
- Did you see its teeth?
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
- Cats are not supposed
to attack in groups.
- Yeah, we don't have enough fire.
That's what it is, not enough fire.
- We should've stayed awake on watch.
- Don't give me that.
I was awake.
- First Mandy, and now this.
- Where are the helicopters
you promised us?
Where are they?
- Mom.
- Get in there!
Where are they?
- Enough.
- Yeah, how can we defend ourselves
without weapons, Buckner?
- Enough!
All the screaming and yelling
isn't gonna help any of us.
It's gonna be dawn in about 30 minutes.
Then we'll go get about gathering food.
(mountain lion screams in the distance)
Just relax.
Just relax.
(ominous music)
(bird screeches)
- Oh it stings.
- Maybe you're allergic to the sun.
- The sun?
How come I wasn't allergic
to it in Beverly Hills
or the Riviera?
- Maybe in Beverly Hills or the Riviera,
it didn't know you was rich.
- Oh, you're very funny!
(people chattering)
(Beth screams)
(John laughs)
- [John] It's a stick!
- I thought it was a snake.
- Got another one.
- Hey, Mr. Santee, I think I see one.
- Easy, easy.
- Easy!
- Easy.
(Bob screaming and laughing)
- Here professor, hold onto it, hey!
All right, I got one!
- All right!
(Bob screaming and laughing)
Get it, Prof!
- Well, we'll pack up all
the food we can carry.
If we leave now we can
get down in two days.
- I've been thinking.
After that attack last night,
I think we should all go
up to the ranger tower
where Frank went.
- Can it, Jenson.
- No, you can it.
You're not the big mocker anymore.
I say we go up to the tower.
- The big what, Mr. Jenson?
- Big mocker.
Boss, Professor.
Advertising executive talk.
Now you were the head of
this thing at the start.
That's when it was a game, you understand,
a simple, safe amusement
park game called Survival?
- Make your point.
- The point is it's not a game anymore!
Should be obvious even to you.
Hell, I could take care of us
better than hotshot has done.
- Use your head.
The only way we're gonna get out of this
is if we stay together.
- Well let me tell you something, hotshot,
I use my head all the time.
A lot of people use their butts.
Now it's 30 miles back
down there in the valley
and 15 miles up to the ranger tower.
- Sure, Jenson, 15 miles up to the tower.
The radio said evacuate, not go back up!
- We're going down the valley, Mr. Jenson,
and I'd like you to join us.
- Well I'm not through
talking yet, hotshot.
- My name is Steve, Mr. Jenson.
Did it ever occur to you
if Frank and Mandy had made
it to that ranger station,
there'd be a chopper here now?
- So that's what you think now, huh?
Like when you told them
to go on, they'd be okay.
You don't think that now, huh?
There was gonna be food at devil's drop.
Where's that food now, huh?
I'm going up to the tower.
How about you, Denning?
- Steve, I think he's right.
- Damn right I'm right.
How about you, pretty lady?
- I think you're crazy.
- All right, folks.
Helicopter up at the
ranger tower, tonight.
Back in town, warm food, warm bed.
Who's gonna join me?
- I think that's a very good idea.
- I think it's a terrible idea.
- Hey come on, I think
Mr. Jenson makes sense.
- No, let's stay with Steve.
- Come on.
- Let go.
- Sweetheart, you stay with hotshot here,
and you'll end up being bear bait.
I'll take the stick this time, Kemo Sabe.
Leave your packs if you want to.
We leave now, we'll be there by nightfall.
(birds cawing)
- John, come on, we're going.
Will you come?
Excuse me.
Will you come when I call you?
Come on, pick up the pack, let's go!
We move!
Bye bye.
Go, go already.
- Old saying, my friend.
You can't save fools from themselves.
- Can't drag them with me, dammit.
- Okay, pathfinder, lead the way.
- Head on down that way, football star.
(troubled music)
(birds cawing)
(mountain lion screams)
- Look at the size of him.
(birds screeching)
(animals growing)
- Oh my god, they're like an army.
They're everyplace.
- Let's go.
(animals growling)
(scary music)
- Look at that, baby.
I told you we'd find a way out.
Come on, we're safe.
There's people here.
Hey, anybody here?
Anyone here?
Anybody here?
(birds chirping)
It's just that nobody's around.
(thunder crashing)
- Come on, let's move it.
- Where are the warm beds
and food you promised,
Mr. Advertising Executive?
We would've been better
off staying with Buckner!
- You're not with hotshot Buckner now.
You're with me, Miss Beverly Hills Bitch,
so shut up and keep moving!
Get going!
- You can't talk to my--
- You little cockroach!
You gonna tell me about survival?
- Leave my boy alone!
- Just shut up!
- You leave my boy alone!
- Shut up, you little cockroach,
or I'll shove you off the cliff!
(Johnny screams)
(thunder crashing)
- Up there, there's an old mine shaft.
