Day of the Mummy (2014) Movie Script

Dr. Behar.
Dr. Behar.
We're running out of
light, so if we're going
to do this we should probably do it now.
Ready when you are.
We are now standing in front
of what I'm almost certain
to be the tomb of the
lost brother of King Siptah
who once ruled over the upper
and lower Egyptian valley
more than 2,000 years ago.
Everyone, including my peers, believed his
existence to be nothing more than a myth.
Well, we are now about
to prove them wrong.
For what you are seeing behind me now
is the entrance to the tomb of what the
ancient Hebrews called the Cursed King.
Just the mere mention of his name
was so utterly terrifying
to the ancient Egyptians
that even the symbol
for his name, the cat,
could not so much as be
written or pronounced by anyone.
Now won't you please
follow me, uh, Steven?
You see, Neferu, the son of Harcoptis
was in succession to be the king
when his younger brother Siptah
had him captured and
mummified while still alive.
And right down these tunnels
is where he was buried.
And this is where we
believe we will find him,
the king who cannot be named.
What was that, Steven?
What was that?
Jesus, what is that?
No. No! Jesus Christ!
I am a collector.
Treasures is what I seek.
I have possessed the most precious
riches the world has ever known.
The rarest, the most magnificent.
But one has eluded me
for all these years.
A precious jewel, shrouded in mystery,
wrought with danger.
It belonged to a cursed king, Neferu,
a pharaoh, who some say still
haunts his final resting place,
seeking new victims.
A pharaoh who was buried
alongside a most precious stone.
A jewel of immense worth
and incredible power.
They call it,
the Kodek stone.
Only one man
can get it for me.
And his name is, Jack Wells.
Hey, sexy.
Like the presents?
What have you gone and joined the NSA?
- You do live an exciting life
for an archeology professor.
I do what I can, Carl.
We're gonna be in the hot tub.
I suppose I have to thank
you for this package.
Don't mention it.
It suits you.
My birthday is still a few months away,
so I suspect an ulterior motive
for this little surprise of yours.
Look closer.
That's right,
the camera's in the glasses.
So you can see all this?
I'm watching everything that you are.
You're new glasses are
transmitting via a satellite uplink
to the comfort of my home.
You're eyes belong to me, Jack.
I'll be a son of a bitch.
And how the hell did you
get your hands on these?
I called in a favor from a friend.
You must have some important friends,
this is not your standard
over-the-counter technology.
I have my sources, like you have yours.
There's something else in the box.
What's this?
Something to make life easier.
I hope it's sanitary.
Stop fucking around,
Jack, time is of essence.
You hear me?
Yeah, like you're living in my head.
Should keep us in contact at all times.
Okay, Santa, I got the gifts.
Now what do you want from me?
I believe you know, Jeremy Cooper.
Yep, he is the biggest asshole
in the world of archeology.
Indeed, but the asshole
is putting together a team
and I want you on it.
What makes you think,
he'd want me to tag along?
He's not my biggest fan.
You're still the best
Egyptologist he knows
and you can decipher hieroglyphics
like you were born
speaking that gibberish.
Where he's going, he's
gonna need someone like you.
Strike that, he's gonna need you.
Hmm. Where's he going?
His team is flying to
Hijaza in three days.
Hijaza? What the hell
are they doing there?
Neferu, the cursed king? Come on.
Carl, that's a myth.
Not anymore, according
to Professor Behar.
He's very much real.
Behar? Hey, didn't he drop out of sight
two months ago while he was in Egypt?
He did, but some Bedouins found his
camera out in the middle of nowhere.
Egyptian officials got a hold of it.
The footage showed a tomb he
uncovered in the desert near Hijaza.
Cooper wants to find it.
Now, Carl why do you
care so much about a tomb?
I never figured you to be interested
in anything other than money.
That I am.
You ever hear of the Kodek stone?
Yeah, the diamond.
Yes, the diamond.
