Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018) Movie Script

There is no sign
of the national guard.
Creatures are tearing up
the city.
- -Many people eaten alive!
They're coming!
Let's get outta here!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Mom? I know. Here, too.
Mom, you need to get up
and lock the door
to your room, okay?
Don't let anyone in.
Not the nurses--
mom? Mom!
So now we've had time to see
what death looks like.
The question
for all of you is...
How did he die?
Now remember, the patient
first complained
of a sore throat,
a fever, and a cough.
Considering these factors,
can you find this man's
cause of death?
So, any of you
got a theory on c.O.D.
Based off this information?
Nice try, Abby,
but I don't think
syphilis infects the lungs.
Now, what strain is it, Zoe?
It has to be h1n5.
Close. H1n1.
Note the collapsed
air sacs.
They couldn't inflate,
so they couldn't
provide oxygen.
That's what killed him.
Oh, don't worry, Zoe.
You're not being
graded today.
Hey, doc.
Any chance
you wanna come
to the end of
the semester's fiesta?
What, and go drinking
with my students?
Think I'll pass.
Have fun.
You're coming, right?
No, you go ahead.
I have some tests
to finish up first.
Hey, don't beat yourself up.
I know you can be obsessed
about these things.
I know. I just...
Can't believe
i didn't see it.
- Okay, call me.
- -I will.
Sorry to bother you,
Your regular just came in
to give
his weekly blood sample.
Can Abby help?
He makes me uncomfortable.
I know
he's a bit strange,
but the antibodies
in his blood
are a hundred times
normal level.
It's unlike anything
we've ever seen before.
Trust me, Zoe,
this is a great
opportunity for you.
Hi, Zoe.
Hi, Max.
It's good to see you again.
Your arm.
Anything for you.
Please roll up
your sleeve.
Of course.
Have you thought about
what I asked last time?
I told you,
not interested, Max.
You know,
I'm never gonna give up.
You really should
give me a chance.
Make a fist.
Like a vampire.
Sucking me dry.
Zoe, thank you
for being so gentle.
Your other arm.
What is that?
You like it?
This has to stop!
Is there a problem
in here, Zoe?
I'm just giving
my weekly sample.
Get out of here,
you creepy old fuck!
This guy is crazy.
He won't leave me alone.
You can't let people
do that to you, Zoe.
Be stronger next time.
Come on.
The party's waiting.
Chug! Chug! Chug!
Doctor's orders.
Mingle. Drink.
You know me,
social gatherings.
We see these people
every day, Zoe.
Hey, babe, where you been?
Trying to get the shy one
out of her shell.
Let's grab a beer.
We tapped the first keg
But we got two more
chilling in the morgue.
Can one of you help me?
Oh, I got it.
I'll socialize after,
i swear.
Peter, where are you?
You're an asshole!
Come on. You know
every one of us
has wanted to do that.
No, just idiots like you.
I'm a dick, I know this.
Now, can we
please go get drunk?
Just don't ever
do that to me again.
What are you doing
down here?
Relax, Zoe.
I just wanna talk.
There's nothing for us
to talk about.
See... we are connected.
There is no "we," Max.
We're meant...
To be together!
Let go of me! Peter!
- Give me a chance.
-No! No! Get off me!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
I like it
when you fight.
You are mine.
Zoe! Zoe!
--Zoe! Help!
Everybody, we have to get
the fuck out of here!
- What?
-Now! He's awake!
Zoe, what's going on?
Please move!
Why the hell
aren't you moving?
-Come on!
-Dr. beeman, are you okay?
Peter, no!
Get away from her!
Abby, come on!
Come on!
Zoe! Come on,
help me up there!
-Abby, no!
Abby! Abby!
It's been five years
since the first outbreak.
When reports came out
from around the world
about the virus becoming
an international emergency,
it was too late.
Few of us survived.
The rest became rotters.
