Day, The (2011) Movie Script

Where are we?
Hey, Henson, give me the map.
The map... give me the map.
Yeah, I got it. I got it.
You need help?
Yeah... no, I got it.
I'm fine.
I'm all right.
Hang in there.
All right.
I think we passed through
Winchester a week ago.
We headed south,
using Route 2.
If we're averaging
Right? 20 miles? You think
we're doing 20 miles a day?
I don't think
it's that much, with him.
Well, that would put us
somewhere around here then,
in this shit.
What am I missing here, Rick?
Look, this small ridge
about five miles
west of here
and over those hills
with the river running parallel...
rocky terrain
provides protection;
the river provides
a water source.
It's a perfect place
for them.
Oh, yeah, we should go there then.
Let's pick up the pace.
Let's go.
Rick, this is fucking bullshit.
There's no way in hell we're doing this.
This is a bad idea.
What are you thinking?
What am I thinking?
those storm clouds
are coming back
and I'm worried about
Henson getting soaked.
Hey, don't fucking bring me
into this, man.
- You can't even stand.
- He's right.
We're cornering ourselves.
Yeah, well, this is not
about us, Adam.
- Fuck this, Rick.
- Adam, please stop.
- Oh, so I don't get a say?
- Enough already.
No tracks.
That's a start.
Let's go, kid.
And a basement.
Just relax, okay?
Lie down.
- Keep warm.
Oh, man.
Do I get a bedtime story, too?
Oh, sure.
Once upon a time
there was an idiot
called Henson.
Look, I don't like
this place at all.
It seems like
no one has been
in or around here
for a long time,
which is good.
So we rest, we stay dry
and get the hell out
as soon as the rain lets up.
Inventory. Sound off.
Well, I'm still at nine.
I am at eight and three.
Ooh, that is hot.
Only six.
Not too good.
How are my babies?
Dude, you're getting
way too creepy with those seeds.
Next you'll be naming them.
I already have...
Hope and Faith.
Oh, my God,
you're serious, aren't you?
Mock if you will,
but these are our future,
once we find
a nice place.
Jesus Christ, Rick.
Do me a favor, man.
Not today.
Adam, Adam.
Hey, Adam, hold on.
So what's cooking?
This is the last of the dried rabbit
that we traded for.
And we've got two more
of these mystery suckers left.
That's it.
Guys, we need to find
more food.
Do you think Susan is dead?
Susan Markunis
from high school?
You still think about her?
remember her and Jenny
at the lake?
Holy shit.
Do you remember that?
Of course.
Oh, man.
It feels like years ago now.
Well, it was.
You think she's dead?
You think Susan's dead...
all these people,
all our friends?
Do I think they're dead?
Yeah. I mean,
is it just us now?
I fucking know they're dead.
You know, she was nice.
She had those...
Susan was a bitch
to you, Rick.
Everybody knew that
but you.
She was a bitch.
Thank you.
You know,
it's weird, thinking about it.
Yeah, don't.
So, preference?
Well, anything
that still has a front door
is always a good sign.
Hey, it's gonna be fine,
just like it always is.
Five minutes, no more.
Watch the clock.
The safety's off.
It's fully loaded.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Lock the doors.
I'll be right back.
Two honks
if you see anything.
Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes...
- No!
Make a wish.
I know. It's okay.
It's okay.
Nice day, huh?
Burning gold there.
What are we celebrating?
I know.
Might as well be today.
I know everybody's pretty much
lost somebody...
I just need to know.
I just wait to die.
We shouldn't stay here.
Come on, get this off me.
Hey, Henson, get some water.
- Oh, shit.
- Come on, man.
- Thanks, man.
- Are you all right?
I'm burning
from the inside out.
I've had worse
hangovers, though.
You ready to get
the fuck out of here?
Yeah, I'm ready.
All right, here, get your shirt.
We've been here too long.
It's time to start moving again.
There you go.
He's not going anywhere.
You look terrible.
Sorry, baby, but you do.
- The skies are clearing.
- You hear what I said?
He can't even barely stand up.
What, are we gonna leave him here?
We're sitting ducks right now.
We got to go.
Adam, stop, all right?
Jesus, if he can't walk,
it won't matter if we stay or go.
- Hey, I can manage. Let's go.
- That's right. He can manage.
Wait, not at the speed
that you need to.
We stay the night.
When was the last time we had
a roof over our heads anyway?
We have a protocol, right?
Right. And what's more
important right now, Adam? Hope...
Oh, don't give me that bullshit.
We got to go,
and we got to go right now.
There's no discussion.
We stay
until Henson is
strong enough again.