Story goes that it was
buried with the cursed king,
a very precious gift
from his brother Siptah,
to keep, Neferu's soul from coming back.
Cursed kings had a bad habit of
rising from the dead back then
and doing all sorts of
bad stuff to the living.
So, you're after the Kodek stone.
What, you're too lazy to
do your own dirty work?
I rather you get out there and
break your neck, it's much easier.
Very altruistic Carl, as always.
You get me the stone and
you and me will call it even.
Wipe the slate clean.
What if I tell you to go fuck yourself?
Then the Egyptian authorities
will receive a file
proving that the Howard Carter artifacts
aren't as genuine as they think.
And the details of your
involvement in their replacement.
Guess I better go grab
my toothbrush, Carl.
I'm not that surprised the Behar
was searching the cursed earth.
He always insisted that Neferu's
tomb had to be out here somewhere.
It would have been a great
insult to his brother.
And it would have prevented his soul
from crossing over to the afterlife.
What do you think, Dr. Wells,
are we looking in the right place?
Dr. Wells?
What was the question?
We were wondering, if you think
we're looking in the right place.
The Bedouins claim they
found Behar's camera out there
chances are he was with it.
Well, they could have stolen it
stumbled across Behar and his assistant,
killed them and raided their equipment.
Keep your mind on the job, Jack,
you're not there to add
another notch to your bedpost.
They only had the camera with them.
Behar would have had thousands
of dollars of equipment with him.
Isn't that right, Dr. Cooper?
He had access to the latest equipment,
geo-physical, thermo and
access to full GPS systems.
No self-respecting university
would have signed off on the search.
Yet, we've all seen the footage
and we're all here
following in his footsteps.
Someone at Brown's might
have signed the check.
I may not agree with many,
if any, of Behar's theories,
but he had clearly found a tomb.
We owe it to him to prove
that he was right or not.
Talking like he's already dead.
Well, there's been no contact
with him for over three months.
If he's not dead, he's as good as.
And nobody's concerned why?
Well, that's why you brought me along.
What do you do, Kate?
I work for a private security firm.
Oh, let me stop you before
you make a fool of yourself
by making some crass
chauvinistic remark, Dr. Wells.
I know I'm a woman.
And why are you here, Dr. Wells?
What use do we have of your talents?
Dr. Wells is an Egyptologist.
One of the best.
He specializes in regional dialects.
Oh, I've heard differently.
If you're talking about
the little scrape I had
with the Egyptian authorities last year,
regarding the tomb of
Kaumudi's artifacts.
And I can absolutely guarantee
you, it was just a miscommunication.
There's no need to explain
yourself to me, Dr. Wells.
Sounds like your
reputation precedes you.
Sounds like your
reputation precedes you.
What about the Kodek stone?
Do you believe that's real?
Kodek stone is a myth.
Behar believed it was real.
Based his entire career on it.
Yeah, look where it got him.
Anyone who believes the
Kodek stone is real is a fool.
- You talking to me?
- Anyone.
- What do they want?
- It'll be nothing.
Probably want to see our papers.
And if they're a problem, I'm
sure they can be persuaded.
Papers, please.
- Don't...
- What?
Cause any trouble.
Leave that to me.
They want to see all of our papers.
Passport. Passport. Where's my passport?
- Calm down, bookworm.
- What?
And try to breathe
every once in a while.
Passport, Dr. Wells.
I trust everything is in order.
On your way, be careful.
People have been known to go missing.
Although it would be very bad for such
a pretty lady never to be seen again.
What's got you looking so worried?
I always look worried.
Probably because I'm always worried.
You shouldn't be. I might not like
Cooper, but he knows what he's doing.
You've seen Behar's footage, right?
- I think he was onto something.
- Yeah.
Just got me so worried.
Let's get back on the road.
Everyone out.
Ladies first.
Never claimed I was a lady,
but I appreciate the offer.
Eyes on the prize, Jack, not the ass.