I was one of the lucky ones
to have made it
to one of the refugee camps
in time,
only to be assigned
to high rock bunker,
an intelligence
and recon military station
to gather data
of rotters for CDC.
Problem is...
It's been a year
since we've heard from hq.
And probably forever
since we saw a survivor.
So this is our home now...
Part military base,
part refugee camp.
You make do with what you have,
scavenge what's left of life.
After all...
This is going to be our home
for a little while.
...please report
to station four right now.
Morning, Shannon.
How are your headaches?
Much better.
Thank you, Zoe.
You little devil, better
let your mom sleep tonight.
Here are a few announcements.
Today's lockdown
will occur at 1600...
the speed limit, Jeremy?
Hey, doc,
you gonna hit the shower
after your morning jog?
Let me know
if you need a hand.
Easy up, alphonse.
She's taken.
She knows I'm only
joking, Lucy.
I'm just keeping
myself fresh
till the right girl
comes along.
You might be waiting a while.
That's cold, doc.
Real cold.
Come on, alphonse.
Do you think
the lieutenant is right
and we're just wasting
our time here?
Maybe god doesn't want us
to reverse what happened.
Doesn't matter
that Miguel thinks.
We have a job to do.
Got your back.
Elyse, can you pass me
rotter sample number eight?
Sure thing.
Here you go.
I remember this one.
Guy had a nasty set
of bite marks on his hands.
What do you think
happened to him?
I'd say he had his hands down
the wrong girl's pants.
Lily's fever shot up.
The medicine you gave her
didn't work.
Meet me in the med ward.
Where does it hurt, sweetie?
You're such a brave little girl.
Just close your eyes and rest.
I'll try and make you
feel better, okay?
As long as Jeff
can promise a heavy crop,
we'll make it through winter.
I'll see what I can do.
Let's just hope
mother nature
Any other pressing issues?
Yeah, we found more rats
in the warehouse,
but Steve's taking
care of it.
I've noticed a lot
of sloppiness as of late.
We're at war, people.
One error can ruin
all the work we've done here.
I won't tolerate any mistakes.
Zoe, you're late.
I'm sorry for interrupting,
but it's serious.
What is it?
The antibiotics I used
on Lily aren't working.
She's worse.
I believe it's
bacterial pneumonia,
which is highly contagious.
I've quarantined her
for now, but still--
you're the town doctor.
You're telling me there's
nothing you can do?
I don't have the antibiotics
to properly treat what Lily has.
We need to go on a supply run.
We've already ransacked
every place
within the designated range
for your bullshit
rotter research.
Then we need to go past
our usual search distance.
Be bolder.
I was a med student
at whittendale university.
The medical supply
cache was secured
inside a locked vault.
-I know the code.
-No. It's too far.
I know it's far,
but it is worth the risk.
We would have enough
medication to save Lily
and to stop her illness
from spreading.
Or we keep Lily isolated.
Keeping her isolated
will not help.
Her sickness will spread
inside this bunker.
Many of us will die.
It is
a medical certainty.
My brother, baca, is gonna
lead your little field trip.
You leave tomorrow at dawn,
and you come right back.
No sightseeing,
no side tracks.
Are we absolutely clear?
Yes, sir.
It's gonna be okay.
I missed you.
You are mine.
Somebody help me!
What's wrong?
What does that mean?
I have to go out.
Really? We talked about this
last time.
I just--
i have a lot on my mind.
What, and us?
That's not important?
I love you, Zoe.
Look, I care about you.
I do, but...
I need to go and check
on Lily right now.
Hey, Zoe.
Hey, sweetie.
Tomorrow morning,
I'm going outside
to try and find something
to make you better.
But there are
rotters out there.
No, it's okay.
They don't scare me.
Do me a favor.
Will you hold on to this
for me while I'm gone?
It was my mom's.
It used to protect me
when I was a little girl.
Now, it'll do the same for you.
Thank you.