Watch out, don't slip.
Hurry up.
- [Terry] Thank you very
much, but I think I can.
- [Roy] Come on, it's
really gonna open up?
(thunder rumbling)
(thunder crashing)
- [Jenson] Moving up there.
Keep moving.
- We're all tired!
- Put that pack on!
- You don't know where you're going!
- Put that pack on, you bitch!
- We're going around in circles!
- Stop hurting my mother!
(Shirley, Jenson, and Johnny
screaming and grunting)
- All right, Jenson, enough's enough!
- What, did somebody die
so you could take charge?
- We're not going any further!
We need rest!
This is good whether you--
(Jenson shouts)
- [Shirley] Oh my god!
- You lily-livered punk!
I'm running this camping trip!
I take what I want and I give
you what I wanna give you!
Understand that?
- Stop it, please!
- Right now I want that!
Come on, baby.
You're gonna have a real man now.
- You're crazy!
- Jenson!
I'll kill you!
(Jenson, Bob, and Beth scream)
(terror-stricken music)
(Shirley and Johnny cry)
- [Shirley] Oh my god!
(scary music)
(thunder crashing)
- You're thinking about
the others, aren't you?
- Yeah.
- So was I.
Do you really think Jenson
will be able to take care of them?
- I don't know.
I been thinking about
the way he was acting,
and that ozone thing.
Might be going further than just animals.
- You mean us?
- Why not?
- I spent most of my time
reporting about life, not experiencing it.
Now it's like that report's about me,
and I've wasted so much time.
Steve, I'm really scared.
- Hey, come on now, come on.
We'll be okay.
According to the last broadcast,
lower altitude's still safe.
- How come you know so much?
- Well now,
that information's part of my
course in advanced woodlore.
You ready to sign up?
- Yes, Professor.
(thunder rumbles)
- Leg's getting worse, isn't it?
- No, it'll be all right.
- You wanna hear one of my lectures?
One of my short ones.
- No.
- It's good.
It'll take your mind off your leg.
All living things die.
- You're a lot of laughs.
- Everything evolves in and out.
155,000,000 years ago,
there were no animals,
just insects and reptiles, that's all.
- That's big news, Prof.
- Hey, I'm just trying
to tell you something.
- I know.
I know what you're trying to tell me.
You're trying to tell me
that I shouldn't give a damn
that cancer's eating my bones away.
- Mr. Moore.
He's trying to tell
you there is no answer.
No fair, no unfair.
Just accept.
- Accept?
- Accept.
- Why don't we just kill ourselves
and be done with it then?
- Maybe we will.
Maybe we already have.
(thunder crashing)
- If you're not satisfied
with the arrangements,
you can complain to the
management. (laughs)
(lightning striking)
Or pray.
If there's a god left
up there to believe in!
My father who art in heaven,
you made a jack ass out of me for years!
It's never been you for me!
Melville's god, that's a god I believe in!
You see what you want and take it!
You take it!
I'm gonna do just that.
I fought for you.
I won you.
You belong to me.
- Please.
Please no.
- I killed a man for you.
- Please no.
- I own you.
I own you!
Now get up!
Get up!
Get up!
(thunder rumbling)
- No!
(Beth screaming)
- Kill him, mother!
Kill him!
- Go ahead, kill me!
- [Johnny] Kill him!
- Who will lead you off
this goddamn mountain?
- Kill him!
- [Jenson] Who will feed you?
- Kill him!
- Right, kill me!
- Kill him!
- You can't kill me anyway!
You haven't got the guts!
Get that cockroach kid
out of here, both of you!
(thunder crashing)
(Shirley and Johnny screaming)
(bear roaring)
(bear roaring)
(Jenson screaming)
(frantic music)
(moves into worried music)
- It's a road, baby, it's a road.
(ominous music)
(Frank laughs)
All right, baby.
(Frank laughs)
Look at that, baby.
Isn't that the most
beautiful thing you ever saw?
(bird screeching)
(snake rattling)
Oh my god!
Look at them!
The place is swarming with them!
(snakes rattling)
(knocking at the door)
Hello, anybody home?
Hello there!
Anybody here?
(bird screeching)
(scary music)
(dog growling)
Hello, is anybody home here?
(knocking at the door)
I've got a sick child!
We need help!
I need a phone, a doctor!
(little girl cries)
Stop it and stop it now!
Stop it!
I can't stand this!
You're a bad girl, bad!
Now you just wait for
me here, you understand?
And don't you move!
(bird screeches)
- No!
- Oh god, I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
I'll never leave you anywhere again.
I swear it, never again.
Come on.
It's gonna be okay, it doesn't matter.
My car's right up ahead
there on the next block,
by the hotel.
It's gonna be all right.
(horn honking)
Hey you!
Hey you there!
Please wait right here, okay?
Hey, fellow.