Look like a prize to
me. Who's the Egyptian?
He's your guide, Rashid Hassan
and he comes highly recommended,
so try not to insult him.
Do my best.
He was a leading figure with the
rebels who overthrew Hosni Mubarak.
What's he doing here in
the ass end of nowhere?
Some of his views were
considered by many as extreme.
Let's say he just
needed a change of air.
Can we trust him?
I don't know about that, but he knows this
cursed earth better than any man alive.
I'd like you in the lead with Hassan.
I think I'll join in.
Jack Wells, Egyptologist.
Dr. Behar was very passionate man.
What he didn't know about Siptah,
Neferu wasn't worth knowing.
You knew him well, then?
Yes, ever since I was young boy.
My father was his
guide, and I took over.
So, you took him into the cursed earth?
Yes, many time.
He was constantly
searching for the tomb.
And when he went missing?
On that instance, the good
doctor ventured out alone.
He didn't want anyone
to know his location.
With age he grew paranoid.
He believed everyone was out
to steal the find from him.
Take the glory.
What do you think
happened to him, Hassan?
The cursed earth is not the
safest place for a man to walk.
He could have easily been
turned around in a sand storm,
died of exposure.
You believe that?
Sand is very hungry, Dr. Wells.
If you don't tread carefully,
it will bite.
Welcome to the cursed earth, Jack.
I can think of places, I'd rather be.
We all could.
Maybe when we're done here.
Is that a come on, Dr. Wells?
Jack, call me Jack.
I hate all that "Doctor" bullshit.
Okay, Jack.
Maybe when we're done.
I don't believe this.
once you've unpacked and set
up camp I've arranged for food.
And then we sleep.
We have much traveling to do tomorrow.
What the hell's going on, Jack?
We're about to find out.
Seems like Hassan hasn't
been greasing the right palms.
It's just what we need.
Put the gun down, you all, now.
Let go of me!
Your man touched me first!
What seems to be the problem here?
This is a restricted
area, you must not be here.
I can assure I've been granted
full access to this area
for myself and my team.
You show me.
It's time for you to take over.
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Exactly what I tell you, now get
over there and sound authoritative.
These are not valid. That's
impossible, check them again.
I'll deal with this.
Not valid. You must go.
Who are you?
- Who I am is of no concern...
Who I am is of no concern,
- ... who I know is.
- Who I know is.
And who do you know?
- Naseem Abubakar.
- Naseem Abubakar.
I see you know the name.
Well, if you continue to
fuck with me and my colleagues
Naseem will fuck with you, understand?
Don't, don't push it, Jack.
On your way, but you may
regret the decision later.
From here, we will
have to travel by foot.
Why can't we just take the cars?
Look for yourself.
Beyond the horizon
lies a cursed earth.
The cursed earth.
Yes, Dr. Wells.
Behar's last GPS signal puts him within
a day's travel of you current location.
You're quite sure this is
where Dr. Behar was heading?
This is what he told me, yes.
What made him think, he'd
find Neferu's tomb out here?
He did not say.
But he knew,
you could see it in his eyes.
You okay there, Marty?
Oh, I'm fine,
this body was built
for the great outdoors.
I don't get you, Jack Wells.
What's there to get?
- I read about you.
- And?
Definitely makes for
an interesting read.
You studied at Harvard,
you graduated the top of your class,
and then you stepped straight into a job
at the Archeological
Institute of America...
Oh, God!
Then you spent six years in Egypt,
mostly working in Abu Rawash
and that's when things
got a little shady.
It seems you were accused of
falsifying King Tafari's seal?
Accused, never convicted.
Is there a difference?
About eight to 15.
Well, from what I've seen so far,
you don't seem like that guy at all.
Maybe I'll surprise you.
- I want you to look
at something. What?
- Something you've missed.
- Where?
- Over to the left. Okay,
what am I looking at?
You don't see it, do you?
The rock formation.