Good night, sweetie.
Good night.
Attention all civilians.
Main team ready to leave
in t-minus three minutes.
I'll be back
before you know it.
All civilians are to clear
perimeter in their zones.
I repeat,
clear perimeter in all zones.
I'm sorry about last night.
I didn't...
No, I shouldn't
have reacted that way.
Let's go get
Lily her meds.
Team two, how's your status?
East side perimeter clear.
Nothing here.
I used to do this as a kid.
You just never talked
about your childhood before.
Your mom? Your dad?
There isn't much to talk about.
How about you?
My dad was an army man.
Never smiled.
Except when he took
Miguel and I hunting.
Hard to believe
you two are brothers.
You're so different.
Miguel's always been
the way he is.
Wanted to be
the superior one.
Always wanted
to control things.
Like my dad.
You know what I miss, man?
A nice, greasy cheeseburger
with fries.
I'd have to go with deep dish
pizza, Chicago style.
What about you, Elyse?
I miss Maggie's place.
It was a diner in Wichita
my mom used to take me to.
Best damn apple pie
you ever tasted.
Nice. Frank,
what do you miss, man?
Ice cream sundaes?
Chicken nuggets?
I miss people
shutting the fuck up.
Fuck! Something's wrong.
Everybody pull over.
All right, people.
Look sharp.
Stay focused.
Set up a perimeter!
This is a bad spot.
We won't see any rotters
until they're on us.
It's not like
we had any say
where we broke down,
You guys wanna keep it down
and watch your six.
Talk to me, Lucy.
-Come on!
-Fucking radiator again.
Savin said it was good to go.
All right.
Well, how long to fix it?
Not sure.
The coolant isn't getting
to the engine block.
The lieutenant's gonna be
pissed if we show up late!
Yeah, I'm aware.
All right,
well, come on, Lucy.
We don't have much time
until nightfall.
I know.
All right,
you heard the man.
First team,
secure west perimeter.
Second team, take the east.
This is taking too long.
We should turn around.
We can come back in a few days.
Lily can't wait
a few days.
I'm sorry.
I just don't see the math
in risking eight lives for one!
Sick kid or not.
Let me put it this way.
What if Lily was your kid?
Your sick one
in the bunker?
Because if we don't
succeed, it could be.
Everybody in position!
- Lucy!
- -Almost there.
Give me one more minute.
Sounds like a swarm!
Lucy, come on,
we gotta go!
Hurry up!
Yes! I got it!
Everyone back
to the vehicles, now!
Move, move, move, move!
Go, go!
-Come on! Come on!
-Come on, come on, go!
--Go! Now!
Team two,
give me a status report.
All clear.
Looks like we lost them.
Copy. Casualty report? Over.
No casualties.
Looks like we dodged
a big one. Over.
And not a moment too soon.
We're here, guys.
Lucy, Derek, Thomas,
you stay here.
Everyone else on me.
Alphonse, go!
then the first left.
Straight ahead.
Take a left at the end.
Let's move.
This one on the left.
These are vaccines,
these are antibiotics.
- Grab those first.
Lucy, what's your sit-rep?
All clear out here. Over.
Copy that. Stay put.
We'll be out in five.
Yes, sir.
All right,
we got it. Let's go.
All right, people,
we gotta move.
- Where's Zoe?
- -I don't know.
- Shots came from the south wing.
- -Shit! Go, go!
Jesus, Zoe.
What the hell happened?
Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
We need to move now.
Rotters are coming! Move!
I don't have a clear shot!
God! Aah!
Come on, frank,
let's go!
- Dear god, he's infected!
- -Go!
Get outta here! Go!
We got to move.
Go! Now! Move, move!
Baca, where's frank?
He's gone! Get in!
Let's go! Move, move, move!
Go check the humvees.
You're way fucking
late, baca.
We ran into some car trouble.
And we lost frank, too.
He's dead.