(Frank yells)
(mysterious music)
(dog growling)
(car engine stalling)
God what is this?
What is all this?
Now listen to me.
I know what I said to you before
about leaving you alone and all that,
but I've got to, just for a minute.
Do you understand?
I've gotta get to my car.
You see that little blue one over there?
Then I'm gonna bring it
right back here to get you.
You gotta wait in here until
I get back, no matter what.
Right here with the doors
and windows shut tight,
the way they are right now.
You musn't follow me, not at all.
(tender music)
(dog growling)
(scary music)
(snakes rattling)
(Frank screams)
Help me!
Help me!
Please help me!
Oh god!
Oh god!
Help me!
Little girl!
(Frank screams)
(trembling music)
(birds chirping)
- Let's rest a minute.
Logging camp ahead.
- How far?
- Oh, about seven, eight miles.
- Terry.
- Thank you.
- What about your turn?
- I'm not thirsty.
(canteen bounces)
- Canteen's been evolved,
Prof, in and out.
- We're gonna make it.
- It doesn't matter anymore.
- Gotta keep going, man.
- Yeah, okay.
- Come on.
Come on, let's go.
(Roy coughs)
- Roy.
- Yeah.
- Mom!
- John!
John, come back!
Come back!
(terror-stricken music)
(Shirley screams)
John, back!
- [John] Hurry, mama!
- Run!
(dogs barking)
(frantic music)
Run, Beth!
- Run!
(Beth screams)
- Well there it is.
We'll rest here tonight.
- [Terry] A touch of civilization.
- [Roy] As Shirley would say,
the Beverly Hilton it isn't.
- I never thought I could be so tired.
- Well, woo, you're not alone.
- I wonder how much they
charge a night here.
- Not too much.
Oh look.
What I wouldn't give
for a cold one of these.
- You gotta accept, Prof.
- Let's check out some
of the other cabins.
(bird screeching)
(dog barking)
(ominous music)
(dogs barking)
- Head for that cabin!
Go go go!
Keep moving!
- Come on, Prof!
(frenzied music)
(dogs barking)
- Hurry up!
Watch your step!
Let's go let's go!
Daniel, shut it!
(horrified music)
(dogs barking and growling)
(birds cawing)
- But they're dogs, just dogs.
- It looks like they've gone.
Tell you what.
We better get out of here
before they get back.
(door creaking)
(glass shattering)
(everyone screaming)
(dogs barking)
(frantic music)
- Get out of here!
Get out, you hear me?
(people screaming and dogs snarling)
- Head for the water!
Let's get in!
- But I can't swim!
- Dammit!
(dogs barking)
- Water, get in the water!
- She can't swim!
- Let's break this loose!
- What about Roy and the Professor?
- They've had it.
They've had it.
(dogs barking)
- Get on!
(Terry screams)
(frenzied music)
Come on!
Get on the raft, Daniel!
Hang on, Terry!
(stormy music)
(dogs barking)
- Mama!
Beth, wake up!
Mama, look what's happened!
(terror-stricken music)
(everyone screams)
- [Beth] They're all dead.
- [John] What killed them, mom?
(eerie music)
(moves into triumphant music)
- Beth, we made it!
We made it!
- We did it, ma!
- Oh we made it, John!
- Look at it!
- [Voiceover] Land base to Unit 3.
Situation report, please.
- [Voiceover] Dead animals
and looters everywhere.
This place looks like
World War III hit it.
- [Voiceover] That
confirms Sector 2's report.
Above 5,000, all animals are dying.
Human survivors appear to be immune.
Can you mop up and report
survivors immediately?
- [Voiceover] Roger base.
Three clear.
- [Voiceover] Base to chopper 2.
- [Voiceover] Go ahead, base.
- [Voiceover] Any
survivors in your sector?
- [Voiceover] Got three we
found in a wrecked chopper.
We're bringing them in now.
- [Voiceover] 10-4.
Check them into State
General on touchdown.
We're trying to find out
why some of the people have immunity.
- [Voiceover] Roger base.
- Damn looter, should've known better
than to come in here
with all these animals.
- Hell of a price to pay.
Thank god this thing
didn't go on any longer
or there wouldn't be anybody left.
- [Voiceover] Field division to all units.
Environmental Protection Agency report
shift in the ozone level
continues to correct itself.
The virus mutation infecting
animal and human life
is unable to sustain itself
as the sun's radiation
decreases to normal levels.
All altitudes will be
completely safe within 24 hours.
- Hey commander,
looks like something's moving
over there in the Jeep!
- [Voiceover] All altitudes
will be safe within 24 hours.
- Unit 3 back to base.
Just found a little six
or seven-year-old girl,
near shock but seems to be okay.
(gentle music)
(sirens whirring)
(men shouting)
- Looks like we're gonna be okay.
- It's over.
(ominous music)
(bird screeching)
(soft music)
(MultiCom jingle)