Look at the shape of
that rock formation,
they're the same as the
one on Behar's video.
We're close, so close I can taste it.
The history books are vague.
Most stating that Neferu was
the worst of the two brothers.
But there are many writings that purport
to Siptah having been far more nasty.
The writings are true.
Both brothers were corrupt.
But, no brother could do
what Siptah did to Neferu without
having evil in their veins.
If what I've read about Neferu is true
he deserved what he got.
His army rode through Egypt,
slaughtering everyone in its path.
Power corrupts, my friend.
And the brothers held more power in
their hands than any man should ever hold.
But Siptah, wasn't
satisfied with sharing,
he wanted it all to himself.
So, he had his brother killed.
That's not uncommon for the time though.
Many pharaohs acquired
their power through murder.
There is murder
and there is torture.
Siptah ordered that Neferu
be nailed to the ground
and his chest be cut open
while he was still breathing
and then had salt poured
onto his still beating heart.
He was screaming for mercy,
as they cut away his nose with a chisel
and forced a barbed hook all
the way up into his skull.
Lady here needs a drink.
- We're getting close, Jack.
- Over and out, Carl.
I think it's time I turned off
that little voice in my head.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You forgot this.
- Oh...
Who were you just talking to by the way?
Oh, just a little voice in my head.
You're not going to let me
finish this by myself are you?
I think there's something
else I'd like to finish.
Keeping your eyes on
the prize, huh, Jack?
Kind of hard not to.
- You're not getting shy on me now are you?
- Get over here.
I guess there could be
worst places we could be.
- Really? I can't think of any place
I'd rather be. - Me, too.
She's something else, Jack,
isn't, she?
- What the hell?
- What?
It's just the little
voice in my head again.
Sorry, three's a crowd.
about last night.
You don't have to say anything, Kate.
I get it,
it was what it was.
You needed me and I needed you.
Nothing more, nothing less.
You really know how to treat a woman.
Quit playing with the hired
help, Wells, and get over here.
Me or him?
- Both.
She's growing on me.
Piss off, Carl.
Take a look at this,
tell me what you think.
What am I looking for?
I just want your opinion.
Dr. Cooper! Dr. Cooper!
You're gonna want to see this.
What it is, Baptiste?
I was taking a leak
and I think I found it.
What you find, Greg, your cock?
No, asshole, the entrance to the tomb.
I found it.
That's great!
This is it people, this
is the tomb of Neferu.
I shall get camp ready.
Good man, Hassan, good man.
But this is clearly the same
place as on Behar's video.
Dr. Wells is right.
This may be where Behar
filmed his last footage.
No proof this is the final
resting place of Neferu.
No proof yet, but there will
be as soon as we get inside.
If any of you still needed proof.
What is it, Dr. Cooper?
And this right here,
this is the katak,
the eye of the jackal,
it's the symbol of King Neferu.
Oh, it's magnificent.
This is the final resting place...
Think about it, we could be the
first eyes cast upon his name
in over 2,000 years.
Unless Behar saw it before us.
I've got to record this.
- are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Wells, I need... We
need your assistance.
You'll be okay?
I'm a big girl, Jack. Go do your job.
You heard the lady, show
me something exciting.
- What does it say?
- Enlighten us.
This is rough. It's a
dialect I've not seen before.
But you can read it, right, Jack?
Yeah, just give me a minute.
I hope I haven't wasted
funds, bringing you along.
You really don't like me do you, Cooper?
This has nothing to do with my
personal feelings towards you.
Can you decipher the glyphs or not?
Here lies the cursed king
under the heel of Anubis
and body on Aken's ferry,
the soul in between.
It's amazing, it's simply amazing.
Is that the exact translation, Wells?
Words to that effect.
There's more over here.
The tilasm will keep him
in the tomb.
A tealsman?
That's Arabic, for the talisman.
Is it talking about the Kodek stone?
Siptah buried his brother with that.
