Day Off (2023) Movie Script

I'm in Taichung
Ive taken a cab after the train
You're always ready to help
Ready to give other laides
a lift but never time for me
Where does she live?
Come again?
That's hardly 'on the way', is it?
I may be directionally challenged
but at least this I know
Tamsui and Zhonghe are
not in the same direction!
First time here?
First visit?
Haven't seen you before...
How did you hear about us?
I walked past
Walked past
We've been so busy in here
How would you like it cut?
Something wrong?
I've got sensitive ears so try to stay away
I'll take a look, bear with me
Have you had it permed?
The back is a bit messy
Maybe I just clean it up a bit?
Let's have a wash first
Sorry, I have to take this call
Can you two stop taking turns to ring me?
What the...
I've got work to do
How would I know?
She's not passed out upstairs
Her car is not here
She must be out
Where could she go?
How would I know?
Why would you not know?
You don't give her enough attention
As if you care a great deal
How often are you here again?
It's me who keep an eye on her
Keep an eye?
And she's gone missing under your watch?
What does she do all day?
None of us have any ideas, do we?
So early
Mr. Lin
I want my hair dyed
Have your hair dyed?
I need it now
Come in
This early? I just got out of bed
What got into your head?
You never had your hair dyed
I dreamt of my Missus last night
My Missus said...
Hasn't she checked out a few years ago?
She was having a go at me in the dream
What did she say?
She was annoyed...
She said
You've become so old
Your hair has gone all grey
I can't recognise you anymore
Boy, that kept me awake
I can't get her words out of my head
That's why I came to you first thing
in the morning
Got it
Let's make sure it's taken care of
We'll make it black and shiny
Set you back at least by 20 years
If she doesn't recognise me on
the other side, I'm in trouble!
Time flies, doesn't it?
Now I can only have quarrels
with her in the dream
Hey, Wu
It's time for your haircut
What are you up to these days?
Your son changed jobs again?
Didn't he start a new one not long ago?
Then make them better
Look at me
This is the only skill I have
My trainer used to say
Everyone's got a head
attached to their shoulders
Hairdressers will never be out of job
He's right
I've been a hairdresser all my life
Mr. Chen
Isn't your daughter
getting married next week?
Come have your hair done
Put on the suit
Walk your daughter down the isle
You'll look dapper. More so than the groom
Hello, Diu
Your husband and son need a haircut
They haven't been here for a while
It's about time they come
I'll put you down for an appointment
Morning, missus
Morning, boss
Where are you off to looking this sharp?
My son's graduation's coming up
I'm off to Taipei
for his graduation creremony!
What does he study again?
Easy to find a job with that?
He said he'll stay in Taipei to find a job
Isn't your daughter, Shin, also in Taipei?
Living with her boyfriend
and a dog
She treats the dog like her son
It's good to have someone
Young people have their own lives
They do indeed
Young people these days...
They don't care what we have to say
They don't care what we have to say
You worry if they're not married
You worry if they're married
Look at my Ling & Chuan
All couples fight, right?
I don't know what has
gotten into their heads
Why do they have to divorce?
They really didn't care about the kid being
so young
That's modern people for you
'Just do it'
They do what They feel is right.
Any new magazines?
I've read all the ones in here
Why? Do you think I run a bookstore here
Hello, Mr. Li? Can you hear me?
It's Wu here
I know you're waiting for the delivery
I know, I know
I've got someone fixing my car
It just won't start!
Yeah, I know
Sure, no problem
I'll be on my way soon. As soon as I can
Where are you at, Chuan?
I'm still checking
Nothing goes right today
Please hurry up, please...
Ok, ok
The clients are on my back
Mr. Lin?
Sooo sorry, I'll be late today
Ma, look
Look over there, Mummy.
Watch out Now step on it.
Water temperature okay?
Is the scrubbing okay?
Any special requests?
Hair bangs are pure magic. It
makes you look 10 years younger
Check out the curve here
Revealing the back neckline
a.k.a: the lethal attraction line
I never thought having bangs before
It's pretty good
When you walk past the boy's highschool
They will all want to know who you are
Never say no to changes
It takes a change of hairdo...
And the world changes around you
I will make your face looks smaller from
size S down to XS
If you have further questions
Get in touch with me on Line
@Andy Fashion Hair
I have another trick to show you
It can make your hair super silky
Isn't that one of your clients?
Chuan had a walk-in the other day
so I had to go do the school run
I asked him to stand in for me
Loser! Client snatcher!
I have added you on LINE
This is my ID
He talks to clients on
Line, you didn't know?
I take appointments, too
Just Line me No need to line up
Women are fickle
There's no limit to what women will spend
on getting a 'right look'
If they think someone's going to
give them a makeover
They'd switch to that
stylist without hesitation
Styling womens hair is such a gamble
Styling for men is so much easier
Men are creatures of habit
They stick with one
hairdresser they're used to
My mum's regulars would
never consider switching
My mum's regulars would
never consider switching
Is it too hot?
No, it's fine
5 more minutes to go
What's wrong with that ex-husband of yours?
Nothing's wrong with him
He just doesn't know how to say no
Ma, this thing is genius
It comes with steam, too
With this thing
you don't have to sweep the floors anymore
You've been a hairdresser all your life
clueless of what's going on
I told you about getting the solar panels
on the roof
Have you thought about it?