- Okay, okay.
- We make use of the light.
Adam and I will salvage
what we can from the house.
Ladies, you're on trapping duty.
It's pointless,
and you know it.
It is not pointless.
Haven't even heard a fucking
bird chirp in over two years.
If you got anything more to say,
now's the time.
Hey, man,
I've already said it,
but we've always agreed
it was your call.
Oh, but this isn't
about that, is it?
Yep, I'm listening.
Rick, come here.
Oh, my God.
Can you at least try to pretend
to look for tracks?
You know what?
Now don't get me wrong,
you can definitely handle yourself
with that thing,
but since you hooked up
with us,
you barely said a word.
Those three guys back there...
they grew up together.
That's how they've managed
to stay tight through this shit.
And I've been riding
with them since,
I don't know, back when
there were 12 of us.
Now I get it, you're into this
whole lone wolf thing, yeah.
That's fine.
But maybe it would help
overall morale
if you just interjected yourself
just once in a while,
said something... anything.
I mean, what is going on?
We're a family.
Either be part of it or don't.
Do you understand?
That's what I thought.
What the fuck is this?
Hope and Faith, buddy.
Henson, you got to come
take a look at this.
A dirty-ass basement?
I hate fucking surprises, man.
Don't fucking surprise me
with bullshit.
- Oh, you don't like surprises?
- What you got, man?
All right,
- Oh.
- Look at that shit.
- Fuck me, man.
We got food?
Oh, we got food, man.
Lots of food. Look at this...
corned beef. We got sardines.
Tuna fish. What do you like?
What do you like?
I like it all, man.
Oh, I like it all.
- Let's do it.
Oh, shit.
- Are you all right, man?
- Yeah.
Are you strong enough
to carry this upstairs?
Whatever I carry, I eat.
That's the spirit.
Plenty to go around.
Four cans of tuna.
I'm gonna bite a hole
in one of these cans in a minute.
Seven cans of tuna, okay.
Fuck this. I'm hungry.
I'm not waiting.
- Oh, yeah. I'm not waiting.
- Boys, I got to tell you,
I think staying here
was the right call.
What's this?
Rocks? Who the fuck
would put rocks in here?
No. No!
Hey! Oh, shit.
- What the fuck is that?
Henson! Henson!
What happened?
What the fuck
is that ringing?
Are there more?
There will be.
I got you.
- I got you. It's okay. It's okay.
- We're fucked, Adam!
Henson! Henson, I need you.
We're locked in.
Adam, we're locked in.
Fuck. Okay.
You're okay.
Henson! Henson!
Henson, hey!
Oh, fuck.
He's bleeding everywhere.
I can't stop the bleeding.
It's okay. It's okay.
Fuck, man.
They fucking got him.
- He's... he's gone.
- Oh, no.
Rick! Adam!
Help! Help!
Let us out of here!
- Get us the fuck out!
- What the fuck is this?
- Guys, can you hear me?
- We're fucked.
- Guys?
What? I can't hear you.
Is Rick okay?
No, he's not okay. He's dead.
We need you to get us out of here.
Shannon, help!
Fuck. No.
Adam, get over here.
I need the light.
- Fuck! Fuck.
- Get over here, Adam.
Hey. Hey, Shannon.
- Shannon.
- Huh?
Is there a mechanism or a lever
that might open the door?
I can't find anything.
There's nothing here.
You've got to hurry, Adam.
That ringing
is gonna fucking bring them.
Shannon, Shannon,
you got to go, okay?
You got to go right now.
I'm not gonna leave you here.
We can't be here
when they come.
Fuck you.
Go save your own
fucking skin.
They're my family.
I'll kill every last one of them myself.
I don't give a shit.
No, you'll die quickly.
I'm not scared of them.
I'm not scared of them.
Let's assume there are
a dozen more of these places
spread all over
this countryside.
The bell is a signal.
They'll have an efficient way
of checking their traps.
Oh, God, scouts.
We can handle this.
It's up to them, okay?
Okay. Okay.
What if they can't do it?
They will.
Wait for it.
- Hello, meat.
- No, fuck you.
How is it going, fucker?
- Relax.
- Fuck you. You relax.
Why don't you get a hot one
in your head right now?
I'm not even sure
you have bullets.
We got something cooking
for your ass.
Come down here so I can bust
your fucking ass.
Come down here, all of you.
Come down!
Kitchen clear.
- Fuck you. Come join the party, bitch.
- Upstairs clear.
- Keep it down, man.
- I got it, man.
- Do you have the date?
- Fuck you.
Give me your friend.
Hey, fuck you.
Fuck you!