This is why
we don't go on
wild fucking goose chase
supply runs.
-So people don't die
for nothing.
-It wasn't for nothing!
-We got the meds, Miguel.
-It's "lieutenant."
And you should have
aborted the minute
you had vehicle problems.
We needed to get
the supplies.
Where's frank?
Why don't you tell her, Zoe?
I'm so sorry, Elle.
This is all on you!
It was your idea
to go out there!
Hey, wait up!
All residents
return to the bunker now.
All residents return
to the bunker now.
All residents return
to the bunker.
All residents
return to bunker now.
You didn't hear
the shift buzzer?
I wanna look for my ball.
I'll find it. You go inside.
Main gate now closing.
thought I checked it.
Sorry's not gonna cut it
when there's rotters
up your ass.
We got it.
Hey, sweetie.
You came back.
A promise is a promise.
This may taste
a little gross,
but you're a brave one, right?
Just a little more.
Good girl.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
This is high rock
emergency bunker.
If anyone can hear this message,
please respond
on this frequency.
This is high rock
emergency bunker.
If anyone
can hear this message,
please respond
on this frequency.
This is high rock
emergency bunker.
If anyone can hear
this message--
you wanted to see me?
Leave the room.
I asked you here, Zoe,
because I think you and I
have had somewhat
of a misunderstanding.
Don't you ever talk back
to me like that again
in front of the others.
I'm in charge here.
My job is to keep
the people here safe,
and I decide
how that's done.
You're dismissed.
Zoe, wait up.
What did Miguel want?
Why don't you
ask him, baca?
He's your brother.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Miguel shouldn't
have blamed you
for frank, all right?
That's not on you.
Frank knew the risks
we all take going outside.
What's important
is that you saved Lily
and everyone else here.
We're all thankful for it.
Thank you.
I should get back to work.
Fucking rats!
Please make sure
ration cards are stamped--
I was at the game.
I'm telling you,
your pitchers
couldn't throw a fastball
to save their lives.
You need a strong bullpen
to have a good baseball team.
I don't care
what you say.
The Yankees were
the best ever, man.
If it weren't
for the rotters,
hell, we would've
won the last season.
Yeah, keep
telling yourself that.
My rangers
woulda swept your guys.
High rock's finest.
- Please make sure...
- Compliments of the chef.
...ration cards are stamped
by a station officer
before proceeding to line.
What the fuck is
with this line, Jeff?
People got work details.
Sorry, I got off
to a late start this morning.
Steve was supposed to come in
and fix the broken stove,
but he hasn't shown up yet.
Wendy, go talk
to your boyfriend.
Tell him to come up here
and fix this stove immediately.
Yes, sir.
Move it faster.
Where are you, honey?
You're needed in the mess hall.
Miguel's pissed.
Help! Help!
Hey, Lily. Jeremy.
Hi, Zoe.
It's past Lily's bedtime.
She needs rest.
You can come back
tomorrow, okay?
- Bye, Lily.
Hey, sweetie.
I wanted to give you
this back.
Oh, keep it.
Looks better on you.
Now go to sleep.
Not before my mom comes
to say good night.
She'll be by
after her work shift.
Good night, sweetie.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Code red. Intruder alert.
Code red.
Intruder alert.
Alarm in the medical wing.
I repeat,
alarm in the medical wing. Go!
Go, go, go!
Oh, come on! No, no, no!
You recognize me?
How are you still alive?
Don't kill him!
He's not a rotter!
Zoe, get out
of the fucking way!
Trust me!
We need to catch him alive!
He's a one of them!
No! He's not!
His name is Max!
He's a patient of mine!
Baca! He's the breakthrough
I've been searching for!
We got you now,
What the hell?
Are you all fucking crazy?
-Why didn't you kill it?
He's alive.
I need him
for my research.
Looks like a rotter to me.
But we all know that
rotters always bite.
He had the chance to bite me
before, and he didn't.