What about it?
You're the only one not signing up
I live in a flat I don't have a rooftop
or I'll be signing up myself
This is for your own good
It's like installing a cash machine
More like
you're using this house
as your cash machine
Listen to youself
You have to be creative about making
money these days
The housing market is impossible these days
My generation work flat out, but still...
We can't afford down
payment for a place to buy
Feet up
My broom is much quicker
Better than that thing shuffles everywhere
Such a waste of electricity
Do you have to make this much each time?
Sun dried lemon slices
It's healthy
It's good for you
Listen to youself
A stubborn old fool
You're good at not being rich
What happened to all your grand plans?
Nostalgic egg cakes
Mobile phone cases
Claw machines
Which of those made you rich?
This one is different
This is called 'passive income'
More like passive daydreams
You don't know...
Covering your rooftop brings you no luck
That's not true
By putting on the solar panels
All the good energy's sucked in here
We'd bask in the sun everyday
and surely that brings good fortune
Haven't you read Business Weekly?
If you control energy,
you control the future
Green energy is the key to true power
I'd be so lucky!
Why don't you shut the shop front?
It's so much work and what for?
Look at this brilliant sunshine
It will soon turn into
money dropping on the roof
Can you hear it?
I didn't catch that
You don't get it, do you?
Your hair is hanging in front of your eyes
Let's go see Grandma
Papa, I want to see the fish!
What fish? Where?
There, over there!
Let's go look after the haircut
Granny is the best, speed up,
speed up,
speed up,
you get a treat once it's done
you get a treat once it's done
AnAn, sit as still as you can
He's been asking to come
for haircut from grandma
I'm not to be blamed if
your ears get snipped
Here, and here
That's a lot of hair
What a good boy
Chuan, you need a haircut, too
Keep sitting still
He's just like his mum
They both have two hair swirls
They tend to go off-piste
Is that so?
Chuan's here
Long time no see
Getting the kid a haircut from Grandma?
Hairdressers are like wives,
hard to make a switch
What nonsense is that?
There's really no need to bring us gifts
That lemon cake's really good
from the old shop
A few days ago
I drove some friends to a temple
My car engine sounded funny
Oh yeah?
Bring it to me, I'll take a look
That car must be over 30 years old?
Time to get a new one?
Why change when it's still working?
If it doesn't work...
fix it rather than replace it
That drive shaft of yours
took me forever to find the parts online
took me forever to find the parts online
That's why you're the star fixer
Has Ling come see you lately?
She was saying that
she's looking for partners
to invest in
one of those NT$100 haircut shops
She's keen on making money
She probably
got that from me
That'd cost a lot to set up, no?
I heard it takes 10 minute
for a haircut in those places
They're so popular,
you need a ticket to queue up
How can you hurry a haircut?
My trainer used to say
a good haircut requires skills
You can't skip the steps
There's a procedure to it
If a customer leaves after a long wait
he'll be back
But if he's not happy with the cut
he'll never come back
Yeah, that's how things work
All my clients said
my haircutting is spell-bound
like getting a taste of morphine
It's quite addictive
But you ARE good
Is Ling doing it on her
own, or with friends?
I'm not sure myself
Why don't you call her?
Her number is the same
You care, right?
There's no need to be in
a relationship to care
I call my regulars
if they haven't popped in for some time
Dr. Ko...
This is the hairdresser
I'm looking for Dr. Ko...
and you are?
Oh I see, you're the daughter
Nothing important...
I was just wondering
why your dad didn't come last month
so I thought I'd check in on him
Oh, I see...
I want my shop to be inside a superstore
You know, steady footfall
They use Shisedo hair products
Dyson hair dryers
and a SOP for running the business
Did you hear that?
Standard Operating Procedure!
It will send customers
reminders every month
Super efficient, isn't it?
It takes me a notebook and a telephone
Why fiddling with automated reminder?
You don't get it
Your home barber is so out of date
Everyone's busy these days
who has the time to fuss
over details like you?
My regulars stay with me
Some of them may have moved away
but they still come back to me
Do you remember
the dentist, Dr. Ko, next to the market?
He's not doing so great
His daughter asked me
if I can go to theirs to give him a haircut
Where do they live now?
That's far
How would you charge them?
What charge?
He's my old client
This is the least I can do to help
You never thought of costs, do you?
Let me help
You need do the maths
Time, transportation, plus your fee
You should charge no less than 2000
You can't calculate life like this
We used to borrow rice by the cup
we always return with the cup spilled over
no one would count it by the grain
Well, it's your business
Where did you get these?
Chuan bought them
He knows what you like to eat
Chuan is sweet & caring
He takes AnAn regularly here for a haircut
so he gets to see his grandma
Chuan's like that alright
He likes what he's used to
You were together for a long time
Have you stopped talking
to him after the divorce?
What a shame
Yes, we talk
We do talk, if there's a need to
Why were you at the viewing
with my mum the other day?
None of you had the time,
so I went along to keep her company
She said...
Someone told her about that new build
She asked me to go with her
Plenty of storage room
That is the oven
Other places seem to have more offers
They come with a full range of appliances
They may look good, but not good to use
My offer is a lot more practical
Check out this blacony
Large space to hang the laundry to dry
It's perfect for first time buyers
Lighting is great and layout is great
There's a lift, so it's easy on the knees
Yeah, it feels right
Absolutely right
Great light in here
What do you want me for?