Just give me your friend.
We can catch you guys
another time.
Look, I got another offer
for you, asshole, okay?
Why don't you guys walk out of here and
settle for each other's dicks tonight?
- That's what you do.
- You're all the same, you know.
You all think
you're different.
You're not.
You're just dying
faster than we are.
- Fuck you. Shut up.
Have it your way.
We got supplies.
We can wait for days,
or hours, by the look of you.
No, fuck waiting.
Come down here.
Come down.
I'll bust your fucking ass.
I'm gonna shoot one
of these motherfuckers, man.
Come on.
Are you running, bitch?
Fucking running, huh?
Shannon! Shannon,
what's going on up there?
What the fuck is going on?
- Get her!
Hey! Hey!
You're certainly a pretty piece.
I see.
I see you.
You think you can use
our place...
our place...
to trap all this meat
and not share?
Shut up. Shut up.
Greedy, greedy.
There's enough
to go around, you know.
We'll be back
to take what's ours.
So stupid.
- Are you okay?
- Rifle, now.
You guys all right?
- Daddy, Daddy.
Tell you what.
Let's go get the others, huh?
Come on, get on.
You're getting big.
Everybody, gather up.
We need to talk.
Fuck it.
Smoke her and let's get out of here.
There's got to be more of them coming.
No, no, no, just wait.
Wait a minute.
Who the fuck are you, huh?
I know who she is.
You're one of them.
Isn't that right?
This whole fucking time.
Is it true?
Are you one of them?
Let her say it.
Hold on.
Is that fucking right?
Henson, we don't have time
for this shit.
She's one of them
and I'll prove it to you.
Just shoot her
if she tries anything.
Where is it? Huh?
There it is.
Is that your mark?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, this fucking bitch.
So allies to her clan
won't touch her.
But cleverly hidden,
isn't it?
So you can infiltrate
people like us.
You piece of shit.
Did you bring us here
on purpose?
Did you fucking bring us
into this trap?
- Fuck yeah, she did.
- This is bullshit.
Bided her fucking time, too.
Didn't you?
That's for Rick, you cunt.
I can't believe this shit.
I don't fucking believe it.
Why did she kill
all those others, huh?
If she's one of them,
why would she do that?
Maybe it's what that
sick fuck said...
she wanted us for herself.
I don't know.
I don't think there's any common
loyalty between those fucks.
If they aren't in her clan,
they're fucking hamburger
meat just the same.
Am I right, sweetheart?
You can jump in anytime.
Well, why didn't she kill us
fucking weeks ago, huh?
Don't you think
she would have did that?
I don't fucking know, Henson.
Just fucking kill her
and let's get out of here.
You helped us. Why?
Huh? Fucking why?
Well, say something.
You fucking say something.
Adam. Adam,
just finish her off already.
Adam. Adam!
Come on.
Just finish her.
Not so quickly.
No mercy for her.
No mercy.
God damn it, Adam,
please, let's go, man.
We have time for this.
- No, we don't have time...
- We have time for this!
We have time for this!
No, we fucking don't have time!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on.
I've seen how you operate.
You don't kill quickly.
You make your prey
walk back to the camp
so you can process
them properly.
It's easier.
It's cleaner.
It's more efficient.
Is that what you did
to my wife and daughter?
Did you make them walk?
Come on, Adam,
let's get out of here.
Hey, go ahead if you want.
It's already too fucking late.
They're already on their way.
There's nothing around here
for miles.
They'll track us down in less
than a day. You're already dead.
We all are.
So, with what little time
I have left,
I want to spend with you.
How did you kill them, huh?
Was it like it used to be
with cows,
just like a quick blow to the head?
did you...
did you torture them?
Did you...
did you cut my little baby up?
Did you cut her up
before you cooked her?
Is that what you did?
I... I didn't kill your family.
But you're part of them.
So you're responsible.
It means you chose
to be like them.
You chose to do it.
I... I chose to live.
You chose to murder.
Come on, God damn it, Adam.
That's enough.
No, please.
When my baby...
- ...was first eating soft food...
she used to love this.
Adam, what are you doing, man?
Come on.
Open up for the airplane.
Come on.
Open up. Open up.
Open up for the airplane.
Open your fucking mouth!
Adam, just get on with it.
I guess we're gonna have
to find something
a little more appetizing, huh?
Have you ever wondered
what your heart looks like?
Yes, Yes, yes!
Yes, fucking kill me!
Kill me, please!
Please just... just cut me up
and leave me to rot, please.
I know what I am.
And I fucking deserve it.
I fucking do.
You're goddamn right!
You're goddamn right, you do.