Prove it.
Zoe, you don't have to do that.
It means his brain
is still working.
He got the bite,
but something in his body
stopped him from turning.
He could be
the breakthrough we need
in beating
the rotter virus.
You can't cure
being a rotter.
I'm not talking
about a cure
for being a rotter.
I'm talking
about a vaccine
for the rest of us.
A bite would no longer
be a death sentence.
Just give me a chance.
This is all
a bunch of bullshit.
- Shoot it.
- -Miguel, wait!
If there's a chance
Zoe can do it,
we should let her try.
This vaccine...
Could've saved frank.
Fine. Do your tests.
I want it locked up
at all times.
If there are any issues...
Put it the fuck down.
Yes, sir.
Only 12 hours
since Max has been restrained
and placed under observation,
and already high rock bunker
is divided up
on their opinions
on what we should do with him.
Miguel is looking
for any excuse he can find
to put him down.
With our current specimens
of rotters' blood running low,
I need to acquire
additional samples
to buy myself more time
to find scientific proof
Max is different.
Max's vitals!
Look at this.
It's incredible.
Certain internal
and external parts are dead,
while other parts
are still very much alive.
His heart, his eyes, legs,
and his cranial area,
all still retaining
human function.
Any clue as to why?
No, not yet.
But I need to take
his blood sample.
breaking protocol
here, Zoe.
He makes one wrong move,
I'm shooting him.
Just relax, Max.
You want me, right?
Here I am.
Your Zoe.
That's right.
I know you came...
All this way just for me.
You like feeling my touch?
I'm gonna blow your head off,
you piece of shit!
No, don't, Elyse.
I'm fine.
So what have
you found?
Based on
the blood sample I took,
his hormone levels
are off the chart.
I have never seen
anything like it.
So you think that's
what stopped the virus?
Well, possibly.
But there are nine
hormonal glands,
and I don't know
which one it is.
If I can find the source,
I might be able
to extract it
to produce
a testable vaccine.
Okay. All right,
so what do you need?
I need live virus samples
from living rotters.
Look, maybe we can round
some up from outside
to bring in for tests.
No! Absolutely not.
I mean, you know
how much I've risked
letting that thing
stay here?
Look, I need
the live samples
to compare to Max's.
It is the only way to know
which hormone it is.
Please, baca,
there must be a safer way.
The perimeter gate.
We can use the doors
to file them in one by one
in a contained setting.
Okay. When can we do it?
Main gate is now opening.
prepare to initiate.
Please stand clear.
All personnel
remain in your sector.
All right, team.
We do this fast,
we do this efficiently.
Nobody play hero here.
We let in one rotter
at a time.
Bravo on the gate.
Alpha on the rotters.
I don't want Zoe in there until
we have that rotter secured.
Let's go fishing.
Let's do this.
Let them in one at a time.
Weapons hot!
Derek, you're up!
Hold him still!
All secured.
We got multiple
bogies incoming!
We need to hurry!
Got it.
Okay, we got the test sample!
Just one more!
Go! Move!
Move your fucking asses!
Go, go, go!
They're breaching!
Step away!
What the hell is taking so long?
- I got him.
- -They're ready to breach!
Fall back! Fall back!
Baca, the fence is buckling!
We can't hold it!
Go, go, go, go!
You think I'm scared of you?
I've killed hundreds of you
fucking rotters.
I can't wait
to put a bullet in you, too.
She's your girlfriend.
That conniving bitch.
Commander, come quick!
Something's happening outside!
Initiating shutdown procedure.
All personnel please fall back.
-Get the gates!
-Move your fucking asses!
Go faster!
They're right behind us!
Go! Go! Go! Come on.
How in the fuck
did the rotters get
inside the perimeter fence?
We were
getting blood samples.
You just let them in?
What the fuck!
What the hell
are you doing?
My job. Protecting you people.
Lieutenant, please.