I'm super busy today
Come take a look
I asked Chuan to keep me company
Are they your son and daughter-in-law?
This is my daughter
And... Ah, daughter and son-in-law
Your daughter looks like you
Pretty young lady
And the husband tall & handsome
Got any kids?
Perfect. What did I tell you?
It's the best choice for a young family
It's got enough space for a dining table
and chairs
and room for a family gathering
My mum figures
if she helps us buy a flat
Our problems are then solved
Back then...
I wasn't against you buying a place
but did we have to rush it?
I didn't rush it
I was...
Are you out of your mind?
What have I done now?
We've saved up for so long
You just lent the money to Feng
without even discussing it with me
Hey, You knew it well
Feng had that horrible car accident
He needed money
for the compensation, plus a newborn
How could I not help him?
I went to school with him
So, AnAn and I are not as important
You can't draw a comparison like that
Why not?
We had a place, which was okay
There was nothing wrong with it
Our parents were close by
to help look after the kid
Okay okay Right?
You were okay, I was not
Everything is okay to you
You never wanted changes
I just wanted a place
a place
without the smell of engine oil
I want the place to be clean and white
What's wrong with that?
Smells of engine oil
You knew from day 1 that I'm a car mechanic
The engine oil stays with
me, I can't get it off.
That's not what I meant
So what do you mean?
Let's leave it
What's the point of all this?
Why are you making me
feel like I'm someone who is
who likes things easy
and cares only about money
That's not me
I'm not like that
Unlike you two
I've got bills to pay
I don't have time to fuss over others
Check out these teeth
Dr. Ko fixed up for me
They are still going strong after a decade
He fixed my molars, too
They still chew nicely like new
After Dr. Ko retired
he moved to the countryside to live
with his daughter
Once a month
he'd get on the bus here for a haircut
See how far he's moved away?
Still he came back to you for the cut
I know too well all of you old timers.
From the shape of the back of your heads
who prefers long hair
and who likes it short
to how often you have it cut
I know it better than youselves
What about we all go see him sometime?
Sounds good
He likes that salty chicken from the market
Let's take him one
Shh... can you stop talking?
You're going to get hurt this way
Okay, okay
Time passes so fast! We are getting old!
We're old, so of course he's old, too
Auntie, registered mail
I need your signature here. Okay.
Okay, bye
How would I get a ticket?
Who is this?
I made offerings to you...
My ma loves chatting to her gods
I'm not sure what she tells them
Please bless those two
It's a cut
okay, got it
Hair & make up, tidy this up
yes, on it now...
She sends texts at the
most appropriate time
about things that she considers matter
Cut, where's hair & make up?
I'm coming
The wind is too strong
Which one needs fixing?
Can't you see for yourself?
The hair is all over the place!
Ok, I'm on it
I'm not home, I'm in Taipei
She's been so busy at work
It's easier if I just come see her
She's taking me out after her shoot tonight
I'm sure she has things lined up for me
She's got her plans
No, I don't know where she's taking me
Hurry up!
Take 24
Long time no see, Devil King
Time to repent
Time to take me on
You and your tricks
I'll not lose
Bang Bang
Sorry, I'm on it
I'm not feeling the energy from the hair!
You're not investing emotions into that fan
You're not feeling it, are you?
Hurry, it's run into overtime
Do not have the fan blow into my face
But the director says your face needs to...
I said, I don't want the fan on my face
Director, I need the
face, not hair on face!
The advertisers spent
their money to see his face
Good to go, boss
When the weapon comes into frame
You start up the fan
Go as close as you can
Take 25 Action
Ahh shooooot
Who told you to get that close?
Chicken nuggests & chillie
paste combo is the best
Hey, Ma
The shoot ran overtime
I'll make it up to you next time
I look at other people's
back of heads all my life
Round ones and flat ones
Soft hair or wiry hair
With just one look at their back of heads
I know what they're like
Why don't you become a furtune teller?
That makes more money
than being a hairdresser
Do you need to buy these clothes?
Watch where your money is going
Save some to get yourself a pad
Buy a pad in Taipei?
I can probably save enough to afford
a sea-view cubicle at the columbarium
Well, come back to Taichung to buy a place
When you're older and childless
At least there's a roof over your head
Can you not wish for something nicer?
You didn't get what I sent you, did you?
I was referring to the pink one in the back
not at front
Please don't mess it up this time
How can I relax?
I'll send it to you again
What do you do really?
You're busier than some hot shot boss
I'm a stylist
I make people look good
That makes me a stylist, too
I never ask my clients what they want
I make decisions for them
Your definition of good
may not suit everyone
Everyone has a look that fits best
You'll never change, would you?
Best to be married. Best to own a pad
Best if Ling and Chuan get back together
It's all in your head
Your boyfriend is not here?
He's touring in Kaoshiung.
He'll be back later
So you bought a car together
and he has it all the time?
I don't drive
I've not been to school,
I know how to drive
Why are you so thick?
This is not really your business
What brings your to Taipei anyway?
I dried them myself
It's good for you
Sun-dried lemon slices
You came all the way here to give me this?
You gotta be kidding me. Take it.