He had to keep Neferu's soul from
coming back and avenging himself.
This is where the Kodek stone
enters the history books.
This is all getting to be a bit unreal.
Not for the ancient
Egyptians, it wasn't.
The Kodek stone was very real to them.
It meant to hold great power,
mystical power.
And you believe that crap?
Not at all.
But, I do believe this is the tomb
Behar spent his life looking for.
Let's get moving, people.
Okay, I'm starting to
feel that we're lost.
We're not lost, Greg.
We're discovering.
- Yeah?
Keep an eye on Wells.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
- Good.
Are you there?
Until you get that stone,
you're stuck with me.
I wanna show you something.
Something I didn't
share with the others.
I saved all the images from earlier.
I had a few experts look them over
and they all agree with you.
About the talisman
keeping Neferu in the tomb.
Yeah, well you didn't get
to see everything earlier.
Are you keeping secrets from me, Jack?
I didn't think you'd want me sharing
this with the rest of the group.
I, I don't see anything.
'Cause you're not looking close enough.
The others missed it
in their excitement.
What does it say, Jack?
Talks about a passageway
in the heart of the tomb.
And, and it's unclear.
Can't make it out.
Is it about the Kodek stone?
"The talisman,
"placed in the heart
cavity of the cursed king
"to keep him in perpetual torment. "
And, that means...
That means, we find Neferu's mummy,
we find your goddamn stone.
What the hell is going on?
Your guess is good as mine.
Son of a bitch.
They're taking my laptop, Jack.
Tell them to go.
- That equipment is...
She will come with us!
She will come with us!
Not so fast, asshole.
Jack! -We need that equipment, Wells.
Fuck your equipment, Cooper.
So much for mentioning Naseem's name.
I thought you knew him!
I do and I can assure you
that we'll be having words.
You better have more than words, Carl.
If I didn't know you better, Jack,
I'd think you had feelings for the girl.
Shit! Your little bitch
is quite a handful.
I told you to let her go.
She shot my man!
Can't say I blame her.
Jack, just shoot him.
Shut up.
So, are we gonna tell someone?
What are you doing?
I think it would be
wise if we left camp.
What are you talking about, Coop?
It's Cooper. Dr. Cooper.
Oh, okay. I'll ask again.
What the fuck do you mean, Cooper?
Decided we're leaving and we will return
when things around here are safer for us
to continue our work.
- Unacceptable.
- Safer?
Cooper, this is the Middle East.
When exactly do you think things
are ever gonna be safer around here?
We all discussed it. It's for the best.
Well, nobody discussed it with me.
I didn't think it was necessary
to discuss it with you, Wells.
Tell me you are not okay with this.
Hey, I'm just the hired help.
I follow the money.
Load the rest of the
gear up on the jeep.
We're not going anywhere.
Some son of a bitch just cut the...
What was that?
Wait for us, Wells.
Radio for help.
We don't have time to wait.
Jack, talk to me.
What the hell is going on there?
It's not deep. It
looks worse than it is.
Can you stand?
Yeah, I'll be all right.
Dr. Cooper?
Dr. Cooper.
The radios, they...
Slow down, kid.
Try and breathe.
You okay?
The radios and satellite
phones are trashed.
we're fucked.
What was that?
Oh, my God, get in here!
Oh, my God, Wells!
Dr. Cooper.
Dr. Wells.
- Jack... You still there?
Where's Marty?
He's over here.
He's trapped.
His hand is stuck.
Looks bad.
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- We gotta get him out.
I can have a rescue
team to you in 12 hours.
Just get the stone first.
Let me take a look.
So now you're a medical doctor?
I'm just trying to help.
You know, it's okay to pull
that stick out of your ass
every once in a while, Cooper.
This does not look good.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna get him free,
then we're gonna find Kate.
Seems like we have more pressing
issues than finding Kate.
- What?
You're gonna bring the whole
place down on our heads.
We can't leave Marty.