Then just do it!
She was just...
she was just six.
She was just six.
She was so fucking little.
Today was her birthday.
Adam, I didn't kill
your daughter.
You all did.
You all killed her.
And I'm gonna make you pay.
I'm gonna make you pay
for everybody.
I was trying to survive.
What the hell
are you doing?
Yeah, man.
What are you doing,
Adam, huh?
What are you fucking
doing, man?
This is justice.
Is that what this is?
Put the knife down, brother,
and back away from her.
Put it down.
Put it down.
So you're on her side now?
I love you, man,
but I'm not gonna sit here
and let you butcher her like that.
That's the difference
between them and us.
But if you want to kill her,
let's get it over with.
We got to get
the fuck out of here.
God damn you all.
I didn't lead you here.
I don't care.
I didn't miss.
I didn't miss.
- Don't.
- Adam.
- Say it, Adam.
- Don't.
Don't you fucking dare.
Say the fucking word.
Say it.
I had a little sister,
She fell and broke her leg,
Twisted bone
sticking out,
too fragmented
to just reset.
She would slow us down
and die of infection in a week.
Maybe they couldn't heal her.
But she was one of our own.
They strung her up...
and slit her throat.
They drank and bottled her blood
as it poured out of her.
They cooked and ate
her major organs that night.
Three nights later I stabbed them
all to death in their sleep.
Look, it doesn't change
what I once was.
I know that.
If you want to take me out
in that field
and put a bullet in my head,
I won't resist.
I promise.
But he's right.
They are coming.
And you won't last two days in the open
country if they're tracking you.
You either have to split up and run
or you make a stand here.
What makes you think
we'll last here?
You probably won't,
but you have a better chance.
You have fortification
and you know
they're on their way.
you have me.
What the fuck
are you gonna do?
What the fuck do you think
I want to do, hmm?
I want to kill them all.
You want to bandage that up
with something?
It won't matter.
Won't this piss them off
even more?
At least they'll know
who they're fucking with.
We're all gonna die,
you know.
And frankly, I think
it's too easy for you.
Maybe you can
prove me wrong.
You're missed, old friend.
If we weren't sure before,
they'll certainly be coming now.
It's better that than to have them
dig him up and make a meal.
Don't you pretend like
he meant anything to you.
He was a good leader.
This world has existed
for over 10 years now.
There was
enough shit and blood,
starvation and death
in that first year
to fill a hundred lifetimes.
Nine friends have died before us,
died protecting us,
and now we're all that's left.
It would be a fucking insult to them
if we lied down like dogs
and let these fucking animals
take us so easily.
I hope they send
Means more for us to kill
and less of them left in this world.
So tonight I'm fighting for you
and you,
'cause you're my family now.
And I fear for all the soulless
pieces of shit
that try to get into
this house tonight.
I don't know
why we're trusting her.
She's not lying about wanting to kill
the ones coming for us,
whatever her reasons may be.
And, shit, we need the muscle.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
She ain't gonna survive the night
one way or another.
Are you with me?
Great speech, buddy.
It even trumps the one
you gave at Gilford
our senior year
in the semifinals.
If I remember,
we lost to Gilford.
It's getting late.
We need to get ready.
Don't worry.
They're gonna pay
for what they've done.
And then we'll eat.
Look to this day,
where yesterday
has been a dream
and tomorrow
only a vision,
and every tomorrow
a vision of hope.
We know there is
at least one gun.
Find out what else
we're up against.
You look, you listen,
and then you learn.
And one day you will lead.
Go now.
Your brother is gonna be
very strong one day.
But you, my darling,
are gonna be
so much stronger.
What have we got?
Hard to see.
More than 20.
- Fuck.
We're in for one hell
of a night, y'all.
Save your bullets
as a last resort.
This is our last resort.
Locked and loaded.
Let the countdown begin.
Hey, take these.
I don't believe in redemption
for someone like you,
but if you...
- Ready?
- I'm ready.
Save those fucking
bullets, man.
Bring me
their heads.
There's more coming at us.
Come on.
Come on, you fuckers.
They don't know
who they're fucking with.
- They're in for a treat now.
- Make 'em count, every one.
Come on. Come on
and get some, bitch, come on.
Get some, come on.
Five bullets down, two dead.
God damn it,
Adam, your window!
I got four that ain't us, Adam.
They're heading your way, man.
Got them coming
around the back.
God damn it.
Get him some water.
Get him some water.
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
- Hurry up.
- Feels like I ran back-to-back
marathons up a hill
with pneumonia
with these fucking freaks
chasing me, man.
Get some rest.
Get some rest.
What's the count at?