I better get back
I've got appointments lined up tomorrow
What was your mum here for?
Stay still!
She came to give me stuff
What stuff?
Her own sun-dried lemon
and other goodies from Taichung
That DQ chillie paste is the best
Those stuff?
Surely it costs less to use a courier
than the train?
I said the same thing to her
Not too short, please
I grew up in a hairdresser's
Having seen many people's back of heads
If you look from this direction
It's as if there were two faces
And then?
One in the back and one in the front
What shampoo did you use today?
The samples in the bathroom cupboard
I just thought you smell different
Is that so?
Don't go up too much at the back
Keep the sides long to cover the ears
and not too short in the back
I want to keep the bangs
Surely you want the back to be shorter?
You've got suck thick
hair that it's so puffy
It must be cut short to keep cool, no?
No, I've decided I want to look like this
It's not a good look
to have your forehead all covered up
It should be short here
so it shows your features
No The sides need to be thinned
You'll find it irritating
with this summer heat
Students have no time to spend on fussing
over hair
It's trendy to have
bangs over the eyes now.
Since when do you care about your look
Do you have a girlfriend?
You've got a picture of her?
Show Auntie
You can't tell my mum
Auntie knows how to keep a secret
This is her
Oh she's sweet
She likes boys with bangs
So I'm keeping them for her
You listen to me
I heard your request and will respect it
but you also need to trust my expertise
Your hair needs taming
Show your face. It's so cute
All girls will fall for it
But promise you'll only trim,
just a tiny trim
Rest assured
Auntie heard you
Just a trim
You're being a slow coach
Is this where we're eating?
Wait, wait, wait
You didn't change after work?
Why? Are we going on a date?
Look at your greasy face
Oi, hands off
Go on then
Where's your wife?
She's in there
The Chuan-man has arrived
hey Chuan
Gosh you really took your time
Sorry, sorry.
He was fixing up a cab
You know how detailed he can be
Come, sit here
Allow me to introduce...
This is my best friend since primary school
Chuan, Chen LiChuan
Hi Handsome & a heart of gold
He's the real catch
You need to catch up first for being late
Come, join the drinks
Hand's a bit shaky
This is such fun, drink up!
Ting's in the bathroom business
Japanese imports
Their washlets are the best
Washlets are not really dinner conversation
We recently imported a new model
It has a spiral spray design
and it does the job amazingly
well, in 360 degrees
If you like the sound
of it, come to our shop
I can offer a staff discount
Discount, I say
Come quick before the offer ends
Do I get a discount, too?
There's a quota for staff discount
I want to get my butt cleaned, too
Chuan and I used to go for the toilet
break together
Always hand in hand
Drink up, drink up
Can you walk faster?
Go inside
Haven't you just been today?
Go sit there
Excuse us, missus
This haircut you gave him
made no difference at all
He insisted... this is what he wanted
He insisted... this is what he wanted
He showed me a picture as reference
Give him another trim, will you?
His dad will not have this
It's not a trim you're asking for
I'll have to start all over
Is this really the time to be vain
Can you make sure it's short
So he doesnt have to come often
We didn't do well in school
That's why we're having it tough
When you make it into the university
you can keep your hair as long as you wish
It's okay...
You need to listen to your mum
Let's have it shorter
Don't worry
You'll still be a looker
As for the girl
She won't mind it
You're our oldest
You should know better
For people like us
Our life won't change just because of
a trendy haircut
Time to rinse it off
Don't run the water into my eyes Okay
Let's condition your hair now
Keeping busy, missus? Yes
Dr. Ko's daughter & I discussed
how to get to them
She suggested that
I take the train from Taichung,
then do a bus transfer
After the bus stop
There's a short walk to their house
Why not take the coach from here
and then take a taxi
You don't need to do so
many transfers this way
It's not like that
I remember what I used to do
You take the regular train to Doliu,
then take the bus
That's the quickest route
Are you for real?
Keep your head down
Listen to you all
Where have you been?
Push around the buttons
and consult your mobile phone
Yeah, Mr. know-it-all
Oh, no
It'll rain in a second
Oh no, I have things upstairs
Let me go bring them in
I wont' be long
The forecast is never right
Yes, Mr. know-it-all
I told you the mobile
phone is the most accurate
Nope, my way is the quickest
These knees are giving up on me
Are you busy?
I'm just calling to see when you're
in the garage
See you soon
Auntie, you need to keep
your voice down in here
Aiyoh. So sorry.
Time for you to retire
Your knees are going
If I retire now where will my
clients go for their haircuts?
Everything is delusional
Health is the only thing that matters
You need to keep yourself busy & useful
That's the way to create your value in life
inter-county motorway
inter-county motorway
inter-county motorway... and then...
Pomegranate Road
Pomegranate Road
Left turn
Right turn at Earth God Temple
Tell her when I see the temple
Say I will call her when I get there
Make sure she answers
Auntie says
she will call you when she is at the temple
Tell her when I get to that temple
Come pick me up on a motorbike
You go pick her up on a motorbike
Tell her I will speak to her
Hang on
I'm telling you
You must tell your dad
I will be there
I'll be there
See you soon
Write down the address for me
You going out for a trip?
No, I'm going to visit an old client
to give him a haircut
A haircut?
That's a long way to go
As long as I have the address, I'll be fine
Are you driving there?