We're not leaving anyone.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna try to pull him free.
Are you insane?
This whole place is gonna
come down any moment now.
We gotta get you out of here.
I'm not gonna lie to
you, it's gonna hurt.
A hell lot of a worse
before it gets any better.
Shit. How bad?
Bad, kid. Pretty fucking bad.
Give me your wallet, Coop.
My wallet? What do you
want with my wallet?
Just give him your fucking wallet!
I don't give a shit if he wants a tip.
Just get me the fuck out of here.
You might wanna bite down on this.
It's better than biting your tongue off.
This is not gonna be fun, kid.
Don't, don't tell me
about it, just do it.
Greg, on three.
You got that, Coop?
Any news on that rescue team?
Any news on my stone?
You'll get your fucking stone
as soon as I know Kate is safe.
But, I wanna know that
team is on its way.
I'll make the call.
Think of it as a gesture of goodwill.
One of these days, Carl,
I'm gonna kill you.
Join the line, Jack, join the line.
Is he ready to move?
He's lost a lot of blood.
I know.
But, is he ready?
I'm ready.
Can you stand up?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Let's get you up.
What now?
Our options are pretty limited,
but I suggest we get moving.
You know, I said we should have left.
If we had, we wouldn't
be in this situation.
Yeah, and Marty would
still have two arms.
We can't change that either.
I told them we should've
hired someone else.
Don't try putting this
shit on me, Cooper.
It's okay, buddy, we're
gonna get you out of here.
Your act doesn't fool anyone, Wells.
What fucking act?
We all know about your
past. Me better than most.
Or have you forgotten about Abu Rawash?
That has nothing to do
with what's happening here.
You sure about that?
I'm sure the Kodek stone is
a huge temptation for you.
We'll finish this later, Cooper.
But, right now, Kate is the priority.
And the stone, Jack.
Don't forget the stone.
Fuck you and fuck your stone.
It all looks the same.
Is there water in that canteen?
Give it to me.
Stop complaining, Cooper.
Wells, Wells, wait.
We need to rest.
Marty doesn't look very good.
So thirsty.
Can't breathe.
How much water you got left?
It's my water.
Whatever you got, you
give half to Marty.
Get him comfortable.
And, if Cooper holds out on the water,
you punch him in the face.
I'm gonna scout ahead and see if I
can get some bearings on a way out.
Wait. Hey, wait!
You'll be back, right?
Half an hour, tops.
I was wondering when
you were going to dump
that dead weight.
Well, I might be lying to them,
but I have no intention of dumping them.
So what's the plan?
I've been walking them in a circle
for the last 15 minutes.
Because I saw something that I
wanted to take a closer look at.
What is it, Jack?
It's interesting.
Talk to me, Jack.
It's a coded map.
On where?
- To find the stone?
- Yeah.
And how to get the fuck out of here.
Looks like
you have to go through
the burial chamber
before we'll find
the exit.
Thank God, it's you.
He's back.
Yeah, it's me.
And I brought a friend.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Tell me you found a way out.
I might've.
You might have? What
the hell does that mean?
I found more writing.
It looks like the slaves
planned an escape at some point.
And they mapped the
structure out in code.
It tells how we must go
through the heart of the tomb,
to reach salvation.
The heart?
I think it's talking
about the burial chamber.
I know what it means, Wells.
Christ, that means we have to go deeper.
It's the best chance
we've got right now.
Unless you wanna wander
around here aimlessly
until we run out of water.
How you doing, kid?
Stopped wanting to vomit.
That's a plus.
You ready to make a move?
Kate has something to show us.
Shortcut to the exit, I hope.
No, but I think I found Behar.
Or at least what's left of him.
Oh, my God.
What happened to him?
Poor guy.
Had to guess, I'd say
Hassan happened to him.
You'll be okay for a minute?
His heart's gone.
Whatever took his heart had
his brain at the same time.
What if he explored the tomb
before he made the video?