I just got three.
God damn it.
I got six in the pistol,
four in the rifle.
- I'm still at three.
- Mary.
- Mary.
- Five.
Five. All right. I'm gonna cover
for your lazy ass, all right?
Cover for mine.
You, you and you...
you have to find
your way inside.
We're not going anywhere.
I need someone to get up there quietly
and find out how many there really are.
Knock on the front door,
go through the goddamn window...
I don't care.
Do it now and do it fast.
They're gonna come again,
harder and in full force.
No shit, genius.
What the fuck
are you looking at, huh?
Don't you fucking
look at me.
Don't you ever fucking look
at me again, you hear me?
Don't you fucking look at me
fucking ever!
Shannon, cover the window.
You fucking hear me?
I wasn't fucking talking to you.
- Fuck you.
- Shannon, come on.
We got a bigger fight.
I say we send her out there
to hold them over while we
fucking get the fuck out of here.
What the fuck
is wrong with you guys?
- Shannon, stop, God damn it.
- Fuck!
No. No!
what did you do?
The roof. The roof.
Come on.
Fuck off.
My boy.
My boy.
Hey, that was my idea.
You gonna have
all the fun?
Hey, hey.
- Fuck, man.
- You're okay. You're okay.
I only have one bullet, man.
Are you okay?
Are you all right, man?
Just breathe. We got them.
We got them good.
- Get out of here, man.
Go. Get the fuck out, go.
Mary, cover the front.
And that's zero,
Henson, help me!
Argh! No!
Come on, Shannon, go.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on, Henson.
- Come on, go. Get in the house.
- Come on.
Get in the house.
Come on, go. I ain't coming.
Come on, come on.
I'll take care of these
Come on, come get some.
'Cause you picked
a wrong motherfucker.
Come on. Four.
Where are you at, bitch?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, you'll never
knock me down, man.
And I hope I make
all of y'all sick, motherfucker.
Here, take it.
Cover the kitchen.
Where's Henson?
No. No.
What the fuck?
Are we just gonna
stay in here forever?
They eat their own,
don't they?
I mean, shit, we killed enough
of them to feed them for a month.
Why the hell
are they still after us?
They're still human.
What's more human
than revenge?
So now this is my fault?
This is about the boy?
Do it now!
Stay back.
Well, it's about time.
I figured they would have done that
earlier, save themselves trouble.
They weren't gonna destroy the house
if they didn't have to.
All right, what the fuck
are we gonna do?
Well, we're not gonna
stay in here and burn.
We got seven
coming up the front.
- How many shots in that rifle?
- Just one.
Use it.
No, save it.
Mary, what are you doing?
I'm stalling them while you two
run out the back.
I need to do this.
Do you think
this changes anything?
I'm just tired of waiting.
Come on, Adam, let's get
the fuck out of here.
Whoa. Take it easy.
Are you sure you got enough bullets
in that thing for all of us?
The ones inside are mine.
I brought them here.
I trapped them.
They're my kill.
Your kill?
So you're not
with them, huh?
Yeah, I don't know
why I didn't see it before.
There's a look that people get
when they're seeing something
they've never seen before.
You... you don't have that look.
So you should know
that this is
an invitation-only party.
This is our land,
our kill.
And now you...
you belong to us, too.
My boy.
For your head.
You know,
and if you're gonna do it, do it.
Shoot me.
Go ahead, do it.
Either way you're gonna be
the prize pig at my camp tonight.
You fuckers.
I can't leave her.
Just forget her
and let's go.
She's dead.
Why would you do that?
The plan, Adam...
making sure she doesn't
survive the night.
Or are you forgetting
she's one of them?
- She's not one of them.
- Yes, she is.
- She's not one of them.
- What are you doing?
Just go.
- Just go!
You're mine.
You're mine.
I am now gonna taste
your raw, sweet pain, bitch.
You hear me?
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, look at me.
Look at me.
Die, you fucks.
Come on. Okay.
Come on. Come on.
Where the fuck are you,
little son of a...?
Your wife and daughter...
what were their names?
and Ava.
She was such a happy kid.
Nothing ever got to her,
even in this.
That's because she was loved
every second she was alive.
She had her family.
I couldn't protect them.
What matters is you did
for as long as you could.
You loved them
enough to try.
Why did you come back?
Nothing's changed
in so long.
I know who
is waiting for me.
Maybe I was just looking
for a sign,
something to make them
proud of me again.
Maybe that was you.
Maybe I was just tired
of being the victim.
It was the right thing to do.
Oh, my God.
It's so peaceful.
You have the chance
to learn to live again.
Don't waste it.