I was thinking to take
the train, the bus...
much easier if I just drive there
Why not get Ling or her
brother to take you?
They all have things to do
I'm okay driving myself
The brake does feel a bit funny
It won't go down all the way,
can you take a look?
Is that so?
Sure thing, let me check
I had this crazy car in front of me
Didn't indicate where it was going
It then did a tight turn and bucked
When the driver stepped out of the car, OMG
it was a grandma!
What the?
I said, grandma, bear with me
I'm going to call the police
As soon as she heard me say 'police'
she started playing the victim
She said, oh please don't...
I'm on my way to deliver
my grandson his lunch
My knees are sore.
I can't step on the brake
What's that got to do with me?
Grandma, if you can't drive, don't drive
Don't become a hazard to others
Was she okay?
What did you just say?
Was the grandma okay?
What about asking me if I'm okay?
You look fine to me
She was fine!
Tell you what happened
I ended up driving her
to deliver that lunch
She went on and on about
how the school lunch is inedible
My poor little precious grandson
When I saw the grandson... oh my word...
There's this special kind of hunger
that's called "grandma
believes you're hungry"
Make sure to stay away from grandmas
behind the wheel
How would I know if she's got bad knees?
Hey, Ma
You mentioned the long
drive to give a haircut
It just occurred to me
I happen to have a client near there
I can swing by to have
a cup of tea with him
I missed his previous invitation
We can go together
so we can keep each
other company on the road
It's decided then
I'll go meet you tomorrow
You have a good evening
Okay, okay, bye
Morning Hey, morning
Going out? Yeah, I've got something to do
I see...
Don't worry
I'm out & about all the time, no problem
You go help your customers, and me mine
Hurry then, off you go
Best not leave things behind...
Where is she?
She didn't take her mobile phone
You live nearby
If you don't know, who knows
She's got her arms and legs attached
She doesn't need to tell
me where she's going
You don't care enough about her
Yep, you care the most
How often are you here again?
I'm the one that looks after her
Over here...
Look after her?
Look who's now gone missing?
You came here unannounced with your dog
Why? You're feeling let down
because no one's waiting at home for you?
What does she do all day?
Does any of us know?
What now...
I'm not the only one
living in the same city
Why don't you ask Ling?
I'll call her
Can you two stop taking turns to ring me?
What the...
How would I know where she is
I've got people waiting
She might have gone to the temples
Why do you keep asking me?
Why would I know?
She's your mum, too
Chen LiChuan
Chen LiChuan
Okay, okay
I hear you
but you have more bills unpaid
You know what Chuan's like, a pushover
You know what Chuan's like, a pushover
We've got bills to pay, too
Hey, not so harsh...
Come and pay for this one first, OK?
Some habit of not paying!
I'm warning you
If Fa doesn't pay up You're not allowed to
service his car again
He's got business to run
There must be a reason
why he hasn't paid up
Do you take us as volunteers?
Of course they need to
pay you for your work
I'm going to Feng's,
he's asked me to drop in
Did he say when he'd return your money
He's not in a good place these days
I'm not in a good place
looking at all the 'they-owe-you'
It's not like he wanted his car to be hit
Stop being like this
You're talking about the
downpayment for our flat
He's been a friend since
we were in primary school
So what if you've been friends for life?
I've friends for life, too
But mine are not like yours
They don't owe me money
Master Cheng Yen once said
Like what you do. Be
pleased with what you get
You like what you do
I'm not pleased with what I get
So you're the nice guy
I'm the thick skinned one
They owe you, I ask for it back
Don't be like this You step aside
Step aside, I can't see
Step aside
What are you doing?
That's the money we're owed
Money, money, money
Is that all you care? Money?
Chen LiChuan
You made me jump
Why are you here
Where's AnAn?
He's with my parents
What's up?
We're all looking for Ma
The other two kept calling me
She's gone to give someone a haircut
Remember that dentist?
The one near the market?
You didn't know she was going?
How would I know if she didn't tell me?
She was thinking of taking the public
but then decided it's easier to drive
Don't worry
She was here before the trip
I checked her brake and changed the oil
That's a long way to go by herself
Is it really worth the hassle?
I was going to take her
I was worried that it's
long way for her to drive
So why are you here
Someone called for roadside assistance
What's up?
Where are you now?
See? Always think for the others
Only if you'd taken her as planned
You'll never change
Never get the priorities right
What can or cannot wait
I've told you so many times
Check the pockets before you put them in
I forgot
Step aside
Take this
I've got this
You never got this
I forgot the water bottle
Soo thirsty
Excuse me
Do you know where I can buy some water
I'm really thirsty
My water is not for sale
What are you drying here?
What are those black stuff?
You've got things all
laid out, haven't you?
A tea-making station
a fan to keep you cool
All these are solar powered
When the sun is out, they get charged
It's cost-efficient and eco-friendly
I know
The Business Weekly had an article
and it said
this is where things are headed
What did they say again?
Green energy is the key to true power
Nice one Auntie, you're clued in
I know I'm clued in
You're good
Tea is ready
Watch it, it's hot
This tea is really nice
Really nice
Your hair's too long
Doesn't it bother you?
The paddy field keeps me busy
No time for haircut
I'll cut it for you
It doesn't bother you. It bothers me
I have not met a farmer as young as you
I used to have a job in the Science Park
What went wrong in your head?