He may have the stone.
If this was Hassan's handiwork,
he is one sick bastard.
What are you looking for?
I'm looking for anything
that might help us.
Now, this is more like it.
- The stone?
- Dynamite.
What if Behar did enter the tomb?
What if he had, it changed nothing.
He'd still be dead,
we'd still be trapped.
What if he found the stone?
What, and Neferu wants it back?
Just listen for a minute, will you?
What if he found the stone
and Hassan killed him for it?
For a man who has no
interest in the Kodek stone,
you talk about it quite a lot.
That's because our
lives might depend on it.
Canopic jars.
We must be close.
It's an antechamber.
What's going on, Jack? I'm
still blind on this end.
And you haven't spoken for over an hour.
It's empty.
Supposedly, Siptah had
Neferu's organs destroyed,
so he couldn't take
them to the afterlife.
The jars that you are about to drop...
Were left as a further insult.
Can you feel that?
Feel what?
It's fresh air.
It's faint, but I can feel it.
I feel it.
Fresh air means a way out, right?
Hey, guys.
Over here.
There's an opening.
There's another chamber on the far side,
larger than this one.
What about the air?
It's definitely breezy.
Looks safe enough.
- It's in and out, Kate.
- All you gotta do is breathe.
And you'll be waiting
for me on the other side?
You want me to go first?
You promise to follow?
I'll make sure she does.
And you're okay bringing up the rear?
It's better I go last.
You don't want me
collapsing halfway through
and blocking up the passage.
Don't even joke about it, Marty.
Come on, guys!
Just remember, breathe.
Come on, Doc. It's easy.
No more than 30 feet, Kate.
Just keep moving.
What's going on, Jack?
I'm trying to get out
of this mess alive.
What are you doing, Jack?
I mean it, Jack. No
stone, no rescue team.
If I get out of here,
you're gonna need a rescue
team after I hunt you down.
I'm harder to find than you think.
Rochester Hotel, 336.
You're not the only one
with resources, Carl.
We're almost there, Doc.
Come on!
- Okay, Kate.
- Just close your eyes.
Feel your way along. Nothing to it.
That's easy for you to say.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Almost there.
You're full of shit, Jack.
Come on, Kate, 6 feet!
I can't.
- Wells.
- Fuck off, Coop.
I can't.
Fucking look at me!
Now, follow me.
You still there, Marty?
Get me out of here, Dr. Wells!
Now, I need you to hold on there, Marty.
I don't wanna be left down here,
not alone, not to die.
Don't you even think about that, Marty.
I'm getting you out of here,
and we're gonna get you
a new arm, you hear me?
I've got a friend whose gonna get
you the best arm money can buy.
- His name's Carl.
- Not funny, Jack.
I don't like it down here, Dr. Wells.
I'm scared.
You call me Dr. Wells
again and I'll stop digging.
The name is Jack.
You call me Jack.
Just get me out of here!
You guys, quiet a minute.
What is it?
I don't know, didn't you hear it?
- Did you hear that?
Yeah, we heard it.
I need you to try to get to us,
can you do that, Marty?
Yeah, I'll do my best.
I just wanna go home.
You and me both.
I don't wanna die!
You see anything?
This fucking coward.
Hassan, you son of a bitch.
I'm not so sure that was Hassan.
Who else could it have been?
I mean, I lost him in the cave
and we all saw what he
was about to do to Marty.
Yeah, but that doesn't convince me
that it was Hassan with Marty this time.
Who was it then, Wells?
Oh, no, go on, tell us.
If it wasn't Hassan, who was it?
I don't know.
I didn't see it clearly.
But it moved too fast to be...
To be what?
To be human.
That's ridiculous.
Do you see that light?
Oh, shit.
What is it?
I think we just found...
The burial chamber.
It's definitely not what I expected.
Neferu wasn't treated as a king.
His brother wanted
death to be an insult.
What are you doing, Wells?
What you brought me along to do, Coop.