Zoe can help.
It's too late.
There's nothing she can do.
It's not a head bite!
The infection takes time
with a bite like hers!
The vaccine can work
if it hasn't spread yet!
Do you have the vaccine
right now?
I didn't think so.
Are you fucking insane?
One bite, one bullet.
Just because
you have a gun,
it does not mean
you get to decide
who lives
and who fucking dies!
Are you sure about that?
I thought I told you
to not talk back to me.
Put the gun down.
12 hours. Then I kill it.
Vaccine or no vaccine.
Miguel! Wait up!
What the fuck was
that back there?
Pointing a gun
on Zoe like that?
Are you out
of your fucking mind?
No, I'm a commanding officer
whose own fucking brother
went behind his back
and put this whole place
in danger!
Zoe needed those samples
for all of us,
and you know that!
So you follow
her orders now?
Let me remind you
who's in charge!
Not her, not you,
not anybody else.
Miguel, you're cracking!
I get it, but that
back there was bullshit!
No, I'm the only one
thinking rationally.
Everyone's chasing her empty
promises about this vaccine.
I'm your brother, baca.
Your own flesh and blood.
Believe me when I tell you
she's fooling you.
Don't you see
what she's doing?
Why do you think she keeps
this thing alive?
What are you trying to say?
That rotter has her name
engraved on his arm.
Wake up, baca!
I'm sorry about Elyse.
I know you two were close.
Thanks, baca.
Zoe, I need you to tell me that
you can really do this vaccine.
You losing faith in me?
Of course not.
It's just...
I mean, you don't get it.
Thomas, Elyse...
I ordered them
out there for you,
for your vaccine.
And they died.
You're blaming me?
Do you really think
i would risk their lives
if I didn't think
it was worth it?
Honestly, I don't know what
to believe with you right now.
What the fuck
does that mean?
What the fuck
is that thing to you?
That thing has your name
carved into his forearm.
You're hiding something
from me, Zoe.
So I need you to tell me.
Who was that thing to you?
He was a fucking psycho...
Who tried to rape me.
Tried to take
what he wanted from me.
That's who he was.
You happy now?
Do you feel better?
Why didn't you just tell me?
Every time...
I talk,
Or look at him...
I have to relive the worst
fucking day of my life.
Right now,
i just need you to trust me
and believe in me, baca.
And if you can't...
I'll go it alone.
Let's drink tonight for those
who are no longer here.
To frank.
Loving husband.
Well, you know,
here's to Thomas,
a guy that made each one of us
a better person.
And to Elyse.
I'll miss her dearly.
To friends.
-To friends.
hey, doc.
Figured you could use this.
I know you been going
at it a while.
Thanks, alphonse.
Man, you're ugly.
Don't get too close.
The lieutenant is right,
we should just kill
this slippery fuck.
Stand down, Lucy.
Did he bite you?
I don't think so.
No, you're good.
He didn't get you.
Lucy, you need
to get some ice
on that head wound.
Al, take her down
to the med ward.
Come with me.
One day...
And you're back trying
to fuck up my life again.
You're nothing...
But filth.
You are mine.
Shut up!
I have had enough of this!
I know what you're trying to do,
and it is not going to work.
I only have a few hours
to stop this virus,
and nothing you say or do
is going to fucking stop me!
Commencement of testing
for patient 15009,
Beginning with current
hypothesis of samples.
Homo sapiens blood
and anomaly cells...
Otherwise known
as rotter's blood.
Current tests show
that homo sapiens blood,
despite the different amounts,
all react consistently
with our tests.
The virus shows no signs
of letting up.
It has, and always will,
infect us at alarming rates.
Patient 15009's blood, however,
shows signs
of dormant activity
within all human blood cells.
They appear to coexist
without any signs of threat
or exigency
to our living blood samples.
Despite the fact the idea
of his blood in anybody,
let alone mine, is nauseating,
this is critical
for my hypothesis for the cure.