You gave up being an engineer
to become a farmer?
It's no fun staring at a
computer screen all day
Talking to my rice paddy
is a lot more interesting
What did your parents think?
This must have bothered them
I haven't spoken to them for 3 years
You young people these days
Have a mind of your own
I don't know
what my own children are up to
But for us parents
It's inevitable that we worry
What's there to worry?
That time's getting tough
That you won't make enough
I'm living a great life
But look
You're giving me a haircut
at the nicest hair salon in Taiwan
Speaking of having a
cake and eating it, too
See? Doesn't this look & feel good?
Auntie, thank you
It's cool
Now, listen
Head that way, take a
left turn, and left again
When you see a cotton tree, you turn right
Did you get all that?
Go forward, left turn, left turn
Cotton tree, right turn
OK, I get this Good...
Go home when you've got the time
Don't let your parents worry about you
Sure. I get it
Bye now
Left, left, cotton tree, right
Follow the instructions
Is this right or left?
Where in the world am I?
He couldn't tell his left from right!
Why didn't you take her?
You're not doing much
I'm doing much, alright?
She didn't mention a thing
You're not working
Says who? I'm always working on something
Working on something?
Don't think I haven't been updated
Let's see... solar panels?
Let's see... solar panels?
Can you think of something more practical?
Yeah, you're the most practical
What did you do? Fashion design?
Spent a fortune on your graduation show
What kind of fashion was that?
Wearing bin bags and call them dresses?
That is a pot calling the kettle black
That is a pot calling the kettle black
Your boyfriend got a speeding ticket while
driving his other girlfriend
The ticket was sent here for Ma to pay
Ma went to Taipei with the ticket
and came back with it
She said it's easier that she paid for it
What now? Too much to take in?
What have you got to say now?
Give me your mobile phone
I'll talk to that scumbag
Let me call him, give me the number
Why didn't you tell me?
So you don't worry your pretty little head
Why is it left out here on display?
Have you been talking about it
with whoever's seen it?
Is this known to everyone
in the neighborhood?
Why would we do such a thing?
Why wouldn't you?
Treat it like a joke No, never!
Where's your mum?
She's out for the day
When is she coming back?
No idea
Hey, you're back!
That man doesn't deserve you
Better if you leave him
I didn't say a thing
There's only utility poles
Where's this cotton tree?
Did he say left or right turn?
I'm so confused
Who are you honking at?
It's easier if we make way for this car
Watch it
Stop honking! Were not deaf!
Honk my ass
Take it easy
You'll pay for this
Give us a break!
Fucking hell
Fuck, that's my motorbike
Oh dear buddhas Doing a hit and run?
Tell her to stop the car!
I saved over 6 months to get the scooter
Oh dear, what have I done?
She's stopped
Fuck, dont think you
will get away with this!
You are...
Aren't you that hairdresser, Auntie?
Why are you here? It's me!
You don't remember me
I used to go to you for haircuts
Tell her to get out of the car
Auntie Tell her she needs to pay
Why are you chatting to her?
What are you doing driving off-piste?
Come out of the car
Easy, I know her
I know her, this is my auntie
Your auntie? So thats it? I get nothing?!
Auntie, I'll take care of this, don't worry
Help her out here
Auntie, you need get out of the car
Here, take my hand
Take it easy. you come out first
Feet first Take your time
Auntie, I told you I've got you covered
I'll sort it out for you
You wait here, I'll get you a rescue towing
You can relax now
I've called Chuan
He will take over from here
Okay? Don't worry
Lucky for me to bump into you
Dont mention it, Auntie
Chuan and I were in middle school together
Yeah, hang on
Auntie, for you
Give me a break, Ma
You didn't tell any of
us where you were off to
You should at least have your mobile phone
with you
Everyone's looking for you and worried
Only your ex-son-in-law knew what
you're up to. Let me talk to her
Why didn't you tell me about the tickets
Its out on display so
I'm now a laughing stock
You're all such nuisance
That is private and confidential
What are you on about?
Not really the time for it, is it?
It IS important...
hello, Ma!
Chuan said you got into
an accident, you OK?
I've said this before
You're not fit to drive long distance
What if you hit someone?
How many haircuts do you
need to do to pay for it?
I'm old enough not to get lost
Did you ever listen?
It's not your business,
I will look after myself
So stubborn
Auntie, you see this path?
Go straight in
Ok..over there
Ok..over there
I'll take care of it
Thank you
No problem
I'll find time to see you for a haircut
Okay, bye bye, Auntie
Okay, bye
I called you mobile but you didn't pick up
I've got this heavy bag
Come take it
The salty chicken is from the market
Your father's favorite
Apples are from Cheng
I left my mobile phone behind
It took me the entire morning to get here
Oh, my arms are sore
Should I change to slippers?
Come in. Soo sorry for the hassle
Where's your father?
He's upstairs
Upstairs, com'on, show me the way
Auntie Hairdresser is here
I did say find someone nearby
Dad's most used to her cut
He won't recognise her now.
This is embarrassing
What if...
He's one of my old clients
I'm here to give him a
haircut, no 'what ifs'
Come help me, hold this
You, come around here
Come this way
Give me a hand
Come assist your father
Just prop him up here
As gentle as you can
Just a tiny bit will do
Give him a hand
That's it
Gentle does it
Hold those tears
Let's have the usual?