What does it say?
"Neferu's soul is held within the stone,
"and the stone within,
"Neferu. "
What the hell does it mean?
I don't know.
Do you guys hear that?
I'll keep my eye out.
you wanna open it?
You ready?
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Oh, fuck.
Where the hell is Neferu?
Did you find the stone?
It's not here.
What's not in here?
The diamond?
I know you're only here for that stone.
You've been lying to us the whole time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that true?
We're all getting paid to do a job.
I'm just getting paid twice.
You son of a bitch.
I knew I never should
have brought you along.
If we're gonna get out of this mess,
we're gonna have to do it together.
No! Help!
Are you okay?
What the hell is going on, Jack?
Yeah, good news is, I found your stone.
Bad news is, it just walked away.
We gotta get out of here.
You will.
Find a way out.
There's rescue team on the way.
What about you?
I'm going back for Cooper.
What about my stone?
I'm coming with you.
Just find the exit.
I'll be right behind you.
Now go.
What's your plan, Jack?
I haven't got one.
What's going on?
Talk to me, Jack.
Please don't do this.
I am sorry.
It is his will.
It is done, My King.
Jack, wake up, you son of a bitch...
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Shit, Jack, I'm glad to hear your voice.
You might change your mind,
when I tell you my fee just went up.
Well, it's a bit late in
the game for negotiating.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I charge extra when
a cursed mummy is involved.
Dr. Wells,
you should've left
when you had the chance.
Untie me...
...and I'll leave right now.
- No!
It's too late for that.
Neferu must take what
was taken from him.
You help him kill?
His hold on me is too strong.
And with each victim, he grows stronger.
How many, Hassan?
How many before us?
Not enough to quench the King's hunger.
Maybe, one day,
he will sleep again.
Until that day comes...
I must serve him.
I wish you safe travels
into the next life.
I told you to get out of here.
I bet you're glad I didn't listen.
We have to get the fuck out of here
before Neferu comes back.
It must be a trick,
being alive defies any logic.
He's not alive, Kate,
- he's hungry.
- Shit!
Oh, fuck.
So, where's this way out
you were talking about?
This way.
There it is.
The rescue team should be
with you in the next two hours.
They better be here in two minutes.
Down, Jack! Duck!
Keep digging.
Whatever happens, just keep digging.
Time to go nighty night, asshole.
The Kodek stone.
Beautiful isn't it?
It's amazing.
Isn't it?
Yes, it's stunning.
Neferu. Do you think he's still around?
I'm not gonna stick around to find out.
But, just in case he is...
- What are you doing, Jack?
- What are you doing?
Keep it! -You can't do that.
You, you son of a bitch.
You're ruined,
I'm gonna see to it, Jack Wells.
Fuck you, Carl.
Carl Rosencane.
A little this, a little that.
Do you own ItraCorp
Intel, Mr. Rosencane?
Oh, that's among many
of the things that I own.
I'll take that as a yes.
Take it as you will.
But make this as quick as possible.
Have you had any dealings
with the Egyptian government
as of late, Mr. Rosencane?
I have many dealings
with many governments.
Would you care to elaborate?
Are you aware of the disappearance
of an archeological
team outside of Hijaza?
Dr. Jeremy Cooper,
Dr. Jack Wells,
Kate Alvarez, Marty Timor,
Greg Baptiste.
We've been informed that
you may have participated
in their disappearance.
I'd love to know where
you get your information.
Our sources are none of
your concern, Mr. Rosencane.
What is of our concern is the
disappearance of five American citizens
and the involvement that ItraCorp Intel
might have played in said disappearance.
ItraCorp Intel is a legitimate company.
I have nothing to do with
anybody's disappearance.
To believe otherwise would
be absolutely ludicrous.
What would I have to gain?
What do you know about the
Kodek stone, Mr. Rosencane?
Jack, you son of a bitch.
I want my lawyer.
Now, God damn it!