So here comes
the moment of truth.
Testing patient 15009's blood
against the anomaly
rotter cells.
If this works,
patient 15009's blood
can be effectively engaged
in our bloodstream
to kill off any rotter cells
before it spreads.
Patient 15009's blood
is the answer to destroying
the rotter cells
in infected bodies.
If we aren't too late.
Come down here right now.
You are mine.
Oh, hey.
Zoe, Zoe,
what's the matter?
It's Max, he's free.
-Where is he?
-In the med lab.
- Let's go!
- -No head shots!
I need him alive!
Sound the alarm.
We need everyone
to get back
to the township, now!
- Emergency.
All military personnel
please report to your squadron.
Civilians are advised
to remain secured
in the township.
All civilians are advised
to remain secured
in the township.
All residents to the township.
I repeat. Everyone report
to the township immediately.
-This is not a drill.
I repeat, this is not a drill.
Get everyone
to the township!
I'll meet you there!
Be careful!
I'll be okay!
Oh, my god, Lily!
What are you doing out here?
She's coming!
Mommy, no!
Please don't!
What's wrong?
What's going on?
Is something happening?
-What do we do?
-Is it the rotters?
- Why are the alarm--
-quiet! Calm down, all right?
Baca, is something
What the hell happened?
It's the rotter.
He's loose
inside the complex.
Don't worry. Everyone
go back to your bed.
Everything's under control.
something is not right.
-We need to know.
-Please, everything's okay.
Just go back
to your homes.
You happy now, baca?
I told you
not to trust Zoe.
-Find that rotter, kill it.
-No, we need to take it alive.
There's a chance we can
still get that vaccine.
Everyone that fails
to comply to my orders
will be executed on the spot.
We got a problem
in the motor pool.
Guards aren't responding.
Okay, we gotta get
to the motor pool.
Lucy, alphonse, stay here,
protect the people.
- Everyone else on me!
- -Copy that!
Let her go.
Let her go, Max.
Came for you.
Need me.
You want me alive...
Let her go.
Okay, okay.
Main gate is now opening.
Let's go now!
No! No!
Move! Move! Move! Move!
what's the report
on the motor pool?
Lieutenant, do you read me?
Cover me!
I'm going to close the door!
open that fucking door!
Lily and Zoe
are still outside!
I don't give a fuck!
The rotters got in
because of that bitch Zoe.
That door stays closed.
I am not leaving
them outside!
Stand down, baca.
So what,
you're gonna shoot
your own brother now?
I will if I have to.
Don't make me do it.
Main gate is now opening.
Please stand clear.
Main gate is now opening.
Please stand clear.
Sweetie, are you okay?
Here, come on.
In here, sweetie.
You are...
No. You're mine,
Come on, lil.
Baca, don't!
It's too late.
I can feel it in my body.
It's turning me.
You haven't fully turned yet.
The vaccine can still work.
I don't wanna be
one of those things, Zoe.
Baca, please.
-I'm sorry.
-I can stop the virus.
Believe me.
I can stop the virus.
You just have to trust me.
I love you, baca.
I've used up what I could
from patient--
from Max's blood on baca.
I could only dispense so much
as I need
the remaining samples
to create
a mass production schedule
for the antivirus.
I dislike the idea that baca
is technically and conveniently
my first human test subject.
This will speed things up
in getting the antivirus
into mass production
for everybody.
To everybody out there,
to anyone who is listening,
I'm broadcasting this from
high rock emergency bunker.
Our doors are open.
We have an inoculation
against the rotter bite,
a vaccine that will keep anyone
who takes it from turning.
From now on,
when you greet the day,
know this world is not
as dangerous as it used to be.
Things are changing.
And while we can't put
the world back,
there's still beauty in it.
There's still hope
that we can be safe
and that it's okay for us
to let our guard down now,
to be happy...
And to love.