Just a quick trim and a facial...
A shave will do nicely
I know exactly what you like
I've cut your father's hair all his life
I don't think he said
more than 100 sentences to me
He'd come in my hair salon...
sit himself down and read newspapers
The usual?
The usual?
There's this once, he
was in such great mood
He said, a big article by his son
went on the front page of the supplement
He was so pleased to show it off
He kept asking me to read it
He said
My son is so talented
And my daughter is good at making money
I am content
with this life
it really flies
I cut his once dark hair
It's now grey all over
You must have thought
your father's always serious
But in actual fact...
He loves to help
During the years...
my husband...
he was not well
Your father would call the hospital
and helped to get him a bed
I am
ever so grateful
When we went to your dental clinic
We got told to lie there and couldn't talk
You'd be talking to us
This is my turn to talk
and you just listen
As we age...
what we say or think
do not matter to the young ones anymore
Thank goodness I have my regulars like you
It helps life to get by easier
All done
Come close to grandpa
Auntie, sorry to have hassled you
It's a long way for you to come
I wasn't expecting this to be the last time
to see you
Thank you
So the grandchildren got to see him off
as how they'd remember him
My father would have been so pleased
The sun sets and the moon rises, silently
The ageing closes in, quietly
The hair is turning grey
Here I go Mind how you go
Thats our good-bye, usually
You turn your head and smile
As if you have something to say
But saving it for when you see me next
Time goes fast, life goes on
Were destined to meet
It takes trust and understanding
to make strangers beloved
As long as I hold you in my heart
the journey is no longer dark nor far
the journey is no longer dark nor far
You're back!
We've been waiting here all day
Are you okay?
Ma, wherever you go,
make sure you take your mobile phone!
We've all been worried sick
looking for you all afternoon
You traveled all that way.
What did you get?
I went to see an old customer
had a good chat
You must be exhausted
You could have told me
and I would've driven you
Yeah, or I could get an Uber for you
Come have some tea
I bumped into a young man
who made a cup of tea for me
That tea was truly nice
What are you on about now
It took you all day to give a haircut
You didn't even make enough money to pay
for the car repair
I said the same thing!
Ling, make sure she gets a discount to
get the car fixed
Why dont you ask yourself?
Youre so good at telling people what to do
Hey, Chung, time for a haircut?
Wednesday at 7pm
Cut only and no colouring, okay
Sorry to keep you waiting
How would you like it cut?
This does not look
anything like the picture
I did tell you before we started the perm
The model on the picture is European
Their face features, hair colours,
are not like ours
We did confirm about these details
It's quite good... same curls
We did talk about things
But the fact now is that
it's obviously different
This is not good
Um... the only obvious
difference are the faces
What do you mean?
Do you have a bone to pick here?
Ling, can you go cover station 10 for me?
What were you trying to say?
There's something wrong with my face?
Hello there, how should we address you?
You know what, the curls really suit you
They're making my face look huge
Negative! A pretty face is there for show
You're kidding
It makes you look energized
I'll show you a simple trick
to manage this kind of look
Do you know how?
Spread your fingers
Get in here to reach the roots
Give it a shuffle. Bring the hair forward
That's so tricky
No, not tricky. A clever trick
Let's do it again
Spread your fingers
Reach for the roots
Give it a shuffle
Bear with me, it'll take another 10 minutes
See these lovely curls?
Now check this out
Give it a little shake
What did I tell you?
You now look just like Julia Roberts
Oh, stop it
See the curls you have now
You're right, it does look good
Imagine you're in Europe right now
Feeling free
That's exactly what I want
Well, you have it now
You can't skip the basics
Every little detail matters
Take the time
The customers place trust in us
Give them the best service we can
Look. I'll show you
Keep the knife sharp, hands steady
But be gentle
Always making sure the
hairline's smooth & neat
to guarantee a good look
If you work hard on the basics
Follow the correct procedure
Be as detailed as you can
Never do a rush job
When you've got the time
Practice using your knees
The skills stay with you
If we do a good job
steady and surely
The clients know...
They will always come back to us
Daddy, hold the baby
Plump like a duck
Pretty like a chic
This haircut is to bring
you the very best luck
Baby's first haircut
Let's get it started
Baby's skull is not yet fully grown
You have to be extra gentle
There's no need to shave it all off
It's said if you leave a
tuft of hair on the back
The boys are bound to become a landlord
The girls will have bountiful dowry
Look at you
What a handsome baby
He looks exactly like you
It feels like just the other day
Your dad took you here as a baby
Now you're here with your own baby
You're my 3rd generation client!
What a cutie
Ok, it will do for now
It works now?
Thanks, I've got to get going
When you next come,
I'll do a thorough check
Sure, I'll find the time
Time's going tough
I have a few payments lagging
Can I pay you next time?
No problem, you need to get work going
Hang on,
I'll help you back out
Out you go
The blessings go to kind people like you
Have you heard of crypto currency?
What are you up to now?
I've been studying it. Good stuff to invest
AnAn, sit still, you handsome young man
almost done
These scissors are reserved for you
Yours only
Ma, his name is Dipo
NT$1,500 Instant saving!
Come, AnAn is celebrating his birthday
What is it?
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you!
Make a wish
Say 'Uncle will be rich'
Uncle will be rich!
That's our boy!
Happy Birthday
You won't need this booster board next year
All of us have sat on it when we were small
Oi, Chen Lichuan
The clients always ask me what suits them
I don't even know what suits myself
But I know I don't want to stay put
If you go to a different stylist
Or get a different haircut
That might be a better fit
That was not bad
Thanks for the lift,
you shouldn't have to...
It's quite alright
It's raining
Maybe I'll swing by your store
Go check out that legendary washlet
Ah... sure
You did up this car?
I got this as a second hand
These days people prefer new cars
Not really
If you really like what you see
there's nothing wrong with second hand
It's good for you
Indicate right, get into reverse gear
Check both sides
Stop before starting to reverse
Check that triangle on the right window
When it comes to the middle,
steer full right lock
Then check your right side mirror,
then left side mirror
When you line up with the parking bay
I can't line up! There's no way to line up
You should have gone forward
You back in too fast
You're job is to coach me
All you do is criticise
You've done this 3 times
You should know better than I do
Fine! I'll do it again
Indicate right, get into reverse gear
Are you new? Where are you going?
Step on the accelerator
No, I'm scared
Go straight
It's like life
Just keep going
What's the worry?
It's so good that you can drive yourself
You can go anywhere you want to go
No need to ask for the children for a lift
To wait for them to drive me?
My legs would have stopped working by then
This car still does the job
I'm lucky to have Chuan
He does all the work for this car
You have a good son-in-law
He's not mine anymore
EX-son-in-law. They're now divorced
Well, if we add up the
divorcees in this car
The young ones are not
necessarily in the lead
Goddess Mazu
My children are grown ups now
They have a mind of their own
Can you please make sure
they listen to you
and please guide them onto the right path
I've gone to temples
You want a cut & colour?
What about tomorrow?
Come tomorrow
See you tomorrow
Whenever I have a day off
some clients would carry on calling
I'm envious of you
The only calls we get these days
are either scams or from insurance brokers
How much are these? Any discounts?
It's 200 per pack
200 is too much
Give us a discount
Or give us this jar on the house
That's more like it
My son & his wife
expect me to look after their kids
I'm not that dumb!
I looked after my husband for decades
Now that he's gone
there's no one getting on my nerves
I'll go wherever as I please!
You can pull your hair like this
Give it a bit more volume
The back and sides are
the length you asked for
I've trimmed it short at the back
Care for some hair wax?
Thanks for coming
Thank you
Sir, this way
I worked till midnight
Everyone wants their cars
to work for the New Year
Likewise here
Car mechanics & barbers
get most business before the break
It goes on till the New Year's Eve
It's another year
Time flies
Did Ling open her own hair salon?
She did
She wanted it open before the New Year
She's good that way
She always sticks to her plan
If she wants something done
she gets them done
It's not about how much money you make
It's to be satisfied with what we have
I'm getting married after this New Year
We met through a friend
That's nice
are better off with some company
I won't be coming here as often
Of course you won't
After you get married
you need to care about
what your wife thinks
I'll head back to work now
Wait, Chuan
This is for you
No need
Take it
It's a must
It's okay
Be happy
Be really, truly happy
Go. Go now
Go on. Off you go
Here I go
Stay healthy
New Year is coming
Yeah New Year is coming
I'll get my son here for a haircut
Call me to make an appointment
Your son-in-law coming
back for the New Year?
The grandson will be back too, full house!
The grandson will be back too, full house!
Long time no see, Devil King
Time to repent
Dr. Ko was so blessed
He had his last haircut
& facial lying in his bed
Missus. We've known each other for so long
Can you do the same to me?
Am I indebted to you guys?
Dr. Ko loved this noodle soup
I heard it's going to close soon
This one really is the best of them all
You can't retire
That's right
If you retire
who's going to be in charge of our heads
Where would we have our haircuts?
I won't retire
If I retire
Where would you go to get your hair cut?
Is there any spicy raddish?
Of course there is
That's the one thing you can't do without
See it? Over there
Now we're in business
This is the real thing
You go have some, too OK
Your turn next
I know its you
Before you cross the street to come to me
Take a seat, make yourself at home
The usual? Yes, the usual
Is all we need to say
You close your eyes, with a smile
I run my fingers through your hair
It feels like a breeze, without a trace
The sun sets and the moon rises, silently
The ageing closes in, quietly
The hair is turning grey
Here I go Mind how you go
Thats our good-bye, usually
You turn your head and smile
As if you have something to say
But saving it for when you see me next
Time goes fast, life goes on
Were destined to meet
It takes trust and understanding
to make strangers beloved
As long as I hold you in my heart
the journey is no longer dark nor far
The sun sets and the moon rises, silently
The ageing closes in, quietly
The hair is turning grey
Here I go Mind how you go
Thats our good-bye, usually
You turn your head and smile
As if you have something to say
But saving it for when you see me next
Time goes fast, life goes on
Were destined to meet
It takes trust and understanding
to make strangers beloved
As long as I hold you in my heart
the journey is no longer dark nor far
Time goes fast, life goes on
Were destined to meet
It takes trust and understanding
to make strangers beloved
As long as I hold you in my heart
the journey is no longer dark nor far